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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  January 21, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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inches of snow expected in some places with blizzard conditions along parts of the i-95 corridor during the evening rush hour. take a look. washington, d.c., federal offices are closed today in response to what's being called the worst snowstorm to hit the area in three years. in philly the forecast that prompted southwest airlines to cancel all flights starting at 3:00 local time. the city is preparing for nine to 16 inches and temperatures that could feel like minus 10 degrees. in the big apple in new york city, major bill deblaz says the city has alerted all emergency services. 3,000 flights have already been cancelled nationwide be an additional 1200 delays. the weather channel's cat parker kicks off the coverage from washington, d.c. >> reporter: it is cold out here, tamron.
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temperatures have been dropping steadily. we are in the 20 thes but it feels like the teens and will be well below zero. the wind chill values as low as negative 15. once you factor in the winds that's when you feel it. the winds are gusting above 35 miles an hour out of the north we. that's incredible. as the pressure gradient tightens that could increase overnight. the capitol difficult to see because of the low viability. we are seeing the snow accumulate on hard surfaces. some of the roadways, crosswalks, starting to get a little bit of accumulation. we didn't have it earlier. it was just the soft surfaces. as we approach the one inch mark we'll keep going with the snowfall. we could see five to eight inches here. most offices are closed today. if not, i recommend closing them and getting folks home, safe and sound. if you have driven on i-95 you know how dangerous it is on a
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normal day without winter weather. throw in the winter weather and we are talking about a treacherous evening commute. back to you. >> kait, thank you. ron mott is on new york's long island. this storm has moved fast. i landed at jfk. there was no snow on the ground. here we are in the strangle of the storm. >> reporter: it's moving quickly. we think a heavy band is on its way here to the area within the next 30, 40 minutes. temperatures are plunging into the single digits by the time we get into the overnight hours. on a good day obviously in the new york city area, mass transit is the way to go. on an awful day like today it's really the way to go. we'll zoom into the long island expressway. it's crawling. eastbound is on the far end. traffic is moving a little bit better westbound going into the new york city area. one of the things on long island, a lot of school districts called for what was a half day for kids.
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they got them on their way back home after lunch because in two, three hours it will be really difficult to move around out here. they expect the snow around 5:00 to start falling at a rate of between a half inch to an inch per hour. that will pile up quickly. so folks will remember the storm we had two days into the new year where the governor announced the closure of the l.i.e. it was closed six hours overnight. we don't expect that with this storm. we are expecting upwards of 14, 15 inches. a lot of snow. you don't want to drive around in that. we think the highway will remain open throughout the storm event. the snow is expected to continue to fall nonstop until 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning. it will be cold as well. if you don't need to drive in this tonight, don't. if you have something you need to do, get it done in the next two or three hours and get home. >> now let's get the forecast from mark elliot at the weather
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channel. on social media you have people with the hashtag, # hey # heyitswinter. as far as inches of snow we are seeing, this is not the usual run, it seems. >> no. in fact, philadelphia had a statement out of the national weather service office outside of mount holly, they cover philadelphia. they have never had thr three six-inch snowfall storms this early in a season ever. there's never been a fourth. we are flirting with record if this achieves what we think it is going to. we are seeing intense bands setting up. a storm off the coast, the center of the low is intensifying. really this is just the early stages of the storm. we zoom in and look at the snowfall bands. they were right over the turnpike. it must have been white knuckle driving, that's for sure. slowly drifting to the north
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right over the city. it's covering much of long island. snow under the darker blue anywhere from a half inch per hour to up differential diagnosis wards of two inches per hour. snow is coming down fast and furious across the area. it's going to be a long duration event. where it's snowing here for the rest of today it will continue into tonight including much of the i-95 corridor. travel a big concern. the afternoon rush will be difficult at best. winter storm warnings as far west as charleston stretching back to i-95 for d.c. and baltimore. up through philadelphia, new york, hartford, boston. blizzard warnings for the cape where the winds will pick up, gusting over 50 miles per hour. back to you. >> a lot to cover. thank you very much for catching us up. the weather forced organizers to cancel a big $500/ticket party planned for chris christie's second inauguration. he was sworn in for the second term two hours ago.
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>> i chris christie. >> i chris christie. >> elected governor of the state of new jersey. >> elected governor of the state of new jersey. >> despite the continue server he got a standing ovation. he made no direct mention of the scandal around the administration. he thanked supporters and called for bi-partisan ship. >> i thank all those who placed faith and trust in me. i make this promise. i will not let up. i will insist we work together. i will make this government truly work for those who pay for it. [ applause ] >> christie's inauguration come s as first read notes this. he's fighting wars on two different fronts, both of which increasingly look like wars of attrition. democrats in both new jersey's assembly and senate announced
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they were merging committees to investigate the bridge scandal. the panel is expected to include eight democrats and four republicans and will continue to have subpoena power. nbc's craig melvin is in trenton, new jersey. this decision made by the committees today, will this also cover the allegations of the mayor of hoboken? >> reporter: fantastic question. the same question i asked one of the cochairs of the committee. i asked whether those claims by don zimmer originally made on msnbc over the weekend that she was forced to sign off on a private development in exchange for sandy relief money. the christie administration denies it happened. this was the response when i asked the question. >> clearly she raises serious
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allegations. there are a lot of things swirling about. the fist business is to follow the information we had to date where we have somebody in the governor's office abusing power. we'll follow the trail where it leads. we are not going to switch gears and follow another investigation. >> reporter: at this point it looks like the scope of the committee, the scope of the investigation could very well include those claims once the committee meets we'll get -- we should get a better feel for it. at this point 8-4. eight democrats, four republicans. eight members of the assembly, four members of the senate. that's the expected makeup of the committee. it still has to be approved by the new jersey legislature. that's expected to happen rather easily. we should also note we have a video here of the governor leaving his inauguration about an hour and a half ago. it wrapped up around 12:30.
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there have been cars lined up ever since folks who have been trying to get out of this place ever since it ended, but because of the weather, because of the snow -- they are having a hard, hard time getting on the turnpike and getting out of here. >> all right. craig melvin, thank you very much. joining me now, michael smirkonish, great pleasure having you on again. we didn't expect chris christie to discuss the investigations today. you have a poll out regarding his favorability. his unfavorable is at 34% versus last year at 17%. his favorable number is 38 which is a dip from the 40% number we saw in 2013. another interesting number, 73% of americans now say they have heard about the bridge scandal. what do you believe is the like likely next move?
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does he lay low or hold another marathon news conference? >> probably remains quiet for a while and sees which way the wind blows. the last couple of days have been very significant. potentially more threatening to his long-term career than closing access routes to the g.w. bridge. i think there is a certain tolerance level americans have for hard ball-type politics in new jersey. maybe on competitive bids. the favored friend of the candidate gets the contract. but not when it comes to storm aid. to the extent that these charges are able to be proven that games were played in terms of who would be the recipients for super storm sandy aid based upon whether the governor looked kindly on them and whether they were supportive of the governor. that's a serious issue. i'm not at all surprised to hear that u.s. attorney representatives have met with the hoboken mayor.
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>> let me play an excerpt from chris christie today. let's play it. >> it's only fitting that in this administration with more hurricanes, snowstorms, flooding and disaster of the natural sort that if any administration i can remember in my lifetime that we begin the second term in the same way. [ laughter ] >> now the storms that have been weathered including sandy and the big storm today. people can read into it what they want. but the reality is chris christie is in the present moment giving the speech. it's impossible to believe that he's not every second trying to figure out how this is going to play out and if this is the end or potential end of his political stardom meaning if he has aspirations past new jersey. >> i think you're right.
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what was interesting to me is that the staging and remarks were geared toward 2016. i used to do advanced work for bush 41. i have an eye toward these things. that looked like a presidential event, the way the stage was arranged, the words in the backdrop and the speech including a shot at washington, d.c. i don't know about you. i was thinking of this as a national address for a nationwide audience, not just the garden state. >> we carried the speech. another network as well carried pretty much the entire address. that would not have happened were with it not for the scandal. yesterday i was in a hotel on assignment. i got a chance to watch coverage. one of the things that struck me, the question of whether or not democrats -- i wondered if it was filler conversation
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meaning you have a question at this point given that every day it seems we are learning new information. so how tuz one overplay the hand when it is still being dealt out. since i was in vegas i can use that analogy. >> it's a fair question to ask whether democrats are overplaying their hand and whether the media is overplaying the story. it's fair to ask the questions. my own opinion is that it's very fair, the level of scoot any brought to bear. this network and others have ridden this chris christie wave for years because he's good copy. so now that the story turned against him you're supposed to shield your eyes? that's not the way it works. >> certainly doesn't. greatly appreciate you coming on today. see you to recall. >> okay, tamron. thanks. breaking news in new york city where police have confirmed that human remains found last week belong to avonte oquendo,
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the teen with autism who disappeared three months ago. his remains were identified by dna. pieces of his clothing were discovered at the site. the medical examiner said the cause and manner of death are pending further study. he had been missing since he walked out of school on october 4. the case sparked a massive search across new york city including hundreds of officers, marine units and volunteers. the family's attorney plans to hold a news conference later today. still ahead, a new report on the brutality of the syrian regime. ahead a peace talk scheduled for this week. horrific photos of thousands of prisoners too graphic to show that war crimes prosecutors compare to torture in nazi death camps. nbc confirms that one of the suspected so-called black widows dispatched to attack the winter games in sochi has been killed. we'll have the latest. the hunt continues for three others who officials believe may
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major new developments today concerning the terrorism threat targeting the sochi games. nbc news confirmed one of four so-called black widow terror suspects was killed on january 18th. that still leaves three young women who may be planning suicide bomb attacks including one who may have already slipped into sochi within the past two weeks. in addition wanted posters now identify two young men believed
11:19 am
to be planning attacks in southern russia. meantime, russian authorities are warning the olympic torch relay could be attacked within the next three days. on top of all of this, russian authorities say police killed a senior islamic militant in the turbulent republic of dagestan where the so-called black widows are from. more now from nbc news's chief foreign correspondent richard engel in moscow. >> reporter: tamron, on the one hand you have the russian government up to vladimir putin saying ing we've got this. security will be perfect. these will be the safest games ever. everything is under control. when you go to the police stations, airport and hotel you see recent wanted posters for now five suicide bombers, people from the caucusus who have gone missing that are feared to be walking bombs.
11:20 am
two men and three women. the three women being black widows. that's a term that's used often in russia to refer to the wives of other militants who were killed in counter terrorism raids by russian security forces. after their husbands were killed, they became militants themselves. what their targets are, about the men it's unclear. we are told it could be anything in southern russia. could be any target in the entire country. more specific intelligence about the potential targets for the women. one of the women believed to have entered the sochi area. the other two women potentially, according to police, are looking to target the olympic torch relay, possibly over the next three days. tamron? >> let's bring in nbc news terrorism analyst evan coleman. let's start with where richard engel left off. could be an attack in the next
11:21 am
three days. that's incredible precision. how do we know? >> in the last couple of days there have been pieces of intelligence that surfaced. the video from volggraad and other intelligence. presumably that causes them to believe one of the individuals may already be in the sochi area: whether or not this is going to take place, the key is that the level of confusion, the russians don't know what's going on. that's worrisome. >> i was in the london games. the amount of security even as a journalist, we were on a secured bus entering the olympic area where the games would take place. every day the bus itself was searched. this was in london where, of course, there is a terror threat but there is an sbrord fair threat in sochi. >> there is a myriad number of actors here involved.
11:22 am
we talk about doku omarov. the people who carried out the bombing the other day who threatened the olympics directly don't appear to be directly connected to him. they are incorrectly connected. they are not operating under his specific orders. >> so russian authorities are are looking at druks from a myriad of directions, not one source. >> not one commander or one area. that's part of the problem. it's coming from a lot of directions. >> let's talk about the news we learned before coming in for the show that nbc news confirmed that one of the so-called black widow terror suspects was kill january 18 despite her picture on the wanted ad. what does that say about communication between the united states and russia? >> first it's important to emphasize there are raids that are continually taking place in places like dagestan and
11:23 am
elsewhere. that said, again it goes back to the issue of confusion. the level of confusion that seems to be here and the fact that the russians don't seem to have a clear picture of who is threatening what and when. that's really the issue. for a group of people that claim there was a ring of fire or a ring of steel around the olympics, you know, why is this all happening now? >> we also know there are 6,000 athletes, 85 countries participating. right now there is a u.s. contingency plan you are aware of. air and naval assets including two ships in the black sea would be made available if needed during the games to get american athletes and officials out. as a terror expert or terrorism expert when you look at the situation with just a couple of weeks to go here, what's your major concern as it relates to the communication or the willingness to communicate between russia and the united
11:24 am
states? >> you have to look at the boston bombing investigation to see communication between the raugs authorities and the fbi and u.s. authorities isn't that fluid. on key issues even with terrorism and the olympics and the caucusus we don't always see eye to eye or have a great openness in terms of the communication. as long as that persists there will be a problem. anyone who thinks u.s. war planes or ships are going to be eagerly welcomeded into the black sea to assist, that's not going to happen. in fact, even more worrisome is the fact that the caucusus, one of the groups that is targeting the olympics aring mooing the fact that the u.s. made this offer. we have to be careful. we don't want to become targets ourselves. >> thank you very much. it's great to have you on. there may now be proof of war crimes against the assad regime in syria. it comes from a syrian military
11:25 am
police photographer who has defected. he supplied thousands of gruesome photographs, most are too disturbing to show. we have one that we are able to show a former war crimes prosecutor says the photos are clear evidence that syria has tortured and executed about 11,000 detainees since the start of the uprising nearly three years ago. the prosecutors compare the torture to that seen in nazi death camps. this comes a day before syrian peace talks are to begin in switzerland. secretary of state jonhn kerry just arrived there. still ahead, developing news from south carolina. this is a live picture where lawyers are in court right now presenting evidence they hope will clear the name of one of the youngest people ever executed in the united states. we'll have more on efforts to get 14-year-old george stinney a
11:26 am
fair trial 70 years after he was put to death. plus, japan is defending its annual dolphin hunt. about 250 dolphins captured since friday will either be slaughtered or sold into captivity. so much attention is being paid to one particular dolphin who was taken from its mother's side. >> time for your entrepreneur of the week. getting national name brand recognition for this family farm was tough. they broke through when they got their produce into whole foods. if i can impart one lesson to a new business owner, it would be one thing i've learned is my philosophy is real simple american express open forum is an on-line community, that helps our members connect and share ideas
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11:30 am
forced to confess to the murders. mark potter is covering this for us. we hope he can join us with the latest on the hearing that's taking place. meanwhile want to catch you up on developing news regarding the weather. the huge storm slamming the eastern seaboard at this very moment. snow and builter cold as well as strong winds are in the forecast. blizzard conditions making things rough. i believe we have the weather channel's mike seidel in boston. there you are. it looks better there than here. we know you are expecting worse conditions there. >> reporter: yes. we are 45 miles south of boston down in plymouth on the south shore. behind me is plymouth harbor with the fishing boats in port. nobody is going out with the approach storm. there are blizzard warnings for the south shore and the cape from 7:00 tonight to 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. we'll have more wind here than in boston, providence and new york city.
11:31 am
winds will gust 45 to 50 miles per hour along with a foot of snowfall causing whiteout conditions. it's bitter cold like we see with storms like the one here on january 2. temperatures in the teens. when you have the snow it's dry and powdery. it blows around easily. wind chills now in the single numbers drop below zero tonight and stay below zero tomorrow. the snow wraps up in d.c. in the next few hours. in new york city around midnight. here the wind and snow through a good deal of wednesday morning. huge impacts at that time airports already. hundreds of flights cancelled. at logan they have cancelled 100 departure s for tomorrow and expect more of that as we go through the afternoon. if you have any kind of air travel into d.c., philly, new york and boston. the rest of today and the first part of tomorrow appear. check with your air carrier. they will scrub a lot more flights. it will be windy and cold. not as cold as a couple of weeks ago but high temperatures
11:32 am
tomorrow around 15 degrees, if not more, below average as we get toward the weekend it will warm up. >> thavng you so much. 84 million people impacted by the weather. still ahead, thousands of pages of documents released today showing how the archdiocese of chicago failed to protect children from sexual abuse at the hands of priests for years. and texas governor candidate wendy davis hitting back at questions regarding her personal life after reports of inconsistencies in her story from the age she was when she became a mom to some other issues in her background. we'll dig into this. ] think all pads are the same? don't. [ woman ] the technology in these pads... best creation ever! [ female announcer ] always infinity. the only pad made with flexfoam, not fluff. so thin, yet it absorbs 10 times its weight. infinity. clean. dry. fresh. always.
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welcome back. we are following developing news from south carolina where a hearing is under way to determine if a 14-year-old boy executed 70 years ago will finally get the new trial his family has been fighting for.
11:36 am
the sister of george stinney is on the stand now. he was executed for the murders of two girls back in 1944. today's hearing comes after a local law firm filed a motion for a new trial citing that there was no physical evidence, no record of confession, no eyewitnesses and no transcript for george stinney's trial. mark potter joins me now live from south carolina. you have been following the story for us for some time from the very beginning when the family and this legal form teamed up here. it is unlikely we'll see a new trial for george stinney here. >> there will never be a new trial, tamron. there cannot be. there are no witnesses, no evidence. nobody thinks there will be. what they are looking for is for the old verdict to be thrown out. and his name to be cleared. in the name of his family, that's what they are asking.
11:37 am
the person on the stand now who you alluded to, amy ruffner said she was with her brother george on the day two little white girls came by them in the neighborhood asking them to help find may pops, something they were looking for in the woods. the children, she said, told them we don't know where they are. they may be up the road. they disappeared, never to be seen again, she said. she claimed she and her brother went home, stayed home. when it was revealed later that night the two little girls were missing, george stinney, jr., and his father joined a search party to look for them and came home. next time she saw her brother was when two cars came to the house -- police cars -- to grab him and take him away never to be seen again by her or other members of the family. when asked if he had bloody
11:38 am
clothing whiould they have notid that in the house. she said absolutely. there was no such thing. she's an important witness who never got to testify at the trial in 1944 because the family was run out of town at the time. she's now getting her first day in court 70 years later claiming her brother could not have committed the crimes. >> you started in the report saying there was no chance of a new trial. why then is the family or lawyers using that language that they want a new trial if that's just not possible given the facts which you have laid out? >> reporter: they are asking for a new trial. everybody knows there won't be one so they can get a directed verdict of acquittal now from the judge. in other words to clear his name. get rid of the verdict, clear his name, and so ultimately some people want an apology from the state of south carolina.
11:39 am
there are people on the other side, relatives of one of the girls who died, betty june beneker who say he was guilty, he did confess, he was con vicked under the laws of 1944 and they should leave it alone. they are also in the courtroom. one of them will testify. we were thinking that would happen tomorrow. there is controversy in the case and the question of whether it is too late now. all of this is being addressed in this historic hearing occurring in the courthouse behind me in south carolina. >> we'll follow up tomorrow the as well and developments from today. thank you very much, mark. thousands of pages of documents released today show how the archdiocese of chicago for years failed to protect children from abusive priest. the documents provide new details on how the nation's third largest catholic diocese quietly shuttled accused priests from parish to parish and failed to notify police. anne thompson joins me now live. to be clear none of the priests
11:40 am
are currently in or part of the archdiocese of chicago. >> right. none of them are ministering and, in fact, 14 are dead. they molested more than 50 people. the attorneys for those victims said they released the documents today because what they do is they show misplaced loyalties and misplaced priorities within the archdiocese of chicago which these attorneys accused of having a corporate clerical culture. as you read the files, tamron, you can see these accused priests were moved from parish to parish, in part because often church authorities took the words of the abusers when they said, look, i won't do this again. or they were sent to treatment and thought to be cured. or in some cases they appointed another priest to monitor the accused priest's behavior. clearly none of that worked. what's also clear is that church authorities did not go to local
11:41 am
authorities, local police. in fact only four of the 30 priests involved were criminal can i convicted. >> we have seen that pattern repeated throughout parts of the world where the cover-ups have taken place. in the end with the release of the documents does this further conversation? and this ends up helping the church deal with this to ensure the safety of children moving forward. >> that's what the victims hope. what they said today is that they know all the priests are out of ministry and these individuals aren't in a position to hurt anybody again. they hope by reading the files the church will see the mistakes and they will not be repeated. in fact, the archdiocese of chicago apologized in a statement today to the victims and families for the pain and suffering this caused. also admitted that, look, their leaders made mistakes decades ago. but they were going by the norms
11:42 am
of the time. that's cold comfort to anyone who was abused. >> anne thompson, thank you very much. today, our nbc news first read team notes, quote, if you're a politician, your biography matters. they are referring to the dallas morning news headline about the democratic candidate for governor. state senator wendy davis. the article looks at how she's blurred key facts in the campaigni campaign starting with this. >> she was raised by a single mother with a 6th grade education. married young. by 19 she was divorced and raised me as a single mother. they say everything is bigger in texas. that wasn't the case for the trailer we lived in. >> reporter: among the things the dallas paper revealed davis was 21, not 19 when she got divorc divorced. her mother attended school through 9th grade, not 6th. she lived in a mobile home for a few months while separated from her first husband. in response, wendy davis issued
11:43 am
a statement saying my language should be tighter. i'm learning about using broader, looser language. i need to be more focused on the details. joining me live, nbc news senior political editor mark murray. what are we to make of this? give us the the temperature of something like this and the impact. wendy davis saying, quote, should be tighter with her language. >> all politicians and journalists should have the facts straight. this is potentially a problem for davis. it goes to credibility issues. one thing that makes her appealing is her narrative, her biography which she was standing for. it became an instant political persona when she was filibustering. we have seen sometimes the actual narrative of things isn't as cut and clean as you would sometimes think. so i think the biggest problem for her is that all of the
11:44 am
sudden if her political opponents see more things of exaggeration, other credibility issues, that could hurt her. if this is a one-time thing, she's able to move on and learn the lesson. >> does it speak to the threat that she poses in that, of course, obviously a victory would be incredible in your home state of texas. also the larger conversation we have discussed regarding the politics of texas and the shift many believe might be inevitable regarding from red to at least a purple state before we all leave this planet, mark? >> if she was going to be able to win and beat greg abbott in texas this year she has to run a perfect race, catch a lot of breaks. we know she's raising a tremendous amount of money. this is one of the first episodes in which we are seeing somebody who's now on the big stage having to deal with something. all politicians deal with problems whether you are a democrat or a republican. it's often how you respond and
11:45 am
learn from that. >> now announcing david vitter plans to run for governor of louisiana after a hellacious scandal revolving around hookers, prostitutes -- i don't know the proper name for that scandal. >> home state politics trumps all. if david vitter were running for governor of ohio or virginia, he would be in bigger problems. he would have a difficult time winning a senate re-election. that's the problem with wendy davis in texas as a democrat. there is little margin for error. david vitter has a lot more margin for error running as a republican in a state like louisiana. that's the difference there. >> thank you very much, mark. greatly appreciate you joining us. >> thanks. >> still ahead a petition to save one of the 250 dolphins captured in japan's controversial dolphin hunt. the new ambassador to japan, car line kennedy calls it inhumane. more on why jands officials call
11:46 am
critics, quote, hypocrites. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious, but say i press a few out flat, add some beef, sloppy joe sauce and cheese, fold it all up and boom! delicious unsloppy joes perfect for a school night. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop.
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welcome back. we are following breaking news. police confirm one person has been killed following a shooting on the campus of purdue university in indiana. one person is in custody. a shelter in place order has been lifted as police have given the all-clear at this point. officials haven't released details about the suspect or what led to the shooting. they have now confirmed one person was killed following a shooting on the campus of purdue university. u.s. ambassador to japan caroline kennedy weighed in on an international debate over a controversial japanese tradition involving the ritual hunting and killing of dolphins. more than 250 bottle-nosed dolphins were rounded up over the past five days. a conservationist group tracking the hunt says 40 dolphins were slaughtered, while 52 were kept
11:50 am
to be sold to aquariums. it includes a rare albino dolphin the group nicknamed angel. international pressure to end the hunt has been building since the 2009 oscar-winning documentary "the cove" brought attention to the practice. over the weekend ambassador kennedy tweeted, quote, deeply concerned about the inhumanness of drive hunt dolphin killing. u.s. government opposes drive hunt fisheries. the japanese government has responded by saying the hunt is part of their fishing tradition and joining me now is the communications director and naturalist at the miami metro zoo. first up, when i saw "the cove whts like so many people it was unimaginable horror to see that and know this is a part of a cultural ritual that happens yearly. it's a tough thing but the bottom line is we are seeing outrage yet again.
11:51 am
what's your reaction to the latest and this is the largest number of dolphins herded in, i think, about three years. >> one is too many for that practice. i'm happy to hear that ambassador kennedy is involved. hopefully the weight of her name will make a difference here. this is a horrific practice. no human being could watch "the cove" and watch what happens to these animals, one of the smartest living things on the planet could stomach that. to say it's part of a culture is almost to support mass murder in a way in the sense that these animals are so incredibly intelligent and so bonded as family groups it is nothing short of horrific to see what's happening there. >> fishermen say the hunt is part of the village tradition. they call foreign critics who eat other kinds of meat hypocritical. your to that assertion? >> well, the bottom line is if
11:52 am
these animals were with being humanely harvested for meat, food purposes that's different. this is a survival thing where the animals are being humanely harvested and humanely put down for meat. these animals are cruelly herded, slaughtered not for meat. they are slaughtered for entertainment. that doesn't work. that doesn't pass the smell test. >> this abino dolphin they named angel got attention. this calf is worth millions. with people putting pressure on the fisheries and that village what about the pressure on the aquariums and the places willing to shell out millions for dolphins like this one that is so highly valued now? >> you're right. it's a catch-22. as long as you have aquariums, different places paying the money, it's driven by money. people have to start saying we are not going to attend these
11:53 am
places that will support this type of harvesting and by doing so you will be able to hope stop the demand and the drive. as long as there is a demand that will continue happening. >> thank you, ron. we'll be right back. increases at the age of 80. helps reduce the risk of heart disease. it seems that 80 is the new 18. grannies, bless your heart, you are bringing sexy back! eat up. keep heart-healthy. live long. for a healthy heart, eat the 100% natural whole grain goodness of post shredded wheat. doctors recommend it. ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ [ male announcer ] the beautifully practical and practically beautiful cadillac srx.
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breaking news right now. i am krystal ball. 56 million of us are just getting to the worst of the winter storm. the most densely populated areas are under the gun. new york, boston, philadelphia. big snow is falling already here. we are up to a few inches already. more than a foot is expect d. the nation's capital is a winter
12:00 pm
wonderland. government offices and the national zoo are closed. capitol tours have been cancelled. now new england is old man winter's sitting duck as the storm marches north. let's start with where it is and where it's going. chris warren starts us off. >> you mentioned that in the thick of things, millions of people. the blue is snow. the heavier snow coming down. d.c., philadelphia and new york. the snow is closer to boston. for the rest of the day the snow is going to come down heavy at times throughout the i-95 corridor. tonight, winds are really going to pick up. if you are not where you need to be tonight you definitely do not want to be on the roads. hang tight because the winds will get going. blizzard conditions for the cape over to martha's vineyard and nantucket. winter storm w


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