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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  April 8, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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this? this is great. a functioning economy which fairly rewards those who contribute to its prosperity? is even better. that does it for the cycle. now with alex wagner starts now. congratulations, ladies. today your wages have finally matched what the average male took home more than three months ago. it's tuesday, april 8, and this is now. >> equal pay for equal work. not that complicate. >> today the white house is spotlighting equal pay day. >> the president announcing two new executive orders designed to narrow the wage gap. >> that's personal for me. i've got two daughters and i expect them to be treated just like anybody's sons. >> i urge congress to join the president on the right side of history. >> we saw many republicans vote against the lilly led better act.
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>> they will have to explain why men should make more on the dollar compared to women. >> even when republicans send women out to talk about equal pay, the answers still don't make a whole lot of accepts. >> may women seek jobs that provide more flexibility for their families over more money. >> you'll hear all sorts of excuses. >> democrats won't respect my choices. >> she's doing the same job. probably doing it better. >> this creep up every time the democrats are struggling with their messaging. >> i don't think it creeps up when they need it. it's something our country needs. >> the time has come to do this. >> equal pay for equal work. >> when women succeed, america succeeds. happy equal pay day. if you are a woman, this is the day, april 8, when you have finally caught up and earned what your average male counterpart earned by the end of last year. takes d it is a disparity president obama is trying to change through executive order, one aimed at closing the wage gap.
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orders he signed with lilly ledbetter, the woman who leant her name to the lilly ledbetter fair pay act. >> today the average full-time working woman earns just 77 cents for every dollar a man earns. some say the pay gap doesn't exist. they say it's a myth. but it's not a miyth. it's math. you can look at the paychecks. you can look at the stubs. >> in fact looking at the stubs got easier for some workers today thanks to the president's action. the first order signed by the president bars federal contractors from retaliating against employees who discuss their compensation. the second requires contractors doing business with the federal government to include information about gender and race when reporting their pay data. the president is also pushing congress to pass the paycheck fairness act which would
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essentially apply those two orders to the private sector along with other provisions like allowing workers to seek punitive damages from employers. and while the senate plans a vote to open debate on the bill tomorrow morning, it's expected to fall short of the 60 votes needed. meanwhile over in the house, republicans' passion for transparency as it relates for t to the irs suddenly withers when it comes to women and their paychecks. >> i would urge us to stop politicizing women and start focusing on the policies that will actually help women and everyone in this country have a better life. >> many ladies i know feel like they are being used as pawns and find it condescending that democrats are trying to use this issue as a political distraction. >> yes, how incredibly con descending to think that women or men for that matter might want to be able to find out how their pay matches up withincred descending to think that women or men for that matter might want to be able to find out how their pay matches up with their colleague's pay. also correspond to the gop,
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having more information about employment policies will somehow degrade workplace flexibility as republicans spokeswoman told chris jansing earlier today. >> what this legislation does is it actually makes it more difficult for women in the workplace when you consider flexibility and when you consider merit pay. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi basically ate that argument for lunch. >> there is nothing that gives you more flexibility than having equal pay. anybody who thinks getting less money gives them more flexibility, something is wrong with this picture. >> indeed when it comes to conservative debate over paycheck fairness, there is a lot wrong with the picture. joining me now is democratic senator from minnesota and vice chair of the joint economic
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committee. ladies, a pleasure to have you you on to talk about this subject. and senator, i want to go to you first. the outcry, the hue and outrage over what should be a basic issue of fairness is on some level not that surprising to me given where conservatives are on many issues relating to equity. but there are also long term sort of societal effects of not paying women equally. tell us, if you will, what some of those effects are. >> well, as the beloved late senator paul wellstone of my state of minnesota used to say, we all do better when we all do better. and i think when you have nearly over half of the population that isn't getting a fair shot here, that is a problem. the women, one third of the breadwinner, sole breadwinners in families are women. one third of the families depend on women's salaries. two-thirds depend on at least part of their money from women's salaries. this is a major problem in the
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economy and you're also shutting out a whole group of people from advancing to top positions. so i think the fact that we're having this discussion and that they're saying some of these crazy things is one of the best things around. because the women of america are tired of being frozen out. even in minnesota right now, the snow is melting, the flowers are ready to come out. spring is on its way. we need that in congress because the women have been frozen out for too long and it's time to clean out the freezer and allow the women equal pay and a fair shot at the american dream. >> rush limbaugh seems to be suffering from a case of freezer burn. in this day and age, rush limbaugh, i'll have to play the sound because i can't really paraphrase the man. unfortunately, we have to full screen it. i will read to you rush's words. the regime, and speaking here of course of the imperial presidency of barack obama, the regime has gone back to this equal pay for women thing which is old hat and not even
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applicable anymore. i would argue as the senator has that in this day and age, it's even more -- it is critical to address the issue of women's pay if one third of all households have women as the sole bread winners. >> and i would say what we learned today is lilly ledbetter lost $200,000 of income because she was discriminated against because she was a woman. think about what that means in our economy when women are making 70 cents on the dollar. that means families are losing out. that is money on the table for women and their families. and that is why i think this conversation that the gop is having is really out of touch. to call it pay ttronizing? i couldn't think of anything more patronizing than saying these issues don't matter, that they're a distraction. for women and their families, these issues are front and center and a matter of opportunity for all americans.
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>> senator, what is striking to me is that we're not even just talking about female centric policies here. we're talking about two executive orders that increase transparency. and increase access to information about employment data. and somehow this has gotten conflated with this sort of feminist liberation theory. for a party that has been obsessed, and think you you probably can understand this weste better than most, it seems hugely hypocritical to me that the republicans don't want any transparency over hiring practices, salary data. >> i don't understand. i'm a former prosecutor. i like to see evidence. and that's all the women of america want. and i would also add this isn't just about here and now with women's wages and salaries. in fact when you very much it out, they're retiring with $11,000 less a year, yet they're
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living longer. and so this is something that haunts women throughout their lives. it's not just right when they're raising kids, not just when they're getting into a career and they don't get the same kind of salary when they get promoted. it's through their whole lives. so i'm excited about this vote tomorrow and as people are arguing why are you doing this, that's what they said when women first wanted the right to vote, what they said to lilly ledbetter when she first brought her case. that is what we have heard through time and somehow even under george bush, we increaseds minimum wage and somehow we passed that lilly ledbetter act and we were able to overcome that filibuster. giving up is not the answer. i don't think that's what the women of america want. >> i would say these are policies that -- we're all women here and that's great and think we can understand this in a really fundamental way. but this is something that affects men, too. transparency over hiring data is something that male workers would perhaps like access to.
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having sisters and mothers and daughters who are paid equally is a good thing for men, as well. >> democratic women of the senate took to the floor together, but the democratic men did, as well, talking about hair sisters and their daughters and mothers and how they want their daughters to have a fair shot. they want their daughters to be able to achieve just as they did. and i think that is a very important point. we all want to know that we have the evidence so that we can be treated fairly. so if you work really hard, you can raise a family, send your kids to college. when you have two thirds ever the families that rely on women's income either in the entirety or part, that means something. >> rush in his freezer burned corner of the world has said that this is about politics. and part of me thinks so what if it is about politics in the same way that the minimum is about politics, the republican party has so completely alienated single women. i believe in 2012 president
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obama beat mitt romney by 36 points among single women. if these paycheck issues, if these pocketbook issues speak to them, so be it. the republicans seem to be literally in crisis around all issues that affect women, whether social, economic or political. >> and they've gotten into a lot of problems with some of their comments about contraception, but i think that comments that say these problems that women are phasing are just politics and are a distraction, i think those are as offensive frankly. because you can say it's about politics. it is about politics. but what is really happening here is there is a problem to be solved. and it's just an up or down issue tomorrow. are you going to vote for paycheck fairness or against paycheck fairness? you can say anything you want, distraction or say the studies aren't true even though there has been study after study documenting this, the bottom
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line tomorrow is senators will face a vote and they will be able to vote for women's opportunity in the workplace or against it. and i think it's good that the senate democrats and democrats at large are making an issue of this so we can see where we stand in november, see where your senator stands on this important issue, i hope we get a vote in the house at some point, because we deserve to know where they stand on whether women should make the same as men for the same work they do. >> and i would say even if this effort fails in congress, what the president has done today could affect according to the national employment law project up to a quarter of the total u.s. workforce. and that my friends is a really awesome thing. thank you both. >> thank you. just ahead, if you are not convinced yet that conservatives have a big issue with women, then you you probably have not
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seen this ad. dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz and patricia murphy join me for a discussion on the taste deficit. but first, says session movements in the badger state. governor walker has sown the seeds of chaos. sfx: car unlock beep. vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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the most polarized state in the country isn't texas where governor rick perry once threatened to secede if washington continued to thumb their nose at the american people.
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s not california where not one but two state secession movements have cropped up. no, the most divided state in the usa is the cheese making brew loving badger state of wisconsin. according to a public policy poll last year, just 4% of republicans approve of president obama compared to 93% of wisconsin democrats. it is the biggest gap in any of the 50 states. when it comes to the approval gap for governors, not one of them comes anywhere close to polarizing people like wisconsin governor scott walker who has an 85% higher approval rating from republicans than he does from democrats. so it may come as a surprise that wisconsin's secession craze has been nonexistent. at least eight states have seen movements drop up during the obama presidency. but wisconsin is nowhere to be seen up now. three days ago, the milwaukee
1:18 pm
journal septembntinel reported resolution was adopted be it further resolved our state representatives work to uphold the 10th amendment rights and our right to secede passing legislation affirming this to the u.s. federal government. the chairman of the republican party in wisconsin's sixth district quickly distanced hms from that resolution not because seceding seemed a little drastic perhaps? no. he claimed that secession did not deal with the party's true opponent. namely, democrats. joining me now is the political watch dog columnist for the milwaukee journal sentinel, daniel bis eflt. i think a lot of people are shocked to know that wisconsin is among the most if not the most divided say the in the condition when it comes to republicans and democrats. and going back in recent state history, how much of that division do you think can be
1:19 pm
attributesed to governor scott walker? >> i think it's huge in terms of scott walker's influence. just a few years ago if i were to write a story, if i could get 10 or 15 comments on a story, i would be happy. but today, if i wrote a story about politics and in particular with scott walker, it's not unusual for me to get 400, 500 comments. everybody is incredibly engaged. and as the election moves forward, consultants who come in are just as sounded by active people are and how divided people are active people are and how divided people are here. >> i want to though more about the sixth district. rebel rousing obtained to the issue with obamacare. give us more of a profile. >> it's a little bit north of milwaukee, primarily a rural and
1:20 pm
small town district. right now it's represented by a fairly moderate republican, but what is going on that is interesting is he's being challenged by a very conservative senator. and so it's in this context that that was drafted, that the secession movement resolution was drafted. i think as you mentioned before, this discussion is tied directly to obama and obamacare. this is an assertion that we don't want washington telling us what to do. the interesting thing is this resolution now moves to the state and it could come up in the convention, the republican party convention, in may. and even these as you said the polarization is tied to scott walker, governor walker will not want this to be on the party platform because people are pretty clear as to who they will vote for this fall.
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but there is shamall group of undecided, 8%, and assess session movement resolution is not something you want to be stuck with heading in to that election. >> amazing that we're talking about assess session movement with any actual seriousness. some of this is you today to the influence of a.l.e.c., the koch brother, all of whom have pumped money and sort of personnel, if you will, into the state. and to some degree changed the dynamics or at least roused the base in a way that they perhaps would not have been roused were it not for their involvement. is that fairly accurate? >> i think it is, but just to be fair, there have been national unions who have put a lot of money into this area and put a lot of people here.
1:22 pm
and the recall elections just drove people into deciding whether they were for scott walker or against scott walker. this election this fall is a third referendum on the governor. but, sure, the amount of money being spent is incredible, the amount of money already being raised. most elections in wisconsin statewide elections kick off in june or july. we've already had ads from the republican governor's association, from governor walk are's campaign and from his opponent's campaign. people are engaged and i heard today the republican gives association has already bought time for ads to post in october and november of this year. >> well, yeah. and it's worth noting not just in terms of recall elections, we're also talking about the influence of outside groups, the ones that i mentioned in particular, on legislation. grove are norquist has had 1037 state lawmakers across the country sign on to his platform. and effectively that then
1:23 pm
changes the kind of legislation that is brought to the statehouse floor and the stuff that actually ends up passing whether or not the sixth district succeeds in its movement is anybody's guess, although we sort of know how that will he said up. but whether it calls the fuel of the fires of outrage, i guess, remains to be seen. thanks for your time. coming up, he's been at guantanamo bay for 12 days. he's gone on a hunger strike. but he has not yet been charged with any crime. today, he may be one step closer to freedom. i'll speak with amnesty international zeke johnson just ahead. but first, joy behar roasts chris christie and things get really awkward. huh, fifteen minutes
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that was a visibly irked chris christie interrupting joy behar in a newly surfaced video posted by new yorker writer ryan liza. the confrontation which happened at a roast earlier this month came just after a taxpayer funded report from a legal i'm hired by governor christie's administration after they concluded that the governor had no involvement in the george washington bridge lane closures. but things have not gotten any
1:28 pm
easier for chris christie since then. this afternoon the legislative committee investigating the bridge controversy met to update members on the status of that investigation. >> this committee and this state still does not have a clear understanding of how this happened and there are still people we can question and documents we can gather to review and enhance our understanding. >> this comes just four days after christie press secretary reportedly testified in front of a federal grand jury suggesting a widening criminal investigation for the once bright light of the republican party. after the break, as protesters ratchet up the tension in ukraine, russia says it is finally ready to talk. details on that next.
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being held at guantanamo bay prison in cuba, the last britee for 12 years. he's never been charged with a crime and he has been cleared twice for release. his wife and their four children, youngest of whom he's never met, are currently living in england. yesterday over 4,000 days after he first arrived, his lawyers asked a federal judge to order his release because he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder as well as a variety of mental and physical ailments. 25 hours of psychiatric evaluation showed that in addition to symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress disorder like mood swings and angry outbrirss, he suffered from migraines, constant ringing in his ears, asthma, swollen feet, digestive problem, and worsening eyesight along with paranoia and difficulty
1:33 pm
maintaining a train of thought. past reports show he was tortured and headed in solitary confinement for hundreds of days at a time. in november, "60 minutes" got inside gitmo. while the cameras were rolling, a voice from one of the cells was heard pleading. >> please, we are tired. even if you leave us to die in peace or tell the world the truth. you cannot walk even half a meter without being chained. is that a human being? >> joining me thousanow is diref amnesty security and rights program, zeke johnson. it is haunting to hear that tape and be reminded of what we're doing to people who are effectively in the eyes of the u.s. government as of right now innocent. there are no charges, no trial.
1:34 pm
do you think the petition to release him on medical grounds will give him freedom? >> i certainly hope so. but it shouldn't even come to that. even if he were perfectly healthy, he shouldn't be at guantanamo anymore. he's been cleared to leave twice and the british government wants him back. we even have a let'ser from david cameron the prime minister saying that it's the official policy of the uk government that he should be home with his children in london. why is he still held? this case is really a litmus test for president obama on guantanamo. it's mind boggling that this guy is still held. >> what is the relationship between the u.s. and britain on this given the outcry that exists in britain over his case in specific, the fact that he is unjustly being held in an american detention facility? why is there not more pressure from the brits on the americans to release him? >> they put a lot of pressure on the u.s. government. david cameron has gone on the record repeatedly saying that he should be back in the uk.
1:35 pm
he raised the case with obama at the g-8 summit. that's huge. so it really seems like president obama isn't all that serious about closing the detention facility. >> to put on my sort of conspiracy cap which i think might be somewhat relevant in this, one would say one of the reasons he's being held in gitmo, here is a guy who has been held in solitary for hundreds of days at a time, who has undergone torture, who has been vocal this his dissent and could be a real liability for not just the american interrogation system, but also mi-5 and m ichi 6. >> we recently filed a freedom of information act request with the u.s. government. we heard back from the cia within six days that they could not confirm or deny that they had any records on this case. this of course is the agency that has come under fire from the senate intelligence committee recently for lying about torture and snooping on the committee. this report needs to be made public. we need to know the full truth.
1:36 pm
but that is no reason to keep people who have been cleared still held. >> how much do you think the very heated back and forth between the cia and the congress on the issue of the bush era tore yture program influences decisions some do you think it helps or hurts their case? >> i really don't know. the government is just ridiculously secretive. president obama has gone on the record saying his is the most transparent administration in history. items ti it's time for him to prove it. >> and this is also on the heels that osama bin laden's son-in-law was convicted in new york city in a federal jury. it is a testament to the fact that our criminal justice system works. do you think there is any hope in the next few years before this president leaves office that guantanamo will be closed? >> absolutely. it's just common sense at this
1:37 pm
point. we all want justice for 9/11. we all want security. guantanamo has failed on both counts. we should use the ordinary criminal justice system to prosecute. >> it is a saga that i hope we see an end to shortly. zeke johnson from amnesty international, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. coming up ahead, while secretary of state john kerry tries to navigate the crisis in ukraine, he faces a new fight on capitol hill. details on that just ahead. [ female announcer ] who are we? we are the thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nighters. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the moments where we can say, "i did it!" ♪ we are entrepreneurs who started it all... with a signature. legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses, turning dreamers into business owners.
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kinda. ♪ poll numbers show nancy pelosi holds the distinction of being the best known and least liked leader in congress. and for republicans, she may be a great incentive to drive their base to the voting booth. but as the house minority explained to me last year, partisan attacks are nothing she
1:41 pm
can't handle. >> if you're a women and you're effective, you will be a target. i'm in the ring. throw a pump, take a punch, that's okay with me. i always say to people when we're going in a fight, put 00 a suit of armor, eat nails for breakfast, no holds barred, you're going into a fight. >> she has a brand new reason to dust off her chain mail. debbie wasserman schultz and patricia murphy discuss just ahead. but first the market wrap. >> let's take a look at how stocks stand going into tomorrow. the dow up ten points, s&p gaining seven. nasdaq up 33. that's it from cnbc first in business worldwide. [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, [ children laughing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where they almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married,
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slow dsl from the phone company was built for stuff like this. switch to comcast business internet. then add voice and tv for just $34.90 more per month. and you'll be ready for tomorrow today. comcast business. built for business. in another sign of the chaos engulfing ukraine, this was the scene in parliament today, an
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all out brawl. the fight broke out over the violent protests that began in the eastern part of the country on sunday. today pro russian separatists held control of a government building declaring the region to be an independent republic. they also called for a ballot referendum to officially secede. and police battled and reclaimed a government building. secretary kerry accused russia of organizing the protest and paying operatives to participate. kerry threatened tougher sanctions if russian does not back down. and the secretary faced another fight on capitol hill over the u.s. response to russian aggression. senator john mccain argued that the u.s. should be arming the new ukranian government especially with russian troops amassed on the border. >> on the issue of ukraine, my hero, ted cdy rooz roosevelt, ud
1:46 pm
to say talk softly and carry a big stick. why shouldn't wi give them defensive weapons when they're facing another invasion? >> the greatest deterrence will come from putin erect nation of his own vulnerabilities in his economy and if we bring sanctions, russia will really hurt. >> in the next ten day respect russia is expected to begin joint talks with u.s., ukranian and european leadership. coming up, former speaker of the house nancy pelosi as miley cyrus. with the tongue out and the nude bikini and the whole thing. debbie wasserman schultz and patricia murphy join me to discuss the latest gem. sfx: car unlock beep. vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one.
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breitbart news is once again stirring the pot. and while that is not necessarily news, the website's choice of graphics represents a decidedly new low. to promote their you new california politics section, the editors chose a photo shopped image of house minority leader nancy pelosi as miley sicyrus. pelosi called it tasteless and undignified. in the guardian, anna marie cox was up sparnsparing saying it w form of virtual sexual assault. at least one high ranking republican understood it was crude and offensive. house whip and fellow californian mccarthy yanked his column from the news site. but other conservatives urged republicans to evolve or die.
1:51 pm
that column revolves up on the site and it includes this gem of a quote, i'm certain the influential writers at breitbart california will stand with me and continue to introduce a more tolerant you view of american politics. i for one am not so certain. in response to widespread outcry over its miley/pelosi graphic, breitbart's politics editor says critics need to get over it, the folks at breitbart have always been known as edgy. and therein lies the problem. a conservative movement in such desperate need of reha bill tags that it fails to see the difference between edgy and sexist and totally tasteless. sexism elsewhere remains alive and well especially on capitol hill where it's not as colorful as it is on breitbart, but pretty insidious. witness cia and msa chief michael hayden this week talking about five term senator dianne
1:52 pm
feinstein's possible motivation for declassifying a critical senate report on cia torture. >> that sense, that motivation for the report, chris, may show deep emotional feeling on the part of the senator. but i don't position it leads you to an objective report. >> deep emotional feeling. and not say patriotism or an bigd fai abiding faith in rule of law. >> it's nonsense. it's kind of stereotypical. that's an old male fall back position. >> old male fall back position. joining me now is the democratic congresswoman from florida and chair of the democratic national committee, debbie wasserman schultz. thank you for you joining me. it is a big day for women. pay equality, sexism. and if you needed anymore proof in a it still exists, look no
1:53 pm
further than this picture. congresswoman, why does the right have such an an session with nancy pelosi? >> well, they have an obsession with nancy pelosi because she's one of the if not the most effective legislative leaders that we've had in mod he weern . and that galls them. p so they have to stoop to more new lows and be tray her in the most massage missic offensive ways. and i out about that as soon as i saw that really horrendous image on breitbart. i thought i mean own daughter. i have a 14-year-old and 10-year-old girl. and my 14-year-old is just how starting to take a look at websites and get into politics. and my first thought, was i, my god, what kind of message does that image send to young girls
1:54 pm
about what conservatives and republicans think of women. andyou add mitch mcconnell's comments that all we're doing is being obsessive on the left about equal pay for equal work and that the democrats were blowing kisses at the left by pursuing equal pay for equal work. i mean, just the outrageous comments they ever stop, all during a year that the republicans just completed in which they recognize supposedly that they needed to reach out to women.completed in which they recognize supposedly that they needed to reach out to women. >> had to have workshops. >> training. one party that needs sensitivity training, another party, the democratic party, who is the party of inclusiveness and empowerment and opportunity.
1:55 pm
>> wonder in the atlantic, darrel west from the brookings -- sorry, from -- darrel west from the brookings institution analyzed this sort of anger and venom directed toward leader pelosi and he said she's seen as a san francisco liberal. gender is less important to them than ideology. i sort of tend to disagree with that. i think gender actually matters a lot. and i think this is -- the mildly cyrus on her own is a highly sexualized object. she was the object of scorn and ridicule from a lot of people on both the right and the left for her actions earlier last year. and to put the head of one of the most powerful women of american politics on this sort of sexualized object of scorn and weird lust, i mean, there are a lot of gender politics at play. >> absolutely. >> as a woman on capitol hill, you hear about this which is kind of the extreme version of it and then you have michael hayden who is not a writer for breitbart talking about dianne
1:56 pm
feinstein sand staying one of the reasons she may want transparency is because she has deep emotional feelings about it.reasons she may want transparency is because she has deep emotional feelings about it. i found that incredibly dismissive. what did you think? >> comments like general hayden's, images like the one on breitbart, comments about hillary clinton when she testified during the benghazi crisis, all of those comments really end up trying to minimize and sub jew gate women instead of acknowledging that women have become more powerful and deserve and expect equal treatment.gatef acknowledging that women have become more powerful and deserve and expect equal treatment. there are men who still don't get it. they happen to almost all be conservatives and republicans. i will give credit to kevin mccarthy, but the rest is deafening. >> and subjugation is the name of this game. congresswoman, thank you for your time. joining me now founder of is
1:57 pm
the zen jacitizen jane politics patricia murphy. it's like the line between tasteless and edgy is i guess in-individualable to breitbart, but what was your first response? >> my response was that i really had a lard time lohard time loo. it was so dis disful of any woman. if miley cyrus has to twerk, that's how she sells albums but about that to put a mother of five, grandmother, former speaker of the house, almost dangerously disgusting for send a message that it is not only okay, but this is how we're going to sell magazines. this is how we're going to monetize our business with images like this. and to me, the biggest concern about this is what it says to
1:58 pm
women thinking about getting into politics. there is an old saying that if you don't have a seat at the table, you're probably on the menu. and women are grossly unrepresented in washington. and when a woman who snking about running for politics, thinking about running for office sees something like this, you can just imagine she's like why do i need this kind of trouble. why would i get into that kind of a mud pit. so i think it has both sort of the initial shock value, but then i do think there is a larger more core row sis effect here if women see this and decide, you know what, i don't have this kind of time, i'll go ahead and just keep raising my family and do what i do. and that to me is the bigger larger problem with what is going on here. >> this is also an issue that republicans have with young voters. part of this is the conservative movement is adrift when it comes to youth and youth culture and reaching out and communicating with the whole sector of society. i feel like nobody better embodies that weird tension than ted cruz and his weird winston churchill tattoos and paul ryan dropping his rap references.
1:59 pm
at the end of the day, i feel like if there's one thing we can say about the millennial generation that knows all about twerking, they know about and you thenauthenticity. and the miley stuff, the ted cruz stuff, feels desperate. >> americans are out there doing what they do, they have job, paying back student loan, just living their lives. and this is a weird nefarious dark world where these images are being crafted and disseminated and sent through the internet and on twitter and people are laughing at it. so weird, young voters, women voter, people are repelled by it. that's why republicans are losing the women's vote. even women republicans are losing the women's vote. i did extensive interviews yesterday with republican women who said there is a disconnect between women and my party.
2:00 pm
and that is a problem. and this is the perfect example of it. >> today is a great example of that. patricia murphy, thank you for your time and thoughts. that is all for now. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. heereastern. the ed show is coming up next. welcome to the ed show live from new york. we got a new saying. i'm ready to go. let's get to work! >> we cannot look at our budget through rose colored glasses. >> so we're going to a majority of takers versus makers in america. >> if you don't do the things that are in this budget because it hurts too many people. >> as a make, i'm sick of the low income takers out there always asking for more. >> as many as 15% of walmart employees use food stamps. >> don't simply feed fish. >> there is more to


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