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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  April 23, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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gun. the safe carry protection act or the guns everywhere bill as the critics calls it, greatly expands where licensed gun owners can carry guns including bars, churches and schools. and the group co-founded by former congresswoman gabby giffords calls it the most extreme gun bill in america. that bill comes after a report that shows gaping holes in the background checking system, and the headline is -- gun checks miss millions of fugitives." and so we have gabe there where the governor is going to be signing the bill in georgia, and what are the details there, gabe? >> well, the georgia lawmakers passed the bill on the last day of the legislative session, and as you can imagine, the critics are calling it the guns everywhere bill, but the official name is the safe carry act, and the supporters insist
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that this bill is not extreme. now, it is still drawing attention both here in georgia, across the country, and even internationally, and here, this is what the new law would do, and it allows the licensed gun owners in georgia to carry the weapons into more places, first for example, bars. before this new law, the gun owners could not bring their firearms inside of the bars unless the bar owner specifically allowed it. now, the em phasis is going to e flipped. you can bring the gun into the bar, assuming you have a permit, unless the property owner tells you the leave. second, churches and the church leaders can now decide whether to allow the congregations to carry guns. third, schools. the school boards can vote on whether to appoint staffers to carry guns in schools, and another change is airports and besides the common areas, if you now accidentally bring your gun to the airport security checkpoint, you can pick up the weapon and leave with no criminal penalty. and government buildings, and
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licensed gun owners will be allowed to bring their weapons unsecured to government buildings. many law enforcement agencies are slamming the bill however, because of another provision that prevents officers from asking to see a gun, a gun permit unless that person, unless the officers believe that person commited a crime. all over the country, this is an inspiring the gun control debate which is in full swing, and many people are calling it extreme, and again, the gun, the backers of the bill insist that it is not. the governor has been set to sign it at noon, and them it takes effect july 1st, richard. >> okay. gabe gutierrez with that overview. let's bring in columnist goal di ldie taylor, goldie, you have a personal perspective on the guns, and you wrote about it on thegrioo and
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you were a child when you lost your father to gun violence and then 20 years later, your brother was killed by a gun. and what do you think about the bill that is about to be signed into law, and you at one point being a gun owner yourself? >> yes, gabe gutierrez is right in the heart of the gun owner responsibility, and the heart of america, the gun owners association will not be there in lha because they don't believe that the bill, this law goes far enough, and that is the grand irony about it, but to say that i am now allowed the bring a gun to a church or school if i am approved staffer and not a resource officer, or to bring a gun into a secured government building and if that is not extreme, i don't know what is. but the political calculus behind this is very interesting. governor dale is facing a more competitive primary and more competitive general than maybe
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he had anticipated and so he is attempting to run to the rightf of all of his opponents and to lock down the bases for the primary by going into this law. >> and i want to play some of the comments being made by those who support this bill. this is the republican state representative who introduced the bill. take a listen. >> sure. >> in is going to allow the license georgia, the responsible georgian to kcarry in more places. when we limit the georgia's abilities to carry a weapon to defend themselves, we are empowering the bad guys. >> so goldie, he is basically saying that this is about restoring the second amendment rights. >> sure. sounds good on paper, except for 40% of the guns sold in this country, and here in georgia never face a background check, and they are sold through the gunshow loophole, and private o
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owner to private owner and that gun carrier has not passed a background check and may or may not be licensed and may in possession of a gun, and who is to say that my church leader is going to stop to see my gun registration, to see if i can legally bring it into church, and that is not going to have to happen, and we have to trust the gun carrier to make sure they are in line, and as we have seen with the gun violence across the country, you can't put that kind of faith into the possession of the person with the gun. >> and this is in line with the debate of the critics of the bill saying that it expands the georgia's stand your ground law, and allows e felons to claim self-defense if they are threatened by someone with a gun, and the supporters say nothing new in the bill, and the judge would ultimately decide the stand your ground defense, and when you look at it, are there detractors that are overblowing it? >> well, there are stands on both sides and i happen to agree with the reading of the law with the proponents that it does
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expand stand your ground and allow people to respond with deadly force if they are in a position where they don't have the duty to retreat, and can they do that with a gun? that depends upon whether or not the felon has had the gun carry rights restored. and so there are a lot of intricacies around this, and that part is going to have to play itself out through the courts, but what is really interesting about this is that the governor's strongest democratic challenger that could face him this fall, and you know, a state senator jason carter voted in favor of the bill. and so you have to wonder as democrats, are we going to have in states across the south, including here in georgia, democrats who can take a strong stand on the progressive issues like curtailing some of the proliferation of the guns in the streets, and are we going to be able to have that and viable candidate who can win an election in the south. >> you are talking about the candidates, and let's talk about
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the candidates across the country, and take a step become and before that, i want to get the numbers for you. since the sandy hook tragedy when we look at the gun laws 109 gun bills became law last and 39 laws tightening them, and 70 loosening. and this year, we have had gun restrictions tightened in ten states and for gun restrictions only eight states. so what do you believe is the trend, more or less georgias? >> well, you would believe what happened in sandy hook, and aurora and kansas city, and here in georgia, you would think that we would be looking strongly and more thoughtfully of the gun laws and one, to protect the second amendment rights, but two, protect the rights of the law abiding citizens who are not armed sitting in the kindergarten classroom. and so we have to be more thoughtful about this, but as i
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said a year or two ago, i don't foresee that trend happening. big money lobbyists, and the special interest groups and the groups that control the nra are controlling the local legislatures and our congress such that we cannot get reasonable gun legislation through the congress or through the state legislatures, and this president, president obama propose ed proposed a number of meaningful, and very reasonable solutions towards curtailing the proliferations of guns and not one of them was able to get to the floor. s senator dianne feinstein put a ban on assault guns, and it was dead on arrival, so the political calculus is not going to happen today with the special interest money on the table that we will see the meaningful legislation come to growth. >> and thank you, goldie taylor for your perspective on the bill that is going to be signed there in georgia there in ellingjer,
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and we will take you there in georgia when it happens. and now, a criminal investigation into pro russian forces involved in the death of three men over the weekend. and in poland, and latvia and lithuania, about 600 so soldiers are on the way there. and nick miklaszewski is there, and we are getting pictures of the american troops landing there. and that has not happened since the cold war. >> and that is right, the first look at the troops in poland and they will spread out through the n nato countries that you had talked about, all four of them. these are all members of the 173rd airborne currently stationed in italy.
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and quite frankly, this is a small sort of response to what is going on in the crisis in ukraine intended to send a strong message and not necessarily to russia, and they know that u.s. soldiers can parachute out of the airplanes and to send a strong message to the nato allies that if this entire situation in ukraine should explode, that the u.s. will be there to help protect the nato nations. and as far as any kind of u.s. military response to any possible invasion by russia in the ukraine, that is pretty much out of the question. >> and mick, if you can, we are getting the pictures in again of the plane there, and as well it looks like polish military forces there on the ground greeting the plane. what are we seeing here? >> well, i have difficulty that i have to look to the side. and essentially, a formal
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arrival ceremony to the polls to the 150 u.s. soldier airborne units arriving there today, and they are arriving to conduct exercises. they are not there to launch any kind of military operations in ukraine, and again, i have got to tell you that there is no serious planning for any kind of u.s. military response to a possible invasion of ukraine by russia. the potential for that situation to get out of hand in a big h hurry is really high. i can tell you that, the supposition is that if russian military moves in at all, it is to the eastern ukraine, and then the u.s. strongest response would be diplomatic, and not military, richard. >> thank you, jim miklaszewski looking at the pictures just coming into msnbc, and the first of 600 forces arriving there in
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poland. thank you, mick. >> and this morning, the state department is calling on russia to the release a western journalist held captive in y ukraine. he has been covering the crisis in ukraine for several weeks. he was taken monday night with five other journalists, and everyone else was released. >> as families await news on the death tollof their missing, the death toll has climbed to 150. and the researchers are going through cabins and portholes. the students were not supposed to be on that ferry, and they were scheduled for another one. australian officials are looking at an object of interest found on a beach to see if it is in any way related to malaysian flight 370, and reportedly it is looking like sheet metal with rivets nit. and officials say sufficient
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enough for more analysis, but the more they look at it, the less excited they get. a big group of sherpas are packing up their things to leave mount everist which would put an end to the climbing season. they have set up a labor guide, and the nepalese government has been sharing proceeds from what is a multimillion dollar business. and the court deals affirmative action advocates a setback. we will debate the ruling and the treason the court upheld th b ban. >> and why democrat elizabeth warren may have any enthusiasm left out there.
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>> developing now, the justice department officially laying out the new clemency criteria for the nonviolent drug offenders first announced by attorney general eric holder, and what you are seeing is a news conference with deputy james cole laying out the nuts and the bolts of the new standards to result in the increase of clemency applications by thousands here. and what he is outlining are issues related to those new standards that would affect inmates currently serving federal sentences who would likely receive therefore a lower sentence if convicted on the same charge today, and he is laying out six criteria that such applications that would have to be e mmet, including th the inmates have to be currently serving a sentence in prison, and another one is a nonviolent low level crime not related to
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any groups. and again, these are going to be criteria for the nonviolent drug offenders. and elizabeth warren, the massachusetts senator is making grounds plugging the new book. and she is visiting with rachel madd maddow, and then cracking jokes with jon stewart, and then she was on "the today" show, and later today, it is "the view" and she talks about the story, and the working class roots in oklahoma. >> i grew up in a family that was out there on the ragged edges of the middle-class. my dad ended up as a maintenance man and my mom worked a minimum wage job at sears, and i ended up in the united states senate. how does that happen? i was growing up in an america
7:19 am
that was investing in the kids. >> in each coordinated appearance, each theme is resonating a populous message of the little guy hitting back and taking on the big banks and the lobbyists and the washington insiders and the book's title in fact "a fighting chance." so no wonder that she is firing up the democratic base, and the more emphatically she e denies that she is not running for president. but let's bring in the "boston globe" reporter lynn sweet and elise viebeck of the hill, and matt vicer of the boston chronicle. and why did she write a book here? lynn, because that is the right of the run for the top of president if there was a playbook for running for president there. >> and this is the point of the
7:20 am
mother jones' article. i have been to the movie before, and right before he started the presidential run, barack obama started the campaign with a book. this is a great way to have a free and perfectly ethical way to travel around the kun tcount and travel around the country, and test the waters which is what is going on right now. i don't think that she even does not know if it is going to turn into a run, and obviously a lot depends what hillary clinton is going to do, but she is putting herself on deck. >> and it is a trial run, and the suggestion is that if she is on a trial run out, there matt, she could be the next barack obama, upstart, and first-term senator, and generating a lot of the enthusiasm as we have been describing so far, and more liberal than hillary clinton and wants to raise the minimum wage, and expand social security, and do you see the comparison here when you look at the two? >> well, a little bit. the difference is that barack obama had a history of politician in the state senate of illinois before becoming a
7:21 am
sen or the, and warren is new to politics, and relatively new to massachusetts voters, and extremely new to national voters, so that is what is so interesting about this period is that she is laying low generally over the past year as a senator, and now the explosion of the national media attention all focused on her, and the message, and it is a good test for her, and the good test run to see if that message resonates more bro broadly around the country. >> and the hearts and the minds, and then you the money, right, elise. talk the money for a second, the ability for her to raise that stuff. she has pulled in $40 million, and by the way, she is helping jeanne shaheen raise money in new hampshire there against her former rival scott brown there, and not bad to get support for a future run, right? >> and it is clear that she has strong ties particularly to donor classes and liberal enclaves, and for example hillary clinton is going to be making a stop in boston to give a speech, and media reports that people are not necessarily excited to see her on the
7:22 am
democratic side, because they are so loyal to elizabeth warren, and it is interesting, because she has donated so much money to the vulnerable democratic incumbents, mary landrieu, and mark begich, and it is clear that the democratic party is counting on her to be in the weeds not only making strong arguments against republican policy positions, and republican figures like paul ryan, but also speeding up that donation process and making sure that the donors are excited about the races. >> but can she raise $1 billion? >> well, it is a good question. i don't know about that, and so far the numbers are not there for her, but as matt pointed out, certainly, new at all of this, and it is clear that she can build the credibility over time, and build the connections and draw money in the future. >> well, i am not sneezing at $4 million, but we know the requirements here. >> and lynn, we know that warren is deny sheeg is running for the president, and one of the times she is saying this. listen. >> you can ask this a whole lot of different ways, but the key
7:23 am
is that i'm not running for president. i'm out here working on the issues that we need to work on right now. >> and lynn, quickly here, denial part of the strategy here? create more buzz? >> absolute ly. nobody ever says it, and again, we have seen it time and again. who knows what they think in their minds to have the footnotes to say i'm not running at this moment is probably what that means. >> and matt, what is this book tour about? >> well, it is about elevating the national profile, and advancing the issues she cares about which is the populous message on the financial regulation, and putting her in the position to have a bigger national profile and potentially run for president, and if not, have the ability to advance the messages that she cares about. >> and dream ticket. elise? warren/clinton, what do you any? >> well, the progressives would love to see elizabeth war flen the front position or the second position, but we will have to wait and see, and it is is unlikely to see a two woman ticket out of the democratic
7:24 am
party and certainly not in 2016 i don't believe, but at the same time, there are worse things for elizabeth a warren to be consolidating the power, across the country, and the caucus, and to get supporters excited for whoever is the front-runner 2016. >> and thank you all three on this wednesday. coming up, caroline kennedy welcomes president obama as he arrives in japan for a four-nation tour, and he is paying the japanese a culinary compliment. >> that is some good suu kyi right there. >> but it is the country and not the food that is the most important on the menu. and plus, the story behind this picture later on "jansing & company." me come here to build something stronger. others come to build something faster... something safer... something greener. something the whole world can share. people come to boeing to do many different things.
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but i didn't always watch out for myself. with so much noise about health care, i tuned it all out. with unitedhealthcare, i get information that matters... my individual health profile, not random statistics. they even reward me for addressing my health risks. so i'm doing fine... but she's still gonna give me a heart attack. innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. this morning the president kicks off the week-long four-nation tour of asia, and touching down in tokyo hours ago and greeted by the newly confirmed ambassador there, caroline kennedy. he will meet the ambassador and
7:28 am
the president, and before he heads to malaysia and the philippine philippines and one country he is not touching down, china. and joining us is a contributor and the author of "collapse of china" and gordon, thank you for being with us. and you think not visiting china is a good idea. why? >> well, there has been too much diplomacy with the chinese and not enough reassurance of the allies and the friends and because we tell the chinese they are central to everything, we are feeding the already inflateded sense of ego which is making them arrogant and leading to the belligerent conduct in the region. and so dealing with the friends and the allies is the right way to go. >> and a real counter there as the president here is visiting three countries of note where the u.s. forces are there, and we have bases and interests, and isn't that so important to counter balance what you were just saying? >> absolutely. because what we see from the arc in india and the south korea and the north, china is creating frik shup on the periphery,
7:29 am
because it is trying to grab the territory from the kun tcountri and it did seize some from the philippines and now it is infuriating other shoals in the region, a sond we are at a critical region. >> do you believe they are very worried in these country he is visiting? >> yes, the prime minister shinzo abu said that it is like the 1940s, and another leader said it is like 1938, and so they are telling us that the regions are on the edge. >> and what the president has done daily with the japanese, and he said it in the notes today, any provocation like the missile launches will be met with a unified response of the three nations, and the commitment of the united states to the security of japan and the
7:30 am
regi region and south korea will remain unwavering. so south korea and japan, they are looking and see china here as ukraine sees putin, and considering that idea here, g gordon, the president's multi year pivot to asia, and how is this hampered by what is happening in russia? >> well, clearly, the times when the international system looks like it is falling apart, and now is up with of those times which means that the president needs to pivot everywhere. and this is just -- >> everywhere? >> unfortunate, but everywhere. because you have problems of course in europe, and everything that we knew about the peace in europe now is obsolete, and also in asia s and both areas are going to require his attention. >> thank you, gordon chang for your perspective as the president is getting ready to visit those four nations. and coming up we will talk to the architect of the legislation that the supreme court upheld yesterday.
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. >> two potential gop presidential candidates are taking concrete steps to reach minority voters, a bedrock of the gop base that they will need as they look to 2016 and beyond. senator rand paul is on a trip to chicago and milwaukee today where he is focusing on school choice. and congressman paul ryan is going to try to make amends with the national black caucus, and you might remember that he riled many with the comments of the men in inner cities and the lack of work ethic, and comments he later called iner a tiarticulat joining me is a strategist with bush and cheney, and, james peterson, and also robert traynham as well.
7:35 am
listen to this comment about inner city schools. >> it is competition, and some poorer schools would go out of business and some of the better schools will be bigger. defy anybody to meet some of the young kids like joes fsephine ws doing so well, and not only get into college, and graduate, but get into college. >> and the message in total here, james, is this the message that minorities want to hear that going to bring him over? >> well, actually not exactly, richard. i mean, the -- at the end of the day, school choice is a euphemism for the privatization of the school can system, and as we can see some school systems that some of them are successful, and he is right that some families can benefit from the better school choice to present, but it is not providing education for us all, and so if we privatize the public
7:36 am
education, we are abrogating the responsibili responsibility, because we don't know how the bring the quality schools to scale for all of the qualified citizens in society. >> robert, what is the idea here? is this the right idea that he is articulating when we look at rand paul that is going to bring over the minorities given the y euphemism that is talked about by james? >> well, yes, senator paul does have a valid point, but to james' point, it is a larger conversation here, and a perfect recipe of the parents being involved and the teachers and the legislators and the governors being involved for the proper funding for schools. so it is a larger issue, but the underscoring issue that senator paul is trying to mention here is that it takes much more parental involvement, and on the ground involvement at the local level to make sure that child succeeds. and every single child should have the right educational opportunities ash and the equal educational opportunities, and we know it is not the case in america here, and senator paul
7:37 am
should be given credit to have this conversation, and not afraid to go into the black neighborhood to have this conversation. >> and part of that conversation is violence. >> and there is a problem. mental illness with some of the shootings, and also just a thuggishness that is out of control that no longer knows right from wrong, but it is something really beyond government, but it is spiritual, and it is that people need to be taught right and wrong, and influence in their lives, and there has to be a police presence to deter the crime, but it is not as simple as banning guns, because they have tried it in chicago, and d.c., and it frankly has not worked. >> okay. james, mental illness, thuggish and spiritual, and is that coming through when you talk about the senator violence? >> well, senator paul is not going to be getting any kudos to go in there, and is president obama afraid to go into the rural white communities? i don't think so, but these two segments are related because if we properly fund the public
7:38 am
education, and not throwing good money after the bad, and it is about allocating the certain situationings of the supports for the teachers and things to do for the entire system to have with the challenges in the city, and if kids are educated properly, they are not going to be in the city shooting each other, but gun control is a part of it, and the municipal gun control has to be supported by the rural contribution, and people can get guns outside of the cities, and that is why you will see the proliferation of the gunnings in the cities, where we are having challenges. >> and robert, james says that the message could have been expressed better, and how might he have expressed it better? >> well, two things, and it is interesting how the individuals out there say we don't hear from the republicans parties and we don't hear from the republicans, and in fact when they do, they are chastised for it. and senator paul makes a another great point here yet again, and it is not the gun control overall, but it is the entire conversation of gun control, but
7:39 am
it is perhaps about mental heal health, and the reckless lack of authority, and when you look at the horrific gun violence over the past 10 or 15 years the vast majority of the individuals had the gun legally, but if you peel that onion back, you will take a look at some of the mental health issues there, a lot of the people fell through the cracks, and again, senator paul is trying to have a thoughtful conversation about a larger conversation not just gun control, but mental parity and funding and a conversation long overd overdue. >> and james, engaging and getting the kudos for engaging the black community, and he is go g going to be meeting with the cbc next week, and that is paul ryan is rather, and does that make sense or work on that topic? >> well, senator ryan needs to redress his comments, and doing it with the cbc is okay, but he should do more of what senator paul is doing, and to redress those comments with the inner city black and brown men, because the reality is that the
7:40 am
thinking, the thinking of the generational so-called laziness is patently offensive, and so redre redressing that, and claire fig it to say that he does not feel that way, and not just to the representatives of the cbc, but the people of the city. >> robert? >> well, he has the right to go into the black community to talk about those issues, and i strongly agree with what he said, but kudos to go into the commu community, and specifically the cbc to apologize in person. >> thank you much, both. and stocks are on a roll enjoying the longest winning streak since september. bertha coombs is here with what is moving your money. is this a relief rally as they call it, bertha, or the start of the bulls? >> well, the earnings news was mixed with boeing bet ter than expected, and procter & gamble sales disappointing, but the
7:41 am
slowest pace of home sales in a year. affordability is an issue with the interest rates creeping up to 4.5%, and the median price is now at a record $290,000 nationally. >> and a lot of the folks are talking about the irs bonuses. >> yes, interesting, because the irs obviously if they find something funky on the return, you will be audited and they want to hound you to make sure that you pay your fair share, and seems that the irs nearly paid $3 million the workers who were facing the disciplinary action according to a new report from the inspector general, and some face actions for misconduct for federal credit cards misused, fraud, and unemployment benefit abuses, and there were also bonuses paid to those who owed back taxes. this took place between 2010 and 2012 and the irs now says they base the bonuses on the performance and presumably they
7:42 am
pay the bonuses to pay the back taxes, richard. >> one would hope, bertha coombs. >> and now, the most beautiful issue just released. here are some of the 50. singer pink, and mindy kaelin, mom and actress, and star of the "americans" kerry russell, and this year's cover goes to lieu pitot -- lupito ngonyo. sfx: car unlock beep.
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known as the white coat effect when the doctors can raise anxiety levels. what is next? a major log has been thrown on the fire surrounding the affirmative action debate. the supreme court's very split decision tuesday upholding michigan's ballot initiative to ban the process in the state's university processes. eyes glued with states who have similar measures to ban affirmative action, and with that supreme court decision, could more join the list? justice kennedy said that the case is not about how racial preferences should be resolved, but it is about who could resolve it, and it is the states themselves. it is a debate being wamged in california the first state to ban affirm tiff action, and the main architect is joining us next, the found over the american civil rights institute, warren connolly, and also the found over the asian american
7:47 am
studies janelle wong. when we look at yesterday, ward, doesn't measures like this like the one in california that wants to allow affirmative action? >> well, i think that the decision helps everyone, because it says that this is one that the people can decide if they choose to do so. the complaint that had been filed by any means necessary said that the people should not have the right to make that decision, and this is of course, changes that, allows people to do that. >> right. you are in california, and if it is then -- >> yes. >> -- then allowed based on the vote, will you support it, because the people haven? >> well, we have passed proposition 209 in california which -- >> but they are voting right now to turn that around, to allow affirmative action, and the people vote and decide yes, that is what we want, will you support it then? >> well, what i am saying is that we have already decided
7:48 am
that in california ther. there is a proposed constitutional amendment that has been dropped that would put this before the voters. yes, i always support the right of the people to make that decision. >> okay. janelle, i want to make some of the trends, because you see them stark, and berkeley admissions where ward connerley knows so we well, and you can look at the admission rates for african-americans just diving after the affirmative action was banned. and michigan enrollment before and after in terms of the african-american enrollment here 7.1%, and then after affirmative action was no longer allowed 4.2%. these are just with african-americans, and talk about how the numbers are really about all underrepresented group s today and in the past. >> thank you. so, you know, affirmative action does affect us all. and some people may look at me, and look at my children, and say, you are not going to
7:49 am
benefit from affirmative action, because asian americans are overrepresented in our colleges and universities and in many places like california. but, affirmative action actually does benefit all of us. i think about my children's experience going to college and i know that affirmative action he helps to ensure that they have a college experience that is rich with diversity, and that creates a much better learning experience for my children. so i think that everyone is affected, and everyone benefits, and i also want my children to know that we as a country are committed to racial equality, and that even though we now the k-12 systems are vast dispairs they we are committed to affirmative action in addressing those disparities even if it is at the point of admissions, and
7:50 am
i'm not al e loan in the viewpoints. in fact, the vast majority of asian americans share this viewpoint, and they support affirmative action, and this is part of the democratic process. >> i want to look back at some of the numbers in california where ward was the architect of the affirmative action policies, and the banning thereof. if you look at the california i minority population here on the left-hand column, and it is 6.6%, and 38.2%, and then 13.9%. and when you look at that, ward, it is stark. look at that out of 38.2, only 14.1% admitted at uc berkeley, and how do you explain the numbers, because they are looking stark. >> well, the goal is to make sure that every individual had equal treatment when they applied to college. in california, we have 113 i think community colleges. everyone can apply, and be
7:51 am
admitted there. and we have 23 state universities, and we have nine university of california campuses, and the uc campuses are supposed to be select. you earn your right to go there. we don't just give it to you. so when you look at all of this, and you say, well, they are not represented and the numbers are stark. they could earn their way to go there. and the reality is that in some communities, black community especially, the striving for hi higher education is not as great as it is among say chinese americans. and if you want to change that in california, you have to change the master plan, and you have to change a lot of things. >> and janelle, quickly, your response? >> well, that is simply not true that the striving differs across neighborhoods. there is a recent study that shows that controlling for parents, education, and income all groups, chinese-american,
7:52 am
black americans, and mexican-american, everyone values and invests in education at the same rate. it is whether or not you have the economic arsenal to pursue those dreams of college and university admission. >> there is a profound cultural difference. >> and warren, we will have to leave it there. >> there is no cultural difference. >> geez. >> i thank you for your time and impassioned arguments. and today at wrigley field and home of the cubs, the stadium will turn 100 years old, and today's tweet of the day comes from sportcenter, and the crazy stat of the day. the bears are the only chicago team to win a championship at wrigley field, and #wrigleyfield100, and yes, the bears are a football team. what if my abdominal pain and cramps end our night before it even starts? what if i eat the wrong thing? what if? what if i suddenly have to go? what if? but what if the most important question
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7:56 am
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add vanishing deductible from nationwide insurance and get $100 off for every year of safe driving. we put members first. join the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall and this the "newsnatio "newsnation." the u.s. is sending a strong message to russia. within the past hour, hundreds of u.s. troops started to arrive in eastern europe to take part in military exercises over the next month. and now the units of 150 army paratroopers are being sent to each of four countries, and in the meantime, russia says that it has conducted military exercises along its border with
8:00 am
ukraine where it is estimated that 40,000 troops have amassed. this is reuters' tv footage of those exercises which is all of course overshadowing president obama's visit to japan where he arrived a few hours ago. it is the first stop on the president's week-long asian tour which includes stops in south korea and malaysia and the philippines, and joining us is now pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski, and he is going to stop in lithuania, and latvia and poland and what are you seeing about that? >> well, you are right, tamron. there are going to be airborne forces there in the four countries, and they are intended to send a strong message and not to russia necessarily, because russia knows the u.s. capabilities and commitment to nato. s


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