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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  May 27, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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with bege gin this morning with tragedy at uc santa barbara. classes are cancelled today for the mourning of the students who were killed in a shooting rampage. family and friends are trying to come to grips with the tragedy. >> i was giving him cpr, and i looked down and i recognized his fa face. >> my son, his whole life, i have so proud of him. he is a really nice guy. >> she just went into everything with such vitality and enthusiasm. she was strong. she was smart. she had a great sense of who she was. >> and nbc's jennifer bjorklund joining us from santa barbara, and what can you tell us about the response to the tragedy? >> well, francis, they have cancelled the classes today and holding a day of mourning and reflection, and this afternoon at 4:00 pacific, 7:00 eastern, they will have a memorial at the
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harder stadium which holds 6,000, and it is going to be welcome ed welcomed to the public. students at adjacent campuses who feel a unity and solidarity with the fellow students can watch and reflect and mourn with them. >> atz they are coming together, jennifer, we are learning more chilg details about this killer 22-year-old elliot rodger who turned the gun on himself, and tell us more. >> well, a lot of it has been made of the video that was posted to youtube and the manifesto that he put out, but there are many more videos on youtube that were posted before this day of retribution video that so many have been talking about taking clips from. his frustration with not being one of the gang, not being accepted amongst his peers and not being able to get a girlfriend. he tried everything, and the manifest toe as a young boy, he
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learned how to skateboard to be accepted, and then he wanted to dress bet ter, and maybe that would get him accepted, but nobody ever wanted to be his friend. he was frustrated, and he blamed everybody else but himself. and in the end, his big goal was to move to santa barbara to isla vista, the most densely populated half mile west of the mississippi, because he felt that if he was in that kind of environment at last he would get a girlfriend, and he would have friends because there are 20,000 students living there, and he was a socially awkward kid who wanted to put himself in a is situation as a last chance. not for him, but for society to prove to him as he put it that they were worthy of being with him. so, very difficult, difficult thing to read and look at, but very twisted in his own words. >> very twisted and still the very questions still left unanswered here in the psyche of this killer.
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j jennifer bjorklund, thank you so much. let's bring in a psychiatrist from langone center. and also, former fbi profiler and msnbc analyst clint van zandt. could more have been done to stop this given that police had three prior contacts with elliot rodger and the last one at the request of the therapist, and this is what the sheriff of santa barbara had to say. >> the deputies contacted him directly at his residence, and they determined that he did not meet the criteria for an involuntary mental health hold. he was, as i said, courteous and polite and appeared timid and shy. >> all right. so was there more that the police could have done? it does not appear that they checked the youtube videos that had the family concerned or his room and no reason of concern for them.
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>> well, from the law enforcement side, the police deputy sheriffs, these are not the mind police. they go with the information they have and they sit down with the individual and try to find out if he presents a threat to himself or others, and he was evidently able to explain away his behavior. look, even though he had social mental health challenges, this was a smart young man. he had been in therapy a number of years, and he knew the right answers to give law enforcement to tell them that this was just a misunderstanding, and i'm perfect ly all right. i'd never hurt a fly, and they leave, and in the next room, his gun guns and his ammunition, and the manifesto, and had they looked there, sure. but until we give law enforcement the responsibility to start locking up people based upon their thoughts, we are going to have situations like this take place. >> and how do you compare that to the diagnosis, doctor.
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because elliot rodger convinced them that there was not a problem, a san diego that enough, and fine, go back to the business and all is good, and we are not the mind police. >> this is the problem, because it is difficult even for the best mental health trained professionals to predict violence and let alone somebody else who is not this the mental health arena, but when you have a person who is albeit socially awkward and socially awkward and premeditated planning and reality testing and recognizing that my wishes and desires to kill people may not be in line with society, i have to say x-y-z to get by, this is tricky for someone to get committed. and the other issue is about the involuntary commitment laws and when we make it difficult for the people to get help and deinstitutionalization where we no long ver the state hospitals and the facilities available for long-term care, and this is someone who posed a chronic risk and so there is not an acute
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risk right there, that is a problem not to get them the help they need. >> we know that elliot rodger was going to the therapist and in the manifesto he says that he was prescribed a drug to treat schizophrenia and the therapist said that he was suffering from asberger's, and what is important there? >> well, i want to caution people that less than 4% of v violent crimes are committed by the mental illness and so it is not the in the mental illness, but the other things that are predictive such as violence and showing violence for a long period of time. >> and when the police found the manifesto, he wrote in part of this, i'm not part of the human race, humanity has dejected me. they are a degusting, depraved evil specie. it is my purpose to punish them all. there has to be deeply rooted
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hate for this boy to come out to manifest itself in these killings? >> well, this is someone who apparently has never fit in. he has never fit in with social groups, and he has never fit in, in the dating scene, and he has never been successful and one of the roommates said that, had told the parent s ths that he w to move out, because elliott played too much music in the middle of the night. and so he has had challenges for yea years. he goes back and he traces, and he traces the genesis of this in his mind to rejection by a girl when he was in middle school. so, you know, he is suggesting that, that at least started when he was an early teenager or before, and this has been going on all of these years, and in his mind, he has had this massive amount of suffering, and again, like cho, the shooter at virginia tech, he looked out the window and blamed everybody on the college campus as opposed to saying, these are my challenges,
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and we know that in many of the mental health conditions, you won't necessarily get totally better, but at least you are learning to manage, to understand what you are dealing with, and probably that is what the therapists were working with, and the parents were hoping for, and it did not work out that way. >> and they said it was percola percolating in the mind. and dr. varma, i want to bring in this whole other discussion, because in the wake of the video there and the ma soj nis raisoa women, people took the to twitter, and so is this an opportunity for a broader conversation? >> yes, we have to look at what is happening to the younger folks, and talking about desensitization, because he does talk about the role of pornography to expose him to images of women that are unreal and the expectation of domination, power, submission and control and that is an important part of this, and also, what are the violent images that our young people are
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exposed to. there was a study in the "journal of pediatrics" saying that p.g. movies have more violence than r-rated movies nand the last ten years, violence has increased tenfold, and so that predictive of aggressive thoughts in young people. >> something that people are going to be thinking about as they deal with the tragedy, and the families of the vick family of the killer. thank you both for your time as always. time to check the newsfeeds this morning. the white house made an embarrassing mistake that could turn into a serious problem. they mistakingly released the name of the top spy in afghanistan. the intelligence official was on the names of the people meeting with president obama in his surprise visit to afghanistan. the list was handed out to nearly 6,000 members of the white house press corps. valerie plame was a cia agent
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who had her identity mistakingly identified, and she calls this mistake astonish iing. in the last three months, investiga investigators say that the plane likely ran out of fuel and crashed in the southern indian ocean. the families of the missing have been pushing for the release to have independent experts review it, but meanwhile, the australians are talking about turning the search over to private contractors. >> oscar pistorius has arrived at a south african hospital this morning behind the tinted windows of a car, and he will spend the next 30 years there on an out patient basis. it was found that he has an anxiety disorder that could have contributed to his shooting steenkamp. he thought that she was an intruder. and the pope will meet with sexual abuse victims and celebrate mass with them. he talked with the reporters on the way back from the mideast
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trip calling the abuse a horrific crime and insisting that there is a zero toll the -- zero tolerance policy for any priest who would sexually abuse. and now the president of nigeria says he knows where the missing girls are, but he won't say where they are. and general shinseki is getting ready to deliver his first report to the president on the v.a., and does he have a handle on how the treat vets? we will look at that. with 10 regional development strategies to fit your business needs. and now it's even better because they've introduced startup new york... with the state creating dozens of tax-free zones whe businesses pay no taxes for ten years. become the next business to discover the new new york. [ male announcer ] see if your business qualifies.
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teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he became speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller. a preliminary report from the embattled v.a. secretary eric shinseki is due on
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president obama's desk this week. president obama addressed it three days in a row in his media address in surprise visit to afghanistan and yesterday at arlington national cemetery about the v.a. scandal. >> as we have been reminded in recent days to ensure that the v veterans and the families get the opportunities and the care they deserve. we will respond by taking care of the wounded warriors and veterans, because it is not just a promise, it is a sacred obligation. >> they have done their duty, and they ask for nothing more than this country does ours, now and for decades to come. and time to bring in senior editor beth fuohy and also editor ben krits.
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does he have to get to the bottom of this? >> yes, he has to reassure us that he will get to the botful to the crisis, and what we are seeing on caple the tall hill that they are so good at ginning up the fake scandals, that they don't know what to do with the real ones. so it gives the president a chance to step out ahead of it. he may ask for the resignation of general shinseki, but he may wait for it to play out, which is how this president handles things, and hopefully get it resolved quickly. >> and he said that the v.a. crisis did not factor into the trip at all. >> well, it was memorial day, and perhaps he was planning to do this anyway and he stepped it up. >> and now over to you, because it is not just president obama who is under fire, and republican senator richard burr is being blasted from the veteran groups for the open letter not doing more to condemn secretary shinseki.
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senator, this one of the most grotesquely inappropriate acts that we've witnessed in more than 40 years. and your allegations are ugly and mean-spirited in every sense of the words and are profoundly wrong, and both logically and morally. >> well, this should not be about political scoring of course, but everything in washington is, and i think that the republicans are erring like senator burr here by picking fights with the veteran groups. republicans are seen in polls as the party that supports the troops and the veterans, but if they are seen as picking the public fights and coming under fire by the veteran groups, then it is going to damage their position as they go forward to try to prosecute this scandal. >> and the house veterans affairs committee can subpoena three top officials this week, and if they do not voluntarily show up to the hearing tomorrow, what is the move for the lawmakers next in the investigation? >> well, it struck me as, again,
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as i said before, they are ham hand handed in how they have handled it. they were quick to put together a select committee on benghazi, even though it has been litigated quite a bit on capitol hill, and this scandal, they are slow to take action and do something constructive, and calls for the resignation of shinseki, but it seems random and not very strategic at this point. so i think that they are starting to realize they need to get on top of it, and clip it in the bud, and maybe the president's report once he receives that there is a sense of how to organize around it. >> and nip it in the bud and some say long overdue. and the v.a. scandal comes with president obama here at a time when he going to make the major speech at west point tomorrow, mckay, and he is going to address the afghanistan troops there and when it is going to end, and including the foreign policy here, what is at stake for the president, and will the v.a. and the whole scandal overshadow anything that he has to say about that? >> well, i expect that we will hear more from him on this issue in the speech. i think that, you know, the inschtick stingt of some of the democrats is to cast blame on
7:19 am
the bush administration, and say, it is the past administration that got us into all of the wars and that is why we have so many veterans in need. i don't think that president obama can even hint in that direction, because he does have ownership over the wars and he has sent many thousands of troops into battle zones and war zones since he has taken office, and so he has to take ownership of that and take responsibility, and yes, in this speech, and in many speeches going forward, he has to keep addressing it, and try to solve the problem. >> we will be looking for the shinseki report and the speech at west point as you both will, beth fouhy and mckay coppins, thank you very much. in ukraine, there is a military operation after they have elected a new leader. can he bring the stability back? you don't want to be anything old and stale, but something fresh. >> and karl rove is critical of
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and with that in mind... what's in your wallet? a bloody battle at ukraine's airport leaves 30 separatists dead. they claim that they used civilians as human shields coming one day after the country's e llections. we are joined from kiev with eamon, and how close are they to succeeding in carrying out this operation? >> well, the operation started in the early hours of yesterday morning and it certainly caught a lot of people by surprise. for the past several months the militants and the separatists have been going increasingly bolden with some of the small government buildings and then to police stations, but yesterday's was extremely significant
7:24 am
because it is the second international airport. we understand it happened at 3:00 a.m. local time when the men showed up and asked the ukrainian army there securing the facility to leave it, essentially evacuate it, and at that point the ukrainian army did not, and a gun fight ensued, and it lasted for several hours, and appropriate will the ukrainian government responded with a strong fist, and with helicopter attacks of the insurgents in and around the terminal and damaging system of the airport, and the fight lasted for several hours, and now we have confirmed from some sources on the ground, at least 30 separatists are killed. some pro-russian media is reporting that the number is higher, but some russian sources on the ground, at least 30 were kill ed killed in the clashes. the ukrainian government controls the airport and the military does, and it is not open, because all nights in and
7:25 am
out of donetsk, because it is closed. we have seen this over time and time again that the militants are equipped with the heavy machine guns and the light arms, but it shows a level of sophistication and coordination that the has a lot of people in kiev and elsewhere saying that russia is behind it, and that there is no way that the groups are of separatists are organic, and i think that i have some military or paramilitary training to allow them to take over a building like this airport. back to you. >> using the civilians as human shields, thank you very much. we appreciate it. the brand new excerpts from hillary clinton's book, and what does it mean for the possible 2016 run? next. any projects on my home. i love my contractor, and i am so thankful to angie's list for bringing us together. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. ameriprise asked people a simple question:
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7:29 am
by clinton about her time serving as secretary of state, and she talked about the 2016 presidential campaign, and she also talks about how president obama asked her to be in his personal administration. >> this has been a journey, i visited literally 112 countries and traveling nearly one million miles literally and figuratively. and from the painful end of the 2008 campaign to an unexpected partnership and friendship with my former rival barack obama. >> and we start with you sh, victoria, we remember the race in 2008 and how the democrats were torn apart, and she says it is painful, and what does it take for taking a job with a rival or was she thinking smartly ahead to run for 2016? >> well, they are not mutually
7:30 am
exclusive, francis, but what we are seeing is that she has learned from the mistakes of 2008 and going forward and even though the larger political chorus is saying that she is an inevitable campaign, she knows that she cannot take anybody not seriously, because that is what happened with barack obama. so if she decides to run, and we don't know for sure, but if she decides to run, she is going to be cautious, and take everyone as a serious contender. >> and as far as looking at the bases for her potential presidential campaign, joe, she talks about the experience as secretary of state including the raid to kill osama bin laden and she says that the world is the indispensable nation, and could lead, a nd is that the basis of the campaign? >> well, clearly, she has built herself a strong national and int international and stronger international profile having been former secretary of state in addition to the work in the u.s. senate. so i mean, if you look at the
7:31 am
polling data right now, it is very, very impressive. 85% of democrats -- 85% want her to run, and 70% of the democrats want her to run, and she is way ahead of her nearest competitor which might be somebody like elizabeth warren, the senator from massachusetts and making it difficult for anybody to surface as a credible candidate against her, and the hard work is if you want battle tested in the primaries by the strong opposition, you may not be as sharp as you wish for the general election which is a challenge for her, because we know that inevitability campaigns don't always bode best for the kacandidate. >> well, we have seen other sides of hillary clinton recently opening up about her religion and this clip from the book. this is about the personal choices that she made. listen. >> when i chose to leave a career as a young lawyer in washington to move to arkansas to marry bill and start a family, my friends asked, "are
7:32 am
you out of your mind?" i heard similar questions when i took on health care reform as first lady, ran for office myself, and accepted president barack obama's offer to represent our country as secretary of state the. >> this is also interesting that she notes that one of the hard choices that people have to make is whether to get marry and whether to stay married. kind of interesting choices of word words, because does it mean that she is considering the alternative here? >> well, i think that we see a boldness here. i also see her tapping into the base of women and saying, you know, as a woman, you know, sometimes you have to make the hard choices, and you have to be bold, but you know, going forward what we are going to see is a hillary clinton that again is very cautious in her steps, but she is also wanting to present a freshness, because some tof the criticism of hillay clinton and we heard it from karl rove is that she is stale. if she decides to run, she is going to have to be able to fight that back. it is a very fine balance
7:33 am
between i am the experienced leader, and i have been there and done that, but at the same time, i'm not old and stale as karl rove would say. >> and we will talk about that, too, and interesting to see that the clear divide here on the supporters of hillary clinton within the democratic party, and politico's front page piece is about influential democrats who are not on board for a potential presidential run by hillary clinton here. and this is the here, they are not looking forward to the candidacy, but they are excited about the juggernaut when she ran a campaign of inevitability last time. well, governor deval patrick of massachusetts pointed to the inevitability around her, and governor jerry brown says she has to be cautious and watch it. is this the same thing that may have contributed to her losing in 2008, and how does she run a different campaign this time the around with that very same concern? >> well, i think that she has to got to think out of the box, and actually strong primary
7:34 am
opposition never hurt ss a candidate, especially if the candidate is the nominee of the party, and having a well contested primary with their challengers throwing the hard questions at them, and having a chance to the answer the negatives early sharpens the campaign, but the primary challenge is opposition moving you too far to the right or the left, makes it difficult to readjust to the general campaign which has happened to campaigns as well. if she is moving to the left which some wanting her to move very far to the left, that may hurt the chance s s in the nover election against a strong republican candidate like jeb bush or chris christie or somebody like that. >> and the freshness factor, victoria, that you were talking about, that karl rove brought in another nugget into the conversation, chiming in to something that is potentially a negative that she may be seen as a candidate of the past. listen. >> we are, you know, 20 years
7:35 am
past the point at which bill clinton was elected president. in american politics, there is a sense that you want to be new, and that you don't want to be too familiar and something fresh and you don't want to be something old and stale. >> all right. victoria, did he make a point? >> well, you know, what karl rove is doing here is accusing the democrats of doing what the republicans have always done which is going with that establishment candidacy, and going with the candidate that has paid his dues. i wish i could say her dues, but namely his dues, but thinking about bob dole, reagan, george h.w. bush, romney most recently. >> yes. >> you know, what is that political saying that democrats fall in love, and republicans fall in line. so in a sense, the democrats by going with hillary clinton are falling in line and going with the experience and i found it
7:36 am
interesting that rove was accusing the democrats of a republican playbook move. >> and hey, just look at the source is what critics say. and thank you both. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. breaking news to bring you from the supreme court on a case out of florida about the death penalty and i.q. we go to justice correspondent pete williams. >> reporter: good day to you. the supreme court has struck down a rigid rule used by florida and a few other states to determine whether someone is qualified, is eligible for the death penalty based on their i.q. now 12 years ago in 2002, the u.s. supreme court said that executing as the phrase they used at the time "excusing the mentally retarded" was unconstitutional, but it did not define that term, and in the wake of that, florida's courts basically determined that someone who scored 70 or below on the i.q. test was eligible for the death penalty. well, today n a case involving a man convicted of murder, but also severely mistreated as a
7:37 am
child, the supreme court said that the rule is too rigid. justice kennedy who wrote for the 5-4 majority said that the administrators who design and execute the i.q. test is a range, and a person who scores 71 as the defendant in this case could have an i.q. as high as 76 or minus 66, so in other words, plus/minus five points. so the supreme court said given that, the florida cutoff rule is too strict, and the florida courts must give the defendant in the case, freddie hall a chance to present additional information to say he is mentally deficient, and cannot be executed. so the ruling affects florida and other states like florida who have adopt ed the strict i.. cutoff. >> so pete, more stays of executions will be seen after this? >> well, possibly a few more. i don't know of other cases pending on the same issue, but i
7:38 am
think that the more importantly it is going to be discouraging or preventing other states from adopting the florida-type plus/minus strict i.q. cutoff. >> thank you, pete williams. definitely with the death penalty and the consequences coming with it are on the mind of many. thank you. >> you bet. nigerian officials says that the military knows the location of the 276 kidnapped schoolgirls by boko haram, and are they doing enough to confirm it? nick mick -- jim miklaszewski has more on this. >> they are saying that the nigerian defense chief's claim that they do know where the girls are is in fact true statement, it was not the result
7:39 am
of any kind of u.s. intelligence oversurveillance activity, because quite frankly, the officials here say that we, meaning the u.s. military, still has no idea where those girls are even though they have been flying drones over that area for about a week and a half now. still, no sign of the girls. now, again if the cli-- if the claim is true or believed anyway, it sound likes the nigerians are preparing some kind of prisoner swap with bow c c -- boko haram kidnapping of the girls. and likely, any invasion force is likely not to succeed, and
7:40 am
could end up killing the 276 girls who were kidnapped, francis. >> and the welfare of the girls is the paramount. >> definitely. that is the most important thing. >> jim miklaszewski, thank you so much. time to check the newsfeed this morning. nine people were hurt when a tornado hit a temporary camp for oil workers in north dakota. the tornado destroyed eight trailers where the workers lived. and workers caught in flash flooding in houston, and the wind knocked down trees and powerlines. they are not done yet in the lone star state with more heavy rain and high winds expected in the the next 48 hours. the search is resuming for three colorado men missing since a huge mudslide sunday. the officials say that the three went to check on the effects of a earlier slide when a much larger mudslide four miles wide roared down the mountainside. two of the men were father and son, clancy and danny nickels, and the family members are hoping that the men are alive, but stranded in the rugged terrain. in arizona the slide fire is
7:41 am
30% contain theed. we were watching this wildfire closely last week as it threatened homes in oak creek cany canyon. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> in alaska, crews are hoping that mother nature helps them to battle a 250-square-mile fire in in the peninsula, and 250 homs s are under evacuation. >> and now who makes the most in america? who is the top ceo? what is moving your money, we are joined by mandy drury, and who are the top five and what are the numbers? what do they make? >> yes, francis. you have anthony petrello coming in at whopping $68.2 million, and the head of cbs leslie moonves at $65.6 million, and richard adkerson at 55.3
7:42 am
million, and so the median pay package for a ceo rose above the eight-figure mark for the first time this year which means that the top job at a typical large company earned a record $10.5 million which is an increase of 9% from 2012. to put it in perspective for you, because there is a lot of the figures here, a ceo now makes about 257 times the average worker's salary, to just get your head around that, and it is up sharply from 2099 which is a lot. and the top highest female is carol mirowitz the head of marshalls and t.j. x. x.? and it is just an extra zero than you and i, right? thank you, mandy drury.
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having trouble sleeping? it may be hurting your hearing. a new study of 14,000 people showed that people with sleep apnea have a 31% inkrecrease in high frequency hearing loss and 90% increase in low frequency hearing loss. and the issue may be inflammation of blood vessels contributing to both conditions. congressman peter king and senator richard blumenthal are once again pushing for the background checks with focus on m mental health issues. here is what richard king told peter acosta, we have to look at the mental illness and who is denied weapons and who is not, and we have to have this debate. senator blumenthal went to cbs
7:47 am
to voice his frustration. listen. >> we have need the mental health resources, and that is going to provide a common ground point of consensus to bring us together in the congress and 90% of the american people want background checks to be heard, to be responded to, and to end the madness and insanity. >> and how do we do that? join g joining us is democratic congressman sander levington, and congressman, thank you for being with us, according to the washington post, one major federal gun bill has passed after these mass shootings including columbine, and what is it going to take for the debate to fire up again? >> it is no clear. i hope this is going to help. with we need to probe the gun violence in the country, and also, the mental health services. i was reading the report recently that the governor of michigan is thinking of reducing the mental health provisions under the appropriationings bill
7:48 am
under the state of michigan, and we have a lot to learn from this tragedy, both in terms of the mental health, and also in terms of the gun violence. for example, was it possible for the law enforcement people to check can whether the deceased had purchased guns recently? these were semi automatic weapons, and we have a lot the learn, and we can't sit idly by and tied up in knots here in washington. >> and one of the fathers of the victims put the blame on the nr, and congress. >> why did chris die? he died because of craven irresponsible politicians and the nra. they talk about gun rights. what about chris' right to the live? >> well, gut-wrenching and riveting comments, and what do
7:49 am
you va -- what do you say to that? could the politicians share some of the blame? >> i think so. i think that we need to listen to the pain of that parent. i think that everybody needs to put themselves in the position of having lost a child through gun violence. all of us have to put ourselves in the shoes of that gentleman. and so we need to have a renewed discussion in capitol, and we don't have destructive conversations about these issues. again, it is mental health services, and we have to look at the adequacy, and also the gun violence and also whether in this case there were mistakes made that should not have happened. >> all right. i want to switch here to unemployment insurance benefits and the training programs here last month with the help of programs was passed, but it is largely dead. you are a big proponent of having the benefits extendeded,
7:50 am
so 2016 being an election year help or hurt? >> well, we are talking about long term unemployed looking for work, and they can't find it, and we have new evidence that they are older rather than younger, and we have new evidence that people are dropping out of the workforce, hundreds of thousands. the workforce in this country is being reduced and people are losing their skills, and we need to pass unemployment compensation, because the people are feeling the pain of having no income. also, because it helps the economy when we pass unemployment insurance, but also there is the new evidence that the workforce numbers are being reduced in this country, and we are losing talent, and so if we can't do it retrospectively, i hope that we can do it prospectively, and i hope that when we come back, because the senate is out of session this week, but next week, buckle down, and work the administration and get it done. the speaker says that under certain conditions, maybe, and
7:51 am
these conditions have been met or can can be met. we need to act on behalf of close to 3 million e people out of work long-term unemployed looking for work. we have to understand that this is a national problem. >> we will see this especially with the heavy opposition from the house republicans. thank you so much, congressman sanders levin. >> thank you. we talked about the #yes women, and today's tweet comes from actress sophia bush, she tweets, i should not have to hold my car keys in my hands like a weapon and look over my shoulder every night when i walk home, #yesallwomen. sfx: bing. who's got two hooves and just got a claim status update from geico? this guy, that's who.
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check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. to politics now where the oldest congressman in america is out to prove that age is nothing but a number. texas republican ralph hall is 91 years young and he is facing
7:55 am
a primary challenge today. after 17 terms in congress, some say he is too old, and served for too long, and hall hit back saying, i'm the hardest working in politics that you ever saw and i still run two miles every time and i vote 99% of the time and i do everything that those other guys do, and john rathman says it is a change and the founding father never intended for someone to serve for so long. >> all right. for all of you science geeks, you can geek out in the next hour, because the president is going to host the annual white house science fair which makes for great pictures. remember this shot of the president with the marshmallow cannon? what will happen this year? it focuses on the girls and women underrepresented in the fields of science, technology, and math. >> no surprises here, kelly ayotte will endorse republican scott brown for senate in new hampshire. he is taking on incumbent jeanne
7:56 am
shaheen and a fun fact here, brown is the first person to have served two states in over two centuries. and that is what is going to wrap up this hour of jansing & company, and i'm francis rivera in for chris jansing. tamron hall is up next. it is time for the entrepreneur of the week. jessica hall felt over her head when she took over her dad's security business, but with a little confidence and hard work she beat out much bigger names for big contracts. for more, watch "your business" sunday mornings on msnbc at 7:30 a.m. if i can impart one lesson to a new business owner, it would be one thing i've learned is my philosophy is real simple american express open forum is an on-line community, that helps our members connect and share ideas to make smart business decisions. if you mess up, fess up. be your partners best partner. we built it for our members, but it's open for everyone.
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way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious, and an excellent source of fiber to help support regularity. wife: mmmm husband: these are good! marge: the tasty side of fiber. from phillips. good morning, everyone, i'm tamron hall and this is "newsnation." we begin this day of mourning in southern california where to da is a day of mourning and reflection for the six students killed in friday's terrifying rampage near the university of california santa barbara and later today, thousands of poom are expected to attend that memorial service at the stadium. classs have been cancelled to day, and still lingering questions of the the killings could have been avoided. and the suspected killer, 22-year-old elliot rodger when
8:00 am
his parents sounded thele a larm about the mental state. the officers did not reperceive him to be a danger, and by law did not have the grounds the put him on psychiatric hold. he had post eded a number of disturbing youtube videos and he expressed anger towards a neighbor who asked not to be identified. >> he said he was going the shoot up everybody, and kill himself. >> and jennifer bjorklund is in santa barbara with the very latest. first, start with the memorial that is going to be taking place later today, and what can you tell me? >> tamron, the memorial is set for 4:00 pacific, and that is 7:00 eastern, and sit at harder stadium. they want as many students to come as possible. they have cancelled the classes for the day, and calling it a day of mourning and reflection. they are asking all of the faculty to come in to talk with students and in case they are need needed and just to be there to be together, and to talk through it. this horrible tng


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