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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  June 4, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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ask your doctor about axiron. an american prisoner of war, and the taliban is ready to make a deal, and the moment of a change. we are seeing all of it now on cam a ra, and seeing the growing controversy over what lengths the white house went to, to return sergeant bowe bergdahl. and primary concerns. who says there is no tea in mississippi? what is old may not be new again as an incumbent is pushed to the runoff. >> and joni ernst and she of the provocative tv ads shows how to get it done in iowa. and mcconnell versus reid versus koch and the supreme court, and the senate digs in campaigns and free speech as the clash of money and politics collide.
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we begin with the return of sergeant bowe bergdahl, and we are looking at the dramatic release of the p.o.w. from the group who held him for five years tshg taliban. they released this video showing a thin and nervous-looking bergdahl with the heavily armed taliban militants awaiting the arrival of u.s. special forces, and more than a dozen taliban fighters with machine guns on the hill surrounding bergdahl, and it is against that ominous background that blackhawk helicopters of the united states lands in afghanistan. you can see the taliban carrying the white flag as a sign to the helicopter. they briefly shake hands to the u.s. special forces and pass off bergdahl, and they wave good-bye and take bergdahl to the blackhawk. and just before getting on board, he gets a more thorough
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fr frisking. and they tell our jim miklaszewski that they wanted to make sure that they didn't attach a bomb to bergdahl. they wanted to whisk him away to safety, but the exchange lasted only one minute and as you can see, no violence. i want to bring in msnbc contributor and democratic congressman from pennsylvania patrick murphy who is the first iraq war veteran to serve in congress and we are also joined by charles stimpson who is the detainee affairs secretary under george bush's edadministration. i want to look at the extraordinary video, and something that we rarely get to see, the taliban fighter signalling to the americans they have bergdahl, and they wave the white flag and richard engel says it is not a signed sign of surrender, but look at the moment when they meet. tell me what you see in the video, and talk about how tense a moment this must have been.
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>> well, i will tell you, chris, my heart goes out to those american soldiers, those pie special forces professionals, because they are going, and they understand that the tallpan is surrounding them with rocket-propelled grenades and ready to shoot down that blackhawk and they know they are going into the hornet's nest to pick up one of our own, and to uphold the great tradition of "leave no one behind." they did it as an extreme risk to the personal safety and the fact that they patted it down twice to make sure that it is not bombs, i will tell you sh, chris, when i was in baghdad ten years ago, you know, there was not only roadside bombs on the side of the roads, but roadside vehicles and roadside intelligence on the dogs and our enemy does not play by all of the rules. >> and they make it look routine, but it was anything but. >> exactly, and these special forces soldiers are the best of the best, chris. i know inside of their heart, they were scared, but they could
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never ever show their hand that they were nervous. they understand what the stakes are, but they are asked by the commander in chief to go bring back one of our own, and whether he was a deserter or not, our american standard is that we leave nobody behind and they were accomplishing the mission given to them. >> and let's talk about how sergeant bergdahl looks in the video and what you think is going on now, and we are four days out of the return, and we know that there is controversy surrounding for example, would they debrief him on the reports that he went awol, and what is going on now and how do you believe he looks? >> well, good morning, chris. extraordinary video, and obviously, captured by the taliban for a variety of reasons, and one of which is propaganda, but as to the question of what is happening with bergdahl now sh, the first phase is the recovery phase. want to attend to any of the mental health needs or the physical needs and obviously, focusing on the nutrition from
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what i have read and others have published, but eventually, that is going to move to the second phase. the second phase will be asking him to be involved in this investigation as to the circumstances by which he left. now sh, he has as the congressm knows rights under the uniform code of military justice not to talk. so there is going to be coming a point that since we know that people are alleging that he deserted or at least went on unauthorized absence that he may lawyer up, but we are in the first recovery period, but it is soon going to switch into the second phase of the investigation. >> and gentlemen, standby, because this video comes in the backdrop of the growing c controversy how it happened, and i want to bring in marcia plaqueburn frplaqu plaque -- marcia blackburn, and thank you for coming back on the program.
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you heard the president defend the ekxchange, and i want to ply for you what we have just heard from harry reid. >> the americans have seized a prisoner of war in what should be a moment of unity and celebration of the nation as a chance to play political games. >> i just wonder about the larger point, and we will get to some of the specifics of the concerns that you v a-- that yo have, and is he right? should people back off until we really know what happened here? >> well, the number one thing is to determine why the white house did not provide congress with noti notice. you have heard from senator feinstein, senator cornyn, congressman rogers, and they d didn't have the notification. and the speaker was notified 30 minutes before it took place. and chris, that is not the way that this is supposed to happen. and people are just understandably so upset about
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this. i heard about it this morning speaking to a rotary club, and it is one of the big questions that they had, what are you going to go do the president, and why did he do it this way? why secret? why does he believe he can work outside of the law? >> and let me play for you the president and his explanation of why this happened. >> regardless of the circumstances, and whatever those circumstances may turn out to be, we still get an american soldier back held in captivity. period. full stop. we don't condition that. >> and his argument is that the 30 days would have put bowe bergdahl's life in danger. let me ask you about the first part and then we can talk about the second. the first part of that is that, do you agree that no matter what the circumstances are how he separated from the platoon, does the united states go in to try to free bowe bergdahl?
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>> well, the thing is do you leave no man behind and no, you do not, and that is why the american people are so upset about benghazi, and the other thing that, chris, concerns them is why did you allow al qaeda to name five that they wanted back in exchange for the one? this is an offer that had been put on the table i think in 2011 or early 2012, and it with was refused. why are we going to start this? does it change the paradigm in which we negotiate with the nations? i dising a gree wi-- i disagree with harry reid when he makes the comments and the american people have so many questions, and i will tell you quite frankly having what i have seen, having a major military post in my district, it has inject eded tremendous amount of nervousness and uncertainty, and you look at what has happened with benghazi, and the situation at the v.a. and the president acting
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unilaterally on this, and the people are saying, whoa, wait a minute, we need to back up and look at this. >> and let me just answer that from the white house perspective particularly because they say they followed the law on getting sergeant bergdahl released, and kay hagan said that no notice was applied because it would have increased the threat to bergdahl. and this is not unique, because it is that the president bush said that it was to the president's discretion, and he signed 1,200 pieces of legislation, and including a torture ban, so when the president needs to move, does he have the right to move? >> well, i know that is what the investigation will probably show, and susan rice does not have a stellar record of how she
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performs on the sunday shows, and this has caused tremendous concerns from those who have served with sergeant bergdahl, and those involved in the process from some of the military families, that their sons lost their lives in search for sergeant bergdahl. so as we go through the ip vest gag -- investigations, we will answer that, but the point is that the president is taking unilateral actions through executive orders and determined to empty out gitmo. last week i had an amendment on the floor to close the thompson prison facility in illinois where he wants to move the detainees and we don't want them on u.s. soil, and they need to stay at gitmo, and they are bad actors and they do not wish us well. what he has done is to open up the door for the prison exchanges, the president, and what he has done is to put a price, if you will. it makes it very unsafe for the
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men and women who are still in the forward operating bases. there's tremendous concern from many involved in that community, and chris, i think that the unsettled nature that has surrounded this, and the questions are going to lead us to many months of hearings, investigations and trying to get an answer. >> representative marsha blackburn, thank you very much. >> good to be with you. >> i want to bring back in patrick and charles. i don't have to repeat what she says, but a lot of fodder for the investigation and questions being raised and your reak shct? >> two things, chris. with all due respect to my former colleague congresswoman blackbu blackburn, and one, it is president bush who released 532 detainees from guantanamo bay and now president obama is trying to the exchange five for an american, and be consistent here, and congress was notified. the law says that congress needs to be notified, but they don't
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have to approve it. they were notified december 2011 and notified again january of 2012, and the president had to act here. because it with was a safety not just of the american p.o.w., but the operators that had to go into the hostile territory in ghost afghanistan to detract one of our own. >> but i will say that marsha blackburn makes the point that dianne feinstein made, and i want to play that. >> i understand that he was undernourished and not malnourished and undernourished and the last assessment had been made in the few months before in december of last year, and so unless something catastrophic happened, i think that there was no reason to believe that he was in instant danger. >> does she have a point? >> well, she does. and the broader point here, chris, this is really a timing
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issue, because at the end of all wars, then you release any prisoners in custody, and that is going to happen when this war is legally over, and so those five taliban and the rest of the 149 detainees at guantanamo will be released in less than a year. because we are still in armed conflict, was releasing the top five taliban guys for a one-year hiatus in qatar to go back to the fight worth getting an american back? that is why it is a controversial move. as to the notice issue, chris, clearly, the white house realizes they didn't comply with the notice, because they are apologizing and calling dianne finestein and claiming that because they had a signing statement when they signed the national defense authorization from last year that section 1035 and the transfer of restriction 30-day notice restriction is to
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deny the president the flexibility, and boosted up the separation of powers agreement, and that is what they are relying on here. >> and a patrick, quickly in the time that we have left, let me ask you about the circumstances under which bowe bergdahl first of all left. that question is what is motivating a lot of the pushback against this apart from the legal question, it is what the congresswoman was talking about in terms of the discomfort of the other military families that he walked away, and put others at risk who were searching for him, and what is that investigation going to help us learn for example that he was under an extraordinary amount of stress, and suffering from the post-traumatic stress, and there are i circumstances surrounding that that have not yet been determined. >> absolutely, chris. 1 of 5 in the soldiers who served in iraq or afghanistan suffer from the post-traumatic stress disorder, and it is the
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signature injury of the war, but most of the republican ss and t democrats in washington are conflating the issues. we need to bring him home, and invets ga investigate him and bring him to justice. most of the military families will say, bring him home, and if he left the post, then court-martial him h, b, but we t outsource our justice to the taliban. and the taliban is not a good actor here, as charles said, it is not conventional warfare and they don't wear the uniforms in the video you can see that, but their methods of how they conduct the operations is ent e entirely against the geneva conventions, and they are not true actors on the battlefield and we can expect them to exchange our prison of war after the war is over, because they are not even a government. >> clearly, we are at the very early stages of the discussion which is ongoing.
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patrick murphy and congressman stimpson, thank you. can thad cochran fend off the most serious tea party challenger of the election cycle. we will break it down later. and then -- >> i defy anyone to find out what the koch brothers are spending money on politically. >> the form says they are worth $40 billion each. >> the democrats' new plan to fight dark money. stay with us. that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything.
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this morning the votes are being counted following a wild primary in mississippi. the tea party and the established gop will likely battle again in a runoff. the race senator thad cochran against the tea party-backed state senator chris mcdaniel and as of right now neither got 50%
7:20 am
thanks to the third-party ka candidate. senator cochran did not come out to talk to his supporters last night, and instead, the campaign tweeted, dead heat. less than 500 votes separating the two candidatekand new campas tomorrow, as in today. and three weeks to victory. but chris mcdaniel still sounds con confident. >> this is a historic moment in this state's history. and because of your hard work, and because of your dedication, we sit here tonight leading a 42-year incumbent. >> i want to bring in the politics reporter for the washington post jackie kucinich, and ryan grim of the "huffington post." and jackie, there is some tremendous concern here that thad cochran can't win the runoff and his supporters are not as enthusiastic enough, and what is your take on this race now and where it stands? >> well well, you have to look at where mcdaniel had a scandal
7:21 am
where a supporter of his broke into a hospital where thad cochran's very ill wife is and took pictures of her and posted it on the internet. so thad cochran's supporters do have a reason to be concerned here. this is also a senator that told, said, in a newspaper report that he wanted to retire, and other people talked him into running. so you can understand why there is a momentum deficit at this point. >> and also, ryan, it sets up a conundrum in a race that is already ugly for the republicans for sure, and do they want to tear him down about this whole thing, ant the con e trover shall over the photos taken of his wife at the risk of damaging a candidate who could be going against the democrat? >> well, when you get into the tense runoff like this, between the two factions of the party, oft oftentimes the greater good of the national party goes out of the window, and there just becomes so much personal
7:22 am
animosity between the two camps that they don't care, and also, they can rationalize it to themselves by saying that mcdaniels got a 12-point lead in the general anyway, and cochran with the 17-point lead or so, and so even if they the tear each other down, and knock off half of the lead, they are in a good position to beat the democrat in the general unless something else comes out about mcdaniel, which is not impossible given what jackie referred to. >> and now over to iowa, joni ernst of the gun toting hog castrating ads won the contest outright and she is going to face incumbent bruce brayly in november, and this is the opposite of mississippi consider ing the fact that ernst found ways to unite the factions of the republican party, and what does that mean for her, jackie? >> well, she has to get all of the conservatives on board and while she had national con s conservative groups behind her,
7:23 am
some of the local iowa conservatives were not as enthusiasti enthusiastic, and as long as she gets the people behind her, she will have the momentum, and with that said, brayly is leading her by five points when you look at the polls. >> and she did not waste any time going after brayly, and here is a new campaign ad. >> this campaign is going to come down to a very simple choice, our iowa values versus bruce brayly's liberal washington values. wa what do you think that we'd rather have? iowa values. >> that was obviously not a campaign ad, but her speech last night, and what are you expecting? >> well, brayly has comments that he made about the iowa farmers that fall into the comment of genuinely offensive to a wide swath of people where
7:24 am
he said something like it is silly that iowa, referring to chuck grass lley has a farmer sitting on the judiciary committee, and that really bothers people all across iowa and even the brayly supporters, and so that kind of derailed the campaign a little bit, and it is going to stick with him all of the way through, but ernst has huge problems of her own, and particularly this ad that she shot where she fires a gun half a dozen times is not going to sit well with a lot of the state of iowa's particularly swing voters. you know, those who don't find that amusing and don't see the need to glorify, you know, gun culture. so, you know, the difference between iowa and mississippi is if brayley wins, they will get a progressive going to the senate, but if childers wins, they will get a right wing democrat. >> thank you both.
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7:29 am
and you cannot legitimatize the theft of a neighbor's land and we will not accept the occupation of russia in crimea, and our nations will stand united so that further russia provegatio gags -- provocations be met with more problems for russia. >> and how much of that was meant for vladimir putin? >> well, in the past, president kenne kennedy, and reagan and bush, and now president obama laying down the line of what is going to keep vladimir putin from further territorial invasions in europe. and it is going to be interesting how the g-7 countries gather around him, and not just in brussels, because it is also the head quarter for nato. >> and mention that in looking at what we are going to do, there is a new player in all of this, as the president is me
7:30 am
meeting with the president-elect of ukraine and how does that go into the equation? >> well, the president-elect poroshenko who is just as you mentioned just elected is someone who is clearly someone who is going to want to align himself and support the ukrainian forces against russia. the president has a opportunity here for one of the rare diplomatic wins that his administration needs, because he has managed this crisis quite well. it is going to take russia having to stand down and ukraine that is going to have to take nato to affect and invest more along with the g-7 in supporting western military investments in order to provide greater military support to the countries in eastern europe including poland and the baltic
7:31 am
states and ukraine and that is going to be the $64,000 question, and will the european countries cough up the money, and the military support that the president is asking for. >> ambassador marc ginsberg, nice to see you. >> and coming up what is surprising new comments of hillary clinton on 2016 and the "house of cards." we will tell you all about them next. ♪ foghorn sounds loudly ♪ what's seattle's favorite noise? the puget sound! ♪ foghorn sounds loudly ♪ all right, never mind doesn't matter. this is a classic. what does an alien seamstress sew with? a space needle! ♪ foghorn sounds loudly continuously ♪ oh come off it captain! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. when sales rep steve hatfield books at, so he knows exactly when he can prep for his presentation. and when steve is perfectly prepped, ya know what he brings? and that's how you'll increase market share. any questions?
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7:35 am
to pass congress. this is a political exercise and all it is. the goal here is to stir up one party's political base for november. >> and i want to bring in victoria defran chescesco soto chris wilson, a gop pollster. look, mitch mcconnell making a point that it is going to take a 2/3 vote to pass in either chamber and why is the democrats going there? >> well, starting the process. not passed this year or next year, but the conversation has started and based on not just the democratic small "d" democratic theory of we are the government for the people, and not a government for the 1% or the people that can write checks. this is really at the core of the issue, and also, chris, the logistical argument of it. we spend so much time raising money, that we are not spending time govern org legislating --
7:36 am
governing or legislating, and president obama went to 212 fund raise ers in the cycle and he should have used that time legislating and governing. >> and americans are interested in this according to a news poll that 81% of the respondents said they support limiting the amount of money that individuals can give to campaigns and only 25% say they can give as much as they like, and according to the center of responsive politics, the spending in the election cycle has passed the $100 million marks and do democrats have a point? something needs to be done on this? >> well, the point is that this is governed by the constitution, and this h is harry reid and the democrats who want to focus on anything but the e con nay is failing and the negative growth in the first quarter. it is stop whistle politics of the worst kind.
7:37 am
next they may want committee hearings on banning the tea par party. the fact is that the constitution governs it, and it is a political stunt and idea to turn people out to appeal to the base. it is a complete waste of time when to your point earlier, there is bigger issues to be dealt with. anyway, if you want to cite the polling, there is american sup pot for banning flag burning is over 90% in a lot of polls, and yet it is governed by the constitution, and you can't go changing the constitution, because you don't like religion or a certain activity of political speech or the way that the political speech is delivered and for harry reid to try to -- >> well, ted cruz said it is a clear assault on to amendment. let me play that. >> 42 democrats have signed their name to a constitutional amendment that would give congress the power to muzzle planned parenthood and the national right to life.
7:38 am
and 42 congressmen have signed their name to muzzle to she sie club and the rifle association and the brady center on handgun violence. >> he makes that argument and victoria, an argument of the american people looking at this stuff, and they say, you know what, what about the economy? is there a risk in the democrats in pursuing this? >> i don't think that there is, chris, because this is going back to the polls that you cite ed and it is about the majority of the people, and the majority of the people who can't cut the big checks and the unlimited amounts of funding to give to elected officials and they want the voices heard and everybody wants the voices heard and that is what is so great about living in america, but when you are handicapped by the 1% having an inordinate amount of influence and they do, chris, because we know from the research and the political science research that looks at bills passed by congress that, yes, the preferences of the average american and largely those who are poorer than the 1% are not getting heard while those of
7:39 am
business and corporations are. i would also say -- >> and krits, we have talkswr c talked about this before, and we don't have a lot of time, but does it risk making this irrelevant, because was you are going to be bombarded by ads especially in a state with a close election or a battleground state for the presidential election, at some point you tune it out, and that can be counter productive? >> well, studies don't show that first of all, and the point is fair in terms of the people tuning things out, but that is not what occurs. communication is a good thing, the more that people learn about the candidates is a good thing and that is not a negative, but it is dangerous for the politicians to ban thing ths th they don't like, whether it is political speech or opponent's speech because they don't like it and try to change the constitution, and fortunately that is why we have the bill of rights to stop things like that from happening and anymore than it is wrong to ban a certain religion, because you may disagree with wit, and they are
7:40 am
a minority of the people believe it in, it is equally wrong to ban a political speech because people don't agree with it. >> well, chris and victoria, we are out of time. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. and severe weather slammed the state of nebraska. look at the video, because it is the beginning of the tornado forming over the town of seward, and the winds topped 60 miles per hour, and it was not just wind stranding people inside of their homes and cars. hail the size of tennis balls caused substantial damage. and this system is moving east putting people at risk across the ohio and tennessee valleys. new numbers show that may was a strong month for general motors despite the millions of well publicized recalls. cou courtney reagan is here with "what is moving your money." and it is so far seeming that the recalls have not hurt the business at all? >> that is right. it seems that the consumers are not affected at all. lots of headlines that gm has recalled 2.6 million, and issued
7:41 am
the apologies of families that have been victims to accidents. but the strongest sales in august with have been up 13%. you have the strongest sellers of the suvs and the mini cars such as the smart car with double digit sales and the you conn seems not to mind about the recalls in may. >> and car sales overall are up. thank you, courtney reagan. >> thank you, chris. and speaking of cars, and are out with the best cars. in this, it is the mazda 6 and the honda accord and the nissan outback, and the best minivan is the honda odyssey. if you want to see the full
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alcohol consumption portrayed in a movie may affect your opinion of the film. a recent study had college students watch identical movie clips with the only difference being that one clip had alcohol in it, and one didn't. the results showed that the participants enjoyed the clips with drinking more even if it was not a negative context. "people" magazine landed a big interview with hillary clinton and one of many, many interviews coming up for the former secretary of state. she talked about 2016 saying that she knows that she has to make a decision, and the pressure to be the first woman president. quote, i would not describe it as pressure, but i do feel it, because it is often how people express their encouragement for me to take the plunge again. i think that it reflects the desire on a lot of americans and
7:46 am
not just women that we have unfinished business. i'm certainly in the camp that says that we need to break down the highest and the hardest glass ceiling in american politics. and she talked about the joy of becoming a grandmother and admitted that she and her husband bill binge watch "house of cards" and they are just like the rest of us. and there is a movement in america that is slow, but discernible while companies recognize that giving their employees time outside of the office without staring at the smartphones can be good for business. we are a nation of tech addicts and study shows that 38% of people check their e-mail at the d dinner table routinely, and 50% check it in bed, and maybe that is a low estimate. >> 24/7, and at least if i'm awake. >> in the bathroom and if anybody tells you that they are not checking nit in the bathroo, they are lying. >> personal or business? can disconnecting make business sense? i want to bring in jessica harin, the ceo of zillow and dot
7:47 am
which is a multimillion dollar jewelry company. you have two kids? >> yes, and a husband. >> and how connected are you? >> very connected, but the key to success and happiness and productivity in life is to not be connected all of the time, and rather be focus odd n one thi -- focused on one thing so that your quality time adds up and you don't drive yourself crazy. >> i was amazed with the research that a judge in france ruled it illegal for some employers to make the employer's e-mail and be on e-mail when they are not in work, but look, a lot of the people including employees will make the argument that i need to be interconnected, and so is it business dependent and how do you make the argument? >> well, it is not that the employer is requiring it, but people are data junkies and
7:48 am
consta constantly looking for the fix of information, something that is going on. and actually i think that the person has to take accountability for their own peace of mind, because they have to change the habits to learn to disconnect. >> well, i don't know, because you go in the next morning and the boss says i e-mailed you at 6:00 yesterday and why didn't i get a response? >> well, the boss has a lot of problems other than the job if that is the expectation, but people have it within their control to turn it off especially in dinner or you are going to make people feel that you don't get you, because you are in two places at once and that is no way to live. >> can you say what you did to your husband one time he tryied to check the e-mail. >> we did it once, because when we were out, i was no longer at the table. that is a firm rule in the house, no tech time e between 6:00 to 8:00 and we are on the go and those hours have to be quality and count and you can be
7:49 am
amazed what you get out of it when you are all of the way there. >> and there is a piece in "the new york times" that is called "why you hate work." i want to read the statistics 50% find meaning and significance and 45% lack overall positive energy, and 40% lack the ability to balance work and home life and 40% lack the ability to disengage and how much of it is tied to tech and discomfort that a lot of people felt during thise recession, an worried about losing their job and you tend to overcompensate. >> and people have to recognize they are in charge of them, and they can succeed at work, and disconnect. it is really this miskconceptio that if i'm always available, i am doing the best job, but rather if i'm calm and strategic and focused, i will deliver the best results. i truly believe that the employers value results unless
7:50 am
they are a fool, in which case, you should switch jobs. so instead of spending time on the phone, and you took half an hour and went to exercise and ask yourselves the questions what is the most strategic thing to accomplish and the highest and the best purpose rather than being on the phone. >> and you are on board here and you don't have to convince the employees that it is okay, but a lot of the employees do feel that they have to make a justification for why they didn't answer an e-mail in 15 seconds. how do you go in to talk to your boss? >> well, i think that actually we have employees who do, and no doubt that the employees check the phones on the weekend, but we have a general flex policy, so if someone has to leave earlier in the week, great, and if they do the job done and it is a time that works for them, fine. but if you have a situation where your personal time is always on call, you say, i will deliver these results, and here are the hours on which i will be on rapid fire response, but if the house is burning down, text me, but other than that, i'm not online during these times.
7:51 am
if you e-mail me, i get it, because it is convenient for you, but just so you know, i'm not rapid fire response. people have to live in less fear about what the other person is going to think of them versus being confident that results matter. >> jessica herrin, thanks for being here from stella and dot. and the tweet of the day comes from nancy pelosi, even the women who graduate from harvard experience a wage gap at work. it is time for equal pay for equal work and she included an analysis of harvard by the numbers that illustrated the gap. [ whirring ] [ train whistle blows ] she makes trains that are friends with trees. ♪ my mom works at ge. ♪ what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... oh yeah, and frosted! what's your most favorite of all?
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to politics now and chicago mayor rahm emanuel kicking back with "tonight show" host jim fallon. and he upheld the challenge to the polar plunge, and the two laughed about the icy incident. >> i went in and came out and i heard bagpipes and i looked around for the bagpipes, because when you are irish, that is what
7:55 am
you hear when you die. that is what you will hear. bagpipes. >> and you know, i heard habaganelia. >> and does this woman say i need to be banned from cartwheeling? well, she is touting back the benefits of them. >> and governor chris chris can christy is getting the national father of the year award. he has four kids and talks about them often at political speeches. and john kerry has unending hearings and meetings and some that could put you asleep, and the internet was buzzing when he closed his eye, and the secretary tweeted, it was really just a long blink. all i can say is that he is not
7:56 am
the first and the last, and i am stealing that excuse. that is going to wrap up this hour of "jansing & company," and i am chris jansing. tamron hall and "newsnation" is up next. we use more natural gas. this ensures we can produce clean electricity whenever our customers need it. ♪ a woman who loves to share her passions. grandma! mary has atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts her at a greater risk of stroke. rome? sure! before xarelto®, mary took warfarin, which required monthly trips to get her blood tested. but that's history. back to the museum? not this time! now that her doctor switched her to once-a-day xarelto®, mary can leave those monthly trips behind. domestic flight? not today! like warfarin, xarelto® is proven effective to reduce afib-related stroke risk. but xarelto® is the first and only once-a-day
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good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall and this is "newsnation". we begin with this video of the first video images of sergeant bowe bergdahl's hand over from the taliban. he is seen in the pickup truck as a u.s. held h copter touches down. several armed militants are positioned on the hillsides, and bergdahl is escorted to the awaiting americans who shake hands with the taliban fighters before taking custody of bergdahl. he is checked as you will see in the video for weapons and loaded on to the aircraft which then carries him on to the military base. american chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in landstuhl, germany, where
8:00 am
bergdahl remains in a hospital. >> it is not often, tomran, when you can see individuvideo where enemy forces meet on the battlefield. it was tense exchange, and the video released by the tall ban purports to show the moment of the exchange, and the moment when the taliban handed over bowe bergdahl to the american special operations forces. the taliban were there first. it took place around 6:30 p.m. eastern afghanistan and not far from the border with pakistan. bergdahl is held in the back of the double-cab pickup truck, and then the americans arrived. two helicopters, and one of the e held ko helicopters lands and it was agreed by both sides that three people would be involved in the exchan exchange. so three come out of the helicopter, and they meet with the taliban and bergdahl. brief shake of


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