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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 8, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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secretary chuck hagel is behind closed doors briefing senators on the situations in iraq and afghanistan. the conversation will turn to isis. the terror group trying to rule the entire muslim world. back here going to pot. they're already lined up in washington state as the first legal marijuana goes on sales today. we'll talk to one of the architects of the new law who is also ready to buy some pot. without water. thousands in detroit are living without a basic human necessity right now. why the congressman there says he's taking it up with president obama. good tuesday to you. $2 billion that's with a b. that's how much at least how much president obama willing asking congress for in emergency aid today to deal with the dire situation on the border. it's something the white house has been touting for weeks. it's money at least, one republican senator, appears open to granting. >> we've got take care of the children. we can't leave them in a
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circumstance where they're not fed or taken care of or in a safe condition. we'll have to find some money, i guess, to do that. >> the money will not be addressed to use any sort of policy plans to deport the minors who have entered the country illegally from central america. that's despite tough talk from the white house to do so over the past couple of days. all comes, of course, the day before president obama heads to texas on a fundraising trip that has some lawmakers on both sides of the aisle saying it should be more than a fundraising trip that he should stop at the border. we learned a short time ago that short of a border trip, as of now, president obama will be meeting with faith leaders and local officials when he arrives in texas tomorrow. senior editor of and white house correspondent from the washington post is here. let me start with you, david, you're writing about the white house signaling a tough deor it
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passion policy. what do you make of the fact they chose not to address it with congress yet? >> they are addressing it, craig, today with the monetary request. it's over $2 billion. and the white house makes clear that's not just to beef up border patrol but send out immigration judges, lawyers, build detention facilities to keep some of the families in the facilities until they appear before the immigration hearings. they are trying to speed up the hearings to determine whether the families, women, and children are eligible for asylum. if not they're going to deport them as quickly as possible. i think what you're talking about is another piece of the white house says they may pursue in the future which is ask congress for statutory authority to send kids back to central america much more quickly. right now if you come from mexico and you're an undocumented child you can can't be sent back right away. central american countries the children have more protections now. right now they are concerned about that they believe their child trafficking issues that
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happen when kids come from the long treacherous journeys and want to make sure the protections stay in place. the white house is splitting the difference rights now. you'll see a big request today. that's step number one. >> we should note at least $2 billion. you heard it loudly and clearly from activists a the white house over the weekend and yesterday. this is a leader of one of the local organizations. take a listen. >> mr. president, we have suffered for many years through your sub par immigration. today we don't have high expectations, but we have reasonable expectations. don't disappoint us, mr. president. >> president obama, once again, finds him politically very much between a rock and a hard place, does he not? >> yeah, i mean, he he's really stuck in a lot of ways. this congress is refusing to pass any sort of immigration reform, as we all know. the president said he's going to take exec tigs actions around immigration. it's one of the crises that
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popped up and making him look a bit hapless. it's giving republicans a lot of opportunity to trash the president for not doing enough. you have to wonder what more can he do. there's laws in place that allow the children to have an asylum hearing in the country. there's a huge backlog. they're stuck. what magic wand can he wave to make it go away? >> politically, maybe not even so much politically, but in terms of the optics, david, not surprisingly, president obama's visi visit to texas tomorrow it's become a political football. saying they should visit the border. in is john cornyn sending the message to the president. >> president obama evidently needs a wake-up call. and visiting the border and learning firsthand about the severity and causes of this ongoing crisis will be that wake-up call. again, i urge the president to visit the border this week during his fundraising trip to
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texas. >> david, what has the white house said about why the president will not be going to the board ensure. >> yesterday josh, the press secretary, pointed out a number of high level administration officials including home land security secretary jay johnson paid more than one visit down there. health and human services. >> they're not the president. >> they're not the president absolutely. they're saying the president is well versed and understands. that's why he's making the big request. it's a political problem right now. you saw last night the white house add to the schedule a hastily put together with religious leaders and local officials. they've invited governor rick perry who has been critical of the president for not going to the border and ignoring the problem for many years now. it's been a growing problem. this year it's really exploded and a number of kids are coming across. but, you know, the white house had some warnings, very specific warnings about this. that's the problem for the president. if he did go to visit, he's
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going for fundraisers, democratic midterms. if he did go to the border to visit, what is he going to say? i understand the problem you're going to be deported. that's the message white house is under pressure to send to central america. that's a stickiuatiy situation. now you're going to talk about the issues when he's down there. >> is that why the president doesn't go to the border? >> look, i can imagine there's a zillion good reasons not to go. not the least of which -- it's already a chaotic situation. to place the president and the security details and the press that would come along with a visit to that very, very disturbed part of the country anyway is probably not the best idea. i have to say it's not good. he should just stay away from texas rather than go there, go to fund raisers. postpone the fundraisers. don't go there and and don't go to the border. >> you alluded to. rick perry rejecting the invitation to meet the president
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on the tarmac. it would not allow for, his words, thoughtful discussion. but suggested a private meeting. something they responded in letter. >> the president woulded welcome a meeting with you while he's in texas adding the humanitarian situation at the border is the latest example of the great cost of congressional inaction. is that the argument in a nutshell, david? >> of course. this came up -- the situation on the border has come up at the end for the president and other democrats calling an end to their efforts to try to get the comprehensive legislation through congress. you know, at the same time the advocates are saying this is why we need comprehensive reform. and republicans will criticize the president u.s. policies, the administration's policies on immigration let's reform them. that's what we have the senate bill passed a year ago. the house will not do it. they're saying they're not doing it now. the president looks like he doesn't have a good response for what is going on. they're saying the policies contributed to this.
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but the white house is going to keep saying this is why we need the broader reform. i think they realize that is that. t the president will announce reforms he'll take on his own and set up another set of issues. good to see you. thank you for your time. from a crisis at home to the ongoing crisis in iraq, which is front and center on the hill this morning. secretary of defense chuck hagel and joint stechiefs of staff testify as we speak at the closed-door hearing before the senate armed services committee. this, of course, comes just days after the leader isis, the terror group, emerged in a rare public appearance in the first video urging, continuing jihad among his followers. oscar pistorius's defense team rested their case. don't expect a verdict any time soon. closing arguments set in august.
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accuse ed killing his girlfrien last year. he said he thought she was an intruder when he opened fire through a closed bathroom door. senator robert menendez wants the justice department to investigate an alleged plot by the cuban government to damage his reputation. the plot included allegations in 2012 that the new jersey democrat attended parties with underage prostitutes. the washington post reports that the cia has evidence linking cuban agents to the claims and efforts to plant the story in the u.s. media. menendez has been a staunch critic of the castro regime in cuba. one of the strongest typhoon to hit japan during the summer months smash into the island of okinawa earlier today packing sustained winds of 129 miles per hour and gust neersly up to 150. waves reached near 50-feet high. the storm's timing is increasing
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the risk of landslides and flooding. it's the end of japan's summer rainy season. coming up, the first lady still is likable as ever. can he use her popularity to push her school lunch? we'll look at that. we'll go to seattle where it's the very first day you can buy pot legally. we'll talk to the woman who is not only one of the architects of the law but plans to be leaving the studio after our interview to get in line. stay with us. (daughter) i'm really tired. (vo) the transfers. well, that's kid number three. (vo) the co-pilots. all sitting... ...trusting... ...waiting... ...for a safe arrival. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. designed to help the driver in you... for the passenger in them. the subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
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high hopes. coast to coast now legalized marijuana sales start next hour in washington state while new york just became the 23rd state to legalize medical marijuana under the bill signed by governor andrew cuomo. only nonsmokeable forms of the
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drug will be admitted in new york. meanwhile in seattle, people started lining up yesterday outside the one and only pot shop. it opens at noon today. why noon when they can open at 8:00? well, the owner of cannabis city says, quote, know your audience. we're talking stoners here. that would be mean to say they need to get up at 5:00 a.m. it's unclear how many will open today. unclear will stores have a supply to meet demand? among those who will be in line this tomorrow allison. drug policy director of washington state's aclu. she's one of the architects of washington's legal marijuana law. allison, good to see you. after being so involved in this, how are you feeling now that the day is finally arrived in washington state? >> well, this is an amazing day. it's quite a historic moment to finally see the beginnings of the kron crete realization of
7:15 am
what the voters passed in 2012. i'm very excited. >> let's take a look at the nuts and bolts of pot sales in washington state. the cost expected to run about $25 a gram or more, i'm told. there's a 25% tax in addition to other sales taxes. there's a limit of one ounce of dried marijuana per person. so far no one has been approved to sell edible forms of marijuana, is that correct? >> that's correct. $25 a gram plus tax. that seems a little steep from what i've been told. compared to black market pot sales. won't people go back to the black market and spend $10 or $15? >> that's definitely a high price. it's probably the top end of the range that we'll see in these early days. but the reality is, with a scarce supply. we're going to see inflated prices for quite awhile. we expect our experience to be similar to colorado. very high prices in the beginning when everybody is excited about this novel new system. and then as more production comes online, we expect to see
7:16 am
the prices go down. >> how real of a concern is a shortage of pot shortage? >> i think it's very real. at this point, our liquor control board has only licensed approximately 25% to a third of the total plant canopy area they intend to license. and some of the people only receive their license kaups l of weeks ago. there's not enough marijuana available in the state of washington to meet the anticipated demand. >> i want to get your reaction to the criticism here. this is from sandra bennett, the former president of watchdog international, quote, the problem isn't that marijuana is going to be available to too few people. that a dangerous drug readily assessable for far too many including children. valid concern there. what sort of safe guards are in place to make sure the pot does not end up in the hands of 1 and 15-year-olds? >> i think that's a double-sided coin. on the one hand there are number
7:17 am
of safe guards built into the initiative by the two to protect children from accessing it. more importantly to collect taxes to invest in programs we know are more successful at preventing kids from getting in trouble with marijuana than arresting adults and putting them behind bars. if anybody think it's difficult to get marijuana they haven't been outside very often. >> detox network in colorado, you mentioned colorado there's a detox network there reporting a big jump in the number of pot-related dui arrests since pot became legal in colorado this year. there were some 197 arrests in the first six months of this year. that's a 75% spike over the same period last year. are you concerned that washington state could see a similar spike? >> i think we have to be really careful when we look at the dui data right now. for example, here in washington state, not every blood sample that was submitted to our toxicology lab were suspected dui was tested for marijuana.
7:18 am
now every single blood sample is tested for marijuana. so, of course, the numbers are going to jump. we're going to be catching marijuana we weren't catching before. i think it's going to shake out over a few years to see whether there's an impact on impair eed driving. >> is there someone hold your spot in line now or are you going get in the back of the line? >> i've had some conversation with the owner at cannabis city, i think he's reserving a spot for me. >> he's saving some for allison! >> we'll leave it there. allison, we'll let you get to your spot in line. thank you so much for spending time with us. keep us posted on the washington state experiment. >> thank you so much. right after the break. 66%. it's the first lady's approval rating. pretty dog gone good. what does the number have to do with the school lunch program? we'll make the connection on the other side of this break. background.) (loud engine sounds!) what! how's it going? heard you need a ride to school.
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tank. but normally that would also impact how the public views the first lady. that's before michelle obama made it to the white house. it's focus of a political magazine piece where they dig through the numbers to find out precisely why the first lady is so popular. turns out, people see her as her own person. it's a personal image they like. a gallop poll in march shows michelle obama had an average favorability rating of 66%. today's rating for the president is about 44%. the first lady will need to take advantage of the popularity as she gears up for a fight with republicans. many want to roll back a key part of the healthy hunger free kids act of 2010. it's a policy championed by the first lady and among other things, mandates more fruit, more vegetables, and whole grains in school lunch meals. let's bring in our strategies james peterson, and alice stewart. good to see you. let's start with michelle
7:23 am
obama's off the charts popularity here. other first lady's approval has dipped even slightly when their husband's dipped. but not michelle obama's. does this put her in a unique position to accomplish when it comes to the signature issue childhood obesity? >> i think it will give her some leverage as she's preparing for probably one of the most significant political battles of her tenure as first lady. she kind of has those numbers because she rings and resonates as being authentic with the american people. whether you believe that or not, not everyone agrees with that, the reality is the majority of the american public sees the first lady as someone authentic. >> you may not agree with her, but you at least think she's real. >> you think she's real. >> the first lady send a strong message to republicans when she talk talked about their efforts in may. this is what she said. >> this is unacceptable.
7:24 am
it's unacceptable to me not just as first lady but as a mother. i know, right now, i talked to so many parents, teachers, kids write me every day and more families are realizing that we're facing a health crisis in this country. >> is it hard to take the position of being against kids eating healthier lunches? >> well, i don't think anyone is. looking at the clip you see why she's popular. she's genuine and comes across as a mother and stresses the importance of it. i fought in trechlgs with governor hux bee on school lunch programs and getting junk food out of vending machines. it's a difficult issue. >> is it difficult? what is difficult about this one? this would seem like maybe one of the issue we could say, you know, maybe having kids eat healthier meals that's something we can all get behind. >> everyone can support the idea of eating healthy and her lets
7:25 am
move campaign is a great way to fight obesity. the bottom line it's a $4.5 billion program that doesn't appear to be working. with school nutrition association leaders say that the participation rate in schools is down in 48 states. that's not good. we're looking at the fact that many school districts say they're struggling to get kids to participate. in los angeles alone they're throwing away $100,000 worth of food every day. it's $18 million a year. it's more about financial backlash than a nutritional one. people support the idea it's just not working. >> she makes a point that has been made. republicans say the standards are very expensive and kids are not eating their lunches. in fact, according to a government accounting office earlier this year, between the years 2010, 2013, school years participation in the national school lunch program took a big hit. 1.6 million students no longer eating school lunches. these are students who paid full price for meals.
7:26 am
despite an increase in students who eat lunch for free. do they have a point because it's so expensive? >> well, i think we need to -- if we want to talk about all the issues, craig, we should talk about all the issue. number one, here is the challenge around privatization particularly here in the food industry services is big challenge. we have to make a policy change with which the first lady has initiative but also a culture change. all people should be able to agree it's okay to tell kids to eat their vegetables. it's simply what we need to do through the public school lunch offerings. in order to do that we have to be patient with the culture change that occurs. they want to talk about food waste. it's a separate issue. we diagnose the way in which americans waste food across the peck spectrum and address it. we put policy things in place. it's a cultural change. we have to work with and around the money and politics once again, because the lobby for the food services industry is what is driving this slow down. what is driving the sort of
7:27 am
initiative to try to delay these standards. the reality is 90% of the schools are in compliance right now. the 10% that are struggling are struggling with the lag and the cultural shift. some kids may be throwing out lunches. kids have been wasting lunches for years. americans have been wasting foods for years. when it comes to the core issue, we want young people to eat healthier we have to consider all the effects. addressing chronic diseases, quality of life, reducing obesity rates. that does not show up on the balance sheet of the private food services industry that are serving our public schools. >> quickly, michelle obama, back in may, she wrote, quote, remember a few years ago when congress declared that the sauce on the slice of pizza should count as a vegetable in school lunches? you don't have to be a nutritionist to know it doesn't make sense. we're seeing the same thing happening again with the new efforts to lower nutrition standards in our schools. with the first lady becoming a
7:28 am
tad more political with the particular effort considering how wildly popular she is. is it something that could potentially hurt her image or no? >> i don't think so. i think this is a separate issue. i think this boils down to the simple numbers game. i think the idea of the whole let's move campaign and her motives are right. the money is wrong on this. i think the idea of letting local schools or state schools decide if this program works for them, let them do that. it's the people actually on the front lines and the cafeteria lines serving the food the kids that are hearing from the kids that don't like it and it's not working. to james' point. -- >> fruits and vegetables are good, no kid says that if. >> i agree. >> i think we need to change the culture. get kids excited from eating fruits and vegetables. i came from the day you didn't leave food on the plate. get the kids excited about healthy choices.
7:29 am
>> we are going to leave it there. thank you, both. coming up. these kids are living in the murder capital of the world. honduras. afraid of gangs and cartels. now the united nations is asking for the people crossing into the united states to be declared refugees. will this change how we deal with the humanitarian crisis in the country? i'm going to talk to a congressman after the break. con. so he knows exactly when he can prep for his presentation. and when steve is perfectly prepped, ya know what he brings? and that's how you'll increase market share. any questions? can i get an "a", steve? yes! three a's! amazing sales! he brings his a-game! la quinta inns and suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at! la quinta!
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[ male voice ] sheesh, i feel like i'm being interrogated over here. [ male voice ] she's onto us. dump her. [ pay phone rings ] hello? oh, man. that never gets old. no, it does not. [ female announcer ] not all credit report sites are equal. members get personalized help and a real credit report. join now at with enrollment in experian credit tracker. president obama will head to texas tomorrow. he'll be talking about the escalading border crisis with local officials and faith leaders. today president obama is sending the $2 billion request to congress to help the administration deal with the surge of immigrants crossing the border. most of them are women and children making that dangerous and desperate journey from central america. nbc is reporting from honduras and said they're trying to escape deadly violence. >> this neighborhood is
7:33 am
controlled by four drug dealing gangs who battle for territory. this 15-year-old said his older brother is in a gang. an ak 47 is in the house and he's scared. a familiar story from the er pediatrician. on a busy night he'll see seven or eight victims of violence. the parents of this 17-year-old boy in a coma say he was shot. >> joined by republican congressman blake farenthold whose district is a stone's throw away from the border. let me start by getting your reaction. to stefanie's piece on the danger the kids face from gangs in central america. is there something more that the united states can be doing to help the particular countries combat gangs? it depends how you see the united states. obviously, we could be much more involved down there. but the issue is how much worse
7:34 am
is the violence gotten over the past few years? is that is causing the flood of immigrants or the fact there's a belief as you come to the u.s. you're going say. i think it's the latter. >> so you don't think that the violence in these countries has anything to do with the surge? not at all? >> no, i think it's a factor. >> okay. >> that violence has been around for awhile. >> it sounds as if your contention is it's policies that have created this surge? >> and our failure to return people back to their countries of origin. you get to the united states, you get in the legal process and unless you're a mexican or canadian, it's years before you get your hearing and a return. >> are you referring to the bush era law. >> yes. >> why has that law remained known to folks for so long. >> one of president obama's original requests was that the law be changed. that we get more judges and more money. i hear now we're going get the request for more money but not the request for the other stuff.
7:35 am
>> our understanding that there was going to be a request for additional judges and facilities. that was my understanding. are you saying it's not true? >> i think we're working on legislation. but the news today is all about the money. >> the united nations officials at this point urging the united states to classify these immigrant children as refugees displaced by armed conflict. some of your republican colleagues like lindsey graham of south carolina said they nee. what do you think needs to be done with the children who are already here? >> we need change the rules and get the message down there so they're able to be deported in a reasonable process. you can't change the rules of the folks that are always here. constitution prohibits that. we have to get the additional judges and work them to the system. it's three-year wait now. god knows how long it will be
7:36 am
estimated with the 60,000 moving through. >> are you voting for the $2 billion from the president? >> we've got see the details. we need to some offset. i want a couple with the other reforms that the president requested the additional judges and change in status of the other than mexicans. >> as we mentioned, president obama will be in texas tomorrow talking to local leaders, talking to faith leaders about the border crisis. the white house says at this point the president has no intention of actually visiting the border despite requests from those including your texas colleague senator john cornyn. should president obama go to the bord border, and how would that help the current situation? >> listen, i was just down there last week. you have got to see the thousands of children put into basically jails designed for 400 adults. the white house is afraid of the optics on that. it would look like the katrina incident. it's president obama's katrina. his failure to go down there in a timely manner.
7:37 am
>> is that a fair comparison. there are those who argued -- it sounded as if you made the assertion at the beginning of the interview. some of what we're seeing now is as a result, again, the bush era law. that forbids the children from being sent home quickly. >> it's a urgent humanitarian problem that is facing the nation. that was what katrina was and that is what the crisis at the border is. if you had been in that facility, seen those children piled on top of each other. sleeping on concrete floors with bathrooms and common shared bathrooms with only a half wall separating them. and the hue mimidity and the sm. it's deplorable conditions. >> it's a humanitarian crisis and should be treated as such? >> that we absolutely need to deal with the children who are over here. get them in reasonable facilities and promptly get them back home where they came from. >> this is a humanitarian crisis that we should threat it as
7:38 am
such? >> yes, but we can solve some of the humanitarian crisis by turning off the magnet that is drawing the children here. congressman blake heroin hofare. thank you for your time. governor jan brewer is denying driver's licenses to so-called dreamers. immigrants who arrived illega y . they said that the state policy unfairly treated young immigrants protected under the obama administration policy. to the midwest now. where we're getting some incredible images of flooding from illinois to iowa to missouri. take a look at this. this is because of a series of severe storms hitting the region. with even more bad weather in the forecast, that situation is only expected to get worse. nbc ron mot is in clashesville,
7:39 am
missouri. how bad is it now? how much worse is it expected to get? >> hey, craig. as bad as it looks this morning, the folks in town will tell you they're relived. it's all relative here in clarksville. they've had six floodings here's over the past ten years. they talk about 2008. that was a bad flood. they remember 1993 which was a historic flood. 37-plus feet into the town. it's three or four blocks down to residential houses down at the end of the block that are under water. at this point, we can tell you most of the water is in the basement an because we're so close to cresting, we think we will crest at about 35.2 feet. that's 10.2 feet above flood stage. they don't think they're going to get water into the businesses now on first street here. obviously, these businesses are hurt by the flood, obviously, they will be out of business probably for a week. maybe a week and a half. as quickly as the water comes
7:40 am
up, it takes the time going back into the mississippi river. we're epexpecting the water to here through the weekend and week and a half two weeks before we're back at 25 feet in clarksville. they have a lot of cleanup to do once the water goes away. for the most part, people are happy it wasn't a flood of '08 or 1993. >> thank you, ron. from that water there they seem to have too much of it. in detroit we have a lot of folks living without water. cut off from unpaid bills. detroit's congressman is appealing to president obama. people there are asking how can they be cut off when public golf courses who have not paid still have service. >> we would never ask for free water. e want to be able to pay what we can afford. this is a human race violation. what kind of government would allow its people to live without water? what kind of people are we? did someone say burn?
7:41 am
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one of the country's biggest city is facing a water crisis of epic proportions. thousands of people have been left without any water. activists are calling it a human rights issue. asking the question how can people in america live without access to clean, running water? the water department said it's a money issue and they haven't paid their bills. >> find, you know, david copperfield managically giving me $5,000. there's no way i can pay it. >> the total amount due is $1,300. >> did something happen in the house? >> no , sir. >> burst pipes? no , sir. >> nothing like that? >> no , sir. >> this is just inexplicable. >> they can't explain it. i can't explain it. >> congressman john conyers said he's going take the issue to president obama. but there may be new hope for
7:45 am
residents this morning. i want to bring in hang winchest winchester. a reporter who has been covering the story from the beginning and marine taylor. thank you for being with us. >> michigan's department of human services has been overwhelmed with complaints about financial assistance in the crisis saying, quote, we are working to process. we are working to process those requests as quickly as possible. we're also hearing from citizens concerned about children living in conditions without water and we are investigating these cases. how many people at risk in detroit's water crisis here, hank? >> we're talking about thousands of people. the number growing every day. here is why. because the water department is continuing to shut off water to those who have the huge outstanding bills. again, to be very clear. we're talking about people who owe thousands of dollars who have ignored the bill for months. some of these people have a
7:46 am
desperate need. they simply cannot afford to pay the bill. they need help from state agencies like you mentioned dhs. there are other people. in is where it gets controversial. who simply don't want to pay the water bill. who would rather spend money on cable. that's where the whole debate, you know, comes together. we've got people who can't afford do it. others who are ignoring it. and at end of the day, many believe it's a human rights issue. >> historically in the past haven't there been state agencies who rushed to the aid of some of these folks? >> sure. and a lot of these agencies like dhs have been there in the past and have been available for financial assistance here in the state of michigan for years. unfortunately, it takes a crisis like this one when people simply say, my water is off. i have no money. i need help for them to realize that they can offer them a little bit of financial assistance. it's important know that the water department has said, listen, we're willing to make a deal. if you want to pay set up a
7:47 am
payment plan or pay a portion of your water bill, we'll turn you back on. you simply can't ignore the water department. that's what they've been saying. >> that's the glimmer of hope this morning? >> well, the glimmer of hope is that the water department essentially will be able to work out deals with some of the people that owe money. unfortunately, a lot of these people are not willing to work out a deal or have been contesting bills and blame the water department saying that they're not getting any action. >> maureen, what is at stake for some of these folks if the city of detroit does not do anything? how serious is a potential health hazard in this crisis? >> before i answer that. let me say shame on hank. shame on him for putting that lie and that disinformation out on the air to suggest that people don't want to pay for water bill is scandalous. what is at stake here -- maureen, you don't people there are -- don't want to pay the bill. >> i'm answering the question.
7:48 am
i'm answering the question. >> go ahead. >> what is at stake here is there are tens of thousands of low-income families who cannot pay rising water bill costs. the cost of living is going up. the chances of living are going down. we have the reporters out here like this guy that is standing on the side of the people that have money. yes, there are bills being contested what we're talking about is two months behind, $150 or more is what you owe. but the same kind of situation and same kind of threat is not being made to these folks that are rich. golf courses and -- >> maureen, i'm glad you brought it up. >> this is an outrage i hear this morning. >> i'm glad you brought the part up. while residents have been shut off. the detroit red wings the hockey team plays they owe a bit more than $82,000. the detroit lion's stadium owes more than $55,000. golf courses, as you mentioned, owned by the city of detroit
7:49 am
o'more than $400,000. >> they're not being threatened with shut off. >> $5 million for water at state fairgrounds. i know, you reported that the state disputes the figures saying it's not responsible for infrastructure leaks. why aren't these other entities, why aren't they being forced to pay their bills? >> and craig, i'm glad you brought up it. maureen, when we did the original report in april, as you'll remember, we called out joe lewis arena and eastern market and the corporations that haven't paid up. we've been told many of those now have cleared their balances. but it's important to point out -- >> they have not. >> we have made it very clear from day one. we understand, and of course, i understand as a reporter -- >> shame on you. >> 14 years that we know there are people that have -- >> 14 years. shame on you. >> maureen, one moment. we know there are people who have tough financial situations.
7:50 am
we work here in detroit and survived bankruptcy. we get it. we see every day. unfortunately there are people that do not feel like they need to pay the bill. >> hank, hank, and you've talked to the people. people have said, you know, i've got the money, i just don't want to pay for water? >> right. i mean, we've heard stories. >> no, he hasn't. >> maureen, you have -- >> maureen. maureen, you center to let him answ answer. come on. >> all right, hank. >> i understand the other side of the issue. we understand with a we're dealing with what we are talking with maureen. we're not oblivious that people in detroit are struggling. we are saying the water departments to work with you. >> they do not, hank. >> they're saying they're willing to work with you. let's hope they can get the water back on. >> maureen, last word. what would you like to see happen, maureen? >> in ten seconds i can't tell you what i want to happen
7:51 am
because i don't want to speak those words. but the next time you invite me to be here, let's have some truth and change as opposed to hank who doesn't know what he's talking about gobble up the time. >> you're giving her the last word? >> hank and maureen. we're going to leave it there. we'll have you back. we'll be right back. tends t rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, this can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain, and improve daily physical function so moving is easier. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain. and it's not a narcotic you and your doctor should balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naproxen and meloxicam have the same cardiovascular warning. they all may increase the chance of heart attack or stroke, which can lead to death.
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today's political note starts with sarah palin. it seems like the former vp candidate may have her eye on the spot at the "the view." she said, quote, i hear everyone recently got cabbed from the view. maybe they need some humble sense knocked into their script. palin nicer things to say about hillary clinton. calling her bold for taking on barack obama.
7:55 am
it's official another reality star is running for office. bravo's southern charm star t-rav will be challenging lindsey graham as an independent. he does have some political experience. he was the state treasurer before he resigned over a drug charge. spent some time in prison as well. whoever is manning the cia twitter feed is trying to prove the sense of humor. to celebrate the agency's four month twitter verse i are. it did a little q & a. they insist the agents do not know their password and, quote, no, we don't know where tupac is. and the same ad makers who brought you joni ernst ad, apparently taking the shot from the kids he coaches.
7:56 am
>> we don't are that. we'll try to get it to you. we'll try get that you tomorrow. something else we're going get you tomorrow. maureen taylor, i've extended an invitation for her to come back tomorrow. we'll give her a bit more time. that's going to do it. up next on "newsnation" with tamron hall. a picture that appears to be johnny manziel. johnny football. going viral and blowing up social media. we'll explain it next. age you . take them on the way you always have. live healthy and take one a day men's 50+. a complete multivitamin with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. age? who cares.
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8:00 am
the white house said the unaccompanied children coming into the country illegally will not be allowed to stay. this a day after homeland security secretary declined to say whether the children would be deported. >> once they go to the immigration system, it is our view it's unlikely most of the clids qualify for humanitarian relief. if they don't qualify for the relief. >> this as the controversy rages over the president's decision not to visit the border during a trip in texas. one of the top advocates for reform is criticizing. >> the border lands deserve a presidential visit. it's a complex issue. we're talking about economicing, cultural issues, we're talking high degrees of poverty on this side of the board. and so i


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