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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  July 21, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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after a shocking spectacle of decaying bodies and other evidence being spirited away by russian separatists. >> i would say putin, you have to man up. you should talk to the world. you should say, if this was a mistake, which i hope it was, say it. even if it was a mistake, it's a horrendous mistake to make. >> senate intelligence chair dianne feinstein joining us this hour. rising death toll. with casualties mounting in gaza and the deaths of two american israeli soldiers, secretary kerry is about to arrive in cairo hoping to revive cease-fire talks. >> it now has to be our focus, and the focus of the international community to bring about a cease-fire that ends the fighting and that can stop the deaths of innocent civilians. both in gaza and in israel.
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good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington where president obama has just spoken out within the last hour about the horrors of the crash scene in ukraine and demanded vladimir putin order russian separatists to let international investigators get to the site. this comes as a train with refrigerated cars has finally been loaded with bodies but only after evidence was contaminated for days by passersby, drunken soldiers and others, looting the personal effects of the victims. we have this covered from around the world. keir simmons joins me from phone by donetsk, ukraine, jim maceda in moscow and mcfaul will be joining me. has the armed soldiers moved back from the crash site or is this still a conflict zone? >> they definitely haven't moved back. the president talked about a demilitarized zone.
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this is not a demilitarized zone. he's right. we saw western observers and forensic experts arrive at the crash scene. they were flanked by what the president calls russian-backed separatists with kalashnikovs. as we made that journey about an hour from the crash scene to our base in donetsk, we saw four tanks and armored personnel carriers full of these pro-russian rebels armed to the teeth flying russian flags, driving the direction of the crash site, although admittedly, some time away. and civilians were fleeing in the other direction, driving at speeds. it wasn't clear what they were trying to escape that these military, these paramilitary militia were going toward. even as those observers arrived, hear in donetsk, there were
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clashes. so we have seen this war continue sporadically in various places across donetsk, even while the debris from this crash and people's personal possessions lie in those fields and the investigation really hasn't begun. >> in moscow, jim maceda, one of the things that has been so toxic is the poisonous propaganda spewing out in russian media. has that at all change ed or softened since vladimir putin's attempt today to put out a video ameliorating the situation? >> no it hasn't. it's still as vitriolic today as it was yesterday and the day before and the day before that. president putin can well afford to look presidential as he did this morning when he came out a short tv address saying that the downing of the mh-17 mustn't be
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used for political ends. he called on separatists to guard the crash site, to allow unfettered access to experts. he couldn't help taking a swipe at ukraine saying that if it hadn't been for the, crane army breaching a cease-fire there wouldn't have been an mh-17 tragedy. the reason he can be that way is because he has this extraordinary formidable weapon which is his state-run tv networks, channels, which can then, as they've done over the past 48 hours, pick apart all of the key theories. all of the key bodies of evidence that our secretary of state john kerry and the ukrainian and u.s. intelligence have been putting forward now for the past several days.
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he picks them apart whether it's the buk missile launcher, which one channel has determined was not russian at all. that it was ukrainian because they traced the serial number on the side of the buk missile launcher, number 312, to a unit that was based in ukraine. whether it was the conversations between the separatists, the russian separatists and his alleged russian handler. we've seen that 100 times now. that, in fact, according to another russian tv channel was a manufacturered series of conversations. audio fragments, if you will, that gave the impression that it was russians but, in fact, it wasn't. and on and on. so he's using this weapon quite to a great extent at a great effect because many, not all, but many of the russians here,
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perhaps not so much moscow but in other towns and cities across this country, get most of their information as we know from these channels. and there hasn't been a sense at all of the anger and outrage that the world, at least the western world, feels towards russia and towards especially vladimir putin right now. back to you. >> and michael mcfaul, you were the ambassador in russia. you had some celebrated dust-ups with vladimir putin. what is his end game here? does he think there is going to be no punishment to face for the rest of the world? certainly you could assume he feels that way given what's happened so far. >> well, i don't think he really knows what his end game is here. i think he is experimenting in eastern ukraine, and this is experiment involves innocent people now. and i think the world should
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understand that. what jim says about the propaganda in russia is absolutely correct. and, you know, i watch television and deal with people on twitter every day. they are living in a completely different world but we can't live in that world. and i think this crisis, this tragedy should make clear that this is putin's war. it was his war from the beginning. the commander there is a russian citizen. he's an occupier. now they've killed innocent people. we should just call it for what it is and accept the fact that yes, there may be economic consequences to the french and the british and the german and even american companies to respond to this, but we have to respond right now because if we don't, putin will play the long game. he only understands forceful response. he's not going to -- he is not going to respond to rhetoric. i think this is now a moment of truth for the west, not just for putin. >> outside of russia and eastern ukraine, is the rest of the world influenced by the twitter
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account from a deputy prime minister? the tweet yesterday saying, how can you believe american intelligence after what happened with saddam hussein and weapons of mass destruction or whatever. so is american credibility so damaged around the world because of the iraq war, let's say, that russia's propaganda will undermine the case that has been made at the u.n. already and by john kerry and the case that the president tried to make today? >> it most certainly has an effect. that is right. and it most certainly, when i was ambassador on many other issues trying to defend our position, and just empirical positions. i'm an ambassador but i'm also a social scientist. so data really matters to me. and it was very frustrating because of that frame. what it means, i think, for the obama administration and for the rest of the world is just we need to be, you know, very comprehensive in the way that we
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present the facts and keep in this game. you know, i hate to call it a game, but this propaganda conflict. we've got to be engaged in it. we just cannot assume that putting out the facts is enough. we've got to be in the business of convincing people of the facts because russia, just to be clear, is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in a counteroffensive. and i find it just outrageous that, you know, as putin is saying this somewhat graceful comment today that his own government then is accusing ukrainian aircraft of shooting down the malaysian airliner. we've got to take that on and just say this is outrageous and this is untrue. >> michael mcfaul, the former ambassador and now stanford professor. thank you so much. thanks to jim maceda and keir simmons, of course in the zone in eastern ukraine. joining me is the chair of the senate intelligence committee, senator dianne
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feinstein. you said yesterday on sunday television that vladimir putin needs to man up and if a terrible mistake were made, he should admit to that. what he did when he came out today is that international investigators should come in. he's still not allowing the osce, the organization for security and cooperation in europe to come in. now we have these bodies stacked, these remains stacked in a train. we don't know where it's going. can you speak to that? and the continuation of the russian propaganda machine. >> i agree with your last speaker, mr. mcfaul, that this is essentially putin's war in this area. the eastern part of the ukraine is essentially controlled by russian partisans who are run by russia. i agree with those who see a form of fighters, russian fighters amidst them. russian equipment, russian
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training. russian practice. and i think putin ought to own up in the sense that do what an objective, responsible leader would do. and that is to pull out the separatists, to let the international bodies go in, and to conduct the investigation that is made more difficult every day with the scene being compromised in every which way. we know that one expert has looked at a part of the forward cargo hold and said that, yes, this correlates with a missile attack. we need more of that kind of thing. i think it may well be that the united states should take its solid intelligence, which i believe is solid now, and declassify it and let the world see what went into this and why the belief is so solid that this, in fact, was a russian buk that unleashed this missile.
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so i think putin may say what he thinks is going to pass for acceptable action, but it really isn't because you can't control that site. where is the train? who is going to control the train? what international experts are going to have access to those bodies? all of this needs to be looked at. and then what action is the world going to take. are we just going to sit by and see this all happen? what action is europe going to take? will they become a participant in a sanctioned regime that will say to russia, the west condemns this act. >> secretary kerry laid out the intelligence as much as he's prepared to do publicly. let me play a little bit from "meet the press" and ask you about that. >> we picked up the imagery of this launch. we know the trajectory.
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we know where it came from. we know the timing, and it was exactly at the time that this aircraft disappeared from the radar. >> senator, how solid is the intelligence? you suggested it should be declassified. i remember when gene kirkpatrick went in front of the whole world with the data from 007 which was declassified by the reagan white house in 1983. should we declassify all of this now? is it solid enough to present it to have samantha power present it to the world? >> well, i believe based on what i know that it is, and i believe there's a high level of confidence, a very good intelligence people on this particular missile where it came from, its signature, its trajectory. its timing. and, you know, i do agree that america's reputation is somewhat diminished, but i think there are people that believe we want
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to do the right thing. and i think putin ought to do the right thing. and the right thing is to remove the separatists, let the international teams go in and be a constructive participant rather than obstructionist. and he has taken the obstructionist role in this. in the meantime, bodies are rotting. it's just terrible. and when you think any of them are innocent children it breaks your heart to see this happen. >> i know you are a grandparent, and i heard from one of our reports, a woman, a dutch woman who had four grandchildren who died on this plane saying i am not a grandmother anymore. i can't even imagine the pain of that. >> nor can i. >> what more can president obama do and should he be continuing with fund-raising and with political events? he's going out on another trip later this week.
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are we in a crisis now of such magnitude that this and also with the middle east that it should be not business as usual? >> well, this is a very hard time. with isis and its caliphate in the middle of syria and in the middle of iraq with them marching on baghdad, with what's happening with iran and the p5 plus 1. gaza, russia, the ukraine. so i think this is a most difficult time. now, look, i am not going to tell the president what to do. but i think the world would very much respect his increased attention on this matter. and i think there ought to be increased attention. i think the leader of the free world has to be strong and this is a time where strength is necessary. and this, our president, has to convince europe to stand up and be part of this.
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so that the world can speak out with one voice of condemnation. i think this is very important. i don't think this should just slide from the viewers' screen. i think people have to understand the kind of world we live in today, with this kind of expressly high tech technology and what it can do and who has access to it. this is as important as keeping people from a dirty bomb, in my view. >> dianne feinstein, chair of the intelligence committee, thank you very much, senator. and much more right ahead here on "andrea mitchell reports," including the latest on the crisis in the middle east. today secretary kerry will be arriving in cairo to try to revive a cease-fire proposal after the deadliest day in the gaza strip since the conflict began two weeks ago. first to washington state where the largest wildfire
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the war between israel and hamas militants is escalating in gaza. today a dozen israeli tank shells hit a hospital in gaza city killing four people, wounding dozens. 110 palestinians, including civilians and 13 israeli soldiers, including two americans, have been killed sunday in exchanges of rocket and artillery fire. thousands of palestinians are
9:21 am
taking refuge in the parking lot of gaza city's main hospital. as doctors and nurses fill thing more -- the morgue with dozens of victims, many of them children. joining me for reports from both sides of this crisis, richard engel live in gaza and nbc's martin fletcher in tel aviv. richard, first to you, we saw the situation over the weekend in the hospital and the tears from the doctors and emergency relief workers. tell us what more -- what more today. >> i just got back from the hospital a short while ago. as you mentioned, another hospital outside of gaza city was hit and four people were killed in that attack. so many of the patients who were in that hospital have been brought to the main hospital here in gaza city. and the hospital is -- appears overwhelmed. we went to one of the wards, an emergency ward and we saw a lot of children.
9:22 am
one child, a young girl who was now completely paralyzed when her house was shelled. her brother and sister killed. her mother killed. we saw another girl who has horrific bruising across her face. a woman paralyzed from the neck down. hospital officials told us ghat 100 children have been killed since this conflict began. that would be about 25% of all of the casualties. and another medical official said that about 50% of the palestinian casualties, thus far, have been women and children. so here they are -- they are seeing no let-up in the fighting and just all day we've been hearing constant israeli artillery fire. most of it on the outskirts of gaza city. to the east of here in a neighborhood and that's where the most intense fighting was yesterday and where the intense fighting is continuing today. >> and martin fletcher, on the israeli side, of course, they
9:23 am
say this will continue. they have to go after the tunnels. they have to go after the rocket emplacements and they've lost 13 soldiers, two of whom were american. >> that's right, andrea. as richard is saying, the heaviest fighting in that northern area of gaza, with terrific casualties on both sides and intense fighting today, there appear to be more israeli casualties. waiting to hear about that. but while that fighting is so intense in that area and while so many of the wounded civilian palestinians have come from that area, the israelis are saying, look. what do you expect? we warned them to go. gave them two days notice by dropping leaflets, telephoning, warning this is going to be a heavy war zone because that's where the palestinian main rocket fire has taken place. so at a certain point, israel decided we're going to take out those things. we have to confront hamas head-on. they've gone into that area. it's a very heavily built up
9:24 am
area with narrow streets, israeli tanks are going down the streets. they're being ambushed from the sides by hamas fighters with rpgs, rocket propelled grenades. it's a very serious fighting going on in a very urban area. so casualties are high on both sides. but particularly among palestinian civilians. >> richard engel, are supplies getting in, food and water? i mean, gaza doesn't have a back door anymore. >> gaza does not have its back door into egypt and supplies are becoming a problem here. power is increasingly cut, and when the power cuts the flow of water is becoming increasingly difficult. some trucks are driving around gaza city now, although it's not incredibly safe to be driving around gaza city at all, bringing twurt some houses and some families that need it the most. but to put more context on where this intense fighting is taking place, we are looking east right
9:25 am
now. behind me is gaza city. and right at the end of gaza city where these buildings end, there's a small open area and then there is that neighborhood. and you can probably hear in the background, even as we've been speaking, these constant thuds. these deep explosions. that is israeli artillery fire. you might have been able to hear one right now. we've been hearing that all day long as the israelis have been founding the area to destroy tunnels to stop hamas from launching rockets and to provide some color as israeli troops are finding themselves in a very difficult a close quarter fight. some of the civilians are getting wounded. many of them have been warned to leave the area but people in gaza don't have many other options of where to go. this is not a wealthy place. they can't leave the area. i young just heard one more of the artillery shells. people feel trapped in this neorhood and certainly under attack now. >> richard engel, thanks so
9:26 am
much. our thanks to martin fletcher. just in the last hour, president obama spoke out from the white house about the situation in gaza and secretary kerry's role in any future negotiations as he heads towards egypt. >> the work will not be easy. obviously, there are enormous passions involved in this and some very difficult strategic issues involved. nevertheless, i've asked john to do everything he can to help facilitate a cessation hostilities. >> joining me is mark regev, spokesman for benjamin netanyahu. thanks very much for being with us from tel aviv. you've seen the pictures. you've seen the violence on both sides, the casualties on both sides. you know that the world has been with you more than in previous engagements. but the president over the weekend, president obama did talk to prime minister netanyahu
9:27 am
and said very interesting change of tone just yesterday. instead of emphasizing israel's need and right to defend itself, for the first time product obama was talking about the casualties and the need to do something about what's happening in gaza. how much pressure does israel feel under to get this wrapped up? >> we want this to end where we no long ver to worry about terrorist attacks from gaza. that's our goal. if that can happen sooner rather than later, we'd embrace that. every cease-fire proposal that's been put on the table and specifically those egyptian proposals that are supported by the u.n., supported by the arab league, supported by the united states, they've been consistently rejected by hamas. now we accepted those proposals. had hamas accepted them, too, this fighting would have been over. so it's clear why the conflict
9:28 am
is continuing. hamas said no to an arab league supported cease-fire proposal. >> now there is some reports coming out of egypt that egypt is willing to modify this proposal to make it more appealing to hamas. qatar and turkey were shut out of these negotiations by presumably israel and also by egypt which wanted to take the lead. as secretary kerry is about to land in cairo, is there a way the proposal could be modified to make it more palatable to hamas and to make it more viable as a possible vehicle to end this? you have ban ki-moon also in cairo, the u.n. secretary-general in cairo tonight. >> hamas has demands from here to timbuktu. the proposals the egyptians put on the table were not just egyptian proposals. they were supported a moment ago by large parts of the area.
9:29 am
i think people of gaza want that cease-fire and hamas has stubbornly refused to accept those proposals. now i think it's important to say the following. america is coming in now to cairo. america is putting its weight behind those egyptian proposals. mediation will not work unless it's clear who the mediator is. and it's clear the ball is in cairo and we've got to support that egyptian effort. >> and is there some point where secretary kerry and prime minister netanyahu may be meeting in the next couple of days? >> the secretary of state of the united states is always a welcome guest in israel. that's a fact. and we've been very appreciative of the support from washington. america has condemned hamas for rejecting the arab league egyptian cease-fire proposal. america has condemned hamas for their continued rocket fire and
9:30 am
terror attacks on israel. america has stood up strongly for israel's right to defend itself, and i think those positions are important positions. those positions are also held by many other democratic leaders, many other western leaders in europe and beyond in canada and australia. so we understand that there is strong international support for israel's position. and ultimately, what are we asking for? israel is asking that people shouldn't shoot rockets at our citizens. it's the most basic fundamental demand. and what we're doing now in gaza is legitimate self-defense. we are taking on. we are trying to target those who are trying to kill us. those terrorists shooting rockets at our people. those terrorists trying to come across the border and kill our people. we're trying to stop them. and what country on the planet wouldn't be acting as we would in such a situation. >> finally, mark, yesterday secretary kerry was overheard
9:31 am
saying about the israeli operation, it's a hell of a pinpoint operation. obviously, sarcastically describing the damage in gaza. do you feel that kerry and the united states are with you or is this getting to the point where you no longer have the full heartfelt backing of the united states as they see the casualties on the other side as well? >> first of all, i don't want to refer to remarks that weren't meant to be public. that would be inappropriate. israel doesn't want to see casualties. we doan want to see a single palestinian civilian casualty in gaza. why are there casualties? it's because hamas first of all rejected the cease-fire proposals. and secondly because hamas encourages the casualties. hamas deliberately has a strategy to have as many civilian casualitis on the palestinian side. in this neighborhood we urged as
9:32 am
your nbc reporters just said, we urge the civilian population to leave. we knew we had to take on the hamas terrorist infrastructure there. they were building rockets there, storing rockets there. they were shooting rockets from their position. they also have the subterranean tunnel there. they are there so they can pop out on our side and commit murder and mayhem. it's a legitimate target. we urged the civilian population to vacate the area. what did hamas say? hamas told civilians, don't go. why? because hamas wants them as human shields because hamas doesn't care how many of gaza civilians die on the altar of its very extreme fanatical agenda. >> mark regev, thank you for joining us from israel today. >> my pleasure. thank you for having me. earlier today at the white house, president obama signed an executive order protecting lgbt
9:33 am
employees from workplace discrimination by federal contractors against gays. the sdrd not include an exemption for religiously affiliated government contractors. executive action was needed after congress failed to pass a broader anti-discrimination law that failed to cover all employers. >> our government, the government of the people, by the people and for the people will become just a little bit fairer. it's time for your business entrepreneur of the week. they got a $500,000 loan from ken's parents and started mercantile home which manufactures clothing and home goods. without a lot of funds, they had to make everything themselves. and that turned out to be the key to their success. for more watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. if i can impart one lesson to a
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use thank ythank you for defendiyour sacrifice. and thank you for your bravery. thank you colonel. thank you daddy. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance can be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. we have breaking news. malaysia's prime minister says the rebel leader in eastern ukraine has now agreed to turn over the black boxes and allow independent investigators safe access to the crash site. nick burns served as u.s. ambassador to nato for president george w. bush and is now a professor at harvard at the kennedy school of government joining me now. nick, thank you for being with
9:37 am
us. we've seen president obama speaking out against vladimir putin saying that putin has control over this site. has control over these separatists. and we've been hearing from our correspondent in moscow that despite what putin said earlier today, the anti-ukraine, anti-america rhetoric is still spewing forth from russian media in moscow. >> that's right, andrea. and i think this is an important step that the malaysian government would have access to the black boxes. but it's been four days. and those russian separatists have completely disregarded the civilized world in wanting the remains of the victims to be returned, wanting the crash site to be treated with some respect and wanted international -- the proper international authorities to be given access so president obama was surely right in his statement just a couple of hours ago. the russian government has the capacity to end this crisis, but it chooses not to do that. and i just -- i think the president was very much right to say that. what the president needs to do
9:38 am
this week is push europe hard for strong sec tsectoral sanctions. that's the only thing that vladimir putin is going to understand because it will affect his bottom line. >> senator dianne feinstein chairs the intelligence committee. this is what she had to say earlier this hour to me. >> i think it may well be that the united states should take its solid intelligence, which i believe is solid now, and declassify it. and let the world see what went into this and why the belief is so solid that this, in fact, was a russian buk that unleashed this missile. do you have any doubt about the intelligence? we've all been conditioned by the mistakes that were made going into iraq. so we all want to have some caveats here. but do you think there's any doubt about the intelligence that the united states and britain and other vs have presented? >> i think just watching the
9:39 am
news and reading the newspaper, there's little doubt. we know that the russian government has been arming the russian separatists in ukraine. we know that they've brought sophisticated military technology, including sa-11 anti-aircraft systems into eastern ukraine. we know rebels couldn't operate them without training from the russian government and the ukrainian government is not capable of this. so it just stands to reason that russia bears responsibility. and i think this is an opportunity, andrea, for the president not just to condemn the russians but to encourage the europeans to find some courage here and to agree tomorrow on major sectoral sanctions against the russian government. and the president has a further opportunity, lead the world to isolate russia and, really, illuminate the responsibility that president putin has. that's the opportunity the president has to take right now this week. >> nick, there's a new profile of joe biden in the new yorker
9:40 am
just out today. and biden uncensored, as you know, often is. evan was travel with him and he quotes biden talking about vladimir putin and he says that biden back in 2011 on a trip out of kiev said that he had held his hand a few inches from his nose and said, mr. prime minister, i'm looking into your eyes. looking into putin before he was president again and he said, i don't think you have a soul. you said that, evan says he asked? it sounded like a movie line. absolutely, positively, biden responded and he then said, and he looked back at me and he said, we understand one another. is that whether hip ok riffal or not, biden said this to a reporter from the new yorker, is that the vladimir putin we're dealing with? >> well, i think it is. if you look at his entire political career, he is what he appears to be. he's a former kgb agent.
9:41 am
he says one thing and does another. this morning, andrea, he called for a full board international investigation of the shoot down of the malaysian airliner. four days ago, he could have insisted that those russian separatists turn over all the evidence to the proper authorities. allowed the european officials to come in. they blocked them all weekend. i think with putin you have to look not at what he says but his actions. he's a reconstructed apologist for the soviet union and the soviet regime. he said that. and he acts like it today. and so we have to judge him by his actions and i thought the president's statement this morning from the rose garden was a good statement, but i did think there was a missed tur ee opportunity. the president said we want a political settlement. i don't think that's the right point. the right point is to pressure president putin to basically isolate him internationally to hold him responsible for the military technology that they've given those separatists and to sanction russia. that's the critical step that's
9:42 am
been missing from the western response all the way back, andrea, to the end of february when putin invaded and then annexed crimea. >> nick burns, thanks for being with us. and when we come back, border wars on the home front. what did the white house know a when did they know it? and startup ny companies will be investing hundreds of millions of dollars in jobs and infrastructure. thanks to startup ny, businesses can operate tax free for 10 years. no property tax. no business tax. and no sales tax. which means more growth for your business, and more jobs. it's not just business as usual. see how new york can help your business grow, at take them on the way you always have. live healthy and take one a day men's 50+. a complete multivitamin with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. age? who cares.
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9:46 am
years? >> absolutely. this situation started the end of 2011 and then into 2012 and doubled in terms of the number of kids coming by 2013. in our report we talked about one moment in last summer, summer of 2013, the department of homeland security was so befuddled by this situation, at a loss of what to do, their patrol stations were overwhimmed by the number of children arrested at the border. which at that time was 66 children a day unaccompanied with no parents. the department of homeland security commissioned an outside study about how to deal with this. and the men who led that study, it was a former patrol agent, told me that the minute that these analysts arrived at the ft. brown patrol station in texas, they recognized this is what what a patrol station is set up for. children all over the place. the patrol officers, 30 of them, were responsible for driving them to get showers, making their meals, grocery shopping, and then as soon as they were able to place them outside in temporary shelters, more kids would come.
9:47 am
this was a very clear moment last summer. it was bound to get worse. this was the bare minimum number of kids coming and sure enough by this year we've seen this full-blown crisis. many people said the administration could have done more over the past two years. >> what do you think the motivation was? were they afraid it would hurt any attempt at comprehensive immigration reform? was it just that they didn't want to deal with it? >> they weren't sure why this was happening. a broader number of folks from central america, including adults coming over the border. the idea the children were coming without parents as well was a subset of that. at first they didn't recognize it. as those numbers grew more and it was clear there was this phenomenon with the children who deserve more legal protection and are harder to deal with in terms of their legal rights. they were becoming overwhelmed. and i think the administration's basic response was let's try to put more money to health and human services, which deal with the kidkids, protect the kids. part of that is dealing with a
9:48 am
law enforcement agency in dhs that apprehends the kids and they are required by law to turn them over to health and human services to care for the kids. several people believe that the administration did, as well as democrats in congress, even though they became aware of this situation, they were concerned that it would look like there was chaos at the border and that would go against the message the president was trying to send to republicans like that you have to go on -- go along with comprehensive reform. the republicans were saying you haven't secured the border. if this became this full-blown crisis earlier, that might jeopardize the reform in congress on this bigger legislative agenda. so that is a concern people have raised to me as part of the moltivation why the administration may not want to confront this head-on a year ago or six months ago or even two years ago when it started. >> david nakamura, thank you very much. and we've lost a legend of both small and silver screens. james garner passed away over the weekend. he was 86. his career spanned six decades. the korean war veteran and
9:49 am
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9:53 am
brian williams in a major interview to air tonight on "nightly news." let's watch. >> it's very sad to see any of these civilian deaths is terribly sad. and we regret every one of them, and we don't seek to have even one civilian death. we're targeting hamas terrorists. i can tell you that we opened up a hospital, a field hospital on the edge of gaza and hamas doesn't let the people come there. they are hiding rockets in hospitals. they are hiding arms in hospitals. they are shooting from hospitals. they just don't care. they break every norm of the book. every rule in the book. committing triple war crimes. targeting civilians, hide beg hind civilians and piling civilians in places they'll be in harmee way. >> you can see more with israel's prime minister's interview with brian williams tonight on nightly news. to provide strong,
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get all day arthritis pain relief with an easy-open cap. i got some good news and some bad news today. well, one of those things is true. the deadliest day yet so far in this conflict. >> absolutely shambolic situation. it does look more like a garden cleanup than a forensic investigation. >> a staten island man who later died in custody placed in an apparent chokehold. >> first up. developing news right now. president obama's strongest words yet for russia following the downing of malaysia air flight 17. four days after that jet was shot out of the sky and pro-russian separatists continue to control the crash site, just last hour, malaysia's prime minister announced he'd reached a deal with separatists to turn over the bodies of the victi


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