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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  July 22, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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kalashnikovs. >> putin has been caught in the web of his own lies. he's made up the whole story from the very beginning. and critical condition. a court decision today deals a potentially lethal blow to a part of obamacare. could the supreme court be next? and good day. i'm andrea mitch knell report. malaysia airline investigators timely got to the crash site after days of looting and contamination of evidence. the militants finally handed over the black boxes of the d m doomed plane. prime minister cameron of the british said they'll rehelp with analysis. a train containing bodies of some victims arrived today and could be sent back to the netherlands by a cargo plane as
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early as tonight. but it would be months before they're finally identified and transferred back to their families. european lead earls agreed to tighten sanctions on russia today but not take the strongest measures against sectors of the russian economy and russian officials trying to pin the blame on kiev government for the shootdown. with evidence the u.s. says is completely false. joining me now is nbc's kier simmons and, kier, first to you, we understand that malaysian investigators, preem freople fr netherlands finally got in. >> reporter: yeah. they finally got a chance to have a look at it, a full five days after the crash happens. investigators and others, they looked at all of the wreckage slowly taking photographs and examining both parts of the
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sail, for example, and people's possessions. really, really long job to do for all the time accompanied by the rebels. we understand that they were brought in after very difficult negotiation between the rebel leader and the malaysians. the malaysian prime minister himself speaking directly on the phone to the leader of the rebels here in order to agree that they could come in and begin this investigation. as well as agreeing to hand over the black boxes and to have those bodies moved back to the netherlands, andrea. >> sabrina, you have been there since the beginning, reporting on the dreadful first couple of days. have things become anymore normal? what about the role of the russian separatists? how aggressive are they still around some of this evidence? >> you know, i think that essentially it's not -- it's kind of status quo here in an
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interesting way. i'm -- i've been in a couple of very tightly rebel controlled towns today and to places where the americans suspect that the weapon was fired from. and i -- you know, it's really kind of a checkpoints took the same. the rebels, the ukrainians have been pushing their battle quite intensely. and, sort of, you know, there's been quite an exchange of fire. rocket attacks. there's been some bombing in the area. but for the most part, you know, society and the kind of rebels and the groups and checkpoints don't seem particularly changed. >> what about information getting to people in eastern ukraine? we have seen the barrage of propaganda to people in russia. is the media under control in eastern ukraine? >> it's a good question. in the takeovers this spring of these areas by the rebels a
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lot -- one of the key things that happened is a lot of main television towers were taken over and that the main ukrainian tv station replaced with one of the russian television stations so they're pretty much in the same kind of information market, if you will, as russians. and essentially, you know, really kind of have -- believe that line. and, you know, it is partly hooked in with the world view which is that many of the rebels out here are, you know, impoverished, not very educated men who have very old soviet-era guns and, you know, together with string. so many of them say, well, how could these guys do something like this? they're not sophisticated enough. so, you know, i think there's sort of a -- they -- there's a reality kind of an alternate reality out here that's really kind remarkable. i know that sort of in the west
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the conclusion is reached that it's these rebels that really shot down this plane. but that is just not the world that people in eastern ukraine live in. that's not what they believe. >> sabrina of "new york times," thank you so much. "the new york times" chief white house correspondent peter baker joins me now from washington. peter, you have done extensive reporting. you have seen vladimir putin. is the president or john kerry and other officials trying to give putin a little bit of running room, an exit ramp, if you will? putin comes out yesterday and finally is a little bit more moderate in his position and then other officials, the ambassador in malaysia going off on the wild tar gents about a ukrainian fighter jet in the area, things that u.s. intelligence absolutely dispute. >> right. no. exactly. i think the americans would like to believe the words that president putin said yesterday but they're skeptical. they have been down this road before on any number of
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occasions and prior to the plane crash, president putin signaled what seemed to be support for a de-escalation and only to ratchet things up again days again and they believe he's playing a double game, say one thing to placate europeans in particular. they're gathering to decide what kind of sanctions if any further measure to take against russia. at the same time, the government and other forums continues to head down the same path they have been on. >> and what we're hearing is that they're not the big guns but more asset freezes and the french refusing to cancel big arms sales to russia and europe is still not manning up as it were as dianne feinstein's expression for what vladimir putin should do, acknowledge the mistake and apologize. let's show you a map and a graphic that the u.s. embassy in kiev put up with a very detailed intelligence break down of what they saw and when they saw the
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missile taking off from a particular area of eastern ukraine. and, going towards the flight. they didn't see anything else in the air space. they tracked by radar and say a similar sa-11 missiles, batteries that were -- that are in kiev or under the control of ukrainian military aren't operational and haven't fired a single shot, whereas the rebel -- the separatists have fired twice before in just the week prior. they also saw a convoy, peter, as you well know, a convoy of 150 vehicles heavy arms, tanks, the missile batteries, going into eastern ukraine just on the weekend before this terrible tragedy. >> right, no, exactly. they're trying hard to lay out the intelligence they have. you don't often see the american government being quite as overt in putting out the information. usually says it wants to protect sources and methods.
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i think they're more robust about how public because they want to counter the -- what they see as propaganda of moscow and convince the world that this is not, in fact, some other -- there is no other explanation and help tighten the noose around russia to isolate russia for its actions, so you're seeing that. i think the dni, the director of national intelligence will give a briefing on what they have seen on this. they're being very out front on the intelligence. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. joining me from the white house is ben rhodes from the national security council. ben, let's talk about whether there should be declassification. should samantha power be authorized at the united nations to lay it out the way gene kir patrick did in 1983 two or three weeks after korean air 07 shot down by the then soviet union. >> well, good to be with you, andrea. there's going to be further declassification.
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the intelligence community is working through the information it has. we expect that later today they will be able to put out additional information that supports what we have said which is that we believe that the most likely outcome here was that this was an sa-11. that originated from russian separatists controlled area so we'll be putting that out from the intelligence community. certain ly samantha and others continue to make the information we know. >> they said it's circumstantial evidence but very good circumstantial evidence. is there a smoking gun? is there a picture that you can identify? can you place russians with these separatists at the missile battery? >> well, it's both. circumstantially what we know is that these weapons were flowing into russian-backed separatist controlled areas. we know that the ukrainian government did not have active anti-aircraft artillery in this area. we know that there were three
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aircraft shot down in the weeks before that separatists control over of. they claimed responsibility for those shootdowns. we have, again, harder intelligence and evidence that we can continue to put forward that, again, end kaits that we believe that this was an sa-11 and we believe indicates that the most likely origination from that was russian-backed separatist areas. same time we need to get on the ground, get the hard evidence of the crash site and supported an international investigation. that will tell us more, as well. of course, the hardest thing to determine is who exactly was at the site. the question you raised, was it separatists? russians involved? we'll continue to pull the thread on those questions, as well. >> now, today u.s. air and delta both canceled flights into israel because of a diversion of the airport in tel aviv. we now know that there's no international organization, ben, that tells airlines, american as well as others, don't fly in
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conflict zones. shouldn't there be better control? it's up to individual countries and airlines to make final decisions. >> well, it is also up to the faa and united states what the faa can do is provide warnings and we provided warnings, for instance, in ukraine about the hostilities there in the last several weeks. and so the faa has a lead responsibility to provide advice to american carriers, again, about the dangsers that could exist in different areas. what we saw recent sli a rocket fired by hamas in the vicinity of this airport so carriers will make their own independent decisions and faa has a resource for guidance as to what they see as a potential danger for american air carriers. >> i'm told all american carriers won't fly in that zone. are there other conflict zones? are there other areas where there are s.a.m.s. that could hit a commercial flight like isis and the taliban? >> there are two areas that i
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think are most interesting to people right now. one is over that russian-ukrainian border and crimea where we have issued that guidance. the issue in israel is not s.a.m.s. or anti-aircraft weapons. the fact that some of the rockets that hamas is firing come too close for comfort to the airport for american air carriers. we'd like to see, number one, a ceasefire that deals with the rockets, insists that hamas stops firing the rockets and ultimately that should restore the confidence they need to restore air travel to israel and we believe that can happen in the coming days. >> ben, finally, there was a noticeable shift in the readout of the phone call between the president and prime minister netanyahu on sunday. no longer emphasizing only israel's right or i shouldn't say only but no longer emphasizing the right to defend itself but really stepping up the emphasis on the civilian
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casualties. how long can israel continue this despite the tunnels, despite everything that happened to israel? we are seeing hundreds and hundreds of palestinian victims, victims in gaza. children, 150 or more children, children more than that injured but 150 dead children. how long can israel as a close american ally armed by the united states with more american foreign aid than any other country in the world, how long can this sustain? >> well, andrea, number one, we made clear that hamas is responsible for the conflict. they initiated the conflict. israel absolutely has a right to defend themselves against rockets and tunnel attacks into israel. same time, we've been heart broken by the casualties of the palestinians, the loss of children, the loss of innocent life. just as we have been heart broken over the growing toll of israeli soldiers, as well. our belief is that the best course of action is an immediate ceasefire that brings an end to
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the violence. again, what we would want it to deal with is hamas rocket fire so that the ceasefire to be acceptable in our view to get at the question of whether hamas is armed with rockets, certainly whether they're firing the rockets, but you are right. secretary kerry is in the region because we believe a ceasefire is best course of action to prevent the type of innocent loss of life we have seen in recent days and also providing for israel's security. >> thank you so much, ben rhodes. thanks for believing us today from the white house. >> thank you. now the latest in washington state where firefighters bat tell state's largest wildfire in state's history. the fire believed to have been ignited by lightning scorched nearly 300,000 acres, more than 4 times the size of seattle and only 2% contained. this week's weather forecast could be a double-edged sword for the 1,700 firefighters attacking the blaze. light rain today and tomorrow could dampen the ground and
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increase the chance of lightning to ignite more flames. it's taken the life of a man trying to save the home n. a town, 30 homes destroyed including many mayor's. >> i just want you all to know that we as a community are going to pull together and make this town even better. ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ ♪ da-da-da-da-da, bum-da, bum-da ♪
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and this breaking news we have been reporting, all u.s. airlines canceled flights to israel until further notice after reports of a rocket near tel aviv's airport and air strikes barrage targets in the gaza strip as the death toll continues to mount. joining me with the latest of both sides, martin fletcher of
9:19 am
tel aviv and from gaza, aman mohyeldin. martin, this is a dramatic step. i'm not sure it would have happened without the shootdown and criticism of the malaysian airlines but they're sensitive and this is a pretty unusual move to cancel all flights to israel. >> well, that's right. but it's a moment for the reason you say. israel, the israeli airport authority of course very disappointed the government, too. but what happened is delta airlines canceled all -- all flights in -- for the -- until further notice. united airlines canceled two flights to israel from -- for today and they're going to assess how to go forward. by the way, korean airlines did the same thing a few days ago. what happened was that a rocket fell fired from gaza about five
9:20 am
miles from the town and damaged three houses and nobody quite considerably, nobody was hurt. there was no one there at the time but it's very close to the airport. three miles. and other rockets have fallen in the sea and in open areas not too far away. there's a threat to the airport. nothing's actually happened at the airport. every time there's a siren, people in the airport have to run into shelters or go to protected areas so it's a sense -- let me just point out one thing, andrea. in terms of context. the israelis say we can't give back the west bank. the hills overlooking the airport, and people fire rockets at the airport and stop air traffic. here we see that argument is a bit outdated by the rocket threat from gaza. >> of course, the u.n. ambassador was with the prime minister netanyahu today pressing, again, for more care given the civilian deaths.
9:21 am
real international concern. ayman mohyeldin is in gaza. you have been to the hospitals, been to the morgue and today we had our colleagues at aptn associated press television network and al jazeera offices were hit in gaza. >> reporter: that's correct. in fact, they were actually given morning shots as they described it and forced them to evacuate the building. they were not deliberately then followed up with that devastating strike we have grown accustomed to here over the course of the last several days. what tends to happen is a warning shot and forced to leave the building and followed by the ruch stronger israeli destruction of the building. the second shot never happened but in their eyes they thought it was a warning and evacuated the building. again, according to al jazeera they called and evacuated. there was a palestinian
9:22 am
journalist here, an experienced photo journalist riding with an ambulance to document the evacuation of citizens and residents from the neighborhood in the eastern part of the gaza strip, both of those were killed, the paramedic and the photo journalist were killed and brought back to the hospital and disturbed scene, emotional scene for the paramedics carrying a first responder and the journalists seeing the backup of the ambulance and saw the bloody press vest, it was a very emotional scene for the journalists there, as well, andrea. >> ayman in gaza, as well to martin, thank you. for more on this, i'm joined by executive director of the palestine center, educational program part of the jerusalem fund. the death toll on both sides is horrific. particularly on the palestinian side. yet, the white house again today emphasizing that hamas has to agree to a ceasefire. no matter what the conditions, hamas has to agree so that
9:23 am
negotiations can proceed. give me your reaction to all of this. >> i think it's very disturbing and disheartening to hear that kind of language from the white house. of course, there needs to be a ceasefire. should have been a ceasefire demanded i think by washington more than a week ago when this was still at its early stages but, you know, the reality is that when it comes to the civilian casualties, there is firing going in both directions but only one side really here has the capacity to inflict massive civilian casualties on the other. and so i think, you know, while this has to come to an end, of course, to blame hamas for civilian casualties in the gaza strip when they're being caused by, you know, israeli fire through f-16s or naval fire or artillery fire is really not helpful for the situation in any way. >> what about the tunnels? because that is what israel claims is different about this
9:24 am
engagement as compared to the previous conflicts with gaza. the tunnels providing a direct threat to israel. we have seen video of the palestinian fighters, hamas fighters coming through the tunnels and coming out as some had israeli idf uniforms. >> right. well, you know, going underground and digging tunnels underground is certainly not the preferred choice of human beings everywhere. the reason that tunnel industry was really developed in the gaza strip was because of the siege that's been ongoing now for so many years in the gaza strip and forced by the israelis and egyptians to bring in the goods that were being denied to people through the main crossings. so, there's a context here to the tunnels and everything else. you know? there is simply no military solution to this. i think it kind of underscores
9:25 am
the lack of strategic thinking on the israeli side for the massive military campaign that will cause civilian casualties to remove things like tunnels to be dug again. this is not a sustainable, realistic or morally justifiable response to this problem. there are other ways around it through diplomacy and addressing the legitimate grievances on the ground. >> there's breaking news by reuters in cairo, a palestinian official has proposed a ceasefire, immediate ceasefire, foll followed by five days of negotiations. is that -- could that be a condition that hamas would agree to? there are divisions between hamas and fattah leadership in the palestinian authority. >> sure. i think what -- it's important to point out here that in if gaza strip, the people taking part in the beling rensi here are not just hamas but different
9:26 am
parties including the martyrs brigade that span the political spectrum there so what's important here is really getting ceasefire terms that address not just the concerns of hamas by itself but the concerns of all the people on the ground there. and the thing that people in gaza are worried about is that this is a repeat of previous ceasefires where the fire comes to a halt and then is siege which is a system of violence by the israelis on the people there in gaza continues and the world turns attention away. so, i think perhaps this could be an opening but if it doesn't address the reality that is the siege then we're only going to be seeing this ceasefire like previous ones crumble again. >> thank you so much. thank you for being with us today. president obama has marked a milestone today in the oval office celebrating the 45th anniversary of the apollo 11 mission with busine.
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so factors like diet can negatively impact good bacteria? even if you're healthy and active. phillips digestive health support is a duo-probiotic that helps supplement good bacteria found in two parts of your digestive tract. i'm doubly impressed! phillips' digestive health. a daily probiotic. this breaking news now. a second federal appeals court reached a conflicting opinion, another decision, in connection with to tax credits under the affordable care act. the federal exchanges. what does it mean for obamacare? we are all confused. joining me now is chris cillizza, bloolberg news reporter jean cummings and justice correspondent pete williams who will make it all totally clear. pete? >> okay. well, here's the issue, andrea. most of the states did not set up their own exchanges under the
9:31 am
obamacare law, so most people that are getting their insurance through the exchanges are getting them through the federal exchanges and the question is, does the irs, does the law that congress passed give the irs the authority to give subsidies to people who buy on the federal exchanges? it's obviously clear they can get them on the state exchanges and the answer so that depends on which court you asked. today the d.c. court of appeals ruled 2-1, no, the federal government can't give them. it would affect the people under the federal exchanges and qualify because -- of their low income but the exact opposite conclusion has been reached just a few moments ago by the 4th circuit court of appeals in virginia in a companion parallel case through the courts. now, both appeals court said this is not the greatest job congress ever did in passing a clear law, the 4th circuit says
9:32 am
we can't tell whether it makes tax credits available on the federal exchanges but they say when you read the statute as a whole, this is the obama administration's argument, it seems that's what congress wanted. it just didn't say so very artfully. the d.c. court went one way. this court went the other. what's the immediate effect? none. nothing changes for now and, you know, the obama administration is already said it's going to appeal to the full d.c. circuit court of appeals and see what the losing side, the challengers will do in the 4th circuit and for now nothing changes and two rulings that go in completely opposite directions and sometimes happens and that's what the supreme court is for, to straighten it out. whether it gets to the supreme court or not, we have to wait and see. >> i told you that pete would clear it up for us. here's what josh harnest said. >> congress intended for every
9:33 am
eligible american to have subsidies to lower the health care costs whether state officials or federal officials running the marketplace. i think that's a pretty clear intent of the congressional law. >> of course, jean, what the court said is that it isn't that clear. that congress really did not do a very good job of making did intentions clear. >> well, that's exactly right. and the sections of the law that have been highlighted by this lawsuit, you know, is a bill itself over a thousand pages so we're talking about sentences and words that are making the difference here and the attorneys who brought the case dug through and you can see where with just a slightest deviation in the language this would not be an issue. but the language is what it is and every single word matters in a lawsuit and in, you know, congress said -- they cited a section talking about the subsidy, the section of the law that applied to creating a
9:34 am
state-based exchange, and if they had just added one more sentence, you know, or one more citation to apply to those that are either in partnership or created by the federal government, this wouldn't have been a problem. >> and john boehner, chris, has said that house speaker said that the ruling is also further proof that president obama's health care law is completely unworkable. it cannot be fixed. the american people recognize that obamacare is hurting our economy and making it harder for small businesses to hire and why republicans remain committed to repealing the law and replacing it with solutions to lower health care costs and protect american jobs. i kind of thought we were over the hump here and that this is not going to be the big issue in the midterm elections. do you think that it resurrects this as a political issue given the other issues that subsequently come out there? >> before walking over here to be on with you i started writing something saying essentially you might think that that would change things but you would be wrong. the reason is this.
9:35 am
could it have massive policy implications if what the d.c. court found is true? of course. you can't subsidize the people on the federal exchanges and therefore the law could collapse under its own weight. we're a long way from there. in the near to medium term, the politics of obamacare, you thought we were beyond it, it's because nothing changes. not the supreme court ruling ruling it constitutional. not the hobby lobby ruling. nothing politically speaking changes people's minds about this law. you have about 45% of people to 48% of people who disapprove. low 40s who approve of the law. it's not moved in significant numbers in 18 months or a couple of years so my guess is, yes, if this happened it would be a big deal. politically republicans don't like the law. democrats kind of -- i should say republicans hate the law. democrats like the law.
9:36 am
independents lean toward not liking the law and nothing will change that political reality. >> briefly, pete, are there any other decisions, any other appeals working through the courts? >> these were the two we were expecting so this is -- this is not only one by the end of the day. and so i guess if you're keeping score and counting judges, it is 5-1 finding the law is -- does give the authority to give the tax breaks. but it's two decisions from two courts in two different directions. >> and that's why we have pete williams and jean cummings and chris cillizza. thank you all very much. it is a special day for little boy in the uk. prince george turns 1 year old today and to help us celebrate, the palace released photos of the little prince. the world delighted in sharing in some of the mayor milestones from the first public appearance. >> got a good pair of lungs on him, that's for sure. he's a big boy, quite heavy.
9:37 am
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if energy could come from anything?. or if power could go anywhere? or if light could seek out the dark? what would happen if that happens? anything. and today president obama continued to pay tribute to the victims lost on mh-17. just a short while ago in washington, the president visited the dutch embassy where he signed a condolence book and expressed the country's solidarity with the netherlands. >> we'll work with them to make
9:41 am
sure that loved ones are recovered, that upon the investigation is conducted and that ultimately justice is done. and i'm joined now in washington by tom costello covering aif yigs and every moment of this crisis. tom, what's faa doing? >> we have breaking news. the faa issued a notice to airmen prohibited from flying into the airport in tel aviv up to 24 hours. this following that rocket that landed near the airport a short time ago. you may recall earlier in the morning delta airlines announced itdy ver diverted a flight to l inbound to tel aviv when the rocket hit and then according to the united states faa, they immediately began conferring with other airlines to determine whether they should prohibit all airlines from flying in.
9:42 am
american unilaterally decided to do that and united and now the faa with a notice to airmen, no flights for 24 hours into the airport in tel aviv because of the rocket that landed near the airport. no injuries to our knowledge and did not hit the airline or rather the airport itself. but the threat of rockets coming anywhere close to the airport is now the reason that the faa issued an order. andrea? >> and, in fact, tom, we were talking with ben rhodes from the white house about this and with martin fletcher in tel aviv and martin said other airlines, korean and others did this already yesterday. israel is -- israeli airport authority is very badly hurt by this and -- >> yeah. >> you know? all the other economic problems for israel but obviously a need for caution. but one of the things you have been reporting on is the fact that there is no global authority to warn aviators, to warn airlines not to go near certain conflict zones. >> we were looking into the issue relates to ukraine and the
9:43 am
shoot down of flight 17. notices the airmen are issued by an airline's home country, for example, the united states is faa. or by that country that they're flying over. in other words, ukraine can close their air space. they did up to 32,000 flight and flight 17 at 33,000 feet. the united states cannot issue a notice of airmen of foreign care yerls into tel aviv. however, you might expect now with the biggest airlines in the world, delta, united, american, et cetera, deciding they're not going to fly into tel aviv because of this -- what they perceive as a risk, that's likely to set a tone and other airlines may decide to follow suit. clearly, in the wake of malaysia airlines deciding it was going to continue flying over ukrainian air space after multiple airlines were deviating from the area completely and then malaysia airlines shot done, airlines at this point,
9:44 am
you have to imagine, very skittish and don't want to take chances, not the least of which you know they don't want chances with the passengers' lives and potentially liability for not taking the u.s. lead and flown over a hot zone and potentially deadly. >> tom costello, thank you very much. in a moment, talking to house foreign affairs chair ed royce about this and the other foreign crises. in the nation, the safest feature in your car is you. add vanishing deductible from nationwide insurance and get $100 off for every year of safe driving. which for you, shouldn't be a problem. just another way we put members first, because we don't have shareholders. join the nation. nationwide is on your side.
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9:48 am
there's no over arching authority around the world and we saw what happened to malaysia airlines. should airlines and be more regulation that airlines not go near hot zones? i can imagine an s.a.m. in syria or isis missile putting airlines at risk. >> here's the problem with what's developing. unless we stop those two countries that are proliferating the missiles, iran is providing the missiles to hamas. right? and you have the missiles being provided to the separatists by russia. unless the international community comes together very quickly, it's going to occur to the terrorist organizations that, you know, they have shot down 12 planes. last one an airliner in eastern ukraine. they can basically close down flights in and out of kiev if they keep this up. in and out of the airport and carry out economic warfare and increase a travel embargo
9:49 am
basically. hamas can do the same thing to israel. so the question is, will the international community now come together and find the will to do something to put enough pressure on the two regimes in the world that are proliferating these particular weapons, these kinds of long-range rockets that can hit planes, one of them being -- one of them being iran and the other one being rush why. >> what should we do about russia? vladimir putin's people are saying that there was a ukrai ukrainian kiev military fighter jet in the area. they're pushing back against the american intelligence. we understand that the intelligence is finally going to be declassified as the u.s. tries to make the case. what can you tell us about that? >> i can tell you a month ago a general, nato commander, expressed his concern about the fact that russian separatists were being sent into russia and trained on the particular missile system that we're talking about.
9:50 am
the sa-11 and we know that those missiles were provided by russia, came over the border along with about 150 tanks and other pieces of heavy equipment. and then were pulled back after it was discovered that it had hit the jetliner. but my concern here is that the international community and now we maybe have a chance because the passions in europe as well as malaysia, australia, you know, southeast asia, worldwide, are now crystallizing to a point that we may force putin on this one issue, stop transferring missiles across borders and handing them to separatists or terrorist organizations. let's focus on that and let's also focus on iran. let's have the international community say, you want to see debilitating sanctions? we won't let you give to terrorist organizations the kinds of missiles to close down airports or be aimed at planes.
9:51 am
i think it's imperative. >> we'll see whether vladimir putin is paying attention and whether europe stands up to him. thank you. >> thank you. which political story will make head lines in 24 hours? that's next. [guy] i know what you're thinking- you're thinking beneful. [announcer]beneful has wholesome grains,real beef,even accents of spinach,carrots and peas. [guy] you love it so much. yes you do. but it's good for you, too. [announcer] healthful. flavorful. beneful. from purina. and our luggage was immediately... taken to... stolen from... our room.
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9:54 am
and which political story will make headlines in 24 hours? chris cillizza is back with us. we have a runoff election in the senate in georgia of the republican primary. jack kingston, david purdue. what do we expect? >> very strange, an odd time for an election, sort of mid to late july. typically not a lot of contested elections because people are off on the summer vacations. this is the result of the two -- there was a very crowded primary race. david purdue not the most votes and not 50%. kingston was second. so they go to a runoff. i think and i would say preface this by saying there's not a lot of good polling here but i think
9:55 am
jack kingston, a member of congress, a slight favorite over david perdue. a businessman, self funder. kingston has a little bit better organization, endorsed by the people that finished behind the two of them in the primary. there are only two democratic pickup opportunities in the senate. kentucky. we know of mcconnell. this race is less attention and saxby chambliss's open seat and sam nun's daughter headed the point of light foundation, a bush project. and a vast amount of money and polling suggests even with perdue or kingston. i tend to think it's georgia in a midterm election and a republican will have a slight edge here but this is a competitive race that i think both parties will spend money on. >> michelle nun does have a shot at this. unusual case, indeed. >> absolutely, absolutely. i wouldn't have said that three
9:56 am
months ago. >> she has run a really good campaign. >> yes. >> thank you, chris. we ole see you tomorrow. follow the show online, on facebook and on twitter. on this tuesday, the heat is on in the middle of the country and the humidity's way up too. very hot day chicago, too, with a high of 93. starting to get warmer in the east, too, with the typical afternoon storms in the southeast. have a great day. the summer that summers from here on will be compared to. where memories will be forged into the sand. and then hung on a wall for years to come.
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for information and savings options download the xarelto® patient center app, call 1-888-xarelto, or visit the faa weighing in as u.s. airlines cancel all flights at this point to israel. if you haven't reconsidered that summer trip already, now may be the time. >> you know what you would say? you would say to your leader, a man's got to do what a man's got to do and a country's got to do what a country's got to do. we've got to defend ourselves. >> five days after malaysia air flight 17 shot out of the sky, representatives from the airliner finally being allowed into the crash site. >> it is 1:00 p.m. on the east coast. here's everything you need to know right now. all major u.s. airlines that fly to israel, delta, u.s. airways,
10:00 am
united, halting flights to and from that country due to the explosion of violence there. this started with the airlines themselves and has since been backed up by a warning by the faa. all this, of course, secretary of state john kerry remains in cairo trying desperately to revive an egypt-brokered ceasefire and israeli prime minister netanyahu defends charges that the country's role in the conflict is just too indiscriminate. >> you know, certain point you say what choice have you got? what would you do? what would you do if american cities, where are you sitting now, brian, rocketed and absorb the hundreds of rockets? you know what you would say? you'd say to your leader, a man's got to do what a man's got to do and a country's got to do what a country's got to do. we have to defend ourselves. >> 27 israeli soldiers are confirmed dead at this point. one is missing. civil i can't ian death toll in just crossed


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