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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  July 30, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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oil on themselves. >> just to put a fine point on the other thing. as much as we knew mika could be a bossy pants. today she not only wants to ban movie theaters, tanning beds, the beach. i think you want to ban the sun. >> i do. >> just ban the sun. >> we'd all be much better. >> and ian ziering is -- >> all right. that's it. if it's way too early it's time for "morning joe." but now it's time for chuck todd and "the daily rundown." nothing like a little led zeppel zeppelin. it's not a new cold war, at least that's what president obama says. but will the u.s. relationship with russia get a lot worse before it gets better? the latest on new sanctions and just how much economic action could change the story. plus before congress heads home, a look at progressive political prospects with wisconsin senator tammy baldwin and the congressional collapse on the border breakdown with arizona republican matt sammon.
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also supplemental drama. you like that, huh? the opening hours of the court case against former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife, maureen, tells a torrid tale of spousal grousing and so much more. this was more of a soap opera than even we thought. good morning from washington, it's wednesday, july 30th, 2014. this is "the daily rundown." we're going to start with some developing news on the economic front. this data just out this morning. revised data released just a few minutes ago shows that consumer spending is fueling major growth at an average of 4% over the last six months of 2013. that's the strongest pace in a decade. now, the revisions also show growth was slightly weaker than we originally believed in 2011 and 2012, but these new strong 2013 numbers are sure to be part of the president's economic speech that he'll be giving later today in kansas city. of course we had this weird first quarter in 2014.
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these numbers always get revised, revised and revised. but now seven months back it does look like we know what 2013 was about. now let me get to my first reads of the morning and we begin with the global spat with vladimir putin. an already frosty relationship between russian president putin and the west is now headed for a big chill. russia is already retaliating today after the u.s. and europe announced a series of new coordinated sanctions targeting major sectors of the russian economy, including banking, energy, weapons. >> if russia continues on its current path, the cost on russia will continue to grow. and today is a reminder that the united states means what it says. >> is this a new cold war, sir? >> no, it's not a new cold war. what it is, is a very specific issue related to russia's unwillingness to recognize that ukraine can chart its own path. >> now here are the facts.
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the new sanctions are the toughest to date, but they include some very important carve-outs for certain european countries who of course are still wary of breaking their economic ties to moscow. here's what they do. they ban three more state-owned banks. vtb bank, bank of moscow and the russian agricultural bank from medium and long-term financing. u.s. sanctions have now hit five our six state-owned banks. however, russia's largest bank, spur bank, was left off the list. president obama said tuesday that even before this latest round of sanctions, $100 billion in capital is expected to flow out of the country. and now the projected growth rate in russia on the economic front is near zero. today russia's central bank promised to support those five banks that have been hit by u.s. sanctions. these sanctions also hit russian oil. they put new restrictions on exports of technology for use in deep water, arctic and shale oil exploration. now that may or may not impact a
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multi billion dollar exploration deal exxon had struck from a russian company. it's not clear whether the language of the sanctions exempt those projects because they are existing contracts and, therefore, not subject to these new restrictions. we'll see how it works. so far the sanctions do not target russian natural gas. and guess what, europe gets about 30% of its natural gas from russia. more than half of it's transported through italy and germany are heavily dpentd on russian gas. there's an arms embargo but only f for future contracts. german chancellor angela merkel called the sanctions unavoidable saying they could, quote, be reviewed but further steps are also possible. leaders of the e.u. said in a statement that they should be a strong warning to moscow that more could happen. when the violence created
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spirals out of control and it leads to the killing of almost 300 innocent civilians, the situation requires urgent and determined response. nbc news has also learned that u.s. diplomats are now trying to persuade asian powers to back these new sanctions and have held meetings with china in singapore in hopes that they'll do something and there are more scheduled in japan tomorrow and friday. president obama said tuesday that russia continues to support, train and arm those separatists in eastern ukraine and he pointed to the satellite images which show artillery strikes launched across the border from russia. he said the u.s. has no plans to provide lethal aid to ukrainian forces. >> the issue at this point is not the ukrainian capacity to outfight separatists, they are better armed than the separatists. the issue is how do we prevent bloodshed in eastern ukraine. >> the president said the u.s.
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can best influence russian behavior with economic tools and already some republicans in congress are objecting to those comments about helping the ukrainians. new hampshire senator kelly ayotte said she was disturbed by the president's comment today dismissing weapons from the united states. the best way to prevent bloodshed is to give them the arms they need. russia is warning that the new sanctions will trigger a global economic collapse. >> we believe they are illegal, unreasonable and counterproductive. they have nothing to do with the national interests of the countries concerned, including america. >> and russia is retaliating. today they announced it plans to place import duties on ukrainian goods, they plan to ban most fruits and vegetables from poland and stop importing props from gasprom's turbines.
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the ukrainian military has fired three missiles into the air where in eastern ukraine this week and dutch investigators were unable to get to the crash site because of the security situation, it's simply too unsafe. ukraine's president has asked belarus to host talks between ukraine, russia and osce representatives. the u.s. has not had a permanent ambassador in russia since michael mcfaul resigned in january. yesterday they did approved a nomination but only after a few problems when not enough senators showed up to get a quorum required to move the vote ahead. hello? >> i've got all the proxies here and these folks are unanimously supported, so i look forward to us having enough members to vote them out. >> we've now come to the end where we need bodies to vote. so -- we have one person short
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of being able to pass the business agenda. >> jon stewart, you get this all on your own thanks to the senate foreign relations committee. for more on how rush president putin is responding i'm joined by dan. we know they want to retaliate in some way economically. we hear about the things that they want to do as far as imports are concerned in eastern europe. what more does russia plan? >> reporter: well, it seems to me that russia and i think many analysts here will agree with me and have come out and said already that russia is most likely planning to keep up, if not step up a little bit its support, material, logistic or otherwise, for the armed rebels in eastern ukraine. it certainly seems to have been -- the kremlin certainly
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seems to have taken that path the last week or so, certainly since the crash of the malaysian airliner, so unfortunately we can basically -- we can basically expect more of that kind of clandestine support for these rebels. that's certainly at the top of the kremlin's agenda i believe now. >> tell me about the -- how it's being covered. there's a propaganda issue. we've heard a lot of people in the united states worry about this, that putin has been able to delay sort of domestic impact of these economic sanctions because, frankly, of his control of the media. what have you seen? >> reporter: that's right. it's interesting to note that something around, i believe, more than 60% of russians, according to a recent poll released earlier this week, don't believe that the sanctions will have any sort of serious impact on them and that's partly due in fact as you mentioned to the heavyhanded information
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campaign that moscow has been waging over state-run networks. so we're essentially living here in an environment that's kind of very heavily supported by the kremlin's message of we can handle this. we won't be -- we won't be pushed around. it's a message that's been kind of broadcast for actually a really long time, certainly since the beginning of the ukraine crisis, but really stepped up since the bringing down of the malaysia airliner and this is something that's going to increase. >> all right, dan peleshek, thanks for helping us out this morning from moscow. let me bring in mike mcfaul, currently a professor of political science at stanford university and, more importantly these days he's an msnbc and nbc news contributor. ambassador, good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> let's start with the sanctions. look, the europeans finally seem to step up in a way that was
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near conjunction with the united states, but some important carve-outs. too many? >> well, i'm glad you highlighted them, chuck. they are many. the one that really disappoints me is the inability of the french even to freeze the sale of these warships. but it's all compared to what? these are the most comprehensive sanctions against russia. i think most certainly in the post cold war era. i was just reading up on what ronald reagan did in 1981 after the crackdown on solidarity. i think you could make an argument these are more comprehensive than even those sanctions. it doesn't mean they're going to work, but it does mean they have taken some pretty definitive action yesterday. >> you know, it's interesting, i've been hearing from the administration, i'm sure you're well aware of this, that they say, you know what, this is probably the most action we're going to see and they're going to take now time. maybe it's six months, maybe it's a year, to see how these sanctions impact. is that going to be the case?
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is there really no more that can be done on the sanctions front? this is pretty strong and let's see how they impact? >> well, two things. the administration has had a ratchet-up strategy from the get-go, right? tit for tat, new escalation, new sanctions. the biggest bank is off the list, gasprom is off the list. i think you're thinking you hold those in case putin goes in with his soldiers into eastern ukraine. that's a low probability but it's not a zero probability at this stage. but second, six months to a year? that's optimistic. with the size of the economy that russia has, i think you measure the feedback effect in years. it doesn't happen overnight. it didn't even with iran with a very weak economy. russia has a much stronger economy. that's the way this will -- the feedback loop will take that long. >> let's talk about the president saying he is not ready to hand over military aid to the
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ukrainian government. where are you on this? >> well, the truth of the matter is what's going to end this crisis faster than anything else is ukrainian victory. you know, that's the only thing that can endi it in terms of months or even weeks because they have had some military gains. there's lots we can do to help that effort short of lethal assistance. for instance, intelligence support. both for the military to help them with their fight against the russians, but also to help them to stop killing civilians, which i think is their greatest blow to their reunification efforts. second, when the war is over, there's going to have to be a major reconstruction and reconciliation effort. why not have a donors conference now? have a pledge not of $7 million that was announced but of $2 billion. and you put that money on the table and you say it's only spent when everybody goes home, they lay down their weapons.
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psychologically that would help the ukrainian effort and i think it would be the fastest way to end this tragic war. >> very quickly, how would you suggest the u.s. combat the propaganda inside of russia or is there just not much we can do? >> oh, i think we can do a whole lot more. back when i was in the government, we were engaged in it on social media and other ways but we just don't put the resources into these things. we need to put the resources in to tell the truth, not to tell propaganda. but compared to what we did 20, 30 years ago during the cold war, it's just paltry the money we spend. and we're losing that war. in eastern ukraine, in russia. there's no doubt in my mind we're losing that war right now. >> all right, michael mcfaul, former ambassador to russia and nbc news contributor. thanks for coming on this morning. >> always glad to be with you, chuck. >> thank you, sir. coming up, word of a temporary cease-fire between israel and hamas.
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deja vu. we always seem to have hopes in the morning and they erode in the afternoon. we'll bring you the latest as the news develops. the power of women to shake up the political landscape this november. i'm talking about senator tammy baldwin, the first woman elected u.s. representative and senator from wisconsin, not to mention the first openly gay senator ever elected. house democrats speak about the gop lawsuit against president obama later this hour and the president speaks about the economy in kansas city, missouri. you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc.
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in today's tdr 50 we're looking at the power of women to shake up the politics of a swing state, in this case wisconsin. the badger state may be known for progressivism but it lagged
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behind electing women to statewide office. in 1978 wisconsin voters were the first in the nation to elect a black woman statewide. a civil rights pioneer who was also the dnc's first black committeewoman was elected secretary of state, but wisconsin has never had a female governor. in fact mary burke is the first democratic or republican woman to ever receive a major party nomination in state history. that's 73 gubernatorial contests, folks. before tammy baldwin was elected to represent the second congressional district in the house, wisconsin was the largest state that had never elected a woman to congress. in 2012 baldwin shattered another glass ceiling. she meet former governor tommy thompson to become the first woman senator ever and the first openly gay nominee to be elected to a senate seat in washington. >> i am well aware that i will have the honor to be wisconsin's first woman u.s. senator.
6:20 am
and i am well aware that i will be the first openly gay member -- but i didn't run to make history. i ran to make a difference. >> two years after republican ron johnson defeated an 18-year incumbent democrat in 2010, baldwin did make that history. she beat thompson, another famous wisconsin name, by six points and she did it by running up the score in big democratic counties, like milwaukee county. she overperformed fine gold by over 100,000 votes. there was dane county where she outperformed feingold by 50,000 votes but it was women who were key to her victory. she racked up a 15-point gender gap. in the 2010 governor's race and the 2012 recall, democrat tom barrett was only able to beat scott womalker among women by a narrow margin and lost both
6:21 am
races. baldwin actually outperformed president obama in some of the more rural counties up in the northern part of the state that mitt romney won. burnett, pierce, taylor and wood counties. the assumption by some was that baldwin benefited from being the first woman to have a real shot to win a senate seat. then it was older, white women who may have voted republican for president who helped her do better than expected in those romney counties. demonstrating their potential powers, can baldwin's path to victory provide a map for democrats competing in swing states even in a non-obama year and perhaps in 2016 does hillary clinton see a similar overperformance if she runs. joining me now to talk about all of this and what's going on in this last week before recess in congress, democratic senator tommy batom tammy baldwin of wisconsin joins me now. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i want to ask you about that one fact. i've had a lot of wisconsin
6:22 am
political strategists tell me they saw your vote returns fickly in the northern part of the state and thought, wow, there were a lot of women in wisconsin who maybe were voting mitt romney and said i want to make history. i want to see the first woman elected senator. did you feel that on the campaign trail in 2012? >> you know, i would say what i experienced was wisconsinites focused squarely on the economy, on job creation, on having a fair shot at getting ahead. and i listened, i showed up in all parts of the state and i think that was really the cutting issue was who was listening and who was going to go to washington and fight for our economic recovery and to give hard-working middle class families a fair shot at a brighter future. >> should gender matter when it comes to an elected official? what do you think the message is? why is it important to have more women senators, no matter the party?
6:23 am
>> well, i can tell you as a freshman senator that i have had a marvelous experience of working with the other women in the senate. the year i arrived, we hit a record number for the united states senate, 20 women of both parties. we work together very closely, and i think we do bring a different approach. we want to fix problems. and women were credited in the senate for breaking through the government shutdown last october. >> right. >> women were credited with a number of substantive advancements, progress for our country. and i do have to say i really enjoy my -- working with my female colleagues as well as all my colleagues, but i do think we bring a special -- a way of doing the people's business. >> and all of you, both sides, get together every so often. how often and how policy focused are those meetings? >> you know, they vary. we get together probably every
6:24 am
other month. certainly in other forums we get together more frequently, but we make it a point to get together. sometimes those occasions are very substantive, as was the one when we got together during the government shutdown and said, you know, we've got to do something about this. this is -- but oftentimes they're also just building relationships, finding common ground, talking about what we can do together. >> do you have a theory as to why the midwest lagged a little bit in getting women elected to major statewide office, governor and senator. iowa still hasn't sent a woman to congress. >> you know, i think there's a combination of factors. in part it's that incumbency has tended to predict re-election in many cases and we've had in the midwest some long-serving representatives and senators. but i see a pipeline of
6:25 am
incredibly talented, committed women and i don't -- i don't think it will be long before we see greater representation in the upper midwest also. >> all right, let me ask you this. a lot of you are going home in august. you're going to be having various town meetings, various meetings. what can you say that you've gotten done? what can you say that congress has gotten done? from my perch, it doesn't look like you guys have a lot to show constituents that you've gotten done. >> well, i would say this week, the senate has been very active and there will be a lot to talk about. we are probably tomorrow going to vote on a bipartisan agreement to fix the crisis in the veterans health service action and i was pleased to get a provision added to that that adds about 1500 medical trainees to the va health service. what i'm hoping in response to
6:26 am
some of the visits i've taken to veterans health clinics in wisconsin is that long waiting times for primary care and specialty care can be reduced because of the inclusion of this provision in the final bill. we're also, i think, on the verge of passing a stop-gap measure to fund our infrastructure. now, the senate has insisted that we come back and try to address this in the long term, but if we think about the fundamental pillars of growing our economy, education, innovation and infrastructure, getting this done is really key. we'll be talking about that a lot in wisconsin, as i travel the state. i know i'm going to see a lot of construction projects ongoing. >> well, we'll see if they don't run out of money considering i know the house and the senate, you guys are a little at odds here. this is not a d/r issue. it appears to be a fight between
6:27 am
harry reid and mitch mcconnell. how frustrated are you and do you think both parties own a piece of this gridlock? >> you know, i think that we have to all pitch in to make the senate and certainly the house of representatives where i used to serve more functional bodies. there's all sorts of issues that have contributed to the erosion over time. but i see certainly in the united states senate where every substantive issue that has to pass the senate has to gain bipartisan support. we're forced to work together and we need to do more of that in the interest of moving our economy forward and giving hard-working americans a fair shot at getting ahead. >> you know, it almost sounds like you're endorsing a 60-vote threshold because it forces the bipartisanship. >> well, i have to say that right now under the current rules, it does force us to work across party lines. for me as a freshman member getting to know my 99 colleagues, that's a very important and good thing. >> all right. senator tammy baldwin, democrat
6:28 am
from wisconsin. thanks for coming on, appreciate it. >> thank you. up next, it's like a great episode of "house of cards." political theater at its finest playing out in the corruption trial of former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife, maureen. details on the bombshell opening statement from the defense that was dropped by his wife's defense team. first today's tdr 50 rifia question. how many representatives from wisconsin have also served as secretary of defense? the first person to tweet the correct answer will get an on-air shoutout. the answer and more is coming up on tdr. my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love. we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today
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6:32 am
of "house of cards" or the bob mcdonnell trial. the defense dropped a bombshell during opening statements yesterday in the corruption trial of former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife, maureen. you'll remember the couple were charged in a 14-count indictment accused of accepting over $165,000 from johnny williams, the former ceo of a company called star scientific in exchange for promoting his dietary supplemental business. now, lawyers for the couple announced their defense for the first time in court yesterday and here's what they're arguing, that their marriage had broken down during the governor's term. that maureen developed a crush on williams and appreciated all the attention he gave her. attention that she wasn't receiving from her husband who, according to the defense, was too focused on his job and didn't give enough of his time to his wife. it's clear the defense will argue that there could not have been a conspiracy between the couple because their marriage was a mess. in fact maureen's attorney, bill burke, said in court yesterday that, quote, at the time of the
6:33 am
conspiracy, the mcdonnells' marriage had broken down. they were pabarely on speaking terms. he wekt on to say that maureen and williams had a relationship that some people would consider inappropriate and that a witness may describe williams as maureen's, quote, favorite playmate. it also implies there are more than one playmate. the governor will take the stand during the trial to read e-mails he sent his wife asking her to work things out. another thing that's interesting here, this is one instance where a defense is trying to prove that a romantic relationship did exist while the government is trying to prove that there was no romantic relationship between maureen and williams. one thing is for sure, though, this trial just got a lot more salacious, which means it's probably going to get a lot more sideshow type of coverage. the comedians in august looking for fodder just got it. up next, speaker boehner's last-ditch effort to pass a border bill before summer recess. so far it seems like too little too late from the house.
6:34 am
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introducing the all-new subaru legacy. designed to help the driver in you... for the passenger in them. the subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. house speaker john boehner is hoping to pass at least one piece of legislation before the summer recess and it looks like a bill to address the border crisis, but boehner is running out of time. he wants to move the bill tomorrow before the august recess begins. >> we expect thursday to attempt to move this bill. about $659 million which covers the expenses we believe that are necessary between now and the end of september. and i think there's sufficient support in the house to move this bill. we've got a little more work to do, though. >> well, nearly 60,000
6:38 am
unaccompanied minors have crossed the border sparking a growing crisis. the house republican plan would cover border enforcement, humanitarian aid and provide money to repatriate the children. the bill also provides for judges to speed up the deportation process, but it's the cost of the plan that's making headlines. president obama originally asked for $3.7 billion to address the crisis. speaker boehner originally pushed for $1.7 billion but yesterday seven republicans on the house appropriations committee released their plan which would cost $657 million. tension on the border does continue. people in dallas staged this massive protest against governor rick perry for sending 1,000 national guard troops to the border. one of the house members leading the charge is arizona republican matt salmon, congressman, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> where are you on this specific bill? is it enough money for you or do you think it should have been a little bit more? >> actually i don't think it's
6:39 am
necessarily about the money, i think it's about the policy. and the policy is driving the money. we've been meeting with different experts, including the presidents of these countries, which we met within country a few weeks ago. they said the most effective deterrent would be to immediately repatriate those children back to their homes and reunite them in their countries with their families and that's what we're planning to do. so our priorities are completely different than the president's. i think he just wants to perpetuate the problem. we actually want to resolve it and it costs less money to actually move the children back home and bolster the border than it does to just indefinitely put them up in the united states while they wait for a trial three to five years from now. >> you know, it's interesting, speaker boehner noted something about this money. he said it was between now and the end of september. >> right. >> so that means if you -- if more money is needed, you guys
6:40 am
would be willing to put more money in the pot here when the next round of -- obviously this is about government funding which for all departments begins on october 1st. >> we're trying to do it the way it's supposed to be done which is by regular order instead of by crisis. it's interesting that people are calling this a crisis that just came out of nowhere. the president has known about this problem for over a year and it wasn't until june 30th that the president asked us to change the 2008 law so that we could repatriate the children more quickly. he's changed his tune on that, but actually that's what the experts have said, including jay johnson, his secretary of homeland security, who we met with. they all said this would be probably the single most important thing that we could do to move the process along and stop these waves of children from coming and being abused along the way by coyotes and cartels, where girls are taking
6:41 am
close to 100% of these girls are taking birth control before they make the trip because they expect to be sexually molested by the coyotes and by the cartel members. hardly a compassionate way to do business. >> let me ask you this. you're normally not a reliable vote for speaker boehner. you're somebody who is in that more conservative, fiscally conservative wing of the party. you're going to support this. it looks like it's going to be tough to get just republicans to put this over the top. if this bill doesn't pass, what message does that send? >> well, i think that this is something that we do need to do. i think it's an imperative. this is a serious, serious crisis, and i believe that we have to respond to it immediately. >> what do you tell some of your normal allies on some of these things, where you guys are a little bit of a thorn in the speaker's side. you are with him on this. granted for a lesser number than
6:42 am
what he wanted. what do you tell some of your colleagues on this who say, you know what, $659 million is too much. >> what i'm actually telling them is tell us something in the bill that you think is the wrong policy. putting the national guard on the border, making sure that our border patrol have unfettered access to federal lands, ending catch and release policies of the obama administration and getting those children back to their countries. tell me what you disagree with that policy. it all sounds pretty good to me. >> gotcha. matt salmon, republican from arizona who does support this new house bill, we'll see if it can go anywhere beyond the house. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thanks for coming on. time to now to wrestle with a little bit of our first data bank number. it's $1.8 million. that's how much jesse ventura has won in a lawsuit over a best-selling book. the former governor of minnesota was depicted as having punched someone in a california bar. ventura denied it and legal observers predicted ventura had a high bar to cross to win his
6:43 am
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6:47 am
the attack. the death toll in gaza has surpassed 1200 and is steadily rising each day. the positive perception of the war among israeli citizens is front page news here at home this morning. a new "washington post" story details the rise for support in the air strikes over gaza in the last three weeks. martin fletcher joins me by phone from tel aviv. martin, this is what's been a little different this time in this skirmish between the israelis and hamas is that there is much more support for this one than perhaps previous ones. >> reporter: yeah, i think that's true, chuck. you know, there's always this issue of when the country is at war you support the military and don't ask questions, but this is really remarkable, the amount of support for the war. all the opinion, 90%, 95% of israelis behind the government and most of them actually insisting, calling for the government, for the army to keep
6:48 am
fighting. the cease-fire is one thing, help the palestinians get food and the water they need, but there's a big pressure on prime minister netanyahu to keep fighting, to go deeper out in gaza and take out the rocket system and take out the tunnel system once and for all. that's what you hear all the time, once and for all. they don't want this situation again in 18 months it all starts again. this is three wars now between hamas and israel in five years. >> martin, i mean is the new goal by israel demille -- demilitaryizing it? >> reporter: that's what they want, to take away their ability to build new rockets, which is actually pretty advanced. that's not part of the cease-fire requirements now, it's part of the agreement
6:49 am
israel demands to stop fighting in the future. they say that's the only way they can be sure this will not start again in a few years. bear in mind the support, like 90, 95% comes after almost four weeks of fighting. >> absolutely, which is normally when you start seeing an erosion in support. martin fletcher out and about reporting for us this morning in israel. martin, thanks very much. let me turn now to gaza and get the very latest there from ayman mohyeldin. ayman, it looks obviously another deadly day, no end in sight. this u.n. school that was hit, are we still hearing the rationale from the israeli side that these u.n. schools end up mistaken targets or sometimes real targets because there's a belief that hamas is using these schools for their own weapons? >> reporter: that's correct, chuck. let me just start off by setting the scene about what happened today in terms of this specific
6:50 am
u.n. school. the israeli military is being very specific about its investigation. it's saying that there was fighting coming from palestinian militants in the vicinity of the school and they were responding to fire. but beyond that, they have not elaborated. they are saying they are taking time to investigate thoroughly what happened. they have not said whether it was an errant shell that landed at the school or not, but they do acknowledge there was fighting taking place in the vicinity of the school. now, we went out to the school today and spoke to some eyewitnesses. we also spoke to the united nations. the united nations in their initial investigation said they believe this was an israeli artillery shell. they have collected shrapnel which they say is from an israeli shell. we also spoke to palestinian eyewitnesses on the ground who at the time of the shelling said there was no fighting taking place in and around the school. there was no sounds of outgoing rockets or gunshots or any type of indication that there were palestinian militants in and around the school. they said it was early morning hours, people were just sleeping or praying and that's when the
6:51 am
israeli shells landed in the school killing at least 15 people. the other issue that you touched upon, yes, there have been reports from the united nations that have on three separate occasions documented the presence of rockets at vacant schools, empty schools, schools that have not been used according to the united nations. that's very different than schools registered with the israeli military where they know thousands of civilians are taking refuge, chuck. >> very quickly, and i know we're pressed on time. the situation, power, water, just how bad is the humanitarian crisis right now in gaza? >> it is beyond words. everywhere we went there were hour-long lines to get these basic things you're talking about. at gas stations, people are trying to stock up. the electricity cuts means most people are using generators and that in itself is creating a secondary problem. we're seeing a spike in home fires as a result of these generations. absolutely. >> man, well, it is very bad
6:52 am
there. ayman mohyeldin, thanks for your report this morning. appreciate it. trivia time. tdr 50 time. two wince sin congressman have served as secretary of state. melvin nixon and les aspen congratulations to today's winner. our tdr 50 soup of the day comes from the old-fashioned in madison and they're serving up carrot dill. okay. i bet you there's going to be a lot of leftovers on that one. we'll be right back. as you age? [ male announcer ] that's why there's ocuvite to help replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. ocuvite. help protect your eye health. that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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take away time. i'm leaving it to the end for a reason. it's about the impeachment talk in washington. both sides of the aisle are eager to play. friday was an white house aid that said it was possible for the republicans to impeach the president if he took executive action to deal with the border crisis. >> it's coming from the
6:56 am
president's own staff and coming from democrats on capitol hill. why? they're trying to rally their people to give money and show up in the election. we have no plans to impeach the president. we have no future plans. it's all a scam started by democrats at the white house. >> we'll have more on that in a minute. harry reid fired back at the republicans. >> how absurd that republicans are spending their time talking about impeachment and suing the president. this is a degree higher than absurdi absurdity. >> the truth is both sides believe talk of impeachment motivates their base. that's why they're talking about it. that's why they're fundraising on it. that's why the democrats love to bring this up. but the republicans and had this business of the lawsuit, it was intended to, on one hand, head off impeachment talk and quietly
6:57 am
fuel it. who pays? the folks in the middle who have decided to give up and not vote. thank you, washington, for the cynical employ. coming up next jose diaz-balart. i'm meteorologist bill karins. we're watching heavy rain shift out of colorado into oklahoma. down to wichita falls even late in the day around dallas. showers, thunderstorms, and pours are possible. watching a few storms in florida. the beautiful fall like temperatures continue from the great lakes to the northeast. sy prepped, ya know what he brings? and that's how you'll increase market share. any questions?
6:58 am
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use virtually all your important legal matters in just minutes. now it's quicker and easier for you to start your business, protect your family, and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side. rush to recess. the big story in washington today. votes expected on the va and the lawsuit against the president. the clock ticking on immigration reform, and bipartisanship. you heard me right around the issue of sexual assaults on campus. overseas vladimir putin playing it cool, but it's a could shoulder this morning from the west as the president and the e.u. come together on the toughest sanctions yet. and summer break water main edition. it's 7:00 a.m. in southern california, and a college town is having a water logged wakeup. we'll go ucla with the news conference expected this hour on


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