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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  August 4, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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so i can focus on what matters most. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. this is "newsnation." the water ban in toledo, ohio has gone into a third day has been lifted. the water emergency was declared because of this. this green water from an algae in lake eerie that is producing a toxin. in the past hour the mayor announced the latest test show it's safe for nearly a half million people to use tap water. the mayor declaring, quote, our water is safe. families can return to normal. nbc news chief environmental ann
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thompson joins us live. it was two communities the mayor was cautious before declaring things well and good for the rest of the community and city. >> reporter: right. what he was trying to do was make sure that the level of the toxin in question was below what the world health organization set out as a standard. it's one part per billion is the scientific declaratiodeclaratio. what they saw early this morning. he was up at 3:00 a.m. and said tests came back from two neighborhoods he wasn't satisfied with. they retested the water and all the tests showed the water in the two neighborhoods was safe. once that happened he lifted the ban. the drinking water ban for all -- the entire toledo area. in fact, the mayor himself grabbed the claglass of tap wat and drank it to prove that the
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water is safe. it's going to take more than that. after almost three days of using bottled water and learning about the toxin which could cause vomiting, diarrhea, and ultimately liver damage. people in the area are not quite as secure about what is coming out of their tap as they were on friday. this has been a lesson for them to learn. some people we're talking to say they're going to wait a few days until they go back to drinking the tap water. the water distribution centers were open until now. they're starting to shut them down in an effort to get people back to normal. slowly but surely people are turning on the taps. and city officials promise them it's safe to drink. >> as you know, ann, and you cover environmental issues on a daily basis. we have a satellite image released by noaa. it shows the algae bloom in the western lake erie. the warmer colors red, orange,
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and yellow show the highest concentration. people wondering why it happened now. the fear you think about boiling water. the option when you have the scares. it would have made the situation worse. you have folks who want to know if it can happen again or in different areas. chicago examined their water. >> there's no question it can happen again. western lake erie is the perfect breeding ground for the algae that produced the toxins. it's the southern most of the great lakes. it's the shallowest of the great lakes. the area with the algae bloom occurred averages about 24-feet in depth. if you compare that to lake superior, lake superior, in part is over 1300 feet deep. it gives you an idea of the dramatic difference in the great lakes system. on top of it, you've got agricultural runoff.
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in fact, the river what is behind me, the river drains into lake erie and it takes runoff from four and a half million acres of farmland around the area. in the farmland ises to for russ. it feeds the algae bloom. >> joining me live now to talk about the problem the president of toledo city council. thank you for joining us. you heard our reporter ann ta e talk about the perfect storm of problem. but the agricultural runoff and concerns about pesticides that contributed to the problem, how concerned are you about that? z>> i'm concerned about it. it's our hope that we will use it as an opportunity to address the issue and to have collaboration with our partners from the fort wayne, indiana,
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all the way down to the port which is where toledo is so we can come together and work out solutions so we'll address the issue that has been on going for a number of years. >> what are you looking at to come together, i believe as you put it to come together to remedy this. >> right. the most important thing to look at ways to help farmers change the way they do their agriculture to look at initiatives and incentives to make us more ecofriendly to the earth and reduce the runoff of the phosphorus from the types of chemicals they use. there is changes being made in the way farmer is doing. we're a little slow on the uptake. we need to put more pressure and incentives to help make it a top priority. >> what is behind, as you said, some being slow on the uptake. it bring it is to the headlines
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when you see people who can't get water. they're being told boiling water is not the solution. thankfully it's two full days and half of day. it could have been worse. what is behind the slow response if it's been an issue for so many years, as you pointed out? >> well, you know, there's differences between, you know, the sciences. whether, you know, this particular method of science or results is correct versus another. plus the stresses of the economy on farming and the farming industry as well as the whole idea that there is something else that can be done. i do believe that this is an opportunity we were very fortunate to have federal, state, as well as our local partners from the various intergovernmental bodies to come together to address the issue. i think we have a great opportunity and cooperation to move forward. that's what we are looking at
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from our vantage point how we'll address the issue and move forward. >> toledo's city council president. thank you for your time. congresswomdeveloping now a situation out west. hundreds of people are cut off by mud and debris after flash flooding in southern california. severe thunderstorms cause massive debris flow that block access east of los angeles stranding at least 2,000 people. killing one person. in oregon a wild fire almost 51 square miles is threatening hundreds of homes. we have the update. >> tamron, the west was hammered over the weekend. wild fires here in oregon while in california both fires and floods. a state of extremes. just outside los angeles a scene many couldn't believe.
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thunderstorms poured mud and debris a into the town. one person killed when the car was washed away. another had to be rescued. a thousand people including 500 young church members at the nearby retreat stranded. but all are safe. >> there are rescuers on scene trying to connect the town and remove the debris from the roadway. >> this morning california is in a state of emergency. not just floods but fires. fourteen major wild fires over control. several growing rapidly. on the front lines crews are exhausted. they face the perfect fuel for fire. >> just be ready. everyone knows we're in extreme drought. get ready for the season to be very extreme. >> conditions are explosive in oregon. now one of the largest wild fires in state history the gulch fire charred 50 square miles. crews are scrambling to protect
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300 structures. three homes including judy troutman's are gone. >> it was a fire storm. it was not a small fire. and it came in like a tornado and just wiped out everything. >> losses everywhere in washington state. just a few miles from a record 300 homes were destroyed, another eight swallowed in a fast moving inferno this weekend. fires and floods rave advantaging the west. a season of extremes. a season for the record books. >> back here in oregon, the gulch fire is now 20% contained. crew s depend on the air attack later today to reach hot spots that aren't reachable on foot. >> thank you. to the latest developments surrounding the deadly ebola outbreak. we're getting word the second infected american is due to touch down in the united states for treatment early tomorrow. right now dr. kent brantly is being treated at emery
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university hospital in atlanta. cdc officials say he's seems to be improving. on saturday we saw an amazing sight. dr. brantly walking from the balance into the hospital. one of his doctors told the "today" show while he could not reveal how brandly was doing he wanted to assure people that ebola would not spread outside the unit. i'm 100% confident that the measures we have in place -- the key thing about the unit it was designed 12 years ago to contain communicable diseases far more infectious than ebola. cz sars is an example. >> we head to emery university hospital in atlanta. as i mentioned, miss writebol will be there sometime tomorrow. we are hearing around the hour
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tomorrow. that is correct. her family is anxious you to have her back in the states and receiving treatment here. she'll arrived in a similar choreograph choreographed arrival like dr. kent brantly. the family of dr. brantly requested no new information be given out about the condition. they released a statement saying he received a dose of the experiment tal serum before his flight left liberia. here and today he's in good spirits and -- excuse me, and they are confidence he's receiving top care here at the hospital. meanwhile officials in west africa are scrambling to get ahead of the ebola outbreak there. according to the world health organization there are more than 1400 confirmed cases of ebola resulting in more than 800 deaths. that's a fatality rate of 57%. meanwhile nigeria officials confirmed a second case of ebola
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in their country. it's a doctor who treated a man who died of ebola in late july. officials there are ordering all people who died to have their bodies kreemted. they're desperate to get a handle on the outbreak. >> and reassure the public that bringing the two patients here does not comprise our safety in any way according to doctors there. >> yeah. doctors have said time and time again that this specialty isolation unit provides the highest level of clinical isolation. there's virtually no chance of ebola spreading to any other patient, visitor, or the general public. it include separate patient rooms. a separate laboratory, and air facility ration system. >> we'll continue to follow the story and be there right along the journey with miss writebol and her family who want her back here and get the proper treatment. the latest humanitarian
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cease-fire between israel and hamas ended over an hour ago. this as israel faces new condemnation for an attack on a u.n. school including strong words from the u.s. state department. up next a live report from tel-aviv. also ahead. >> what a huge crowd! for senator mcconnell's retirement party! >> she came up with her own plan to keep folks from streaming into our country. missile defense! >> senate candidates in kentucky faced off and served up political red meat. why the most closely watched senate contest is still, well, a tie in the polls. it's today's first read. it's a hot one. new information on eric garner's dpret a police choke hold. and the new who took the video. the man who captured this moment. he's now in police custody. we'll tell you why.
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. welcome back. a brief truce ended in the gaza strip as intense pressure is building following a deadly attack at the u.n. school serving as a sheltd per. more than 3,000 people were inside the school when a missile hit just outside leaving ten people dead and dozens more injured. the israeli army said it was
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targeting three gee mjihadists motorcycle. samantha power called the attack horrify. the state department said it was appalled by the disgraceful shelling drawing strong condemnation from other countries. s u.n. is calling it a moral outrage. a spokesperson had this to say. >> if it's a moving target and you're tracking him why there? why there right at the gate of a shelter. the location you have been given 33 times. the last time not more than an hour before the attack. >> appearing on morning joe prime minister netanyahu's. we saw a loss of life. we have to gig your out why it's occurring and figure out where the blame lies. it's not with the israel defense forces. >> nbc joins us from tel-aviv. the troop movement by israel
8:19 am
over the weekend has many wondering what will be the strategy moving ahead in the cease-fire. this temporary one is over now. what do ywe know is likely next from israel? >> it's been a day of a lot of moving parts. perhaps, tamron, the most bizarre is the driver in jerusalem of a large bulldozer who died after being shot by police today after ramming his vehicle into a large, though empty bus. israeli police say the bulldozer crushed a pedestrian who later died. seven others in the hospital according to health officials. police are treating it as a suspected terrorist attack meaning they have cause to believe there was palestinian involvement. especially at the time of ongoing conflict. now earlier today, about an hour and 15 minutes ago, the humanitarian pause ended. israel called the temporary cease-fire to allow for food and medicine, they said, to come
8:20 am
into gaza and encourage some of the hundreds of thousands of displace gaza begans to return to their home. few it seems were confident enough to attempt it. gaza officials claim during the seven hour pause a house in gaza city was hit wounding 29 including an 8-year-old girl on its side. the idf claimed there was four rockets today. israel is confirming publicly it's winding down the ground operation in gaza. over the weekend we saw israeli troops, tanks, artillery slowly pulling back in the northern gaza areas. some forces moving back into israel proper. israeli government is not calling this anything more than a redeployment. >> do we believe that movement with the troops took place because israel accomplished the goal of collapsing and
8:21 am
destroying the tunnels? well, the official word from the government is that it hasn't -- it's finished the 30 or 31 tunnels that it has found, but it still believes there could be more tunnels out there. it's moved its troops into what they're calling a defensive more flexible position. closer, though most of them inside gaza. much closer to the border. in case anything happens, if they get caught up in another ambush come across another tunnel or series of tunnels and get into trouble, they'll be in a position defensively to deal with it. again, the wohole government is saying it's not over yesterday. >> thank you. up next two big developments in the death of eric garner that is now ruled a homicide. why the man who took the video, this video, is now in custody. also ahead, hip-hop russell
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8:26 am
of his neck and chest caused his death while his acute asthma and other medical conditions were factors. his wife joined reverend al sharpton to get them to file charges. federal officials are monitoring the investigation. meanwhile, the man who shot that video that sparked the national outrage he's due in court this morning after he was arrested saturday. 22-year-old ramsey appeared on "newsnation" with me last month is charged with criminal possession of a weapon. officers allegedly saw him stuffing a handgun into a woman's waistband as he left a hotel. his family says he was set up. while in a statement the police crownon said the arrest, quote, only underscores the dangers that brought police officers to respond to chronic crime conditions in that community.
8:27 am
joining us to talk about this in another edition he has in the works is russell simmons. thank you for joining us. >> i'm happy to be here. >> obviously the case with mr. garner playing out. reverend al sharpton and others cause called for a major investigation. what are your thoughts in new york and major cities where you have the situation of extreme distrust within the community as it relates to police and how this in many ways affects the relationship with police and people of color >>well, i've talked about police sensitivity training in training the community and the police. the police need to be more sensitive and feel more comfortable in the community and do need to know how to respond law enforcement. i don't think that's the subject for me today. i don't know why the gentleman was arrested. i know, the video tape if there was extreme force used and i
8:28 am
hope that justice is done in that matter. >> absolutely. we don't want to pin you and hold that. the reason i ask you are focussed on urban youth violence. a part of tackling the violence is community involvement. we know there's a struggle. you have some communities who have major neighborhood watch and they'll police their own neighborhood and have a working relationship with police others have, in some cases, a justifiable, they say distrust of officers when you see a situation like eric garner. the tackling of violence you say you want to do is hand in hand. >> i've been working on tackling violence through the peace keeper program in many cities around the country while supporting i love my life program in queens for some time now. the new announcement i'm making is the financial service company, the board we have agreed we're going to start funding five pilot programs around the country and we hope
8:29 am
that, you know, i'm involved in many philanthropic, social issues that help the community. when we funded in the past, whether it's the art foundation whenever we funded programs. people maybe foal us. in a case of erica ford, we've been funding her for years. the city council stepped in. we have given close to $100,000 and the city council is part of the process. they save lives. that's the program in new york. that's the programs in baltimore. there are programs in california. there are programs around this country that need support. people maybe not as their infrastructure may not be built up. maybe we can help build them up. the programs in those communities need funding. we have a pilot program it's going to be successful because we're funding programs that have
8:30 am
already had tremendous success in saving lives in these communities. so that's the announcement we are part of a process. but on the other issue, of costs. police sensitivity training if necessary, and community sensitivity training if necessary. how do you respond to police? when the police pull me over, you know, i'm driving while black. i'm quiet and respectful. so much so that i don't have to get thrown or treated a certain way necessarily. police can sometimes be abusive. if you're nice enough maybe you get a break. we have to train young people how to respond when police pull them over or police question them. you know, the whole stop and frisk thing that happened in so many cities around this country. and especially in new york has been a horrible experience. young people, you know, as you know, get pulled over. they get searched. they go jail for drugs and
8:31 am
nonviolent offenses. they dumped back in the hood and they create jail culture in the community. that war on drugs has been the nucleus of the key or it your ration of the fabric of the black community. it still continues. it's a different discussion tu relates back when you lock up 95% of the people as it was in the case of drug laws people of color for using drugs when all people use drugs that sell drugs. >> to your point you keep the peace initiative which you're announcing i think will be tremendous success in a number of communities. you were at rickers island, i believe, on friday. you were talking to people there about your anti-violence program. what do you believe, russell, is the common denominators. jobs stands up. is there another thing you hear? >> when you go to reichers island and you see 99% african-americans or latino kids
8:32 am
in there for nonviolent offenses, for the most part, drugs. you real the war on drugs is a tremendous failure and it targets people of color. it's part of a process. an ongoing process that destroyed the fabric of the black community. when i go there, the overriding theme is education and opportunity. >> yeah. >> and, you know, of course, you know, the end of the industrial complex is control our politicians and keeping laws on the books that haven't been helpful to our society. laws on the books that lock up young people of color that make them profit. that's not the subject but it is a nucleus of our problem. >> right. >> it's something we seldom talk about. it's something i'm deeply concerned about. but going to rickers island and having programs that give kids opportunity or inspiration or profit direction is my focus.
8:33 am
we want to continue to fund the programs and help to build infrastructure around the programs. and when we fund them, we want cities to match them. we like that the city council of new york had decided to help erica ford's program and we like that some of the peace keeping programs have been supported by government. but it is a necessary process to have community police community. and community work in community to help to relieve the violence and the negative behavior that ensues when no opportunity and nonprofit education opportunities are offered. >> congratulations on launching this new initiative. keep the peace doing your part for our community in this country. thank you so much. we appreciate you joining us. senator mitch mcconnell and his challenger allison grimes exchange jabs in front of an excited crowd. why can't either candidate take the lead in the hot race?
8:34 am
mark murray will join us with the first read. joovp ever gap will close .
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the 2014 campaign in full swing this weekend in kentucky where political red meat served up in what promises to be the tightest and most expensive races of the year. they took shots at each other in front of a record crowd at the political rally in kentucky. it's a tradition where supporters from both sides loudly boo and cheer the candidates as they fire off one liners. this year no different. >> what a huge crowd for senator mcconnell's retirement party! >> the barbecue smelled to good even jesse benton stopped holding his nose. >> for obama and -- these guys
8:38 am
can't tell the difference between a coal miner and a european male model. >> mcconnell were a tv show, he would be madmen. treating women unfairly stuck in 1968 and ending this season. >> so much turmoil around the world we can't afford a leader who thinks the west bank is a hollywood fund-raiser. joining me now live nbc news senior political editor. i don't know how you kept a straight face with that. come on. >> it was good stuff. it's not something you see every day. i think it's only upstaged by you and the first team read team writing i'm so fancy. nevertheless we know the jabs are real. >> they are. and i think this encapsulates
8:39 am
it. do you blame president obama and mitch mcconnell is linking president obama to allison grimes in the contest. it's not surprise. president obama and his best day of 2012 when he won re-election only got 38% of the vote in state of kentucky. you're seeing grimes say the problem with dysfunction with congress. and mitch mcconnell enables that. so tamron, the question is how end up having the two forces cancel each other out right now. that's why the race is so close. >> it is very close. it'll be a lot of money into the state. thank you so much. we'll talk more with you about it. a new warning about a emotional and very potent dangerous form of caffeine. this is actually caffeine and the growing trend that has parents and doctors worried. this is our "newsnation" gut check. >> and see the political stop that turn into a life saving moment. it is one of the stories we're
8:40 am
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transform tomorrow. welcome back. two ohio parents are asking a ban what is becoming a disturbing new trend. the sale of a pure powder form of caffeine as a dietary supplement. the fda said it is attractive to teens and taking too much could be fatal. >> that was one the morgan took for his graduation invitation. >> this summer dennis and kate thought they would be getting their son logan ready for college. in stead they're mourning his death. >> he had a smile to kill for. he could drag anyone out of a bad mood. >> a straight a student, wrestler, senior prom king died suddenly three days before congratulation. later a plastic bag with a white powdered was found in the house. pure concentrated caffeine.
8:44 am
>> when you found out it was caffeine, what was your reaction? >> it couldn't have killed him. it couldn't have. >> an autopsy found logan had 23 times as much caffeine in the system as a typical coffee or cola drinker. enough to kill him. pure caffeine is sold as a dietary supplement to boost alertness in athletic performance and doctors say it appears to be most popular with young men. >> they would think, you know, i use caffeine all the time. i have tolerance to this. pure caffeine is not regulated. teaspoon is the equivalent of 25 cups of coffee. dozens of websites sell it for as little as $12 for 100 grams. one site said they should have no more than 1/16th of a serving. the retailer called said it has
8:45 am
taken steps to educate our consumers on the dangers of overdosing. >> being as lethal as it is needs to be banned completely. >> there's also growing scrutiny of caffeinated energy drinks like these. annual sales nearly $10 billion. since 2007, emergency room visits related to them have doubled. for now dennis and kate take comfort and strength from the message on logan's twitter profile. cherish the seconds. everything happens for a reason. >> we need to educate our parents and children need to be educated. >> it's a start. kbre, it yes, it is. >> working to make something positive from their son's death so no other family goes through this. >> it brings us the "newsnation" gut check. should the government regulate powdered caffeine? go to "newsnation" to cast the
8:46 am
vote. an indiana pacers forward paul george's gruesome injury. he's said to be resting comfortably after successful surgery following the injury to right leg. he broke his leg during the u.s. national team scrimmage friday night when he jumped up and the leg smashed against the backboard. george is vowing to make a full recovery. we wish him the best. and what started as a traffic stop turned into a dramatic rescue in maine last week. caught on dash board cam. the officer ended up administrating cpr of a the 84-year-old driver suffered an apparent heart attack and slumped over without a pulse. finally more help arrived with a defibrillator. the man was relived and taken to the hospital. as for the speeding ticket he was let off with a warning. would i care? i'm alive i would be glad to
8:47 am
have the speeding ticket. coming up next kelsie grammar joining me to talk about his new show. pretty funny. my day with the cast and crew of the emmy nominated show "orange is the new black". i got a chance to visit the upstate prison where it happens in filming season three. take a look. >> emmy nominated. it's amazing. >> yes. i have nothing but absolute happiness. my stage of the game, i've been an actress for 40 years, to come across a local role like this is pure joy. it doesn't happen. >> what do you love most about red? >> i love the perfection. you're going to have a chicken leg before and this is the chicken that is going to save your soul and that is red is. >> a soul saving chicken in prison. i'm told i have to head off to the shower. >> oh, to the shower.
8:48 am
>> can i take anything from the kitchen? >> no. you can't take a bloody thing. it's all mine! >> the showers where the magic happens, i'm told. you can check out the whole interview on our website including my new prison name! i was given a prison name by the amazing cast. i celebrate their success each and every one of the women just rocketing it. go to "newsnation" to tell me if you approve of my prison name. we'll be right back.
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well, kelsey grammer and martin lawrence pair up and play a modern day odd couple. two chicago lawyers from different backgrounds thrown together by circumstance. they meet when grammer's character offers to help lawrence get through an expensive divorce. here's a sneak peek. >> listen, that judge asked me to observe you today because you have this great community
8:52 am
activist, ethical, always do the right thing. but those same qualities are the reason you're taking it in the assets. >> i really don't like you. >> no, you don't like what i have to say. >> no, it's you. >> and joining us, kelsey grammer and martin lawrence. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> you said your brands of comedy very different. kelsey has a certain brand, a certain way he does comedy. he got the white audience and i've got the black audience. that sums it up from what i can sense. >> yeah, well -- >> hopefully we have a bit of each other's audience. i'd hate to think everybody is sitting in different rooms going, the white people are going to watch over here and the black people are going to watch over here. that's stupid. >> i'm just quoting what martin said. so how do you bring everybody into the can we all get along
8:53 am
humor? >> but what i -- but what i meant by that was, his audience is predominantly white. my audience is predominantly black, and -- but i have also a crossover audience. >> yes, exactly. >> and kelsey has some crossover. i've always been a big fan of his. and i'm white. >> separate but equal. we're just equal and equal. kelsey it is interesting. i love both of your careers. so i am a black woman who loves kelsey grammer and i love martin lawrence, but with this show, it does seem to give you both an opportunity to play off each other. how is the chemistry on set? >> excellent. >> it's fantastic, yeah. listen, we met a couple years ago and realized this could be a great collaboration. and looked for some writers and found these guys that put together this premise about
8:54 am
lawyers. and that seemed like the right engine to keep us in the same world together. and watch this sort of cultural differences play off one another. it really is more about the character differences. i'm a pretty underhanded despicable guy and martin is a more upstanding community minded, you know, decent fellow. but he's a bit of an innocent and the combination makes us a pretty lethal team, i think. >> something people haven't seen me do before, be so conscious. it's a great character for martin. >> i like that. people, and kelsey, you relate to this, i'm sure in some parts that people like to hold you to your past. even though you've had great success in the past, you want to move on from that and do new roles. what is it like for people who still see you as marty mar and always want to bring up those character which you love but now you're portraying someone else. >> well, you know, i love the fact that they still love those characters and things, but i
8:55 am
moved on. i've matured. so i want people to embrace the mature martin now. i'm still going to have my edge. i'm still going to be zany, do the things that i do in comedy, but i want them to understand it's about the growth now. this is not just about the days of the martin show and things like that. i've grown up. >> yeah, the audience will see these two actors that they've loved in the past. but we're doing something new. hopefully they just want to come along for the ride. >> we'll be watching and tweeting and make sure our grammar is correct so you don't police us. >> yes, ma'am. >> yes, sir. >> very important. congratulations, martin. so good to see you. take care. we'll be watching tonight. that does it for "news nation." up next, "andrea mitchell reports." now there's even more of the amazing cinnamon taste you love on cinnamon toast crunch. crave those crazy squares even more.
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8:59 am
soon be battling the disease back here at home. missionary nancy writebol will be arriving at emory university tomorrow in atlanta while dr. kent brantly is said to be improving. after surprising family and outside observers by being able to walk himself into the hospital after his flight from africa. >> we're hoping that to do our best that dr. brantly not only walks into the hospital but walks out of the hospital in the condition that he should be in. tough love. the u.s. says it is appalled and horrified by the latest israeli attack that hit a u.n. school and shelter in gaza. >> do you think enough precautions were taken in this case? >> i think the evidence shows clearly the strike was too close to the schools. we have multiple civilian deaths. we have injuries both inside and outside of the shelter. clearly, the strike should not have taken blaise it did. plus, down on the farm. kentucky's annual political picnic doesn't disappoint as two of its main attractions deliver a full plate of zingers with a
9:00 am
side of poetry. >> there once was a woman from kentucky who thought in politics she'd be lucky. so she flew to l.a. for a hollywood bash. she came home in a flash with buckets of cash. >> if mitch mcconnell were a tv show, he'd be "mad men." treating women unfairly, stuck in 1968 and ending this season. good day, ineveryone. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. emory university is preparing for the second worker infected with the deadly ebola virus. ke


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