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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  August 12, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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genius of robin william. awe power struggle at the top of iraq's political period. current maliki says he's not going without a fight. and three for three. rachael, manny and gavin, my nominees all accept the als ice bucket challenge. find out who is next. this is "way too early"! good morning, i'm thomas roberts. it is tuesday, august 12th. welcome to "way too early." we're a show today filled with mixed emotions and obviously it is because of the sad news as the world passes the death of comedian and actor robin williams. he was found dead of an apparent suicide at his home in california. williams dealt with addiction, a disease for many years, reportedly checking into a clinic as recently as july and a publicist said he had been
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battling severe depression. his wife said in a stale, "i lost my husband and best friend and the world lost one of the most beloved artists and beautiful human beings, i'm utterly heart broken." actors took to twitter to react. williams appeared on sesame street numerous times to talk to kids about conflict to imagination, to what it means to be alive. even president obama reflected on his death saying in a statement, "robin williams was an airman, a doctor, a genie, a nanny, a president, a professor, a bangarang peter pan and everything in between." he made people laugh on shows like "mork & mindy" and movies from "bird cage" to "mrs. doubtfire". >> can i give you a hand? >> oh, no dear, doini don't nee hand. i need a face. i need a face. >> you are sure? >> oh, definitely.
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sure. face, face. oh, god. >> the water is boiling. zbh hello! >> williams could take on serious characters as well blending tall wents drama like "dead poet society" and "good will hunting" which earned him an academy award. >> i'm not you. >> it's not your fault. it's not your fault. >> oh, god! oh, god. i'm so sorry. >> if you want some measure of how big his legacy is, cnbc is reporting his films raked in more than $5 billion worldwide.
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a huge star and this brings us to our twitter question for you this morning. what are your favorite robin williams' moments, characters, movies, film lines, tweet us your answers using the hash tag #waytooearly. we celebrate what he ment to all of us. we turn our attention now to iraq where dueling conflicts are fueling questions about the future stability of the country. iraq's new president picked the country's deputy speaker to be the next prime minister. the snub of current prime minister maliki is increasing tensions. supporters protested in the street as he refused to leave the post. he accused iraq's president of violating the constitution and is now criticizing the u.s. for not supporting him. president obama on vacation on martha's vineyard and vice president biden speaking to the new prime minister nominee, the president praising at announcement promising to support iraq's incoming government which is facing enormous challenges. >> there is no american military
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solution to the crisis in iraq. the only lasting solution is for iraqis to come together and form an inclusive government. one that represents the legitimate interests of all iraqis and one that can unify the country's fight against this one. today iraq took a promising step forward in this critical effort. >> meanwhile, the daily beast is reporting that president obama told lawmakers in a private meeting it was "horse belief to think he could have done more to stop the rise of islamic i will tants in iraq and syria." they're keeping up the assault on the militants launching checkpoints and american troops now delivered more than 8 a,000 meals and 20,000 gallons of water to thousands of displaced iraqis. a top member of the u.s. military is now warning the u.s. campaign will have a limited impact. >> we assess that usair strikes in northern iraq have slowed missiles operational tempo and temporarily disrupted their
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advances toward the province of erbil. ou however, these strikes are unlikely to affect isil's overall capabilities or its operations in other areas of iraq and syria. >> the fbi is now investigating the fatal shooting of an unarmed african-american teen by a police officer in ferguson, missouri that sparked outrage across the country for the second day in a row. anti-police protesters demonstrated in the streets to demand justice for 18-year-old michael brown. the demonstrations turned violent again last night with police using tear gas and rubber bullets. protesters marched to the ferguson police station chanting hands up, don't shoot. some witnesses say brown had his hands up when he was shot over the weekend. brown's parents are also speaking out. they held an emotional press conference showing their pain and their desperate search for answers. >> it's my first born son.
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anybody i know they know i loved my son. i just wish i could have been there to help him. anything. he didn't deserve that. >> any problems that were going on or any situation, there wasn't nothing that he couldn't solve. he would bring people back together. >> yes. >> he's a good boy. he didn't deserve none of this. none of it. we need justice for our son. >> yes. >> we need justice for our son. >> now the st. louis county police chief says that he does not blame people for being skeptical about what happened but promises a full and independent review. more than 1,000, that's the number of people who have died as a result of the ebola outbreak in west africa. according to the latest talley from the world health organization, a company that
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manufactures an experimental drug says it is all out of the treatment that it sent to liberia which the government there said would be issued to two african doctors suffering from the virus. american missionaries both now being treated at an atlanta hospital received that experimental drug. turning our attention to business news for you, stocks moved higher yesterday. the dow was up 16 points. the s&p 500 rising 5. the nasdaq was up by 30. we see green arrow as cross the board there. despite the gains, the dow slid back into negative territory for the year. cnbc's geoff cutmore joins us. what are we watching this tuesday? >> good morning you to, thomas. the remarkable thing is we've had the best back to back two-day gains for the dow in about four months here. but it doesn't feel like that at all. there's a lot of nervousness around in the markets. particularly when it comes to some of these gee yo political
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stories. so traders are keeping their fingers poised over the sell button. but this he do want to try and accumulate stocks as they see signs that the u.s. economy is getting better. so the early thoughts are we're going to have a better trading session for the u.s. and we've also got some important retail stories to come through the rest of this week. so probably that will give us another reason to be more positive going forward this week. but as i say, those fingers are hovering over the sell button. i just want to talk about apple for a moment here. you're going to get a lot of news flow around apple as we run up to this new launch of the iphone six. this story though is about the tablets and apparently the suppliers are saying they started work on the new full size and mini ipads. this is important. apple needs to get these into the stores before christmas because we had two weak quarters of sales of the tablets.
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they can deal with turning around this loss of momentum on the ipad sales. fascinating story. back to you. >> okay, geoff, thank you, sir. still ahead right here on "way too early," will he or won't he? tony stewart's plans for this weekend's races following the death of fellow racer kevin ward jr. and then on a much different note, three more join the ranks of being ice dunked to support a good cause. i love rachael ray! that story and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. wait until you see the other two videos and their nominees! >> and so my truth is that i am a gay american. >> divorced and now remayor wid with two children, mcgreevey then acknowledged he inflicted deep pain on his family. >> i engaged in an adult consensual affair with another man.
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we begin with the latest on tony stewart and the tragic events that led to the death of kevin ward jr. stewart pulled out of a dirt track race in indiana that saturday. it is unclear if he'll appear in the michigan vent. he will have as much time as he needs to make that decision. stewart is not currently under criminal investigation. to baseball news. in kansas city, royals finishing up with a 3-2 lead over the as in the ninth. dyson with the final out with a catch in right center. and then celebrates, there you get i, with the back flip. the royals now in first place atop the american league central. a half game ahead of detroit tyingers who recently experienced a rash of injuries. even their bat boy isn't safe. dur last night's matchup, he slips onz i had way back to the dugout. yeah. had to be helped off the field
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there. poor guy. but hopefully he's go to be okay. to baltimore, also a scary moment for the orioles hosting the yankees in the third. baltimore's manny machado grounds out to derek jeter but never makes it down the first-base line. he ends up lying in the batter's box in pain, having twisted his right knee while swinging. now after exiting the game, he is listed with a knee sprain. he's going to undergo an mri. >> we don't want any acl or -- >> no, i want all good things from him. i love manny machado. i want to bring an update to the story about the als ice bucket challenge. i took part in this on sunday. i challenged three others to join me on monday and they all accepted. it is before that third inning injury that manny machado took a cold bath during batting practice. >> thomas this is manny. i heard your challenge. i'm taking on the ice bucket challenge today for the als. and my three nominees are my
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boys from miami, alanz yoe, a-rod and pitbull. >> that's cold. >> manny, thank you, sir! thank you, thank you, thank you. we'll look for your three nominees. rachael ray took part for her gram in law who suffered from als. >> for grandma millie. go for it. aahh! keep going. more. more. more. aahhh! more! yes! als! >> i love her. >> that was fantastic. >> that's not to be outdone. lieutenant governor of california, gavin newsom was my third pick and he took part as well. >> accepting the ice bucket challenge. you got me, thomas roberts.
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>> thank you. >> als ice bucket challenge. >> i know california is in a drought. i know it's in a drought but it didn't even go over the front of you! i wanted your hair messed up. you promise me messier hair. he is great, he nominate the mayor of l.a., justin tuck of the raiders and pence of the giants. it's a great viral event for a great cause. and because of all of them participating, erica hill over at the today show nominated me. so for all five of us, i'm going to donate $500. >> good for you. >> that's fantastic. >> i think that's really important. the money donations kind of get lost in the ice bucket part of it. >> that's the theme. >> als, $500 from me. and now a check on weather from the fantastic bill karins. >> so excited. >> yankees lost. >> or the yoe >> orioles won. >> manny machado said hi thomas in that video. are you kidding me?
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>> we'll wrap up that for you. we're watching rain move into the region. detroit had epic rain. most ever in the city. now all that heavy rain is coming into the east. we are watching scattered showers and storms. some could be strong today. airport delays are likely especially this afternoon. and we're going to get soaked tonight into new england. so keep that in mind. it will be much cooler, of course, with the clouds and rain. but as far as the travel plans go, the worst of it tonight will be in new york city. and then tomorrow morning, heading up into boston, rest of the country looks okay, thomas. an unusual, very heavy rain soaking coming to the northeast. >> bill, thank you. much appreciated. at the top of the hour on "morning joe," he'll share some of his memories of actor robin williams. then when we come back, we're going to huddle around the water cooler for the best moments of robin williams' comedic genius. we celebrate him. we're back with more after this. ♪
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welcome back, everybody. earlier in the show we told but tragic death of acting and comedy legend robin williams. according to industry figures, his films earned $3 billion over the united states. that makes him the highest film actor of all time. let's huddle around the water cooler and check in with lewis. we want to talk about how we
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remember and celebrate the legendary genius. >> that's right. we continue to remember robin williams this morning. fans are still in shock. this is individual yes of the star on the hollywood walk of fame shortly after the news of his sudden death. mementos like a miniature oscars with left for the academy award winner. he is also being remembered on social media. his last insta gram post was a picture of him and his daughter posted two weeks ago wishing her a happy 25th birthday. the 63-year-old actor was a brilliant comedian with an unmatched skill for improvisation. here's a look at his first appearance on johnny carson's tonight show. >> people always think we don't get nervous. >> not at all. really? oh, god. not really. not really. no way. >> is there some reason you don't get nervous? >> i suffer from severe dyslexia, too. i was the only child on my block to go trick or trout. here comes that young williams boy again. better get some fish.
2:52 am
here you go. say hi to your mom and dad. >> where is home for you? did you come from a home? >> all the people in the institution, tommy! haven't taken your medication yet. it's going to be fun. >> back at 12. >> mr. williams, i'm real fine. look at this thing. look, flipper. >> hey, hey. what are you doing? oh, god. relax. relax. okay, i'm on tv. you're a nice man, you won't hurt me. >> no. >> don't ab frayed. the sores went away. >> simplex two? >> real men can stand up to herpes. >> williams, of course, got his start doing stand up comedy in the late 70s despite making it in hollywood, he never left the stage.
2:53 am
the last tour was in 2009. he gave a glimpse of his political side. >> yes, indeed. yes, indeed. wow. thank you. thank you. please, i've had heart surgery. thank you. nice to be in washington where the buck stops here. way to go. and then it's handed tout aig and many other people. now i have a new timothy geithner $20 that's been printed. kind of neat. instead of in god we trust, it just says trust me. it says spend before tuesday. and also instead of andrew jackson, it has a little man from monopoly going -- >> now fans have also been flocking to the san francisco house made famous by one of your favorite movies "mrs. doubtfire." here is one of the most memorable clips from that 1993
2:54 am
classic. >> it's going to blow. easy. easy. there. come on. calm down of oh, my god, it's clouded. oh, god. it smells like burnt rubber. >> god, it's hot if here. aahhh! god! my first day as a woman and i'm getting hot flashes. >> that is one of my favorite scenes. there was a movie released ayear before that defied williams for a new generation, that was "genie" in 199's "aladdin."
2:55 am
the academy honored him way tweet saying genie, you're free. >> it is really amazing the body of work that he was able to accomplish after "mork & mindy ". that's when we fell on love with him. >> that's right. you can't forget "good will hunting." >> "dead poet society" and "the bird cage" and "mrs. doubtfire" that, is a movie can you put in if you're having a low day and it will pick you up like nothing else. thank you. we'll get to your responses on twitter this morning. earlier in the show we asked what you are your favorite robin williams' moments, characters, film lines or movies. we have some responses. >> good morning, thomas. rich says this classic quote from "mrs. doubt fire" she has the crabs here. and then tina says so many robin williams' genie in alad sin perfection. every lip is fantastic. keith tweets, the fosse, fosse,
2:56 am
fosse, fosse scene from "the bird cage". >> good stuff. such a shining start. christine, thank you. >> next on "way too early," a look at the stories you'll be talking about in the day ahead. "morning joe" is just moments away. i make a lot of purchases for my business. and i get a lot in return with ink plus from chase. like 50,000 bonus points when i spent $5,000 in the first 3 months after i opened my account. and i earn 5 times the rewards on internet, phone services and at office supply stores. with ink plus i can choose how to redeem my points. travel, gift cards, even cash back. and my rewards points won't expire. so you can make owning a business even more rewarding. ink from chase. so you can. [ female announcer ] aveeno® daily moisturizing lotion has active naturals® oat with five vital nutrients. [ aniston ] because beautiful skin goes with everything. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results™.
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welcome back, everybody. let's get a check at the day ahead. the california county sheriff's office set to have a news conference on the death of robin williams one day after preliminary investigation showed he died from an parent suicide by asphyxia. potential 2016 candidate rick perry is set to attend the iowa state fair. this will be the fourth trip to iowa in just eight months. primary elections held in minnesota today, connecticut and wisconsin where republican governor scott brown will get his democratic challenger. wisconsin officials xprekting just a 15% turnout. that's going to do it. a tuesday edition of "way too early." "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ a doctor's mission should be not to just prevent death but
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also to improve the quality of life. that's why you treat a disease, you win, you lose. you treat a person. i guarantee you, you win. >> those are the things i miss the most. little idio sing crassies that i know about. that is what made my wife and she had the goods on me too. she knew all of my little peckadillos. people call these perfections. but they are not. that's the good stuff. you are here and life exists and an identity. the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. >> some of the powerful lines spoken by robin williams, an entertainment genius who commanded the spotlight from stand-up comedy clubs to oscar winning films. >> it's hard to think of


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