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tv   Ronan Farrow Daily  MSNBC  August 15, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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details on his death, including the name of the officer who allegedly pulled the trigger. >> the officer that was involved in the shooting of michael brown was darren wilson. he's been a police officer for six years. has had no disciplinary action taken against him. >> and they released a police report detailing brown's death. the moments before and the moments after, including surveillance video they say shows brown stealing from a convenience store within minutes of that shooting. missouri governor jay nixon defended the investigation just this past hour. >> do you think this case has been mismanaged? >> no, there's been -- i think the focal point here remains from the -- figure out how and why michael brown was killed and to get justice as appropriate in that situation. >> first, let's get the latest an this investigation from's trymaine lee in
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ferguson and former fbi profiler clint van zandt to help us sort out this video. the report lays outer furst really detailed timeline of these events. what did we learn? >> what we learned is that there have been an earlier call of someone in distress that the officer responded to. and then a dispatch some of strong-armed robbery at a local convenience store. and the release still is part of this report that seemed to show someone they purport to be michael brown, a large man, in a confrontation with someone who may or may not be a store employee. so we don't have the full context of what's going on. but apparently, michael brown was -- >> trymaine, we are looking at the video right now. it's lacking in detail. it's choppy, but we have that video right now. it apipears to confirm exactly what you just described. >> that's a critical point. as part of the release you have four images that don't tell but
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a slice of the story. i spoke with the witness' attorney. the witness within feet of michael brown when he was killed and he did confirm that when they went into a convenience store, michael brown did steal a pack of cigarillos, mini cigars but there was no strong-arm robbery, justice a theft. the images and video may add to context and structure around this story. as of right now it's still not clear exactly what happened in those minutes right before michael brown's interaction with the police officer. >> tell us about what this video shows to you as an fbi profiler. >> well, first of all, it's an absolute tragedy that this young man died and nothing is going to change that. secondly, when we look at this, we see an apparent shoplifting and a strong-arm robbery. i mean, we see, if this individual wearing the baseball cap is the deceased, he has something in his hand, what now we're told by the person with him that he actually did steal
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it. we also see the clerk try to stop him and we see this individual shove, push, assault the person who is trying to stop him. so we have a theft. we have a strong-arm robbery that if that's the fact, so be it. what we still don't fully understand is the confrontation and what led a police officer, not to fire one or two, but as andrea mitchell said last hour, somewhere between five and seven rounds into this young man. that is still unanswered. we know why the police officer was there. he was responding to this assault. but what prompted him to take deadly physical force against this young man, that's still to be determined. and as an fbi agent, i've worked cases just like this where we have to, as the fbi come in, tell the police officers, you know, the fbi doesn't have a dog in this fight other than the truths a
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trurth and i think that's what we're going to see is the truth. >> obviously it's important to be careful about noting that the facts here haven't all emerged. we just have this video. we don't know exactly what it shows that will continue to evolve. based on the information we do have right now, what does it tell you about potential culpability here. is this a set of circumstances nat any way could have justified a fatality? >> well, as an fbi agent, as a police officer, you know, the last thing you are ever want to do is use deadly physical force. to use a firearm against another person. you want to escalate from talking to them to various other means before you ever go to a weapon. so the issue then becomes, did this police officer, you know, how big was he? was he traps in his car? did michael brown appear so much bigger than him? did the officer feel that this young man was going to take the officer's weapon away? all of that will come out, but where it has to come out is in a grand jury.
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that' belongs is in a grand jury. is there any justification whatsoever in the officer's actions? and realize there are hundreds and thousands of police officers sitting around this country watching this, too, thinking themselves, i have been in a similar situation. would i have shot? would i not have shot? you know, there's a lot riding on this right now for the community, for the parents of this young man who died, and for our nation as we reconsider deadly physical force, police who dress in military uniforms and the calm that has taken place that we see in ferguson now where we implement the talking cure. where instead of coming in with guns and bullets and riots we come in and talk, but we have to convince the xhoonity that the truth will come out and whatever
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that truth is, there's going to be someone, somehow held responsible for this young man's death. >> trymaine, what's the reaction been on the ground to this video so far? >> the reaction so far, there's been mixed. there's always a mix of the rumor mill churning, some people questioning if it's michael brown. questioning whether the same clothes that's were seen in the video are the same seen clothes he's wearing when photographs of him laying dead in the street. there's a lot of rumors churning. but still, people are wondering what one has to do with the other. and that's why i think the evidence that will eventually come out will get us closer to understanding. what happened in those moments before the police officer fired that first shot? they've alleged michael brown was reaching for the officer's gun. is that true? witnesses have said that the officer fired once and then fired several more times in michael brown's back. the autopsy results will show that. we don't know much about what happened. of course, we've seen in the
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past, the court of public opinion is already started. so, of course, this image will weigh heavily in that space. that's not the space that matters in this case. >> do you see this inn easy admittedly peace we've seen overnight will hold? >> who knows. a part of the issue earlier in the week was that the police had their military apparatus and there were snipers and m-16s. and created a very confrontational environment. now they are gone, if last night was any indication that people came out en masse but were peaceful. and so while some people are angry about what happened today, you know, it's yet to be seen how that will play out into the evening. >> trymaine lee, appreciate you being an the ground. clint van zandt, thank you for that analysis. on the ground in ferguson. this community is still reeling from the news. despite peaceful protests last night, as we talked about, earlier today the highway patrol captain who helped bring a sense of calm to ferguson had some intense reactions to the release
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of the name. >> everybody wanted that information. and yesterday when i was here last night and asked that question and i told people, let's give it some time. give me some time and we'd have some different demographics within the next 24 hours, and that's happened. we probably need to talk about how that information was presented out and we will discuss that information on how it was presented out. as you saw last night, a calm crowd. everybody was calm and that will continue today. i think yesterday showed that we just want answers. people want answers. and want to have a chance to voice their opinion. and that happened last night. we had very few incidents. >> warned this is not over yet. >> we're not out of this yet. we haven't had the funeral. what happens when these kids see their friend in the casket?
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i've been through this more than one time. we're not out of the emotions because we all of a sudden had one good night of marching. what happens when that town has to look at this kid laying in a casket and people say, why is he dead? >> here to drill down on what's next for this community, missouri state senator maria chappell nade al. senator, you've been really active and really angry, to be frank, on the ground over the past week. will police considering michael brown the primary suspect in a potential crime worsen that anger? >> you know, i have to tell you, ronan, this community really needs to know what the facts are. whatever happened at the qt that we're at right now is separate from what happened in the interaction with the police officer and mike brown. what we need to know is what exactly happened?
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no one elected darren wilson as the judge, jury and executioner. there are protocols that you have to follow. a taser gone could have been used instead of a real gun when dealing with mike brown. whether he committed a theft or not. what's really important to this community is that we get the facts between the time that's michael brown and the officer engaged and when michael brown was killed. those are the facts that this community is concerned about right now. >> reverend, what about the revelation of this officer's name in do you see that quelling or encouraging violence? >> well, i think it certainly should help to quell the violence because this is information the community had wanted to know and was hoping that the police will be forthcoming with much sooner than it was. but i think, you know, they need to be sensitive to how this information is being presented. it did not help to present that information alongside with character assassination of
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michael brown. notwithstanding the circumstances. it could have been handled very differently and how the police handles this going forward in releasing information will also have a tremendous impact on the community's response. >> senator, we just heard rev repd sharpton talk about how last night's peaceful protest could be the calm before another storm. what's your impression? >> well, what we need to do is start focusing on outcomes. and that's what's really important right now is to refocus our energy from protesting peacefully to action. and we need to have protocols that are in place right now so this kind of activity doesn't happen again. and that's really where the focus should be for this community. there still is a lot of anger and a lot of hurt and pain and i realize that. and i don't see this community leaving the streets and protesting peacefully any time soon. but we have to redirect that energy to positive outcomes at this point. >> reverend, what balance does need to be struck at this point between searching for more
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answers and grieving the death of michael brown? >> well, the investigation needs to continue to go forward because we still need to know all the facts. particularly what happened between the interaction between michael brown and the officer -- and officer wilson. we still need to know those facts. shots inside the car, shots outside the car, his hands up. we need to get the facts about that situation. that has to be balanced with the fact that we haven't had the funeral yet. and, you know, the way the police officers are -- may be characterizing, allegedly, what michael brown had done at the other store and swiping some cigars and identifying that as a strong-arm robbery which justifies that level of force in the police mind is very different from the way the community would see an offense like that being justifiable in his homicide.
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they need to balance those two things and make sure that they have a sensitivity to how the community is viewing things as they are presenting information in the public. >> still a lot of healing ahead for this xhoonity. c community. up next, the police response is changing in ferguson. we've been hearing about it all day and look at these images and how different from the images from earlier this week. but how deep are these changes, and will they last? we get some answers from an officer inside the st. louis police department. right after the break. ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. it is so good all the time.
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last night was a great night. a great night. there was no calls for service. we did not deploy teargas. we did not have any road blocks. we did not make any arrests.
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it was a good night. >> captain ron johnson moments ago on the changing police response in ferguson. we're back with more breaking news from that community where people finally seem to be getting from law enforcement what they've been pleading for all week. first off, some transparency with the release of the name of that officer who shot michael brown and of a police report that names brown the primary suspect that's an exact quote in a convenience store robbery that led to his shooting. they are also getting what appears to be a pause in heavy handed militaristic police tactics that have caused so much turmoil. just take a look at today's headlines versus yesterday's. some incredible pictures and a very different scene on the ground. just how real and how sustainable is this shift in police response? major ronnie robinson is an officer with the st. louis metropolitan police department. major, appreciate your joining. what was your reaction to hearing this officer's name get released? do you fear for his safety? >> yes, you have to be
10:18 am
concerned. there's always an entity out in the public, in our society that may want to do some harm to an officer in this case, in this situation. it's very volatile and very confusing situation for a lot of people at this point. so, yes, there's always some concern. >> was it important for this community to have that transparency of knowing the name? >> yes, it's very important that this investigation be meticulous, that no mistakes are made and that it's transparent and justice prevails. >> marge, have you had an opportunity to look at this police report that was just put out? >> no, i haven't. i've been busy all morning. i worked until about 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. i got back up this morning. and i haven't had a chance to look at it yet. i will get to see it eventually. >> thank you for your service. we want to get your take on some of the contents of that report. the allegations, for instance, that this was, in fact, a fatality in the officer's pursuing a crime that may have been happening and that michael
10:19 am
brown may, in fact, have been the prime suspect in. if, indeed issue that's the case, does that at all change the culpability here? could there be disciplinary action? >> it doesn't change the evidence that's going to be gathered. hard evidence. you have to look at the facts. you have to look at what the evidence reveals. once that comes out, then we'll have a clearer picture about exactly what happened. until we get that, we can't speculate on anything. we can't speculate what happened, what was in the officer's mind, what was in michael brown's mind. we've got to wait for the investigation and be patient as the investigation continues. and then we'll have the facts and not guess and not speculate on anything. >> does it make any difference they've now pointed at this additional suspect, 22-year-old dorian brown -- i'm sorry, dorian johnson who may have also been involved in this potntient crime with brown? >> the mike kind of broke up.
10:20 am
>> does it change the actions you'd want to see in response to this, that there's an additional suspect involved at this point, according to the police report? >> no, it's not going to change the actions of the investigation. the investigation still, what we need to find out is why and how michael brown was killed. so it's not going to change that course as far as the investigation is concerned. what i'm concerned about and what does it do to the public after last night, we had a really good night. we had a safe night of demonstration without any issues. without any problems. hopefully this new information doesn't cause any issues and change the psychic or the mentality relative to how they behave tonight and how and what goes on, what transpirs with the demonstrations tonight. >> let's talk about that new calm on the streets. we have a live picture of how improved things are. compare that to the images earlier this week. the difference is very striking. this big shift on the streets seems to partly be because they have put this new point person in charge, the missouri highway patrol's captain ron johnson who we just heard from.
10:21 am
can you tell us about him and whether you feel putting a new person in charge was the right move? >> yeah, i think it's been a collective decision, a collective effort from all the entities involving all the law enforcement agencies that are here. i think not only the highway patrol but st. louis county, st. louis city and all the other surrounding municipalities participating in trying to bring peace to this community that the decision was made collectively. governor nixon did a good job about making a decision and we came. we saw that there was a need for a different approach and that's what we did last night. >> major, what's next for the police response in ferguson? how sustainable a fix is it to put the highway patrol in charge? >> you know, there's going to be some residual effects from this incident that's going to last for many years. that's going to affect our entire community, not just the city of ferguson and maybe even the whole world. we've got to be very careful about what we do and handle this
10:22 am
correctly and try not to make any mistakes. mistakes will be made because of human error but nothing intentional. we have to be honest and sun seer with the people and definitely transparent because that's what they are crying out for. they want facts. they want information. it's a very emotional time. and it was a very close knit community that this happened in as far as the way the demographics of the community are. so we have to be very, very mindful to give them the truth and the facts of exactly what happened in this case. >> still a lot of facts that have yet to emerge. major robinson, before we part ways, the nation is reeling and trying to figure out their response to how police officers behaved all week. what would you want americans to know outside of your state about police officers there in missouri? >> in the state of missouri, we demand professionalism at our agency. i'm sure other agencies in missouri do the same thing. last night when we came into the community, this was our first night here and my first night on
10:23 am
the ground here. we went amongst the crowd and demonstrators and asked questions and they talked to us and gave us stories and talked about michael brown's background, what's been going on in the community and exactly what they. want. we conveyed those concerns. so hopefully we can be successful again as we move forward and continue to have those type of bridges built between us and the community and create a dialogue that's a positive dialogue between us. we understand that they are hurting. and that's important for us to understand and know the culture that exists in the community. and that's what we're trying to do. that's what we're trying to bring to the table. professionalism and service. >> major ronnie robinson, we appreciate your doing just that. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. coming up today -- anger over this shooting of michael brown has partly found a home online. we're going to show you what social media traffic reveals about a nation reeling from today's news. right after the break.
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startling images like these ones from ferguson have captivated people across the country all week. social media traffic reveals just how fast that took hold. take a look at this map showing the use of the term ferguson exploding on wednesday night as police used teargas and sonic booms to dispel crowds. now that the name of the officer who shot michael brown is out, twitter is explode again. a lot of rage, racially charged remarks and some glimmers of hope. st. louis mayor tweeting this. today will again test our community's resolve to be open, peaceful. it is certainly doing that. stay with us. coming up, ferguson reveals a surprising phenomenon around the country. military weaponry flooding into our local police forces through an act of congress. now some in congress are pushing back. will ferguson force a national change? we take a look, next.
10:28 am
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we're back with more breaking news out of ferguson where a week of unrest pulled back the curtain on a startling trend in local police forces. those forces armed to the teeth too often with weapons of war. today there are new calls mounting in washington for that to stop. one georgia congressman is already pushing a bill to do just that. >> that militarization creates the type of atmosphere where it's difficult if not impossible, to do community policing. you want to be out, be able to reach out and grab someone and hug them as opposed to stand there like a robot in full armor with a gas mask on. you can't even talk to your citizens.
10:32 am
>> is the rest of congress prepared to act to stop what's become a nationwide problem? joining me is john gaskin, the naacp's national committee director and st. louis county executive committee member of that organization as well. and paul, an afghanistan veteran and a writer for business insider. thank you both of you. paul, you wrote a compelling article on this saying, if there's one thing i learned in afghanistan, it's this. you can't win a person's heart and mind when you are pointing a rifle at his or her chest. how did what happen in ferguson change the nation's understanding of this problem of overmilitarization? >> ronan, i think we're seeing this growing trend. i think it was on full display in ferguson. this has been going an for quite a while with the militarization of police and the usage of heavily armed s.w.a.t. teams. these are the -- these types of teams were created initially for extreme high-risk situations. we're talking about barricaded suspects for hostage situations,
10:33 am
for active shooters. but instead what we saw in ferguson on the streets was a s.w.a.t. team officers pointing weapons, snipers aimed in at unarmed crowds. this is not the type of usage that a s.w.a.t. team should be seeing. >> john, this phenomenon is partly due to what's called the 1033 program. it allows the pentagon to hand out surplus military equipment to these local police forces. does that need to change? >> absolutely. it is our hope that the horrific events that occurred in ferguson within the last three or fordays, that the president and the united states congress will use this as a policy window to take some serious action and take a real look at the fact that we are america and these are our citizens an american soil. we should not be treating them like they are prisoners of war or like they are from a foreign nation that we're at war with. it was completely unacceptable. and the naacp is outraged. >> i want to get your reaction as well, john, to a statement
10:34 am
that just came over the wires. this is breaking right now from michael brown's family. really illustrating the human stakes. they say, quote, michael brown's family is beyond outraged at the devious way the police chief has chosen to disseminate piecemeal information in a matter intended to assassinate the character of their son following such a brutal assassination of his person in broad daylight. what's your reaction to that statement and does it indicate that this turmoil and perhaps the police response that's fueled it aren't over? >> you know, the fact that the police, and i feel like the family certainly, has a right to feel that way because the images that we saw over television from the cameras that were released at the same time that they released the name of the officer, that has come out today, that's completely unacceptable as well. i believe it's a tactic by the police to really try to attempt to justify why this young man may have been killed.
10:35 am
but even that, let's just take it a step further. we want to ensure that this young man was not being profiled by any means. and we want to take a real look at the fact that this is a young man who was shot multiple times. if he didn't use it, from what we see, he didn't use any weapons at the gas station. the allegations say that he stole some kind of tobacco product. and even if he did, does that justify for him to be hunted down and shot nine times over a product that cost $1? really? i mean, that really -- the naacp is really begging that question. >> john, another key point that they make in this response, the family says it is no way transparent to release the still photographs alleged to be michael brown, such as that surveillance footage we were showing earlier, and refuse to release footage of the officer that executed him. do you think that was an unfair dissemination of information on
10:36 am
the police department's part? >> i believe that is to an extent unfair. many people in the news media and mean people an the ground have asked, who is this person? what does he look like? yet you can release images trying to character assassinate this young man. that's completely inn acceptable. i believe this is yet another tactic by the local law enforcement to really try to spin this thing. it's unacceptable. >> there 24 facets of this that seem to both be unfolding rapidly and still cause turmoil. one is this underlying issue and the alleged crime that may have been involved. and the other is the police response that we've seen all week. going back to that response, paul, do you think when you see this response on the hill and the calls to demilitarize that that will amount to more than talk. that the outrage over ferguson could lead to national change on this? >> that remains to be seen. i think, you know, most of the police departments that are
10:37 am
being outfitted with these types of vehicles, the military armored personnel carriers, the heavy weapons, the body armor and the military uniforms are from acts of congress. you have the 1033 program which is a pentagon transfer. the dhs giving grants to buy these new things. so the fault, much of the fault goes back to congress and doesn't really -- you can't totally blame the police chiefs for saying, ahey, i want a new mrap at my department. it's basically free to them, or at a very minimal cost. >> whin you see situations like this unfolding and veterans like yourself saying we've used this equipment. it's not needed at this suburban level, it's a disturbing trend. john gask in, paul, thank you. i want to flag some important programming at home. my colleague joy reid will speak one on one with the st. louis county police chief and the brown family's attorney and
10:38 am
benjamin crump and michael brown's cousin eric davis. important coverage there. and that goes on tonight with chris hayes who will have another compelling hour of "all in at "8:00 p.m. eastern. we've got much more this hour on the ferguson aftermath and how that community is sorting it out. (son) oh no... can you fix it, dad? yeah, i can fix that. (dad) i wanted a car that could handle anything. i fixed it! (dad) that's why i got a subaru legacy. (vo) symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 36 mpg. i gotta break more toys. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan.
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the new snapfix app revolutionizes local service. just snap a photo and angie's list coordinates a top-rated provider to do the work on your schedule. the app makes it easy. the power of angie's list makes it work. download snapfix for free. once again we just received a statement from michael brown's family moments ago saying michael brown's family is beyond outraged at the devious way the police chief has chosen to disseminate piecemeal information in a manner intended to assassinate the character of their son following such a brutal assassination of his person in broad daylight. there's nothing based on the facts that can justify the execution-style murder of their child by this police officer as he held his hands up which is the universal sign of surrender.
10:42 am
nbc's kevin tibbles just interviewed the police chief. >> honesty is important. we have to communicate that. that's how we're going to gain trust and confidence in what we're doing out here today. >> what are the people saying to you? >> they feel like the communication is a two-way street here. we're only communicating half of the picture and we need to communicate both sides. so we need to continue to do that. >> someone said to me yesterday, someone in the community, that what you saw here was people crying, not only for attention but for help. and the press is going to go away and is going to go back to the way it used to be. how do you answer that? >> i'm going to tell you that i think we all have to hold each other accountable. ron johnson has to make sure that doesn't happen as much as he can. i think our governor has to do the same and i think he will. i know that he will. so i think we have to continue that. but i think also our community has to continue to demand that.
10:43 am
whether it's through our school systems or through local politicians and community boards. so we have to continue to demand that, not let this fall asleep. >> because if it falls asleep, what's going to happen? >> if it falls asleep, the wound never heals, it will open up again. >> this could happen in this community. do you worry about the fact this also happens in many other large cities in this nation? >> i think what's occurring here will make our nation better because it is what pulses throughout our nation. what's happening here will make our nation better. >> we have heard yesterday from other people saying that we essentially -- your community, that community there, is living in a resource desert. there's no future. no education. nowhere to go. it's your job to protect those people? >> i think the governor talked about the schools and how we're trying to make our schools better. it is a new store front.
10:44 am
that's why i asked, why we're upset, let's not burn down what's healthy here. this is healthy. i don't want to burn it down. we've got a quick trip there that was healthy and it's gone. that's where we get our gas and things like that. it's getting healthy. i think we have to continue to make it healthy. a lot of small businesses you see in this plaza and so we're going to continue to allow that to stand even in our anger. if we burn it down, wherever it weakens, it's going to make us weaker. >> does the sight of armored personnel carriers and police in riot gear upset you? >> i think that there are times where the response may be appropriate that we use that. if we're responding to different incidents, when officers are going into homes and there's armed subjects in there. so there's times when it is appropriate. we have to make sure those resources are using the appropriate manner when they are needed. and i think our citizens realize that when that is, that that is appropriate. >> in this case you have suggested earlier that it wasn't
10:45 am
appropriate. >> no, i didn't say that. i said we're going to deal with what's happened today. for today. and we tried a different approach yesterday. and we're going to continue that approach. >> you said you would be hugging, shaking hands, and communicating. >> meeting new friends and making new friends. >> because? >> because that's the right thing to do. and that's what this uniform says. it has serve and protect. it doesn't say i'm going to make friends. when i was a young trooper and i had an interview and they were asking me questions and talking about if my best friend -- when i arrest my best friend, would i arrest my mother for speeding tickets and some of those things. and i said, well, how do i answer it? oh, yes, i'd arrest my mother if she was speeding. but my mother is my friend also. and so these are my friends. i'm going to treat them that way. >> why did you become a cop? >> to make my community better. and that's why when i came back here, after being gone for three
10:46 am
years, due to a promotion, i moved back here. >> what do you see today? >> i see today a lot of hope. i see a little but more trust than we had a few days ago. and i see if we all stick together, i think we're going to be better. and we're going to be something the nation can look at and say, we can do it. hopefully we won't have to go through the pain they're going through and the incidents they are going through and there won't have to be a grieving mother or father at home. we can do better. >> it's an honor. >> that was captain ron johnson with the missouri highway patrol expressing his hope for the city of ferguson after days of unrest. with the world watching, has leadership responded as well? and has the rest of the united states risen to this challenge revealed by ferguson? we'll take a look at that question after the broadcast. break.
10:47 am
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we are trying to make sure that there is an open way that folks can express theirexpress express their concerns while protecting the property and getting this process to its necessary conclusion in a timely and complete fashion. >> for those who are just joining us, breaking news about the death of michael brown. that was missouri governor jay nixon you just heard. he's one of the state leaders facing intense pressure in the wake of this young man's shooting. it has been a challenge for federal leadership on capitol hill, even at the whitehouse. joining me is joshua dubois, former spiritual adviser to president obama. given how fast things developed today, do you think local authorities have been effective in dolling out those developments? >> no. local authorities have been horrendous throughout this
10:51 am
entire situation. wednesday night, i took to twitter, as we all watched from our living rooms and on our computers and twitter the hell that was going down in ferguson, asking where's governor nixon? where is the mayor? where is ferguson police chief jackson? they were nowhere to be found. in a situation like that is when you need to see leadership. the elected leadership, particularly the police leadership to show that, you know, they have things urn control, are getting things under control. the one person who made it clear to people they were on top of things was senator claire mccaskill, who at 9:22 tweeted this shouldn't be happening. she was working withing the phones. she was going to meet with the attorney general the next day to do something about what we were watching and all stunned by. >> we are just receiving a breaking development here. police news conference coming up
10:52 am
at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. wi we will see if they are able to turn around the perceptions. >> now you have heard some comments, maybe too late from governor nixon, has it been enough and has it been the right kind of response? >> i think from governor nixon, and especially from highway patrol captain, captain ron johnson, there's a little more confidence in the process as we know it right now. i think one of the difficult things that's happening is we have a lot of jurisdictions happening. you have ron johnson -- captain johnson, who's in charge of sort of the security that's happening on the ground now with protests, but you have the ferguson police department that, you know, has custody of the actual police report of what happened in the shooting. then on top of that, you have the st. louis county police department at some point. when you did this breaking news
10:53 am
about police press conference, i was thinking, which police department? >> this is the ferguson police chief to be clear but yes, exactly the point. >> that's right. i think captain johnson figured out something that the st. louis county police and the ferguson still still haven't figured out. that's communities are not safer when they are in the danch when there's an information black hole or when they are afraid. kmupts are safer when they trust the integrity of the process and trust in the police. that's what johnson is doing, building the trust, walking and talking to people. the same as senator mccaskill. that's where we need to be and where we should have been all along. >> what about the federal response to this? >> it has been rapid and what we need to see from the president and attorney general. within 48 hours the president sent a team through the attorney general from the fbi to ferguson to deal with the situation there, to assist in the investigation. we had a written statement from the president. obviously a very empathetic
10:54 am
statement from him directly, as well. i think that's what we need to see from him as the facts continue to roll in. >> josh, what about the response on the hill? should there be more of an outcry to change this at a national level and roll back some of the militarization of local forces? >> i think so. obviously august is a pretty dead period here in washington. a lot of folks are at home in their districts. when they get back to work, i think we need to see members of congress from both sides of the aisle talking about the militarization of police and tough racial justice issues and looking at why this happens with so many black men around the country, what the data says, is there enough data? and how can we take policy and legislative steps to make sure this happens less and less and hopefully never again. >> you mentioned the social justice issues. jonathon, the family said this is racial profiling, saying their son was killed execution style.
10:55 am
using a lot of harsh terms of that type and understandably so in the state of emotion they are in right now. do you think that is accurate in the evidence dolled out right now this. >> keep in mind, that statement reflects a lot of interviews that have been done with people on our air here at msnbc, eyewitnesses to what happened who we have been hearing from for the last few days. when you have -- we have been hearing this from more than one person, more than two people. from their perspective, from michael brown's grieving family's perspective, their son was killed execution style. yes, the language is dramatic. and in some cases overly dramatic, but what with we are dealing with is a family trying to deal with what looks to be a police department smearing their child's reputation. a child that cannot defend himself. >> they pointed out they have released pictures alleged to be of their son, and not pictures of the officer. we will see how it shapes up.
10:56 am
certainly it is wrenching and our thoughts are with the family. appreciate it. >> thank you. that wraps things up. it is time for the reid report with joy reid. you have a big hour coming up. >> yes we do. coming up next, a cousin of michael brown, as well as the lieutenant governor of missouri react to new informations released by the police on the identity of the officer who shot michael brown. new questions about the killing after an incident report on a robbery that happened before the teen was killed is released, but no report on the killing itself. and rebuilding trust. how do police and the community begin to repair their relationship? "the reid report" is next. she inspires you. no question about that. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow.
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involved in the shooting of michael brown was darin wilson. >> this is not a black and white issue. >> he's been a police officer six years. >> the focal point here remains. figure out how and why michael brown was killed and get justice appropriate in the situation. breaking news this hour involving the shooting death of michael brown. new questions after ferguson police finally release the name of the officer who shot and killed the unarmed teen. along with inann incident report of a robbery for which police say brown was the primary suspect. while police gave member of the media video and still. it shows michael brown strong arming a convenient store worker and walking out with a box of mini cigars along with a second man. what they did not release raises more questions. police did not release a picture of the officer who shot michael brown. nor did they release the incident reports detailing the shooting itself. we have just learned ferguson police chief thomas jackson will hold a news conference at 3:00 p.m. eastern. todd johnson is joining me live from ferguson. what was reaction from fergu


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