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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  August 19, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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unannounced foundation for 2016 presidential run. the former secretary of state's future travel plans that will have all the pundants wagging their tongues. what do you get when a tiger, a rory and a jimmy walk into a studio. some of the best late night duffing ever on tv. did tiger actually take a swing? this is "way too early." break out your billy baru mp good morning. i'm thomas roberts. this is tuesday, august 19th. the show where duffer is a dirty word. we know that for all our golfing fans out there. okay. so let's get right down to it because we've got some serious news to begin with from ferguson, missouri, where the presence of the national guard has failed to quell violent protests. police firing several rounds of tear gas at protesters after the latest round of heated demonstrations. state highway patrol captain
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ronald johnson says officers came under heavy gunfire, but those officers did not fire any shots, at least two civilians were wounded though. more than 30 people were arrested, and captain johnson is urging those looking to protest peacefully to do so during the day so police can focus on those committing crimes after hours. >> anyone who has been at these protests understands that there is a dangerous dynamic in the night. it allows a small number of violent agitators to hide in the crowd and then attempt to create chaos. the catalysts can be bottles thrown, molotov cocktails and, of course, shots fired. protesters are peaceful and respectful. protesters don't clash with police. they don't throw molotov cocktails. >> so the protests also brought some very scary moments for msnbc's chris hays and craig
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melvin when protesters began throwing rocks at them from a live report. >> reporter: we've been out here since the live show at 7:00 p.m. and -- >> whoa. whoa. >> hey. hey. hey. watch out, chris. >> reporter: you know what, that -- >> protesters shooting rocks at us. >> reporter: that's -- you know what, we are -- we are telling the true story. >> reporter: people are angry, man. they're really angry. >> can you tell us what's going on? >> reporter: we're trying to. few rocks chucked at us. we're fine. we're fine. so democratic governor jay nixon ordered the national guard to the city in an attempt to diffuse the violence. he also lifted a curfew that was in effect the previous two nights. president obama announcing attorney general eric holder will held to ferguson tomorrow to oversee the federal investigation of michael brown's shooting. he also said he will be keeping a close eye on the actions of the national guard. >> i spoke to jay nixon about
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this, expressed an interest in making sure that if, in fact, the national guard is used it is used in a limited and appropriate way. he described the support role that they're going to be providing to local law enforcement and i'll be watching over the next several days to assess whether, in fact, it's helping rather than hindering progress in ferguson. >> also listen to this. amnesty international now has 13 observers and organizers on the ground in ferguson. it is the very first time the group has sent that type of team anywhere in the united states. well, now we turn our attention to iraq where president obama is urging iraq's new government to come together after a major victory against islamic state militants. he praised kurdish and iraqi forces for regaining control of the mosul dam from the militants in conjunction with the airstrike.
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president obama called it a major step forward. it is the country's largest dam. it provides water and electricity to northern iraq. president obama said he made it clear to iraq's new prime minister that now is the time for iraq to take the lead. >> my national security team today and i will say publicly that we want to continue to communicate to politicians of all stripes in iraq, don't think that because we have engaged in airstrikes to protect our people that now is the time to let the foot off the gas and return to the same kind of dysfunction that has so weakened the country generally. dr. abadi has said the right things. i was impressed in my conversation with him about his vision for an inclusive government, but they've got to get this done because the wolf's at the door. meanwhile, pope francis is speaking out in support of using force against the militants. the pope said one nation should not be acting alone in an
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apparent reference to the u.s., but he said he approved of action in iraq to protect religious minorities and said he is considering a visit to northern iraq. and syrian forces have launched dozens of airstrikes on islamic state militants in eastern syria. one strike destroyed a local water plant and militants are in control of 1/3 of that country. to politics back here at home. former secretary of state hillary clinton is headed off to iowa. retiring senator tom hark kin announcing that both hillary and bill clinton will speak at the annual steak did hafry next mon. this event is held to support democratic candidates but is a must visit for any possible contenders. it's clinton's first trip to iowa since 2008 when she lost the caucuses to then senator barack obama. an nbc marist poll said 70%
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support hillary clinton, 20% would support vice president joe biden and 10% still undecided. 4.5 million americans this morning are waking up to find their personal information was hacked in a cyber attack thought to have been launched in china. in an s.e.c. filing on monday community health systems, which runs 206 hospitals nationwide announced it was attacked in april and june of this year with information stolen on patients treated or referred by their doctors. now the data stolen does not include medical details but does include patient names, addresses, birth dates, telephone numbers, and social security numbers. the company is notifying those patients affected and will offer identity theft protection services to those. american ebola patient and aid worker nancy writebol has been reunited with her husband at an atlanta hospital. david writebol was under quarantine following his own return in africa. after 21 days without his own
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symptom, he was able to visit and see his wife through a window in her hospital room on sunday. in a statement released by their missionary organization, david writes we both placed our hands on opposite sides of the glass, moved with tears to look at each other again. she was standing with her radiant smile happy beyond words. she is continuing to slowly gain strength. eager for the day when the barriers separating us are set aside and we can simply hold each other. this morning the world health organization told reuters that the death toll from this ebola outbreak in africa stands at more than 1200. well, the speaker of the new york city council is receiving some national attention for revealing her personal health story. melissa mark devereto tweeted that she was high risk hpv and will undergo a biopsy today. hpv is the most common sexually transmitted disease according to the department of health and human services with at least half of sexually active americans getting it during their lifetime. it can put women at a higher
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risk for cervical cancer. the speaker also tweeted, i'm an extremely private person but this position has led me to understand i now have a bigger responsibility. now she took over the speakership in january succeeding christine quinn. her twitter page has been flooded with support since that initial posting. he will forever be known as the voice of "saturday night live." ♪ ♪ >> it's "saturday night live." >> it's with very heavy hearts that we announce this morning don pardo has passed away. even though he retired in 2006, the voice that we all know and love, don pardo recording the snl intro from his home back in arizona, but he really left his mark on other broadcasts here as well. >> it's "spanning the world." >> don pardo will tell you about our first item going up for bids on "the price is right." >> white mink.
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>> i'm proud to present the star of "jeopardy," mark fleming. >> but nobody got hurt. >> tune in next time for "spanning the world." if there is a next time. i'm don pardo. >> one of a kind. pardo also made the first announcement for nbc that president kennedy was shot in dallas. don pardo was 96 years old. the government is out with a new report showing just how much it costs to raise a child. according to the usda a middle income family with one child born in 2013 should expect to shell out about a quarter million bucks, and most of it, 30%, goes toward housing. that's going to run parents about $73,000. the next single biggest expense is child care and he education followed by food, transportation, health care and clothing. the report also found that
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location matters in all of this. it costs more to raise a child in urban areas. the northeast was the most expensive at 282,000 followed by the west, midwest and then the south. the good news perhaps in all of this, the report says the more children you have, the more costs decline because things like hand-me-downs and then buying in bulk. so you get a little cost savings there to have more. today marks ten years since google went public. can you believe it? by most accounts the initial public offering was a disaster. this was the headline in the wall street journal back on august 19th of 2004. at the time the journal wrote, quote, a combination of google's own hubris, stubborn investors and a deteriorating technology market transform what was billed as the hottest ipo of the century into a rather messy affair. the company's ipo was priced much lower than expected. just $85 a share. it has since risen by more than 900% closing yesterday at 582 bucks a share. to mark the tenth anniversary of
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google's ipo, msnbc compiled a list. the google search which has become synonymous with just about any internet search. how often do we hear, let's yahoo! that. we know how important google is. we also know there is gmail, youtube, android. you can't win them all. on the list of misses comes google plus, google buzz and google wave. google wave, whatever that was. cnbc also included google glass on the list of misses because of privacy concerns like recording people without them knowing about it. analysts did not call it a complete failure saying it has enormous potential but it's not quite ready for primetime. this brings us to our twitter company. what would your life be without google? what is your favorite one or which one could you live without? we'll have the best ones coming up.
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still ahead on "way too early," a new star nfl quarterback already started off on the wrong foot. what got johnny manziel in hot water this morning? plus, lady gaga and her very gaga interpretation of the als ice bucket challenge. it's very artiste of her. that story and a check of weather when "way too early" comes back. from safety... to fuel economy... to quality...
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nothing says you care like a milk-bone brushing chew. oats go! wow!
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go power oats! go! go power! yayyyy! welcome back, everybody. it's time for sports. and in a preseason match-up expected to showcase the quarterback race between the cleveland browns johnny manziel and brian hoyer, manziel stole the spotlight but not for the right reasons. in the third quarter manziel facing pressure is chased out of the pocket. he tosses an incomplete pass and ends up near the redskins sideline. apparently words are exchanged. you see right there, he exchanged words with the bench and manziel flips the middle finger while heading back to the
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huddle. this gesture is a little bit too characteristic of the rookie who has received criticism in the past. as for the game, the redskins win it 24-23. that is not you are number one. to los angeles and the clippers. really? rocking it right there. celebrating a new beginning with the clippers fan fest as they welcome the new owner, steve ball mer to town. the former microsoft ceo purchased them for 2 million bucks. enthusiasm. high fiving fans. >> do we have any clipper fans here? i can't hear you! >> like the wwe, right? >> cuban, look out. >> yeah, he's working that crowd. ballmer even gave out his e-mail address and told the crowd to call him steve, not mr. ballmer. he said, e-mail him. bill karins, you can e-mail ballmer. >> set up spam. >> we turn our attention to major league baseball.
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in chicago, the o's leading -- >> is this another orioles highlight? >> in right field, he got a lot of it. mar markakis at the wall, he makes the catch. >> he robbed the home run to protect the lead. he had a two-run homer as baltimore goes on to win it, 8-2. pick your mouth up off the floor, bill. they jump out to a 6 1/2 game lead. >> i just realized this is going to go all the way through the playoffs with the orioles like this? >> yeah. >> it's like living in baltimore. >> the red sox, a whopping 15 1/2 games back but they still have something to celebrate. >> this is a national show. >> yeah, it is, and i'm giving national news. listen, remember this iconic image? pencopp in boston. steve how ri began celebrating as torii hunter falls over the wall. remember that, bill karins?
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>> yes. >> when he was honored at fenway last night, he got a collectible bobble head given out to the fans. nothing says like you made it until you get your own bobble head. >> have you had a bobble head yet? >> i have not. >> that's on the to do list. >> it is. i have a mug. >> the mug is a step in the right direction. >> that my mother and sister made it for me. >> mugs this year, t-shirts next year and then we'll set our sites on the bobble head. >> that's our budget, whatever my mother and sister can afford. thomas this summer as advertised has been very cool across the country. areas like pittsburgh, indianapolis have yet to hit 90 degrees. that's a ridiculous stat. usually they do it 20 times a summer. this has been the pattern. they're changing it. now we're watching hot air spreading across the country. it was 101 in oklahoma city. it was 102 in san antonio. the weather pattern is finally switching. it will remain a little cool in the northeast. the hot weather will be felt all through the southern plains, the
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southeast and the deep south. even a little bit there into the ohio valley. this is in the week ahead. for today some of that heat begins to spread into areas like kansas city. 94 today. 94 in atlanta. it will stay hot right through the upcoming weekend. this is how it should be. you expect it like this. finally summer is going to kick into gear as we go into the last couple of weeks. not too bad in areas of the northeast. watch out for storms today around chicago. st. louis, ferguson area will be hot and steamy. most of the thunderstorms should avoid what's going on there. we should be watching indianapolis and detroit for storms. it will be a hot week. in st. louis it will be 95 to 100 right through the upcoming weekend. >> will we punch our ticket? >> it looks like it will be a late summer. >> all right, bill. thank you. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," we have the very latest on the overnight violence in ferguson, missouri. what's being done there to help. it's not just republicans these days who are frustrated with president obama's management style, democrats are also
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critics. it's one of the top talkers this morning. first, when we come back here we are going to huddle around the water cooler to show you what happened when a killer whale caught up with this sea lion. it's not what you would think. video of this truly amazing catch coming right up. yes. that is our one and only mug. you think you take off all your make-up before bed. but do you really? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. can your makeup remover do that? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover. let's show 'em what a breakfast with whole grain fiber can do. one coffee with room, one large mocha latte, medium macchiato, a light hot chocolate hold the whip, two espressos. make one a double. she's full and focused. [ barista ] i have two cappuccinos, one coffee with room, one large mocha latte, a medium macchiato, a light hot chocolate hold the whip,
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all right. so it was earlier in the show we told you about the browns rookie quarterback johnny manziel flipping the middle finger at the redskins bench. if you want to sound smart, tell your friends that he could face a fine in excess of 10,000 bucks. according to rules they are subject to $11,025 for profanity or unsportsmanlike conduct. he will be allowed to appeal his first fine. let's huddle around the water cooler. lewis knows he is my johnny manziel number one. >> i appreciate that. amazing images from a group of fishermen off the coast of southeast alaska. the group says the sea lion was hiding under its boat because it was being stalked by a killer whale. it left the area and kept the camera rolling and here's what happened next. >> oh!
2:54 am
>> oh, my god. >> holy molly. do you see that? that killer whale tossed the sea lion 20 feet in the air. the group says we're not sure what happened next, but i am thinking that it probably didn't end well for that sea lion. >> the sea lion got away. it sprung it far enough away that it swam away. >> okay. we'll just say that. that's how it ended. now let's go to a little golf action on late night tv. rory mcilroy stopped by the tv studio with jimmy fallon. tiger served as imy's caddy. >> rory and i will take turns chipping balls at that wall of glass with our face on it. >> tiger, you're going to be my coach. >> i'm just getting the balls lined up for you. >> i appreciate it. i love it, you're my caddy. this is the best thing ever. >> mine's the big fat head.
2:55 am
>> wow. >> dude -- >> i'm sorry. >> all right. >> oh. >> you have to get it there first. >> all right. >> oh, is that the horn? go. just start hitting. >> come on, rory. >> oh, yes! >> rory. >> another one of mine? his name is already engraved in the trophy? you have no faith in your host? who made this thing? >> then you have to wait for the outcome. that was a valiant effort by jimmy though going up against rory. that's tough. we should note in a past episode fallon actually beat tiger in
2:56 am
wii golf. >> he has one victory under his belt. that was fun to watch. >> we weren't going to air another ice bucket video unless it was very good. this morning after a lot of debate we decided that lady gaga has met that criteria. she completes the challenge in true gaga fashion, silent, yet satisfying. she didn't move a muscle, yet still very dramatic. it's a great display by the pop art, pop princess. look at that. she's just stoic there. >> that is the work of an artiste, louis. >> that's art. closed scene. let's get to your responses on twitter. this morning earlier we asked you about google and what is the best feature of it or what can be lived without because today is the ten year an very sorry of the ipo. our producer got us the best responses. can people live without it? >> it seems like our viewers can't. tamar says no google at my
2:57 am
fingertips to prove my point #i'm right. kimberly says an encyclopedia could never tell her who george clooney was dating. >> next on "way too early," a look at the stories you'll be talking about all day. and "morning joe" is just ahead. . so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love. we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. just you...with the when gray creeps in do you lose it all? not you. new touch of gray mustache and beard
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get a check on the day ahead. primary elections held in alaska and wyoming today. voters will decide who will run against mark begich. paul ryan is more focused on his party's image and we will have a chance to ask him about it when he join the set of "morning joe" tomorrow. that does it for "way too early." "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ >> good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, august


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