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tv   Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  August 25, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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a new system to notify the community in the event of an emergency. colonel jack jacobs joins us on the phone. nice to talk to you. what is the pot cool for an active shooter on a u.s. military base? >> the base is locked down, which is not difficult to do since there is restricted access into and out of a military post. there is some training areas which are easy to infiltrate, but they're usually typically far away from the central part of the post is and where the incident was. and in any case, fort lee doesn't have wide spread training area. it's relatively easy to lock down a military installation. then the place is isolated where the accident occurs. that's easy to do because there are quite a few military police within the installation. and the incident area is extremely easy to isolate. locking down is pretty simple to
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do. there's a series of protocols that reinvolve around the level of a threat, which is actually taking place and what they're going to respond with. >> colonel jack jacobs, thank you so much. it still is an active scene. we're get different reports. but apparently the situation is being controlled as we speak. we're going to stay on top the story and bring you all the information this morning right here on this broadcast. again, the situation in fort lee army base in central virginia. there are reports coming in right now that the base has been given the all-clear. they were focussed on building 5020. apparently inside the base, about 3500 people make up that base. apparently, and we're getting this information, as we speak, to you right now. the all clear has been given.
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right there in fort lee army base. central part of virginia, about 3400 people make up that base. it is the central area for literally thousands and thousands of people including the headquarters of the u.s. army combined armed support command and center for excellence. all clear given. we'll be monitoring the situation and bring you the details as they become available this morning. let's go to our first focus. a day of mourning in ferguson, missouri as michael brown's family lays their son to rest. right now thousands are arriving at the baptist church in st. louis six miles from where brown was killed. they're paying their respects to the 18-year-old shot to death by officer darren wilson on the 9th of august. we're expecting everyone to attend.
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they're n a hat has been placed on his casket along with note that reads, there are no goodbyes for us. whenever you are, you will always be in our hearts. nbc craig melvin sat down for an emotional interview with sunday for the parents of both michael brown and trayvon martin. here is one moment with brown's mother looking to the funeral today. >> what is going to be the hardest part? >> walking away. walking away from that casket. >> ahead of the morning's funeral brown's father stood side by side with host and president of the national action network reverend al sharpton at the peace rally in st. louis. brown's father at that rally called for a day of silence today along with peaceful demonstrations expected across the country. and ferguson ending the week on a peaceful note. no arrests overnight.
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the crowd seemed to be heeding the wishes of the brown family with a return to calm. >> i believe the citizens of ferguson have spoken for peace and i'm happy for ferguson tonight. >> i want to bring in reporter alex live from ferguson. thank you for being with us. we know there are a lot of dignitaries, even celebrities expected. how is the family holding up and will we hear from them today? >> well, i was at that peace festival yesterday when michael brown, sr. spoke, and clearly very emotional. he spoke for maybe 30 seconds just asking for peace. pleading for peace, asking people not come in the streets. when he came off the bus backstage and a crush of cameras dissented on him, he looked a little bit bewildered, overwhelmed. he pulled his cap down over his eyes. his wife or michael brown's
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mother did not make an appearan appearance. we're not expecting to hear from the brown family today. their attorney will instead deliver a message from them. clearly very emotional for them. and, you know, people asking to respect their privacy and give them time to mourn. >> what is it like in ferguson today? how much of a calming effect has the message you spoke of from brown's father had on the people of ferguson? >> well, we're standing here on west floorson avenue which has been the center of the protest and unrest. it's completely quiet. i didn't see a sprinkle protester or sign out this morning when i drove in. the peace festival yesterday the mood was solemn and somber. the past two weeks have been characterized by rage. i think now is a time for the commune toy come together to mourn. much more sober mood. there is, at 3:00 today, local time, a march planned in ferguson. we'll see what happens there despite the calls from the brown
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family. >> and, alex, the other side is officer darren wilson. you attended a rally for officer wilson on sunday. tell us about that. >> this was the second day of rallying sort of anonymous group of people who have come out to support officer wilson. they've raised over $300,000 online. the money is going to go to support the family of officer wilson, because they're expecting him to relocate and not be in ferguson anymore. the organizers will not give their names to the press. they say they're afraid of retribution. about maybe 40 or 50 people gathered in the parking lot of a sports pub holding signs say they support wilson. cars driving by honked and support including at least one st. louis metro police car i saw. the crowd almost entirely white, not surprising. i talked to one black woman who was there. she said she loves police officers. she wanted to show her support.
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obviously a different mood over there. they're saying the officer did everything within his right. they think he's been treated unfairly so they're defending him. >> from ferguson, thank you so much for being with us. i want to now go overseas to iraq this morning. we could learn the identity of the man who killed american journalist james foley. british intelligence says they know who it is but they haven't made it public yet. the man, you'll remember, spoke with what sounded like a british accent. we're learn more about the surprise release of another american hostage, the writer peter cur taste was held captainic by a different syria group. ayman mohyeldin is live in london. what do we know about the man who killed james foley? >> well, british officials have confirmed to nbc news they have
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pretty much identified the individual, they believe was responsible in the killing of james foley. they have not released the identity for a few different reasons, but one of the main sources of intelligence they've been able to gather is the actual video itself. and based on that video, they were able to determine, as you said, the accent of the individual. they were also able to use voice recognition program as well as some other type of software that was capable in identifying what they believe was the face of the individual even though he was masked at the time of the killing. there are all other reports that are still out there circulating about the authenticity of the video whether it was edited or dubbed. they're considering all the possibilities and going through the intelligence. for now, they feel confident they have at least narrowly identified the man who they believe was responsible for the killing of james foley. >> and ayman, important because the brits believe literally hundreds of british citizens could have gone over to isis.
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>> yeah, that's correct. this is a growing problem not just for british officials but across europe. the number that british officials have put in terms of their citizens going to fight inside iraq and syria now is close to about 700. it varies from 500 to 700 britains that have now joined the battle field. the concern, obviously, is not only what they're doing inside iraq and syria. if they return to the united nations what they could do here and europe. perhaps even if they travel to the united states. the fact they have a passport that give them easy travel access. there's growing concern about the muslim communities here in the u.k. u.k. what kind of support some of the groups are providing to isis. not necessarily materialistic support but recruiting individuals and certainly acaring some of the skill sets we've seen in the well produced propaganda videos that are being put out by isis to recruit more fighters from around the world. it's a major growing concern for western intelligence officials
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and security officials. >> yeah. if you have a british passport, you don't need a visa to go anywhere. let's talk about the release of peter. the deal was brokered on a humanitarian basis by the government. how did the deal get done? >> well, we've learned that over the course of the past two years, that is how long we believe him to have been held in syrian custody, at least belonging to an al qaeda affiliate inside syria. the qatary government was introduced to the family of curtis awhile back ago. they began negotiating with the family. they reaffirmed and so has the family that no ransom was paid. there was no deal, so to speak, that was made clear or made transparent for people to know whether there was anything exchanged for the realize of theo curtis. what we understand is a tremendous amount of pressure was put on the captives of
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americans inside syria in the wake of james foley. certainly what happened last week was tragedy and certainly that gave perhaps the government more momentum in securing their release of peter curtis. >> from london, ayman mohyeldin. worth noting with the united states does not pay ransom to terrorists. european governments deny they do as well within well, the new york times reports they do it through back door channels. times reports the money is officially designated humanitarian aid and funneled through approximaty network. european governments alone have paid at least $152 million for kidnappings since 2008. $66 million paid out last year alone. relatives of peter curtis got ransom demands between $3 and $25 million from his captors. since nothing was paid in
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exchange for his release. i want to frame the debate with daniel benjamin, and director dart mouth john shown dicky center debra prosteni. thank you for us with. this is not new. you wrote a piece in 2011. you worked for the obama administration and believe it's tried to get other governments to stop paying. is it working? it doesn't seem to be. >> no, it doesn't seem to be working very well. we have worked very hard and there have been interventions with these european governments in particular urging them to stop paying ransoms. the interventions happened at the highest levels, and we have a series of hollow promises and failures to follow through.
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frankly, our european friends are free riding on security efforts to deal with counter terrorism. and are really feeding the beasts here. as a result, many different parts of the world are more dangerous than they were before because these terrorist groups have more resources to work with. >> when we see these governments are indeed paying ransoms, and things are changing because of it, how, i mean, what we can we do? this is not going to stop happening >>well, there is a growing tide of anger, not only from the united states and not only from the united kingdom, which shares our views and policy on a number of other countries in europe that feel the same way, but also from countries in these regions, for example. the algerie begans have been
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irate at the ransoms paid to al qaeda. they have, on several occasions, tried to push this issue in the u.n. security council and u.n. general assembly. i think what we have seen most recently in the foley case, which casts a harsh light on the practice, we know millions of dollars were paid to release other captives, european captives, i think it's casting a harsh light on the practice. i hope the pressure will increase. i'm sure that our diplomat and the white house are intervening, again, with european leaders to have them stop the practice. it's really totally unacceptable. >> debra, what does the law say? is it illegal for the government to negotiate with terrorists? broadly speaking no, not at all. in fact, certainly in the war context, the u.s. government has negotiated with our worst enemies in every conflict over the past century. in this setting, i want to
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distinguish between whether we can ban ransom payments, for example, by private individuals and companies to terrorist organizations that might kidnap their loved one and what u.s. policies is in dealing with the circumstance. there's a host of law on the books. u.s. laws, international laws, many laws that prohibit the payment of money and any other form of support to identify terrorist organizations. but neither the united states nor any other country uses these laws, which are already on the books and have been for many years to prosecute families and companies that do pay ransoms to terrorist organizations or others who may capture their employees. in fact, most major corporations that have major overseas facilities and presences have some extent, insurance policies and other pretty well developed
7:16 am
systems for dealing with circumstances when their employees are captured. many of those circumstance end up in the payment of ransoms. not all of them, but a great deal. so i wanted to distinguish between the circumstance of what the law should be with respect to trying to regulate the payment of ransoms through these private actors, which accounts for a lot of hostage situations we've seen over the last decade and more, and what u.s. government policy is with respect to a particular group and a particular time. which will depend on a host of factors including the strategic imperative. it's not as though congress passed a law saying the u.s. government shall not negotiate with terrorists. quite the contrary. you know, from the vietkong going backwards and forwards we've done that. >> thank you. and we're continuing to watch as thousands arrive at the st. louis church to pay their respects to michael brown.
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we continue to watch as thousands and thousands of guests from family to dignitaries to prominent entertainers arrive at the baptist church in st. louis to pay their respects to 18-year-old michael brown. i want to bring in state senator maria chappell, a democrat who represents part of st. louis county who will be speaking this morning at michael brown's funeral. senator, thank you for being with us. what will your message be this morning? >> the first thing i'm going to say is that this is a moment for all of us to reflect. but i also am going to talk
7:21 am
about the fact that michael brown, jr.'s life has been so inspiring to so many people. we're in a movement now and in a different place in st. louis because of michael brown, jr. i'm going to try to inspire the audience as well as the young people who are here to never give up and never stop fighting because your dream can come true. and that what has happened for so many people who have faced adversit adversity. in this situation, we lost a young life, but it doesn't mean his spirit cannot move forward. >> you've seen your community. change over the past couple of weeks, haven't you? a lot. >> yes, the community has changed. many times people have said they've been passive and they have not engaged in civic responsibility as they should. i think now everything has changed because we have been
7:22 am
challenged with our first amendment rights, we have limited free speech at times in the entire experience. i think the consciousness of the people of st. louis. they're awake, they're awake, finally. it's time to now engage so we don't have to reexperience this kind of situation again. we want all young people to thrive and succeed and when we're faced with adversity, it's time to speak up and say no more. >> i love how you talk about changing and channelling frustrations, fear, and anger into civic responsibility. how can we as a community, as a country, help instill that need to participate in our young people? the young people that have been living there and sometimes feel they're just a voice that is quiet and not listened to and therefore maybe there's no future change possible. >> jose, i have to tell you that because your network has been
7:23 am
here, a lot of truths have come to light. if the national media was not here, everything would be brushed under the rug. and i promise you that. it is the truth, if you were not here, we would not be able to hear the stories that police officers who have called us and treated us like animals. those police officers who will have demeaned people, pregnant women who have been caused to be face down on the ground. if the national media wasn't here, we would not be able to engage in an open and honest conversation. what i would say nationally this is the time to have an honest and frank conversation. this is the time to have cultural engagements if you're at someone's house or sitting on the porch or if you're having coffee at the local shop, that's what we have to do. we have to be honest about this. and we can't hide it. this is a wonderful opportunity for st. louis to be what it can be. which is a wonderful place where we don't keep secrets.
7:24 am
we don't hide behind closed doors. frankly, jose, i'm tired of it. i'm tired of the secrecy. we have to tell the truth about the racial divisions in this community and the economic divisions. so i implore your audiences as well as everyone else help brick truth to light. >> and one of the ways of doing is to fight the fear of ignorance. because there are a lot of people who through ignorance fear. if you fight fear you also fight ignorance. and you're so, so eloquent about what you're saying, state senator. it's important if others don't come to us, we go to them. and communicate and share and mitigate the fear and the ignorance. >> that's absolutely correct. we can't be our better selves unless we're honest with who we are on the inside. it's no longer acceptable to have the mind set of 50 or 60 or
7:25 am
70 years ago. we're in the 21st century, that means there are certain challenges we have to face with openness. and not have any fear to move forward. >> state senator maria chappell-that dahl. it's so nice to see you. thank you for being with us. >> we're staying close to what is going on in st. louis today. the funeral for michael brown, the unarmed teen shot and killed by police two weeks ago. thousands expected to attend the funeral. we're expecting p. diddy, spike lee, nick cannon, and snoop dogg. we'll have continuing coverage of the funeral for michael brown. also, napa valley is cleaning up from the worst earthquake since 1989. we'll have a live report. there were injuries and instruction. we're going to show you and talk about this in seconds. ♪ [music]
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updating you on breaking news in central virginia. a u.s. army spokesperson says the situation now under control after reports of an active shooting in fort lee army base. one person was wounded, the spokesperson says it was a shooter. one building remains on lock down but the rest of the post now open. again, a u.s. army spokesperson saying the situation is now under control at fort lee army base in virginia. this morning california's wine country is cleaning up and assessing the damage from the strongest earthquake to hit the bay area since 1989. more than 200 people were hurt in the 6.0 quake. the most serious a 13-year-old boy. a hundred buildings have been red tagged in napa, meaning they're no longer safe to enter. . the cost, the top of billion dollars. richard lui is live in
7:30 am
california. good morning. i understand the power back on some for some rents. what are the people dealing with this morning? >> jose, good morning. yes, that is exactly what they're dealing with now. however, the local electric utility saying by 1:00 p.m. local time they expect to restore all electricity to individuals. i want to get you the late et. cetera information. we're here from queen of the valley. 17 were admitted fair to serious conditions one in critical. this is the oldest masonry building in this type. built in 1875. injuries because blocks like this falling in streets and areas around the streets. 16 buildings like this are uninhabitable. they have the red tag. this is what they are dealing with in the street. i was walking through downtown earlier, jose. it might be difficult as folks try to get back to work on this monday. >> this was a biggest test for an early warning system at u.k. berkeley. any assessment on whether it
7:31 am
worked? it was a ten-second warning. >> that's right. anything will help, some might say. the early warning system put together by berkeley. i'll play what it sounded like now. [ beeping ] earthquake earthquake, light shaking expected in three seconds. [ beeping ] >> all right. that's an awning right there. if you had 10 seconds and you heard the noise in the streets you would be able to get from underneath that so the thousands of pounds of masonry won't hit you. they may not have days or hours but 10 seconds is good enough. >> i want to show you a video. you know, in the east, when we've got hurricanes, surfers get on the waves. in the west after the roads buckle, the skateboarders start jumping them.
7:32 am
you see how the east and west do things differently. jose? >> msnbc richard lui, thank you so much. glchbttle we know the president and the attorney general have been watching the situation in ferguson. three white house officials will attend today's funeral for michael brown. president obama has also ordered a review of federal programs that give billions of dollars in military equipment to police departments across the country. the review comes after pictures of police in ferguson using armored vehicles and riot gear prompted many to ask if the equipment was necessary. this week we could see the president take some executive action on immigration. senior white house correspondent chris janicing is back from a trip to guatemala with rand paul where immigration was a big part of the conversation. >> good morning. >> what did the senator tell you about the border crisis? >> it's an interesting place to have the conversation. and one of the things i wanted to know is that we spent a lot
7:33 am
of time there with the poorest of the poor. senator paul is an eye surgeon. he was doing pro bono work on the people who live there. hundreds of people from a team of surgeon. he did not indicate that it made a big difference in terms of immigration. he's in many ways in line with the republican party. he believes that any immigration reform has to start with a secure border. he doesn't think there is a secure boarder. he's against deferring action on the dreamers, and when i asked him specifically if at least this trip had made him more open to talking and whether or not he would consider being part of the gang of eight. he talks about wanting to have an open dialogue. here is what he told me. i've always been for finding a solution. i've been for some kind of reform. the problem is that what is illustrated by the border right now is that if you have an open border and a welcome sign,
7:34 am
everyone will come. you can't have everyone coming in a lawless fashion. we welcome people to emigrate to our country but it has to be done in an orderly fashion. the president created chaos because the president has done this outside the congress. >> and of course, by that he means the executive actions. jose, i can tell you the executive action the president is considering on immigration is not expected this week or until he gets back to a trip of to europe and estonia and whales which will happen next week. senior white house officials tell us supporters should not expect something huge. what he does will affect somewhere in the neighborhood of maybe 5 million. >> it's a big number if you're talking about there may be 11 million undocumented living in the united states of america. that's almost half of them. chris, i would like to pick your brain for a second. it's interesting, the senator is in guatemala, a country one of the three countries where the kids have been coming from since
7:35 am
october. and yet, guatemala is where they have to cross through because from honduras, cross through on the way to mexico. the senator says he's for immigration and for closing the borders, but he doesn't have any real specifics on how to deal with the crisis. and you asked him about that? >> i pushed him on that. he goes back to a secure border. he had a meeting with the president and prime minister of guatemala, a closed door meeting after he did the humanitarian trip. there were no reporters in there. what he did say is that he told the folks there that the problem that we're seeing with this border crisis does not originate in guatemala city. it originates at the white house. it's white house policies that have caused this. he says that the president has opened folks to come in with open arms. the one thing he did press was talking about trying to find a way for americans to adopt more guatemalan children. you didn't hear any change in
7:36 am
terms of his feelings on how to deal with the crisis. >> great watching you on meet the press yesterday. >> thank you. as chris was saying, president obama has vowed to enact a law on immigration reform. an announcement could come as early as next week. we don't know the specific time. let me bring in licongressman ambiguity area residence. chris was saying maybe the president would take some unilateral decisions that could have an impact on maybe 5 million of the undocumented. if we're talking about 11 or 12 million. it's almost half of the undocumented children in united states of america. that would be, according to you, a big move, a bold move. >> i think it would be a huge move. a bold move. i think it would be one that would, obviously, be without
7:37 am
unprecedented. what surprise mes me is that someone can speak to their sources at the white house and the white house be taming everything down and saying it's only 5 million. look, we want to get as many as we can out of the vicious cycle of deportation. but i think if the president takes such movement -- i once said it would be approximately 5 million given what i heard. not that everyone, jose, specifically said here are the categories of people. but, you know, if you listen, there are ways to extrapolate numbers. i said 5 million. i remember people just being astonished at the number. so it's music to my ears that someone would have a source at the white house that say it's 5 million. let me just say, tomorrow, the next day, and all of this week we're getting ready. because if it is 5 million, jose, then that would be five times as many when the president
7:38 am
freed the dreamers from deportation. when he instituted daca. and you saw how was it, jose, that our community was ill prepared. right. the structures were not in place to help those people. so i've been going around meeting with major news organizations, newspaper editorial boards, columnists and others here in chicago for the last three weeks telling them we have get prepared as a city. when 5 million people are allowed the opportunity to come out from under the shadows and into the light of day and get legalized, it's going to take a lot of work and a lot of capacity of our community. and i'm looking forward to the challenge. >> congressman, we have a little bit of time left. i want you to talk about the reaction not within the latino community but within the folks that say the president shouldn't be doing it. usa "today" has an editorial
7:39 am
saying the president should not act unilaterally. what is going to be -- how do they act when the rest of the united states says that the president is acting like a king. something he's told you and me to our faces many times. i'm not a king. i'm a president. >> right. well you know what, circumstances have changed. the republican majority in the house of representatives has refused to act. the fact is that the senate passed a bipartisan bill. and cross sections of american society. we know that people believe in a comprehensive immigration reform of our system. hey, look, i'll give one thing to the american people. one thing alone. there are many. there are 5 million american citizens children who wake up every day and go to sleep every day wondering if they're going to lose their parents because the government is going to take them away from them. we need to end that. we need to say to american citizens children if your mom and dad are working, sweating,
7:40 am
toiling, they can pass a background check. they've been here for a number of years and established themselves in their community. it's time to give them a chance to come out of the shadows and raise you american citizens children. that's only the 5 million. i'm not talking about the husbands and wives that would be he healed. american citizens husband and wives. it impacts our families in a devastating manner. >> thank you so much for being with me this morning. i appreciate your time. >> thank you for having me, jose. we'll bring you back to the st. louis church where in about 25 minutes services will begin for michael brown. we have seen spike lee arrive as well as the parents for trayvon martin. we'll be right back. i will wear makeup because i want to not because i have to new olay regenerist instant fix collection fills wrinkles, reduces the look of pores and smoothes texture for a skin makeover in minutes. instant fix perfecting collection. olay. your best beautiful.
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live pictures now from st. louis, missouri and the funeral for michael brown we're expecting the family of michael brown to arrive any moment.
7:44 am
we've seen spike lee enter the church. one person who won't be there is missouri governor jay nixon. a spoke person said he will not be attending out of respect for the family who, quote, deserve time to focus on remembering michael and grieving their loss. it's also an emotional day for the young people of ferguson. schools finally opening today. originally they were supposed to open on the 14th august. today, finally, students returning to their classrooms. we'll be right back with more from the michael brown funeral.
7:45 am
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7:48 am
a journalist. >> i think the reality of what happened with the tragic murder of michael brown and the response from the community is no longer business as usual in st. louis. you know, we have a history and tradition in st. louis that the local media and elites push everything under the rug. it's a very insular community. everyone is going to the same social clubs, bars with, and nightclubs. kids going to the same schools. if it wasn't for the street protest, the killing of michael brown would have been business as usual. what happened in the streets of ferguson is we've had a change in st. louis and this change is going to be felt for many years and generations to come as these systemic problems we have in st. louis begin to be addressed one by one. >> liz, i want to bring you to today's funeral service. what do you think the message
7:49 am
will be today? >> i think there will be a number of different messages. some people will speak to hope. some people are going to speak to change. some people are going to speak to political engagement. all of these are opportunities arising out of this tragedy. i think there is going to be a lot of people that are going to attempt to engage the parishi parishioners with an overall message of hope. >> you talk about changes of generation. it will bring concrete positive changes vis-a-vis political representation in the area of ferguson in st. louis. >> yeah. political representation, community organizing, voter organizing. look at our schools. we have so many underfunded troubled school districts in the st. louis metropolitan area, a look at police culture. we saw the video come out within
7:50 am
the last couple of days of darren page of the st. louis county police department. we have a lot of great police officers in the st. louis area. but we have a lot of lunatics and lunatics like paige are people we've been dealing with our whole lives. a lot of these issues will be looked at. we have healed stl which is a hashtag branded to try to find ways to help heal the community. if we can continue this spirit, which has been going on in the street of ferguson, get people to volunteer and get involved to become more involved in the community. we no longer see 12% voter turn outs. we get a real community spirit out here and get people involved for the long haul. >> thank you so much for being with me this morning. i appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you. we're continuing to watch the st. louis church where michael brown will be laid to rest in moments. a live report from nbc craig melvin outside the church when we come back. (vo) friday night has always
7:51 am
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the church just announced the family of michael brown preparing to enter the church. you see people are lined up in the central aisle there awaiting the arrival of the family. people attending and taking seats. others singing and lining the center aisle. i want to bring in nbc craig melvin who has been in ferguson and talking with community members. he joins us from st. louis where the funeral will begin in a few minutes. you've been hearing some of the singing this morning. michael brown's father asked for no protests today. he just wants a day of peace to honor his son. do people in ferguson share the sentiment in this morning, craig? >> absolutely. absolutely. everyone we've talked to have
7:55 am
been giving us the indication they do not plan to protest today honoring michael brown senior and honoring his request from yesterday. we should note that the father of michael brown is inside the church already. we're told michael brown's mother she is in the limousine behind me preparing to go into the church. as i think you've been seeing over the course of the last few minutes, the church already near capacity. there are several overflow rooms inside the church. all told it seats about 4,000. we're told they expect the church and the overflow rooms to be filled. a number of notables have already gone inside. we saw spike lee go in a short time ago. the white house sent three representatives as well to be a part of the service today. the mood has shifted. we talked about this over the past couple of days. the mood has shifted in a big way in ferguson. the sometimes violent clashes between police and protesters.
7:56 am
those have given away to sadness and grieving. there was a peace rally held yesterday attended by folks here. the peace rally lead by the parents of michael brown and lead bit parents of trayvon martin as well. they're also expected to be in attendance at the funeral, jose. >> craig melvin, so much. weste we're learning 600 of michael's family members in attendance this morning. that wrapping up this houron msn msnbc. tamron hall will have live coverage of the funeral of michael brown. time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. four years ago mike mud started seeing more and more paddle borders on the rivers and lakes in his hometown of bend, oregon. wanting to ride the wave of the trnd. he opened stand on liquid. a paddle board retailer and manufacturer. he hasn't had a down year since. for more watch "your business"
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centurylink your link to what's next. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. this is "newsnation." these are live pictures from inside the friendly temple missionary baptist church in st. louis. funeral service is now underway for michael brown.
8:00 am
the young man whose death reverberated across this nation. thousands of members of the ferguson community along with activists, politicians, and white house officials have joined brown's family for this service. they have set up an overflow room for the large crowd expected there today. you see right now the audience clapping in a sense, celebrating this young man's life despite the horrible circumstances in which he passed away. it comes more than two weeks after brown was shot and killed by officer darren wilson sparking off weeks of common concentrations. not just in ferguson but across this country. michael brown's father asked for a day of peace with no protests. also attending the service are two people who know too well what it feels like to say goodbye to a teen son as a result of violence. trayvon martin's parents join the brown parents


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