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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 1, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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joining me now is john larson. one of the lawmakers calling for congress to come back early. thank you for being with us on this labor day. >> good to be with you, francis. >> doris kerns good win is coming back on the table for leadership at it point as an option? >> well, it should be. and it should be because of the mounting crisis that we're facing. and as was pointed out in doris in the little piece. largely because we need clarity. we should be, as john mccain others have suggested, relooking and redefining the war powers act. whenever there's a call for the authorization of use of military force, that puts the congress should be directly involved in making sure that we're there being briefed fully on everything that is going on. and understand the ramifications
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of our actions. it appears this is a more than a serious threat and it's not just the issue of iraq that we're dealing with here. we also have daily reports from around the globe. congress has been off for more than six weeks, some have said, and i can't disagree that we're awol. we ought to be back meeting as a committee as a whole, debating and defining the issue clearly. the president, more than a year ago, asked for congress to give back and give him a polts with respect to syria. and to date, the congress has yet to respond. there are calls within the armed services committee. i know, by joe courtney and others calling for the committee to be meeting specifically and talking about the potential threat identifying that especially as the use of military force and commitment of troops on the ground by the united states. >> the clarity and redefining
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needs to happen immediately and cannot wait until next week. what about the other questions you want answered specifically? >> we cannot wait until next week. the questions that i want answered specifically are who is it what are our objectives? what is the mission? how long will the mission be? is it more than just bombing? and most importantly, where is the regional support for this? where are we going to get the allies in the region. if you go back historically and look what george h.w. bush did that is the way to answer this. especially with the growing threat, we see it as a threat not only to iraq but also a threat in syria, iran, certainly saudi arabia. we do see an opportunity here. we see cooperation that exists with the egyptians as it relates to libya. let's see the regional efforts in this area. >> let's talk about for the
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record -- you voted against the iraq war. would you support military action for syria to go after isis directly is that a yes? >> i would have to see what specifically we are going to achieve there. i voted for what they call the sprat amendment that said we're willing to go after the terrorists. let's make sure we define our terrorist policy so we know fully what we're doing there and not some mission creep that leads to open-ended and continual war. >> let's bring this in. on meet the press yesterday. take a listen to what they had to say. >> sure. >> the reason they haven't come back is what we're saying there are certain things they don't want to debate before the midterm elections. the problem is we don't have time to wait until after the midterm elections. the problem is that the people who are in office are in office to make actions and decisions. people want leadership that is driven by a sense of passion and pragmatism and not pollsters.
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these issues that people have been waiting on for years to be addressed have to be addressed and we cannot simply wait for an election cycle. >> and the lack of strategy and the urgency you were speaking of. is the real reason the u.s. didn't have a defined plan because no one wants to talk about further military engagement here during an election. is that politics being played here? >> today is labor day where we celebrate work and the efforts of those who labor throughout the year. congress is not at work. this is not the time, and i agree with -- i didn't get the name of the individual. but i agree with the premise that, you know, these are issues that have to be debated. and the time is now. and congress has a duty, a responsibility, and an obligation to the american people. forget about the elections. the elections are going to take care of themselves. i realize it could be a very difficult issue.
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but what is more difficult than the decision of ultimately deciding who you're going to send to war? our pressure treasurer. we've been down the road before. we've seen this before. i believe it's time for us abiliact and do our possibility. >> we'll see what happens. thank you so much for your perspective this morning. >> thank you, francis. we want to take you vice president joe biden is speaking at the labor day rally in detroit. let's listen in. >> union! the truth of the matter is, we talk about unions, i talk about them and i sometimes don't talk about workers. i'll tell you what, i talk about unions because your the reason why every other american worker has any of the basic rights they have! is because of unions!
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had the workers not fought the battle 77 years ago, we might not have passed a fair labor standard act. had the teamsters and the building trade and every single union here not taken to the streets when they had to, generation after generation to pressure, to expanse of the right of workers we wouldn't have, as jimmy pointed out, the 40-hour week. child labor laws would not exist. workers safety standards would not exist. overtime pay and minimum wage, and the list goes on and on. not only would none of these rights exist for you, but they wouldn't exist for any workers. and americans who thought they would be taken care of by their companies didn't think they needed unions are figuring out -- they're now figuring out what you did for them.
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you know, it's over used but the truth is, it's not high -- unions built the middle class. it build united states of america. they refer to me inside the press as middle class joe. my colleagues can tell you in washington, it's not viewed as a compliment. it means you're not sophisticated. okay. and i got asked by the press why i'm talking about middle class. why i'm talking about poor people. let me tell you, if the middle class is doing fine, everybody does fine. the wealthy get very wealthy. and the poor they have a way up. but here is the most important thing people are only beginning now to focus on. and, i mean, not just progressives, not just democrats but everybody starting to get
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it. here and around the world. that the middle class is the reason why america, unlike any other nation in the 20th century into the 21st century has been so stable economically, politically, and social ly. the reason why the rest of the world was riled by changes. as long as in america, you believe like my dad did, if you work tat you get a fair shake. as long as you believed if you played by the rules and busted your neck you could make it. that's the glue that held us together. that's why from day one, when the president and i took office, as president and vice president, the middle class has been the focus. folks, middle class is in real trouble now. the truth is, it's been in
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trouble and declining not just in the great recession but before that as well. we've been chipped away at constantly just like unions have that's why we fought to turn back the tide. that's why we passed wall street reform. that's why the justice department continues to prosecute the largest banks for what they did wrong! that's w incredible sacrifices to save the automobile industry. you save! you save the automobile industry! folks, if you listen to the other side, this i call the new
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republican party. this is not your father's republican party. the recession, if you listen to them, here in michigan and ohio, because they've been here a lot and campaigned through in the presidential here started in 2010. all through the midwest and the industrial states. what did they do? they said you're the reason for the recession. remember? i'm not joking. it wasn't wall street going unregulated. it wasn't the lack of enforcement of basic standards. somehow it was you. when companies were moving overseas, they claim it was because you were fighting for basic living wage and they had to go somewhere else. in the process, in the process beginning back in the '90s, they declared war onley boarers. i said that speaking to the uaw
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convention ten or 15 years. everybody thought i was kpaj rating. i meant it. there's been a war on lay war's house. you're the only counter balancing weight out there. it's no surprise as succeeded and membership and unions in this country declined even less than a surprise was a standard of living for the middle class. >> vice president joe biden speaking at a labor event in detroit. now back to isis and the threat now. just how great a threat does isis pose to the united states and how is the use of media inspiring westerners to join the fight? joining me now is don morrelli.
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thank you for being with us this morning. let's start with this. as the threat is growing over the past decades we've seen terrorism media go from written grainy statements to grainy video there and e involvement into more sophisticated videos as well. how did does that change the recruitment ability as far as people wanting to join the threat? and how concerned should we be? it's significant. we've seen the evolution of social media being a recruiting tool. the messages are carefully crafted. they're in english. they have rap -- >> well-edited. they are in a form that young people are used to seeing and resonates with them and it's very significant. we should be concerned. >> as an investigator, how does that change as far as the
7:13 am
recruitabili recruitmentability now? >> we used to look at people becoming radicalized in small circles face to face thing. it's hard to wrap your -- get a handle on where are the people getting content? the new york times noted yesterday isis has a few calls for the attack on the west besides the james foley video. that's in stark contract to al qaeda. >> i think we should be concerned. there might not be specific language saying you're going to attack the west on this day. the threat is increasing and the number of people living their homes to go join the battle in syria is increasing. we've seen the numbers. it's not just the u.s. it's all over europe. we have visa waiver. they can come here freely. >> we believe the production values as far as the video and
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magazine is parallel to the threat it's not just leading to a false threat because they're doing so well in packaging it. it's legitimate in your thought. >> it's hard to predict what somebody is going to do once they get over there. that's the thing. sometimes people aren't enticed to take the battle and fight the fight over seas in iraq or syria. we've seen instances in this country where men have traveled with the intention originally of fighting in afghanistan and have been turned around and told to come back home and launch the attacks. >> sure. that's the concern. people with british passports, even u.s. knowing they can travel, enter on u.s. soil with the threat. tell me how that can be stopped? how concerned should we be? z>> buy the time somebody gets there it's difficult. it puts a big burden on law enforcement to track the people and maintain, you know, control
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over what they're doing. what we also need to do, though, is put the focus on the communities, the families so that people are not enticed to go there in the first place. to stop this violent extremist thought and show, you know, there is a different way to, you know, to be valuable other than going over and fighting jihad. >> we'll see if the united states follows suit with david cameron expected to speak any moment. you'll be watching as we will as well. thank you very much. still ahead, it could be the first test of nfl's tough new penalties. ray mcdonald arrested accused of domestic violence. l how will the league respond? the summer end no action on immigration. we'll look at what the president could do on his own coming up. ? yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check.
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welcome back. labor day marks the unofficial start to the election season. with nine weeks until the midterms criticism of president obama's handling of foreign policy has been front and center of late. in particular, his no strategy remarks thursday regarding the terrorist group isis. which became talk for democrats and republicans on sunday. >> i think i've learned one thing about this president. he's cautious. maybe in this instance too cautious. >> there have been plans on the table. the president didn't want to get engaged in any way. that is a decision, a policy, a strategy. it's not working. >> joining us now is political report for the washington post and reporter on defense for politico. we've been hearing the echo of too cautious since the words were spoken. lee, let's start with you.
7:20 am
is it damaging to democrats with the remarks so close to elections? >> it could be damaging to democrats. and the white house is walking this line on foreign policy trying to be clear and set a clear strategy. but also, not move too far and put democrats in a vulnerable position beyond where they already are. it could be a problem for democrats. but also, you saw dianne feinstein being more critical of the president's response. it opens up an opportunity for democrats to distance himself from democrats and foreign policy decisions >>well, jackie, how quickly does he need to act? everybody said, you know, action should have been taken yesterday. the immediacy is there. what is the next move? >> well, the president in his remarks last thursday seem to indicate and pour cold water on the idea there would be any imminent action in syria in
7:21 am
particular. so i think let's talk about when congress comes back. i don't think they're going to come back early. they'll come back next week, and there is a lot -- not a lot of political -- what is the word i'm looking for? there's not a lot of political will to go into syria and iraq. particularly right before midterm. public opinion is not behind any kind of action. boots of on the ground. i think there's a not a lot of people in congressed be maybe some of the intelligence shares, maybe some of the foreign relations who want to have a debate on this piece of foreign policy right next to a midterm election. >> let's turn to ted cruz on saturday. he got a standing ovation at the koch brother's conference for saying this about attorney general eric holder. listen. >> if you're tired of the most corrupt department of justice in history obstructing justice and
7:22 am
believe it is time to impeach eric holder. >> all right. impeach we're hearing it. is it a lynn yine you throw out? how likely is that? >> i think ted cruz is being ted cruz. he was at an event with a lot of conservatives who love to talk about impeachment. i don't see it happening any time soon. whether it be the president or eric holder. >> bring briwhat would you say of that being? >> well, at this point, that's kind of what everybody is talking about. whether the republicans will take over the senate. it seems possible. it seems at this point almost fairly likely. although there is certainly a lot of things that need to go right before the locations happen. at this point, we've seen vulnerable democrats in senate races who are looking to be in a little bit better position than expected around the labor d
7:23 am
day time frame. it's discussed. it could go either way. we'll see how the next few weeks play out. >> a lot to watch in the next few weeks. thank you for being with us on this labor day. >> thank you. san francisco 49er was arrested on domestic violence charges over the weekend just days after the nfl announced the new tougher policy on domestic violence. 49ers defensive end ray mcdonald was arrested yesterday on felony domestic violence charges after officers responded to his home in an upscale san jose neighborhood. mcdonald was later released and posted a $25,000 bail. he wouldn't discussed what happened but did say this. >> can't say too much right now. >> there is now a mandatory six game suspension for a first domestic violence offense and banishment from the league for a second offense. >> still to come action on
7:24 am
immigration. would the president make a move before november elections? tough talk in the president's own party over his handling of foreign policy.
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when folks thiwhat they get fro, they think salmon but the energy bp produces up here when folks thiwhat they get fro, creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
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zblf two months until the midterms will president obama take action on immigration before november? an executive order could trigger a backlash. it has democrats concerned about the effect on their control of the senate. >> he has senate democrats a in tated that he raised the profile of the issue. >> he might be right to relay the timing until after the election. he can do it in december. if he hasn't prochlsed it would have been fine. good morning. thank you for being with us. will the president act and what can we anticipate? >> what we have seen is a big
7:28 am
jumble of mixed messages. whether he's going do it this next month or wait until after the midterm. the one consensus we have seen he's going to go big when he does it do it. either way he's going to tick off republicans. so you might as well go big. the question here is the political calculus. in the last segment you were talking about the senate. we have a lot of senate democrats who very nervous about what the effect. an immigration executive order will have. and the other detail i want to add on the bulk of the senate candidates who are perilous positions are in the south. in the southern part of the united states you don't necessarily have a lot of latino voters but you have a fastest rate of growth of the latino population. you have a nonlatino population that has gotten a little bit of nervous about the rate of growth of latinos. they're gong to be more cautious about immigration. the political calculus is falling to the side of waiting
7:29 am
until after november. >> another thing that is tricky in this situation is the timing. we're talking about two months from the midterms. listen to this the president from late june just lack week. i've directed them to identify additional actions my administration can take on our own. i expect the recommendations before the end of the summer. i intend to adopt those recommendations without further dela delay. >> all right. it's end of summer. why haven't the recommends been made? was the president wrong to put this time line on the election year? hoe put the time line on but politics happens. i have to say that right now the president does have a lot on his plate. both internationally and domestically. with regard to immigration in particular, i don't think he saw the border crisis coming.
7:30 am
here in texas we felt firsthand with the children coming over from central america. that caused a bit of a backlash. even among some moderates and democrats. saying i'm feeling a little bit nervous about immigration. all else being equal, it sure, it would have happened by the end of the month. given everything that is happening abloed and this summer, again, i'm not surprised if we wait until after the november election to see immigration reform. >> let's talk about the republicans do they risk the backlash from voters on the issue for threatening to impeach the president or another government shut down in the president does act? >> the question about republicans and immigration is are we talking about the midterms or the general election? terms of the midterm election, there is no danger of a backlash. because your midterm republican voters tend to be a little bit more skoeft when comes to immigration. the backlash comes for the longer term. it comes for as republicans are trying to broaden their tent in
7:31 am
2015, 2016 and reach thought the latino voter. that's where it happens. you know, it's a question here of what are the main candidates such as the jeb bushes going do. are they going to stand their ground or recede into the background with regard to immigration? >> crucial next few weeks. thank you very much. we appreciate it. legendary comedian joan rivers remains hospitalized in new york city hospital. her daughter released a statement saying, quote, we're keeping our fingers crossed. 81-year-old rivers stopped breathing during throat surgery and went into cardiac arrest. she remains in cra s is in crit condition. we are waiting to hear from british prime minister david cameron expected to talk about new anti-terror measures specifically dealing with british citizens who may become radicalized. we're keeping our eyes on that. .
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stepped up. the counsel was clear that new sanctions measures will be drawn up within a week. i don't accept the suggestion that sanctions are not having an impact. capital has flown out of russia, banks are short of finance, and the russian stock market have fallen significantly. mr. speaker, we have to show resilience and resolve. russia needs to understand that if it continues on the current path it's relationship with the rest of the world will be radically different in the future. turning to israel and gaza. we've been deeply saddened by the violence we've seen and the dreadful sifl began suffering it caused. the government worked hard with our international partners to help bring about a sustainable cease-fire and warmly welcome the agreement reached in cairo. the loss of life this summer has been appalling and the number of civilian casualties completely unacceptable. the life of a palestinian child is worth the same of a child of
7:35 am
any one of our nations. but support for a lasting settlement that includes a palestinian state does not mean we should support the terrorist tactics of hamas. we will continue to support israel and israel's right to defend itself. it doesn't mean we support every decision the israeli government takes. most recently the appropriation of nearly a thousand acres of land in the west bank is utterly deplorable. settlements are illegal under international law. they will do nothing to create the kind of peace process we want to see, and we urge the israeli government to reverse the decision. mr. speaker, why i understand the many strong emotions around the tragic conflict i'm deeply concerned of anti-semitism on our streets in britain. let me be clear. we must not tolerate this in our country. there can never be any excuse
7:36 am
for anti-semitism and no disagreement should be allowed to justify racism, prejudice, or extremism in any form. turning to the terrorist threat in the u.k. the wiet spread slaughter of muslims by fellow muslims, the vicious persecution of religious minorities such as christians, the enslavement and raping of women and, of course, the beheading of the american journalist james foley with the voice of what seems to have been a british terrorist. the european council believes the creation of islamic caliphate in iraq and syria and the islamist extremism and export of terrorism is a direct threat to every european country. on friday, the independent joint terrorism analysis center increased the threat level in the u.k. from substantial to
7:37 am
severe. we believe at least 500 people travelled from britain to fight in the region. in is notion 700 from france. 400 from germany and hundreds administer. the council agreed to coordinate action and cracking down on those to fight syria and iraq and making sure all european countries are taking necessary steps to tackle the problem of radicalization. we should be clear about the root cause of this threat. a poison use ideology of extremism who believes in using the most brutal form of terrorism to force people to except a warped world view and live in a medieval state. we should be clear it's nothing to do with islam. which is a religion peacefully observed by over a billion people and one that inspires countless acts of kindness every day there is. to confront the threat of
7:38 am
islamist extremism, we need a tough, intent, patient and comprehensive approach to defeat the terrorist threat at ours. we must all the resources at our disposal. we need a firm security response where the military action go after terrorists, international cooperation on intelligence, britain is very providing equipment directly to kurdish forces. we support u.s. military air strikes against eisis in iraq. to sanction those seeking to recruit to isil and encourage countries to do all they can. but alongside a tough security response they must be the right political response. we know that terrorist organizations thrive whether as political instability and weak or dysfunctional institutions response we must support the building blocks of free and open
7:39 am
societies. in syria, it must mean a political transmission. in iraq that must begin with a new and genuinely inclusive government capable of igniting all iraqis against the shared threat. the nato summit in whales this week will allow us the opportunity to reassess and discuss what more we should do to help the region overcome the treat. britain will continue to consider what further role is in the national interest. let me turn to how we address terrorist threat at home. we have taken a wide range of measures including stopping suspects from traveling to the region by seizing passports, boar -- barring foreign nationals from entering.
7:40 am
and bringing forward emergency legislation for instance to safe guard our use of communications data. we've stepped up our operational response with a five fold increase in syria related arrests, the removal of 28,000 pieces extremist including 46 isil related video. i've said all along there should not be a knee jerk reaction. that is not what those who work so hard to keep us safe actually want. they want a targeted approach that reflects a forensic focus on the threat we face and protects the owner of independence and decision making. to achieve this there are two key areas we need to strengthen our powers. these are preventing suspects from traveling and dealing with those here that pose a risk. i want to mention them both
7:41 am
briefly stopping people from traveling in the first place. mr. speaker, passports are not an automatically right. when police suspect a traveler at the border, they're not currently able to apply for their own prerogative and only have limited stop and search powers. we'll introduce specific and targeted legislation to fill this gap by providing the police with a power to seize a passport at the border they'll be able to investigate the concern. the power includes safe guards and oversize arrangements. the house should also be aware that our current prerogative powers are being challenged in the course. and i want to be clear if there is any judgment of threatens the operation of our existing powers we'll introduce primary legislation immediately so that
7:42 am
parliament can determine whether the right we have the power. and i can announce today we'll stop preparing the primarying legislation that consult the parliament on the draft forces. as far as stopping people going, we must keep out foreign fighters who pose a threat to the u.k. we have important powers to block return. we can deprove jewel nationals of the citizenship. and we legislate on immigration to allow stronger powers to strip citizenship. some have said we should deal with the gap by criminalizing travel to certain individual countries or changing our criminal burden of proof. it wrong to deal with the gap by changing principles of our criminal justice system. it is apparent to the people woo declare the allegiance elsewhere
7:43 am
are able to return to the u.k. and pose a threat to national security. what we snead a targeted discretionary power to allow us to exclude british nationals from the u.k. we'll work up with our agencies in line with our international obligations and details on across party basis. mr. speaker, we're putting our long standing arangment on aviation around the world. if they do not do this, flights will not be able to land in britain. we need stronger powers to manage the risk posed by suspected extremists here in the u. united kingdom. but the intelligence agency and the police believe they need stronger powers to impose
7:44 am
further restrictions and independent review agrees. we'll introduce new powers to add to the existing. including stronger locational constants on suspects. either through enhanced exclusion zones or through relotir relocation powers. dealing with the terrorist threat is not just about new powers, it is also about how we combat extremism in all its faults. that's why we have a new approach to tackling radicalization focus on all types of extremism not just violent extremism. this has included stopping the funding of organizations that promote steechlism, and ensuring every part of the government from schools universities to prisons. we're putting our deradicalization program.
7:45 am
we're going to engage with a preventive program. we're proud to be an open, free, and tolerant nation. that tolerance must never be confused with a passive acceptance of culturals living separate lives or people behaving in ways that run counter to our values. adhering to british values is not an option or choice. it is a duty for all those that live in these islands. so we will stand up for our values, we will, in the end, defeat the streechlism and secure our way of life for generations to come. i depend the statement to the hous house. >> british prime minister david cameron speaking about the threat to isis in the u.k. calling it she is shocked and sickened by the slaughter in iraq. his words he used. as they're considering new security measures. new security lines that would allow officials to seize pass r
7:46 am
passports at the border and look british citizens from coming in if they have been fighting or working with isis. he said this is a direct threat to every european country. this is the u.k. is seeing the highest security level in the past five years. the security level raised to the highest point in the past five years. joining us now live is senior white house correspondent chris janua . chris, let's start with you. does the pressure here that we're seeing and the changes made and the security measures in the u.k. does it put more pressure on president obama to do more as well? >> frost doubt that the pressure has been escalating and timing is interesting. because he's going to the nato summit this week. it is a meeting that is often been considered irrelevant and even boring. it won't be it time. one of the things that is high on the president's agenda in
7:47 am
addition to how to deal with russia and the u.k. is how to get the nato leaders together to give more support to continued air strikes against the isis fighters in iraq and what to do going forward. i think it is significant what we heard from david cameron. part of the pressure that that's is coming and relatable to all americans, obviously, who lived through the attacks of 9/11 is the idea that americans who become radicalized could go over to syria, who can train and come back and possibly mount attacks in the united states. that's what you've heard from david cameron. you heard the threat he considers not just in europe but the u.s. and other nations where these people have gone over just over the weekend, by the way, francis. 16-year-old from france, the french officials announced that just a young girl a teenager had been radicalized. in is the kind of concerns they're dealing with. we've heard from the house and
7:48 am
senate intelligence committees and other high-ranking officials in congress. >> definitely. knowing the prime minister's history. what about what we heard from cameron. your thoughts and especially seemed very emphatic from everybody else there listening in on that. >> what we heard from the prime minister is a preview of an argument that is going to be heard in other european capitals and at the united nations general assembly in new york in a couple of weeks. president obama is going to chair a meeting at which they hope the security council can look at best practices being applied by different countries to deal with just the threats that prime minister cameron outlined. cameron is imposing -- and prevent other people from coming back in. possibly up to and including the
7:49 am
stripping of british citizenship. that's really a serious look at how one country could potentially prevent a threat frommed in. but other european countries, as mentioned, are facing the same thing. and the united states, to alesser extent but clearly also concerned that there are dozens if not hundreds of americans who have gone to join the fight as well. >> what changes as far as police having more power at the border? cameron said it should not be a knee-jerk reaction as the targeted approach is needed here. what will it entail? >> we have a lot of law on the books and the fbi has a lot of investigative authority to include putting people on no-fly lists it looks like they pose a risk to aviation or potentially going to fight, you know, participate in terrorist of the its. so we do have a lot of tools, but again, it's so difficult to
7:50 am
apply those tools. sometimes you don't know until after the fact what somebody's intention is. >> where do you draw the line? do they have to fight for isis for the pass morts problem revoked or can they start showing interest in isis? >> i think it's something in between the two. you might have a curiosity, an interest, but when you reach that point and again, it's hard to read people's mind. on the continuum of radicalization, what is your in mind you are intending to participate in the fight, that is the point that law enforcement should have the power to say no go. >> all right. and to you, now, the prime minister also talked about ukraine ahead of this nato summit is. russia trying to force ukraine to abandon democratic choices? what we heard the prm said there was that what is happening right now in ukraine is assistant mount to an invasion. he didn't use the word but that is what both president obama and
7:51 am
prime minister cameron are viewing that situation in ukraine as being. and that when you heard today that russian foreign minister talk about the possibility of -- excuse me, and putin talk about the possibility of state hood for eastern ukraine. nobody really knows exactly what it means. it sounds rather suspiciously like increased local control for those areas that identify more strongly with russia. now in some ways that would be preferable certainly to western leader than the kind of moment by moment possibility of armed conflict that you're facing now. that move spins back into the realm of a political disruption. one that is distasteful to the ukraine leaders in kiev. it's not armed conflict. no one knows which way it's
7:52 am
going to go. >> turning now to chris. what is the word there and the white house reaching out to putin directly? >> i think what we've learned there have been talks, there have been discussions that the president himself has described as difficult, blunt, there's nothing on the agenda we know about. me haven't a readout of a call between them recently. having said that, looking athey had week. nato has a chance for the president to get into the room with other world leaders that joined him in opposing the economic sanctions we've been talking about. he making the argument they're working as the president has made the argument they're working. nobody everybody buys that including members of congress. including democratic members of congress. what are they willing to do to escalade that? how are they going to deal with this? the white house has not used these terms but you certainly did hear some members of congress over the weekend saying movement by russia in the
7:53 am
ukraine do amount to an invasion. that escalades the pressure to take action on that. >> all right so much on the plate to consider. thank you so much. we'll be right back. ♪ fill their bowl with the meaty tastes they're looking for, with friskies grillers. tender meaty pieces and crunchy bites. in delicious chicken, beef, turkey, and garden veggie flavors. friskies grillers. put pantene to the test. healthier hair? when hair loses protein, it splits. pantene helps stop split ends before they start. so your hair passes the needle test. get hair so healthy you shine, with pantene.
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8:00 am
the home secretary has the discretion to revoke, refuse, and destroy passports if there's reason to believe people are planning to take part in terrorist-related activity. when police suspect a travel at the border, they're not currently able to apply for the prerogative and only have limited stop and search powers. we will introduce specific and targeted legislation to fill this gap by providing the police with a power to seize a passport at the border during which time they'll be able to investigate the individual concerned. joining me now is barbara lee. thank you so much for being with us. you heard what the prime minister said there. would you support stripping passports from citizens if they were to be a danger to the american homeland? >> you know, our homeland security department -- certainly, are reviewing all their provisions as it remits to preventing acts of terrorism. ic it's very impor


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