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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 2, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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hello, everybody, good tuesday morning. right now on first look, violent storms in various parts of the country. from powerful lightning strikes in iowa to creepy tornados overnight in kansas. what is ahead for today? plus, the u.s. launches military air strikes in somalia against al shabab, we have the latest. the fbi is now involved in investigation of the hacked nude photos of jefferson lawrence, kate upton and dozens of others. a higher minimum wage, a scary landing for frightened passengers, and the pope's plan for peace. good morning. we to want begin with a terror
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strike. u.s. forces on the attack in sma ya, the target, al shabab, a terror group tied to al qaeda. there are few details except that a u.s. drone and hellfire missiles were used. this man, the leader, was the target. two vehicles were hit. not known if he was in any of them. al shabab hit u.s. radar in 2008. it claimed responsibility for an attack on a kenyan mall. apple is taking bold steps to prevent another incident of alleged hacking. 170 celebrities including jennifer lawrence and kim kardashian were online. they have fixed it using the software using find my iphone.
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it is unclear that it is used. some of the pictures are denounced as fake. and the apple is not stopsing. we take user privacy very seriously and are investigating this report. kis ten dunst fired back on twitter saying, thank you, icloud. meanwhile, the fbi launched its own investigation into the anonymous perpetrator behind the leaks. he's on the run past fbi cases of leaked nude pictures and privacy information resulted in convictions. on a related note, time magazine brings up an interesting point, where are all the hacked picks of men? and a plea for help from three americans being held. in a rare move, matthew miller, jooefry bo and kenneth bay
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spoke. one was detained in june after a bible in a hotel, and miller was asking for asylum. with guards watching, all three said the only solution to their situation is for a u.s. official to come to north korea and ask for their freedom. well, minimum wage is getting a lot of attention this week. another round of strikes by fast food workers seeking $15 an hour is scheduled for thursday in 150 cities. workers in dozens of cities have been trained to peacefully engage in civil disobedience ahead of the protest. in los angeles, they are going to launch the largest anti-poverty program in l.a.'s history. he wants to raise the minimum wage to $13.25 an hour. he's not the only one, president obama said yesterday he is not asking for the moon, he just wants a good deal for american workers.
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>> there is no denying a simple truth, america deserves a raise. i think eventually congress is going to hear. we'll break those folks down. we'll just stay on them. we'll just keep at it. that's how i got michelle to marry me. i just wore her down. >> that's how he did it. perhaps this double rainbow is a good sign for the president. it appeared over marine one after he returned to washington from wisconsin. beautiful sight there. meanwhile, the president is headed overseas today, this trip is aimed at rallying support in ukraine and against isis in iraq and syria. mr. obama is headed to estonia. and i am joined by tracie potts in washington. what can we expect to happen? >> well, a lot of talk about i.s.i.s. but we begin not in syria or iraq or even in ukraine where
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russia's incursion there is also going to be a topic of discussion, we begin today in africa in that overnight strike that you mentioned in somalia. yo you're looking at video of soldiers taking over a town that had been captured by al shabab. a u.s. drone shot missiles at at least two vehicles. it's believed they were going after al shabab's leader. this as president obama flies to estonia this afternoon. that former soviet state is worried about a russian tykeover. then the nato summit in wales where they are expected to discuss air strikes to defeat i.s.i.s. militants in syria. >> that will mean military assets, germany has announced it will be selling weapons to those who are trying to oppose the i.s.i.s. forces. >> reporter: the u.s. is going after i.s.i.s. in iraq.
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this pentagon video shows the latest humanitarian air drops there. some lawmakers say they're willing to come back to washington early to give president obama authority to expand air strikes. >> it is our duty and congressional responsibility to debate and vote on measures to expand this war. >> reporter: but the push into syria is on hold for now. the president's critics hope he'll take a stronger stance like the british. >> we need a firm military respon response. >> reporter: the uk, ready to go, the u.s. waiting for more countries to join the effort. it's unlikely that nato as a group will take action against i.s.i.s., it is more likely that the members, u.s., uk, france, germany and others may decide to do so. >> all right, we'll be watching. thank you. it is a traveler's worst nightmare. a flight loses cabin pressure
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mid flight. >> got cold in the plane, and all of a sudden all the oxygen masks fell down. >> passengers strapped on masks and tried staying calm. the plane made a safe emergency landing in south carolina with fliers getting refunds and travel vouchers. the malfunction remains a mystery. and one flight fiasco to another. this is the cockpit of a plane that turned back after it was cracked after takeoff. it returned to l.a. where they switched planes. no injuries. well, pope francis's love of soccer was on display at vatican. they presented the pontiff with an argentina soccer jersey. the match was inspired by pope francis and organized in an
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attempt to promote peace and interfaith unity. speaking before the group, the pope said sports, especially soccer, could be a vehicle for peace. the pope, however, did not attend the match. speaking of sports and soccer, let's get the latest from our sports guru, richard. good morning. >> good tuesday morning. it's only the third time here in major league history this has happened. four pitchers' efforts combining for a single no-hit per cole ham els pitched six innings, striking out seven, and three relievers finished for a 7-0 win. here's what he had to say after. >> they had the substitute guys come in and shut the door in the fashion that we did, it's a pretty impressive, you know, sort of day just to kind of see that. it took the whole team to do it. >> first-ever for the phillies. and they let loose, four homers. gnats win 6-4.
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denton scored five runs in the little league world series. and the 12-year-old did it while being homeless. a local chicago business owner is stepping up to pay a year's worth of rent for him and his family. >> that's wonderful. >> good for him. top seeds advance. sary that williams gets it done, and novak in three sets as well. and wawrinka won in four sets. got to get out there. to college football, miami played louisville in their debut in the acc. >> and louisville work they are the fastest cardinal. and there he goes. >> he's gone. louisville's player turns on the gas with this 97-yard return. keeping the momentum going, 31-13. houston texans' defensive end
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j.j. watt has a six-year contract extension worth a cool $100 million. >> what? >> and nearly half of that, $52 million, guaranteed. yeah, he's now the highest-paid defensive player in nfl history. the rocky balboa statue will get company. a 9-foot tall of the other home favorite, smoken joe frazier. and it will be a bronze and then moved into a sports stadium. video game programmers for madden 15. >> another one? >> first players flying off the screen. >> kind of funny. >> now it's tiny titan. that's rookie linebacker kirk see. he is 1'2", in real life, he's 6'1", 235. >> i wonder if that's a blow to
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his ego. >> need better programmers. that's what you do. >> all right, thank you. hear that? extreme weather in iowa. a lightning bolt hit 20 feet from two storm chasers. one was hurt but is okay. in southeast kansas, storms exploded spawning a night time tornado. now that is frightening to see. in wyoming, bad news there, a sign summer -- oh, look at this -- is on its last leg. can you believe it? snow actually fell there. >> i want the last leg to go away. >> really? >> i'm holding on to summer, it's september. >> we have had so many blizzards. >> you're a texas girl. >> i am. >> did you have a good birthday yesterday? >> i did. i got to sleep a little bit. at this age we like to sleep. >> yesterday was so much going on, and overnight, tropical storm dolly, the fourth storm of the atlantic season. just got the new update in, they did relocate the center about 60
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miles north. it's close to south texas, but looks like they won't get hardly any effects at all from any of the winds. at most, maybe squalls moving in with rain. even that is mostly to the south of south texas. as far as the storm tracker goads, st. louis to minneapolis, a lot of rain and lightning. and a lot of rain in southern kansas. that's a problem because of flash flooding. that could be a concern. 15 million people at risk of widespread wind damage, and not to mention it's going to be 90 degrees from new england to florida, and it is super humid. >> sticky. >> yeah, one of the hottest days of summer. it's september. >> it is. and iceland's volcano, and a big announcement from carrie underwood and her hockey star husband. that's next.
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. another story making news, progress in the fight against the growing ebola outbreak.
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20 adults will be tested with a vaccine, it could be a powerful tool against ebola that could kill 20,000 according to the world health organization. it was a very happy labor day for singer carrie underwood, she and her husband will be having a baby. she made the announcement on twitter. ace and penny would like to make an announcement. check out the shirts, i am going to be a big brother and a big sister. congratulations. and new video of lava busting from an iceland volcano. people got an up close look at the lava, it could signal a bigger one in the coming days, so watch out. well, the jury will decide the governor's fate. senator rand paul may not be so popular in his home state. and bill nye the science guy for president? scrambled politics is next.
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♪ fill their bowl with the meaty tastes they're looking for, with friskies grillers. tender meaty pieces and crunchy bites. in delicious chicken, beef, turkey, and garden veggie flavors. friskies grillers. time to kick off the new week with your first look at scrambled politics. later this morning, a jury will begin clicks in the corruption trial of former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife. the final trial wrapped friday. here's one poll the kentucky senator rand paul might want to pay attention to if he plan on running for president in 2016. two-thirds of voters in his state say they would not vote to change a state law that would allow him to be on the ballot
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for the same time as a white house bid and re election for his senate seat. republicans are not on board saying the law should not be changed. and ousted house majority leader eric cantor is starting a new job this week. staying in washington to help open an office for a wall street investment bank. he will serve as a vice chairman and board member. bill nye the science guy for president? that's what one radio caller wanted to know. he responded with this tongue in cheek announcement, naming neil delaware grass see tyson as his running mate. he handed out cabinet positions. >> bill nye the potus has a nice ring. >> we are working on the cabinet. do you guys want to -- >> court jester. >> no, wait.
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>> wait a second. >> you be the court jester. i'll be the engineering adviser. >> oh, my. okay. so congratulations to congresswoman tammy duckworth who is expecting her first child, a baby girl in december. she made the announcement on the today show yesterday. she will join the fellow amputees who have given birth. she is the first female iraq veteran to be elected to congress, and she says she has no plans to stop working. that is your morning dish of scrambled politics. joining us now, ellis, good morning. >> good morning, betty. i am thinking about the cabinet positions we want in the new york administration. >> that's frightening, especially for us to be in those. let's talk about minimum wage, the president is pushing to raise the minimum wage.
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and striking fast food workers will hold demonstrations in 150 cities on thursday. is this effort gaining traction and momentum? >> it does seem to be. it is good news for democrats in this election. if they're going to do anything and hold back the republican tide that you and i have been talking about, they have to rally working in middle class folks. one of the issues i think resonates is that idea of hard-working people who aren't making enough money, they have two or three jobs and still can't support family. if the president can find a way to articulate that, it may be a win tler. move the discussion to the global front, russia calling for talks on the situation in ukraine. we cannot ignore the quote, i want to remind you that russia is one of the most powerful nuclear nations, this is a reality, not just words. those are his words. should this be taken as a threat of nuclear war over ukraine?
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>> it's dicey. and reports out of europe this morning, he could take kiev in two weeks, that's rattling as well. listen, the europeans are deciding whether to ramp up the sanctions to an excruciating level. he's trying to hold that back. but, yes. anybody who isn't paying attention and doesn't think it's scary needs to focus a little better. >> it is frightening. thanks so much for joining us, even if by phone today. missing you in the studio. >> see you soon. >> thanks. take care. just ahead, angelina jolie's wedding dress. you want to see it. first buzz is coming up. cinnamon. softly-baked. nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares.
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leaving the news in usa today, 21 states don't meet emergency prep standards for kids. save the children's 2014 disaster report card finds 21 states and the district of columbia are not prepared if a disaster strikes or a school shooting happen. parents mistakenly think the protections are in place. and the man in charge of the ice bucket challenge is a happy four. they had a healthy baby. it caps off a great month, more than $100 million donated to the als association. first buzz, richard and bill here. >> summer's over. >> everyone wants to see the pictures of this wedding dress. >> i have the picture, my friends. august 23rd, people has the pictures. it's going to be on their september 3rd issue. and there it is. >> look at that. >> so it is made by versace, the
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master designer. lui luigi -- >> is that the veil? >> those are little drawings made by the kids. all the kids drew on the veil and train. now the regular part of the dress that the -- the bodice, is that correct? >> that is. >> does not have the design, it's all on the veil. >> so, we to want go from this to something all of us can use. a butter knife that works when it comes trying to cut through hard butter. that's very difficult. well, this kick starter campaign has a new butter knife with edges. it's such a simple thing. you change everything -- >> it's serrated ? >> yes, it's got more than 14,000 backers on kickstarter. this to me, look at how ingenious that is. you don't have to have big clumps of butter on your toast. >> bread won't rip, huh?
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>> yeah, someone was thinking out there. >> i don't know. i don't know. >> you don't like it? >> i don't know if i believe. >> the bread always rips. >> not if you have it like that. stop hating on it. i'm betty, this is first look on msnbc. way too early with thomas roberts starts now. this country gave me a chance, it gave michelle a chance, i believe in the american dream because i have lived it. [ applause ] and i ran for this office to restore it for everybody. so no matter what you look like, and no matter where you came from, no matter how you started, you can make it in america if you try. >> the fair shot message an impassioned president obama and vice president biden kick off the political season in barn-burner fashion with political speeches. will this momentum continue to
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the midterms? i'm has a pr storm and nightmare after jefferson lawrence and other a-listers have private photos hacked and released to the public. and the job of being a big brother is tough, and this little guy is none too pleased at the news his mom is sharing with him. this one is for all you older sibling out there. this is "way too early." >> this is exasperating. ♪ exasperating. hi, everybody, i'm thomas roberts, it is tuesday, september 2nd. to way too early, the show that has an older sister who tries to leave this guy in a basket on the front porch. still happens. wait until the video of this guy getting great news from his mom. but his reaction, priceless.


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