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tv   Morning Joe  MSNBC  September 2, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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can you tell how energized this crowd is after a few days off? i think they need more time off. that's it for way too early, morning joe starts right now. n. ♪ ♪ ♪ uga chuck a >> reporter: it wasn't the precision war israeli says it's fighting. the dead were four young boys. another iraqi city has now fallen to this group called isis. they are getting stronger joined by supporters of saddam hussein and sunni tribal leaders. >> the downing of a passenger jet over ukraine. >> reporter: the ukrainian government accused russian separatists are firing a missile to bring the plane down. >> people pouring over the u.s. border by the tens of thousands. >> thousands of children waiting for answers. ♪ ♪ i'm hooked on a feeling >> the greatest feeling since
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abraham lincoln. >> the house approved a lawsuit. >> stop hating all the time. let's get some work done. >> the awful execution of an american journalist carried out on camera. >> i'm sure there may be one or two terrorists looking at him going, wow, that is one cold bastard. >> thoooday is a miraculous tod >> dr. kent brantly dismissed from the hospital after gravely ill with the ebola virus. >> the delicate and fast moving situation in the streets continues to outpace the investigation. >> 10,000 years will give you such a crick in the neck. >> it's hard to imagine unstoppable energy stopped. >> i want to thank you for supporting a great cause. i think we should start dunking members of congress every time they say something stupid on your show. >> get 'em! get 'em!
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>> it's really unbelievable. it's really unbelievable everything that happened this summer. so many bad images out there. there's some good joyful images but that was -- you know, we hear all the time about how things move so much faster in the '60s and they did. things kept coming certain years at everybody so quickly and it happened again this past summer. and you look back, my god. >> you look at just the president and the incoming on foreign policy crises, i think it's possibly unprecedented. >> a lot of people were talking about -- >> except that -- >> a lot of people were talking about that this week. mike, it's been an extraordinary summer. so many low moments. i think a lot of americans are just catching their breath and holding -- hoping. >> i think most americans are weary what is the casgade of
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events is overwhelming. >> ron fournier talking and a lot of talking about what has happened. i just exhaled and said thank goodness the summer is over. >> as a parent you look forward to school starting and especially this summer. there is so much work to do. ayman is here on the set. >> great to be here. >> i can ask how your summer vacation was. >> i'm still waiting to get one! >> you look at some of those images. you spent so much of your time in gaza and it is just mind boggling how quickly things move. >> i think there is a conspiracy "the new york times" does not have a story about isis or libya or anything on the front page.
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is this a real copy or what? >> it's the day after labor day. >> yeah, i was going to say. >> we have a lot of things to talk about. what hit me more on labor day than any labor day before, it wasn't so much about watching football or eating ribs. of course, i ate ribs any way. but the american worker was really on the front pages of the newspapers and i think the front of a lot of people's minds. certainly it should be on the front of a lot of politicians mind. one story after another story about how corporations are doing better than. "the new york times" this morning talks about most most of theable year since 1965 after tax profits and real dollars. the american worker is falling further behind than any time since 1948. these numbers keep spreading wide. you look at one poll after another poll after another poll and it shows americans now want
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and a lot of republicans want the minimum wage to be raised. they asked specifically in a kentucky poll that came out yesterday do you want it raised over $10 an hour. >> think about this kentucky. >> overwhelming majority of people in mitch mcconnell's state by 18 percentage points want the minimum wage raised. it is time for republicans to fo figure out a way to sue for peace on this issue. they are suing the president. now they need to sue for peace. get something in return for raising the minimum wage because this issue is going to become a larger and larger issue. and if republicans don't get it, they are going to lose. >> they have already missed an opportunity. look at like the market basket story out of boston last week with the ceo that everybody put back in because, i mean, when you see the hunger for stories like that and for people to have a sense of fulfillment and a sense of worth like that and then you look at what is happening across the country.
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>> that is the upside. there is a downside of the story of the wonderful generous woman that worked three different jobs. >> we are going to get to that. >> and died in a car. >> we have an incredible story. >> you want to talk about the face of the recession, that is the face of the recession. with midterm elections approaching the president and vice president took labor day to cheer the legacy of unions and the u.s. and push for higher minimum wages. >> i want an economy where your hard work pays off! with higher wages and higher income and fair pay for women! and workplace flexibility for parents! and a affordable health insurance and decent retirement benefits! i'm not asking for the moon! i just want a good deal for american workers! >> since 2000, the gross domestic product, that is all we make in america, has gone up 29%.
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productivity in america is up 36%. but wages, wages have gone up 15 cents! one of the reasons we are not growing is because ordinary people have no money in their pockets for their wages! they are not being rewarded. >> "the new york times" editorial board taking on corporate profits which have surged to their highest level since 1965. and wages are, meanwhile, flat. some middle class workers are being deprived of benefits by being classified as independent workers. many can calling it wage theft hitting their employers with lawsuit claim they are opened tens of thousands of dollars in overtime and back pay. >> jonathan capehart, it's not like we want corporations to lose money. we want corporations to make as much money as they make and we
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want them to share. you look at one poll after another poll after another poll whether it's in mitch mcconne mcconnell's kentucky or any other state, people want minimum wage to go up. >> they just want them to take care of their people. >> i'm not saying it's a goor on -- good or a bad thing. it's the poll numbers. i don't know if the republican party will stumble in this election and get slammed like the side like in 2012 before they figured it out. >> well, it's a matter of fairness as you said before going to the tape there. corporations have had wildly profitable years and making tons of money. the executives of those corporations are making tons of money. and the workers in those companies and across the country are looking and saying, but, hey, i haven't had a raise in x number of years or the raise that i did get was so small that it didn't make a difference in my life whatsoever. and so now do i feel economically insecure? do i feel like my children's
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future isn't going to be as bright as, say, my parents? no. what is interesting here is, you know, in the stories that i've read so far about the president's speech yesterday and the vice president's speech, you know, talking to labor unions and talking to the traditional, you know, members of the democratic base that it's, in part, about turn-out for the midterm elections but it's also about the president and vice president continuing on the message that they have been saying since they came into office, which is economic fairness, building the middle class in order to strengthen the american economy. >> mika, again, when i said before, you know, this isn't about being for it or against it, this is just pure political analysis. >> pure politics. >> it's pure politics and pure political analysis on my part. i voted against the minimum wage when i was in congress. i could make an argument on why it actually hurts other poor people. i'm talking about if you were a republican and you like winning, you need to wake up.
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this is an issue that is going to keep getting pushed further and further out front. >> if you need any more evidence, a cluster of stories for you that should perhaps back this up. troubles continue for atlantic city, new jersey. revel, a 2.4 billion dollar casino, closing for good this morning after opening just two years ago. >> wow. >> already the casino show boat has closed and trump plaza is scheduled to be shut in a couple of weeks by year's end only eight of the 12 casinos that were open for business when four-three began will still have their neon lights pop the closure are expected to leave about 8,000 people without work or one-quarter of atlanta city's work force. then let's go to detroit per se. detroit's bankruptcy trial begins today with over 80 witnesses set to take the stand over the course of a trial expected to last through mid october. the judge will decide whether to approve the city's plan to pay
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the pensioners more than creditors or reject it altogether. the current proposal seeks to preserve the detroit institute of art and cut more than $7 billion in debt, and revitalize services in its neighborhoods. the city filed for chapter nine in december of 2013. we have that and chris christie for comments he made about foreign policy that seem to disturbed some people listening. >> what did he talk about? >> he tried to talk about foreign policy and didn't do well so we will have that story coming up. he didn't say much. let's just put it that way. >> well, for chris, if you're a governor, foreign policy is like dealing with an animal in connecticut. >> i want to hear on atlantic city which sounds like a calami calamity as bad as sandy, quite frankly. >> he should adopt my slogan campaign. >> what was yours? >> heavy on style and slim on substance. it worked. >> he is a bright guy and we need to hear from him because 8,000 workers --
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>> live on substance. the united nations is sending a team to iraq to investigate human rights abuses by isis suggesting acts of inhumidity on an unimaginable scale. the violence in iraq left more than 1,400 people dead 234 august with over 600,000 displaced. david cameron is providing new anti-terror laws and calling i isis a greater threat than al qaeda. president obama is dealing with criticism to say not a strategy yet to deal with isis. dianne feinstein says he may not be acting fast enough. >> i think i've learned one thing about this president and that is he is very cautious. maybe in this instance, too cautious. i do know that the military, i know that the state department, i know that others have been putting plans together, and so hopefully those plans will coalesce into a strategy that
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can encourage that coalition from arab nations, you know, jordan is in jeopardy and lebanon is in jeopardy and the uaa and other countries are in jeopardy. >> the president is hammered from all sides. dianne feinstein. because of something he said and the way he said it. even gary casperoff tweeted earlier this week, i've said it before but if barack obama was president instead of ronald reagan, i would still be a citizen of the soviet union. we have rushed into a country before iraq. talk about the middle east. what do you hear when you're over there about across the middle east about barack obama going into syria? are people thinking we are taking too much time? do they want us to do more?
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what are you hearing? >> when you talk to a lot of the diplomats and ordinary people they want something different than the united states. some countries want the united states to be more much hands-on and robust foreign policy and some want military actions in some countries. others say, no, we have to solve this on our own and get the arab population and arab governments up so mixed reaction from different people. >> down the middle? >> yes. there is an underlying problem which is the u.s. gatiengagemens exhausted us. >> it's exhausted all of us, mike. i think one of the most positive developments had to do with the uae and egypt deciding if they had a problem in the northeast they weren't going to pick up the phone and tell us to scramble jets and take up targets in libya. they did it themselves. i remember my parents in 1973
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and '74 when they saw the fighting in middle east, watching television sets and going, okay, this is like way over our pay grade. like let them figure out their own problems. here we are 30 years later, a lot of -- more americans saying the same thing. >> to the foy that ayman raised. the exhaustion of people in the middle east and the exhaustion of the american public. one of the critical opponents to people on the ground and running this operation is garner more sunni involvement in any opposition to isis and that involvement was fractured during the course of an administration that we responsed in baghdad. what is it going to involve for sunni involvement? >> it's a test for the incoming prime minister. he has to address some of the grievances of the sunni country. this is what the americans did during the end of their time and trying to get the arab awakening
3:16 am
to come back into the small councils. that is the key test to activate them. celebrity nude photos leaked on line including those of jennifer lawrence and kate upton. >> that is horrible! >> stop it, joe. u.s. senator chris murphy on what congress' role should be in the fight against isis. >> justin verlander also. what is he doing? no, you pinch. you keep the uniform on, dude. we don't want to see it. we will also ask robert gibbs how candidate obama would have responded to president obama's -- we don't have a strategy yet statement. >> did you hear about this oscar, the grouch, comment? >> yes, i did. >> can we get to it? >> yes. i want to get to it. we will be back. >> don't call him oscar the grouch. just don't do it.
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♪ time now to take a look at the morning papers. along with thomas, from our parade of papers. from our parade of papers, the st. louis coast dispatch, police officers in ferguson, missouri, began wearing body cameras on saturday. >> good. >> as protests continued over the death of unarmed teenager michael brown. two companies safety vision and digital ally donated 50 body cameras to the ferguson police department and those companies sent representatives to train officers how to use the devices. the cameras come amid national outrage over the death of brown who was shot and killed in august. >> a great development. said it before and say it again. cameras on cops only tick off bad cops. >> gives you another angle to the story for sure. thomas?
3:21 am
>> this one "moscow times." russian experiment weightlessness something in outer space i have long been calling for. i think this is very important. so how did my suggestion to the kremlin turn out? >> geckos are involved and there is a tragedy that is involved in this. we have got a satellite housing five geckos and it returned to earth yesterday. inside, scientists found all of the lizards died. >> really? >> the kremlin says -- >> i got to mark that off my bucket list. >> it was a gecko orgy. no, it wasn't. they say unsure on what point on the journey the reptiles were killed. the satellite stopped responding to commands shortly after it took off and was left in orbit longer than intended. >> so why is the kremlin experimenting with weightless sex? >> i think think see those geico
3:22 am
commercials and they thought they could send them into space and do this. >> obesity? >> and didn't realize they were computer animated so a big old mess. >> sex aside. "usa today." a baby was caught flashing a thumb's up during a hard to believe ultrasound photo. the proud father to be posted the image and some nicknaming it fonzy fetus. the dad told reporters his wife is expecting twins in january. also, guys, the fbi and apple with investigating the release of some of the nude photos. >> on icloud. it's in the cloud thomas tells me they have snapchat for a reason. >> already a publicist for jennifer lawrence says they will prosecute anyone who posts them. another appeared to show kate upton and her boyfriend justin
3:23 am
verlander taking pictures of themselves naked. >> dude, what are you doing? why is he doing it, mike? >> month of august maybe that is why. >> rihanna and others denied photos are of them. investigators are look at a possible flaw on apple's icloud software and that would be a flaw to allow hackers to process other people's accounts. people taking pictures of themselves naked. why? >> who cares if they didn't? this is a violation of their privacy. you shouldn't shame them. >> thomas! >> they shouldn't be ashamed of their good looking bodies. >> how many take naked pictures of themselves? >> if barnicle wants to take a picture of himself with kate upton, who cares? >> children, children, let me talk to you at home. get your parents out of the home. if you do this, you snapchat.
3:24 am
>> that's not even safe. >> it's not? >> children, don't do it. don't do it. seriously. i don't put my credit card -- you know, sometimes -- >> barnicle has two buttons down on his shirt and he's taking a picture. >> ew, ew. >> sometimes i have to get an image of my credit card to a member of my family. the thing is i won't even put that up on the cloud because you just know. >> it's a cloud! >> but somebody is going to pick it up. >> but don't share. let's not shame the people -- >> i want to know -- >> save that, okay? don't be dumb. >> they think they are getting privacy, they should be assured that private sichcprivacy. >> when we get off set, i got this shoe box that barnicle gave me. it's polaroids like from '74 and naked and playing baseball. he's got one -- >> ayman, don't laugh!
3:25 am
don't egg him on! >> i won't show you what the polaroid reveals. >> i think larry lucchino is in it. >> what? >> greatest baseball owner of all time. after his handling of several crises at home and aborder and raises new questions what american wants for a commander in chief. what it takes to be popular. that is a good question. we will answer that and more with today's must read opinion pages. before using her new bank of america credit card, which rewards her for responsibly managing her card balance. before receiving $25 toward her balance each quarter for making more than her minimum payment on time each month. tracy got the bankamericard better balance rewards credit card, which fits nicely with everything else in life she has to balance. that's the benefit of responsibility. apply online or visit a bank of america near you.
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♪ i don't know if you knew it or not, i was in congress. >> what is that? oh, my god. >> did you know this? i was. >> i keep forgetting. >> i don't want to talk about it. let's not make this about me payman. >> tell me about it. >> no, don't do it. >> you got to learn the rules, ayman! >> opened the door. he asked me. >> i'm sorry. >> mike barnicle. >> it was after i won the masters. >> remember, i won in '87. >> jonathan capehart, are you still here? >> i'm still here. >> we are going to get you. >> and in on this mike barnicle polaroid thing. >> no. that's okay. >> you do it one time.
3:30 am
one time! >> yeah. but you know what? there were 47 polaroids in there. >> frank rooney writes in "the new york times" obama's messy words and speaking at a fund-raiser on friday obama told donors if you watch the "nightly news" is feels like the world is falling apart. he had that much right. it wasn't the whole of his message. in a statement of the obvious he also said the world has always been messy. when the gut twisting image stuck in your head, it is of the masked mad man holding a crude knife to the neck of an american on the knees in the desert. when you read about the crewifications of 21st century and women told as sex slaves the last thing you want to be told it's par for the historical course a matter of perspective and not so cosmetically dire. where is the reassurance or sense of urgency in that? is the president consoling us or himself? it's as if he has taken his interior monologue.
3:31 am
>> said inartfully from all side, you would have thought he said we were loring the flag over the white house and putting up an isis flag in its place. it's not like we haven't been punished before for rushing into a situation. should we have gone into syria six, nine months ago? perhaps. but he said something on friday. did people expect a full-scale invasion by the time they were sitting down to of labor day dinner? that's what it seems like. i think the reaction to the president's words sort of marks just how exasperated we are about what is happening in the world. we don't know how these folks sort of royaled the middle east in what seems like overnight. we all look to the president to be the person who has the right idea at the right time and says the right thing every time. and what we have here,
3:32 am
especially with this president, with president obama, we have someone who is careful and cautious and also somebody who, i think, views everyone watching things around the world with their hair on fire. in a lot of cases, you know, necessarily so. but he sees himself as someone, it's his job to tamp it down. and that is what you want from a president, especially when there's so many crises erupting all over the world. >> before we get to the top of the hour, we will are have robert gibbs on and talk to him exactly about this issue. it's fascinating the way the white house is playing it or not playing it. you write in the hill about times when congress was popular with the american people. >> when was that? >> can we name them? >> do we have the times? >> we do the times. the last 80 years we looked at polling data and turns out that the 2008 election was a time congress was popular and surged ten points and that typically happens around the wave of an election and you wouldn't think with with the new president being elect that congress would
3:33 am
be more popular but that is the case. the enactment of the great society programs in the '60s and people felt like congress was getting things done. the september 11th attacks. people felt the country was doing well and the american people were up detroit. the late 1990s. maybe, joe, you can give us some perspective on that. >> i don't like to talk about my time. >> tell us how great you all were. >> you look at, mike, in the 1950s and i say that because you were just, i guess you had just moved into middle age when ike became president. and that was a decade when things worked. you had eisenhower as president who didn't vilify democrats and democrats didn't vilify ike. they worked together and got a lot of stuff done. is there a hunger for america in congress to get stuff done
3:34 am
instead of bickering each other and i go back to minimum wage. if the republicans think they can stick with the talking points i was using in 1995 and '96 and 2014, it's another world and they are out of their mind and they will lose elections if they don't wake up. >> obviously, there is the minimum wage. you can go back and take a look what we were talking about four or five months ago, elise, when we were talking about the republicans are certainly going to win the senate and increase their majority in the house but they are like dead heat in a lot of the senate races because of their positions on, like, minimum wage. you mention one particular congress, i think the 89th congress elected in 1964. >> that's right. >> two-year terms. obviously, in the house. from 1964 to 1968, arguably it's one of the more progressive periods, one of the more established prosperous periods for congress in history. >> got more things done. >> what is so interesting there isn't a partisan divide in these numbers. the american people don't like
3:35 am
congress more or less if it's republican or democrat it's when they are getting things done and each with these more controversial programs that didn't have republican support like medicare and medicaid they came around in the end. the votes got bipartisan support and they supported implementation which is unimaginable today. i think is why the american people were more confident. >> elise viebeck, thank you. former white house press secretary robert gibbs weighs in. >> we haven't seen him in a while. >> his big comeback here on "morning joe." >> auburn wins a game and he comes on. >> watch out for georgia. >> a ketsup ban. >> i put ketchup on my cereal.
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it's 38 past the hour. with us from washington former white house press secretary robert gibbs. robert! good to see you. >> good morning. >> it's always great to see you, robert. obviously, a lot of people pouncing on the president saying we don't have a plan yet. what would candidate -- forget about whether it was just a little slip and it's been blown out of proportion, which i personally think it has been, but what would candidate obama have said if he were running against president obama after he made a statement like that? what would you have told him to do? how would he have responded? >> well, i don't think there is any doubt you would jump all over it. i think what the president was trying to probably do was slow this, as you all have talked about this rush to -- thinking that we were, you know, moments away from bombing syria. >> right. >> i think, though, unfortunately, in politics, you don't really get a chance to explain. there's not a lot of, you know -- there is not room for a lot of context. it reminds me a bit of when john
3:40 am
mccain in 2008 sat tid the fundamentals of the economy were strong. >> you guys got elected in part because of that. this, obviously, is a problem. what would president obama's advisers have said after he made a statement like that? how do you think the white house is responding? >> well, i think the white house did what they could do, which was to go out and provide in some way context and background and reasoning for why he said that, an explanation. i think the bigger moment for the white house is this coming week. in the nato meetings, obviously, the situation of russian aggression in ukraine will be front and center but so also will isis and a global coalition that the president wants to assemble. it's a big week. i think jonathan was just talking about it in the last segment. you have these moments where the president talks about you turn on the "nightly news" and things
3:41 am
seem messy and that has been the case for quite some time and for decades. >> right. >> the american people want to see a president even understanding the limits of american power, providing a picture of calm, steady measured leadership. the commander in chief role, i think that is the important thing that the president and the administration have to convey this week. >> right. >> so, okay, then exactly to that news conference that everybody is talking about. most everybody doesn't have a good thing to say about it, robert. what was the point of that news conference? and what actually -- >> it was the brown suit. >> well, that. >> what was the -- the result as opposed to the point of it and what mistakes were made? i think he was set up very badly and prepared badly and put in a terrible position. >> well, i mean, look. you have this period, obviously, in which the news vacuum is going to be filled with something as you're making plans
3:42 am
to do whatever you're going to do in iraq and syria. i was actually struck maybe a week or so earlier when hagel and general dempsey from the joint chiefs is out and they were really forward and hagel saying we have never seen anything like this. dempsey talking about what with we would have to do in syria to make significant progress against isis. >> right. >> obviously, i think the rhetoric from some members of the administration got way, way down, a lot farther than probably the planning process or the president was prepared to go publicly and you see the reaction and it hasn't been good. >> the president, obviously, pushing members of his own administration back. robert, there is a great conversation and we want to have you stick around. one kid finds out his mother is pregnant. >> i know you did something like this. trust me. just wait until you see it. >> "news you can't use." politico out with a story
3:43 am
this morning that says not so fast. we will explain why the political earth is shifting what we return. >> again. >> again. ♪ you can eat that on weight watchers? looks amazing. looks like my next dinner party. that's only 4 points? with weight watchers you can enjoy the food you really want. dine out on favorites or cook up something new. i can do this every day. join for free and start losing weight now. learn how to eat healthier while enjoying the foods you love. get inspired at meetings, online, or both. hurry, and if you join by sept 13th you'll get a free starter kit. weight watchers because it works. (yawn) (ding!) toaster strudel! more fruit in the filling, ya? mmm! ya! warm, flaky, gooey, toaster strudel! now, with more fruit!
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♪ so, mika, we have had a lot
3:47 am
of trouble with the va. >> absolutely. my god. >> we got a guy that understands the plight of the working soldier. >> well -- >> right? >> yeah. he is trying. >> we are going to talk about this at the top of the hour. but he kind of stepped in it this week. >> i think you know you've taken a wrong turn when you compare veterans who want better care to oscar, the grouch. it's just me. >> we are going to be talking about that at the top of the hour. >> it's just me. >> i'm going to be giving jeff miller, the chairman of the veterans committee, a call after the show and we are going to get to bottom of this. first, let's go to mike allen. he is the chief white house correspondent for politico and he is here with the morning playbook. we have been talking about the challenges the republican party has and talking about how they should be on their way to controlling the senate. that is what everybody was talking about a couple of months ago. oh, the battles are all and the red states will win this thing
3:48 am
pretty easily. it's not looking that way as the official day after labor day campaign season kicks off. >> no, you're right, joe. 63 days to go and there is no wave, there's no surge. the republicans say they are facing drags that still include the shut down which really hurt the brand. they are being outspent by democrats in many places they didn't expect to be. so just to set the scene. the last midterm election in 2010, republicans picked up 63 seats in the house. we have a series starting today about the house that says the pickup this time may be about six. joe, people have been saying five to ten for a while and they hoped 11. but the president couldn't be more back on his heels politically, but republicans are not able to capitalize on that in the house. >> that surprises me the president's approval rating keep dropping but the republicans, unfortunately for my party, the republicans approval ratings keep dropping as well.
3:49 am
and i have asked the question time and time again. what do the republicans and the house of representatives stand for? what is the big idea? what's the fight? yes, i was in congress and i got to congress because when i ran, not only did i criticize democrats, i was able to say, if you elect me, these are ten things we are going to do. that's powerful. republicans, what can they say? we are going to investigate? >> we don't like obamacare. >> we are going to investigate barack obama and get rid of obamacare, mike, that is just not enough. you can't beat something with nothing. >> no, that's right. they say that benghazi investigation is going to go on another year. >> can you help me out? wasn't there -- because i had republicans say, benghazi. that's it. wasn't there a benghazi report releases that actually blew up every conspiracy theory? >> there was no question. democrats are worried what might come out that might infer with secretary clinton's presidential
3:50 am
run. but it's not a new message for republicans and they have been fighting this midterm house-to-house worried about preserving districts where they are very red, doing nothing to get ready for 2016. no new message on immigration, no new message on marriage, no new message to appeal to that middle or to appeal to people who are maybe disappointed in president obama and there is plenty of those. >> mike allen, thank you very much. greatly presh appreciate it. >> have a great week. >> i have the same feeling of my party and the same feeling hi in september of 2012. remember when everybody supporting mitt romney was killing me and it was before people start coming out and saying it. i said this is a campaign that's in trouble. they are clueless. they don't know what is coming around the bend. the obama people are outpacing him every step. i have the feeling right now that even with barack obama
3:51 am
having disastrous press conferences, that the republican party is losing a historic opportunity here. they better wake up and congress better do something. they better be able to go back and say these are the three big things that we did that make american stronger, that makes your family stronger, that makes our economy stronger, and just passing bills that you know are never going to get through the senate or be vetoed by the president is not enough. >> these are three things we believe are good for the american people, instead of just criticize, criticize, criticize. >> this is what we are going to do when you elect us and it's not going to involve investigation or impeachment. >> exactly. coming up at the top of the hour, damage control. texas governor rick perry is jivi apologizing for a tweet sent from his account. we will tell you what it was. as we mentioned all of the v.a. training programs are under review now because of oscar the grouch? we will explain when "morning joe" returns.
3:52 am
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3:55 am
listen to this one. there is a restaurant in ft. myers. >> i love ft. myers. >> it is great but listen to this. because they are very disciplined about a certain thing. they are gaining notoriety for refusing to serve customers ketch ketchup. on the roiwebsite, we know peop love their ketsup but be ready
3:56 am
if you are over 10 years old, ketsup will not be provided. similarly salt won't be making an appearance. we ask you that trust us. we know what we are doing. part of the mad experience is to trust the chef and not have preconceived notions of what your dish is going to need. and it's not going to need ketsup spelled the way they spell it. >> how can i trust them? i can't trust them. >> you can't have ketchup or salt. >> it is a health thing? >> because the chef doesn't think you knee ketchup or assault. they are putting together your meal for you. >> it's a popular restaurant. >> 4 out of 5 stars on yelp. >> you think the chef figures he doesn't need customers too? no ketchup, no salt? >> the customers claim they have turned down ordering diet coke. >> i think it's representing. all right, fine. those with siblings out there know that the little ones could come along in your life.
3:57 am
>> babies? yes. >> one young man named trey was not pleased when he learned he was going to be a big brother once again. >> oh, no. >> let meal tell you. >> what? >> i'm pregnant. >> what were you thinking? why do you have to -- just get another baby? you just have two! so why -- why -- why do you -- this is exasperating! why do you tonight replace one of your two babies if there is is too much? >> we never would replace you and maya. you will have another brother or sister you have to take care of or help take care of. >> that doesn't make no sense! this makes no sense! what kind of baby is that? >> i don't know. it might be a boy or it might be a girl. >> boys crying is even worse! >> i don't know what to tell you about the crying. you just got to get used to it,
3:58 am
okay? >> okay. and by me some toys too. >> i don't know who that reminds me of but it reminds me of somebody who is a very big baby. that was adorable! >> oh, my gosh. this is exasperating! >> what did he ask for? >> funny thing the mother knows her boy. >> he is going to to have his own show some day. >> using big words at that age. >> exasperating! >> ayman said something at the top of 6:00 which is interesting. is there a conspiracy going on right now. >> what? >> the newspapers have gotten together and said we are going to keep isis and all of the other stories that -- because off the front page. you go and it's almost like somebody put a light switch on. the summer is over. the summer from hell is over. >> not one isis front page store? >> no isis front page story.
3:59 am
>> "the boston globe" does the icloud story with naked stars. >> "wall street journal" it looks like republicans are concerned as i am about republicans. >> "the washington post." >> gop is talking about an agenda. this is a happy story, actually. u.s. air force actually help break a siege in iraq so a little bit of good news. there has been just this unrelenting bad news, ayman, coming not only from the middle east but across the world. planes being blown out of the sky. thank god -- >> we haven't gotten to ukraine today. >> thank god the summer is over. it had to change your life what you saw? >> absolutely. nobody wants to be in these war zones and i think it challenges you and it shows an ugly side of humanity. we see so much war and death. >> an american kid. you were raised in georgia. you go over there and you see things you probably thought you would never see. it's got to have a really profound impact on you. i know just like when mika was
4:00 am
down ground zero a couple of minutes after the attacks and was down there two weeks straight. >> these things, they stick with you forever. they change you and they change your perceptions on the world. like i said you're 21st century and people are still resorting to kill one another to solve big problems and that's just sad, tragic. i can't believe we are still living that. it's the top of the hour. robert gibbs is still bus. we kept him on and jonathan capehart is with us as well in washington and they have thomas, mike, and ayman here on the set in new york. yesterday in the news, i talked about it before a little bit too. you look at all of the stories are workers in america. you look at the fact the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer. you have alan greenspan saying the quality of the u.s. is not more higher tax. alan greenspan, libertarian says rising income and equality is
4:01 am
one of the great threats. look at the front page of "the new york times." you see stories there. then you look at the editorial and some stunning facts that we underlined and people need to keep underlining. corporate profits last year, higher than any time since 1965. that's great news. i'm not going to say i don't want corporations to do poorly because usually you say when corporations do well, american workers do well. when businesses do well, american workers do well. that's not the case any more. the american worker just suffered through, endured their worst year as far as wages go since 1948. 1948. and it is up to this president, it is up to harry reid, it is up to john boehner, the up to democrats and republicans alike to figure out how to break us out of this cycle that has been going on a long time.
4:02 am
jeffrey sachs has talked about it also. >> everything else has grown. those are numbers that are important that we see growth in jobs but when you see wages staying where they are and you see the flight of women in jobs and new numbers out show they are not doing so well in terms of getting jobs. then you have the fate of detroit that is basically in the hands of a court today. stories like one we are going to tell you in a few minutes out of newark about a woman working three jobs, three minimum wage jobs and sleeping in her car between shifts. as one expert called that is the new recession and her flight and what happened to her is as heart wrenching and depressing as it gets as it pertains to the state of the american worker. >> people still talking about i would say obsessing what the president said on friday and i would say obsessing because the senate, get over it. was it a freudian slip?
4:03 am
you have to sort through those plans. fools rush in. we rushed in in 2003. i was a part of that. so iryou. chances are pretty good because 75% of americans supported the invasion of iraq because we wanted to go after the bad guy and get the bad guy. guess what? we did. his neck got ripped off a couple of years later and now look at iraq. we said last week, it's controversial but it's also the truth. the world would be a safer place with saddam hussein in power. it would. isis is the gravest threat this country has faced since 9/11 and forces the question would syria be a safer place with assad were in power or if there were anarchy? 200,000 people dead, in large part, because of assad. but do you really want isis, do you really want the islamic state running syria? fools rush in.
4:04 am
this president is deliberate. he is too deliberate sometimes. i disagree with a lot of his foreign policy. but at a time like when we are facing an existential threat from a force that we don't understand, a force much more powerful than a force we faced in quite sometime, it might be good to take a couple of deep breaths before we announce our grand new plan to invade syria and start yet another war with yet another muslim country and then start yet another occupation. we are just finishing a decade of occupations. enough is enough. let's play smart. robert gibbs, speaking of catching our breath. i'm just curious. are there oxygen masks in the press secretary's office when the president says something like he said on last week where the oxygen masks drop and you can catch a deep breath before you go talk to him? that we all know it was a slip.
4:05 am
but that obviously everybody in the white house had to gasp when he did that, right? you've been there. >> yes. >> he's human. mistakes are made. >> i think whenever you have to go out next and say what somebody meant to say or what somebody was trying to say means you're trying to explain that winceable moment that you see. unfortunately, no oxygen masks and no one to tell you fasten your seat belt because there is turbulence in the area. you assume that when you go in. this is a president that has been reticent several years to go into syria and understanding going in and doing two days worth of bombing runs is not going to solve your problems with isis. >> makes people feel good. oh, we bombed these targets. what is the end result, though? it's got to be a bigger, bigger plan. and, right now, we don't know
4:06 am
what is out there other than people wanting us to just blindly bomb isis. >> right. >> john mccain and lindsey graham have an op-ed we should go in and we should have gone in two years ago. >> they are always saying that. >> other people have been making mistake the past decade saying what the president should or shouldn't do. american people aren't with them. american people don't want to occupy syria. they don't want to rattle the cage even more. and there are no easy answers, mika. there are no easy answers. that is what americans want. this is not like an avengers movie. my boys got me watching avenger movies. avenger movies and ironman, tony stark can always find an easy way out. by the way, i saw the avengers with my kids. it was good. it really was. one of the scenes, tony stark there is always a way out. at one time, captain america saying there's not an easy way
4:07 am
out. sometimes you have to die for a cause. there ain't no tony starks in washington, d.c. there is not an easy way out of this. it's implicated. and we just can't say you're either for us or for them, wanted dead or alive. it doesn't work. >> it doesn't. get to the news now. you were talking about wages. the president and vice president spent labor day cheering the legacy of unions in the u.s. and pushing for higher minimum wages. >> i want an economy where your hard work pays off. with higher wages and higher income. and fair pay for women! and workplace flexibility for parents. and affordable health insurance. and decent retirement benefits. i'm not asking for the moon. i just want a good deal for american workers. >> the american people have not walked away from what they
4:08 am
believe they are entitled to. just give them a chance. no handout. just give them a chance because once you give them americans a chance, they have never, never, never, never, ever let their country down! never. >> that resonates. israeli plans to appropriate almost a thousand acres in the west bank a move that could endanger whatever hope there of creating a lasting piece with palestinians. the land would be used for jewish settlers homes a hugely decisive issue in the region. some israeli politicians are saying the move is in response to the recent killing of three jewish teens calling it, quote, an appropriate zionist response to murder. the u.s. government has called the latest move counterproductive and british prime minister david cameron went a step further calling it utterly deplorable. >> i'll ask ayman a question in a second why the israeli would do it. i want to get an opinion from
4:09 am
mike here. mike, they just got an agreement with hamas and regardless of what hamas did, hamas lost in that deal. hamas didn't get anything that they wanted. so a couple of weeks later, new settlements which is akin to the palestinians to the -- to hamas firing missiles into their country. that's how they see it. >> yeah. netanyahu is playing a home game. we are not. we are playing an away game. >> so we pay for his home game. >> we are paying -- well, we -- we will be -- the middle east is paying for his home game. >> i understand. i understand, but we support israeli. we pay for that home game because he is down in the polls. >> i would think, ayman, what you hear in washington with regards to this, at one level, prime minister netanyahu with
4:10 am
popularity because of the gaza war doesn't care what we think. >> i think that's become more and more apparent. in the perception of many in the region, netanyahu is challenging the white house and, you know, the u.s. stated foreign policies that it doesn't accept israeli settlements and what president obama said when he came to cairo. they don't accept the legality of these settlements. yet, israeli continues to build settlements and when u.s. puts pressure on it and asks it to stop it's not conducive to building trust you're trying to build an atmosphere of trust with the palestinians and trying to get the palestinian authority to the negotiating table and yet you're announcing more land c confiscati confiscatio confiscations. you're appropriating. that means you're confiscating land that palestinians want for a state and makes it more complicated. the secretary of veterans affairs is ordering a full
4:11 am
review of all training programs after a new embarrassment for the already troubled agency. secretary robert mcdonald apologized for a training guide from the philadelphia office that compared veterans to oscar, the grouch. the philadelphia enquirer obtained the guide, including one slide that read, quote, what to say to oscar the grouch, dealing with veterans during the town hall claims clinic. another showed oscar the grouch with a sign that said, cranky. the director of the philadelphia office defended the training guide. however, she said it was created for v.a. volunteers and not meant to imply veterans were grouchy. >> wow. >> moving on. the "morning joe" governor chris christie is going to mexico several days on a trip designed to advance his state's economic interests. it's important given that just he just lost 8,000 jobs. the star ledger reports that the trip gives him to understand
4:12 am
latino voters but build up his international credibility. but "the new york times" reports that christie recently struggled about foreign policy failing to adequately explain how you would handle russia's invasion of crime me crimea. quote. claiming if he were in charge vladimir v. putin, the russian president, would know better than to mess with him. and one attendee described mr. christie's answer as disturbingly heavy on swagger and light on substance. another called it uncomfortable to watch. texas governor rick perry moved quickly to do damage control after a disparaging tweet about the district attorney behind his indictment for alleged abuse of power. the tweet included a photo of
4:13 am
rosema rosemary limburg. the tweet was deleted saying a tweet just read out from my account that was unauthorized. i do not condone the tweet and i have taken it down. governor perry says the indictment is a political ploy and has pleaded not guilty. >> mike, you're laughing. >> come on. >> i didn't see the tweet. let's put up the tweet. what did it say? what did the tweet say? >> let's get the tweet exactly as it was. do we have the tweet? it was about a drunk democrat? >> it was deleted but not before it was screen graphed. she's like the drunkest become ever in america. i don't always drive drunk at three times the legal blood alcohol limit. but when i do, i indict governor perry for calling me out about it. i am the most drunk democrat in texas. >> looky what i got! i love it. i like this side. i don't like the other side.
4:14 am
don't show it. >> world's greatest mug shot. >> jonathan capehart, he is a good looking man. i'm sorry. and is this not the greatest thing politically to ever happen to rick perry? i got to show you the other side, though. mika told me not to show the other side. >> don't show the other side. >> oh, man. >> come on. >> put that down. >> seriously. they are going to wish in austin that they had never gone after rick perry and they have played right into his hands. jonathan, seriously. i always accuse republicans of overreaching. in this case, the austin district attorney has overreached. it's actually going to help the person they wanted to hurt. >> yeah. this is a strange thing for austin democrats to do. here in washington we are yelling and screaming, some of us are yelling and screaming at the house of republicans what they are trying to do in terms of suing the president for doing
4:15 am
his job. and there in texas you have democrats suing the republican governor for doing his job. >> all right. mika, how does it fit? >> it fits just fine. >> who gave this to us? >> i don't know but i love it and i think it was smart, except for the back. he shouldn't have put the back on it. >> i love the back! >> i don't like the back. >> did you read the bottom part? wanted. >> for securing the border and defeating democrats. >> that's hysterical. >> what this say? guilty, driving while intoxicated. >> leave her alone. >> okay. still ahead on "morning joe," fighting for a chance. how one woman's quest of the american dream ended in tragedy. we are going to bring you her he story later this hour. then slowing the drums of war. u.s. senator chris murphy on why he believes a broader fight against isis could be a slippery slope. also coming up the five-step plan to stop the spread of the islamic state. the former u.s. ambassador to
4:16 am
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4:19 am
19 past the hour. look at that beautiful shot. >> look at that! >> nice. >> it actually -- it looks like a modified version of vampire weekend. >> looks like a special day. >> plane landing. >> joining us now the former u.s. ambassador to iraq and afghanistan and the united nations and a counselor for the center of strategicic and in this studies. mr. ambassador, good to have you on the show. you write about a five-step plan to defeat the islamic state and i'm just going to read through them and then we are going to talk. major humanitarian relief effort.
4:20 am
unify anti-is groups in iraq and sea. prepare americans for costly, long-term mission. >> mr. ambassador, that was actually the question i was going to ask. how long would this take even if all five steps were implemented by the u.s. government quickly? >> well, i think we are talking about years, unfortunately, because isis is a result of very implicated dysfunctional its in that reason. the rise of ethnic groups. the sunnis have been losing in the conflict and isis has emerged as a defender of sunni rights. and is gaining popularity and support among some tribes and some local population because of the desperate situation that the population is in and gravitate toward an extreme response to
4:21 am
those circumstances. >> let's bring in robert gibbs again. the ambassador says if we do all of the right things it's going to be long and costly. do you see this president elected to get us out of wars and occupations, of having the stomach to go before the american people and stake a lot of his credibility on a long costly war? which, by the way, maybe absolutely necessary for him to do. >> well, i think you hit on that. i think, look, if you have unanimity among military and diplomatic advisers that some lengthy military mission has to be undertaken, it's hard to see how you get around that. >> it's not going to be quick and easy. that is what the president knows. >> he acknowledged as much speaking to veterans a week or so ago saying this is not going to be a short-lived thing. i think one of the reasons why you see what happened last week
4:22 am
is the slowing down of the immediate process in order to make sure that we understand how to -- how this whole operation takes place and how -- in many ways, it's easy to plan the first couple of days of this or the first few weeks where you're going to bomb after the reconnaissance fights. the much harder stuff is the back-ended stuff you've seen in iraq and afghanistan how do we create coalitions in these countries that can govern these spaces? how do each of these with sunni and shi, how do they share power so there is everybody feels like they have a stake in the future of the country. >> jonathan capehart, jump in with a question. >> yes. mr. ambassador, a lot of the criticism of the president he has shown incredible weakness in a lot of his comments, particularly the comment at the white house when he said we don't have a strategy yet. i'm curious to find out from you. what do you think leaders in the
4:23 am
arab world in the middle east want to hear from the president either specifically or in terms of tone rhetorically to ensure them that the united states is fully engaged? >> i think what they want to hear is the same thing we would want to hear from the president when which is what his objective and how does he perceive a threat and where do he want to come out with regard to isis and what is the strategy for getting us from here to there? and what are the elements of that strategy? we tend to focus immediately on the military strategy, but we not discuss the other elements. i think the lengths of the military effort required would depend also how well we do or don't do on the political front, on the humanitarian front, on the international front, on the regional front. i think what is missing is a clear statement of the plan,
4:24 am
given whatever his goals are, and, therefore, people are uncertain. it signals confusion and signals uncertainty. >> all right. mr. ambassador, thank you so much. we greatly appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> ayman, this is a long, drawn-out process. i don't know that the americans have the stomach for it even if it's necessary, that's why it's so critical, that the president explains why it's necessary, but you have a president that got elected, got elected by being against a war in iraq. this is extraordinarily difficult. >> war is not the only option. and i know that sounds kind of cliche. >> against is circumstancis? >> yes. i would never disagree with you but our only two choices aren't assad and isis. there is a third way that tried to emerge in the arab world, the arab spring and has taken a setback but tlrge there are moderate people in syria --
4:25 am
>> we hear the window closed and now there are radicals we don't want to arm. you think there is a strong enough third party in syria? >> i think there is. >> which would be great news. >> it wasn't given a chance. i think there is. it wasn't given enough international support as many of these places in the arab world and loibya and egypt. there are moderates who want to govern in a sensible way. >> do you have their name and address? because we would like to call them. >> they are on the icloud. >> oh, boy. >> for some reason, the only thing we would have given them money before, but there are images of them naked in a hot tub with justin verlander and that is so disturbing. >> they don't want to see that. coming up we go inside the real iran. speaking of naked. these stores are amazing. what life in tehran is life. first, why this woman is
4:26 am
being called the face of the recession. her story is next. when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology.
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since 2000, the gross domestic product, that is all we make in america has gone up 29%. productivity in america is up 36%. but wages, wages have gone up 15 cents! one of the reasons we are not growing is because ordinary people have no money in their pockets for their wages! they are not being rewarded. >> who is going to disagree with that? 30 past the hour. that was vice president joe biden and president obama also spent labor day cheering on the american worker and pushing for higher minimum wages. as of monday, the minimum wage is going up to $8.15 an hour in michigan and "the new york
4:31 am
times" editorial board is taking on corporate profits that has surged their highest levels since 1965. wages flat. some middle class workers are being deprived of benefits and classified as independent contractors. women continued to earn less than their male counterparts 16% or less. more workers are claiming wage theft saying they are owed tens of thousands of dollars in overtime and back pay. for others the fight to earn a living ends in the worst possible play. maria hernandez worked three different shifts, three different part-time jobs at three different dungin' doughnuts and drove to each one and often sleep between shifts in her car. last week, she was parking and sleeping between shifts and she left the car running and officials believe she died of
4:32 am
inhaling fumes. >> shocking. what can you say? you know, so many cars going in and out, you never can actually, you know, identify who is here and who is not. >> rutgers economist called people like her who are working multiple part-time jobs just to get by, the face of the recession. joe, if you dig deeper into her story, she was apparently a wonderful woman who had pets and always helped people. she worked to get a tent and a blanket for a homeless man. she was always thinking of other people, working three jobs just to get by. absolutely, plain and simple, just to get by. >> working three jobs to get by. and the stories about her, a very generous woman, despite the fact she had very little, she still gave others an awful lot. and, yes, she is the face of this recession. she is the face of this economy. she is the face of the larger part of this economy of working
4:33 am
americans that are struggling and falling further and further behind. let's in mark halpern here. mark, we look at this tragedy and -- well, mike wanted to get in. really quickly, then we will get to mark and talk about another angle of it. >> well, yesterday, for some odd reason, i found labor day to be kind of sad because it reminded me of a period of time not that long ago in this country when people took great pride in their work, whether you worked in a factory, whether you worked in a school, whether you worked in a store, you took pride in your work. the american worker, it seems to me has now been so beaten down by multiple economic points of contention aimed at the worker. no real raises in 10 or 15 years. >> they took pride in their work because they could live on their
4:34 am
salaries. >> now they are not connected with a company and lots of time classified as independent contractors so they don't get benefits or temporary services explode. it's not the relationship that the defendant yo it used to be. how big of an issue is this for the democrats as we go to elections? that woman's story is a tragedy. it's still hard for a lot of people and the learning term challenges that workers have. a great issue for democrats because they all believe in it and great in politics when you talk about something you believe in and president and vice president and labor leaders think minimum wages should be higher and so do a lot of americans. in kentucky the poll we are looking at there, a conservative state and people think the minimum wage should be raised. >> that is mitch mcconnell's state. >> you look at the coalition of the numbers that support the president. younger people and women and single voters and minorities would benefit from the minimum wage in terms of their lives.
4:35 am
alaska where it's on the ballot a minimum wage increase and maybe arkansas, two of the most contested senate races. republicans have nothing to counter it with as you said before. >> that's my next question for you. what are republicans going to be saying? you got joni ernst is out against raising the minimum wage. i'm not knocking her because when i ran i ran against raising the minimum wage and i voted against raising the minimum wage. as i said earlier, this is a different world we live in in 2014. republicans need cover. if they need cover with their base, find the cover. as i was saying six months ago, they should have struck a deal with barack obama. give us keystone which you want to give us, but your base won't let you. and we will give you minimum wage which we want to give you but our base doesn't want us to give it to you and we will both be safer politically. why can't they strike a deal
4:36 am
that actually helps the republican party possibly take control of the senate? >> the republican brand is in tatteres. you talked about it earlier. they have to be for the working class and middle class. they have to be a minimum wage increase or something else. they got nothing right now. >> i doubt, mike barnicle, i doubt he would come on the show and say, let's raise the minimum wage but i do know this. guys like bill kristol have been saying for sometime a somebody that saves this party and understand how to grow the middle class and reach out to the working class and you can't run around saying you support a minimum wage at 7 and a half bucks and survive in 2014 or especially 2016 unless we want to turn the white house to democrats for the next 40 years. >> i wish bill kristol were here to talk about this issue. it's so bloated with hypocrisy. it's more than just working class families. 1 in 4 american military
4:37 am
families, veterans, military families, 1 in 4, a quarter of military families require food stamps to help feed their families. what is up with that? >> certainly say bomb isis. >> now stop that. no. in this case, in this case -- >> he will here to say bomb is circumstances. >> no, bill kristol is talking about what i've been talking is which is we got to be able to reach out to middle class americans again and we need a populace republican to do that. >> new questions asked about all of our digital privacy. up next, ruled by fundamentalists and living in tehran? we will break down the facts and fiction in what our next guest calls the city of lies. narrator: summer.
4:38 am
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yeah. go. >> this is incredible. thomas joins us back at the table. we bring in our next guest. >> here with us is a british iran journalist the author of city of lies love sex and death and the search for truth in tehran. in it she writes in order to live in tehran you have to lie. morals don't come into it. lying in tehran is about survival. when the truth is shared in tehran, it is an act of extreme trust or absolute desperation. >> talk about the title. you actually say you don't mean it as derogatory. >> no p. i make it really clear that iranians are not congenital liar liars. i think iranians that they lie to be true to themselves, in order to live the lives that
4:42 am
they really want to live, not the lives that they are told they should live. >> what kind of examples -- i mean, it sounds frightening actually what to live your life lying. now bring it down to examples of people you're covering and talking about here. >> okay. so in every part -- there is not a part of the city where you don't find booze. where you don't find alcohol. you know? most parties that you go to if you're kind of a young generation, there will probably be booze there. of course, you have to lie because you don't want to end up in prison. from little things that enable you to have a good time, women lie about being virgins because it's still unacceptable to have sex before marriage in a big part of iran. part of everyday lives have woven their way into the fact of society. >> us in the west we look at
4:43 am
iran as a monolithic society and we have it all wrong? >> it's a layered society. it's seen as monolithic or seen as crazy fundamentalists on one side and kind of western secular party-goers on the other. whereas, there's so many layers in between. i'll give you an example. i've met iran men whose wife wear the veil and they believe they shoulding virgins before marriage but they believe in state of religion their job should not be com pulsesy so it's really gray and not black or white. such a mix. >> would you buy the theory held by several people in washington that of all the middle eastern countries, the iranian people are most attuned to a natural
4:44 am
alliance with us, with americans? would you buy that? >> oh, absolutely. iranians, walking around tehran, few are american. i've been with americans in tehran. they love america. they want to live in america and love american culture. yeah, it's purely politically that iranians feel that they have been victimized by america or that they don't agree with america what they say as american hypocrisy in the middle east but culturally iranians love americans. >> thank you. >> this is the first time you've seen the cover! >> it looks great. it's new where i live. >> oh, is it really? >> yes. >> really wonderful. >> the air is often that smoggy and polluted. >> that too. still ahead, severe weather in all corners of the u.s. we will get a live report with the latest on that. but, first -- >> it went up into the cloud! >> and you can't get it down from the cloud? >> nobody understands the cloud! it's a mystery!
4:45 am
>> oh, but is it? it's becoming less of a mystery. why the cloud is creating headaches for some hollywood a-listers. you're watching "morning joe." we will be right back. ♪
4:46 am
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4:49 am
scandal involving -- >> thomas, what are you talking about? >> nothing. >> he got into mike's polaroids in '74 and they faded. >> this is anything but mike's polaroids. >> they can be restored. >> very hard to do a selfie with a polaroid. >> photo shopped. >> the stars including jennifer lawrence, they now have apple looking into its security and has the fbi investigating because they are very angry. nbc jacob rescone is live from los angeles with more. this is making many question their own online security, is it not? >> it is. on one side the biggest celebrity hacking according to some. the fbi and apple looking into it. person provocative photos of dozens of stars. on the other side, you have -- these were allegedly taken from online storage used by almost anybody with an iphone. >> reporter: this morning, the fbi has joined the investigation into how more than 100 celebrity
4:50 am
accounts may have been hacked, including that of academy award winner jennifer lawrence. the star of "the hunger games" franchise is dealing with a different kind of spotlight. dos spotlight, dozens of nude and riske photos shared countless times. other reporteded victims include kate upton, rhianna, ariana grande and soccer player hope solo. unidentified hacker claims what he stole was stored on the apple i cloud, a collection of servers like these used by hundreds of millions of people. >> if a hacker wants into an i cloud account or cloud-based system at some point, try as they might, they're going to get through to some degree. >> it's a scenario like the one shown in the comedy "sex tape" in which a private video goes viral. >> it went up to the cloud. >> and you can't get it down
4:51 am
from the cloud? >> nobody understands the cloud. >> we take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report. >> publicists for lawrence and upton all but confirmed the photos and called for prosecution. other celebrities like ariana grande said their leaked photos are fake. >> this is a wake-up call not just for hollywood but for all of us. our information is going to be on a cloud at some point. now is a time to say how safe is my information there? >> the experts we talked to are quick to point out that intrusions into i cloud and other types of storage are very rare but say this is a new reality. we put what is personal on a shared storage, there's always going to be some risk. >> aye-ye-ye. it never made sense to me to begin with. >> the cloud? >> why are you putting naked pictures of yourself on the cloud?
4:52 am
quit taking naked pictures. >> if i take a picture of my, let's say, credit card, i immediately go to my cloud and make sure if it popped on the cloud, i deleted immediately. i guess it can be there forever. >> some people aren't tech geniuses to know what's going up to the cloud. >> look at me. do i look like a tech genius. >> you are a tech genius but let's not shame these people who have been victimized. >> nobody is shaming them. everybody wants to see the pictures other than verlander. >> speak for yourself about verlander. >> look, you don't even want to see -- >> these people should not be victimized by their privacy being hacked f they took pictures of themselves and didn't know this was up to the cloud and now this stuff is out there for the masses, it's not their fault. they shouldn't be shamed! >> jonathan capehart, other than this story, what are you looking at today? >> i'm in the process of writing a piece on the case of victor white down in louisiana, another
4:53 am
case that benjamin crump, the parents of michael brown and trayvon martin, another african-american man who somehow committed suicide while handcuffed with his hands behind his back in the back of a police car. >> uh-huh. >> okay. >> we can't wait to see what you uncover there. jonathan, thank you so much. >> thank you. how far should the u.s. go to stop isis? >> do we want another occupation? those are the questions we have to start asking ourselves. >> among many. plus is ukraine getting ready for a great war with russia? why nato is preparing a rapid response team. first, we'll check in with bill karins as severe weather is hitting parts of the country. all that and more when we return.
4:54 am
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so, mika, one of the things about connecticut i love, you put up the windows, the cool air comes through. i'm serious. it's been that way all summer i can even put up the snow in march. >> if you know you're going to get that. >> so it's fall, right? i put up the windows. i got to close them. exactly. i close them fast because it is so humid. >> yes. extreme weather across the
4:58 am
country. lightning in iowa. tornadoes in kansas and snow in august. bill karins has the weather. bill? >> amazing stretch over the labor day holiday weekend. storm chases were out there. we had a tornado threat. these chasers were looking at that storm and nearly got hit by lightning. that lightning strike was 20 feet in front of them. one of them was slightly injured and dazed by that strike. now we turn to kansas. there, we had actually a report of a tornado. it was a nighttime tornado. watch as the lightning -- you could barely see the middle of the screen when the lightning flash goes off, you could see it a little more clearly there. thankfully, that didn't do too much damage. where are we right now? we are watching strong storms in areas of oklahoma. tulsa, you have a chance to get these strong storms. as joe mentioned, it's so humid out there. we have a lot of energy, moisture available. we're going to get more storms today. the strongest of them, 15 million people could be impacted from pittsburgh up to state
4:59 am
college, columbus, cincinnati to louisville. that's the target zone this afternoon for the strongest storms. did i mention how hot it's going to be with this humidity? we could see d.c. and new york city seeing possibly their hottest days of the summer today. yesterday was 95 in d.c. today we're going to be right around there. how about a 92 for you here in new york city? heat index this afternoon will feel like 100. it's the most humid it's been all summer. it's like we went back to july instead of september. >> bill karins, thank you very much. the next hour of "morning joe" starts right now. >> people pouring over the u.s. southern border by tens of thousands. >> children waiting for answers. >> the greatest american since
5:00 am
rabe ham lincoln. >> i want to thank them for supporting a great cause. i think we should start ducking members of congress every time they say something stupid on your show. >> get him, get him! >> 10,000 years will give you such a chiropractic in the neck! >> it's hard to imagine unstoppable energy stopped. >> today is a miraculous day. >> dr. content brantley discharged weeks after walking into a unit gravely ill with the ebola virus. stop all this hating all the time and get some work done together. awful execution of an american journalist carried out on camera. >> i'm sure there may even be one or two terrorists looking aat him going, wow, that's one cold bass tard. >> it wasn't the precision war israel says it's fighting. the dead were four young boys.
5:01 am
>> the downing of a passenger jet over ukraine. >> ukrainian government immediately accused russian-backed separatists of firing soviet air and missile, bringing the plane down. >> delicate and fast-moving situation in the streets. >> another iraqi city has now fallen to this group called isis. >> they are getting stronger, joined by supporters of saddam hussein and sunni tribal leaders. >> president obama moved to tamp down speculation about possible u.s. air strikes against militants in syria. >> i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. >> unbelievable summer, hasn't it? in so many ways. how was your summer? there's so much going on. and, you know, there's news over the weekend that just -- as i look at all of that, i look back over the summer and there's so many questions, for instance, shooting down of the plane, how could that have been avoided?
5:02 am
could it have been avoided or was it going to happen? could they have changed the flight path? you could ask the same thing about gaza. could gaza have been avoided? could the tragedy there -- maybe netanyahu could have gone for a better deal. maybe hamas could have given more. it's hard to sort through that. vladimir putin, was he enabled by barack obama? did he see weakness when he looked in barack obama's eyes? we don't know that either. one thing we do know, one of those horrible stories we showed, mika, could have been avoided if one thing had happened. as i've been saying for some time, if police officers in ferguson, missouri, had been wearing body cameras, first of all, we don't know if that confrontation would have ever happened. we don't know the auk of it. so let's say it was on michael brown. if he knew that the police officer had a camera, he might have been less likely to do that. if it was the officer's fault at
5:03 am
the end of the day and he were wearing a body camera, his actions most definitely would have been different. so, we do know that the hell that was august, the riots in the street, the looting, the problems in ferguson could have been avoid if body cameras were used. i've said it time and time again. i'll say it again until every police precinct in america has body cameras, the only people who are not protected by body cameras are bad police officers. it's time that we make that change. here in new york and they're starting to make that change, and across america. >> as you mentioned, joe, police officers in ferguson, missouri, began wearing body cameras on saturday as protests continued over the death of unarmed teenager michael brown. two companies donated 50 body cameras to the ferguson police department. those companies also sent representatives to train officers on how to use the devices. the cameras come amid national
5:04 am
outrage over the death of brown, who was shot and killed on august 9th. other news now. the secretary of veterans affairs is ordering a full review of all training programs after a new embarrassment for the already troubled agency. secretary robert mcdonald apologized for a training guide from the philadelphia office that compared veterans to oscar the grouch. >> oh, not good. >> the guide that had a slide that read, quote, what to say to oscar the grouch, dealing with set rans during the town hall claims clinic. and another showed oscar the grouch with a sign that said cranky. the head of the philadelphia office defended the guide, saying it was meant for volunteers and not claiming that veterans were grouchy. not sure that's possible but okay. chris christie, trying to advance his state's economic
5:05 am
interest. the trip gives him an opportunity to improve his stat standing with latino voters and build up his international bona fides. christie recently struggled during a question about international policy failing to adequately explain how he would have handled russia's invasion of crimea in the aftermath of the conversion. from the times, mr. christie, usually known for his oratorical sure footedness offered a wobbly reply, displaying little grasp of the facts and claiming that if he were in charge, vladimir v. putin, the russian president, would know better than to mess with him. one attendee described mr. christie's answer as disturbingly heavy on swagger and light on substance. another called it uncomfortable to watch. outside of trenton, beginning in foreign policy, he gets in
5:06 am
trouble. knows what he's talking about. outside of that comfort zone a lot of people are saying it's a mile wide and an inch deep. >> in the past, foreign policy questions he's saying i just don't know. he is spending time with henry kissinger, condoleezza rice and others. one of the vulnerabilities that doesn't get enough inside attention, new jersey economy is not doing that well. part of this trip is about bringing some jobs to new jersey. >> news over the weekend, 8,000 jobs will be lost in atlantic city. >> exactly. >> quarter of the casino workforce. one-quarter. >> you got a president. >> i do. this is a handsome t-shirt. >> team rick perry. >> no, i don't like that. >> handsome t-shirt right here. rick perry, you want to get a picture of that? i think it really does -- >> i think i'll wear that running today. i had my joni ernst.
5:07 am
>> i've been wanting to do a knot like that in my tie, rick perry getting a mug shot perfect knot. and his hair was perfect. >> for securing the border and defeating democrats, wanted. >> a handsome rascal. if bill clinton is calling you a handsome rascal -- >> you're a handsome rascal. >> after a disparaging tweet about the district attorney behind his indictment, why he is wanted for alleged abuse of power. the tweet included a photo of rosemary lindbergh. you saw her on the t-shirt and see her here, convicted of drunk driving last week along with a mocking quote. the tweet was soon deleted. a tweet just went out from my account that was unauthorized. i do not condone the tweet and i have take ten down. >> and there's so much that has gone right past me, you know.
5:08 am
retract i retracting tweets -- >> t-shirt. governor perry says the indictment is a political ploy and has plead not guilty to the charges. it's been the best indictment he has ever seen. >> retracting a tweet. >> he retracted nothing, nothing! sending a team to iraq to investigate human rights abuses by isis suggesting evidence of, quote, acts of inhumanity on an unimaginable scale. reading about this, it's horrendous. violence in iraq left more than 1,400 people dead in august with over 600,000 displaced. british prime minister david cameron is proposing new anti-terror laws calling isis a greater threat than alcohol. president obama is facing criticism saying there's not a strategy yet to deal with isis in syria. dianne feinstein says the president may be acting too cautious when it comes to
5:09 am
dealing with isis. all right. let's bring in democratic senator of connecticut and member of the foreign relations committee, chris murphy. >> great to have you here. >> hey, guys. >> do you agree with dianne feinstein that the president may be acting too cautiously? >> i like senator feinstein but i think he's right to take his time. this is complicated and the fact is that the american people do not have an itchy trigger finger right now. they want the president to take the time to build a coalition both with our allies in europe and more importantly with our allies and partners in the region to make sure we're not getting dragged into a sectarian regional civil war. we need to think first and shoot second rather than the opposite i know a lot of my colleagues want to show strength through immediate force. >> senator, obviously, though, you would agree that isis has to
5:10 am
be stopped one way or the other, right? >> i think isis absolutely needs to be stopped. the question is not whether there's a will. the question is whether there is a way right now. with american support unilaterally being expressed in the region the only way you'll stop isis is by rallying sunni and shiite regions and countries to the cause as well. they need to be stopped but it can't be done by the united states alone. >> what role should the united states play right now to stop isis and what does stopping isis mean? what needs to be done to end the threat of isis? >> i don't think you are going to defeat isis in the short term. you have to dramatically weaken them and stop this perceived inevitable momentum. the president is right for the time being to conduct these strikes inside iraq that are going to substantially stop their momentum. ultimately, they have to get resources commit friday regional
5:11 am
allies to do some of the same work both on the ground and from the air. of course, you need to continue this political settlement inside of iraq. so there's a place for the sunni majority in regions of that country to go that is not an islamic extremist group. >> mike barnicle has a question. mike? >> coalition building for this confrontation with isis, the need to involve our allies in the region as well. you just mentioned that. so, what are the odds that we can get saudi arabia, egypt, jordan not only to go along with us behind the scenes, but to verbally, vocally espouse what we're doing in the middle east? >> i think it's going to be very difficult. you've seen isolated instances of where we've had historic adversaries line up with the united states on our interests inside iraq, like what iran has done in order to move maliki out of power. this is going to abe tricbe a t
5:12 am
dance. if he wants to go into seyria with military power he has to come to congress. that's my bottom line. this debate needs to be happening in congress. the american people have to have some say in this as well. i hope when we get back next week we'll get a request from the president for military authorization from congress because this debate can't happen inside the white house. it has to happen in congress and out on the streets of america. >> senator murphy, thank you very much. we'll have you on soon again. as the situation between ukraine and russia becomes more intense, nato is signaling it will form a rapid response force with the ability to deploy quickly to eastern europe, made up of about 4,000 soldiers. it will be able to deploy within 48 hours notice. vladimir putin is calling on ukraine to begin talks about statehood for southeastern ukraine and the leading italian newspaper reported that putin
5:13 am
said he could take kiev in two weeks if he wanted to. a kremlin official later said the comment was taken out of context. i don't know. >> that would be a very expensive two weeks right now. >> israel plans to appropriate almost 1,000 acres in the west bank. a move that could endanger whatever hope there is of creating a lasting peace with palestinians. the land would be used for jewish settlers' homes, hugely divisive in the region and among the country. some are saying the move is in response to the recent killing of three jewish teens calling it, quote, an appropriate zionist response to murder. david cameron went a step further, calling it utterly deplorable. >> what's going on here? low approval ratings? is he trying to get the hard liners back? this comes after a long-term cease fire that a lot of people were exhaling going, thank god.
5:14 am
>> if there's no movement toward a deal i think he's trying to consolidate as much gains as he can, knowing that the world attention is not particularly focused there. >> he has the british prime minister calling him deplorable. >> do you think he minds? he doesn't bend to public opinion outside his country very often. if he thinks he can consolidate gains -- i'm not saying it's the right thing to do for long-term peace. there's no deal right now and he's trying to consolidate. about to give indiana jones a run for his money. a preview of his new book. up next, hollywood hacked. how celebrities like jennifer lawrence are responding now that several revealing photos have leaked online. a look at the online hacking group anonymous and how they incited online vigilantism. you're watching "morning joe." we'll be right back. t thing i need.
5:15 am
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5:18 am
18 past the hour, contributor for the new yorker, who writes masked avengers how online vigilantism from tunisia to ferguson. the crisis became a top story and anons rallied around operation ferguson. as with the arab spring operations, anonymous sent electronic care packages to protesters on the ground as rapper kareem jackson and other protesters marched through ferguson, the police attempted to subdue them with rubber bullets and tear gas t looked
5:19 am
like a scene from a bruce willis movie, jackson told me. barack obama hasn't supported us to the degree anonymous has. it's comforting to know that someone out there has your back. >> david, break this down for people like barnicle and me, who are still taking polaroid shots of ourselves and sending them to friends in a shoe box. who is anonymous? >> those can be swiped, too. >> i know. >> who is anonymous? >> a move of hackers, protesters and geeks who have been around the past decade or so. in the story i traced the evolution that starts out with them as more pranksteres looking for what they call lulls to now becoming social activists. >> what are they using their social activism for? what are their targets? >> it depends. if they were very active in ferguson, involved in the arab spring. free speech issues. >> what did they do in the arab spring? >> well, it's also one thing, it's hard to characterize them as a group because they are
5:20 am
decentralized. there's no leaders. there's no real organization. so you have people doing different things. >> there was a lot of dedossing, taking down government websites, defacing of government websites during the times when internet service was going down. there was work being done to get service back online, sending information to protesters to teach them how to, you know, deal with the tear gas attacks. what they're really good at is basically getting the message out. getting attention to the issue. >> so sometimes they -- again, they're decentralized. sometimes it works well. >> yeah. >> sometimes it doesn't work so well. in ferguson, it was a nightmare. they identified the wrong man as michael brown's -- the police officer that shot michael brown. >> absolutely. >> and for that man, it was horrific. >> who i spoke with. and, you know, he told me he was basically under kind of police lockdown in his house for a
5:21 am
week. he feels like his life has been ruined. you know, things do go wrong. part of the reason is because in the case of ferguson, that really came down to a few individuals who thought that they had the right name of the officer who was the shooter. but, of course, they were wrong. >> let's talk about the hollywood scandal. mika and i -- we are shocked that celebrities would put their nude photos up in the cloud. we're just shocked. but, i mean, what warning should the rest of us take, though, on credit card information, et cetera, et cetera, and the cloud? >> yeah. it's tough. i think we're all kind of in this massive uploading of our lives. and it's hard to live in fear. you don't really want to do that but you can take precautions, like having security variation where it has to go through two steps before someone gets in your account. there are things you can do. ultimately, unfortunately -- >> ultimately it's out there and you're sending it to another area to take care of it for you.
5:22 am
i mean, mail. you lick the envelope, you put it in the mail and you know if it's been violated because the envelope has been ripped open. what's the cloud? everybody has access to the cloud. >> our trust issues as we get more and more emerged in technology. >> yeah. >> that we trust these devices, we trust what we're doing with them and we trust when apple puts out a service called i cloud. we don't know, in some cases, that this technology is providing a service like that. these celebrities may not realize that some of these images that they're taking that they've delete rd being stored in that cloud. >> yeah. i think it is a matter of trust. i think it's somewhat of a generational question, too. the fact that we're talking about this, i don't know that people would be sitting, talking about this in 20 years. there is this different notion of privacy and security and vulnerability which you can look at that both way. >> by the way, guys right now in silicon valley are saying, okay, we've really got to get the
5:23 am
peer-to-peer photo sharing thing where there's absolutely no way anybody can hack into it. >> i don't think that's possible. >> i don't think there's ever no way -- >> there's never no way. when you send something out to anybody online it's out there. that's the way you have to look at it. >> the reality is that you've just got to not put the stuff online if you don't really want to have that -- >> there's a difference with what a group like anonymous would be doing to expose corruption or something to the highest, you know, political levels as opposed to a jerkoff that is going to be exposing nudes of kate upton that were meant to embarrass her and shame her in the public eye. >> yes. >> there's a huge difference when it comes to those privacy concerns. i don't think we should conflate the two. >> this story is still coming out. i think there were people who were trying to make money from these. >> right. >> just to be clear, it wasn't a attribute to manonymous as a
5:24 am
group. >> exactly but anonymous is more like a corruption issue, talking about ferguson and these hackers were out for something more nefarious than what thaerp tey trying to do. >> thank you, david. >> thanks for having me. one step closer to becoming the wallet of your future. really? that sounds really comforting. first, indiana jones gets a 20th century makeover. the author of "seven wonders" joins us next. when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs.
5:25 am
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5:28 am
the republicans need to stand for something. i'm going to get killed by -- no, i'm not. >> really? usually you get ruined on these issues. >> actually i think a lot of conservatives agree with me. national review actually writes, republicans make your case. republicans continue to lack any strategy for winning the november elections beyond avoiding mistakes, president obama's unpopularity, especially key states, delivers control. it must be said counted on a
5:29 am
wave strategy fairly well. it could work but it won't maximize republican opportunity because it does nothing to dispel the public's justify i believe doubts about whether republican rule would be good for the country. pick that up. national review, you could also read it online. >> that's awesome. >> national >> honest. >> let's shift gears. as promised, "new york times" best selling author -- this is huge -- ben mesrik, social hit network "21" now out with a new book "seven wonders." >> like indiana jones, the rock coming after him. >> and everything. >> yeah. >> this has already been picked up to be made in to a film. >> this is a trilogy. >> trilogy. it actually started aace movie this time. indiana jones, da vinci code kind of thriller about an anthropologist who discovers the link between the seven wonders
5:30 am
of the world. it startd with a call from the director who said do you know anything about the seven wonders of the world? if you could write a big thriller about it, we could make a movie about it. one thing i've always been into is the garden of eden. that mythology is in every culture, every religion. >> how does it fit into this book? >> i don't want to give too much away. there's a link between the seven wonders of the world, incredible masterpieces of human technology. when you link them all together it leads you to -- >> this is a departure for me. brand new type of book. >> did you get writer's block? >> no. this was the most fun writing experience of my life. >> you said it's the most exhilarating. >> nonfiction stories about the crazy people who do wild things. i've always wanted to do something where i could do what i wanted to do. >> so then there are the ancient seven wonders, modern. is this a combination? >> both are in the story.
5:31 am
the story takes place around the modern seven wonders of the world which most people don't even know what they are. they are the taj mahal, machu pichu. >> i've been to two. the coliseum and christ the redeemer. >> i've only been to chick-fil-a but count that as well. >> oh, come on. >> that's definitely -- >> that's a good one. >> the eighth. >> anthropology, you minored at harvard university. >> i took a lot of anthro. i almost ended up going to grad school in anthropology but i went into writing instead. >> anybody at harvard this is based on? >> i wovged on with a couple of people at harvard that this is based on. so obsessed in the cultures that they dive into the tribes in the middle of brazil or whatever and learn how to live like that.
5:32 am
>> there's a lot of crazy scenes, a lot of snakes. snakes are a big things in this. >> indy did a lot of snakes, right? >> knowing that brett ratner wanted you to write specifically for this to go to film, did you write for a specific actor? >> i definitely thought of a movie as i was writing it. >> he is so busy, he doesn't have time to brush his hair. >> i know, it's horrible! always good to have you. >> love you guys. >> got two more to do. >> that's amazing. >> this is my first stop. i wanted to do this first. >> names of actors you would throw out there right now? >> i love leonardo dicaprio. >> bradley cooper. >> he would be perfect for this. >> well, except he hasn't taken my als challenge. maybe he's not so tough. >> maybe he will.
5:33 am
still ahead, german economy falls in the red. how will that impact the u.s. market this morning? and then -- >> first brad pitt, now george clooney. the latest on the next big celebrity wedding in holly-weird. first, president obama authorizes more air strikes against terrorists. this time in some aila. live to the pentagon next on "morning joe." good move.
5:34 am
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dad: he's our broker. he helps looks after all our money. kid: do you pay him? dad: of course. kid: how much? dad: i don't know exactly. kid: what if you're not happy? does he have to pay you back? dad: nope. kid: why not? dad: it doesn't work that way. kid: why not? vo: are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab a $2.4 billion casino, revel, will close its doors for
5:37 am
good after opening two years ago. the showboat has closed and trump plaza is scheduled to be shuttered in a couple of weeks. by year's end only eight of the 12 casinos open for business when 2014 began will still have their neon lights on. >> mika, that is a massive impact on new jersey's economy. it will leave about 8,000 -- >> a gaping hole. >> about 8,000 people without work in jersey, a quarter of atlantic city's workforce. it's just collapsed. >> it's collapsed and all those jobs leaving, that's a calamity. >> it's a really big challenge for chris christie. >> yeah. >> and because right now the jersey economy, which he was going to use on the xhan trail is struggling. going through tough times. >> this will turn atlantic city into what they were trying to change it from, right back. >> casino revenue is down all over. >> is it the online gambling?
5:38 am
>> there's a valid question that's fallen in massachusetts about whether to have casinos or not. and there are three or four big casino companies vying to open casinos in massachusetts, already starting construction on a couple. >> it looks like it's not a growth industry because of online gambling. wow! to detroit, bankruptcy trial begins there today with over 80 witnesses set to take the stand over the course of a trial, expected to last through mid october. a judge will decide whether to approve the city's plan to pay the pensioners more than the creditors or to reject it all together. detroit's future literally hangs in the balance with this trial. seeking to preserve the detroit institute of art, cut more than $7 billion in debt. the city filed for chapter nine in december 2013. we're headed there. >> yep. >> from "the telegraph,"
5:39 am
allowing parents to send their kids to school in style by private jet. >> what? >> the company which ships -- >> i have a question. i attached a u-haul to the back of my truck. >> i used a pickup truck. >> where do you attach the u-haul to the private jet? >> you put everything in the private jet. ships students' belongings internationally and now is offering the option to send wealthy kids to class by plane. students can opt to head to campus in an expensive car such as an aston martin. >> why? >> buyer beware -- >> why? >> let's give them the worst life lesson ever. >> exactly. >> as we send them to college. >> yeah. >> extravagant arrival will cost well over $41,000. >> and have them hated the second they arrive. >> that's the deal. here's your new roommate. what? >> what a jerk.
5:40 am
>> you mean the guy that came in driving the aston martin? a guy like me, who probably dragged all his belongings up to his dorm room. cnbc's brian sullivan. we're talking about the hollywood hacking scandal that has a lot of tabloids all atwitter. but at the same time, my question is, what impact does this have on apple? because i guarantee you a lot of people will be less likely to use the cloud, apple's cloud right now because of this. >> you know, it's casting a negative light, guys, on the apple icloud service. android devices tend to be a little more ubiquitous around the world. this is not the publicity that apple wants. one week from today, apple's hosting a huge event where they are expected to roll out their new iphone 6, maybe tweaks to
5:41 am
icloud and a mobile payment service where you can simply swipe your phone and pay through it. this is not the kind of publicity that apple certainly wants. >> brian, let me ask you, when do we expect the iphone 6 to be released? they'll announce it next week possibly? >> it tends to be about a month to six weeks after the announcement. apple is famous for that saying here is our new device. by the way you can preorder it now but you won't physically get your hands on it for a month or two. who knows, maybe they'll change it up this time. >> we're trying to pull mika back into the apple world. >>. we may get you -- >> no. >> >> -- an iphone 6. >> really? >> german economy is in red. problems ahead for angela merkel. >> why are you talking about germany? it's the fourth biggest economy in the world. it matters. a lot of people say it is the european economy. more importantly with the
5:42 am
contraction of their economy in the second quarter it could provide cover for our federal reserve to keep its easing money policy going for a while. you don't look at the bond market. please don't. we'll take the hit for you. what that means in plain english, mortgage rates are going to keep falling as we head into the fall. if you want to buy a home or refi, the woes of the european market may actually help the u.s. housing market. that's why we watch it. >> brian sullivan, thank you very much. >> thank you, brian. >> sure. >> new details are emerging about a u.s. military operation against a group of militants in southern somalia. u.s. launched an air strike aimed at top members of al s shabaab. who may have been killed. the operation comes one day after the al qaeda-linked group.
5:43 am
al shabaab was responsible for aan attack last year on an upscale mall in kenya. nearly 70 people were killed. jim milkulous shes jim miklaszewski has more. jim? >> reporter: the master mind of that terrorist attack against the mall there in nairobi, kenya, that killed 67. u.s. military drones fired hellfire missiles, destroying both vehicles. it's not clear that, in fact, he was killed in this attack just yet. some are saying yes it was gadan who got into that suv and
5:44 am
obliterated by these missile strikes. no one is willing to say that yet. you're not hearing the usual chatter on the terrorist networks about one of their leadership being killed. that has everybody a little concerned and puzzled. normally when somebody from an al qaeda-linked organization is killed, the organization declares it immediately and declares him a martyr. mika? >> mick, thank you very much. up next, finally, a sequel we all actually want to see. "magic mike 2" will be coming to a theater near you. huh? holly-weird is next. [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ mom ] with life insurance, we're not just insuring our lives... we're helping protect his. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. transform tomorrow.
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we're going to try this one more time. >> you really think we should? >> no. i never really agreed to this. i went on vacation. this is why i can't take vacation. >> i know. >> oh, look at -- >> did you see that turn? >> not bad. >> no, it was bad. it was totally bad. >> what have we got today? >> bill murray is the co-owner of the st. paul saints minor league baseball team. to many fans' amazement was friend and center collecting tickets for the last game of the season, even caught the first pitch and then threw it into the
5:49 am
stands. of course, we expect nothing less. >> that's fun. >> from this legend. >> i love that. did he boro that from you? >> he did boro that from barnicle. >> moving on. >> a spokesperson for clooney told the new york post that the president was not invited, as he has more important things to do. >> i'm sorry, why do we care is this. >> we care about this stuff. >> we don't care. >> this one is particularly for you, mika. just for you. "magic mike" fans get ready. the male stripper fan that launched channing tatum's career and took 2012 by storm is getting a sequel. >> that was not me! >> that was me. >> i have no interest. >> that was me. that was thomas, okay. adding, quote, it's on. passing the torch to long-time collaborator gregory jacob. >> i just want to be clear. it's called "magic mike xxl."
5:50 am
>> troubling at times, a lot of tough love. one young man not pleased when he learned he would be a big brother once again. >> i have to tell you -- >> what? >> i'm pregnant. >> what were you thinking? why do you have to, um, just get another baby? you just had two, two. why do you -- why do you -- this is exasperating. why do you want to get another baby and just replace one of your babies? there's too much. >> baby, we would never replace you. you're just going to have another brother or a sister that you have to take care of or help take care of. >> that doesn't make no sense. this makes no sense. what kind of baby is that? >> i don't know. it might be a boy. it might be a girl.
5:51 am
>> boys crying is even worse. >> i don't know what to tell you about the crying. you just got to get used to it, okay? >> okay. and buy me some ear plugs, too. >> he needs some ear plugs. >> it doesn't make sense. >> what were you thinking? >> he's exasperated. >> what were you thinking? >> that is so funny. >> so cute. >> doesn't make sense. >> i think his daddy acts like that. >> probably. >> love that kid. coming up next, what, if anything, children -- >> what were you thinking? >> did you learn today? what was i thinking? i thought the cloud was safe, right? there i am, standing next to thomas. >> naked. >> three guys come in and, kaboom! just one team. >> that's all it takes.
5:52 am
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in the country. we operate just like a city, and that takes a lot of energy. we use natural gas throughout the airport - for heating the entire terminal, generating electricity on-site, and fueling hundreds of vehicles. we're very focused on reducing our environmental impact. and natural gas is a big part of that commitment. i want an economy where your hard work pays off with higher wages and higher income and fair pay for women and workplace flexibility for parents and affordable health insurance, and
5:56 am
decent retirement benefits. i'm not asking for the moon. i just want a good deal for america's workers. >> vice president biden had an amazing speech in detroit. they are doubling down on the wage issue. you talked a lot about what republicans need to do because they're not doing enough to help themselves. >> not just myself. bill crystal talked about it. i talked about him talking about this in 2012, that we had to have an active agenda. i've been talking about it this morning. hey, look what we've got up on national review. obviously one of the most important conservative voices in america as far as the magazines go. and they're saying the same thing. republicans have to stand for something. they need to strike a deal. i said earlier they needed to -- keystone, the president really wants to pass even though his supporters don't want him to pass it. now i think that train's left the station. now we're talking about
5:57 am
corporations. you know, president obama wants to cut corporate tax rates. republicans want to cut corporate tax rates. make the deal. you cut corporate tax rates and, in exchange, republicans allow the minimum wage to go up. this is not about economics and what's best for this and what's best for that. just purely and politically, they need to do that. they also need to step forward and stop where american companies sell out their own country going overseas. it's legal now. stop making it legal. finally, they need to find something to find common ground with the president of the united states on so they can go back to their people, especially these senate candidates, so they can say, yes, we're working with the president of the united states when he gets it right. and what better issue than figuring out a way to come together on how we tackle isis, the gravest national security threat since 9/11. everybody says that. remember what democrats did after 9/11? they came together with the
5:58 am
republicans. they came together with george wncht bush. that got blown apart, obviously, with iraq. when that grave threat was there, democrats knew it was in their best interest to team up with the president of the united states. republicans need to understand politically it's in their best interest. >> when you come together, people actually like you. unlike isis, to your point, on the wage issue, the economy issue, republicans should have seen this coming. >> they really should have. >> the numbers were there. l louis, that was disgusting. >> "magic mike xxl" is in production. >> that is disgusting. what is not disgusting, again, perhaps the best-looking mug shot. >> love that mug shot. >> mike, you said something. this is like gorilla marketing 101. talk about new hampshire. >> the day after that shot was taken in texas, after he was indicted, he drew a crowd in new hampshire that he never would have drawn. >> you say this ain't like the
5:59 am
new and improved. this is like old school rick perry without the hipster glasses. >> what did you learn today, joe? >> what didn't i learn, mika? this was just three hours of -- what i learned -- what is that? you shoot one polaroid, right, and it gets out of your hand. >> i think we can all agree collectively, you don't want to put anything you want the world seeing on the cloud or on your phone or on the computer. really? is it going to take us this long to figure it out, thomas? >> so, louis -- >> compassion for others. >> you do. maybe too much. that's what everybody says. perhaps he loves too much. >> i'm a giver. >> that's right. >> tell me, louis, what should the kids use if they have nude pictures and want to send it to other people? >> no comment on that. >> what do you use? >> snap chat, i guess. >> ew. >> that's even dangerous. >> ew. >> if it's way too early, tea "morning joe." but stick around because luke
6:00 am
russert, he is running "the daily rundown." >> oh, yeah. >> breaking news overnight, u.s. air strikes targeting a terror leader in somalia as president obama tries to get more international support to stop isis in syria and iraq. the president and vice president got to work on labor day, rallying supporters two months to election day. could the biggest muscle come from bill clinton? preview of the travels for 42. as the jury gets set to decide what was behind the wheeling and dealing of a former virginia governor and first lady. good morning from new york. it's tuesday, september 2nd, 2014. this is the daily rundown. i'm luke russert. somalia, latest front in the fight against islamic


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