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tv   Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  September 4, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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outrage. fast food workers across the country, out of the kitchen this morning and off the streets. i'll interview a young mother at the center of this american wage debate. is the president facing a question of courage or is the white house playing a rope and dope game with critics that just might go big soon? all that and more on a big thursday, the fourth of september. >> good morning, i'm jose diaz-balart. the president is joining the president of -- in the next hour, the president will attend a meeting on the tense situation unfolding between ukraine and russia. but the rachd growth apid growt threat of isis is also
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dominating the discussion. if terrorists think we will weaken in the face of their threats, they could not be more wrong. countries like britain and america will not where cowed by barbaric killers. msnbc's senior white house correspondent chris jansing is live in whales this morning. what's the president doing right now? >> reporter: well, right now, he is in the first general session and it's about winding down nato's involvement in afghanistan. of course as you pointed out, there are two major crises that have now become the focus here. isis which really wasn't on the radar, in addition to that op-ed that you mentioned, a one-on-one between president obama and
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british prime minister david cameron. of course they're looking for some coalition to come together here. but you also saw those horrific videos that mobilized the international community against isis and there were two americans who were killed by a man with a british accent. so they really are leading the way here. there are some rumblings about an official meeting on isis. maybe we have got a little preview of some of the first things that we heard from the secretary general here. there's been a lot going on over the last 24 hours, just yesterday, vladimir putin who was in mongolia said he had penned a seven-point peace plan while he was flying over
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liberia. but the president of ukraine ask here, even though they are not a nato member country. he is suggesting that they may have an agreement to have a cease fire as early as tomorrow. on my way down here, i talked to a senior administration official, who kind of shrugged at that suggestion and said, look, we have heard that so many times before from vladimir putin. so we're going to wait to see some action on that. the next session as you mentioned, there will be a meeting among world leaders. 16 million that they're going to pledge to the kruk yan. >> chris jansing, thank you for being with us this morning. gentlemen, thanks for being with me. the first question to you, ambassador, what exactly should be our policy towards isis? our situation continues to seem
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as though, i don't know, it's very fluid. >> now he needs a strategy on syria. >> specifically to deal with isi. there's a military component now that's taking place. that same type of coalition can be formed again. so the president needs not only a military strategy jay, but a diplomatic strategy that basic replicates what was done in libya. >> and nicholas, do you get a sense of the nato allies, and
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certainly a key with gadhafi. can you get a sense on how great the humanitarian impact is in that region of the world, what's going on in -- the nato meeting is -- i think that nato has a crucial role to play, vis-a-vis russia and what is happening in ukraine. it has to underscore article 5, the collective defense is real. >> i think there is still a certain amount of skepticism about how real that is. but in the case of isis, we desperately need a coalition. but that coalition is with european states. >> are these people willing to step up? because its always seems that the united states is criticized for acting and then criticized for not acting because these people don't want to do anything. >> they're indispensable. because it doesn't work to have the u.s. kind of do anything on
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its own. we need the sunni arab countries there to step up, and not only provide airpower in some cases. >> what do we need specifically? >> saudi arabia, kuwait, would be a good start. and -- >> turkey? >> turkey would be very important on this. but also, you can't just drop bombs on people in syria. you need that ground force to -- the free syrian army a few years ago could have filled th ed the. it's possible that can still be resurrected bring giving them money and weapons, the kind of bribe back those -- those commanders be bribed back from fighting. we just don't know. >> it's kind of the other aspect is foreign fighters, people going from the united states, canada, great britain. nbc news talked to one american who tried to join isis, don
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morgan. arrested last month for a violation of an unrelated charge. this is what he had to say. >> i think there's a strong possibility that they'll charge me with supporting terrorist organizations and participating in terrorist activities. >> but does he think he's participating in terrorist activities? >> based on the definition, yes. >> so based on that definition, yes, how do we deal with the possibility of americans, canadians and others joining under that possibility? >> listen, the problem of self-radicalization in this country by looking at websites, disaffected youth that may have criminal backgrounds. >> which is a real book by the w way. the fact of the matter is that the british have basically carved out a new policy, which
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is they are going to confiscate passports of people who they suspect may be coming back, we already know that one of these jihad dids went to syria, and then went back to the united states. they're not going to visit grandma. they're out there to commit to plotting against the united states. it's not merely isis. the al qaeda threat to the united states is as direct and as real as isis may be ultimately to united states. >> it may be correct on the issue of ukraine and russia. is there anything that nato can do, because clearly sanctions don't seem to be having a big impact on putin. >> the sanctions, frankly have been very weak. i think given that russia has
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effectively invaded ukraine. those things have to be stepped up, especially hardening the financial sector. >> so europe has to step up? >> they definitely have to step up. >> there could be an impact economically. >> i think that would be an important step in the right direction. we can also raise the price for russia by assisting some other neighboring states like maldova. simply providing natural gas to maldova would help. >> gentlemen, thank you so much for being was. we appreciate your time. >> coming up this morning, fast food workers are walking off the job. they're not just walking off, they're also getting arrested. we'll talk to one of the workers trying to live on minimum wage, next.
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some developing news out of ferguson, missouri. the justice department announced it is launching an investigation into the entire police department. this new investigation would be much broader. and look at the conduct of the entire ferguson police department over the past several years, the justice department will also look into the practices of the st. louis county police department. >> now to a nationwide call to action. fast food workers across the country are walking off their jobs today to protest low wages and the right to form a union. the fight to 15 campaign is performing rallies in 150 cities
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from los angeles to new york. in what could be the biggest nationwide strike to date over minimum wage. hundreds of people have gathered to call for a 15 minimum wage. >> 19 arrests, 15 men, four women arrested for obstruction of traffic. that's a strategy shift. these are protests that we have seen play out over the past almost two years now, fast food workers, protesting walking out, sit ins as well. but the difference this time, according to organizers, their plan was to do exactly what you're seeing right now. the plan was to get arrested. they're trying to use civil disobedience now to raise more awareness. the fight for 15, raising the
7:15 am
minimum wage for fast food workers. the average fast food worker in this country, $9.90. i was talking to a number of people saying that's not a livable wage. they think $15 would be enough to sustain their families. but in addition to the $15 wage, they're also protesting for a right to unionize. you just saw the protests there in times square, behind me here, at 57th and 7, we're expecting more protests around 11:30. they're going to essentially move that protest here. >> craig melvin, from downtown manhattan. thank you for being with us this morning. i'm going to introduce you to deanne that alvarez. thanks for being with me. good to see you.
7:16 am
you've been out there protesting and you got arrested. do you feel you could lose your job over what you're doing? >> i'm actually not worried at all. it's against the law for them to retaliate against me. so i'm willing to do whatever it takes to get this $15 and a union. >> the average pay at a fast food restaurant is about $10 and you're saying $15 is what is fair, that's a 50% increase. how much of a difference would that make in your life? >> in my life? oh, my goodness, i could provide a better future for my son. better schools, i could get out of the basement. it's just hard to do -- to live off of what minimum wage, it's like i'm a single mom. i have to pay for daycare, rent, gas, everything. and it's just really hard when you know you can't provide your son with what you want to provide him with, i can't give him any luxuries and it hurts, it really does. >> the vast majority of
7:17 am
americans support some form of minimum wage increase. what sit you think -- because fast food companies say, listen, you know when you apply for that job, what the job pays, you can go look for a job somewhere else if you're not happy with the $10 an hour. >> i understand and that's completely understandable as well. i know people who have been there for ten years and they're barely getting $10.10 an hour. in two years at my store, we didn't get a raise. it's the simple fact that we don't get raises when we're supposed to. >> you think that $15 is something that would be fair for all fast food workers or is this just the beginning of what you think should be even a higher pay per hour rate? >> for now, you know, it's fair, for now. i mean, everything is going up, it's been like four years that the minimum page hasn't gone up.
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senior government official in kiev said they hope to join nato. kira simmons is in ukraine. there's been reports of violence where you are. tell me. >> that's right, we are actually by the front line. artillery fire, exploding on the ukrainian -- an tanks fire too. so you've got pro russian rebels testing the -- the checkpoint now is swarming. with ukrainian fighters. there's been some injuries, but only light injuries, you think the commander here told us he thinks he may have lost four men, but clearly in the form of battle, they're not completely sure.
7:23 am
i am fighting russian soldiers, russian military hardware. so this battle between this side and this crucial port city contin continues. right now there is a lull. we're waiting to see if there are more skirmishes. >> nina is a professor of international affairs at a school here in new york city. so nice to see you. thanks for being with me this morning. poland and the baltic states are asking for permanent bases, doesn't seem that that's going to be likely in the near future. how are these kind of calls going over in moscow. when you see eastern european countries asking for western help.
7:24 am
>> well, they're not going well, but vladimir putin is certainly prepared to hear those calls. because he knows that to his actions, they would be a reaction. so this is not a surprising of anything to him. he has already bitten off, your correspondent just say they are fighting off the russian forces. they will be proven. so all this kind of pockets of violence and pockets of russian aggression or russian incursion there, will probably remain as a frozen conflict. and that would be a political solution for all. >> take me into the russian mind and putin's mind, you know, there's sanctions, there's western europe saying he's doing horrible things. he is doing horrible things. but how is that playing at home?
7:25 am
is he just playing on the soviet imperialist past, to gin up people. take me to that mindset. >> good luck with the russian mind here, to understand. people have tried. well, it is certainly an imperial, sort of we are the strong state and nobody would tell us otherwise, obviously goes very well with the public. but also in putin's mind, he knows very well and also you know he's done horrible things. he understands what he's doing. but at the same time he believes it's not entirely his fault, he was trying to be the west's friend. >> how was he trying to be the west's friend? >> he was. we don't forget but he's in been in power for 15 years. his first trip in fact international trip was to london. which is a very, very big step. i mean you always look at where the new leader goes first. he went to london, he became friends with tony blair, he said
7:26 am
that nato is not a problem for russia at the time. but then he felt that he was being shoved aside, that he was going to be treated as an equal partner. >> so that's -- that's -- because i was slighted in some conference or tony blair, i'm going to go and take over parts of ukraine? or i'm going to go into georgia? >> that's how empirings are. if you don't recognize an empire and -- the empire strikes back, and empires better than anything, they don't know power. putin is doing. >> thank you so much, what a pleasure to have you. thank you so much. hope to see you seen. it's always interesting to have your perspective. coming up, how to stop isis. strong international coalition or a clear strategy coming from the president. republican senator ron johnson will face that question next. t.
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what's in your wallet? responding to critics who say president obama needs to take decisive action now against islamic state militants in iraq and syria. >> he went on to say that we're going to manage, shrink isis to
7:31 am
the point where we can manage it. we have to be clear enough. what he's going to do is president obama has zbos got to assemble that coalition. certainly after isis took over falluja. isis is a jv team. i hope he recognizes in reality, that they're far more than a jv team.
7:32 am
it's not very hip on americans coming into their air space. do you not, is it not worth it. to use a quote of the gentleman in the previous segment. look before you leap before entering into another conflict? >> we have to be appropriately cautious. we have to think these things through. we need to be planning, we need to be providing a strategy. let's face it, you really wanting to talk? you want to do monday morning quarterbacking? the strategic blunder. we would not have seen the disintegration of iraq, we wouldn't have allowed isis to rise from the ashes from al qaeda in iraq.
7:33 am
we're reliving the consequences of that policy. we'll show the type of strength and resolve that the world needs out of i -- >> saddam hussein would say, if the assad dictator ship remained. didn't have a problem with the border of syria over the years. this whole problem, this whole mess wouldn't be around. >> let's go back we ignored that threat, and as a result, the twin twin towers, i'm here in wall street. now it's because we were asleep at the switch. we refuse to acknowledge reality. i think this administration has been reality denying for quite some time now. now is the time to recognize it and start dealing with it
7:34 am
effectively? >> do we send american troops. is it not devastating. i support the president's effort to assemble that coalition of the willing. we have been very slow at supporting the peshmerga. again, we have ditherred, we need to stable -- we obviously have to work with coalition partners, but we have got to do this rapidly. president obama -- i appreciate the fact is that he's at the nato summit. he ought to be working the coalition partners right there, to come out of nato with a very strong, clear message, clear objective and hopefully a clear strategy.
7:35 am
>> republican senator ron johnson of wisconsin, pleasure having you on this morning. severe weather threat, a science experiment gone wrong and another great white shark sighting. let's zoom through some of "today's" top stories. out west, norbert has now become the ninth hurricane in the pacific hurricane season. cabo san lucas on alert for rough surf, high winds and rain. instead, it ended up with an unexpected flash explosion, 13 people hurt, most of them children, with minor burns and smoke inhalation, officials say alcohol and acid mixture caught fire during an exhibition, done daily that creates a whirling tornado effect. yet another shark sighting off the massachusetts coast, and this time the great white got a little too close for comfort for these two kayakers, the women were paddling off the coast of
7:36 am
plymouth when the shark attacked, taking a bite out of their kayak. >> i look over to talk to her and it came completely out of the water and got the bottom of the boat, flipped her over and now it's my kayak completely over. we were sitting in the water, and she was sinking and i was flipped over holding on to the bottom of the kayak and it was petrifying, waiting in that water for the harbor master to come and not knowing if anybody was going to come and get us. >> wow, horrifying, good things great whites don't like kayaks. this isn't the first tighting off the coast of plymouth. take a look at this bad boy, this happened earlier this week, and the attack of the kayakers, actually a second sighting of that shark yesterday. coming up, two brand-new reports of isis. waiting for the midterm elections that are coming up. we'll dig do into that after the break.
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ask your doctor today if eliquis is right for you. we have some breaking news right now out of oklahoma where the state just released details about the botch -- improperly monitored iv line in administering three lethal drugs. now to immigration, where we're learning more about how people feel regarding this issue. and also a possible financial benefit. while we wait for the president to take some kind of action and as the white house could be backing away from its self imposed end of summer deadline, the center for american progress, a group with closie y ties to the white house says
7:41 am
that -- meanwhile, a new finding by pugh shows that border security and enforcing the laws already on the books is now a bigger priority than a pathway to citizenship for the undocumented. that's a change from last year. joining me now to break all this down from the center for american progress, vice president of immigration policy, ange angela maria kelley. your study finds that any sort of action would bring in big revenue. what is exactly the significance here? >> yeah, we're leaving dollars on the table by not taking action and not taking it quickly, frankly. what we know is that we have got about 8 million undocumented workers in this country. employees work under the table, with a work permit, we will see their wages go up by about 8.5%. as you said, depending on how big the group is that the president covers and gives work
7:42 am
permits to. we're going to see substantial dollars in tax revenue. we would urge the president to go big because we think it's a common economic solution. what is go big. specifically, what would you like to see the president two vis-a-vis immigration? >> in terms of dollars and cents, right, if he covers people who have been here at least five years, who have to come forward, they have go to through background checks, you know, they have to get their fingerprints. it covers people who have been living here for at least five years, in five years' time, we would see 45 billion in tax revenue. if we cover people who have been here ten years, smaller groups, of course, we would see $33 billion in tax revenue, people would be on the books and have to pay taxes.
7:43 am
has a five year, have to be in the country five years. but there's also the possibility for folks who have been here ten years or more. how many people would that include. if we're talking about 8 million people, that's a huge increase into the labor force, of people who right now as you say are under the radar.
7:44 am
>> if you're looking for the dollars and credibilities calculation, it's a no-brainer. we need to bring people into the system so they pay taxes. >> there's erica and -- who told jonathan capehart about president obama. he said, quote, where is his courage? you have close ties with the white house. what's your answer to that? is it a lack of courage that's
7:45 am
causing this delay? or is the president going big sooner rather than later? >> i assume it's when he acts, it's not when he's going to act. he's got pressures on both sides. >> i mean, what are we at 2.5 million people who have been deported? those folks are gone. they're out of this country, and the president is looking at what his legacy is going to be. that's a series of demographics when you look at latinos. fastest growing democrat graphic. i have no doubt that he's going to take action. i don't know how big it's going to be. it makes a lot of sense from every different angle that you look at it. when he's going to do it, on the president's level of courage, i don't know, that's above my pay grade. >> let's break down the politics
7:46 am
of all this. let's talk about this, the president goes big, he waits until after november, politically, it's probably a big thing for the democrats. the president doesn't go big until after the elections. but then there -- what's a the political balance that the president's looking at? the -- children were american citizens. i think right now you see this tension going on, trying to inge fli influence the debate. who are those undocumented immigrants? i think the central tension is, does obama do something that's going to harm the election? he thinks a lot about his legacy, his legacy is so important to him.
7:47 am
>> let's talk about the deportations an he was deported. you have to question, were all of those guys the really bad criminals that are in the country? it seems to me that they're not. it seems to me that even the white house says that 55% of the deportees are criminals. where is the focus that are getting the people that are killing, the people they're raping. the first people we want out of here is the undocumented who have to live with those criminals. why are those people not being deported and others are? >> when you talk to activists. when you talk to congressman louise gutierez, she says the report -- we might do a big -- the problem is, look at the 2001 morton memo. they feel that the agents in the field aren't honoring that, so
7:48 am
the prosecutorial -- make sure that people who have long ties to the united states stay here. if you do enforcement measures, who's to say that's going to be honored by the field. that meani that means he has to explain it to them. >> i wanting to take you to north carolina where immigration has been a pretty central issue between democratic senator -- the two held their first debate last night. take a listen to some of that. >> we have to sail the border. then we have to solve the other problems that exist. kay haygan in 2008, saying she was going to work to solve immigration and all they got was a bill that went nowhere. >> i think speaker tillis is
7:49 am
explaining, but he has no plan. >> so is the plan the best plan for the senator and other democrats who are looking for another re-election campaign? the best plan for the -- not to take the issues to go big until after the elections? >> they have been on him all year, what they want is for the deferred action to happen. they looked for his immigrant -- along with gay rights, women's rights, civil rights. this is have exciting for them. >> let me ask you the question, should he go big, politically speaking when you see that the majority of americans, according to pugh who think that immigration ask not the issue,
7:50 am
dealing with the border. but there are issues that really could cost democrats their job. >> you look at the four races that are the closest in the senate, democrats are doing a little bit better than they thought they would be. this is not going to be a bad thing. who knows if going big actually happens after the election. >> thanks for being here with me. some developing news we're getting, brand-new reaction to the justice department, investigation that will officially be announced today, looking into the entire ferguson police department. nbc's ron allen talked with the mayor moments ago. >> as far as the exam mags of our policies and procedures, we have already opened those folks up to accrediting agencies. so if that's what they're going to look at, and that's what they're looking at, that, our policies, procedures and practices, i'm confident that we have been making strides over the past few years to improve that. >> how beautiful is no, home to
7:51 am
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did you hear that? football with the pass i'm talking about. one of the most watched bro fegsal sports in the world. the super bowl champs seattle seahawks hosting the green bay packers on nbc. kickoff can't come soon enough with nfl commissioner, roger goodell. let's do five ready for some football. only problem there, sam didn't make the team, but leave it to jerry jones and the dallas
7:55 am
cowboys to scoop up sam for a practice squad spot. number two, another rookie feeling the heat of the spotlight, johnny manzell, aka mr. football. johnny will open the season in cleveland. number three, just this week, broncos receive -- someone slipped him a club drug at the kentucky derby? the league says, sit it out, four games. and speaking of discipline, number four, and this one is no laughing matter. ray rice caught on a domestic vault. it prompted an overhaul of his domestic violence policy. number five, the washington redskins will set the season as the washington redskins, despite critics who say it's a clear against -- it's no way. on the espn poll this week,
7:56 am
showed 71% think the name redskins should be kept. all that and i didn't even mention the concussions, or the dolphins. like i said, kickoff can't come soon enough for many. me i'll stick to the other football, without the pass and the helmet. 90 minutes of game, 1-0. it's boring for you, we love it. no commercials either. that wraps this hour on msnbc. thank you for the privilege of your time. tamron hall is up next. she'll have a live report on the fast food protests occurring across the country where dozens have already been arrested. see you tomorrow. >> it's time for your business of the week. the perennial gardner on main street in ft. collins, colorado, she says main exciting experience and offer a big selection of items.
7:57 am
for more watch your business sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc.
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7:59 am
good morning, this is "news nation." thousands of fast food workers are flooding the streets in 150 cities across the country.
8:00 am
workers are saying they will do whatever it takes to make their voices heard and that includes even getting arrested. several are already in custody in detroit and chicago. we'll have a live report coming up in just a few minutes. president obama is now at the nato summit in wales where a major crisis is out front right now. in just minutes, the president is scheduled to meet with king abdullah of jordan as he builds a coalition to fight isis. that's after the president and british prime minister david cameron co-authored an op-ed. writing as russia holds a gun to ukraine and islamists -- nato must strengthen it's alliance. they go on to say if terrorists think we will weaken in the face of threats, they could not be more wron


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