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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  September 4, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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workers are saying they will do whatever it takes to make their voices heard and that includes even getting arrested. several are already in custody in detroit and chicago. we'll have a live report coming up in just a few minutes. president obama is now at the nato summit in wales where a major crisis is out front right now. in just minutes, the president is scheduled to meet with king abdullah of jordan as he builds a coalition to fight isis. that's after the president and british prime minister david cameron co-authored an op-ed. writing as russia holds a gun to ukraine and islamists -- nato must strengthen it's alliance. they go on to say if terrorists think we will weaken in the face of threats, they could not be more wrong. countries like britain and america will not be cowed by bar raric killers.
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meanwhile vice president biden wrapped up remarks in an economic speech in new hampshire. >> we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice. because hell is where they will reside. hell is where they will reside. >> the family of executed american journalist steven sotlov released a statement through a spokesperson yesterday. >> today we grieve, this week we mourn. but we will emerge from this ordeal. our village is strong. we will not allow our enemies to hold us hostage with the sole weapons they possess, fear. we are also learning more about mr. sotloff, he was also an really citizen and he actually at one point faked being sick so he could fast on the british holiday of yom
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kippur while being held in custody. the terror group has expanded to india with a new branch there, it vows to bring islamic law to the entire continue innocent. msnbc senior correspondent chris jansing is traveling with the president and she will be at the nato summit in wales. let's start off with this important meeting the president has with king abdullah. >> he's on his way there right now as a matter of fact. it was king abdullah of saudi arabia who said this past weekend who said he believes that extremists could attack europe within a month and america within another month. he is pushing for more vigorous actions against isis and other extremist groups. it doesn't sound like british prime minister needed much
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convincing, now the u.s. has said there would not be any more boots on the grind but the most obvious approach would be to start bombing in syria, and there is a lot of back and forth here about whether or not that could be done without the agreement with president assad and david cameron said unequivocally said they don't need to -- this is something that has popped up over the last month, it wasn't even supposed to be on the agenda. now we're seeing meetings like the one with king abdullah. although that has not bsh formally said that it's going to happen. there's no doubt that a lot of side meetings are happening including the one in morning between king abdullah and the american president. still a lot of attention is being put on what to do about
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vladimir putin, a lot of back and forth in the last 24 hours. ukraine is not a full -- they have come to possibly an agreement for a cease fire and that if they're able to set up a series of -- i talked to a senior administration official a short time ago, and we have seen this from vladimir putin before, and it's never turned out to be true. something a little lighter, what will be a very closely covered
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photo-op because the president will be meeting with the prince of wales, charles. >> president obama is now facing increasing pressure to take further action against isis, including from members of his own party. among them democratic senator kay haygan of north carolina who's facing a tough fight for re-election. these comments came during last night's debate against her republican opponent. >> the president should have weaponized the moderate syrian rebels earlier. without doing that, that has allowed isis to grow. time is up, action must be taken. the president needs to bring a resolution, he needs to bring a planning to congress. >> now for president's recent comments, an international coalition could redugs isis to where it's a manageable problem. democratic senator jeanne shaheen of new hampshire, also facing a tough re-election fight. saying do not believe isil is
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manageable. joining me live, huffington post senior correspondent. so again, as we pointed out, some tough fought races ahead for some democrats and we're hearing tougher language now directed at the president, very similar to -- over the past few days, criticizing the president's strategy. >> yeah, well, you notice that the critics of the president and the president's supporters are all pretty much in agreement about what can be done against isis. to begin with, the air strikes. but here's the problem. over time, those air strikes become less and les effective. as isis learns how to avoid them. we saw early on that they are living in tanks stolen from the iraqi army.
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over time u.s. air strikes will become less and les effective. >> perhaps over time, right now, these air strikes have been effective. >> yeah, i think they have been effective in certainly making isis aware that it's got a determined enemy against it. but again, it's quite easy for a guerrilla army to avoid being decimated by u.s. air strikes. you look at what hamas did in israel against gaza. they survived by hiding in the civilian population. there's all kinds of things that isis can do to -- >> how critical do you think this meeting is the president has today with king abdullah and other key allies here? >> i think it's very critical. it's telling that -- the answer
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to isis is not going to come from nato. for one thing, nato, the european public is dead set against nato is against doing anything outside -- i think the jordanians also need to be assured that we will stand by them. they're right on the firing line. now let me bring in -- he just returned from a trip to ukraine. he also announced yet, he'll file legislation when congress returns next week that would give president obama clear authority to order air strikes against isis in syria.
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what do you think are the critical issues that need to be addressed and that president obama can bring in a coalition regarding isis and the ongoing threat? >> you put your finger on it, tam r tamron, bring in a coalition from nato. how are they affected? there are a bunch of syrians who are being trained by isis to go back into europe. we have got to track to make sure they don't do the terrorist acts back in the western world.
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he started august 26. i believe he has the authority, the constitutional authority to go on attack. but this is not a one or two-day thing, as your discussion has pointed out. this is not going to be a long haul, that's why the congress needs to weigh in on this and give the authority under the constitution to the president. >> you have said the president has had a measures response in dealing with isis. how concerned are you that again, you have republicans and now some democrats who are urging that they call for more decisive action that many believe essentially boo lly booe ground and war is imminent? >> well, you have to go after the head of the snake and the snake is in syria. and that's going to mean many, many things. now the initial boots on the ground can be the free syrian
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army. which as we speak is fighting isis, as well as fighting president assad. but over time, you're going to have to be surgical in your strikes, that may involve our special operations forces, such as s.e.a.l.s and the delta force. it can involve many things, you don't want to hamstring the president to get the job done. and that is to kuwait off the head of the snake. >> and let me transition to ukraine, as i mentioned, you were just there. columnist jonathan alta wrote this about the crisis, saying this is really obama's moment of truth. if he can lead on isis on putin, we'll soon forget his recent history. what do you believe is the most effective way to deal with this ongoing crisis, as you have witnessed first hand in ukraine and you have confidence that vladimir putin is a willing partner.
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in reaching a cease fire here? >> i don't think you can count on putin, just nail that one down. your other question is, i asked that of the government of ukraine when i was there. and surprising, i thought they wanted guns and ammo. what they want is up to the minute intelligence as well as training for their army. that should be coming and coming forthwith. >> senator nelson, thank you so much for your time, we greatly puerto rico appreciate it. coming up an exclusive report on a north carolina man who left america to join isis. and dozens of protesters have been arrested as thousands of protesters take to the streets demanding higher wages. this is a continuation of rallies we have seen for more than two years. i'll talk live with a grandmother who is struggling to
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make ends meet with the money she's making at her fast food job. plus another developing story in a few hours, the justice department will announce a full civil rights investigation into the entire ferguson, missouri police department in wake of michael brown's death. we'll have the latest on why this investigation could go back for years. and join our conversation online, you can find my team at news nation, you can find me on facebook, twitter and instagram@tamronhall. a body at rest tends to stay at rest. while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can ease arthritis symptoms but if you have arthritis, this can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain, so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with
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thousands of fast food workers are protesting and police have already arrested dozens who are nonviolently breaking the law.
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so this is the scene in times square just a few hours ago, while this is the seventh time workers have gone on strike nationwide, it is the first time they have engaged in acts of civil disobediencdisobedience. fast food workers from mcdonald's, burger king and wendys are demanding a raise in may, they are demanding $15 an hour. >> i work at mcdonald's, it's not enough money. >> and joining me now, nbc's craig melvin who has been talking with striking mcdonald's members there. we have been watching these rallies for more than two years. they know it's easy for their voices to not be heard.
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>> a very deliberate strategy, that civil disobedience that you mentioned, that's precisely what organizers are going for. 19 arrests this morning. 15 guys, four women arrested. all for essentially blocking traffic. they sat down in the middle of the street and they refused to move. those protesters i'm told right now are in the process of making their way to this part of new york city. there's a mcdonald's behind me here, the corner of 57th and eighth. they'll be here about 15, 20 minutes, and we'll see a similar scene played out, we can expect more arrests, we're told. you mentioned detroit, i can tell you in chicago, there were reportedly two dozen arrests there as well. noi fligs in addition to that $15 an hour, also they're protesting for the right to unionize as well. this is one of the gentlemen i
8:19 am
spoke to earlier outside that mo mcdonald's in sometimes square. >> it shows bravery in that we're not doing anything to basically hinder anybody, we're just trying to show that we're trying to stand together, united for a good cause. >> people are getting arrested behind you? >> yes, i understand that. there's a show of bravery, rarms of the fact that they are willing to do whatever it takes in an obedient way to show that they want better payment. >> meanwhile, we reached out to mcdonald's and we received this statement from mcdonald's yesterday and it reads in part, mcdonald's and our independent franchisees support paying our valued employees fair wages, we feel that any minimum wage should be raised a little at a time so that small and medium
8:20 am
sized businesses will be managingable. they're also staging sit ins and walk youths as well, tamron. >> craig, the national restaurant association released a statement that you know as well. in part, it says, this is nothing more than labor groups self-interest in attempts to boost their dwindling memberships. what are folks reacting and saying there, these people who are willing to walk out on their jobs. >> of the 300 people -- there were a lot of people there who were not fast food workers, there were also a number of people who just showed up to protest. one of the chief criticisms of
8:21 am
going back to late 2012. all of this started, a lot of folks who have been affiliated with organized labor for a long time. have questioned why all of a sudden are they trying to recruit fast food workers who historically have not been a part of the labor movement. >> all right, craig, thank you very much. the economic policy institute says too much restaurant ceos make 700 times more than minimum wage workers. one analysis from july said, quote, these corporate ceos earn more on the first morning of the year than a minimum wage worker will earn over the course of a full year. let's bring in mary coleman who's been working at popeye's for the last two years in milwaukee, this is her seventh time joining the picket line. thank you so much for your time, ma'am. >> thank you for having me. >> let me first ask you, when
8:22 am
you see, dozens of people willing to be arrested today. so that their voices are heard. how does that make you feel, and what does that say about the commitment workers like yourself have to increasing wages here. >> that makes me feel very proud, it lets me know that they do have my back and workers deserve just exactly what they're asking for, $15 and a union. >> tell us a little bit about your life, you're a grandmother, as i mentioned. you work for popeyes in milwaukee. >> right now i'm living with my daughter and her two children. and which i'm a mother of three and a grand mother of six children. and, you know, it's not easy for the both of us because my daughter has a heart condition
8:23 am
and she can't work, so that leaves it even more harder because it's more of a struggle for me to try to help her make ends meet. >> when you hear the company say it's unrealistic to think that they're increase your wages to $15 an hour, they say it would wipe out the profit margins at many restaurants. what's your reaction to that? >> i don't believe that's true because for the simple reason, restaurants, people love restaurants. people love sitting down, coming out, eating, people enjoy, you know, having a good time a month, two people, or whatever. and it takes people to serve those people, to make those people feel comfortable and make sure that they're getting what they're paying for. >> are you afraid of losing your job or you know, any kind of
8:24 am
retaliation for speaking up? >> no, i'm nom afraid of losing my job, i'm not afraid of retaliation because it's against the law for them to retaliate. >> for people again who don't -- or who choose, i guess, maybe not to think about this or understand what's happening here, how do you explaining to them why this is more than about just fast food workers? this is about people like you, moms, dads, grand moms who are -- who believe that you deserve more when you're putting in that kind of work? >> that's so very true, with me being a grand mom and not only a grandmother, being an elder, period, i see children grow up, i see a lot of things children go through. i see a lot of children suffering because they cannot get what their needs, they can't even meet their needs, much less
8:25 am
getting what they want. it's time for milwaukee to stand up, pull together, and do what's right. thank you so much, mary, for your time and we greatly appreciate you being willing to come on with us today and share your personal story. >> thank you. >> up next, a live report from ferguson, missouri with new reaction to the justice department's plan to launch a civil rights investigation into the entire police department there. plus, the harsh words from dnc chair, debbie waszerman schultz against scott walker, it's one of the things we think you should know. creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
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it will examine the police department's conduct over several years to determine if there is a pattern of discrimination and use of excessive force. the pattern is an addition of the program already under way. it marks the obama administration's most aggressive step yet to address the shooting, which set up, as you know, days of clashes between police and demonstrate fors. nbc's ron allen is in ferguson with the latest. ron, obviously when people got word there would where this investigation, they expected that it would go back for years and also look at the hiring practices of the police department. it's an interesting detail that we'll learn more about later today perhaps. >> that's what these civil rights investigations focus on, hiring, arrests, stops, how people handle it when they're in police custody. it's an overview of how the police department functions and it's relationship with the community. here there is a force of about
8:30 am
53 officers, four are african-americans, two are asian, one hispanic, the mayor corrected me this morning when we were talking about all that. there's a history here, and there's a pattern here in the community. when we came here after michael brown's death, of harassment, of being stopped for no reason. just a level of force that was used in the community. that's what the justice department is going to look at. i earlier i spoke with the mayor james noels about all this. here's his reaction to news that the investigation will in fact go forward. >> we have been meting with african-americans in our community and getting their concern, will correspondent to do that and will continue to help bridge any gap that may be there. now that's going to be a process that we have been doing for many years. and we'll continue to do going forward. >> it's not exactly clear what the justice department is going to look at and when attorney general eric holder speaks later
8:31 am
this afternoon we'll get a better idea. that has not been revealed yet. this is something that many people in the community were calling for after the michael brown case. it appears that this investigation is somewhat separate from the investigation into the teenager's death. so a lot of things going on here. with ferguson officials that we talked to this morning, the mayor and the chief as we welcome this investigation. they say that they have nothing to hide, they hope that their side of the story is told. there have been a number of incidents inside the department, internal affairs, but the chief said nothing that he thinks is excessive. hi thinks their record is good and he says he welcomes the investigation. there are a number of cases that have been portrayed in media that the chief says have been reported incorrectly. he said there's somed ed d a ju indication. >> thank you very much. and again, of course, we'll
8:32 am
carry those comments at 2:30 eastern time here on nbc. coming up, inside isis. our own richard engel speaks exclusively with a man who left the united states to join isis in syria. a push came from being mistreated by people around me. who didn't share the views i had. >> more of richard's interview and the charges that man now faces in the united states. a live report coming up next. ♪ eenie. meenie. miney. go. more adventures await in the seven-passenger lexus gx. see your lexus dealer.
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8:36 am
richard engel joins me live from turkey. in his own words, richard, it's an intriguing look into this man's life and why he made this decision. >> reporter: and the fact that you say in miss own words. that's what's so unique, we have reported that many foreign fighters have been attracted to isis, many people from arab countries have seen isis videos online many of them very brutal and decided they wanted to be part of this group, for ideological reasons, for personal reasons and we have reported that americans have been among them. but we haven't been able to hear directly from them until now. this is american donald morgan. nbc news interviewed him from beirut. he didn't hide his intention to join isis. >> i purchased the ticket with the intent to entering syria,
8:37 am
joining up with food aid convoys or directly with the islamic state. >> morgan was raise catholic and educated at a military academy. >> i would be 82 and airborne, i would be special forces, i would serve dutifully, duty, honor and country. >> reporter: but now he speaks of his country as a potential enemy and of isis, also called the islamic state, as a saves your. the responsibility of the islamic state is to protect those who can't protect themselves. if it's not a side drop and a barrel bomb, it's going to be obama launching a drone strike, so it matters not to me who the enemy is. >> reporter: morgan wasn't always like this, he served in the national guard, worked as a deputy sheriff, living in salisbury, north carolina this is the r. this is the house where don morgan lived, a quiet street in
8:38 am
a middle class neighborhood. the question on the mind of his co-workers and neighbors is whimd someone want to leave north carolina to join the vicious fight in sere yachlt. >> it is frightening that someone could go to that extreme. >> reporter: brian beaver has known morgan for 15 years. >> i would say he's a person that's on edge, what would it take that this guy is going to fly off the handle one day. >> reporter: after getting in trouble with the law, morgan followed the wars in the middle east on the internet. he pledged allegiance to the isis leader and his islamic state. >> isis is referred to -- doesn't have the objective to be a terrorist organization. >> morgan tried to enter syria, traveling through turkey, but was turned away at the airport. and deported to lebanon. running low on money, he decided to go back to the u.s., aware of
8:39 am
the risk. i think there's a very strong possibility that they'll charge me with supporting terrorist organizations, and participating in terrorist activities. >> reporter: when morgan returned to the u.s. last month, he returned not for terrorism, but for an unrelated weapons charge. he's still in u.s. custody. >> as i understand, he had a court appearance early this morning, right? >> reporter: he did. v. he was in court today in north carolina. he is charged with trying to sell a firearm online and because of a previous felony conviction, also for a weapons charge, he wasn't even allowed to own a gun, let alone sell it, he pleaded not guilty. morgan himself says he's not a terrorist and doesn't pose a direct threat to the united states, some of these we spoke to did not agree. >> thank you very much, richard engel live for us in turkey today. thank you, richard. two emotional teenagers
8:40 am
are -- >> flipped her over, knocked my kayak completely over. >> their story of survival is one of the stories we are following around the news nation. and this. >> i'm not one who says somebody should do this or somebody should do that a i'm going to do it. i'm going to step up and be the change that i want to see. >> that is legendary harlem barber known as denny mo. he's been cutting the hair of celebrities for years. but now he found a new way to help reduce health problems in his community. his popular movement is today's born in the usa. what would happen... if energy could come from anything? or if power could go anywhere? or if light could seek out the dark?
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>> drawing may indicate future intelligence. researchers studied more than 7,000 sets of twins. the twins were asked to take a drawing test and intelligence test at age 4. those who scored highest on the drawing scored highest on the intelligence test. the results remain until at least the age of 14. welcome back. we're following developing news t new york state health department now says it will look into what happened the day comedian joan rivers stopped breathing during a procedure at a clinic last week. the department tells nbc news it is investigating the matter, but it is not giving anymore details. rivers went into cardiac arrest in yorktown hospital in manhattan. her daughter says she's out of intensive care in a private room and being kept comfortable. also developing right now, the georgia father accused of intentionally leaving his 22-month-old son in a hot car
8:45 am
back in june has just been indicted on several charges including murder. a cobb county grand jury indicted justin ross harris on eight counts. the counts include malice and felony murder along with child cruelty. ross's son cooper died june 18 after he was left in a sweltering car for seven hours in the parking lot where harris worked. a museum demonstration gone awry that left several children injured. staffers at the discovery children's museum in reno were doing a popular science experience when some of the chemicals involved caught fire triggering a flash. a bystander caught the frightening moments on video. several adults and children were rushed to the hospital. the reno fire department is investigating this accident.
8:46 am
and residents in one southern california neighborhood are on edge as wildlife officials continued the search for a deadly albino cobra on the loose. the homeowner was able to get a look at the reptile. it's unclear where it came from. and they are by the way, illegal to own. turning now to our exclusive born in the usa series, spotlighting american success stories in business. today we're focussing on denny moe's barbershop. he has cut the hair of many in the entertainment entry, but he's also using his razor to -- after noticing many of his clients were struggling with issues like diabetes and high blood pressure, but not seeking out the care they needed, he decided to launch cutting for a cure. the 48-hour health fair and hair
8:47 am
cutting marathon brings health care providers to its clients and the community. in the time since its inception a year ago, he's -- joining me right no is barbershop owner cutting for cure denny moe mitchell thank you for joining us. tell me the moment where you said, i'm a successful barber, i'm good at what i do, but i am more than that? >> well, to be honest with you, i in 2007, i wanted to do a marathon and my father at the time got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. that set me back a little bit because my father is like my hero. so i didn't know what to do. i was struggling with it and my father finally passed away. i said i couldn't help him, but i know i can help somebody. so we did the cutting for a cure and we focus on early detection
8:48 am
information. >> i know your father is looking down proud on you and what you've done. and what i understand is, and we see them in numbers, denny, a lot of men, men in particular are least likely to go into the doctor, they have something, they'll take an aspirin, but they won't visit the doctor, maybe not even taking an aspirin and the numbers are particularly high among african-american men who won't see the doctor for a number of reasons. >> absolutely, and that's one of the reasons why dennis and i are trying to do is to bring the health care providers into the barbersh barbershop. men, women, children, they all will get their hair done. there's certain things that folks are going to do, tamron, and we have decided that this would be a great meeting place for the health care providers and the clients that we serve. and we serve quite a few clients. our event, actually, over 4,000 people came through.
8:49 am
we were able to screen about 600 people. and we gave away 8,000 pieces of literature. that was in a two-year period. that for our community or any underserved community is a feet. >> u you've got your church your beauty salon and your barbershop and that made it easier for you to reach out to people? >> that's one of the biggest things, really in 2010, i was diagnosed with type ii diabetes, and as far as i know, i might have had it for a year or two before i found out. because i was one of those guys that didn't go to the doctor. >> what made you decide to go to the doctor? >> high glucose levels and symptoms. and -- >> so you were forced into going. >> i was forced into going,
8:50 am
exactly. once i realized what was going on, i said, i can do something, i can help people, i just tell them my story and get it out there and let people know that there's help for us. >> there see that other barbers are following your footsteps and you hear the numbers, hundreds of people who are helped as a result of, you know, you losing your father, your own health in jeopardy, how did that make you feel? >> i was devastated because i was -- not me. and i was like, how can i be going through this. it doesn't happen to me. >> how does it feel to know you're helping so many now? >> i feel great because i've helped myself and i'm helping others by letting them know that they can come to the barber shop. a lot of people help their barbers -- >> i trust mine. this is just growing. this is just the beginning. >> absolutely. and we're looking forward to trying to take this national. one of the things we really like is to get a little bit more
8:51 am
funding. the event we host costs us a little over $30,000. dennis and i out of our own pockets primarily pay for a significant portion of this. we have great sponsors. we have great health care providers. but in order to do this national, we are going to need more help. so we're hoping that in doing -- continuing to do what we, do we'll have that opportunity. dennis and i have been great partners in this. i'm the social activist myself, a motivational speaker. i have a -- not a non-profit but we're working on it. it people come with their authentic selves. if we can get people to focus in on those areas of their lives, many good things can happen in our communities. >> putting health first is important. thank you for what you've done, dennis. you can go to our facebook page and learn more. again, born in the usa.
8:52 am
>> thank you. we're follow something developing news speaking of health care. on the president's health care law, a new ruling just in that's being called a victory for the obama administration. nbc's pete williams will join us after this quick break. factorsn negatively impact good bacteria? even if you're healthy and active. phillips digestive health support is a duo-probiotic that helps supplement good bacteria found in two parts of your digestive tract. i'm doubly impressed! phillips' digestive health. a daily probiotic. i am so noh my, it's not even funny. driver 1 you ready? yeah! go! [sfx] roaring altima engine woah! ahhhha! we told people they were riding nissan's most advanced altima race car. we lied... about the race car part. altima, with 270 horsepower and active understeer control. how did you?...what! i don't even, i'm speechless. innovation that excites.
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a new victory for the obama administration concerning the president's health care law. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams joins us now with these new details. >> this is the latest legal front for opponents of obama care. there were two conflicting court decisions on whether people who got their insurance on the federal system, on the federal exchange qualified for a subsidy. the d.c. court of appeals said, no, they don't. a court of appeals to the south said, yes, they do. now that ruling against obama care has been erased by the d.c. court of appeals. a three-judge panel because the full panel has agreed to rehear the case. twhen does that it vacates the lower court ruling. now there is no conflict among
8:56 am
the circuits. this reduces the chance the supreme court will hear the case and the people who know this court well say it's more likely to say that the federal exchange does qualify for the subsidy. it's more likely to be a favorable ruling for the obama administration. they had asked for the full court to hear this case. today they got their wish. >> pete, thank you very much for those new details. much more throughout the day here. sdhat it for this edition of "news nation." i'm tamron hall. up next, "andrea mitchell reports." when the game's on the line... okay, this is for the game. the nfl trusts duracell quantum to power their game day communication. flag nineteen, set hut! abort! abort! he's keeping it. hut! duracell quantum. lasts up to 35% longer than the competition. i wish...
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right now on "andrea mitchell reports," united front. president obama drives nato toward stopping vladimir putin in ukraine. joe biden gives voice to american fury over the isis beheadings. >> we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice. because hell is where they will reside. >> the enemy within. richard engel joining us with his exclusive report an the
9:00 am
american national guardsman turned islamic militant. >> the responsibility of the islamic state is to protect those who can't protect themselves. if it's not assad dropping a barrel bomb, it's going to be obama launching a drone strike. so it matters not to me who the enemy is. >> civil wrongs. the justice department now investigating the ferguson, missouri, police force and alleges of racial profiling. and the excessive use of force. how is it playing with town leaders? >> the department of justice feels they can shed light on this, we hope that we'll have an opportunity to tell our side of the story. >> plus, shark attack. two kayakers have a close encounter with a great white off the coast of massachusetts. >> i saw at least four feet of its head. four feet of it came up out of the water.


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