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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 5, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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companies sometimes have giant financial consequences. giant consequences, not just for the world they operate in but for their own very, very fat wallet. right now on "first look," jimmy fallon and david letterman's reaction to the death of the queen of comedy, joan rivers. taking the fight to isis is starting to pay off. the u.s. considers boots on the ground in syria. gay marriage, law of the land. the supreme court may decide. plus, an exciting start to the nfl season, and one artist wants to display those hacked nude celebrity photos at an art gallery. really? good morning, everybody on this friday. thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. america is mourning the loss of another comedic legend. a week after being hospitalized, 81-year-old joan rivers has died. the manhattan clinic where she went into cardiac arrest is
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under investigation. rivers stopped breathing while undergoing a procedure on her vocal cords. jimmy fallon and david letterman took a moment to remember rivs late last night >> i can remember the first time she came out and sat down and i was stunned and surprised, because oh, my god. the force and power of her comedy was overwhelming, and i said to people i didn't -- i didn't remember that shep was that funny. by god, she was, all her life. >> we had her on our very first "tonight show" when i took over. so i'm lucky to say i got to work with her and have her on our "tonight show," and i am so blessed to do that. she came out and came over to me and started try cying and gave me a kiss. it was really emotional and really nice. she's just -- i don't want to show a clip, because i don't think it will do her justice, because she's just too funny. >> no denying, joan rivers was a trailblazer. we look at how she made history.
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>> can we talk? she was a tramp. >> reporter: even her biggest fans would agree, not everyone loved joan rivers. >> i was a good girl, because nobody gave a damn. >> reporter: while she could turn the joke on herself. >> went into a store. what do you have to go with this suit? she gave me a bottle of cheap wine. >> reporter: her often vulgar take no prisoners approach -- >> gwyneth paltrow the world's most beautiful woman, voted on by stevie wonder. >> reporter: in a clear laareer arrest hassed over 50 years. she was the first woman to host a late-night show and take on the guys in hard-hitting stand-up. >> her style was bold. really bold. willing to say anything. willing to do edgy material. that was not expected out of a woman. >> reporter: she was born in brooklyn joan malinski, daughter of russian immigrants and drawn to performing at an early age. her big break was in 1965,
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discovered by johnny carson. 20 years she'd be a frequent gef guest and guest host on nbc's "the tonight show." >> all said i stank and were you the first one to say i was funny. >> reporter: their friendship ended abruptly when she agreed to host her on late-note show competing against carson on fox. vividly described in the documentary, "joan rivers: a piece of work." >> the first person i calmed was johnny carsen. he slammed the phone down. called again, slammed it down again and never spoke to me again, ever. >> reporter: he show lasted just eight months. not long after her husband of 22 years edgar rosenberg, committed suicide. saddled with debt and an uncertain future, rivers re-invented herself as an entertainment commentator. of late, rivers brought her caustic humor to the red carpet,
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fashion police. >> reporter: her use of plastic surgery was well known, and she owned it. >> women didn't talk about that. that's something that you had to hide and people just suddenly saw you had a new nose. you never talked about it, but she did. >> reporter: while her face may have changed, her schtick never did. >> the germans killed 6 million jews. you can't fix a [ bleep ] carburetor? >> reporter: and the long exit from "the tonight show" ended this year with new host jimmy fallon. joan rivers' star burned brightly, right up until the end. >> i love performing. i love what the audience gives you. i'm so happy to have people i can laugh with. >> reporter: cynthia mcfadden, nbc news, new york. >> her daughter says she would want the world to keep laughing. new this morning, a win against a growing threat of isis. a u.s. air strike took out three top members of the group. it happened in mosul, an isis stronghold. reportedly killed the right-hand man to isis leader abu balkar
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awebaghdadi, and new strategy for destroying isis. what a white house adviser told nbc's chris jansing. >> can you do it in syria without boots on the ground? >> we're looking at what's going to be necessary. >> you're not ruling that out? >> we're not ruling that out. >> more strategy could be revealed september 16th when secretary of state john kerry testifies before congress. this sunday, new moderator chuck todd goes one on one in an exclusive interview with president obama. that is only on "meet the press." you don't want to miss that. meantime, though, two major court decisions could pave the way for the nation's highest court to take a stance on the fight for marriage quality. a three-judge panel on the u.s. court of appeals unanimously ruled that gay marriage bans in indiana and wisconsin are unconstitutional. taking a record nine days to make a decision, they declared that the bans threat "the
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welfare of american children." this comes one day after a federal judge in louisiana upheld the state's gay marriage ban. the victories for same-sex couples in indiana and wisconsin could bolster pressure for the supreme court to hear at least one same-sex marriage case in its upcoming term. adding to the pressure, 32 states, including those where gare marriage is legal file add brief asking the high court to hear cases from utah, oklahoma and virginia. in all three states, the appeals court struck down bans. to date, 19 states and the district of columbia recognize gay marriage. colorado residents described this scene as a pock liptic. take a look. debris leaked down after a natural gas leak cause add home to explode. this video caught parts flying through the air. flung onto neighboring homes. hamms up to two blocks away had to be evacuated.
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the owner was hospitalized after a blast shot him into the yard. police are still investigating that explosion. all right. so yet another level of humiliation for celebrities whose nude photos were leaked on to websites this past weekend. a los angeles based artist will use photos like jennifer lawrence in an art show next month. unaltered and life-size. titled "no desleet part of an attempt to strengthen art" this over the last seven years. sports action, the super bowl champions seattle seahawks took on the green bay packers in the season opener. the big kickoff with the first super bowl banner. look at that. take you to the field. seattle the percy harvin proving he is looking healthy with seven receptions, beast-mode marshawn
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lynch at his best rushing for 110 yards and two touchdowns. the packers struggled against seattle the defense. aaron rodgers sacked three times. seahawks starting strong with a convincing 36-16 blowout win. a dramatic night at the u.s. open. second seed roger federer took on mon fris who won the first two set. federer rallies to win in five sets. headed to his ninth career open semifinals. and currently playing for slovenia in the world cup this angola's win over australia on thursday was actually fixed. he tweeted, "there is no room for fixing the game like today." australia versus angola. they should do something tab. fiba should do something about it. >> i want to tell you daddy is
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free of cancer. next thing i have to do, a couple follow-ups, but it's such great news and thank god. >> thank god indeed. a cancer-free jim kelly sharing that great news with his daughter, the former buffalo bills quarterback had a series of postseason biopsies that all came back negative. first diagnosed with oral cancer in march 2013. and jimmy kimmel's mean tweets are back. this time in an nfl edition. >> [ bleep ] you -- i hope your foot rips off in the game you [ bleep ]. really? >> keyshawn johnson must have ate the guys who used to cover him. fat bastart. hey, whatever. >> michael strahan's teeth are having a middle school dance with the boy standing on one side of the room and the girl standing on the other. >> say, that was creative, see? >> i like that one reaction.
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whatever. >> a total hate perp i'm sure he'd heard it all. famous for his teeth. >> don't ever do mean tweets about me. promise me that? >> i'll go delete that they're already throughout. this weekend is looking better for some, if you waited for a nice, cool fall air mass, it's arriving in the northern plains and it will be in the great lakes over the weekend and in new england by sunday. first we have to get there. a lot of rain out there this morning in nebraska, and that cold front will push from nebraska and iowa into areas of the ohio valley this afternoon. and into the this evening, indianapolis all wait to detroit and late, late tonight near cleveland. strong thunderstorms are likely. then saturday, those strong thunderstorms go through new york city hartford, albany, boston, portland. wind damage is possible with the strongest of those storms. here's your weekend forecast. again, still feels like summer from texas through the southeast. right up the eastern seaboard. very warm and humid. then if that cold front comes through, chicago, kansas city, st. louis, you get your beautiful saturday. then new england in the
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mid-atlantic have to wait until sunday for your great weather and low humidity, and the southeast unfortunately, not yet. usually the deep south, we've got to wait until the end of september to get the cooler air. it's a little too early. >> all right. spreading it around this weekend. i give you the credit for it. you're doing it. great work there, bill. not. just ahead, protecting nude photos and other personal stuff. tell what you apple is planning. and is google reading your e-mail before you do? before using her new bank of america credit card, which rewards her for responsibly managing
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let's get down to business with c nbc's jackie deangelis. good friday morning. >> same to you, betty. good morning. investors on wall street awaiting the big event of the day. the august jobs report. hiring is expected to have picked up, more evidence of momentum in the u.s. economy. forecast calling for 225,000 jobs to have been added. that would mark the seventh straight month of gains above 200,000. unemployment seen ticking down to 6.1%. meantime apple ceo tim cook
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tells the "wall street journal" the company plans new steps to keep hack erpgs away from users accounts in the wake of that celebrity photo scandal saying apple will alert users when someone trying to change their password or restore icloud data to a new device. bp planning to appeal a ruling that found the fi guilty in the 2010 oil spill. cop add $18 billion to fines to the $42 billion fines and charges it has taken for the accident. >> a lot of zeros there, thank you, jackie. guilty of public corruption. former virginia governor bon mcdonnell and his wife sobbed before exiting the courtroom yesterday. found guilty on multiple accounts of providing favors to a wealthy businessman in exchange for $160,000 in gifts and loans? another courthouse 500 miles south, a father who left his child in a hot car to die was indicted on multiple counts of murder. charges for justin ross harris
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also include requesting and sending nude photos to a minor, possibly while his son was in the car dying. google will pay out $19 million to parents who say they were unfairly billed for app purchases their children made. the federal trade commission also said the tech company has to let parents know about and agree to their kids' purchases. google may also need to explain a new report saying the company has been scanning user e-mails even before subscribers have an opportunity to read them. "usa today" says the tech company tried to remove this information from recent court documents. well, rand paul flip-flop to tell you about. florida's charlie kris tries to play nicy-nice with bill clinton, and meet the coke sisters. scrambled politics is next. ♪
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to take their medications regularly. introducing cvs health. a new purpose. a new promise... to help all those wishes come true. cvs health. because health is everything. here's your first look at scrambled politics. just last month senator rand paul called hillary clinton a war hawk. the reason paul was reluctant to intervene against isis militants, but now she flip-flopping. in a new time op-ed, the potential president candidate wrote if high been in president obama's shoes why have acted more decisively and defensively against isis. called congress back even in recess. should have asked for military action and would have no doubt received it. dnc chair woman debbie wasserman schultz says she shouldn't have used the word she used to describe wisconsin
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governor scott walker policies. one day ago quoted by the milwaukee set nall journal for saying scott walker giving the back of his hand. that is stark, but reality. comments made in milwaukee at a roundtable discuss on women's issues. a free woman this morning arrested for civil disobedience at a fast food protest with constituents yesterday. speaking with chris hayes last night and explained why she doesn't regret her actions. >> it is just not fair in a $200 billion fast food industry for government to have to pick up $7 billion in costs to subsidize these corporations when they could paper their workers more. >> and later tonight, president bill clinton will be in the sunshine state stomping with democratic nominee for governor charlie crist. no shocker he's helping fellow democrats. in 1988 when krist was running
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for u.s. senate, had shattered the confidence and trust of americans and should resign from office. and that is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." it is friday. joined by kevin cerilli from the hill. >> good morning. happy friday. thank you for having he. >> absolutely. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife convicted. seen sobbing in the courtroom. is this case a warning to politics politicians across the country? >> fascinating case, serving as a warning for politicians all over the country. governor mcdonnell and his wife maureen will face their sentencing on january 9th. they could face many, many years behind bars, but their attorneys yesterday after the trial saying that they will be appealing this. so i think this will play out for many months to come, and the former governor of virginia, as we all know, once considered to
2:22 am
be a contender for president at one point saying that he is putting all trust in the lord. >> hmm. kevin, we've heard of the coke brothers. ever heard of the coke sisters? well, in fact they are mocking the coke brothers in a new afl-cio ad. take a listen. >> hi. i'm karen. >> and i'm joyce. >> we are -- >> all: the coke sisters. >> we're not biological sister, but sisters in spirit. >> and we're not related to the coke brothers, those right-wing billionaires. >> just two average women who have raised families and worked hard all our lives. >> we don't have billions to spend on political campaigns. >> but have convictions and voices. we think that's important. >> if you agree, join us with an i'll be a nation of coke sisters. >> and so keep in mind, though, kevin, that the coke brother, shelling out what some $290 million on mid-terms, while these ladies obviously aren't related, will their message resinate with voters?
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>> we'll find out in november. interesting, democrats have definitely tried to make the coke brothers a part of this mid-term re-election campaign criticizing them and the big money dolled out for republicans and against demo poenlts. we both know both sides have wealthy donors. it's interesting to see some of the creative political adds as we get closer to november. >> the koch sisters. all right. thank you, kevg in. have a great weekend. just ahead, introduce you to a colossal new dinosaur and see the heartwarming moment when a baby hears for the very first time. you're not going to want to miss this one. learn to see it through a different set of eyes. listen to its sounds. and explore all the different sensations. this is nature. see it or not, it always fills you with energy.
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leading the news in the "l.a. times," cobra captured after four days on the loose. the five-foot long albino cobra bit a dog sparking a neighborhood hunt. it can kill a human within an hour. so far the snake's own hear not come forward. and scientists discovered a colossal dinosaur. dreadnaudas. 130,000 pounds and still growing when it died. huge. >> keep finding bigger, bigger dinosaurs. >> could have weighed more than a 737. all right, so a jay-z rap parody called "balls so hard" released on youtube. a teen with cancer created this for september's childhood cancer aware month ♪ bald so hard my head got
2:28 am
shiny ♪ bald so hard with shampoo if you're around stop by drop off and oreo shake ♪ >> pretty good. really good. in fact, doctors and nurses sang along. the stars will be coming out tonight for a stand up to cancer. a one-hour telethon to benefit child. cancer beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. in a week of serious news, something very inspiring. itclosest thing to a miracle. take a look. >> well, hello! >> hello, darling. hi! >> ah -- >> hello. >> hi! >> he's gorgeous. hi. >> oh, look. he's smiling. >> that little smile, just amazing there. a 7 week old getting his first hearing aid and hearing his parents for the first time. stopped him crying in his tracks. >> just -- amazing --
2:29 am
>> what do you say about that? >> you wonder what was going through his brain like -- wow. >> whole new world. all right. i'm betty nguyen, this is "first look." stick around for "way too early." you don't want to nays. have a great day. are you nervous about being hooked up to a lie detector? >> yeah. i feel cold and uncomfortable. like my wedding night. >> are you a bad tipper? >> i'm a fabulous tipper. >> 98% false. >> joan -- >> i think whether it's been a good service or a bad service, they're going to get that 5%. >> that's on a good day? >> that's very generous of me, i think. >> a one of the kind. joan rivers, absolute force of nature. a legend who paved the way for women in comedy. this morning, remembering the actress and comedienne who passed away at the age of 81. the verdict is in. disgraced former virginia governor bob mcdonnell found guilty on 11 counts of
2:30 am
corruption. what's got people so terrified in this youtube clip? whatever it is, it's given people these wheels. this is "way too early"! hey there, everybody. good morning. i'm thomas roberts. it is friday september 5th. welcome to "way too early," the show all about stories when they involve ginormous scare tactics. wait until we show you the full video clip there. it is funny. we'll have that for you. we want to begin talking about someone who was very funny. the legendary star who paved the way for generations of female comediennes and whose legacy will surely live on. joan rivers passing away thursday here in new york city, surrounded by family and friends. one week after she stopped breathing during a throat procedure, her daughter, melissa rivers, made sure the hospital room wasful of flowers, music and her mom's hair and music


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