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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  September 5, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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corruption. what's got people so terrified in this youtube clip? whatever it is, it's given people these wheels. this is "way too early"! hey there, everybody. good morning. i'm thomas roberts. it is friday september 5th. welcome to "way too early," the show all about stories when they involve ginormous scare tactics. wait until we show you the full video clip there. it is funny. we'll have that for you. we want to begin talking about someone who was very funny. the legendary star who paved the way for generations of female comediennes and whose legacy will surely live on. joan rivers passing away thursday here in new york city, surrounded by family and friends. one week after she stopped breathing during a throat procedure, her daughter, melissa rivers, made sure the hospital room wasful of flowers, music and her mom's hair and music were all there and well done,
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and she said that her mom's greatest joy was being able to make people laugh. of course, it was. nbc cynthia mcfadden has more how rivers forever changed the field of comedy. >> can we talk? she was a tramp. >> reporter: even her biggest fans would agree. not everyone loved joan rivers. >> i was a good girl, because nobody gave a damn. >> reporter: and while she could turn the joke on herself -- >> i went into the a store today and said what have you got to go with this suit? she gave me a bottle of cheap wine. >> reporter: her often vulgar, take no prisoners approach -- >> gwyneth paltrow, the world's most beautiful woman. [ laughter ] voted on by stevie wonder. >> reporter: under both cheers and boos in a career lasting more than 50 years. she was, however, the first. first woman to host a late-night show. first woman to take on the guys in hard-hitting stand-up. >> her style was bold. really bold. willing to say anything, willing to do edgy material.
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that was not expected out of a woman. >> reporter: she was born in book lynn joan malinski, daughter of russian immigrants and drawn to performing at an early age. her big break was in 1965 when she was discovered by johnny carson. but for 20 year wos be a frequent guest and guest host on nbc's "the tonight show." >> they all thought i stank and you were the first to say you're funy. thank you for that. >> reporter: but their friendship ended abruptly in 1986 when she agreed to host her on late-night show, competing against carson on fox. a moment rivers vividly described in the 2010 documentary "joan rivers: a piece of work". >> the first person i called was johnny carson. he slammed the phone down. called again, slammed it down again and never spoke to me again. ever. >> reporter: her show lasted just eight months, not long after, her husband of 22 years edgar rosenberg committed suicide.
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saddled with debt an uncertain future, rivers re-invented herself as a calm commentator f entertainment. then later starred in her own reality television show. her use of plastic surgery was well known and she owned it. >> women didn't talk about that. that's something had you to hide and people suddenly saw you had a new nose and never talked about it. but she did. >> reporter: while her face may have changed, her schtick never it. >> german killed 6 million jews, you can't fix a [ bleep ] carburetor? >> reporter: and back to "the tonight show" with new host jimmy fallon. >> welcome back to "the tonight show," joan rivers. >> i love performing. i love what the audience gives you. i'm so happy to have people i can laugh with. >> boy, going to be missed. that brings us to our twitter question this morning. what's your favorite joan
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rivers' tv moment? tweet your answers using #waytooearly. best answers coming up later in the show. try to keep it clean. maybe you went to some of her shows. they were pretty -- wild and amazing. that's right. tweet us your favorite memories of joern. we'll share them coming up later. in other news, former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife maureen found guilty on federal corruption charges. the state's first governor charged let alone convicted. the one-time vice presidential short lister reject add plea deal early on that could have spared his wife and reduced his felony count to one. as the jury read each guilty verdict in court 11 times for him, 9 times for her, the mcdonnells and their children wept. "usa today" reported he dropped at the table at which he sat. took gifts from donor johnny williams. the prosecution argued in return for helping back a nutrition's
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supplement company of williams. former governor aired the dirty launt degree of his marriage in open court depicting his wife and lauch and unstable and tried to demonstrate she had a crush on johnny williams all to prove it was impossible for the first couple to have colluded. but it didn't work. >> this is a difficult and disappointing day for the commonwealth when public officials turn to financial gain in exchange for official acts. we have little choice but to prosecute the case. >> anything to say for all the virginians watching out there? >> all i can say is my trust remains in the lord. >> a couple plans to appeal this but faces decades in federal prison when the sentencing begins next year. this morning, the third american to become infected with the ebola virus in west africa is on his way back to the united states. dr. richard sacra, a missionary from boston flown to omaha to special sized treatment. his wife says he's in good
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spirits, despite several complications and was able to board the plane on his own. he'll be treated by more than three dozen people at the nebraska medical center and will not treat him with the experimental drug used to treat two other americans wit ebola virus in atlanta. heavy fighting overnight in ukraine is creating new doubts about a potential cease-fire agreement between ukraine and russia. ukrainian officials say forces continue to come under really heavy fire from pro-russian rebels in southeastern ukraine and it appeared the separatists were surrounding a key city between russia and crimea. this comes hours before ukraine/russia, reshl and other officials planned to hold a conference. president obama plans a conference and met with ukraine's president and other top european leaders in a show of support for kiev in its conflict with moscow. the rise of islamic state
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militants a major topic. in an interview with chris jansing, the white house signaled there may be a big change to deter isis in syria. >> can you do it in syria without boots on the ground? >> we're looking at what's going to be necessary. we've said clearly, you need a strategy on both sides of this border. this is an organization that operates without respect for borders. >> you're not ruling it out. what we're already doing is providing a military assistance to syrian opposition, the strongest kount weight on the ground to isis. we'll look at what additional options are necessary going forward. >> update on kansas state politics and just when you thought the kansas senate race could not get weirder, there's another twist in that story. yesterday we told you that the democrat chad taylor withdrews with candidacy and in another race, that would be great news for the republican, but not for senator pat roberts, barely leading a three-man race with taylor in the running. without taylor, roberts is trailing the independent candidate greg orman.
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now, kansas secretary of state kris kobach, a republican, saying that taylor's letter of withdrawal isn't valid and taylor will be left on the ballot. why is that? well, according to kobach, taylor failed to provide a reason in his letter explaining why he would be incapable of fulfilling his duties in the state, which the law requires. taylor says he will challenge that decision to keep his name on the ballot. we'll continue to watch that and shift our attention to business news for you friday. the markets finished in the red thursday. this morning we're waiting for the august jobs report. cnbc's reporter joins us live in london. with more. jeff, bring us up to speed. shortened business week. numbers from the jobs report will be big. >> reporter: absolutely. looking for about 225,000 non-farm payroll jobs to have been added to the u.s. economy for august. so that's the big target. the expectations are we'll also see a little bit of a tick down in the unemployment rate, but the critical factor here is
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going to be wages. do we see any improvement on the wages side? right now struggling to see anything like 2% plus here, and until we get that, you know, the market's not going to be convinced that we've got the u.s. economy really humming. so it will be an important story today, and i suspect we might actually see the markets open a little bit weaker as there is positioning coming into this number. of course, if the number is strong, people will think again about when the federal reserve may go for the first interest rate hike. step ago way from the big jobs number, want to talk a little about bp, of course, bp responsible for the oil spill in the gulf back in 2010 here. they've paid out tens of billions of dollars already, but a judge saying that they're going to have to spend another $18 billion as part of restitution costs. the judge also saying, they were grossly negligent in their story.
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bp has set aside about $3.5 billion. so this did come as a big surprise to shareholders and we saw the stock down quite heavily in the trading session late yesterday. back to you. >> geoff, next week apple looking to change the narrative obviously over the last couple of weeks. the icloud issue, that's been in headlines. they're trying to get attention for their new products? >> yeah. this san interesting one. isn't it? we've seen stock come off here on both the naked celebrity story and also a downgrade from key analysts. but what we've got in terms of next week is two new products, two new iphones with larger screens. just looking at my notes here. 4.7 and 5.5 inches is the sizes we're expecting here. we're also looking ot for a wearable device. i don't know if you're in the market for one of these. i haven't purchased yet, but it like a smartwatch that been dubbed the iwatch. the idea is there's a big health
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and lifestyle aspect to it. it monitors your heart rate. it checks out how many steps you've taken. it's supposed to be important for the way you lead your life going forward, and one other thing. tim cook overnight has also said they're having another look at security with the icloud issue and are thinking about putting in some kind of alert on the icloud. so i don't know. what happens if someone tries to break into your account, a little symbol comes up, saying, hey, hey, someone's trying to steal your selfies. we'll watch and see what happens with that. >> as just a business product, i think consumers would be interested to see a little more security safeguards for that product. so we'll wait and see on that. yeah. big week ahead for apple. geoff, have great weekend. thank you. still ahead, did the defending champion seattle seahawks live up to their reputation? game highlights. wait until you see what happens when think baby hears for the very first time. his reaction just might melt
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your heart today. it is a great story. that story and weekend weather when we come back with "way too early"'s friday edition. in the darkness five arab terrorists slipped into the israeli corridors. two israelis were killed. then for about 13 hour, the terrorists held eight or nine hostages from the israeli team while negotiating with officials.
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welcome back, everybody. time for sports. we begin with the nfl. to seattle for the season opener, the defending champion seahawks hosts the green bay packers. hawks defense dominating the packers holding quarterback aaron rodgers to under 200
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yards, an interception and three sax, one led to a safety. marshawn lynch ran for 110 yards, two touchdowns and 36-16 victory kicking off the regular season. tennis in the u.s. tope. second seed roger federer rallied back from a two-set deficit to beat the 20 seed and advance to the open semifinals for the first time since 2011. that is it. >> we switch gears to major league baseball. to cleveland. tigers and indians tied until detroit explodes in the 11th inning including a three-run shot from victor martinez. tigers win it 11-4. maintain a half game lead over the mariners for the second wild card spot in the american league. alarm, alarm. >> yankee highlight coming! >> i did this for you, bill. to the bronx. yankees after tying things up with boston in the bottom of the
2:47 am
ninth, look at this. >> and the 3-2. deep to right! there it goes! see ya! >> wow! new york's hedley with the solo walk-off homer. yanks win it 5-4. yankees win 5-4. bill karins. with weather. how you doing, bill? >> orioles won. it's friday. >> orioles won. 9 1/2 game lead in the division, yeah. >> like a five-day workweek. >> i killed the orioles with you to have more time with weather and said to colleen, make sure we go to bill on the highlights of yankees winning. killed the orioles. >> i'm all warm and fuzzy inside. >> no problem. >> you're going to like your weekend. sunday -- >> i like all weekends. >> you do like your weekends. >> all weekends. >> especially sunday. get into it as we go throughout the day today. watching a cold front going across the country.
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some bad weather then transitions to beautiful weather behind it. so right now we've got rain through kansas, nebraska, through iowa, wisconsin. behind that front is cool almost fall-like air. all of the hot, humid stuff is out ahead of it. so it's going to be the transition weekend going from summer to fall in some areas, and that's going to mean severe storms. today indiana, central indiana, northern indiana up to the cleveland and detroit areas, could see strong storms late today. especially this evening. then new england, this is your transition day. saturday afternoon, strong storms blowing through. hot, humid, strong storms come through and then a gorgeous sunday behind it. the forecast for the weekend. strong storms today, the ohio valley. seeing a steamy weekend regardless. in the florida area, coastal georgia, a lot of clouds, too, maybe a little wind on coast as far as saturday goes, look at kansas. waiting for 74. we get our reward from d.c.
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northwards, looks like a fantastic end to your weekend, thomas. >> we like that. especially after this hot week we've had here in new york. so odd. >> ridiculous. next week looks cool bangd ck tw it should be. >> we dig it. and congratulations on the yankees winning last night. >> it's gotten to that point. you're going to congratulate me on a win? >> yeah. >> thanks, oriole man. >> happy, happy, happy win. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," remembering comedienne joan rivers, speaking with the executive producer of the documentary "joan rivers: a piece of work," what an amazing documentary that was. coming back, huddle around the water cooler for a creepy crawler that got some people running and screaming, wait until you see this full video. it is really good! and wait until you find out the true call prit in all of this. it's amazing. reveal a whiter smile with the latest collection from crest:
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time for the "water cooler" and louis with something funny and scary. >> right, tom. nothing like a good friday fright and a dog in a spider costume harmlessly goes about terrifying people with prankster friends. take a look. >> look at that little guy.
2:53 am
[ sounds of predator ] [ scream ]
2:54 am
>> youtube called the mutant spider dog. >> i totally freaked out. >> that menacing pooch wracked up more than 2 million view, thomas. hilarious. >> the elevator one -- that was hilarious. >> it's too good. look at you. losing it. >> what did they do? put peanut but other than the guy's face? >> let's end this on a heartwarming note. hearing his mother for the first time at 7 weeks old after receiving hearing aids. reluctant at first, but soon will melt your heart. >> recording -- >> first hearing aid. [ crying ] >> hello, darling. here we go. well, hello. >> hello, darling. >> hi!
2:55 am
>> ah -- >> he's listening. >> he's listening. >> hi. >> he's gorgeous. >> ah, look. he's smiling! >> look -- hello! >> hello, darling. >> he's smiling. he's smiling. >> i told you, it's not so bad, but you see there is -- >> he likes that, thomas. his parents say he's now 2 years old and doing extremely well. so -- get the scare any there and then the heartwarming. a little of everything this friday. >> ah. all right. you've melted all of us. thank you pap great way to leave the "cooler" for the week. appreciate it. going to the twitter responses. earlier we asked what is your favorite joan rivers tv moment. justine, i'm sure there are many. wham did we get? >> rosanna says whenever i saw her on fashion police i'd conserver my ears, and laugh his
2:56 am
tearously. >> the best is when comedians laugh at joan rivers, you know how great she is. >> absolutely. coming up, "morning joe" moments away. stick around. we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is.
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a check on the day ahead before we toss it over to "morning joe." a memorial service held this afternoon for journalist steven sotloff. the second american killed by isis. and president obama holds a summit, concluding in wales, and bill clinton appears at a campaign event for former governor crist, running against his old job head. and what is it? payday friday. that's it. "morning joe" starts right now! >> a woman that will cook for
3:00 am
him, the mother of his children. when it comes to marriage, a man doesn't want to come home from a hard day of work and looking at a sexy wife lying on the couch saying -- yes, he does. you know who made up he's lines? >> no. >> ugly girls' mothers. >> wow. joan rivers passed away at the age of 81 yesterday. and it is still like you can't stop discovering new things about her, when you look at her body of work. >> oh, i know. you go back and a lot of people just look at joan rivers and what she has done, the snarky comments she has made on red carpets and as "the new york times" described so well, she has a career that should never be eclipsed by that. she was a trail blazer. you go back and read what "the


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