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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 8, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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good monday morning. right now on "first look." a wide ranging and revealing exclusive interview. why president obama is delaying action on immigration and his isis threat strategy. >> the next phase is now to start on going on some offense, but not an announcement about u.s. ground troops. >> what's ahead for the nation. a fast-spreading respiratory illness affecting thousands of children in geographic clusters in the midwest. plus, mother nature's wrath and possible flooding for the mid-atlantic states. what will your pay raise look like next unique? and laughter and tears for joan rivers. and week one for the nfl. loads of questions a few serious injuries on this monday,
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september 8th. good morning. good to be with you. i'm frances rivera. congress is back to work today after a five-week break, and the biggest topic, handling the ongoing and growing isis threat. the extremist group released new propaganda video purportedly showing how isis used i ttactico capture an air base. and in iraq, near the country's second largest dam, one u.s. official says there were air strikes that completely wiped out the isis patrol in the area. president obama meets with congressional members tuesday to discuss a strategy to defeat isis militants and on wednesday deliver a speech to the nation. support from the arab league could help the president create a coalition against isis. urging members to confront the threat of isis militants and other extremists. nbc's tracie potts is in the nation's capitol. we can expect a busy week in washington.
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>> reporter: it's going to be a busy week and we're actually inside one of the senate buildings where a lot of that work gets done, frances, and a lot of discussion about iraq, syria and ukraine. foreign affairs has taken precedence over the last few weeks since congress has been out. when they get back today, the most meet concern, keeping the government running. money to run the federal government runs out september 30th. that's priority number one when congress gets back today. they'll likely consider a temporary extension. the other big issue, immigration. all the children flooding across the border without parents. president obama says he's delaying executive action until after november's election. >> when i take executive action i want to make sure that it's sustainable. >> basically saying he doesn't want to be held accountable by the electorate. >> reporter: the president says he doesn't need permission from congress to go after isis but wants their support.
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laying out a strategy in a speech wednesday. air strikes, but no ground troops. >> boots on the ground have to be iraqi. and syria, the boots on the ground have to be syrian. >> reporter: democrats and republicans agree the president needs to be clear and decisive. >> we need to have an end game. the president out to lay out that strategy. >> what is the military plan and what is the diplomatic plan? and time's a wasting. it's time for america to project power and strength. >> reporter: so, budget, immigration, isis and that's not all congress has to deal with. a number of other smaller issues, additional issues like the internet tax law, keeping us from paying when buying online and only three work weeks and congress goes on break again until after the election. frances? >> a lot to watch out of washington. tracie potts for us this morning. news that president obama is delaying action on immigration until after the november elections is gaining attention
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this morning. several immigration groups are upset feel betrayed by the president. if action is take brn elections, it will hurt chances an long-term reform. the president discussed it yesterday on nbc's "meet the press." >> i'm going to act, because it's the right thing for the country, but it's going to be more sustainable and more effective if the public understands what the facts are on immigration, what we've done on unaccompanied children and why it's necessary. >> the centers for disease kr t control is trying to figure out what has happens with anaro virus 68. and high numbers of hospitalization with children very young and those with
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asthma. in kansas city, missouri, hospitalizations and denver, more than 900 with respiratory problems since the middle of august. symptoms include cough, difficulty breathing and a rash. legendary comedienne joan rivers got the sendoff she wanted. a report on everything from a-list celebrities to the red carpet treatment and the most of all, no rabbi rambling on. ♪ >> reporter: the comic legend joan rivers got the final punchline she wanted. a roster of a-lists guests from whoopi goldberg and barbara walters to sarah jessica parker, rosie o'donnell and a musical number from hugh jackman and the show-stopper himself, howard stern. >> gets up unannounced opens with a line that brought the house down, but boy, was it risky. >> reporter: risky in the way rivers delivered her humor to america for 50 years. >> can we talk?
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she was a trmp. >> reporter: raunchy and wild, no holds barred. >> gwyneth paltrow the world's most beautiful woman -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: in her 2012 book "i hate everyone, starting with me" rivers joked about her sendoff. >> i want my funeral to be a huge showbiz affair with lights and cameras and action. i want it to be hollywood all wait. don't give me some rabbi rambling on. ♪ >> reporter: outside, throngs of fans applauded daughter melissa rivers and her son cooper as he left the service led by a band of bagpipers. >> obviously, you consider yourself a fan? >> absolutely. you could really feel her energy every time. never mailed it in. >> reporter: hoda kotb sharerd many a giggle. >> we love you, joanie. >> seemed a little weird to be smiling after a memorial service, but that's sort of what this entire afternoon was. it was full of laughter and joy.
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and it was also full of tears. >> the service in one word was irreverent. it was fabulous. joan rivers would have loved it. ♪ >> reporter: a farewell far from fun, though heavy on levity for queen of comedy. >> i'm so happy to have people i can laugh with. >> reporter: ron mott, nbc news, new york. another nba owner caught in a controversy. this time it's atlantic hawks co-owner bruce levenson. in it racist remarks tied to the hawks fan base. he said, "my feelings is that the black crowd scares away the whites and the kiss cam is too black." his solution, more cheerleaders and music for white guys. he said he is now selling his share of the team. to other sports headlines when it comes to action on the field, my friend richard lui.
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>> good monday, frances. week one of the nfl starting off with a kick in the face. antonio brown putting his heel into the punter's face mask. 15yard penalty. the failed hurdle, lands unending. pittsburgh wins it 30-27. ouch. oakland's running back, kicks the ball. who recovers it? his own quarterback. luck does not last. frances, oakland loses to the jets 19-14. fun to watch. sunday night's game, peyton manning against the colts. manning 3:00 throu manning threw three touchdowns.
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and ap grand slam crowd for serena. >> gets up to get a $4 million booty. $4 million is a lot of money. beat carolyn nasniaki and an 18th grand slam win joining chris everest and martina navratilova. >> i, bill delasio, mayor of the city of new york do hereby proclaim sunday, september 7, 2014 in the city of new york as derek jeter day. >> it was a memorable moment at yankee stadium for derek jeter day honoring the captain in his final season with a 45-minute pregame ceremony before the royals game that included baseball great cal ripken as well as six-time nba champ michael jordan. the yanks lost, though, 2-0. jeter was 1 for 3 at the plate. unstoppable. >> even with the loss, the big event a 45-minute ceremony.
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good to see. richard, thank you. time to bring you extreme weather here in southeast michigan. winds whipped storms here and twisted power lines. this morning over 200,000 have no power. in new york, a storm's raw power, a huge tree limb snaps, falls and demolishes a car. >> felt like a tornado. you saw outside, the wind was crazy. happened in like a minute and it was gone. in southern california, thanks, norbert. the tropical storm spawning drenching rains and flooding. and a dust form known as a haboob hit. keeping meteorologists busy like bill karins with our forecast and's mid-atlantic storms coming in, too? >> wasn't a great beach weekend, especially the southeast coast and florida, rain, water choppy. the biggest concern is heading out the door getting drenk chedn
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the areas of north carolina, outer banks, eventually norfolk and virginia beach. along charleston to myrtle beach, a rainy morning for you. not severe. not talking flooding, but going throughout today, tonight and continuing to rain into tomorrow, that's when we start to watch the water accumulating up to four inches possible in eastern norm carolina. we could get a little rain in d.c., philly and new york, maybe showers. not the heavy rain like the coast and continue to watch the heavy rain and flash flood threat. any life-threatening weather, likely it occurs in arizona or southern utah with hear rains and flash flooding. for your monday, the worst weather found along coastal mid-atlantic areas with cooler temperatures. really, the only hot spots, the deep south. texas is hot and steamy along with louisiana. >> can go into september and october and stilling hot there. bill, thank you. and a freak accident, a tree falls on her killing her.
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time to get down to business. gasoline prices drop over the u.s. down another two cents over the past two weeks making the trend 21 cents down over the last two-week period. prices could continue to fall through the winter. and apple, unveiling two bigger iphones improving touch response. and phone bill will go up because it will eat up a whole lot nor data. how much of a raise can you expect in 2015? a new report saying u.s. employers will plan paper raises averaging 3% noting inflation is at 2.1% with a median annual salary at $40,150 among
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america's 106 million workers. other stories making news. breaking overnight, founder of chick-fil-a died. s. truitt cathy started with one store and grew to a worth of $5 billion. trewhitt cathy was 96. and featured in nbc's "chicago fire" hit by a tree riding her bicycle. and one shot of arn experiment vaccine. in his "meet the press" intervee president obama says the u.s. has a responsibility to lend a hand in western africa. >> we have to make this a
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national security priority. >> it's going to be u.s.-led? >> as usual. >> still to come, in revelations in mcdonald's corruption scandal and government gets into minutia of all things, s'mores. "scrambled politics" is next. we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is. thlook what i got.p. oh my froot loops! [sniffs] let's do this? get up! get up! get up! get up! loop me! bring back the awesome... yeah! yeah! yeah! with the great taste of kellogg's froot loops. follow your nose!
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and never any by-products or fillers. wow! being a cat just got more enjoyabowl. fancy feast broths. wow served daily. time for your monday morning dish of scrambled politics. ahead of president obama's speech on defeating isis forces, david remnik, "world leery"
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looking into the president's foreign policy aimed at avoiding "stupid stuff." six months before virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife maureen were charged with corruption, she predicted to her manicurist her husband would be sent to jail and it would be her fault. the couple will be sentenced on january 6th. -- six, five, four, three, two, one -- kill. >> it ran only once and on this network but 50 years later this ad known as daisy, still the most infamous political ad in us history used to boldly imply his o'pone was trigger happy and all too ready to push the button on a nuclear bomb. debbie washington schultz in new jersey today to reflect on the one-year anniversary of bridgegate. she and other officials will
2:21 am
hold a news conference on their massive george washington bridge traffic scandal, still haunting the republican governor and 2016 hopeful chris christie. radio and web ads are also set to run all day. congress is back in washington this week dealing with hot button issues like the u.s. response to islamic militants, immigration and the integrity of s'mores. it went up last week suggesting different and safe ways to make s'mores while camping, including using fruit as a substitute for chocolate. house majority leader kevin mccarthy says, this perfectly captures what is wrong with our government. hard, earned tax dollars supporting bureaucrats who can't pass up an opportunity to tell us how to live our lives. that's your morning dish of "scrambled politics." all right. a lot to cover this week as we start this monday.
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joined by "weekend update" reporter. thank you for being with us, as always. the president will make an address to the nation wednesday. so what does the country need to hear from him on isis given the fact that he's not going to congress for approval to act here and given the administration's missioned messages previously there was no specific strategy? >> the biggest thing. the president is under pressure from not just republicans, but his own party on capitol hill to take stronger action and not enunciated what his strategy is for what he said yesterday on "meet the press," degrade and destroy and ultimately defeat isis in iraq and also syria. on wednesday, give a speech lay out his strategy what it means. slowly stepped up an air campaign of air strikes. we saw more of those yesterday. this in iraq, he's not talked about his plan for defeating terrorists on their home base in syria. i think that's what he's going to lay out and what it means. said it's not going to be like
2:23 am
the iraq war with boots on the ground. what exactly is the strategy? how long will we will there and what is the end result. >> all right. also, reaching a boiling point, immigration. the president 's first pledge t take action, by end of summer. now a delay. not to help em battled democrats in the midterms. it is policy, politics or both? dems like menendez and immigrants saying you're not tackling this? we feel betrayed. >> immigrant groups are very, very upset. promised a number of times by the president he would take stronger action. now delayed again. clearly a political move. more and more democrats not only in the battleground state for the senate concerned this would accrue negatively in the democrat's bid to keep the senate. the white house recognized that and feared if they dropped this and the democrats did lose the senate, immigration could be blamed, making it harder to go forward with comprehensive
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reform in the next congress or beyond. no mistake. a political move. >> thank you. >> thanks, frances. coming up, an opportunity to recapture john, paul, george and ringo. the beatles in their original form. i'll explain, next. eturn eturn with ink plus from chase. like 50,000 bonus points when i spent $5,000 in the first 3 months after i opened my account. and i earn 5 times the rewards on internet, phone services and at office supply stores. with ink plus i can choose how to redeem my points. travel, gift cards, even cash back. and my rewards points won't expire. so you can make owning a business even more rewarding. ink from chase. so you can.
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our favorite stories of the day for monday for this "first buzz." talking in the world of digital music, where are your cassettes and vinyls? >> i still have mine. >> the baetheatles, ten landmar albums released on vinyl.
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remastered recorded hits in mono. original for recording records. >> no stereo. >> how cool? don't have vinyl. remember vividly, "grease" and all-time favorite "journey escapes." loved rocking to that! >> a lot of open arms. >> you still have what? wham and -- >> lionel richies and carole king -- >> you're cool. >> my brothers have it. "off the wall" i remember, michael jackson. >> remember that thing to fill the center on the singles. very cool. at bateatles to that. harvest moon. super moon coming up? >> tonight, 9:38 we call it the harvest moon. full moon closest to the autumnal equinox to the start of fall. doesn't seem it would happen this early. one of the earliest it possibly can on the calendar and the third in the trio of super moons closest to the earth, too.
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>> okay. >> i just heard the duke and duchess expecting their second kid. just got this. amazing. >> what? great. this is "first look" on msnbc. are you preparing the country to go back to war somewhere. >> i'm preparing the country to make sure that we deal with a threat from isil. i will then meet with congressional leaders on tuesday. on wednesday i'll make a speech, and describe what our game plans are going to be going forward. so the obama strategy comes together. the president announcing a wednesday speech on his plans for confronting isis, but will he seek congressional support? take a look at this, and can we say, ouchie together. nfl season under way. nothing like a cleat in your face, to say, "game on," and double o -- what did you say? does denzel washington have fans tweeting saying he should play?
2:30 am
we'll tell you this. it's "way too early"! hey, everybody. good morning. i'm thomas roberts. it is monday, september 8th. welcome to "way too early." the show that needs a new alarm clock. we have all decided that. i just got up about 45 minutes ago. anyway -- nothing like -- ba-boom, ba-boom, when you realize you've gotten up late. a lot to get to over the weekend. catch up on nfl sports. a lot to catch up on that front as well as the u.s. open. what president obama has had that sap in his plan to rid the middle east of isis and could that plan last beyond his own term in office. that's the big question everyone is asking and the "u.s. times" reports the plan could last three years come in three phases using air strikes to halt isis an protect civilians. securing iraq's government and training its troops and finally flushing


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