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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  September 8, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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going on offense against isis. but not with a ground offensive. it's monday, september 8, and is this "now". >> the president will not hesitate to use his authority to keep the american people safe. >> president obama is preparing to address the nation wednesday. >> his battle plan against isis. >> when you start hearing about what the plan might be, it is incredibly ambitious. >> it does seem as if he's asking the country to rally around the same strategy about al qaeda. >> he'll meet with congressional leaders tomorrow. >> what ising the use of congre.
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>> i think he'll get support from america. >> they continue to pound targets. >> what is the end game. >> maybe boots on the ground will not be u.s. boots on the ground. many they will be boots from another country. >> what do you do after. who fixes syria. who is in charge of rebuilding it 37. >> there aren't any good choices and this is probably the least bad choice that we have. >> this president was elected to get the country off of war ands's not happening. good afternoon. i'm luke russert. president obama will lay out plans this week for confronting the extremist militants of isis. we've learned all senators will get a briefing on wednesday, house members on thursday. the president will make his case with congressional leaders tomorrow and in a speech to the american people on wednesday,
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where he will spell out a campaign that pentagon officials say could take years. but in an interview with chuck todd on "meet the press," the president said he's confident the united states will get the job done. >> over the course of months, we are going to be able to not just blunt the momentum of isil, we will systemically degrade their abilities, we will shrink the territory that they control. and ultimately we will defeat them. >> phase one is already you said way as the u.s. continues air strikes against isis targets in iraq. the latest strikes came today and yesterday aimed at probing the dam northwest of baghdaded as well as the base for u.s. personnel in erbil. additional steps are expected to include bolstering regional forces like iraqi army and kurdish fighters with training and equipment. but it is the final phase that presents the biggest obstacle where they have their sanctuary in syria. the president said it's part of
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an overall sustainable strategy, but it wopts mean u.s. troops on the ground. >> boots on the ground have to be iraqi. >> what about syria? >> and syria. we have a free syrian army and moderate opposition that we have steadily been working with, that we have vetted. the strategy both for iraq and for syria is that we will hunt down isil members and assets wherever they are. >> joining me now is nbc chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea michl he witchell and al andrea, one of the things chuck todd said how is this going to be rootsed out on the ground. president obama saying isis and syria could pole be taken care of with really the free syrian
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army or syrian takef with really the free syrian army or syrian fighters. richard engel said those ranksi. do they exist? >> they don't exist. and that's what richard was talking about, that's why frankly i asked the question of richard who knows that area better than any of us. because the free syrian army has been vetted and revetted. john kerry has met with them over the past two years. before that, hillary clinton was meeting with their proceed jen tors. and they have been completing for help and getting it covertly in the last year. but not the robust military aid that they needed. into yishsing a gee in order to stop isis from growing and spreading its reach. and right now, they are squeezed so badly, that if we support them to go up against isis, are we giving a pass to assad? because assad is isis' worst
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nemesis. >> a aside from the fact it looks like the free syrian army is not ready to contend with isis, that has led some folks to say possibly, okay, could the united states assemble a broad based coalition of arab nationst has led some folks to say possibly, okay, could the united states assemble a broad based coalition of arab nations, countries like turkey. they in fact have boots on the ground. in this day and anyone is thata possibility considering they nre possibility considering they e wary of being seen in partnership with the united states? >> there are no short term answers. and i think that the president is being wise and in fact very honest with the american people about the challenges that this presents and how long it will take. nobody wants to go back to war
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full scale war. but also nobody is talking about going back to full skam war. we're talking about assisting people in the region to take care of this problem which is a very long term problem but in the very short term that we the united states of america and hopefully with some allies with push back the momentum of isis and sort of prevent them from growing bigger and bigger. >> this idea of containment. some people that are talking about the possibility of a push for war or at least a push for more force are members of congress. i want to play what senator ted cruz said on the senator floor. >> it is incumbent on him to come to congress and layout his strategy so that we and the american people are clear on it. the constitution is clear, it is congress and congress only that has the constitutional authority to declare war.
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>> now, air strike started. he could get another month in there if he so desired. but it seems with the briefings of congressional leaders, the entire senate, the entire house, he's at least pushing for some semblance of maybe a vote down the line. does the president they'd on do that in this case and do you think there will be support for ongoing military action against isis? congress if. >> i think he does not believe he needs it. he does not need an authorization. he believes under the war powers act. which all presidents have interpreted similarly. which is that they don't immediate the vote. but it's good to have the buy-in. so they may need authorization for more money. i don't think he needs a vote so much as an expression from congress. he's believed all along as he said a year ago that congress should be part of this equation. but it's not the a legal determination. >> and the strategy seems to be
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tip usually evolving. so as far as president obama saying i'm going to do this, this, and this, it seems not possible to say that considering the isis threat changes every single day. >> and as he said to chuck and as he made explicit in other comments about this very thing, to protect the american people, to protect american interests on the ground, to have an emergency humanitarian air lift let's say or air drops and to protect the people who were endangered in erbil, he does not need a vote c congress. so he's notifying congress, but not asking for authorization. >> janine, there is a lot of talk of american personnel being engaged in this effort against isis. the broadband coalition as we spoke earlier. however one effective tool that isis has which is not an armament is that of social media. very effective propaganda machine that they have been
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pushing through the arab world, getting western islamists to join the fight in syria, in iraq. what account the united states do and what can these arab countries do to push back on isis and their social media prowess?and what can these arab countries do to push back on isis and their social media prowess? >> they have an incredible social media machine. countries have fried tried to s down and that won't happen. i think this is again where you have to have a very long term approach to systemically and generationally countering this narrative. i mean, it's really sad, but every time isis does something barbaric and demonstrates that they can do this kind of thing, they actually get more recruits. and so there is something that appeals to these young men and some women that are joining this group. and i think that this is one of the reasons why short term action, short term military
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action, actually against isis can actually help. because the message that they're sending out is that they are taking to syria, they're taking to the americans. and that they are the strong ones. and that narrative needs to be countered not just with words, but also with action. and it spisn't going to happen the short term, but it can begin and needs to continue over time. >> and they certainly displayed a level of strength that no one thought possible just a few years ago when all this started. andrea mitchell, thank you so much. janine davidson, we appreciate it. of course you can catch andrea every weekday on andrea mitchell reports at noon eastern on msnbc. coming up, a picture or video is worth 1,000 words. today more than six months after security cameras caught ray rice punching his fiance, the baltimore ravens terminated his contract. the team made that decision only after the graphic video went
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contract terminated. the baltimore ravens have cut running back ray rice, announcing the move in a tweet this afternoon. that was quickly followed by a decision from the nfl to suspend rice indefinitely. the swift action comes after a new video was released by tmz sports. warning, the video you're about to see is extremely graphic. the footage shows rice punching his how wife inside an elevator at a hotel in atlantic city, new jersey. when palmer tries to fight back, rice hits her again. this time knocking his then fiance to the floor. he then drags her unconscious into the hallway and kicks her again. today was the first time the
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video of rice punching palmer was seen publicly. footage the nfl claims it had not seen until today. tmz had already released part of the surveillance video in february, but it took months for the nfl to respond. this july, league commissioner roger goodell suspended rice without pay for the first two games of the regular season. that action was widely criticized as insufficient. certainly insufficient that goodell was forced to toughen the policy to six games. in march, rice send an intervention program in order to avoid jail time. joining me how is sean gregory. obviously what ray rice did was horrendous. nothing like that should ever be seen publicly and should never be done by anybody towards anybody, much less your fiance. but what is at hand here is this this question about when the nfl
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specifically saw this video. they claim that today was the first time they saw it when it was released by tmz, but there a lot of powerful reporters that reported months ago the nfl had seen video of what happened inside the elevator. this is the start of a large scale headache for the nfl about what did they know and when did they know it. >> exactly. you have a situation whereas you said there were many prominent reporters saying the nfl had seen the elevator tape. you now, if that wasn't the cares, why wasn case, why wasn't the nfl denying these reports? so a big mystery. somebody is lying and you have this breach of trust with the nfl. this would game suspension obviously backfired, wasn't enough, was foolhardy.
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so now they suspend him indefinitely. they had to do that. there was no way ray rice could get on a field anytime soon with that image in everybody's head. >> and a lot of questions about if in fact they had a problem that they had never seen the video, why did they not say to the reporters you have that fact wrong back when they reported it months ago. i want to go to the baltimore ravens. as a team, they also have explaining to do. they released a tweet saying that his fiance regretted her role. but the ravens presumably from reporting we understand stood from the time had seen this tape.
1:18 pm
just the fact that the ravens were kecontent with the two gam suspension, they in fact cut him today after the video went public and there was enormous pressure, but they have a lot to explain. >> they look really bad. they did nothing to support themselves. they held this press conference with ray rice and his fiance, which was very bad. that's when she said what she said. and quote/unquote apologizing for her role. john harbaugh said ray rice is a heck of a guy. they had a pr official. it's one thing to support a guy, but even without the video, you know something really bad happened. you have to show some distance and some discipline. when goodell suspended rice for two garnlgs nothing stopping the
1:19 pm
ravens from coming down with a more justified penalty either. >> and there is precedence, the late great wife of bob kraft told her husband to cut a play are by the name of christian peter because of a sexual assault charge he had in nebraska. so there is a press department for these sort of personal conduct policies. and turn to the nfl, though.dep for these sort of personal conduct policies. and turn to the nfl, though. after what happened with ray rice, widely believed the two game suspension was a complete botch, he moved it to a six game suspension for first time offend derks life time ban for the second. but the target now is out on the nfl. is there a chance they might have to change this policy to make it even more stringent or is this what they will stick with right now? >> that six game suspension for first time offenders has this this clause about mitigating factors. and if you would have seen a video like today some other player doing the same thing ray rice did, my gut feeling six games does not seem like it would be enough.
1:20 pm
>> i couldn't agree more. sean gregory, thanks so much for discussing this story. something that sports fan, nonsports fan alike should pay attention to. this a multibillion-dollar business that allowed this type of individuvideo to be seen wit doing the right thing. after the break, president obama delays on action on immigration again. meanwhile immigration lawyers on the border says the government has set up a fast tract. we'll get a report from south texas. kt. we'll get a report from south texas. . we'll get a report from south texas. background.) (loud engine sounds!) what! how's it going? heard you need a ride to school. i know just the thing to help you get going. power up with new cheerios protein. ugh. heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit.
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this problem with unaccompanied children that we saw a couple weeks ago where you had from central america a surge of kids showing up at the border lot got a lot of attention. and a lot of americans started
1:24 pm
thinking we have this immigration crisis on our hands. >> that was president obama on nbc's "meet the press" saying this sum are's border crisis led in part to his delay of taking action on immigration. well, will that crisis is ongoing. this afternoon children of deportees gathered outside the white house asking the president to end those deportations and unaccompanied kids who crossed the border are now entering american classrooms as schools fill up to absorb them. these children are also tasked with of that debating the high pressures of immigration law. it all comes with added urgency due to new policy speeding up judicial reviews known as rocket docket. alexandria pelosi reporting. >> i'm an immigration attorney. we've been receiving an influx of clients and inquiries from children, young children, there a few months old all the way to 17, 18 years old. >> you can explain these rocket
1:25 pm
dock ketds we'ets we're seeing? >> it's a fast track way for the immigration system to process unaccompanied minor children. and what this translates to in reality is a fast track to deportation rather than assistance and counsel. >> what did you tell the judge? >> he explained that he can't go back because of the mistreatment and the abuses he suffered in guatemala. and that he wishes to receive protection here in the united states. >> we have children who are fleeing from pretty severe persecution, often especially the girls. >> what will happen if we sent you home? >> they will kill me and they will kill my family. >> we've had students whose whole families were killed. and so if you come home from school, and your family has been killed, you leave.
1:26 pm
>> i come here with my brother. we come because we had a lot of promise here. gangs are trying to get all the little kids. >> what rocket docket is doing is requiring these children to find attorneys and find representation and build up their cases, put together a full claim. and a much faster period of time within months. bigger picture takeaway is these children are not being granted due process. they should be entitled to being appointed full counsel and representation. i see a gap in the access to counsel and due process for children. >> and we'll talk about that with democratic congressman luis guttierez who responded saying the president is, quote, walking away from our values and our principles. i'll speak with the congressman next. do you have something for pain? i have bayer aspirin. i'm not having a heart attack, it's my back.
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i don't prefer taking administration difference actioactiodmin straadmin. i will continue to reach out to house republicans. maybe it will be after midterms when they're less worried about politics. >> back in june, president obama promised executive action on immigration by the end of the summer. and accused republicans of playing politics. but now the president's decision to punt after the midterms is resulting in the same charge being leveled against the white house. and not just by republicans, but by the president's usual allies. >> it's clear that playing if safe is what is going on by the
1:31 pm
white house and that means walking away from our values. >> both parties are not able to handle the issue. and right now, the message to latino voters is that neither party has our back. >> we should be getting it done now instead of after the elections. when president obama said to us i'm going to get something done and you'll know by august, it is a disappoint, it is a frustration. >> even white house officials tried to explain the decision arguing that any executive action before the midterms followed by a loss of the ballot box would set the cause back years. not everyone was buying it. it was called a breathtakingly harsh and short sighted political miscalculation. in his "meet the press" interview, the president denied raw politics were behind miss decision. >> that's not the reason. i'm going to act because it's the right thing for the country. but it's going to be more sustainable and more effective
1:32 pm
if the public understands what the facts are on immigration, what we've done on unaccompanied children and why it's necessary. >> those scenes ever unaccompanied minors flooding the southern border took their toll on red state democrats who were hammered in tv ads for being soft on border security. but that crisis has largely disappeared. today the department of homeland security announced the number of children crossing the border has dropped significantly from more than 10,000 in june to just 3,000 last month. allies are drawing attention to the human cost. namely the estimated 60,000 to 70,000 undocumented people likely to be deported between now and after the midterm elections. joining me now is democratic representative from illinois for the district and chairman of the immigration tax force and congress at his pan he can
1:33 pm
caucus, congressman guttierez. thanks very much for being on the show. >> a pleasure. >> did the white house make a mistake in doing this is this your open hometown newspaper saying obama's immigration decision could hurt dems in illinois. i've spoken to a few other operatives who say at this point, we're already so far tied with the latino population within this country, they would have probably helped us, maybe gubernatorial races in florida, possibly wisconsin. was this a mistake politically by the white house? >> i think as i said, playing it safe, sometimes you win. but sometimes you can also lose and there is a miscalculation. i think that you really repress the vote. in the immigrant community and in illinois, there are latino, asian, young voters. people from africa. people from europe. there is a whole immigrant
1:34 pm
community that is very diverse, comes from all the different regions of the world. now we have to really struggle with them because what happens here is the people then decide i'm not going to vote. and they say because the democrats aren't with us, they don't have our back. they're acting spinelessly. and so we're not going to vote. the problem with that is that you have no greater champion than senator dick durbin in the senate for immigrants and if we don't reelect them and you withdraw your vote and you don't participate, then what you are doing is weakening your position even further. we need to make sure that we have champions in washington, d.c. when the president does make the decision because he will make it in november. look, we can't revert. they made the state a haven of protection for our immigrant, a
1:35 pm
welcoming place. we need to reelect them. but it makes our job harder. >> on that point -- >> there may be consequences that we don't see. >> there is speculation that i've heard from some latino democratic operatives who say, you know, what the party could be taking latinos for granted. george w. bush got aroundtino v. obviously mitt romney got trounced. but let's say down the line maybe by 2016 the republican party comes to its senses and decides they will have some sort of immigration reform that they find that they can digest. is the democrat he can party at risk of a long term alienation of a latino vote because of actions such as this by the white house? >> you you know, one time, two times, you know, i'm really
1:36 pm
happy there isn't a three strikes and you're out rule when it comes to the commitments. or weeding o' we'd be out. having said that, there are 600,000 young immigrant youth out there with work permits that are not deportable because the president took action. we have saved countless others from deportation by working to change the rules and the prioritization in this administration. and let's face it, all of the democrats in the senate voted for comprehensive immigration reform when the package came through last summer. so there is a difference in the parties. so the problem is that we keep negotiating with conservative democrat democrats. when we had a majority in the senate, we let conservative democrats leads the way and we can't let conservative democrats and republicans dictate the pace
1:37 pm
of justice that we will take for our immigrant. >> very important point. the dream act, they weren't able to go closure because red state democrats would not. thanks so much for being on the show. joining me now is julie pace. julie, thanks so much for being on the program. and interesting the democrat he can party could not run faster back in 2012. it's credited with president obama's resounding victory turning out states like florida, turning out places like colorado p. and then two years later seemingly running away because of the fear what have could happen to red state democrats in louisiana, in arc you saw, possibly in alaska. what led to this quick turnaround and the white house admitting her doing something for political reasons? which we don't see all that often being admitted.
1:38 pm
>> yeah, we often know things are be done for political reasons. less often that we hear officials admit to such. basically what the white house is doing is banking on the fact that democrats did vote for comprehend heavsive immigration reform, but democrats would vote for it, that president obama did the dream act. that all still will appeal to latino voters come 2016 and in these midterm elections. and that the president once he does act will do something significant enough through executive actions that it might wash away the turt feelings we'hurt feelings we're seeing right now. >> is that the right play? our recent polling, in arkansas, mark pryor down fire. mcconnell up eight on grimes.
1:39 pm
uhdall is up six. already a difficult swituation, yp move forward and have the latino group in your corner in a fired up way? >> it's a real gamble especially given the fact there is no question it appears over whether the president will do something eventually. it's just whether he would have done it before the election or after. so in same argument about presidential overreach, about whether would he will do is legal could still be used by republicans. and in the senate, tough senate race, really colorado the only place where there is a large hispanic population and could have helped the democratic candidate there. >> julie pace of the amount of p sta ap who is standing taller after the buff buffalo victory, thank you. just ahead, remember what happened in ft. lee, new jersey?
1:40 pm
>> gw bridge is totally gridlocked. if you can come up another road. >> we're getting calls from irate motorists. >> you're aware the town is at whole gridlock. >> what a day that was. we'll discuss the impact of bridgegate on governor christie's political future. dad, i know i haven't said this often enough, but thank you. thank you mom for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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1:44 pm
charles, william and george. skipping ahead of uncle prince harry. but that news didn't seem to bother prince harry too much. >> the family continues to grow and of course with that, your prospects of becoming king reduced. >> great. >> prince harry doesn't care. less attention on him and his marital exploits. let's go now to josh lipton for the market wrap. >> here is a look at how stocks stand going into tomorrow. u.s. stocks mostly declining with energy producers leading the way. oil dropped to a multimonth low. dow dropping 26 points. s&p 500 fell six. nasdaq gaining nine. that's it from cnbc first in business worldwide. time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. ellen is the other than of the perennial gardner in fort collin, colorado.
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it's new jersey governor chris christie's least favorite anniversary. one year ago, two lanes on the
1:48 pm
george washington bridge were closed to traffic from ft. lee, new jersey resulting in four days of backup, sgrgridlock and year political headache for a man widely expected to have his eyes on the white house in 2016. so how is chris christie marking the anniversary? by ignoring it. he's fresh off a three day trade mission. as the "new york times" reports, war room set up for christie staff filled with all hours of lab top wielding aides and beef medallions. today christie is in central new jersey for a fund-raiser with paul lepage today national democrat being committee has a web ad hitting people living or commuting on either side of the george washington bridge. and debbie wass eserman schultzs
1:49 pm
on hand for a press conference to remind voters of the scandal. joining me now is i had he had tore in chief of main justice. mary, where does the investigation into chris christie, where does it stand? >> there are two investigations. and it hasn't gotten a lot of attention recently, but they are proceeding. and this is the sort of sleeper hin thing. the narrative is that it is behind him, but the investigations are proceeding. we don't know what they will charge if anything. but they're coming along and talking to witnesses.
1:50 pm
and developing cases. >> hunter, it seems that it's a foregone conclusion that chris christie wants to run for bridg
1:51 pm
the future. >> absolutely. and just last week, we saw new jersey's credit rating get down graded again. not a record anyone running for president wants. so that's another reason you're seeing democrats pile on with the bridgegate stuff. these other issues may be just as serious. >> and mary, in terms of the investigation, we obviously said there is a state level and a federal level. and it's ongoing. do we have any projection on the
1:52 pm
time line of what the results could be made public some do we expect the federal or state one on go first? >> well, there is something of a little bit of a competition between the two because whoever comes first will get a lot of the attention. but i don't think that that is the motivating factor. i think both prosecutors have decided that they will not work together necessarily, but proceed along parallel lines. they may coordinate if there is an announcement to be made. but it takes as long as it takes. pau paul fishman won't rush thinking. but you can't let it go on forever. >> and their defense has been that the governor himself was never directly involved or knew that this was happening. what is the worst case scenario for chris christie, that somehow it's proved by either the feds or the state that he was
1:53 pm
involved in this and what could come? >> well, for a prosecutor having a public corruption charge is a major feather in the cap. look at bob mcdonnell in virginia. they will go after someone if they think they have the case. mcdonnell very closely connected. we'll have to see if they can make it. >> see if they can make the connection. and hunter, real quick, there is some folks i've spoken to on the republican side that say this is a waste of resources by the dnc. a few months away from the midterms trying to muddy up christie years away from 2016. even though it's a web ad. are the dems throwing out the resources a little too early? >> well, as you were saying
1:54 pm
today, he's out fund raising, he's shown some power to do so. as we were saying before, his poll numbers have stabilized. so it does seem like they view him as as legitimate threat and they want to keep it on people's minds. >> hupnt will hunter walker and mary jacoby, than thanks. coming up, we'll tell you what brought presidents 42 and 43 together. [ breathing deeply ] [ inhales deeply ] [ sighs ] [ inhales ] [ male announcer ] at cvs health, we took a deep breath... [ inhales, exhales ] [ male announcer ] and made the decision to quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. now we invite smokers to quit, too, with our comprehensive program. we just want to help everyone, everywhere, breathe a little easier.
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1:58 pm
in washington. bill clinton and george w. bush announced the creation of the presidential leadership scholars, a program designed to te teach leadership skills. >> a great test is how to have vigorous debate, serious disagreement, thok down drag out fights. if you read the constitution it ought to be subtitled let's make a deal. >> but it wasn't all business. the pair discussed president clinton's new family role becoming a grandfather. >> it will be an awesome period for you. and get ready to also be like the lowest person in the pecking order in your family.
1:59 pm
>> only two people have this number, both related to me. i hope i'm not being told i'm about to become a premature grandfather. >> that's right. yeah. that would make national news. >> as for another clinton/bush match-up, even w seemed to be hand capping his brother jeb. >> a woman asked what about another clinton/bush match-up and my answer was the first one didn't turn out too good. >> that's all for you now. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. eastern. shout out to john dingell. get well soon, sir. thanks for watching. the ed show oig is up next. if evening and welcome to the ed show live from new york. let's get to work.
2:00 pm
>> i replay over and over. >> rice was arrested in february after assaults his thousand wife. >> her pain is my pain. >> rice received only a two game suspension which led commissioner goodell to say he didn't get it right. >> this happened with me and i my wife. everybody questioned what happened. >> video showing domestic violence incident. >> ravens have terminated ray rice's contract this afternoon. >> suspended indefinitely by the nfl. >> something i have to live with the rest of my life. good to have you with us. thanks for watching. we start with breaking news. the baltimore ravens and nfl have cut ray rice. this morning new shocking video, are on you at least video


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