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tv   The Reid Report  MSNBC  September 9, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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its video game madden nfl 15. the baltimore ravens are offering to exchange ray rice jerseys at stadium stores. also this hoir, vice president joe biden is speaking at national archives about the historic violence against women act, che drawhich he drafted and by congress 20 years ago this week. there's perhaps no greater irony in that anniversary than for janay rice, whose beating at the hands of her then-fiancee played out across television and cable news yesterday, including this program. and who's now speaking out on instagram, denouncing the media and defending her husband in a post which "the baltimore sun" published today. in part, i woke up feeling like i had a horrible nightmare. this is our life. what you all don't get. just know we will continue to grow and show the world what real love is. ravensnation, we love you. but today there is broad and deep skepticism that a stable of
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nfl investigators and, it's worthwhile to point out the investigators consist of largely former secret service and fbi agents and they were somehow unable to get their hands on this hotel surveillance video but that tmz sports could. today the tabloid website is boldly questioning whether nfl commissioner roger goodell was, quote, in the dark by choice. with multiple sources telling tmz sports the casino made a copy of the elevator surveillance video for police and rice's lawyer had a copy of the video, which he got in the criminal case. yesterday the league issued a statement saying, unequivocally they requested from law enforcement any and all information, including from inside the elevator, but the video was not made available to us and no one in our office saw it until it was released by tmz, quote/unquote. the question asked by some today is was the nfl willfully ignorant or just ignorant of the
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reality of domestic violence. rob from espn sports. they deny they knew anything about the video but they employ former fbi agents, secret service agents. i'm getting a sense of a lot of skepticism they couldn't have gotten a hold of this video. >> i think a lot of people are skeptical of that. joy, a lot goes back to the original two-game suspension ray rice got. i think the only possible answer in a lot of people's minds as to why he got such a light suspension is because the nfl believed or had some reason to believe that what happened inside elevator, before we saw him dragging janay palmer rice out of that video, was not as bad as it might have been. maybe there were mitigating circumstances or something happened inside the elevator that weren't so horrible. once that tape from inside the
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elevator came out, there was simply no explanation left to give. and i think the issue is, if the nfl thought perhaps something happened that mitigated it inside the elevator, shouldn't they have, couldn't they have tried to get that tape? shouldn't they have taken every step possible to get it? it does seem pretty clear that they didn't do everything possible to get it, given that it was there. it was available and possible to obtain. so, i think that becomes a very hard question for the nfl to answer. >> i mean, rob, look, this is a league that exerts incredible control over the lives -- the personal lives of its players. if somebody something drugs, they can suspend them for that and longer than two games typically. there is obviously a union contract. would it not allow the nfl to go to ray rice's lawyer, who gets discovery, who gets this video, who gets all the evidence against him, because he has a court case, and say, produce everything that you have? >> yeah, there's nothing that would have prevented the nfl
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from doing that. from at least making the request. they had a disciplinary hearing, ray rice, janay palmer attended that hearing. they could have said, we want all possible evidence, including a tape of what happened inside the elevator. now, if ray rice had refused that request, the nfl could have either, a, tried other means to get that or they could have held that somehow against ray rice in the decision that was made to suspend him for two games. they certainly have the ability to put pressure, to do more than it seems they did to get that tape. and, again, i think that's an issue that people are struggling with today. but, you know, the other issue a lot of people are asking is, did they really need the tape? i mean, was that tape really a surprise at the end of the day? did we need to see the tape to know essentially that what happened inside the elevator was a horrible, horrible incident? >> rob, stay with us. joining us now, i'm going to bring in shauna thomas, founder of a women's right group, and
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roman obin is a former nfl player. we just got new information in. ray rice actually made brief comments to espn earlier. he said, i have to be strong with my wife. she is so strong. we are in good spirits. we have a lot of people praying for us and we will continue to support each other. i have to be there for janay and my family right now and work through this. the previous statements we heard from ray rice were all about apologizing to the fans, the team and the coach. to my knowledge, this is the first time we've heard him speak directly about janay. is that surprising to you? >> it is. you know, but the fact that jay nay was brought into the spotlight makes it not surprising he would start to do it now. it is remarkably shameful that janay rice has to go through this revictimization of this video circulated without per permission in order for the ravens and nfl to pay attention and for them to be sufficient pr pressure for them to do the right thing. >> i want to talk to you guys
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because you played in this league. there are a few things in the way this played out that a lot of people are saying is symptomatic of an attitude -- maybe an attitudal problem, whether it's in our society or the league. i want to play you the coach of the ravens, statement he made directly after the initial wave of this incident, when the only thing we saw was the aftermath of janay being pulled out of the elevator. then i'll play you with what he said more recently. let's start with the original comments back in july. >> it's really -- it's not a big deal. it's just part of the process. we always said from the beginning the circumstances would determine the consequences. there are consequences when you make a mistake like that. i stand behind ray. he's a heck of a guy. he's done everything since. he makes a mistake. he has to pay a consequence. it's good for kids to understand it works that way. that's how it works. that's how it should be. we'll move forward. the next guy will have to step up and ray will be back, you know, when the time comes. it's not something we're
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dwelling on. as you say, we're not worry being it. we're just moving forward. nothing but hope and goodwill for ray and janay. and we'll do whatever we can going forward to help them as they go forward and try to make the best of it. it's something we saw for the first time today. all of us. and it changed things, of course. you know, it made things a little bit different. >> just sort of the attitude in the first instance of not really seeming that outraged, is that a symptom of something we should be paying attention to inside nfl culture? >> in a respect, yes. when you look at an nfl player, we take something so seriously that should not be taken seriously. it's a game, right? so, when it comes to things outside locker rooms, we are koointd kind -- not desensitized, we need to look at things differently. we pay a kid's game for a king's ransom.
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for something like this happens that's such a serious thing, at times we don't process it that fast. roman will tell you this, you know, when these type of things happen, there are rules put in place. now we'll have a ray rice rule. and that is a rule that no nfl player, no professional athlete at all wants to be associated with the guy that's named after something like that. >> explain the rule a little bit quickly. >> the rule is going to be, if you have any domestic violence case, you're going to be suspended six games or thrown out of the league. that is -- it's kind of like when the deion sanders rule came out at first. i saw moell more engineer sis t anybody else, i should get more money. if you're part of the deion sanders rule, that's awesome. if you're part of the ray rice rule, you're a leper. >> a lot of women who watch football, are football fans. i grew up as one of them. the overall message of the league is macho. it's a very manly, a very violent sport. does that in a sense desense
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tight people to deeply understanding if a fellow player, if a friend, a brother, has done something horrible? >> you played with ray rice. i did a coaching internship when harbaugh's staff first got there. coaches are the last people to know. they get that 4 a.m. phone call, then the 9 a.m. press conference. that first video you showed, he had to say those things. unfortunately, we live in retrospect. we live in, had we done things differently, had we done this in february, march, we would have done things differently. had he gotten four-game suspension in the beginning, we may not be here now. we live in retrospect. you break the huddle, go home to your families, there's an assumption you are doing the right things at home. we've dealt with alcohol issues, drugs for teammates, but you don't know how he handles his wife, his kids, his situation at home. you home you don't become a part of that. >> you also want to think, first of all, nfl players, because
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we're big, strong, fast, you were not born like this. they're people first. ray is a guy first. the thing that shocked me, and i still live in this part of the country, the thing this shocked me is every locker room, roman will tell you, certain guys you can point out and say, he saved a cat from a tree. that guy makes sense. something like this happens you say, you know, sometimes that guy, that makes sense. but this didn't make sense. i was at a high school football game friday, he was there. they were playing against a team from new jersey. there was a buzz inside the school, ray rice is here. ray rice is here. he stood and signed every piece of paper and took every picture anybody wanted to. he talked to everybody. there was this healing process. and then this happens, and it literally pulls all the bricks and seat from under you. it's such a sad, sad -- >> is that part of the issue? first of all, you know, the guys that are playing with a ray rice, see him as the good guy,
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and there really isn't any deeper look into it. does that make it harder for a janay rice to, a, be believed or, b, be supported? she stayed with him. look at her face in that press conference. people are mitigating her status as a victim because she stayed. >> look, we know how hard it is for survivors of domestic violence, period. to come out and be straightforward and honest about what's happened with them and to get out of the situation. i can't imagine what it's like for somebody like janay rice. that's if she wanted to, frankly. this is not just an nfl problem. this is an american problem. one in four women will experience domestic violence in the course of her life. so, if there's something that comes out of this that is good, and we hope that there is, it's that more people are aware of the fact that domestic violence is the significant problem that it is. and, you know, and that we are
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taking action at a much larger rate to stop men from becoming a ray rice. >> shauna, did it surprise you the statement that was put out by janay rice, the very supportive statement you saw her issue? >> no, it didn't. i don't think -- you know, i don't think it's surprising at all, frankly. have i no idea what it's like to be janay rice. can't imagine what it's like having a video like that circulated without my permission and the impact that would have on me and my family. but what we do know is that it is a trend, people who have survived domestic violence have a very difficult time escaping from this situation. so, we can't know what's going on with her. but i'm not surprised. >> let's get last words. trevor? >> first of all, she should have consulted a pr agency before she did that because that threw a bunch of irons in the fire and made things worse. second, my wife read it this morning and my wife said she was shocked when she read it.
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left it at that. i'm not going to argue with you on that but she was shocked and appalled. >> is there any way, roman, this does not sort of cause a major conflict that doesn't just start with ray rice? there's criticisms of goodell, criticism of the coach. it's beyond ray rice. >> you think of ala katrina/fema, the president had to go down. somebody is going to go down because of this. i think that's what's coming. everyone's had -- held fast to their statement of, we didn't know, we didn't see a video. we're all just seeing it yesterday morning. but i think in the bigger picture, you just hope that all this -- these unreported incidents of domestic violence start to become reported. women start to report these. men say, i don't want to lose my job, my life like ray rice, let me consider and get more educated so this doesn't happen to more people. >> the ray rice rule, that's it. >> hopefully more people will learn from it. trevor pryce, roman, shauna
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welcome back. about one hour from now, congressional leaders from both parties will head to the white house for a meeting with president obama. the topic, what he plans to tell the nation in a prime time address tomorrow night. about his strategy to confront the terrorist group isis. it comes after meeting this morning with secretary of state john kerry who left just a short while ago to meet with his foreign counterparts in the middle east where he's trying to
11:18 am
build an international coalition to join the u.s. efforts in the confronting threat posed by isis. nns's kelly o'donnell joins us from capitol hill. what can we expect the president to say now that he's in prime time? >> that certainly amps up the level by which the country should judge this speech. typically when the president goes to the networks and asks for that broadcast time, it puts it at a different level. and the press secretary was asked about that question and he asked about the stakes involved here. with the top congressional leaders, so we're talking about speaker boehner, leader pelosi, minority lead mcconnell, they don't get together as that small group all that often, so this is an important meeting for them to talk about what steps congress could provide if the president has a specific request. for the last few days we've been hearing there may not be a specific action the president will ask of congress, meaning specifically asking for some type of authorization or some
11:19 am
additional funding. but that wouldn't mean congress couldn't offer that. we're already seeing some members of some party suggesting resolution or authorizations, putting language down about what the president could do. the dividing line here seems to be whether those in congress believes if the president were to take action that goes into syria, that that would be a different level of involvement that many believe would require congress getting on board and taking a vote and having a full debate. we'll see if that goes forward. that meeting in an hour will be critical in laying the groundwork here. >> thanks very much, kelly o'donnell. appreciate it. earlier today gop house speaker john boehner was questioned at length about whether the u.s. should attack isis and his response to every question appeared to be designed to highlight the one thing that republicans say is missing from white house foreign policy. >> what i'm hoping to hear from the president today is a strategy. >> what we need is a strategy. >> until there is a strategy.
11:20 am
>> i am looking for a strategy from the president. >> it's not a key question because we don't know what the strategy is. >> i'm hoping the president will outline his strategy for how we're going to deal with it. >> former governor bill richardson, former ambassador to the united nations. mr. ambassador, thank you for being here. >> thank you, joy. nice to be with you. >> let's start with that, because you do have the sort of seeds of a strategy starting to come together in what we're hearing both from the white house and from john kerry. in kerry's case, he's talking about putting a coalition heavy on actors within the middle east. kerry said the following today, he said make no mistake. these are efforts we and our partner around the globe are already taking in the middle east, saudi arabia and kuwait, have poured millions into humanitarian assistance. the uae has agreed to take on isil networks and beat back against the ideological propaganda. none of that sounds like actual
11:21 am
on the ground military assistance in this effort. >> nonetheless, joy, for instance, the arab league, that's 18 countries led by egypt, have also pledged support. so, what i think the president is doing is what president bush did in gulf war one, assembling a coalition, preparing the congress for potential action, but also leaving some room for a final determination of what kind of strategy. in president obama's case, does this strategy also involve bombing syria? i don't think that decision has been made but if it is going to be made, you want to have broad support among arab countries, european countries. the europeans can't do the air strikes alone. we need our european friends, we need the uae, we need saudi arabia, we need arabs to cut off funding from isis. what is very realistic is congress is only going to be in
11:22 am
for maybe 20 days. they want to get out and campaign. so there's a lot of skiddishness among republicans about giving the president a vote on military action. they don't want to give him that potential victory. then democrats have a base of -- i won't call it anti-war base, but that's tugging at them. you're not seeing congress unanimously come out and say, hey, you need an authorization from us to proceed. there's a little political skiddishness because of the upcoming election. >> that's a very astute observation. you already had republican jack kingston out of georgia say, let's stay on the sidelines, bomb the place, tell us about it later. republicans and democrats are out there saying, you have republicans who would rather denounce the president and democrats who would rather say, it's great. you do have that political issue. here's the question, and this is what's tricky, if the united states were to take action that went into syria, that crossed into the syrian border, is this
11:23 am
a situation like we had in pakistan when the u.s. went after osama bin laden without the permission of the pakistani government? in this case, would you need what we had at that time, which is a broad authorization to use force in the, quote, war on terror? does congress have to weigh in before the president could take that kind of a step? >> well, i think the logistical answer to that, joy, is congress is going to be adjourning before any decision like that is made. so, that is something the president has to take into account. my view is the president would opt to take authority without going to congress. in other words, proceed with the air strikes. now, what is also very interesting here is that if we do bomb into syria, we're not doing that to help president assad, who we despise, we to want dislodge. so, technically it can be stated we're not necessarily aiding the existing regime. obviously, assad, i don't think,
11:24 am
is going to ask us to intervene, although he might do that. so, there's a lot of tricky circumstances, but i think what the president is doing is correct. going to the congress, bringing the congressional leadership, giving a speech to the american people. you know, this president also knows the american people, as much as they hate isis and the beheading, they're war-weary. we have all these veterans coming back that are hurt. we've spent billions in iraq and afghanistan. the president was elected, basically saying, i'm going to get assad of these entanglements that haven't worked. he's also reflecting the will of the american people that are still war-weary. they want to take action and do something about isis, but they want their president to be deliberate and be careful. and i think that's what president obama's doing. >> that's why he got elected. former governor and former ambassador, bill richardson, thank you for being here. president obama will make
11:25 am
his case to the american public in a prime time address tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. eastern standard time. keep it right here on nbc for live coverage and analysis. three things to know on this tuesday. a fourth ebola patient arrived at emory hospital in atlanta this morning. the name of the patient has not been released but the state department says he or she was a doctor infected in sierra leone. congress is trying to avert another government shutdown. they are to introduce a continuing resolution to fund the government through the end of the year. if they don't account, washington would run out of money at the end of this month. and a federal judge has just handed a new 21-year prison sentence to jose padilla. if you don't remember that name, in 2007, padilla was convicted of providing material support to al qaeda after being held at an enemy combatant for 3 1/2 years. originally got a 17 hive year sentence but an appeals court ruled that was too short of a time.
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weight watchers because it works. it's time for the tweet and they respond to ray rice. his why, janay rice is seeing her name trend on twitter. she defended her husband and some are questioning her choice. others remind us, quote, all these folks trashing women, staying in abusive situations, have no clue what happens the moment you reach for a door handle. on the hashtags, brave survivors are exposing the vicious cycle of abuse. #whyistayed one woman tweeted, because i never thought he would cross the boundary and hit me. #whyileft because i didn't want my daughter to think it was okay. one man tweeted i stayed because men are supposed to take it.
11:30 am
men get beaten, too. never again. you're calling these hashtags a must read and sharing your empathy. reading why the hashtags is heartbreaking, one person shared. i admire anyone who can get out of an abusive relationship. some question the fairness of a possible lifetime ban if it were to happen. overwhelmingly, though, you don't think his nfl suspension is enough. some note that a soldier would be court-martialed. at the heart of this strategy, you're sending heart-felt messages wishing the ray rice family healing, strength and some peace in the midst of this madness. msnbc is covering the issue of domestic violence with actress and survivor who exposes the issue her-n her new movie "no good deed" and you can catch the interview on join the conversation with fellow reiders on instagram,
11:31 am
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jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. welcome back to "the reid report." here's what we're watching this hour. president obama will meet with congressional leaders about a half hour from now where he will spell out his strategy for confronting the terror threat posed by isis. the meeting comes before the president's prime time address by the american people. mitch mcconnell previewed what he hoped to hear from the president today. >> i don't think it will be a surprise to any of you. it's my view and the view of, i think, clear majority of the republican conference in the senate and a guess a lot of democrats as well, that the president should come up with a strategy, present it to the
11:35 am
congress, and give us a clear indication of how he intends to defeat isil. >> the backlash builds against the nfl over whether the league should have done more to punish ravens running back ray rice following february's domestic violence incident at an atlantic city hotel. they maintain the video showing rice punching and knocking out his now wife was not available. league officials maintain the first time they saw it was monday when it was posted on tmz. final primary day of the 2014 cycle. voters are heading to the poles but the story tonight isn't about who wins but how big the margins will be as the midterm race hits the final stretch. go vote. right now, city council leaders in ferguson, missouri, are preparing to meet for the first time since michael brown's death. tonight's meeting prescheduled from -- rescheduled, i should say, from a previous date to find a larger space to house all
11:36 am
of those interested in attending, will highlight several new initiatives the city is rolling out. including a civilian-led police review board. reducing revenue from court and traffic fines that fund the city. and new investments in community infrastructure. but the question is, will these reforms help this embattled community begin to heal. the co-founder of hands up united, a member of his group will be at tonight's city council meeting. so, montega, what is it your group loo wik to see come out of the meeting? we've gotten a preview of what the city says it will do. is that enough? >> no, not by a longshot. while we celebrate with the residents of ferguson, this is something they won by being in the field. he know the truth is, this is not enough. this is one done, 90 to go. we need to see broad-ranging changes happen not only in ferguson but other municipalities that surround it. >> just in looking at one of the things they did say they were going to do, because according to a lot of the reporting, part
11:37 am
of the tension is because you have this constant series of traffic stops of mostly african-american residents. in ferguson, court fines and fees from those traffic stops account for $2.6 million in the last fiscal year of their budget, which is nearly a fifth of the city's budget. that's twice as much as the city collected two years earlier. what is scaling back those traffic stops in and of itself reduce the contact between this police department and civilians until the police department gets itself together? >> well, i think that's going to be one part of it. but the question for us is really going to be, what's going to happen after the warrant recall? we need long-term, systematic change to reduce the amount of arrests, searches. the way the county operates now, many municipalities operate with long-standing broken policies that need to be reviewed. they need to be changed. and in order to really transform this, again, this can't stop with ferguson. we give them credit for making an effort, but it can't stop
11:38 am
with one time changing the bench warrant. we need more from them and the other counties. >> just sticking with ferguson for a moment, do you believe the residents of ferguson can be properly policed, can this police department fix itself and right itself to the extend where they can be trusted? 53 officers, 50 white, 3 black, who currently patrol in ferguson, do you think there a possibility of them becoming -- not as one with the community at least amenable with the community. >> not without full transparent and an opportunity for people to be represented -- for the community to be represented. in other words, this has to be something that fully engages members of the community, the implementation process has to be open to the public and has to highlight the burden that's been placed upon the african-american community all these years. >> one of the things that's been highlighted is the abysmal turn joet to vote and the strange way the elections are run in off-years. does it trouble you the district
11:39 am
attorney, the prosecutor who has come under so much fire, is running unopposed in november's election and what is being done to try to boost voter registration efforts in ferguson? >> there are folks who have been on the ground for some time, working to reengage folks. it's seriously troubling that i continues to run after the primary. he's now unopposed in the general election. we're still actually working with folks to continue to put pressure on him, to get real reform and real justice. >> hopefully we'll get an update from your group after tonight's meeting. >> thank you for having me. >> to the big announcement from apple brings great expectations but do the new products live up to the hype?
11:40 am
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11:43 am
biggest advancement in the history of iphone. >> that is apple ceo tim cook moments ago in cupertino, california, unveiling all kinds of new tech goodies from two new iphones to a new wallet for your iphone and a new apple watch. joining me is dan ackerman, from iphone 6, 6 plus, what's new about them? >> they're bigger phones. apple has had a smaller screen compared to samsung guys for a couple years. they needed to catch up. people expected this last year. they were disappointed they didn't get it. people who intiched away because of big screen envy, will come back. >> i have my galaxy and the iphone, and the galaxy takes beautiful pictures. any change to the camera? anything that -- >> they tweak the camera every year. they tweak the cpu inside every year. the iphone already takes great pictures, especially since people do instagram and use
11:44 am
filters, they aren't looking for flr technology. they want point and shoot and this does well. >> hopefully the battery issue will do better. >> bigger phones so you can fit in a bigger battery. >> this apple pay, what is that about? >> that's the real game-changer. or people have had digital wallets for a while. it's a great job to make frictionless payment but it's hard to get people on board with that. if it's apple, maybe you will. keep your credit cards in there, go to walgreens, whole foods, here's my phone, click, you're done. >> i wonder if the cloud situation made people a little wary. >> this is may be bad timing for that. maybe in a couple weeks we'll forget about that and say, oh, i'll plug my phone in. >> what about the apple watch? what is that? >> that's the other thing we were all waiting for. we knew apple was working on a wearable device but we didn't
11:45 am
know what it would be. samsung has like a half dozen already. nobody likes those. this is just called the apple watch. it's much more -- almost wristwatch like. can you get a couple different straps, like a men's watch and ladies watch. it connects your iphone. you need to have a recent iphone in order to use it but it does fitness tracking and notifications and things you want a smart watch to do but still be a watch. >> it's $349. >> coming out next year. don't get in line for that one now. >> we were talking earlier whether it will be like google glass, only hipsters will wear it and everybody else will shun it. >> it's like an accessory. >> if this a bigger launch? i think apple is known for dramatic launches and it's always very dramatic. is there dramatically new product that can actually help apple recapture that magic that it had? samsung has really eaten in to. >> when you have a phone, there's only so much you can do with a slab of glass and metal.
11:46 am
they needed to go into a new territory. the watch for them is new territory. i think people aren't comfortable with the idea of these smart watches yet. maybe it will catch on and maybe this will just be a one shot and we won't see any more of these. >> it's interesting. people who have been apple people for a long time in my household were apple people, apple has made this really big change. where it used to be a professional and prosumer that and now they've gone to mass consumer. has apple quality kept up with that change? >> one thing they did is stayed out of the lower end of the market. they don't make inexpensive products. the phones are price add long with everybody else but the laptops are $1,000. the wristwatch is $350 for something no one has tried before. that's a lot to ask of people but they realize they want to maintain that vibe of being a special -- you know, a specialist company. >> i'm wondering if -- just from a tech point of view, from a tech writer point of view, do they come out with the phones too often? you feel like you're constantly changing the phone, but the actual features, it's a great
11:47 am
looking phone, but is it too frequent? >> i call it getting caught in that annual upgrade cycle where every company, whether it's apple or samsung or electronic arts with games, needs to come out with a new version every year. after a while you go, they just made it 1% better. do i really need to get it every year? >> i cloi cloud, are they beefi the security? >> they say it was individual people getting hacked. a lot revolved around icloud. i think they'll push for people to add the second layer of security where you get a pop-up note on your phone saying, someone wants to access your account. >> apple products are known for not being hacked. your laptop doesn't get hacked. how do people not blame the cloud? >> they say it's not apple getting hacked. it's you getting hacked. >> it's not our fault. it's your hack. >> people sending you phishing e-mails and trying to guess your passwords. >> u2 is performing by the voice
11:48 am
in my head. he can't show it because it's music. just imagine it. dan ackerman from c-net, really appreciate it. thank you for being here. just imagine u2. next, we'll read between the lines whether congress will or will not weigh in on what to do against the terror group isis. what if there was a credit card where the reward was that new car smell and the freedom of the open road? a card that gave you that "i'm 16 and just got my first car" feeling. presenting the buypower card from capital one. redeem earnings toward part or even all of a new chevrolet, buick, gmc or cadillac - with no limits. so every time you use it, you're not just shopping for goods. you're shopping for something great. learn more at are the largest targets in the world, for every hacker, crook and nuisance in the world. but systems policed by hp's cyber security team are constantly monitored for threats. outside and in.
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between 1798 and 2004 there have been approximately 318 incidents in which the u.s. has used its armed forces abroad in situations of military conflict or potential conflict or for other than normal peace time purposes according to a 2004 report by richard f.grimmett for congressional research service, raising the question of whether it's even possible for any u.s. president to resist going to war. the u.s. declared itself neutral on august 4, when world war i
11:52 am
broke out in europe. but after germany started sinking ships, including ocean liner lucitania with americans on board we joined the war to end all wars. world war i didn't end all wars. it was followed closely by world war ii in which u.s. ensured defeat of nazis and used nuclear weapons to defeat the empire of japan. we've had hundreds of military incursions abroad since then, large and small. the number of times that congress has actually declared war, however, is much smaller. that has happened just 11 times. when it comes to the growing spiraling threat of isis, the collection of killers, international tellers and baathist rejects from the old that dam hussein army, will krong weigh fwh on what to do? here's what president obama said about the isis/isil threat on
11:53 am
"meet the press" with chuck todd on sunday. >> a long way from when you described them as a jv team. was that bad intelligence or your judgment. >> i wasn't specifically referring to isil. i said regionally there were a whole series of organizations that were focused primarily locally, wasn't focused on homeland. a lot of us, when we think about terrorism, the model is osama bin laden and 9/11. and the point -- >> you don't believe these -- >> not yet but they can evolve. >> does that mean the u.s. should take military action? maybe even in syria? business insider reported last week that among members of congress, a bipartisan consensus has emerged to immediately begin debate on authorizing obama to use force against isis militants in both iraq and syria. the war drums definitely seem to be beating. florida senator bill nelson has even introduced a resolution
11:54 am
authorizing strikes inside syria. but josh roggin in friday's "daily beast" wrote behind the scenes there's no clear plan for congress to exert its will. lawmakers, staffers and officials told "the daily beast" administration's refusal to tell anyone its strategy and work with congress on a bill to authorize military action means the task offing such a bill is a sisyphean effort likely to fail. there are presumably factions inside both parties, liberal democrats and libertarian republicans who after iraq might not be so eager to deploy american military force in the middle east. or who might not want to put their thoughts on the public record before their elections. even in the face of isis horror. as reported, president obama will reveal his strategy in a major speech to the american people tomorrow night. and then presumably it's congress's turn. let's see what they do. that wraps things up for "the
11:55 am
reid report." i'll see you back here tomorrow at 2 p.m. eastern. visit us online at i want to shout out those who have taken up my one voter challenge. here's kathy who has made sure her 18-year-old daughter is registered to vote. this chicago tweet has gotten in on it, making themselves one voter. you can join the challenge by finding one person, get him or her registered to vote, before october, and let us know about it on facebook, twitter, using the #1voter. "the cycle" is up next. >> hey, joy. >> missed you guys. >> i'm getting ready to vote today. thank you for that reminder to your audience and also to me. as you know, jam-packed news day. we'll be previewing the president's address tomorrow on the threat from isis. we'll have all the latest there. also, leading off today with the latest on ray rice, the nfl's handling of that situation as well as the epidemic much
11:56 am
domestic violence on this entire nation. >> i'm going to vote, too. first, i'm going to watch "the cycle" because it's up next. >> good choice. tigers, both of you. tigers? don't be modest. i see how you've been investing. setting long term goals. diversifying. dip! you got our attention. we did? of course. you're type e* well, i have been researching retirement strategies. well that's what type e*s do. welcome home. taking control of your retirement? e*trade gives you the tools and resources to get it right. are you type e*? that's the way i look at life. looking for something better. especially now that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin, but wondered if i kept digging, could i come up with something better. my doctor told me about eliquis... for three important reasons. one, in a clinical trial,
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[ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. good afternoon. i'm krystal ball. you are in "the cycle." 24 hours ago nfl, ray rice, and domestic violence took over american's screens. if the nfl thought him being cut and suspended indefinitely from the league would be enough to end this story, well, let's put it this way, they were definitely wrong. >> too little too late. the backlash grows after that shocking security footage shows nfl star ray rice knocking out his fiancee in an elevator. >> less than two years ago ray rice was a super bowl champion. now his ravens jersey no longer for sell at the nfl store. he's lost an endorsement deal and others are in jeopardy. he's out of the nfl. >> my big question would be, how does the nfl, how does the ravens, how does law enforcement not look at a video they know
12:00 pm
exists? >> you are a coward. nothing more. nothing less. well, maybe more. you are a coward. there is no excuse. >> with tmz sports' release of this tape from inside the casino elevator, the rice story is bigger and more dangerous to the nfl than ever. among key questions, why wasn't the nfl able, or did they simply not ask to see all the video from the casino? did rice get off with a slap on the wrist for hi violent action? should he ever be allowed to strap on a helmet and be allowed to play again? should nfl commissioner roger goodell keep his job? host of the nbc sports radio, jordan schultz and mark maravick, assistant editor for "sports illustrated." sesl


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