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tv   Morning Joe  MSNBC  September 17, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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[ music playing ] >> that's rihanna. the song goes on the, say, baby, please come back, baby, it was me. we will get to one of her hit songs that young girls love. good morning, it's twens wednesday, september 17th. we have the chairman of deutsche, incorporated, donny
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deutsche and columbia university school of public affairs dorian warren is back. in washington where there is a lot going on, we have reporter for the new york time jeremy peters with us covering capitol hill. we have so much going on. we'll start in washington just to give you a sense of water going on there. developing news in washington, concerning america's war on isis. for weeks, president obama has claimed he won't be deploying ground troops in iraq. we all heard that, right? yesterday the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff testified it could be a possibility. now the white house is trying to clarify that. we will get every angle of this, this hour just ahead, but we want to start with news from the nfl and why we may be witnessing a turning point in our society. we can only hope something definitely is happening. first the latest. star running back adrian peterson is being told to stay away from the minnesota vikings, while facing child abuse.
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he is accused of spanking his 4-year-old son with a wooden switch. they kept peterson off the field and announced he would be reinstated. that changed after the team and league came under heavy criticism. the state's governor mark dayton released a statement calling for peterson's suspension. he wrote, in part, this, it's an awful situation, yes, mr. peterson is entitled to do you process and should be "innocent until proven guilty," however, he is a public figure, and his actions, as described, are a public embarrassment to mens mince strikes and we will have more ob that. sponsors are beginning to make clear statements about how they at least feel about this and they're asking for at least some sort of explain stiegs what is being done. >> the headline this morning is the vikings have reversed field. adrian peterson has to stay away
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from the team until this situation legally is resolved. he was put on the, water kaushlgsd i haven't herd before the exception exemption rule t. vikings can't keep him away from the team. clearly under the pressure you described i describe, the minnesota vikings and the league said they have to find a way to get him off the field, we don't throw him off the team else inially, we keep him away from football until this plays itself out. it could be a long time. by the way go donny deutsche, right call or does it look like they are scrambling? >> here's the turning point that happened yesterday a. company out of toulous budweiser spoke up finally, it spends a billion or two on nfl. it was not dramatic. it was right. it says we cannot be behind this. this is unacceptable. pepsi, which spend $100 million. i said this yesterday. this is where the action stops.
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this is where the zpom inos starts to fall. this is what happens to every ceo, letters show up on their desk. i annual not going to provide wour toilet paper anymore, i will not drink your beers. they turn to the ceos, the corporate people. we node to do something about this. this is what is going to change today, starting at 2:00 oom am this morning when the first press release came out. this is when the fuse starts to change. >> i think so. there will be news every hour on this. we will get to a complete look at exactly who the sponsors are, along with willie and me and what's in here. just how this paper is covering the nfl and this controversy is a way to look at it as well. you just wonder, is this a moment or is it not? are the fans still going to go? is this all going to go away? i'm not sure. >> i want to say, a couple months ago, michael sam, everyone said, not everyone, culture players will be a distraction, right.
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the first only gay player, what's a distraction now? >> this is a distraction. here's the other big controversy involving a star player. running back ray rice is appealing his indefinite suspension. the league's player's association, in a statement, the union write, in part, supporting facts reveal a lack of a fair and impartial process, including the role of the in addition i commissioner. commissioner roger goodell handed rice org untilly a two-game suspension for assaults his wife t. league then increased the penalty after another video showed the extent of the violence or confirm it. players cannot be punished twice for the same action. rice, dropped by the baltimore ravens has been accepted into a rehab program and can apply to be reinstated by the league at the discretion of the front office. the nfl is a billion dollar business and the companies that help foot the bill are clearly worried about what's happening.
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we covered this yesterday, it was radisson hotel, which earlier pulled the sponsorship of the minnesota vikings now. another huge name is raising its concerns, beer giant anheuser-busch. we are disappointed and encryingly concerned about the recent incidents that have overshadowed this nfl season. we are not yet satisfied with the leak's handling of the behaviors that so clearly go against our own company and moral code. >> god just spoke. >> visa, who is this, visa says domestic violence in any form is unacceptable. it has for the place in the nfl or our society more broadly. our expectation remains all of visas partners remain high ethical standards and operate with full transparency. go ahead, willie. >> i want to say to your point and donny's point, budweiser,
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$1.2 billion bore sponsor puts the heat on the nfl. last call bud. >> follow the money. >> that's what i have been tweeting. there is a lot of sponsors making comments. >> now the ones that don't, so it's a domino effect. >> here it comes, there's more. several sponsors spoke out against domestic violence, reiterating their support for the lead, bridgestone, fedex, verizon, taking a wait and see approach. fike stores in the twin cities have pulled peterson's jerseys from the shelves. the runningback is an atmosphere light. his product remains for purchase. they can pull it if they want. >> none of the sponsors are leaving the nfl. they have no choice. there is very few ways to get eyeballs of men, sports on television is about the only way. they're not going anywhere. having said that tow, they can certainly wield their bats to change the math.
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>> are you surprised, donny, as a brand guy, that the nfl didn't act more quickly and decisively. i said this last week. i said they're protecting them to protect the shield. this is not protecting the shield. this is destroying your brand. i hate to say it one or two players are disposable in the nfl at the expense of your brand. >> this is the tip of what's been an iceberg that's been freezing for a long time. whether it's punching out a pregnant women. whether it's aaron hernandez allegedly killing people. >> item number 56. >> to me, i'm not going to give these companies applause right now. let remember we watched the guy track her out of an el vamplt it was clear what happened. >> we watched. nothing happened. >> the companies do have the power. you will see it foul. i will give them a one-handed applause, to your point, where were they six weeks ago, 8g weeks ago? >> there are so many facets to this. you got the players, the nfl the
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sponsors and the nfl working on such a moosive financial scale you can't get your arms around the numbers. you got the fans who love their teams and they love their teams. you got the tv networks who have a stake in this. you have the sports page was have a stake in this. there is one article in here about the nfl. there is about ten others page after page after page about the teams. >> here's where i have to fault the owners and the nfl, they could have tossed every one of these players as it happened and not one viewer is going. so it was only time. same thing with goodell. nobody was going to point a finger atful he suspended a guy for a year. there was no downside morally, commercially, so it tons me from a both moral and a dollars point of view where they would not
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have taken a harder stance. >> i think society we are shocked we are here, that we when you are coordinating a football event, you book rihanna and you don't even think. i wouldn't have thought about it. i wouldn't v. so let's get to that part of the story. that brings us to the situation of cbs sports and pop sing erie hannah what may or may not be connected to her own past which is domestic abuse. in 2009, the seven time grammy winner was assaulted by boyfriend chris brown inside the lamborghini. the image of her injuries were online and seen everywhere especially by her fans and there are millions around the world that believe on twitter, she has 37 million followers. >> like willie. >> exactly. >> brown pled guilty to a felony assault and avoided prison time. he received five years probation and the two entertainers were
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ordered to stay away from each other. three weeks after the assault, they reunited in miami. they have since split up. during an interview with abc, rihanna discussed the assault and her decision to go back to her abuseers. >> i realized that my selfish decision for love could result into some young girl getting killed. i could not be easy with that part i couldn't be held responsible for telling them, go back. christians, even if chris never hit me again, who's to say that their boyfriend won't? i just didn't realize how much of an impact i had on these girls' lives until that happened, until that happened,
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it was a wake-up call for me, big time. >> so since then, a lot of her songs have not reflected those combhents in a video with eminem rihanna speaks about an abusive relationship. just going to stand there and watch me burn? well, that's all right because i like the way it hurts. now cbs has abandoned its plan to use a different rihanna song run this town as part of its open for nfl football. that song contains the lyrics, hear the screams from every, where i'm addicted to the thrill. it's a dangerous love affair. it goes on. last week, after the ray rice controversy hit, cbs dropped a song with the chairman of the sports division saying, in part, we to the journalistically and from a tone standpoint, we needed to have the appropriate tone and coverage.
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>> rihanna wrote back, cbs, you pulled my song this week, now you want to slide it back in this thursday? no, f you, she added quote audacity. >> cbs sports pulled the song for the rest of the season saying we will be moving in a different direction with some elements of our thursday night football open. we will be using our fewly created thursday night football theme music to open our game broadcast. i can't believe i have something in common which are hasnrihanna sean mcmanus saying we have moved on. >> i actually agree which are hannah, why should she be penalized for being a survivor? chris brown's career is doing just fine. he hasn't been penalized economically in the same way. why are women often the ones that have to suffer the consequences economically? >> i agree with you. >> i actually disagree, by the
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way, i'm not saying she deserves to be penalized, but if you are cbs the reality is you are covering football. >> don't invite ler in the first place. >> once again, the new world changed in the past weeks. it's a commercial reality. they were saying the horrific picture we just saw there, they were setting themselves up for people to be thai saying is this the face of nfl football? they actually had no choice. it's a sad commentary. i would have done the same thing. the big point of view is why are we running lyrics like that in the first place? >> why are we booking? i like the decisions that cbs, i think they're doing what they have to do. i think we all are police it with why that booking seemed okay. it was okay to all of us. to your point if i could just argue, if she did that interview and she went on a campaign to help people understand domestic violence, to help people understand why they shouldn't go back, why it's so hard not to
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and she didn't sing songs that say she likes the way it hurts, i would agree with you. >> yes, but it's the most violent professional sport we have. >> my car, we watch every sunday. >> i want to call my good people at "the view." i love rosie and onepy. i was stunned how two days ago, rosie was saying i like chris brown's music, i will continue to listen to his music. even rosie, they were not outraged. they were like well explaining and i think the women have to get more outrage. these are victims in crimes f. the victims will not say yes. >> they cannot go back. we have to, too. when you have a platform like "the view" or like "morning joe" or like the "today" show, we have to take a stand even if it hurts our sponsorships, forget it. take a frisking stand. do what cs says, you are done.
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we ent don't want to equivocate on domestic violence. i wouldn't have equivocated an their statement saying we are going in a different direction. >> no, domestic violence. we don't support it. we don't want anything to do with it. >> i'm convinced. i think there is a double standard for male artists and female artists. >> erie hannah, let's remember, was a victim a. victim of abuse, when she sings those songs, these not endorsing that lifestyle, sometimes people ty sing about the way they were or felt in a different moment in time. so i don't think cbs putting rihanna on a pre-game show was an endorsement of her viewpoint. >> but it would have surfaced it. >> right. >> but i think we have to be careful walking the line. she a victim. rihanna is a victim. >> i know she's a victim. >> but her responsibility as a public person. >> yes. >> she's come out and talked about domestic abuse. >> a woman is singing the song. you can call it art or an
3:17 am
expression of a different time. i think it's eminem if she tries to f-ing leave again, i'm attired to set the bed on fire, i'm just going rihanna said i'm going to stand there and watch me burn because that's all right. i loo tick way it hurts. well, there is some art i think if you know who you are appealing to, that's young, my girls listen to rihanna. >> my 11-year-old loves her. i just want to say i have the same standards around eminem and chris brown as which are hannah. i want to have the same standard because those men don't get penalized for the same lyrics. >> by the way. >> i'm not saying that excuses rihanna. >> it's a bad message. >> in terms of chris brown, we should be criticizing them as well. >> you want to go into language, snoop, all the songs, that's a whole other discussion look, you know, we haven't talked much about peter zorub either and --
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>> we're going to get there. there is so much. >> and bloody scrotums and on and on and on. i do think it's a moment in time. i think the advertisers have spoken. the players will only understand one ting, if they don't get to play. that's i. they're not going to understand penalized for two games. you take away anybody's livelihood, people pay attention. that's what's got to happen. actor vigo mortonsen will be here. senator claire mccaskill in an op-ed, she wrote and sent it to me, i think she ruffled a lot of feathers. she will tell us the story live in our 8:00 hour with brand marketing inno straighter steve stout. up federal government, a dramatic robbery on video. plus a new study ranks the nations with the best well being. is it the u.s.? >> it's got to be sweden.
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>> okay. apparently, we're not near the top. apparently, we're actually very far down the list. first. bill kierans has a check on the forecast. >> hi, meika. yesterday, we talked about the people stranded in the cabo san lucas area t. military is taking them out by helicopter and airplane. this is how people are ending their vacations. the only people coming in and out is the military. they're taking them to tijuana, mexico. imagine that, that's the end of your vacation. the problems are just starting in the desert southwest t. heavy rains have now moved into arizona and soon will be all through new mexico. that's where the heart of the flooding will be. this is the second time in ten days this area lab hit by a tropical system. that's never happened in our recorded human history.
3:20 am
potentially three to six inches of rain, life-threatening rain from albuquerque to phoenix, tucson, flack staff and possibly as far north as las vegas. the rain is already falling. the rest of the country isn't too bad. all the problems we will associate with this tropical system will be isolated. you are watching "morning joe." we'll be right back. you can eat that on weight watchers? looks amazing. looks like my next dinner party. that's only 4 points? with weight watchers you can enjoy the food you really want. dine out on favorites... or cook up something new. i can do this every day. join for free and start losing weight now.
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all right. 23 past. let take a look at the morning papers. the new york times the fate of nascar driver tony stewart is in the grand jury's hands, an upstate prosecutor says he will let the grand jury review the evidence in the kevin ward, jr., death to determine in stewart
3:24 am
should be charged. he hit and killed the driver during the race last month. ward had gotten out of the car after he spun out. stewart said it was a tragic accident and in a statement promised to cooperate fully. >> "the guardian" bill clinton is urging scotland to send a part of the message of unity. he was hesitant to speak but hoens his comments will be received in the spirit of friend scholarship scotts are set to vote tomorrow to end their union with the united king dom. >> that's tight, actually. thomas, take usa today. >> a few poll says that panama ramplgs first on the list of global well being. the index is considering how citizens feel about different aspects of their lives, including finances, social connections and whether they feel a sense of purpose,
3:25 am
rounding out the top five are, costa rica. >> what? >> we have denmark, and brazil. >> i can't believe sweden. it's 8th. >> united state ranks 12ings right behind trinidad and tobego. the baltimore sun the orioles beat the blue jays. listen to this song [ music playing ] ♪ magic, magic, magic ♪ >> did you see, he opened his show danceing and sing tag song? >> a little back story on the song. >> it's way too early these days. >> are those jazz hands? >> it's a very different show. it's a good show. >> you know, i'm done, mcmanus says, we are going in a different direction. he says it so swiftly. >> this was a song they produced back in the ''80s. listen to this thing. >> my daughter is excited,
3:26 am
actually. she wants to go to a game with you. >> you won one. so, the blue jays 8-2. the first baseman steps on the bag, they celebrate their first a. l. east title until 1997. confetti flies over camden yards, the fireworks, check out the baltimore outfielder sharon jones, if only i could be so lucky to get a pie in the face. >> oh, i got a friend in baltimore, jim hance. he can take us to the game. >> we can make this video. >> there is a video? >> that's in all the papers. >> the washington post in atlanta, speaking of baseball. the national city, 3-0. how about this d.c., baltimore, it's all hang, washington wraps up its second nl east title in the last three years. that's a little celebrating on the feel. they take it back to the clubhouse, they drench each
3:27 am
other in beer and champagne. that's what you do when you win the division title. >> is billy ripkin in the video? >> billy. he might have been. >> that's still okay. let go. >> a motorcycle rider from russia lucky to be alive after a shocking accident. caught on tape in this dash cam footage of cars seen approaching a traffic light t. cars prepare to go across, riding, he flips off the bike and lands in the middle of the two cars and prevents him from being run over. prevents him from being run over, survives on the hood and survives the accident. >> okay. there's a look at the paper itself. that was very diverse. >> was that in a newspaper? >> that's not papers, that's cellatious video that makes people watch. >> coming up, we will dive deep in the hearing on capitol hill the fight against isis the huge
3:28 am
story, for tim kaine is our news maker guest. we are hearing the term boots on the ground. first the beltway blame game. why frank rooney says it's time to stop pointing the finger at the bush administration t. must read opinion pages. we'll be back on "morning joe."
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. >> welcome back to "morning joe." we have john meacham with us we are getting a lot of conversation about our conversations. >> where were the sponsors when the nfl was hiding because of the injury stats and dangers for children. >> we put the gladiators up as role models and dan write, rihanna song the hip-hop genre is filled with songs like this. >> wow. they keep coming in. so if you have opinions on
3:33 am
this,@mick mica. we will hear from meredith viera. let's get to our must read. before that let's set the steam on what happened in washington yesterday especially containing to the concept of boots on the ground. jeremy peters break down what went on, on capitol hill for us. >> what you had was general dempsey, the president's top military commander saying he could not rule out going back to the president and asking for the authority to put more troops on the ground. of course, this is something president obama has flatly rejeblthed saying american ground forces will not be involved in combat operations. this set off an interesting scramble on capitol hill. because what it did is lay bare all of the deep, deep misgifl givings members of congress have. they are supposed to vote this afternoon in the house on whether or not to authorize the president's request to arm the syrian army and train the syrian
3:34 am
rebels. it looks like that vote could pass. it could be a real squeaker. i don't think you should ever underestimate this congress's ability for something that would initially be straight forward. >> was to the white house aware of what demp city was going to say the. >> these came in a q & a. they were not in his prepared texts. judging by the way the white house immediately pushed back on it, my sense is they did not see this coming. >> mm-hmm. all right. let go now. it is a perfect segue to apples and hurricanes, by frank roonfully. the slippery slope begins by the new york times. frank, whenever barak obama seems if danger of falling, do we have to hear that george wind chill bush made the cliff? i hear so much about bush's failings and bush's sins that
3:35 am
you'd think he were still huddled over desk in washington. it isn't exactly reason for a parade. not being as bad as someone else is hardly the same as being good and then to the point that we heard on capitol hill yesterday the new york times, itself the slippery slope begins, there is no way to read this other than as a reversal from the firm commitment that mr. obama made not to immaniers the country in another endless ground war, even though general dempsey's remarks were conditional, the obama administration opened the door to diner more costly involvement even before the strategy is fully sketched out. what do you go, richard? >> two things. one is relitigating the first decade of the century is interesting to political types. it certainly plays, it's understandable in terms of the white house wanting to explain why they're in situations that they're in.
3:36 am
it's not particularly savthto satisfactory as a leadership. we are six years in. president obama sought the office twice. trying to push forward it seems to me is the most effective thing. blaming combush is a matter for history to work it out. >> politically. here we are. so this was a very quick about face. it was one week ago today, if today is wednesday, it is wednesday the president came out and talked about there won't be troops on the ground. six days later, general devoncy says there might be boots on the ground. as the "time's" points out, this is the slippery slope. >> as i said last week, we need congress to ask the right questions of the president and the administration one about the authorization to go to war. two, what the strategy is. three how much it will cost. we've spent already close to 5 trillion or more in iraq
3:37 am
andiastic afghanistan. we should be learning the lessons. >> and moving forward. i think hammering often the bush administration at this point sounds kind of tin. still ahead, jane harmon will debate whether boots on the ground are, indeed, necessary to defeat isis. plus, senator tim kaine on the matter, more "morning joe." next.
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3:41 am
lat i rally authorize a military attack to stopping an actual ongoing or imminent threat against the nation. i understood the president's comments last week and other comments to suggest that isil is a significant threat, a serious threat, a growing threat. in terms of an imminent threat to attack the united states that would trig ter article ii defense powers, it does not seem to suggest at this point. >> the virginia democrat serves on both the armed services and foreign relations committees. he joins us now from capitol hill. tim good to have you on board. >> good to be here. >> you where in the new york time's the president as head of our armed forces, must defend the nation, when it shifts from defense to offense, it's approval. what would change that equation? >> look. if there was credible evidence that isil had plans to attack
3:42 am
the united states or there was a imminent threat against the u.s. embassy, the president can always act to defend the nation or defend american personnel. but right now even the head of the national counterterrorists center said there is no credible intel suggesting isil attacks on the u.s. that's where it's so important and i believe constitutionally mandatory the president get the blessings of congress. >> how much support for your position is there on capitol hill? >> well, it's been a little challenging, mica. i tell you. a number of folks think the president might have the power so there are some debates about it. other folks are concerned about timing and all of that. but i will say this last week, after the president spoke, the head of the foreign relations committee, senator menen dez says, okay, i heard the president talk about this mission. it's not limited. it's long term in nature. congress is authorized.
3:43 am
i might like it a little sooner than we're going to have it, but at least it's a question of now when will we have it not whether and we have to weighing? >> i want to ask you about what general martin devoncy sa demps said we may have boots on the ground. is the white house equivocateing on a fundamental thing to this nation? >> two things. i was at that same hearing. i heard that same testimony. what general dempsey is saying i am the military guys, i maim i make recommendations, i don't dictate policy. ly always keep open the ability to make recommendations, but the president sets the policy. mica, that's one reason why today i am introducing a draft authorization for use of military force that supports the four-point mission the president outlined last week, that includes four critical limitations, no boots on the
3:44 am
ground, a sunset within a year, to examine the mission. an appeal of the 2002 iraq authorization still floating out around there, a pharaoh definition of associated forces. if we're going after isil we shouldn't say we can go after everybody that talked to isil. >> i want to bring in jeremy perters into this conversation. i don't understand why strategically you would make the commitment jeremy to put no boots on the ground or other conditions. is it political that this promise needs to be made or what do you think goes behind actually setting preconditions to something we can't predict the outcome of? >> i think you hit it on the head why this resolution is running into so much trouble on capitol hill. on the one hand, have you team e people who are war wary and are saying we see this going towards groups on the ground.
3:45 am
it's inevitable. on the other hand, have you more hawkish republicans saying, of course, there are going to be boots on the ground. that's exactly what we want. right now the president is ruling that out. so why would we support this? you have this unusual alignment between hawkish republicans and more dovish democrats. it's really complicated things. >> senator, i don't know how that promise can be made. >> first, it's what the president said last wednesday night. we not have boots on the ground. there is precedent for that in earlier authorizations. but second, in the description of the mission that general dempsey and secretary hagel were doing yesterday. they indicated the can't be the u.s. fight against isil. this has to be a region that's willing to police itself. because we can't police a region that won't. so supporting ground troops of other nations, whether it's the kurd itself, or syrian moderates is important to show the region is policing itself. we're a partner.
3:46 am
we're not carrying it on our shoulders. if we do it all, we won't accomplish the mission of destroying isil. >> senator cane, always good to see you. >> coming up, dan senor and jane harman have different takes on iraq and syria. plus, as the controversies mount, everything changes for the nfl and maybe the rest of the society. we can only hope. we'll take a look at how the nation responding to the breaking developments overnight. then pop music and high school announcements collide on "the tonight p tonight show." music is still ahead. we'll be right back. tonight sh" music is still ahead. we'll be right back. tonight sho" music is still ahead. we'll be right back. onight show" music is still ahead. we'll be right back. night show." music is still ahead. we'll be right back. ight show." music is still ahead. we'll be right back. ght show." music is still ahead. we'll be right back. ht show." music is still ahead. we'll be right back. t show." music is still ahead. we'll be right back. show." music is still ahead. we'll be right back. show." music is still ahead. we'll be right back. "i'm 16 and just got my first car" feeling. presenting the buypower card from capital one.
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we will not be sending u.s. troops back into combat in iraq. there is not an announcement about u.s. grund troops. this is not the equivalent of the iraq war. i want the american people to understand how this effort will be different from the wars if iraq and afghanistan. it will not involve american combat troops fighting on foreign soil. the best way to coast a group like isil isn't sending a large number of american combat forces to wage a ground war in the heart of the middle east.
3:51 am
>> that wouldn't serve our interests. >> he's pretty much made that clear. joining us foreign policy adviser to the bush administration dan senor and the director and president and ceo scholarship. jane harman. >> i think he should say no on boots on the ground. no american bother. i do think bother on the ground are necessary to achieve the mission. what we're doing with air power is clearing or hopefully clearing, or at least degrading isil. but we have to hold the ground. someone las to hold the ground. if the iraq state holds together, the new government, those are the folks that will do it. in syria, it's much dicier. that's why we are training 5,000 people in saudi arabia and perhaps jordan to do that mission. there will be u.s. special forces and maybe local special forces on the ground. but i think that in this case, given our history, those, the
3:52 am
bother the face of the boots on the ground ought to be a muslim face from the region. >> dan senor, i see you shaking your head. i do prep work here, it says what jane's positions are, senor supports boots on the ground always, dan senor? >> not always. not always. but in this particular case i do. i think it's inevitable regardless of what the president has been saying that there will be eventually troops on the ground for the following reason. jane and i probably agree that given the population dense areas where our air operations have to be conducted right now are such that we will need on the ground intelligence. if which don't have on the ground intelligent, we will be bombing indiscriminately and scores of incidents will be killed by us. >> we have to cross other countries to get that? >> yes, we can. >> who, jane, let's talk specifically about who you trust to be on the ground providing
3:53 am
intelligence to american air operations and who, by the way, you would also trust when isis seeks retribution against iraqis working with us? who are those iraqis going to trust to protect them? during the surge it was us, u.s. forces that protected sunnis willing to cooperate with us. >> jane. >> i understand, dan, i'm saying the countries under threat are muslims in the region. who would i trust? i would trust uae. i would trust saudi arabia. i would trust certainly jordan. there are countries in the region under direct threat from isil who happen to be muslim. isil is anti--muslim. let's get that. more than anti-western. i would trust them on the ground. john allen is an inspired choice to lead this coalition. that's what his mission is i understand why dempsey said what he said yesterday. military officers are supposed to speak truth to power.
3:54 am
what he said is speculative. if the mission needs it, then he'll recommend it. but i think our policy should be a coalition of not american bother on the ground. >> i think the saudis can play, make an important contribution. they have agreed train thousands of moderate opposition forces in syria. i think that's important. but the moment we have emaradi troops, gosh, turkish troops i can imagine on the ground in iraq, we'll have a hel of a time organizeing them, integrating them into the small unit of the iraqi army which is highly sectarianized. most importantly, how is iran going to respond? ask them how they will respond to saudis, to sunni gulf countries have been troops on the ground in iraq. it will invite ethnic division and sectarian division that it will complicate things. >> i have to leave it there. jane harman i have to believe are you right. dan i worry are you not wrong. >> your father agrees with me.
3:55 am
>> i know he does. we will have him being and both of you back as well. thank you have been much. coming up, banned from the nfl a day after the palestinians mince vikings reinstated their star running back. the team halls now taken him off the roster. what changed overnight? tweet me at morning mica. plus we will bring you up to speed about rihanna's fascinating part in the sag georgia this is controversial. definitely tweet met about that as well. we will read your tweets on the air. jimmy fallon channels his "saturday night live" roots. news you can use next. ♪
3:56 am
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3:59 am
>> all right. it's been a heavy morning. we will give you a little break here with jimny fallon. >> i love jimmy. >> his guest last night juliana margolies. together they play a principal and vice principal trying to be cool. watch this. >> there is principal davidson. >> i'm vice principal mcmillan gunkel. it's time for the morning announcement. >> for starters, be wet. this thursday tpn marks the first meeting of the debate club and the first day of mr. truman home ec class fall bake sale. ♪ [ music playing ] bake bake bake ♪ bakers going to bake bake bake ♪ baking up ♪ the bake is off. >> i just want to issue a reminder, there will be severe
4:00 am
punishment for any student who is caught sect sexting during class. ♪ why you got to text so nude ♪ don't know your students do ♪ why you got to text those nudes ♪ >> so there you go. >> my god. that's fun. i love him. he's awesome. it's nice to lighten things up a bit. we have a lot to talk about today t. isis and -- i'm sorry he might be corrupt with this debate. also, out this hour, experience in an abusive relationship using
4:01 am
the hashtag to why i saved and why i left. talk show host meredith viera is joining the conversation. >> i would say i was in an abusive relationship many, many years ago. i talked a little ability this. it started out we would have a fight. he sort of grabbed my arm. you know, i didn't think a lot about i. and then it turned into pushing me against the wall. ten it went beyond that to actually taking his hand and grabbing my face saying, i could ruin your career if i want to and no one would want to. i'm a part is women, somebody would say maybe somebody doesn't have the wherewithal all to get out t. means to get out. i had that, i had a job at the time and i kept in this relationship and i've done a lot of thinking ability why and i think part of it was fear.
4:02 am
i was scared of him and scared if i tried to leave something worse could happen to me. part of it was guilt because every time we'd have a fight he would then start crying and promise i won't do it again and i felt like i contributed somehow to this. then there was the night that i shared an apartment and he threw me into a shower naked in scalding water and then he threw me outside into the hallway. we lived in an apartment building and i hid in a stairwell for two hours until he came again crying and said i promise i won't do this again and i continued to stay in that relationship until i was offered a job in another state and that's where i felt i have the ability to get away. so when people talk about domestic violence, it is really, really a complicated issue. >> wow. wow. >> that's really important she told that story. >> so people understand, it's educated people. it's white people it's
4:03 am
sophisticated people it can happen to. this is not a problem that's limited to one demographic or one age group or one part of the country. she's amazing. and you know to and se didn't go into detail about the psychology and the relationship and why she stayed other than fear and you just hear that story. because she's just an incredible woman, of such strength and passion. >> joining us now the editor-in-chief of "essence" magazine, thank you for joaning the table for this conversation. i was looking you up. the bottom line is you are responsible for the vision of what is the brand at the magazine for black women. so i'm really interested in your insights, especially on some of the angles that have bubbled up over the past 24 hours. let's get the latest developments, though, first in the nfl story. star running back adrian peterson is told to stay away from the minnesota vikings, while facing child abuse.
4:04 am
the pro bowler is accused of spanking his son with a wooden switch. they kept him off the field for sunday's game. they announced on monday, he would be reinstated that changeled early this morning after the team and league came under heavy criminal. the state's governor, mark dayton released a statement yesterday calling for peterson's suspension. he wrote in part this, it's an awful situation, yes, mr. peterson is entitled to due process and should be innocent until proven guilty. however, she a public figure and his actions, as described, are a public embarrassment to the vikings and the state of minnesota. the league is coming under mounting criticism from its sponsors. we have a lot more on that in just a moment. van fess sa. in terms of how long this has played out, what do you think the message has been so far from all sides of there, the nfl, the sponsors, ten ultimately to the readtaries you appeal to? >> well, i mean, i think what's
4:05 am
fascinating to me is this whole conversation is around domestic abuse, right. >> matt: we're not really hearing a lot of women's voices, it's almost as if they are silent. we did hear from meredith viera to thankfully come out and share her experience, i am thinking ability the whole rihanna controversy and the fact that they pulled her song. when you think about the fact that she was a victim of domestic abuse as well, wouldn't it have been interesting if they had engaged her beforehand, not yanked the song, but engaged her in the conversation beforeland and asking her, is this the opportunity that you want to use your platform to talk about domestic abuse? is this an opportunity for you to really come forward with your personal story in a way that will affect millions and millions of women? >> really. >> that would have been -- more powerful. >> phenomenal. >> of course the nfl were not going to take the launch of tear cbs thursday night franchise and make it about this. >> wait a minute.
4:06 am
that's exactly what they have been doing. all o of their competenttators are coming out, making men, most of them, emotional pleas against, am i wrong? on national television? >> they took the first 25 minute of the broadcast and it was only about that. you are talking about james brown. >> who would make you think differently? >> the first 25 minutes they spoke with goodell, right, what if they had that conversation with the woman? >> let's take each one of these women i'm not sitting in judgment. in the case of ray rice's then fiancee, now wife. we know at the time she took him back and said leave us alone. we hear time and time and time again and rihanna another example, it's got to start with the women. you know, for us, white guys to sit on the sideline or us guys to sit on the sideline and say there is horrific. what's wrong with this? if the victims are going to make themselves victimless at the end of the day and stay nit and not
4:07 am
stand up, it's not going to change. so it can't just be the media people. it can't just be the league. it can't just be the sponsors. it can't be the pundits. it's the women, i know it's uneasy for me to say. i i don't have financial independence, so on, so forth, at the end of the day, you can applaud rihanna, if she comes out with songs and still is not going to be a spokesperson, it's hard for anybody else to align up. >> i totally agree. ultimately, you can't look at her abc interview and have her talk about how she left and she can never be with him again. she sings "i like the way it hurts." if she wanted to make it a moment and stand with the nfl and with cbs and say i'm not going to sing ability this anymore him i'm not going to make it cool anymore. it's not and this is the moment we all feed to come together and cut this out. >> that would have been amazing. >> that would have been amazing. i'm just wondering if it was
4:08 am
ever considered. the way it was handled. she is victimized yet again because they're assuming that the, you know, experience that she had the music that she's making makes her incapable of making another leap into a totally different conversation. >> i tell you somebody i know him personally he's a fantastic guy, a guy like jay-z can make a difference here, he bridges music and sports who everybody looks up to, every demographic and who can basically send out a signal to the hip-hop community, guys with egot to start with this. we got to fix this. this is where moments where guys like that, i'm not challenging him. he has never been accused of anything, she a delightful man, these are the kind of people that have to step up. >> let's get the latest from ray rice. willie has all of what's happening with the sponsors, which i think might be the biggest shift potentially coming in this story. ray rice is now appealing his indefinite suspension by the
4:09 am
nfl. the leak's association is demanding the punishment be overturned. supports facts reveal a lack of a fair and impartial process, including the role of the office of the commissioner. commissioner roger goodell initially handed ray rice two game suspension and the leak increased the penalty after another video confirm the extent of the violence that we already saw. the union says, players cannot be punished twice for the same action. rice who was dropped by the baltimore ravens has been accepted into a rehab program and can apply to be reinstated by the league at the discretion of the front office but the front office, willie, i think is beginning to feel the heat. >> absolutely. let's talk about money is a multi-billion dollar business. the companies that foot the bill are clearly worried of what they've watched over the last couple of weeks. radisson hotels, which earlier pulled its sponsorship of the minnesota vikings on a local
4:10 am
level. now another huge name raising its concerns. the beer giant anheuser-busch says we are disappointed and increasingly concerned over the incidents that overshadowed this season. we are not yet satisfied with the league's handling of behaviors that so clearly go against our company culture and moral code. that's anheuser-busch. visa says, domestic violence in en any form is unacceptable. our expectation remains that all of visa's partners, including the nfl, maintain high ethical standards. several sponsors spoke out against violence reiterating their support for the lead, bridgestone, fedex and verizon are taking a wait and see approach on this according to a.p., nike stores in the twin cities in minneapolis, st. paul have pulled adrian peterson's jerseys from the shelves a. company spokesperson said the running back quote remains a nike athlete. his product continues to be
4:11 am
available for purchase. donny, i'll give you a couple numbers, $1.2 billion over six lesion over six years, that's how much anheuser-busch deal is worth to the leak. in advertising, anheuser-busch spent $185.3 million last season alone with the nfl. >> i tell you what will change, if you thattic the top 20 sponsors and we named two of them. 20 individuals, sponsors are companies, companies are run by individuals. if those 20 ceos got together, this would be great for our nation and their brand and said, you know what, it stops now. we want to understand that there is going to be a new type of punitive system set up where this is going to stop or we are not going to partner with you anymore. if the coca-colas and anheuser bushes and federal expresses, individuals, companies are run by people. those people say, you know what, we love football. we love this country. when want to protect women and
4:12 am
we want to protect children and we have the power to change it, more than anything, more than you, more than me, more than you, more than president obama. those 20 individuals somewhere the power to make this change and not in the soap box kind of way, but in a real way and say, we want to protect the women in this country. we want to protect the moral fiber of this country and we collectively have tens of billions of dollars. withoutous, there is for the revenue sharing. there is no cbs football. there is no monday night football. we can make the change. i call out those 20 ceos. >> what fascinates me are the numbers we are focusing on is number of billions of dollars. what about the numbers of one in four victim i women impacted by domestic abuse. >> that's is sad truth. we got to fix that. >> when the money starts to get in the way. when the money starts to be affected. that's when people pay attention. >> that's right. >> that is what is outrageous.
4:13 am
>> that's the deal. i'm going to read a couple tweets. vanessa, i'd like to you comment. i am being accused on twitter of not understanding them fully. so i don't know if you can help me out. the first one here just struck my eye. i'm dying. i think i'm dying. i agree with donny deutsche. there you go. >> that's got to be somebody from some -- how about the music industry. they're all culpable. that's from dennee thomas. sally albright. how do your daughter's interpret in it would be interesting to hear. my daughters do listen to rihanna and have listened to her. i heard the song loudly driving full of kid. am i misinterpreting that it seems, it's cool, it's hot to get beat up and to hurt. >> well, there certainly is artistic license. i know you talked ability that earlier in the show. that's one thing. also, let's think about this
4:14 am
song came out four or five years ago. she was in a different place then. maybe she's in a different place now. i don't think we're allowing people the opportunity to evolve. it's assumeing that -- >> you know what, am i not seeing that evolution in this latest development in i would love to see her, if there is an evolution, unfortunately, take the stand with the power she has, 37 million followers on twitter. young girls all around the world. >> i absolutely agree. i think that what she was trying to do by saying she objected to the way it was handled. the way that her song was snatched. i think she is trying to let people know she wasn't invited into the conversation. that is my opinion. >> we are running out of time. why doesn't she write a song for the more, no more, if he does it kick him in the nuts an run out
4:15 am
the door. they have the power to do that. >> are you writing that? >> that's out of my head. the women and sponsors together. >> i would love to, i know, she may not want to. she has wanted to share other aspects-ore life that were extremely artful and her art respects under healthy relationships. whether she was given an opportunity to work on this with nfl and cbs. >> clearly, she was not. >> it sounds like she was blindsided. i don't know. ly have to ask. >> as vanessa eluded to, i don't view those lyrics as an endorsement. i view her singing ability a person in that kind of relationship and explaining why they stay and what happens. i don't think she's saying i went through this with chris brown, i kind of like it, i'm proud of it. i think she is pla singing
4:16 am
ability a place she was close to. >> the nfl can't be proud of that. >> meredith viera was saying earlier, you are going through a lot of deep emotional and psychological trauma and working through that is something that you may not necessarily want to do in the public eye. >> that's true. >> so where make it even harder for women to even say that they're in this kind of a relationship when you see how it played out. it hasn't played out the last couple of weeks. the woman is, ray rice's wife is attacked on twitter for you know attacked by other people in media. so what is the motivation? what is in it -- >> people of rape come forward. the victim continues to be a victim. >> isn't it then kind of uns understood to us, to sponsors and fans. especially fans wearing women, wearing ray rice jer -- what do you make of that? what is that? >> i can't even.
4:17 am
it is beyond my understanding of embracing, embracing someone, violence against women is wrong period. violence against children is wrong. it's wrong. we have a real problem in this country with it. no one is talking about. we're talking about the fact that the phone was pulled, endorsements are pulled. we are not talking about what these women go through. >> from our culture. >> in our culture. >> it's weirdly celebrated. "essence" magazine, please come back. still ahead on "morning joe," actor vigo mortensen and senator claire mccaskill talking about issues that face professional sports and senator jeff flake, first the so-called king fire spreads closing down a california highway threatening more homes plus leonardo dicaprio messenger of peace?
4:18 am
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. >> let's take a look at the morning papers, sal we? this is the philadelphia "enquirer." a man lunt is under way for a man accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper and critically injuring a second. they identified him based on documents left behind in an abandoned jeep. he is described as survivors will, authorities consider him armed and extremely dangerous. the trump plaza became the latest atlantic city to close on tuesday. the trump taj mahal has plans to close later this fall. atlantic city began with 12 and a third have since shut their
4:22 am
doors. >> look at the san francisco chronicle. nearly 6,000 firefighters are battling wildfires in california. the large and fast moving king fire has torn through 150 homes and structures outside of sacramento it is threatening ability 500 more. officials say the record breaking drought and hot conditions are exasperating the problems there. leonardo dicaprio has been named messenger of peace. he has a long standing commitment to environmental causes. he joins 11 other celebrities, including stevie wonder, michael douglas and george clooney. >> let's go to buzz gopro shows a man attempting to pull a gun and demands a backpack t. biker tries to flee
4:23 am
on foot and eventually the would be robber retreats the footage was turned over to authorities who was able to catch the offender. i don't understand, interesting? the guy where the guy flipping over the car is much better. >> much better. >> that was something, especially since he was okay. all right. maybe i'll share that next hour. coming up, milestones out of reach. what is to blame for millennials missing out on some of life's biggest moments, like marriage? like, seriously, marriage, they're missing out on it. >> first. >> they haven't found the right one. >> who would want to police out on marriage? in there. >> says donny deutsche. >> have you ever been married? >> twice. >> look at him. he's on his phone. >> i'm working hard, trying to find my third wife on websiteles. it's just not working. >> how is that going? >> okay. first, awkward, senator jeff blake went to a deserted island for the sake of bipartisanship.
4:24 am
he will join us in a few minutes. "morning joe" will be right back
4:25 am
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4:28 am
. >> welcome back to "morning joe." new just this morning, isis has released a new propaganda video that warns of attacks against american forces. the 1rdz titled "flames of war" features slow motion explosion. there is tejt that claims quote fighting has just begun." it comes as lawmakers plan to vote on the plan of o'tack. there are new questions about the mission's direction. joint chiefs chairman general martin dempsey raised eyebrows by suggesting the possibility that ground troops could be introduced, contradicting what president obama has said repeatedly. >> my view at this point is that this coalition is the appropriate way forward. i believe that will prove true.
4:29 am
but if it fails to be true and if there are threats to the united states, then i, of course, would go back to the president and make a recommendation that may include the use of u.s. military ground forces. >> so a couple hours after that white house press secretary jack ernest says the policy has not changed and general dempsey referred to a hypothetical senatorio. nbc news has learned president obama and other officials are making a series of calls about the plan to arm syrian rebels. party leaders are optimistic, many rank and file members are undecided. that includes democratic senator joe manchin. >> one thing that i know we are sure of that training and those weapons will probably be used against us at some time in the future if everything has happened in the past. we took out saddam. iraq is in worse shape. we took out gadhafi. we got so bad if libya.
4:30 am
we lad to pull out our own people in the embassy. i am not thinking asaul saudi should be govenl as long as he is able to to remain there, he is fighting the same people we are asking the people to train to fight to pay $500 million. it makes no sense. you can't sell this stuff. >> senator joe manchin there. meanwhile this video allegedly shows the wreckage of the certain warplane shot down by islamic state militants. islamic confirms isis shot the video, they are working to verify it is the same plane. a man in rochester chester new york is indicted for allegedly trying to support isis and tried to kill members of the u.s. military returning home from iraq. >> wow. >> against that backdrop, joining us from capitol hill, senator jeff flake of arizona, senator flake, it's good to have you with us on this important day this, mo. what is your take about all this? it's a lot for the american
4:31 am
people to digest right now in terms of the vote coming out about authorization of force. i hear my colleagues and the concerns they are expressing. all of those share those. we have no good options. i'm anxious to hear what john kerry has to say before our committee today. i'm inclined to support the president's plan. >> what do you know about the syrian army that we're hoping to be able to prop up this work for us? is there anything that makes you feel confident that this could work? >> well, this is going to be a tough job. i mean, obviously, it's been revealed that we already having as in that regard trying to prep some fighters. this will expand that effort. like i said, there are no good options. this is going to be a long haul. it's going to be a tough thing. but i don't know that it's not
4:32 am
our best option out there right now. so i'm inclined to support it. >> john meacham. >> senator, where do you stand on what appears to be not a difference of opinion, at least a difference in terms of discussing options between general dempsey and the white house? >> i think anybody who has studied this situation in any depth realizes you can't take boots on the ground or ground forces off the table and i think general dempsey was simply expressing that. so i mean the president may not want to admit it publicly, but obviously they've considered and that that is an option and we may likely get to that. so i don't think it is any surprise to anybody who has been following this situation? we had a conversation earlier with jane harman and dan sen interestor, jane harman said there cob boots on the ground just not ours, dan sen interestinteresor, if
4:33 am
it's not our boots on the ground? >> we have to some extent some boots on the ground already. they just aren't on the front lines and whether there are other coalition partners that are willing to put boots closer to the front line is another matter. i think they have to be assured we will being them up and most of all,itative got to be assured that they've got to be assured we are in this to win this and the signals said over the past couple of years have not been good in that regard some it's going to be more difficult to put together a coalition that will actually fight than it would have been a couple years ago. >> all right. senator jeff flake. thank you so much. we look forward to hearing what happens later today. still ahead, she has her sights on climbing one of the highest money tain, it's nearly an impossible feat, the sister of our own peter sal alexander, she joins with us her incredible story. up next as wall street
4:34 am
soars, are millennials left behind and what are they not doing? the washington post will explain next all that and more when "morning joe." [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman,
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it's time for chip to spread his wings. >> wow. well, this is very unexpected. >> we're going to blow out the east wall of my bedroom, enlarge the bathroom, basically turn the entire upstairs into a secondary master suite so there is room for the beth of us and the both of you under the same roof. what do you say?
4:38 am
>> that's a funny scene. the scene from the romantic comedy "failure to launch." still at home. >> you didn't understand him. we do now. he's quite crazy in a good way. anyone here still living at home? no. >> define home. >> i live in my own home. a brand-new column looks at the reason why more and more millennials are not moving out. how they are missing out on many of life's milestones, joining us the author. good to havef to have you. already so many things they are not doing. >> yes, there are many milestones my generation are missing out as with previous cohorts. we are getting married less fwreektly compared to people ten years ago, 15 years ago. millennials it's a fuzzy term generally speaking it's
4:39 am
shorthand 18 to 45, 18 to 39 people in their 20s. there is no hard and fast cutoff. >> a third are living with the parents right now. >> that's only a quarter are married, in that same age range 18 to 35-ish were married in 2000. so we're definitely having somewhat -- >> they're not getting jo bs. >> not getting jobs. unemployment rates are very high. >> not getting married, not getting homes, not getting jobs. obviously, we know the answer here. this isn't a moral societal shift. this is the economy. >> right. as a somewhat i don't know i'm a millenia again-y er yes, guess i call into that age range, i hear my generation as being lazy, sort of loose when it comes to family values, morally adrift. there are all sorts of slurs you can hurl at us and they are
4:40 am
often attributed to the fact that we don't care about settling down. we don't want to work. we don't want to have a ohio we don't want things a part of the american dream for generation past, if you look at survey data, that's absolutely not true t. vast majority say they are either married or those who are not married say they want to be married, only like in the single digit itself and percentage terms do you see that people never want to get married. >> has this been up on my smarten phone, i see this starting with even careers. you have so many young people who think i will start an act. i will be able to do it from my home. >> i think that's a very small share of my generation. they get a lot of press. >> i also see what i learn helplessness, they read in the maine papers, when i was 24, it was unacceptable to have a job.
4:41 am
today. >> i think those kind of accusations are made against every youth that enters the lego market. oh, they don't want to work. it's not stigmatizeing. >> they accept it. i always say to young people, there are jobs. it may not be the one you want or are qualified. if we line up ten people. you showed me the most aggressive to the least aggressive. >> that most aggressive will somehow find a job. so it's harder, it's more difficult. i almost sound like a grumpy old man. we all see it. tenacious kids, they can make it happen for themselves. >> you see a lot of young people that require skills below what their actual level of training is. you see a lot of unemployment in addition to high unemployment. mean tack kids who went. i say kids, they're adults, depending on what terminology
4:42 am
you want, who have gone to college, working at starbucks wlorks are working in retail they have taken on a lot of debt in order to obtain. >> so what are the implications then for society if have you this huge generation, a clunk of people who have come up sort of disillusioned not able to find the job they want or live the life they want to live. what does that mean culturally or for the country? >> you see a lot of disaffection politically when you look at statistics about trust government institutions and other institutions, you know, whether it's churches or schools or police or whatever, you see very low levels of trust, which could potentially turn into lower voter turnout rates and we already have relatively low voter turn jut rates but junl young people generally do. they don't vote in high numbers. but that could translate to all
4:43 am
sorts of belativiors later in life that are related to this feeling of isolation and the world has given on us, they're blaming me for not having a job for not being able to afford a home when actually i want all of those things. >> so katherine, when you first came on this show a few years ago, i remember you saying you leak it a lot. what's on your hand? i don't think this story is of you young lady this does not apply to you. >> i got married two weeks ago. >> wow! >> so i am one of the exceptions to my generation. >> what's the secret? >> what's the secret? >> how do you make it work? >> have a job. >> have a job, that really helps, it's truer for men than women. people who have the biggest dropoff in marriage rates tend to be less educated men with fewer job opportunities. that's why i think in some ways. >> it's outlook. >> it's about a lot of other factors in your life that make
4:44 am
it easier or harder for to you develop other relationships. >> to have those milestones, congratulations. >> thank you. >> i'm so happy for you. >> okay. still ahead, we'll take a look at some of the brightest young minds shaping the world of tomorrow. first at the age of 12, she learns she would be robbed of her hearing and sight. rebecca alexander's inspireing story of overcoming adversity is next. it's not being peter's sister, she's dealt with more than that. that's a tough one. we'll be right back with more "morning joe." when fixed income experts work with equity experts who work with regional experts that's when expertise happens. mfs. because there is no expertise without collaboration.
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. >> welcome back to "morning joe request itself national koerntd beter alexander and his sister rebecca alexander the co-author of the new book "not fade away." a memoir of sents lost and found. peter is here to share her story. it's a very personal one. good to see you guys. >> it's a great day. definitelifies to be here. >> definitely nice to be here. >> i am happy to share becky's story, he is one of the funniest, caring people, her world is changing rapidly.
4:49 am
she is lost losing her vision and hearing. she has little left. becky is the face of courage as you will see to me. >> don't stop, rebeck car, let's go. >> this is my sister rebecca. she is 35 now and the most impressive person i know. >> faster! >> looking at her, you have no ideas every idea shy has a disability. >> can you see my hand right here? >> yes. >> can i see my hand right here? >> no. >> when becky was 13 she was diagnosed with a rare disorder usher syndrome 3. it finally hit you i will go blind and deaf in college. what does that feel like? >> i felt as soon as i got that diagnosis, i need to do everything i can to make up for my loss. it was like my way of fighting back. >> becky is fearless, a tornado of energy, she's an extreme athlete leaving the rest of us in her dust. >> pick up your speed. >> with her hearing almost gone,
4:50 am
last year, becky received a cochlear implant, a surgically implanted device that gives ler a sense of sound. only becky passes the time before surgery like this. i came to see her the day before she got the implant. >> as you like to joke to me, i'm getting a hole in my head. as i come to terms with this, even as a brother, this is the last time i'll ever look at you without a device on you. you know what i mean. >> yeah. >> which for me is shard too. does that worry you, in the way people view you? i'm sorry, i'm crying, i love you so much. >> it's okay. it's nice to know the people around you do care and they do have an emotional response to it. >> now, becky hears much better but her vision is limited to this. like she's looking through a star strau. and that window is closing. still, my sister remains upbeat and undeterred. >> it's incredible how in the last, you know, 15 years, how much my life has changed.
4:51 am
and it's actually better. i mean, it's funny that i could have a lot less vision and a lot less hearing and be a lot happier. >> wow. >> that's my sister becky. >> wow. >> becky. >> so we have to keep watching now after watching that. >> well, i'm struck, becky, if i can call you becky, by your strength and your support for her, peter. do you remember how you first learned about this? >> at 12 or 13 when you get any type of news about when you for all intents and purposes are just fully sighted and hearing, it's hard to understand what it would mean to be deaf and blind so, don't thingk i really processed it. i just had difficulty seeing at night because that's the way it affected me most at the time. i accepted the diagnosis as it
4:52 am
progressed as i got older. >> your family's been incredibly supportive. i've seen you talk about your sister. i know you're in awe of her. how has this journey from your standpoint built you as a person? >> i better call her rebecca because if i call her becky, i'm going to hear it for the rest of the day. easy to be frustrated with something you're dealing with and being upset about nothing. and it just gives me ander would homes becky, rebecca, a sense of perspective. because it's hard to complain about a thing when you realize the experience she's having right now. i said that the day that my daughter was born was the happiest day of my life. this time right now is the proudest time of my life. she's still my kid sister right now. sharing her story so openly wither. that's a tough process. and not just sharing it, but inspiring people. everywhere, go, and i have the
4:53 am
blessing of being on tv, nobody asks me about anything i'm doing. they say, how's rebecca? how's your sister? there's no one i'd rather be associated with than her. >> rebecca, how are you? what is the status of your prognosis? >> a normally sighted person sees 180 degree. i have just about 10 degrees of my central vision. i have a very small sliver of vision in my periphery. so i have strong central vision but it's quite limited. and the hearing loss, i have profound hearing loss. i was very lucky that when i learned about having usher syndrome in college, i learned sign language. and i, you know, joined, really, the deaf community and learned sign language, win has been very, very hap felpful.
4:54 am
i had the implant a year ago. that has been helpful. >> that's the medical side of things. and then how are you -- how are you through the challenging moments of this? how do you describe them? >> well, it's interesting, because i think that we live in a little bit of a culture of focusing on all the things that we don't have or all the things that we're not as opposed to focusing on all the things that we do have and the things that we can do. it seems to me -- it's always worked for me that when i focus on the things that i still have, that i still can do, especially after being told i would not have -- inwas told i would be completely blind by 30 and i'm 35 so to even have 10 degrees of vision is, you know, pretty remarkable and lucky and i don't take that for granted. >> see what you're saying. >> she's not messing around. >> no. >> rebecca's an extreme athlete. >> what the heck? i know, i mean -- >> it's ridiculous. she wrote this book, "not fade away," and we call it a memoir
4:55 am
of losses sense and found. as much about the things you can find as it is about the things you have lost. it's far more important to focus on what there is to embrace than it is to the things you no lo longer experience. i want, before her window closes, for all those image, to be plastered inside her mind. for the rest of her life, when she hears me, that thoser erth go away. >> this book is literally for r forrer. because we all can -- >> peter's crying. >> it doesn't have to be nearly as bad as rebecca's. >> yes, thank you. the book is "not fade away." rebecca alexander, thank you, so much. peter, thank you. can we talk about allison next at some point? >> yes. >> we'll talk. >> yes, my wife. we'll talk. >> she's great.
4:56 am
she's perfect actually. up next, a crisis of leadership. how the nfl is just one example of the lack decency in professional sports. senator claire mccaskill join us with an incredible story that showcases the root of the problem. along with marketing guru steve stout with his take on the seminal moment for the nfl. who's going to do it? who's going to make it happen? discover a new energy source. turn ocean waves into power. design cars that capture their emissions. build bridges that fix themselves. get more clean water to everyone. who's going to take the leap? who's going to write the code? who's going to do it? engineers. that's who. that's what i want to do. be an engineer. join the scientists and engineers of exxonmobil in inspiring america's future engineers. energy lives here.
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all right, just about the top of the hour. welcome back to "morning joe." joining us now, brand marketing innovator steve stout, author of the best selling book, "the tanning of america." also with us, senator claire mccaskill of missouri. donny deutsch still with us. willie and me. we'll get to the whole sponsorship issue. you represent some of them? >> yeah. >> okay. today, we are not talking about washington with claire mccaskill. senator claire mccaskill is a former sex crimes prosecutor. she has a problem in today's "usa today" about a case involving a former university of missouri football story. the story crystalizes how victory is put over decency. can you please tell us about dgb as he's called?
5:01 am
>> well, he was a big star coming out of high school. the number one recruit coming out of the country as a receiver. unfortunately, he had a lot of problems. most serious occurred in april we he broke in his girlfriend's apartment and pushed her roommate down the stairs with two hands to chest, drug her out of the apartment by her hair and her neck. the girlfriend then 16 different times by text message begged her roommate not to press charges. no charges were pressed against this player. but university of missouri, in a proud moment for me, kicked him off the team. just a few months later, he was picked up by the university of oklahoma. and with a straight face, they asked the ncaa to waive his eligibility limitation because he was run off, the run off exception in the ncaa rules, through no fault of his own. the ncaa denied that request,
5:02 am
thankfully. but what really brought this toem for me was over the weekend, i noticed there had been a poll of division 1 coaches. would who would you like your son to play for in college football. i couldn't believe it when i read that bob stoops, the coach, at the university of oklahoma, was the top choice. along with the coach from georgia. all the division 1 coaches. i said wait a minute, you want your son to go play for a coach who looked the other way, put this player on his team, and then tried to pretend he was kicked off the team at missouri through no fault of his own? to me, that is really the essence of the problem. that we are putting victory and winning or one-loss record over the conduct of these players and that reflects in every level of sports and every sport. lots of teams. i don't want to pick on university of oklahoma because
5:03 am
this occurs all the time. >> it's a story that's close to you. you've got two major teams in your state. you're a big fan and you follow the college teams as well. claire, it's not just over sort of right and wrong, it's over the law in some cases, these choices are being made. >> it is. but what a lot of people have done is they hide behind the fig leaf. well, there was no criminal charges. you know, you judge the conduct of every case on its merits. regardless of whether or not women cooperate in prosecutions. regardless whether a woman is willing to come forward out of the shadows. there's a lot of pressure on women not to do that. but you look at the conduct and isolation. i want to mention another case, which has really got me. there's a federal judge in alabama that beat his wife in a ritz-carlton and was arrested in august and he sits on the bench today. and that is just as outrageous. we're spending a lot of time on the nfl, but there's no excuse
5:04 am
for that federal judge to be sit ing with that kind of power after he acknowledged his conduct in terms of beating his wife. hlaceratio lacerations, in front of her children, all of that. >> it takes people like you to have a unified front on this. i'm still waiting if we've heard from the governor of california. other governors have spoken out. let me bring everybody up to date. we're going to be talking about sponsors as well. running back ray rice is now appealing his indefinite suspension by the nfl. the league's players association is demanding the punishment be overturned. in a statement, the union writes, in part, quote, supporting facts reveal a lack of a fair and impartial process, including the role of the office of the commissioner. commissioner roger goodell initially handed rice a two-game suspension for assaulting his future wife. then the league increased the
5:05 am
penalty after another video could be irm firmed the violence that occurred. rice, who was dropped by the ravens, has been accepted by a rehab program and can be accepted by the league at the discretion of the front office. the nfl, and this is honestly what it's all about in terms of driving decisions, it's a $1 billion business. the companies that help foot the bill are clearly worried. one of the first to speak out was radisson hotels which earlier this week polled its sponsorship of the nfl vikings. now another huge name is raising concerns. the beer giant anheuser-busch says we're disappointed and increasingly concerned by the recent incidents that have overshadowed this nfl season. we are not yet satisfied with the league's handling of behaviors that so clearly go against our own company culture and moral code. that's a st. louis company, claire, by the way. visa says domestic violence in
5:06 am
any form, unacceptable. has no place in the nfl or our society more broadly. all of visa's partners, including the nfl, maintain high ethical standards and operate with full transparency. several sponsors spoke out against domestic violence while reiterating their support for the league. many are taking a wait and see approach. according to the ap, nike stores and the twin cities have pulled adrian peterson's jerseys from the shelves. a company ek sspokesperson says that's as far as they know. and his product continues to be available for public. you represent some? >> yeah, i work with anheuser-busch specifically. it's a shame what's taken place. . lack of leadership at the top of this is what really let this whole thing get carried away. >> what's the strategy for
5:07 am
sponsors? i'll tell you what i see. it feels liker's scrambling to catch up with the obvious. how does a major sponsor really make a stand on something and make clear it's eradicated, because it is wrong. >> the sponsors did it with the nba. i think the wait and see approach is goodell. is goodell going to keep his job and you know what the -- >> it's not about goodell. by the way. it's about -- i said this earlier. you and i brooth know, 99% of cs are good people. i think in this case, the ceos, budweiser and visa, have an opportunity now. they control the league. roger goodell does not control it. 20 to 40 ceos control the future of that league. >> you're talking about the
5:08 am
sponsors? >> but the tv money is so big in the nfl. >> of course, from the sponsors. >> we will be back in a second. >> nor do i expect the sponsors to leave football. but they have the opportunity to say, look, we want to change the rules. the punishment is different. we are behind this league. we love this league. we're also behind treating women in a certain way. they have an opportunity to not only do the right thing but it's good for business. >> why are you saying it's not about goodell? there's no diversity in the c sweet period. there's no women there to look at this video and say this is wrong, we can't give this guy a two-game suspension. >> but the sponsors were okay with the suspension. >> the sponsors did not know at the time there was video footage in the elevator -- >> okay, hold that thought. >> i think the point that's being made about the lack of women -- by the way, goodell has
5:09 am
worked to bring women in now to work on this problem, but none of the women are african-american and the league is 70% african-american so, you know, i think they're really -- this is a moment in our country for those of us who have toiled in these fields for decades in terms of domestic violence, whether it's judge mark fuller in alabama, ray rice or dgb, it is time for the sports world in general and every other part of our country to say, you know, we can foot turn a blind eye to this. now this has to be a priority in terms of recognizing this. the women are a big part of anheuser-bus anheuser-busch's market. they're a big part of the nfl market. the other things the nfl needs to look at. but the notion that this is all on goodell or all on the sponsors, it's on all of us. it's on women to begin to vote with their pocketbook about how they have been objectified and, frankly, how this problem has not been taken seriously enough. >> go ahead, willie.
5:10 am
>> i was going to ask steve, just -- obviously the core issue is domestic abuse, but your business is branding. strictly branding question. we've been saying for last week, if they're so concerned with protecting the brand of the nfl, why would they protect the two players who, i hate to say this, but are disposabldisposable? why would they go out of their way to protect two guys? >> i think there's a long list of it. i think there's a long list of issues that happen all the time with these athletes and they tray to protect the league, protect the shield. they figure out ways going to get out away what's not going t out. then all of a sudden, social media and everybody came out rallying. the commissioner gets things like this across his desk, constantly. >> the senator, really fast, it
5:11 am
does fall on the sponsors. they're the ones that have the switches. i'm a problem solver. it's great to say women need to stand up. what i'm saying is the quickest fix, once again, to get where we need to get to, which is new rules and new penalties, are for the people who are paying the bill to change the game. that's just a harsh reality. >> but that's the networks. you want to talk about who pays -- >> it's not the networkings. it it's still the sponsors paying the networks -- >> they're paying 20 million -- >> why couldn't they do that? >> the networks could black out the game, they don't have to play the games -- >> that's not going to happen. >> claire, i've got a totally different question for you, and then we're going to hit the musical angle of this and the television facet of this. >> the musical angle? >> it's not like a broadway musical. >> claire? >> yes. >> where are your counterparts in california on this? we have a san francisco 49er charged with beating his pregnant wife.
5:12 am
obviously he hasn't been convicted -- >> mcdonald -- >> but he is definitely someone who should be benched. where's jerry brown, where's barbara boxer? where are your counterparts in the state of california? >> i'm sure that they are in agreement with me. i'm sure that dianne feinstein and barbara boxer, i'm sure they are firmly in the camp of this is a good time to say. by the way, all these players e deserve due process. we're talking about not allowing the system to make the decision. the player in california, the judge in alabama, the player in minnesota, all need to be held accountable for their conduct. need they say, enough is enough. one loss. we can win without having people on our team we can win without
5:13 am
people who have decided it is okay to not have moral character. >> i think they should speak out. these are women's rights advocates, are they not? are they penople who care about their constituents? like claire, that actually involve some moral conviction? >> we should point out both senators, boxer and feinstein, were on the letter that was sent to goodell ripping his decision. >> i would love to see more. >> -- handled correctly, so in new england, when ash hernandez came up for questioning, bob kraft, nfl owner, new england patriots, he made that decision to get rid of hernandez before law enforcement got involved. that's where he understood the ethics and he didn't care about the comments. i think that's what the nfl issue is is that rub between ethics and commerce. they're picking commerce. that's ways behat's been happen
5:14 am
>> in terms of the major sponsor here, but another element, the situation involving cbs sports and it the pop singer rihanna a what may or may not have been connected to her own past. the seven-time grammy winner was assaulted by singer chris brown. an image of her injuries was published all over the place. brown felt guilty to felony assault and avoided prison time. he received five years of probation as part of the plea deal. the two entertainers were ordered to stay 50 yards away from each other. just three weeks after, they reunited. they have since split up. during an interview, which we don't need to run right now, i'll just say, she discussed her decision to go back and talked about why it would be wrong to stay with him because it sends a bad message to other people. she went on to perform and sing. in a video with eminem, rihanna sings about an abuse nt
5:15 am
relationship. lines like this, just going to stand there and watch me burn. that's all right because i lake t like the way it hurts. now cbs has abandoned its plan to choose a different song for its open for college football. it contains the lyrics, i'm addicted to the thrill, it's a dangerous love affair. last week, cbs dropped the song. with the chairman of the sports division saying, we thought journalistically and from a tone standpoint, we needed to have the appropriate tone and coverage been rihanna hit back, on twitter, writing, cbs, you pulled my song last week, now you wanna slide it back this thursday? no. you all are said for penalizing me for this. the audacity. cbs pulled the song for the season, saying we will be moving in a different direction. we will be using our newly created thursday night football theme music to open our game.
5:16 am
>> pat boone will be -- >> okay, so rihanna got -- got it completely taken -- what, what's wrong? >> i'm laughing at donnie. >> a lot response on twitter pretty critical to my concern that perhaps her songs don't help any platform she would have to combat domestic violence. i haven't seen her really do that. go ahead, john tower, what are they saying? >> you wanted rihanna to step up. can educate the listener about what may be going on in a victim's mind about her lyrics. nicky wrote, you're still blaming the women. it's not the abused women's job to step up and put a stop to her abuser. >> steve is there any way they could have continued having -- cbs sports, rihanna in the open? >> i mean, thing there's a lot of -- it was music they picked
5:17 am
in the beginning. they obviously liked the song. when you read the lyrics of that song, it makes you ask, wihy di you pick it any way for thursday night football? >> along those lines, i brought up jay z earlier, who would be a great guy to champion this cause. he's a good friend of yours. don't we have to go -- i don't want to sound like a cranky old white guy. the lyrics of so many of these songs that glorifies violence, glorifies a certain type of thuggish behavior. don't we kind of have to start -- this is your business. >> you have to look at the lyrics of the song. look, my point is, i don't know why cbs chose to use that song. you look at the lyrics of the song. i think pulling rihanna's song at that point because of the ray rice situation or because of the nfl was overreacting. you didn't have to pull that song. the song was a popular song. >> totally disagree.
5:18 am
>> but why did they choose -- do you disagree with them using it in the beginning? >> i think it's stunning we're here right now, that that is -- think about all the things that were let go over the course of the past few months by fans, by viewers, by people who are supposed to be observers of culture, even us. everything just didn't connect. now it's all connected and it makes no sense to me that a woman who's the subject of domestic violence went back and still sings songs about it and does not have a platform against it should be opening nfl thursday night football. it makes no sense. >> i will tell you, that wasn't an eminem song. it was an eminem song she was on. >> okay, so -- what does that mean? >> you're calling it -- >> it's like it's okay? >> no, you just keep calling it a rihanna song, i want to correct you. >> rihanna is singing the song. that's the inappropriate connection. between thursday night football, in the middle of a domestic violence scandal, okay, that is
5:19 am
having far-reaching ko consequences -- you're telling me they're waiting for roger goodell to go, this is so bad. >> yeah. >> so how could they open their thursday night -- >> i don't know why they would ever pick that sock in the beginning. that's my point. >> was it that -- i don't know if it was that song. it wasn't that song. >> no, but the symbolism -- >> wait if it wasn't that song, why did they pull the song? >> the song itself also has lyrics. she herself and her story doesn't really work for them right now. they're going in a different direction. vanessa bush of "es sense" magazine on last hour brings up the point it might have been a great idea to approach her, rihanna, to see if she'd like to join their coverage on thursday and talk about the issue. that would have been amazing. >> of course, we could all pontificate, but i want to say it again, you're a guy, you wrote a book, the "the tanning
5:20 am
of america," bridges the corporate world and the african-american community in a meaningful way. isn't it time for the jay zs of the world, again, great man, people follow us, our lyrics inspire, challenge. people mimic. i think for any hip-hop artist at this point to be in any way in the song talking about violence against women and talking about hos and what not to be othver and i'm starting i. we just pontificate. people have to start doing stuff. it's the jay zs of the world. not the pundits, unfortunately -- and not even the great senators like claire mccaskill. >> i would argue that jay z has done that over the last ten years. he's helped hip-hop grow up a lot more. he's led the way in that -- >> keep going. >> if i were the nfl, i would invite rihanna to do a brief to
5:21 am
camera monologue at the beginning of the game on thursday and point out to women across america that there are domestic violence shelters that can help them in their community. i think we need to remember there are thousands of women today in this country that will be too afraid to do anything. that feel helpless about doing anything. that are worried about the safety of their children. and we need to keep emphasizing every -- we're talking about this a lot. we're not spending enough time talking to the women that need to have the strength to get help and support in every major community in america. we now have a great network that can provide that assistance to women in the situation that rihanna was in. she did walk away from that relationship eventually. >> she did. >> and that is hard for these women. for a lot of complicated reasons. so i would hope, rihanna -- and i would think the nfl would ask her to do a public service
5:22 am
announcement. >> totally. >> saying reach out, get help. >> i agree with the senator. >> steve, and then we have to go. for the sponsor anheuser-busch, is it a matter of goodell staying or going? >> i think it's a matter of seeing an action that -- >> what's action? because you started out by saying it's all about what happens with goodell. >> i'm saying the leadership. goodell, the leadership of the nfl, has to take action against all these cases and show all of their sponsors, whether it's anheuser-busch, visa, mcdonald's, that they're going to course correct so these things never happen again. it just seems like a lot of things -- >> are we even close to where we need to be -- >> we're not even -- >> might they pull their sponsership? >> i think if they don't see a quick change, they will pull their sponsorship. >> they're going to affect the change. >> senator mccaskill, thank you so much. great piece in "usa today." coming up on "morning joe," actor viggo mortensen join us.
5:23 am
first, apple's solution to its security flaw. then, nearly three years later, one lucky dog owner finds his missing pup thousands of miles away from home. are you serious? we'll be right back. what if a photo were more than a memory?
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from "the washington post," as we take a look at the papers, nasa has awarded new space contracts to boeing and space x at the cost of nearly $7
5:27 am
billion. u.s. astronauts have been riding russian rockets since nasa retired its shuttle program three years ago. the agency hopes to resume launches from u.s. soil in 2017. nasa says its goal is pro dues an american-made spaceship that's less expensive and more reliable. >> let's look at apple is stepping up its security for i-cloud accounts. the tech giant has added two-step security verification for its cloud storage. users are going to be able to activate the new feature that alerts them via phone when suspicious activity is detected. >> the "los angeles times"." audi along with mercedes and google became the first company to test self-driving cars on california roads. joining michigan, florida and nevada with laws permitting autonomous vehicles. "the times" reports that
5:28 am
globally there may be more than 200,000 self-driving cars on the road by 2025. >> from our new york affiliate w nbc, after more than 2 1/2 years, a lucky dog owner will be reunited with his pooch that was found thousands of miles from home. this is a fantastic story. he assumed his toy fox terrier ni ka, not mika, but nika, was stolen from his yard in upstate new york. this week, he received a call from a florida shelter saying a microchip plan had turned up his information. he hopes that he will be reunited with his dog by thanksgiving. >> what? why thanksgiving? >> how did he get 3,000 miles away? >> get the dog home. poor nika. i take it it's a female dog. >> it's not as heart warming as i thought. i'll see you in a couple months. >> ask nicole wallace. she named the female dog in the
5:29 am
white house mika. >> who's better than nicole wallace? >> no one. even though she did that. the organizers of a pop-up restaurant under fire for offering the last meals of death row inmates on its menu. the website featured a series of photos with inmates with menus around their necks. the so-called death row dinners were going for 50 pounds or $81 a pop. after facing backlash, okay organizer, released a statement saying we're shocked and saddened by the response to death row dinners and are very sorry for any offense caused. the pop-up is -- >> every time you say it can't get any stupider in this world. >> and they're really shocked? they're saddened. could they be shocked? >> want to be in the room where the guy says, i got it, i got the next big idea. here it is. >> taunls, what do we have next? >> so, we want to show you this motorcycle rider.
5:30 am
it's from russia. >> incredible video that has no value but it's kind of cool. >> this person is so lucky to be alive. shocking accident. all caught on tape. a car can be seen approaching a traffic light. as the car preps to cross the intersection, a biker can be seen rubbing the red light and the driver of the two vehicles. the driver flipping off and landing in between the two cars and sliding down the center. preventing him from being hit by either of the vehicles. amazingly, he survives that accident. i mean, this could have been so much worse just by a split second. >> that's the "morning joe" action cam from leningrad? >> yes, something like that. >> apparently so many people in russia because of accidents and insurance claims have dash cams in their car to prove who's at fault in accidents. so there's a lot of very interesting russian video.
5:31 am
>> all right. coming up. getting an eblg on fight against cancer and uncovering the secrets of dinosaurs. those are just a few of the projects from the brilliant award winners. that's ahead. first, a look at the markets with cnbc's sara eason. when sales rep steve hatfield books at, he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can prep for his presentation. and when steve is perfectly prepped, ya know what he brings?
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joining us now for business before the bell, cnbc's sara icen. >> we just got earnings out of general mills, which makes cheerios and wheaties. they are struggling. profit down. sales came in short estimates. it goes to this theme. you really see the winners and losers in some of these giant food companies. americans are shifting their habits. they're not eating breakfast cereal like they used to. remember, i told you, just a little while ago, a few weeks ago, general mills paid $820 million to buy annie's which makes the cheddar bunnies and mac and cheese. they're trying to get into these organic foods. so general mills has an uphill battle. the other big market story is going to be the federal reserve.
5:36 am
janet yelling will be taking the podium. they're out with their big interest rate decision at 2:00 p.m. it's always a market mover. today, everybody wants to know, is she going to change her tune on the economy which has shown improvement and when are they going to start thinking about getting back to a normal world where they would raise interest rates, get out of that crisis style policy. so that's going to be big to watch. i know you guys were all over the apple releases. the reviews for the iphone 6 and plus are out. >> how are they? >> they're pretty positive. i'll just point to ross because he's the tech critic. he calls it a winner. a lot of things he likes. i'll just point out one. because it matters a lot to me. the battery life. 14 to 15 hours. that's a huge improvement. >> wow. >> okay. >> that's something. now, that is something. and they're unbreakable? >> well, he actually said that
5:37 am
he dropped his, but -- and it actually crashicked, but it jus shows you you do have to have a case on it. he was impressed with the larger screen. >> how much is the case? some of these cases are 100 bucks. come on. >> you can pay anything for a case. you can get a caissse on the stt for ten bucks. >> those don't work. he dropped it and it cracked. >> the iphone 6 plus is big. so i wonder who's going to buy that. it's not exactly like the phone you put in your pocket. it's kind like a pmini computer >> all right, sara eison, thank you. give me those glasses so i can read the tease here. all right. here we go. how we doing. from a 50 cents paper microscope to a computer program that helps
5:38 am
people track what personal information they've shared, one of popular science's brilliant mines. actor viggo mortensen in his challenging new role in his film "the two faces of january." (vo) get ready! fancy feast broths. they're irresistabowl... completely unbelievabowl... totally delectabowl. real silky smooth or creamy broths. everything she's been waiting for. carefully crafted with real seafood,
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factories will work with the cloud. one day... is today. 41 past the hourt. executive editor of "popular science." the magazine is out with its brilliant awards. we also have one of those brilliant minds. who i guess is number one on the list, and i just have to say, you two are changing the face of science in the minds of many for so many reasons. you're on the top of the brilliant ten and you had an
5:42 am
incredible idea that protects us. tell us about it. >> right. so my work focuses on building tools to increase control and transparency over what happens to our data online. right now, a lot of web services, a lot of mobile applications, are collecting a lot of information about us. and we have no idea what they're doing with it. so my tools try to tell users a little bit of what's happening to their data online. >> i can't stand, thomas, that if you log on a certain e-mail system or you buy something, all of a sudden your private information is going elsewhere. it makes me not want to have an account on -- >> well, you're being mined and people are learning about you and learning about your habits. so your idea was for this system and for -- like the cloud for example to almost have demench sha, to forget about you. i know apple has come out with
5:43 am
its news today about adding layers of protection. how do you create the system to forget the information we're trying to get it to remember? >> one of the problems today is with this data collection, you know, the internet never forgets. these web services ha s hardly remooed information they've learned about you. that's a big problem because if you write a sensitive e-mail and you want to delete it, you cannot do it. our tool is called vanish. what it does, it lets users create e-mails that are configured to self-destruct after a preset period of time. >> wow. okay. i love that. how did you -- how does she get chosen? >> every year, "popular science" looks for the ten people, the ten young scientists and engineers who are working in the united states who are incredibly impressive in that they're making ground-breaking changes in their field already and
5:44 am
making the world a better place. she's tackling a really big issue which is what happens to your data when you put it online and through this software she's creating, she's approaching the problem in really innovative ways. people looking at big challenges and then looking at them creatively. >> did she grab your attention because of, say, our conversations about edward snowden and celebrities in the i-cloud and really -- >> i think it's even more personal than that. when you go online and you're at a commerce site and you plug in your personal data and your credit card. a lot of these sites wants to know your age and your sex and you don't know what happens to your information. this is a pervasive problem -- >> let's look at the others. half of the people in the top ten are women, which is nice.
5:45 am
nicole abad, she studied bats to make drones smarter. >> yes, so she's -- lots of people tend to work at the intersection of different fields. nicole looks at how bads swarm and how to communicate with each other to not, for instance, bang into each other as they exit a cave. so to make robots smarter and help us create drones that can perhaps swarm. >> jordan green shows the immune system how to fight cancer. >> love that. >> yeah. >> creates censors for the internet -- i don't understand what that is. >> censors that can communicate with each other and can run indefinitely because they scavenge energy from their environment in order to power. it's a way to gather tons of data from the environment.
5:46 am
>> and katerina is making an alternative to antibiotics. that could be earth shattering. especially the overprescription of antibiotics and the development of immunity in children, especially, who take too many antibioticings. >> yes, she's doing it in such an innovate imway in that she's looking at the body's defense system, the mukess your body creates. she's applying it to an artificial substance that could one day potentially do the same thing. >> i love the cover, the future of the car. it's not just a car anymore. i love this. i'm about to get my driver's license -- >> he's obsessed. >> yeah. >> we're going to be checking out the latest issue of "popular science." thank you so much. visit the afternoon mo joe
5:47 am
session our website. afterno what's he doing there? viggo mortensen joins us next to tell us about his latest role and why fans of the movie "the talented mr. ripley" should take note of this new film. we'll be right back. what is that? machines will be sprayed to be made. and making something stronger... will mean making it lighter. one day, factories will work with the cloud. one day... is today.
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you reimburse my clients, we'll leave you and your love loy wife alone. >> my wife has nothing to do with this. look, see if we can come to an arrangement. >> unfortunately, i'm not authorized to negotiate with you. i'm just here for the money. >> yeah, okay, let me go get it. >> chester. >> that was a scene from the new movie "the two faces of january."
5:52 am
the co-star of the film joins us now. what a scene. >> it's a really good movie. it's a wild ride and old-fashioned, very intelligently written story. we shot in beautiful places too. we were in greece, crete, istanbul. >> what are "the two faces of january"? >> it's from mythology. it has to do with being partly in the past and partly in the future and it also means in mythology it's like a doorway or a passageway and the labyrinth, you know, the mist of the labyrinth, getting lost. >> patricia highsmith. we all know, "talented mr. ripley." so this is very sexy, sleek. filmed in the same kind of vision as that film. >> my mom is happy for once.
5:53 am
i don't play a scruffy character. i'm cleaned up. it's 1962 so it's kind of -- >> but you're a touch flawed. >> well, he's a con man. >> yeah, but even con men were dapper back then. kennedy was president. there was still the good will, the afterflow from world war ii. so americans were still, you know -- it was well before vietnam really got going and waterga watergate. >> you have an excellent co-star in kirsten dunst. as a couple, you guys are predatory in how you operate and play off each other, correct? >> we, she's not totally innocent. she sort of knows but turns a blind eye, like, i don't want to know. i know we have a lot of money and i'm not sure how you got
5:54 am
this money. he's pretty charming. i mean, he's someone who just seems like a well off bit of a clumsy tourist. and then you realize. he's a younger con man, sort of starting out, and he sees this couple and thinks, i can take them for money and take advantage of him. and she's nice to look at so maybe take her from him as well. what he doesn't realize is i'm just like him only i've had more experience. so there's a real battle. >> it looks absolutely fascinating. "the two faces of january" is available on demand and on itunes and in theaters friday october 26th. we saw you holding up a flag in the tease. i realize now you have a present for joe. >> i know he's a soccer, football fan. he's a liverpool fan. this is the pope's team. my team. since childhood. i wrote a little phrase for
5:55 am
liverpool fans. you'll never walk alone. >> i'm doing a panel with him tonight in detroit so i'll deliver that to him. do you like it? it's wrong what i'm doing? they're not happy with this? >> if viggo's all right with it. >> it's very comfortable, thank you so much. the movie looks amazing. up next, what, if anything, did we learn today. take and... aflac! and a gentle wavelike motion... aahhh- ahhhhhh. liberate your spine, ahhh-ahhhhhh aflac! and reach, toes blossoming... not that great at yoga. yeah, but when i slipped a disk he paid my claim in just four days. ahh! four days? yep. find out how fast aflac can pay you, at
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la quinta! time to talk about what we learned today. >> i learned that willie geist, our colleague and friend, is really rising to the top. he's becoming the honorary captain of the vanderbilt commodores this saturday. >> oh, very nice. >> it's pretty big. >> that is huge. >> willie is a member of the student media hall of fame at vanderbilt. this is a big next step. >> so sort of a stepping stone to get there? >> i think so, i'm running the campaign so -- >> thomas? >> this "popular science" magazine and how they pick the ten rising stars. we're going to talk about this in afternoon mo joe. so very cool how women scientists are leading the way. >> not fade away. get this book. it's a big for everybody. peter alexander was really
6:00 am
truly -- >> he's a big softy, that peter alexander. >> sharing his sister rebecca with us. rebecca alexander wrote this book. it will make you appreciate life in a way perhaps you never have before. we're going to go to "the daily rundown" which is hosted by rebecca alexander's brother. have a great day. very proud brother today, mika, thank you for those words. hill of problems. a very busy morning for congress with a vote expected on arming syrian rebels. speaking about terrorism. an ebola survivor. the plan to save thousands in african. benghazi review. a whole lot more. mounting pressure and outrage over abuse allegations. the vikings reverse course. barring adrian peterson, their star, from all


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