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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  September 19, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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brzezinski family. >> sam, what did you learn today? you snide, snug millennial, you. >> yeah, really. >> i learned this is a hostile set and people should stay away from it and there's mental abuse happening and someone needs to help me. >> so now you're a victim. >> i was going to say, another thing, she brandishes chain saws. >> my mom, yeah. >> just crazy. >> thank you, sam. why don't you go home, play video games, smoke pot, with your millennial -- >> if it's way too early -- >> i say that -- >> kristen welker next. >> have a great weekend, everybody. great to see you guys in person. the president praises congress. something you don't hear much lately is bipartisan backing for arming syrian rebels clears congress, but one worry is whether those rebels will actually attack isis before going after syria's president.
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scotland votes no to su succession and the united kingdom is still united. plus, getting their hands on the new iphone. a major moment on wall street with an online chinese retailer set to make history in just moments. a very good morning from washington. i'm kristen welker. it is friday, september 19, 2014. this "daily rundown." we'll have new nbc poll numbers this morning on what the country thinks about the nfl's pr problems. but we begin with the fight against isis. congress has given its stamp of approval to the administration's plan, despite the fact that lawmakers are still questioning key components as they headed out the door for a two-month recess. on the ground, we saw new evidence of the international coalition the president has been talking about. france conducted its first air
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strike inside iraq this morning. destroying a logistics depot in the north. at the same time, isis is fighting back with propaganda and a plot more than 8,000 miles from its home base. on thursday, a new video surfaced of a british journalist kidnapped by extremists in syria nearly two years ago. it's part of an increasingly slick propaganda campaign. this one using two cameras and apparently a teleprompter. now, as far away as australia, people have new reason to fear the militant group after police broke up an alleged plot to kidnap and behead civilians at random. hundreds of police were involved in the raids that resulted in the detention of more than a dozen people. two have been charged. the rest have been released. on thursday, i spoke to the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee mark rogers to get his take on these latest developments. >> it doesn't take an imagination to understand they are a threat to the united
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states. you see what is happening in australia. this is a problem. we need to take it as serious as they are about killing us and cutting people's heads off. >> nbc's jim maceda joins me live from london with more. talk a little bit about the reaction to that thwarted plot in australia and also this new video that's emerging. >> hi, kristen. well, both stories have resonated here in britain. even though people have been preoccupied with the historic scotland referendum on independence, the latest isis video of yet another british hostage. this time, the photo journalist john cantalie, have has disturbed people here. paraded on video by isis. this video is very different. isis isn't seen to physically abuse or threaten, it has a bizarre message for west. british government officials are taking it very seriously. some officials here are saying
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the video is a sign that isis is becoming desperate to drum up support as the west ratchets up its anti-isis military campaign. now that australian plot, the thwarted isis plot to behead victims at random in the streets of sydney, that's getting a lot of play. australia, like britain, a key u.s. ally in the war on isis, is grapple i grappling with what could be their first foray into home terrorism. up until now, its focus only in iraq or inside syria. that could well now change. britain with its own history is extremely sensitive to home grown terror. back to you. >> all right, jim maceda, thank you for that reporting, we appreciate it. back in washington, a measure to train and arm syrian rebels in their fight against isis took less than a week to get through both houses. now it awaits president obama's signature which will signal a brand-new phase of america's
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fight overseas. it got pushed through despite numerous questions from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle about strategy, about our partners and about whether the plan could actually make thing worse. >> president obama now wishes to bomb isis and arm their islamic rebels, allies, at the same time. we're on both sides of the civil war. the emperor has no clothes. >> the truth is sometimes painful. we must protect ourselves from radical islam, but we should never, ever have armed radical islam and we should not continue to arm radical islam. >> earlier in the day, senate leader harry reid was asked about approving new military intervention in the middle east in the wake of the iraq war. here's what he said. >> iraq was a mistake. i was misled. i voted wrong. but this is not iraq. this is a totally different thing. >> in the end, the senate
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apropped the syrian measure, which was hooked to a bill to fund the government through mid-december. the final tally was 78-22 with 10 republicans and 9 democrats plus independent bernie sanders voting against it. >> i believe we're the strongest as a nation when the president and congress work together and i want to thank leaders in congress for the speed and seriousness with which they approach this urgent issue. >> now congress heads out on another break. this one until mid-november. at which time the house will reconvene for just a few weeks before the midterm elections. joining me now, maryland democratic congressman chris von holland who voted against the syrian amendment. congressman, thank you so much for joining me. so obviously you voted against that amendment. but congress did pass the cr with the amendment attached. president's going to sign it into law. what is your largest concern right now moving forward? because now the hard work
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begins. >> well, that's right. look, i support the president's overall strategy against isis. i support the idea that we're using american air support for the kurdish and the iraqi forces on the ground in iraq. a lot of us had misgivenings about this one piece of arming the syrian rebels. for me, it's because the primary objective of the syrian rebels is to go after the assad government, not to go after isis. if you're actually weakening the assad government, you actually run the risk of unintentionally strengthening the hand of isis. that's my concern with that piece. i think the overall strategy -- >> congressman, let me jump in there -- >> i think the overall strategy is right. i think congress will come back after the election and debate the largest piece of that strategy and the question of the authorization to use military force more generally. >> and i want to follow up on that second point you made in just a second. to the point about whether the opposition forces are actually going to go after assad first.
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secretary kerry weighed in on that. here's what he had to say. i'm going to get your reaction on the other side. >> without america coming in and saying we're helping -- we're helping fight isil, they're helping to fight isil. we believe as this global coalition comes together determined to take on isil that the organizing principle of the region, which is success breeds success, you're going to begin to see more people say, we're on the side of the moderates. we're going to be with the moderates. they'll go in strength. and we can begin to isolate isil itself. >> congressman, secretary kerry says he has confidence these opposition forces can go after isis and at the same time go after assad. are you disagreeing with the secretary of state? >> well, there have been lots of shifting alliances among the different groups of the syrian opposition. yes, there's been some fights between isis and parts of the
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syrian opposition. but what united the syrian opposition, what gets then all into the fight, is indisputably their hatred for the assad regime. and i understand that. it's a brutal regime. but that is where they're going to be training their weapons. that's going to be their ultimate goal. and right now, since the larger challenge, the larger threat, is isis, from my perspective, it doesn't do a lot of good to weaken the assad government militari militarily. because right now they're one of the military forces on the ground also fighting isis. so that's, again, my concern with this piece of it. but as to the larger strategy of providinge ining air support, i of supporting syrian kurds, i think those pieces are important. i think congress should debate then. i do have concerns and misgivings this one piece will have unintentional consequences that will actually harm the
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overall effort but, you know, obviously people who have different views on that piece. >> congressman, to the other point that you raise, the idea that lawmakers are going to come back after the election and debate and potentially vote on a war authorization piece of legislation. do you actually think that's going to get a vote? because there's been a lot of talking, but no one was willing to delay their recess to actually vote on a measure to give the president authority to expand these air strikes. the president, as you know, says he believes he has the authority to go it alone. >> exactly. that's the issue. the president has asserted authority under the original 2001 authorization to use military force, which was the authorization to use force against al qaeda in afghanistan. isis did begin as al qaeda in iraq. so i understand the president's legal argument. my view is congress has a responsibility to weigh in on this issue. we should actually be refining
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that 2001 to target on isis, but also in my view limit it, the president's authority, so he cannot use, for example, u.s. ground forces in combat in syria. he says he doesn't -- >> do you think it's going to get a vote? do you actually think that's going to get a vote or is it just going to be a lot of talking on capitol hill and debate? >> the honest answer is i don't know. the honest answer is i hope we will have a vote. whether or not congress can get a majority on the same page as how to refine that authorization to use military force in a way that allows the president to carry out the objectives but also make sure it doesn't become another iraq war, it doesn't become a situation where you have u.s. ground forces sucked into a civil war. that, i don't know. >> all right, congressman -- >> congress will have to figure that out. i think it should step up to the plate and make that effort. >> congressman, thank you so much for joining me. >> thank you. >> now, chuck todd is moderator
6:12 am
of "meet the press" and he joins me as i know you're preparing for your show. he says he doesn't know if congress is going to vote on this measure to give the president authority to expand air strikes. there's been a lot more lawmakers saying we want to vote. >> there is, but it's incumbent on the white house to say what they want. they need to say they want an authorization. this is where the white house has said they would like one, that they would like to redo the war authorization. rescind the one from '01 and '02 and do a new one of sorts. but where's the language? >> is that part of a messaging problem? >> i don't know if it's a messaging problem. this is what i ran on. they've been talking about this. by the way, you know, they claim they have the legal justification to do this in syria. do they really want to be using the bush rationale to say they have justification to do what
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they're doing? that's not what the president said he wanted to do. and so i assume -- but, you know, instead of just saying, hey, we want to vote on something, they ought to write something. by the way, the white house, they ought to say what they really want here. this is where they're just sort of punting it. look, i talked to dennis mcdonough about this last week. he didn't like the phrase that this is just punting some of this, but it does seem as though they're not -- they don't believe this is a priority right now. it's up to congress to make it one. >> president obama came out yesterday. he plraised congress for passin this. now the hard work begins. part of this is building an international coalition. we saw france do the air strikes overnight. there's still the questions about who's going to be in this coalition and what's each country going to be offering. >> at a minimum, look, the real concern here is once you eradicate isis out of syria, who fills the vacuum. they hope they can train up this moderate opposition, that they
6:14 am
can, as the u.s. plows the field, they can fill the vacuum and take hold. but that's not clear these guys are going to be that good. if they're not ready to do that, well, then, who else does it. are you going to have other countries putting combat troops without the united states also offering something, even as a support role. i think the president is determined to say no. military planners are sitting there going, there might not be any other way to do it. so that's why it does feel a slippery slope's a scary phrase to people but it does feel as there's going to be a point of doesn't the united states have a responsibility, particularly if the training of the moderate opposition doesn't work. >> i know you're going to -- >> we are. >> what do you have? >> mike mullen, the chairman of the joint chiefs, to help bring some perspective this back and forth that takes place between syrian leaders and military leaders about things like combat troops but also the democratic senator would voted against the president, the one who voted with hi, to show there is this unique coalition that's --
6:15 am
>> strange bedfellows. >> absolutely is. plus, we'll have more. >> well, we will look forward to that. >> every sunday. chuck, thank you for stopping by your old stomping ground. of course you can catch "meet the press." every sunday. a live hearing just getting under way assessing the threat of foreign fighters returning home. coming up, historic vote keeps the united kingdom intact but some changes are still on the way. we're live in scotland for the results, reaction and what's coming up next. first, a look ahead at today's planner. the president, the veep and hillary clinton all speaking live throughout the morning at a dnc women's leadership forum. we will have more on that later in the show. we expect to see the vice president later this hour. we'll bring that to you live.
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this referendum -- we're very passionate people and i can understand it being such a close vote, there will be a lot of people who are very upset. >> torri government punished scotland for years and it will never let us blossom into the country it could be. >> we'll go for independence again if we can. >> this is probably the most fascinating political story this week. in a record breaking vote, scotland has rejected independence from the united kingdom, keeping its 307-year-old union intact. supporters of the no campaign cheered and wept this morning as they learned the results.
6:20 am
a surprise victory. 5% of scottish voters rejected the idea of breaking away, but still 1.6 million votes were cast in favor of independence. >> the people of scotland have spoken. and it is a clear result. they've kept our country of four nations together. and, like millions of other people, i am delighted. now the debate has been settled for a generation. or as he said, perhaps for a lifetime. so there can be no disputes, no reruns. >> conceding defeat, the independence leader said voters had changed the face of british politics forever. >> a turnout of 86% is one of the highest in the democratic world for any election or any referendum in history. made vows late in the campaign
6:21 am
to devolve more powers to scotland. scotland will expect these to be honored in rapid course. >> the queen who was at her scottish castle is expected to release a statement likely later this afternoon. cnbc's michelle caruso-cabrera has more from scotland. clearly a victory for those who wanted to keep the united kingdom intact, but, still, this did reveal some deep political divisions. so ways the mood like on the ground there this morning? >> well, the mood is divided, just like the electorate was clearly divided. 55, no, 45, yes. so those people are clearly disappointed. what is new now is that, remember, to get that no vote, david cameron and the other leaders in the major parties promised scotland a lot of things that scotland was going to get a lot more power over their taxes. how their money was going to be spent. that process has to begin now. somehow, they have to deliver on
6:22 am
that. on top of that, the prime minister of this country said that they're going to do that for all the nations within the united kingdom. he announced a huge structural change in the way this country is governed. it's very similar to the discussions we have in the united states about how much power should the federal government have and how much power should the states have. because of scotland, all of the nations here have gotten more power or been promised more power. the negotiations still have to come. so we'll see how it finally plays out. >> well, let's pick up on that point. you say somehow the government is going to have to deliver on that. how much optimism is there among the people that this is actually going to turn into real results for the people of scotland and change? >> oh, there was a signed pledge by the leaders of the major parties that they were going to, quote, devolve power. that's a way to say we're going to give you more power over your
6:23 am
tax revenues. so that's going to happen. the question is, to what degree and how much. what's significant is all the other nations appear to have received that same benefit as well, at least as promised by today. so there's going to be political battles fought around the edges of that to see how it finally plays out. a lot of scotts are skeptical about what's going to happen but others think it was a win-win. they kept the union and they got what they wanted. >> just fascinating, thank you, michelle caruso-cabrera, great reporting, we really appreciate it. turning now to an exclusive report by our own nbc station in new york. nine months after the federal criminal investigation began, sources say the justice department has found no evidence that new jersey governor chris christie new in advance about last year's lane closures on the george washington bridge. w nbc's investigative correspondent has the latest. >> reporter: federal sources briefed on the federal investigation say the justice department has found no evidence
6:24 am
christie knew or played any role in the plan to shut down traffic lanes approaching the george washington bridge. the governor reacted to our report on a radio show early. >> what matters most to me is that the people of new jersey know that i tell them the truth. >> reporter: federal officials stress the investigation being led by veteran u.s. attorney paul fishman is not over yet. and spokesmen at the justice department and fbi had no comment. but this news comes from several independent federal officials, not the christie camp, not his own lawyer, not members of the assembly committee. legal expert robert ray, who's not connected to the case, gave this opinion. >> this is a significant development and a significant exoneration, if you will, or about as close to one as you're ever likely to see. >> reporter: for christie who may try to run for president, analysts say this news could be big, but they caution he may not yet be in the clear with the public. >> it still leaves open the argument, of course, that why are all these bad folks around
6:25 am
him doing such bad things and he was clueless. >> reporter: federal officials briefed on the investigation say bridget kelly and former staffer david wildstein continue to face scrutiny. earlier, republican christie criticized the democratic chair of the assembly committee. >> this is a partisan pursuit. >> reporter: but on the show, the official fired back. >> apparently they're going to try to characterize this as a partisan pursuit. this is an abuse of power that started on his watch. >> reporter: unclear when the criminal investigation might officially end and whether federal criminal charges will come against some christie aides. >> all right, jonathan deatdean thank you for that reporting. that caused months of controversy for christie. investigators say no final determination has been made and the investigation is still ongoing. coming up, new exclusive nbc poll numbers on what nfl fans think about the violent stories. and apple stores opening in the last hour finally letting some
6:26 am
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week three of the nfl season is officially under way. we have new poll numbers out showing a majority of americans disapprove of the way the nfl has handled the allegations. nbc news and marrist found that 53% of americans say they disapproved. only 29%, less than a third of
6:30 am
americans, think that nfl commissioner goodell should resign. the majority, 89%, of fans say the recent news of abuse has not changed the amount of football they plan to watch. joining me now, nbc national correspondent peter alexander who's been following the story from the very beginning. what's the latest today? >> what's striking is just how many americans say their views of football have really not been changed by this. there's certainly a lot of people who want a view of roger goodell, they want to hear from him right now. in the skies above the georgia dome, there was a banner that was flying from a group of women's advocacy group that read, goodell must go. this is significant. they'll be flying it again this weekend. we did hear from one notable individual just yesterday. that was the governor of new jersey, christie, who said in simple worlds that goodell is a man of integrity and he should keep his job. the backdrop to this is the latest, the series of domestic violence, domestic abuse
6:31 am
allegations around the country. the most recent was this player, dwyer, a 25-year-old running back for the cardinals. we got our hands on court papers that show according to police in july he head-butted his wife, fractured her nose. the next day, he punched her in the face before, according to the documents, she fled to another state. and then only called police a few days after that ray rice/tmz video from the elevator finally came out. interestingly, the team, the arizona cardinals, yesterday, also cut from their practice squad another player named chris rainy. this player had a past arrest for domestic violence in 2013. no charge -- the charges were ultimately dropped. they say it was because he wasn't big enough for the team, not because of those charges. certainly a hypersensitivity right now. >> i don't know when you've been sleeping but we appreciate all your great reporting, thank you. for more, let's bring in sports columnist for "the washington post," mike weis. thank you for being here on set. you heard peter talk about the latest poll numbers. are you surprised that more
6:32 am
americans aren't calling for roger goodell to go? because you have. you have said it's time for him to step down. >> no, and i am liken this to the washington nfl name controversy. i think 70% of americans -- i don't think enough people have delved into the details on this. i think too many people are worried about the players on their team playing this sunday than they are actually what's happening regarding domestic violence in the nfl. i think it's sad in some ways because these teams are technically owned by 31 billionaires and they come under the umbrella of the nfl but they're really civic trusts. the teams that have been in families and towns for generations are civic trusts. if goodell is not either moved out or resigns, it says more about the american public than it does his mishandling of this controversy. >> that's a very good point. speaking to how he has handled this controversy, we haven't
6:33 am
heard from him since last week. where is roger goodell? in you were advising him, would you say, hey, it's time to speak to this issue? >> i would say the exempt list he's put adrian petepeterson, g hardy and others on, he needs to put himself on that list soon. he is missing in action. this is a crisis in confidence in his league. i believe, irrespective of what comes out of the investigation of the ray rice video and who saw it and when, at the least, he's going to be shown to be incompetent what's going on in his own office. at the very least, i think he loses a lot of credibility to govern going forward. and that's why i think he should step down. >> all right. mike wise, thank you so much. customers worldwide are lining up to grab the new iphone 6. much more on what's in store. plus, a chinese company about to make history on the new york stock exchange. you may not know much about alibaba but all that's about to
6:34 am
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after months of anticipation, apple's iphone 6 has finally arrived in stores. fans have been lining up of stores worldwide hoping to be the first to buy the new iphone which is larger than its predecessor and comes in two versions. 4 million units were sold in the first 24 hours alone. with a fresh supply available in stores today, analysts believe up to 10 million units will be sold this weekend. in apple's most successful launch since it began selling iphones in 2007, the device has fueled sales, making apple the largest, most valuable company in the world. and we want to turn now to a company that could so many day rival apple in size and influence. it's called alibaba.
6:38 am
china's biggest online retailer could retake up to $25 billion today in the largest initial public offering ever in the u.s. shares of the company will start trading at any moment on the new york stock exchange and an event being watched worldwide with many investors clamoring to buy what they're selling. that's because alibaba is the largest most successful e-commerce companies in the world. with more transactions than amazon and ebay combined. it's considered to be a huge part of daily life in china. it sells goods at both the consumer and wholesale levels. it owns an online action site similar to ebay. has its own payment system similar to pay pal. has the top app in china and it's expanding into cloud services. all of this is the brainchild of the chairman who just rang the opening bell, you see him, ringing the opening bell. he's a former school teacher who started the company 15 years ago in his home bedroom apartment. just incredible.
6:39 am
today, he is the richest man in china, worth an estimated $22 billion. his wealth grew along with his company. the ipo will make alibaba one of the largest u.s. tech companies with a market valuation of $168 billion. it's already larger than amazon and not too far behind facebook which it surpassed as the largest internet ipo ever. if you've never heard of alibaba, don't worry, you probably will again soon. the company plans to expand its business in the u.s. and the uk soon. joining me now with more is cnbc's dominic chu. thanks for joining me this morning. let me start with this question, why is it going public in the united states instead of hong kong or shanghai? >> that's a great question. what it companies down to, first of all, the u.s. has a great capital market. you can get a lot of transactions done here, raise a lot of money. more importantly, it's a regulatory and legal issue. because there are restrictions about what kinds of companies or what kinds of foreign entities
6:40 am
can own chinese assets. and of course alibaba group holding is a chinese company. this structure, something called add variable interest equity, is required by the government to maintain ownership. you buy shares of a holding company. in essence, it didn't list in hong kong. for hong kong, you need certain types of management structures and corporate governance structures that weren't going to be allowed based upon their listing requirements so that's why they're taking this show on the road to the u.s. and, as we can see here, they raised a lot of money in a relatively short amount of time. >> tell us a little bit about the founder, jack ma. he was an english teacher. this is, for me, one of the most fascinating pieces of this story. >> i mean this is the american dream story but in china. so you have this idea that a guy, a driven man who, yes, at one point was a teacher, could take a small internet business. he started off by building websites for chinese companies. he eventually grew that in 1999 with around 60-some-thousand
6:41 am
dollars and started building this alibaba company. he's taken all of these different types of companies, bolt them together. whether you say, like you said, a payment system company, a business to business commerce company, and build them all into one big group. i mean this really is a huge story of success. it's one that just about everybody in the world would dream of. with all that hard work you put into it in 15 short years, becoming the richest man in the world's second biggest economy. >> just an incredible story. thank you, cnbc's dominic chu. we really appreciate it. up next, 70,000 acres have burned and thousands of homes threatened as the king fire in northern california spreads. and we now know the identity of the man police believe started that fire. we'll tell you. plus, a huge shake-up in the kansas senate race that could derail the republican's chances at winning back the chamber. but, first, the white house soup of the day. they're serving up seafood gumbo, perfect for a fall day. we'll be right back, everyone. w business with startup-ny.
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an update now on some developing story, this morning. first out of pennsylvania where state police are trying to close the net around suspected cop killer eric freen, a survivalist accused of killing one officer and wounding a second before disappearing into the pocono mountains. the 31-year-old was added to the fbi's ten most wanted list on thursday. a late-night search found freen's parents home turned up nothing. although police say they are making progress, eliminating places where he might be hiding out. a number of schools in the area will be closed again today as that search goes on. and now to a just horrific story out of north florida. a convicted felon is accused of murdering seven members of his own family including six children before turning the gun on himself. police say 51-year-old don spirit allegedly went on a shooting rampage that left his 28-year-old daughter dead, along with six grandchildren.
6:46 am
the oldest was 11. the youngest was just a baby. spirit had a criminal past, including spending several years in prison for accidentally shooting his son to death in a hunting accident more than a decade ago. and turning now to the weather out west. in northern california, 3,300 firefighters are trying to get out in front of a massive wildfire that continues to grow, threatening thousands of homes east of sacramento. the fire more than doubled in size to about 71,000 acres. burning mostly out of control. 3-year-old wayne allen huntsman has been arrested on suspicion of arson in connection to that fire. he is scheduled to be arraigned today. from fire to floods as we head south. the remnants of hurricane odile are expected to continue dumping heavy rain on water logged parts of texas and new mexico through the weekend. that's triggered the threat of flash floods which remains in effect for parts of the area. the search for a sheriff's deputy in central texas is set to resume today as well, a day after her patrol car was found
6:47 am
swamped by floodwaters. and we want to take some live pictures now of the democratic national committee's women's leadership conference here in washington. we are keeping a very close eye on the event. there you see it . the podium there. vice president biden expected to speak any moment now. president obama and former hillahill secretary of state hillary clinton will speak later in the day. gene westwood was the very first woman to chair the dnc. during mcgovern's 1972 presidential campaign. congratulations to today's winner. ryan powers. happy friday to you. we will be right back. ♪ [music jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack clinton will speak later in the (vo) get ready! fancy feast broths.
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you're going to love their football field-size selection. this calls for a little touchdown dance. mattress discounters fall kickoff sale ends sunday. ♪ mattress discounters turning now to the big shakeup in kansas which could up end republican's hopes to win by
6:51 am
the senate. in a blow to pat roberts yesterday, the kansas supreme court sided with democrat chad taylor deciding his name will not be on the ballot this november and clearing the way for greg orman to take on. roberts narrowly squeaked out a win over or man with taylor in the race but was down six points in a two-way matchup. on thursday roberts called the ruling a travesty saying the kansas supreme court deliberately and for political purposes disenfranchised 65,000 voters. liberal court activists supreme court justices decided that that if you voted in the primary on august 5th, your vote does not matter. the campaign manager chamd in saying he's running as an independent against the broken system. democrats are legally bound to
6:52 am
name a replacement candidate by a week from today. >> if the democrat party wooshes to play games with our election laws and not nominate a replacement, then i encourage the members of the press core to ask them why they're doing that. >> with kansas democrats silent about their plans so far, the nrsc is weigh in saying, quote, greg orman and his liberal friends like barack obama might not like it but they have to abide by the law just like everyone else. joining me now, mark murray. thanks for being here. let's talk about the significance of what's going on in kansas. mitt romney won kansas by 21 points. it has been held by two republicans or republicans have held both senate seats since 1939. if a republican loses, certainly for republicans chances of winning back the senate? >> it comp cates the republicans' math.
6:53 am
all of the sudden they're looking good in several states, particularly the red states were chances in alaska, north carolina and louisiana and they're playing in some blue states. but they need a net gain of six senate seats. but if somehow greg orman ends up winning independent in kansas, if that happens when republicans have to win one more race. and right now they're saying republicans have a 50/50 chance of winning back the senate. but if they have to win one more senate seat that goes to 30/70%. >> the most talked about state on election night which is an amazing turn around. >> we want to take a live look at this dnc event that's going on in downtown washington.
6:54 am
vice president biden expected to speak momentarily and dnc debbie washerman schultz spoke today. >> it is no secret that women are the key for the victory of democrats in the med term elections at never level, absolutely at every level in every state. the path is making that that as women our voices are heard, our values are reflected and our votes are counted. >> familiar message there from debbie washerman schultz. she's coming under a little bit of fire. the white house forced to defend her amid al gigss that they weren't happy with her leadership of the dnc. the white house smacking that down, saying that's not the case. what do you make of that in. >> the political article made it clear that she doesn't have a relationship with president obama and the white house. but i take one kind of step back a little bit. and it shows you that particularly when one party is
6:55 am
control the white house, the national party doesn't matter so much. we're in a an era right now where the senate and house campaign committees are very important given the mid terms. the national committee is important for fund-raising and calendar rules when it comes to the presidential contest. but as far as being the political hub of the universe of the party that controls the white house, not as big a deal. >> and president obama, secretary clinton going to speak at that very same event. of course if clinton does decide to run within one of the things he she's struggling with is how and if she should distance herself from this president. she needs his supporter to win. >> it's an interesting dance for her. what are the president's poll ratings come 2015, 2016. what he looks like now could be different six months down the road. but she has her own political brand. one of the reasons people look
6:56 am
back at the 2008 fight. there was barack obama on one hand and hillary clinton on the other. even though she served in the obama white house, republicans can tie a lot of foreign policy decisions to her and make her own that, people do see her as someone who is different than barack obama and that could help her. >> thank you for stopping by on a friday. that is it for this edition of "the daily rundown." coming up, jose has new details on the manhunt for the suspect of the killing of a pennsylvania state trooper. he's also sp interview a rising latino star. thanks for joining us. have a great friday, everyone. happy friday, i have got a look at your weekend weather update. showers and thunderstorms will continue in the deep south.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
congress saysed a yos washington allah mid terms. manhunt, pennsylvania on huge this morning as authorities search for the suspect in the killing of a state trooper and as the fbi names eric freem to their most wanted list. this is the scene on 5th avenue in manhattan as americans say i do to the latest iphone on this friday, the 19th of september. good morning, i'm jose diaz-balart. the pentagon is moving forward in the fight against isis terrorists before heading home for another recess until november, the senate gave president obama the final approval for a key component of his anti-isis strategy trchlts the strong support in congress for this training effort shows e


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