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tv   Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  September 19, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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congress saysed a yos washington allah mid terms. manhunt, pennsylvania on huge this morning as authorities search for the suspect in the killing of a state trooper and as the fbi names eric freem to their most wanted list. this is the scene on 5th avenue in manhattan as americans say i do to the latest iphone on this friday, the 19th of september. good morning, i'm jose diaz-balart. the pentagon is moving forward in the fight against isis terrorists before heading home for another recess until november, the senate gave president obama the final approval for a key component of his anti-isis strategy trchlts the strong support in congress for this training effort shows the world that americans are
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united in confronting the threat of isil. >> there was a spirited debate ahead of the senate vote, 12 republicans and 10 democrats voted against the plan with opposition from war weary democrats and republicans skeptical of the strategy. >> i do not support the arming of rebels in syria. some of my colleagues here are talking about combat troops. absolutely not. absolutely not. >> sending arm to so-call moderate islamic rebels in syria is a fool's ear rand and will only make them stronger. >> there is no guarantee of success. there is none. but there is a guarantee of failure if we do not even try. >> in iraq, france has launched its first air strikes on isis targets killing dozens of fighters and the u.s. continues to pound isis launching more
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than two air strikes in the past two days bringing the six week tote toll 176. isis continues to fight back on social media releasing another propaganda video featuring a british journalist being held hostage. we're going to play a small portion of that video here for you. take a look. >> hello. my name is john cantly. after two disaster rouse and hugely unpopular wars -- >> let's bring in our senior fellow from the united nations. gail, go to see you. i want to get your reaction from the latest video from isis. thankfully they're not killing anyone this time. instead they're having journalist cantly make an appeal. >> the horrible fact of these videos and what isis has done have really achieved what james foley and stephen sotloff tried
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to do, put this conflict in the american consciousness. you've had in the syria war close to 200,000 people die, close to 3 moil onrefugees. the equivalent of all of chicago being made refugees. it's really these awful videos that have forced these into the american consciousness after several years of war and they know that. >> and so the fact that they're not, as of now, beheading this gentleman on tape, it is a change, it looks like in tactics. what are they trying to do? >> i think tactics are shifting as things are falling from the sky at isis positions. and we'll continue to see the shift happen. and i don't think anybody knows. there is no playbook for what they're doing. they're catapulting themselves in the headlines. they're making aus pay attention and that is ultimately what they wish for. >> let's talk about the senator,
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arming and training rebels. what happens next? >> it's now hurry up and train. i have spoken to people inside and outside of the administration for well other a year who have been arguing for this. now it's basically what they've been saying all along, which is no, we don't have 100% guarantee but this is the best shot we're going to have for the boots on the ground to not be american. that is the last best chance we have to avoid a wider war in the view of the people who have been arguing for this for well over a year. and in the atlantic piece we wrote i guess two days ago now, former ambassador ford said people who are saying we don't know who these moderate rebels are are not being gin win and he called it bologna. you see the debate that's being going on inside the administration now spilling out into the american public. >> and senate democrats are playing a draft debate and vote on a larger military operation after the november midterms.
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what kind of impact would that have on the overall policy? >> i think we're going to have to wait and see the policy continues to evolve. we're now talking about, you know, sending troops trained for combat into a combat zone but they're not going tore combat operations. trying to square all of the linguistics that we've now employed around this war and what exactly the strategy is, what exactly degrade means, i think we're going to continue to see the discussion continue. and i think that's why you so so many people questioning all of the various shades of language that have been use around this conflict thus far. >> what a pleasure seeing you. thank you. now to new developments today for the manhunt of the survivalist suspected of killing a pennsylvania state trooper. he's now on the fbi's top ten most wanted list. there's also a $100,000 reward for information leading to his
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capture. meantime, the serge has intensified. more road blocks went up on thursday. area residents remain on edge. >> every officer we saw was carrying a shotgun, and i never really -- i'm a retired schoolteacher. i never saw shotguns and pellets. >> we've been staying inside. we have our guns loaded, doors locked and our dogs have room in the house now. >> nbc sara dell love is in blooming grove, pennsylvania. are they knee closer to finding this suspect? >> reporter: well they really thought they were last night when the search really intensified around frein's parents' house. they had dogs searching there for a good part of the night. that area of the town pretty much on lockdown during that search. they didn't find him.
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but they did eliminate some potential hiding spots. that is back where we are this morning, 200-plus law enforcement officials looking for any sign that frooen may be staying are have stayed there. he's now been on the run for one week, ever since he shot at mublt. state police troopers. he killed one and injured another in these bare racks right here behind me. investigators say he has military like survivalist training and knows how to get along in these woods. until until he's caught, law enforcement and residents on edge, just one example of how it's disrupting daily life here, schools canceled yet again. >> thank you so much for that update live. i want to bring in retired homicide detective, lieutenant jo kin da. he's host of the investigation discovery show, homicide hunter.
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what a pleasure to see you. thanks for being with me. >> you're quite welcome. >> this isn't a real typical suspect search is it? take me through what's happening right now and what the authorities are doing to try to find this guy. >> well this particular individual claims to be trained in these techniques of being able to survive in the woods. the area they're looking for him is heavily wooded. he may have prepared himself a place. he may not have. you have an individual who has moved from playing fantasy games into paranoid psychosis. and then moves to murder. difficult to say if there's a plan. he may be marching forward with no plan. >> so let's just think that he doesn't have a plan, that he doesn't have a place, you know, preplanned to where he would be hiding out. a week into this things must be getting more difficult for him. it seems as though, you know, the more time passes, if you're not prepared in advance, it's
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going to be tougher to continue on. >> it's going took extremely difficult for him to continue this behavior. if he would like to see the age of 32, he is presenty 31, he needs to surrender. he's not dealing with fantasy game players like him. he's dealing with trained professionals. he's dropped the gauntlet and they've picked it up. >> thank you. now one other glizly crime almost too tough to tell you about. right now we're getting an update from police and school officials in florida, a horrifying murder suicide case. a grandfather with a criminal history is accused of killing he daughter and six grandchildren including -- little children before turning the gun on himself in front of a sheriff's deputy. this crime happened in the tiny town of bell, florida. it has a population of 349 people. yesterday afternoon the sheriff's department got a 911
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call from the shooter, 51-year-old don spirit. but when officers got there police say spirit had already killed his family. the children ranged in age from just three months old to 11 years old. the school superintendent said these children were loved by their classmates and their teachers. they would ask for prayers for their community. they've grauth in grief counselor this morning. police say they had been called to the shooters home numerous times before for quote, a wide range of things. and in 2001 spirit killed his eight-year-old son in what was described as a hunting accident. he served three years on a gun possession charge. what a horrible story. coming up, thanks but no thanks. the votes tallied while you and i were sleeping. we're going to scotland and watch this morning as it's still a part of the united kingdom. >> we're doing the unveil.
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worldwide iphone 6 for instancedy the in full swing. take a look at the line outside the apple store on 5th avenue snaking through several blocks of midtown, manhattan. and it was the same thing here in south florida with iphone fanatics waking up early. many of them spending the entire night to be first to get their hands on the bigger e phone.
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the demand far outweighs the supply. earlier this week apple said it got more than 4 million orders in the first 24 hours of preorders. the iphone 6 starts at $649, if you get it without a contract. the united kingdom remains united this morning. scotland is staying. thunder rouse cheers early this morning from those against the independence referendum which was defeated by more than a 10-point margin. >> as you can see, i'm happy about it. i've worked for a great team for the past couple of months and it's paid off. so really good. >> we were so close. there's been a lot of intention emotions going on for some time. i felt like crying so much of the time, i still do. but i'm so proud of everyone
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here. we worked so shard. >> cnbc's chief international correspondent is live in eden burg. clearly the crowd is crushed this morning but they still won a victory of sots, didn't they? >> reporter: remember that david cameron, the prime minister of this country promised the skots that if i they voted against it, he would give them a lot more lower, power over their tax revenue, their welfare spending. so this morning he came out and said, okay, i'm going to deliver on that promise. but he added a surprise. he said, you know what? not only scotland is going to get that power, but all of the nations in the united kingdom are going to get that power, wales, northern ireland and england. here's the problem that he faced. the english legislators are saying, wait a minute. if you're going to get the skots
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power and we can't vote on their situation but they can vote on ours, that's a problem. it's similar to what we discuss in the united states, how much power should the federal government have versus how much power should the states are. >> and these are issues that are being discussed in places like spain, for example, the barcelona area and they want to think about the possibility of independence as well. rich parts of a country are looking at what happened in scat lond as maybe a bellweather. >> for sure. the spanish stock market was one of the best performers. the investors were relieved to see what happened with scotland, that they voted not to break away from the united kingdom. they were fearful if the vote was yes, that would 'em bolden the others even more. i still think spain is going to have trouble with that
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separatist movement but that's a big issue still. >> lovely warm day in eden burg. thanks. good to see you. >> reporter: the sun is out. >> yeah, it is. california police are caught the man they say deliberate lit sell the out of control king fire. wayne allen huntsman is being held on $10 million bail. charged with arson. at least a dozen firefighters had to be air lifted to the hospital after being overcome with smoke and flames. they' they're expected to be okay. burning an area five times the size of manhattan and it's only 5% contained. the remnants of tropical storm odile is fill causing problems in the midwest. flash flooding threaten new mexico, and possibly oklahoma through the week. austin texas is resuming their search this morning fn a sheriff's deputy whose car was swept away yesterday morning.
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now search teams have found her car but they have not found her. coming up, is there a better warmup act than joe biden? the vice president has just taken his turn. we'll frame the debate as the three most powerful democrats in america try to fire up women voters. but first, i want to share this live picture from the pentagon where a ceremony is just now getting underway. it's time for the new business entrepreneur of the week. she had an idea, get customers to shop local with a where's waldo salve venn jer hunt. it was so successful the idea has gone national. for more, watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on
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what brings joe biden, hillary clinton and president obama together on the same stage today? that would be the women vote. there you see the vice president, she's speaking right adds we speak. vice president biden giving a warmup act at the women's
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leadership form. as we get close tore the mid terms, democrats might have something to worry about. the latest "wall street journal" poll shows democrats are losing their age among women. and this week's "the new york times" cbs poll shows the gender gap down to one point. let's frame the debate with political analyst car ren finney and gop strategist and former spokesperson for george w. bush. thanks you so much for being here. karen, you just left the forum. how important is this event for the democrat party 46 days before mid terms? >> it's very important. it's about valleying the women voter ps. but it's also to help raise money and make sure that women are at the table in democrat politics. so you know, it's a really important event. you see joe biden there. and as you pointed out, got some high level democrat stars of the party coming to join this group.
7:24 am
>> you heard those polls. to republicans see opportunity with the women's vote here? >> absolutely. it's about time. because back in the 2012, republican presidential election, republicans had a hard time responding to the war on women. i think republicans are going to take it back. i think their focus, when you look at the battleground, krengs nal districts, you have 67% of women think it's going in the wrong direction and quite frankly they're getting nervous. democrats are getting nervous and women in general are concerned that our world is not as safe with the islamic state threat. they're worried about the economy and quite frankly the democrats are panicking. >> is that the way you would describe what democrats are doing right snow? >> no. remember, president obama had a 20-point gender gap in 2012. the challenge is -- i mean women get very motivated around -- i
7:25 am
mean the economic issues. women, she's right in that women have some anxiety. but hey, who just voted down or wouldn't let a vote come up for week wall pay. the one of the best thing we can do for the economy is paying women equal to men. so when we talk about the issues that really mat tore bem, they know where democrats stand versus republicans. and one of the things i can toll you from focus groups that i've been watching within president obama is not as much a factor in determining their vote as things like the economy, like job creation, like increasing the minimum wage. when you talk about violence and safety issues, then you're talking about gun safety issues. in most cases democrats are going to be more in line with a women's values on that. >> well, you know, i think when you go back again to -- you're basically say, karen, that obama is not going to be a factor in these races. it's clear that obama and the fact that you've had congressional candidates and senate candidates on the
7:26 am
democrat side attacki ining wea women, you take for example, barbara can sack's opponent saying she had never had a real job. your had your dnc chairwomaning calling people wife beaters. >> that's not women are voting on. they're vote on pocketbook issues. >> that's exactly right and the democrats haven'tsaying, how am to be able to go paycheck to paycheck to support my family. democrats have failed on that. >> karen, i'll let you answer quickly. >> they know that democrats are the ones who are talking about increasing the minimum wage and making equal pay and childcare and women's economic ageneral da that republicans frankly have continued to block. >> thank you both so much for being with me this friday. appreciate it. coming up, moving the conversation now about domestic violence from the football field
7:27 am
to capitol hill. i'll talk with one congresswoman who wants the nfl commissioner to resign. plus, the opening bell on wall street just about an hour ago where all eyes are on alibaba which is about to become one of the world's most valuable internet companies. at any moment alibaba will begin trading on the new york stock exkang. a mix between paypal, ebay and amazon. it's worth at least $167 billion. expected to raise nearly $22 billion from its first day of trading in the u.s. check it out under the ticker symbol baba and we will be right back. [ sighs ] [ inhales ] [ male announcer ] at cvs health, we took a deep breath... [ inhales, exhales ] [ male announcer ] and made the decision to quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. now we invite smokers to quit, too,
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arm moderate syrian rebels. but mark dempsey says it could take a year for the rebels to be trained by u.s. troops before they return to the battled field to fight isis. joining me now, jackie spear of california. thank you for being with me. >> thank you for the invitation. >> you voted against funding to train and equip these -- why? >> because it wasn't a plan to actually train and arm 3 to 5,000 syrians in the free syrian army is not a plan. there are many within the establishment, former generals who said it was lame actually. if you were going to do it, you need to do at least 15,000. isil is making $3 million a day. we need to disrupt their line of income. and that means blowing up oil wells and the roads that they use to get those oil wells -- get those oil tankers to
7:32 am
shipment. so i actually think that isil is something that we have to address. i think it is dangerous. but if we're going to address it, it's not with 3 to 5,000 trained fsas. >> but this could be a first step. i mean something needs to be done and done quick. if it's going to take up to a year to trien these people, shouldn't this be going on immediately? by voting no you're saying it's a lame plan, but what's the alternative? >> well i think there are -- i think we really moved too quickly, quite honestly. i think it's very important to get all of these other countries in the game. and by that i mean boots on the ground and there has been a real that midty to do that. i also think that if they're going to vet these free syrian army individuals, we need to think twice about the vetting system we had with iraqi members of their army because indeed when isil came into town, many of them stripped off their
7:33 am
shirts and ran away or joined isil. so i think there were still a lot of questions that were unanswered and it wasn't a plan, there was an exit strategy and we were hearing from both sides of the executive street that in fact we were going to have boots on the ground, we weren't going to have boots on the ground, it is a war, it isn't a war. we've got to come up with a script that we all can recognize is the script. >> and congresswoman, i want to take you to this recent controversy surrounding the nfl. you've been on the front lines of this debate. in fact you've called on roger goodell to resign. you sent a letter to team owners calling on them to change their domestic violence policy and vice president biden just made these comments about domestic violence moments ago. i want you to hear them. >> never, never, never is it the woman's fault other than in self-defense, never.
7:34 am
never. >> congresswoman, what specifically do you want to see happen? >> i want the nfl to take this issue seriously. and frankly, what they have done to date is pret taye pathetic. one day they're putting someone on the field, the next day they're taking them off, putting them on. when someone is charged with domestic violence, they should be treated like a law enforcement officer who is charged with domestic violence. they are put on administrative leave pending on investigation and whether or not charges are made. and they continue to get paid. so i believe that they should all be benched. i think that ray mcdonald, the 49ers, i'm a big 69er fan. i don't want to see him playing this weekend and yet the 49ers have made a decision to play him even though he's been investigated right now.
7:35 am
>> the new nbc news poll shows that 85% of americans say they're watching the same amount of football following these revelations of domestic violence while 12% say they're less likely to watch. americans just, are they just so enamored with football that they don't care who's playing in it as long as they're doing some good stuff on the field? >> i think what that references is really americans love football and they want to continue to enjoy football. i don't think americans want to somehow support domestic violence by football players or frankly by, you know, anyone throughout society. the problem is not just football. the problem exists in society, has for a very long time. we pass laws, they are inadequate. we have programs, we have battered women's shelters around the country that have all seen reductions in the amount of money they have to serve clients. and are turning away clients every day. we have three times as many animal shelters in this country
7:36 am
as we have battered women shelters. >> what a pleasure speaking with you. thank you for your time. and i want to stay on the topic of the recent controversy surrounding the nfl, more specifically about corporal punishment on children and the taboos around that. for a discipline debate i'm going to bring in mz nbc contributor jonathan cape hart and associate professor at tulane new orleans, dr. staydy drewry. i want to start with you, doctor. what has your research shown about the effects of corporal purnishment on children. >> there are decades of research. the first is actually that it's ineffective. if you're using physical discipline as a method of improving behavior long term, it does not work.
7:37 am
the second is it has long term consequences for the child's emotional well-being as well as their physical well-being and for their own experiences of being a parent. if you have used or been subjected to physical discipline as a child, you're much more likely to use physical discipline when you're parenting and you're also much more likely to use aggression past the acceptable norms for appropriate discipline. >> jonathan, the discussion really started, the last part of the discussion when adrian peterson was indicted on charge of reckless or negligent injury to a child. he said he was disciplining his four-year-old son the way he was shown by his mother growing up in texas. we obviously know that this happens. and in your recent piece were jonathan, you titled it "adrian peterson must beat his upbringing." do you agree with his explanation? >> i think dr. drewry explained
7:38 am
how this was handed down. he said he didn't do to his four-year-old child anything different than than what was done to him when he was growing up and i'm sure what was done to his parents and his parents' parents as they were growing up. look, as i wrote in that piece, i too, felt the licking end of a switch. i too, was made to go out and get my own switch. but never was i beaten to the extent that adrian peterson beat his four-year-old child. before i wrote this -- i wrote that piece before i saw the actual pictures of the injuries to his four-year-old child. that's not a spanking because his four pushed another kid off a video game. that was a savage beating. as dr. drewry said, when you do that kind of thing, it can morph into more flagrant abuse. and this child had injuries to his back, legs, buttocks and
7:39 am
even his scrotum. this isn't discipline anymore. >> we've heard well this is a cultural thing or this is something that happens a lot in the south or in the african american community or in the latino community. it's more acceptable. but how do you fight against that? because it's not necessarily true. >> no, it's not true at all. in fact, our colleague, dennis gaffney, who is the camera guy at the white house on the north lawn, we were talking about this and he's an older white guy who said that he too felt the licking end of a swip. he too had to go out and get his own switch. this is not something that is just done in the african american community or in communities of color. this is something that's been done many times over lots of decades. i think it's a generational thing. we have learned now that that
7:40 am
sort of beating, that sort of discipline really morph over into abuse and is something that shouldn't done any longer. >> dr. drewry, how do you change the culture that may exist in a family because they've seen it and been victims of it in their own past? how do you change that? >> there are two things to note. one, there are 38 nation that have outlawed physical discipline for children. so at a national level there are countries saying this is not acceptable or appropriate. the second most important thing is that the american academy of pediatrics and the american academy of child and adolescent child psychiatry, have made clear statements against corporal punishment and have very clear evidence-based programs that help parents effectively discipline their children that provide ways for parents to use positive strat dwis and really help them learn
7:41 am
to apply the discipline approaches in cross situations so that kids can really do well everywhere they go. >> thank you so much for being with me this morning. and you can catch jonathan in the chair for joey reed on if the the reid reports" right here on mz nbc. the nfl announced it will provide significant resources to dpk abuse hot lines. secretary hagel asked for a better understanding of the relationship between the u.s. military and the nfl. it's not a formal review, just more information about how the military supports the nfl. for example, flyovers, singing the national anthem, honor guard appearances and the such. coming up, she's taking over a music genera dominated by men.
7:42 am
♪ >> her songs are by lingual and she's topping the charts as a teenager. leslie grace joining me live here in the studios in miami. you'll want to stick around. you probably know xerox as the company that's all about printing. but did you know we also support hospitals using electronic health records for more than 30 million patients? or that our software helps over 20 million smartphone users remotely configure e-mail every month? or how about processing nearly $5 billion in electronic toll payments a year? in fact, today's xerox is working in surprising ways to help companies simplify the way work gets done and life gets lived. with xerox, you're ready for real business. this is charlie. and life gets lived. his long day of doing it himself starts with back pain... and a choice. take 4 advil in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief.
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7:46 am
spanish speaking fans with her unique take on a style of music originating from the dominican republic. i'm thrilled to be with leslie grace in the studio today. so nice to see you. >> so nice to be here. it's a pleasure for me to be here with you. >> you're one of the youngest women to ever top the billboard latin charts. what does it mean to you? >> it's an incredible honor. i'm 19 years old at the time when i hit with my first single "will you still love me t tomorrow." i was the youngest to do that, 17 years old. i was still in high school. for me wit us like wow, all of this is happening at the same time. >> kids in the school called you the original hannah montana. >> i had the bangs at the time and it was just perfect. i chose to stay in career. i was launching my career the last year of high school.
7:47 am
it taught me lots of discipline. it was just luke wow, the duality of that at the same time, it is so surreal. >> yougo use retro songs and then you did wit a by lingual tomorrow with bachata background. >> grow up in a typical latin home but i was born in new york and raised there until i moved at ten to florida. and so for me, it came pretty naturally to preserve my roots and my culture and my heritage in my music. but at the same time, my first language is english. i was born here and like many others in my generation, they want to hear a little bit of both. they want to hear a little bit of what they're used to hearing in their home, what they've grown up listening to but at the same time they listen to top 40
7:48 am
radio, pop music and they want to hear all of those influences. so for me it was fusing toez two things together and that's what it came out to be. >> so far you've used a lot of the past musical influences and now you're writing your own songs. tell me how you're changing and evolving. >> i was an honor to be to cover songs like "will you still love me" and "be my baby" written by legends. it's really cool to be able to write my own music and learn from songs like those that have had such success and use it as an example for me to just grow as a writer, write with other writers for my following album and just keep on learning. there's always time for growth. >> do you -- and i keep thinking that i have two little daughters and they love your music. >> i'm so glad. >> but i always worry, you guys
7:49 am
have such a responsibility and then all of the sudden some people just lose it and they become from people, the little girls look up to just confused adults that don't necessarily give us the best -- do you find that you have that responsibility, especially as a latino? >> i most definitely do. it's funny that you use that word because a lot of people when they ask me what's the -- how do you feel, you know being so young and doing this at the same time. i use that word, responsibility. because not only is this my passion and it's what i always loved to do and what i always knew i had to do. yes, it is, it's my outlet and it's what i love to do. but at the same time it comes with the responsibility, a responsibility that i think has given me purpose, you know. it's what i love to do. i love the sing aband i love to be on stages. but it's also a platform to be an example for my generation and know and be aware of what you're
7:50 am
doing open no that people are looking up to you. >> little girls like my daughter who are by lingual. >> you know what? that is the most gratifying part of the job. so if i were to not do that then it would be different. >> our friends have come up with this great hashtag, what latino means to me. i put pride, family gratitude, what did you put. >> you're so good. i put defying the odds. >> and you're doing it especially in a genera that's mostly male, here you are. beating all the odds. >> that's right. that's what we're here to do. >> your album is coming out shortly. >> yes. my new sing sl out. >> "nobody like you." remember we're in english here. >> there's an english version with a friend of mine, fat joe on it, he has a verse on it. it's now playing on radio disney and. and my album will be coming out shortly. it's the first song off of that album, we're shooting for the end of the year.
7:51 am
>> come back. >> of course thank you so much for having me. it's great. >> always so great to see you. i'm so proud of your parents that keep you -- >> they keep me checked. >> that do. >> they've done a good job. coming up, we're going to take a short break but in your five things we celebrate hispanic heritage month. it's not just salsa dancing that i was no, sired to do recently, although that was fun too. ♪ de. and making something stronger... will mean making it lighter. one day, factories will work with the cloud. one day... is today.
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this week is the kickoff to hispanic heritage month, something we'll be marking on this show this month and beyond. and what a better way to make it a topic of a friday five things? so number one, the timing, why in the middle of september?
7:55 am
well it's all about independence, no offense scotland. mexico and several central american countries marking their sof venn celebrating in the middle of the month. 54.1 million his spannics live in this country. that's a buying power of over a trillion dollars. number three, the people, hispanics risen to the top in all walks f american life. number four, music generational gift to culture. and of course with latino music comes salsa dancing with. if you want to call that dancing that i did on the "today" show. my producer would have loved to make this tape all five things.
7:56 am
trust me, it's all about the faces you make. it takes attention away from the ter terrible moves. number five, #whatlati #whatlatinomeanstome. it's all about my family and gratitude. we invite you to tell us what latino means to you even if you're not latino using that hashtag and our own #gdbnow. that wraps up this hour on mz nbc. thank you for the privilege of your time. next on "news nation" breaking news. new developments on a missing uva student. i'll see you on monday. take care. a body at rest tends to stay at rest. while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can ease arthritis symptoms but if you
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i'm tamron hall. this is news nation. we begin with breaking news in the case of the missing uva student, hannah graham. charlottesville police told us they're in the process of executing search warrants, one on a vehicle, another warrant on an apartment. now it comes as police release a description of a person of interest. they describe the second man reportedly seen with or near hannah early last saturday morning when she disappeared. now that description came from a man who was actually seen on this surveillance video following hannah downtown. after that video was made public, the man came forward and told police he was following her because he said she looked distressed. we'll bring you the latest information on this new development in this case in a second. we have washington post reporter who is on the


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