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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  September 25, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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skating rink. this is "way too early." it's all about the inflection folks. good morning, i'm thomas roberts, bees and dogs can smell fear. all thanks to the "jerry maguire" movie. the human head weighs eight pounds. we want to get right down to business and a lot to talk about today because no doubt president obama is fully committing the nation to a new battle front in the long war against terrorism while not officially saying that we are a country at war. however, as u.s. bombs rain down on syria, america's commander in chief spoke of the global threat posed by militants of the islamic state. >> give me no reasoning, no negotiation with this brand of evil. the only language understood by killers like this is the language of force.
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so the united states of america will work with a broad coalition to dismantle this network of death. those who have joined isol should leave the battlefield while they can. those who continue to fight for a hateful cause will find they're increasingly alone. for we will not succumbb to threats and we will demen sfron the future belongs to those who build, not those who destroy. >> the backlash from the muslim world, president obama was quick it highlight arab allies that were taking part in this fight. >> in this effort we do not act alone nor do we intend to send u.s. troops to occupy foreign lands. we will work to cut off their financing and to stop the flow of fighters into and out of the region. and already over 40 nations have offered to join this coalition.
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today i ask the world to join in this effort. >> so, a big part of that militant financing comes from oil refineries, several of which were struck by coalition warplanes yesterday and by most estimates isis collects $1 million a day from selling fuel on the black market. those are low estimates. some say up to 5 million. there are reports this morning that missile strikes against a lesser known groups with al qaeda ties killed at least one of the group's leaders. the new military mission marks a sharp turn from the administration's plan to pivot away from a decade of war inga9e middle east and it's an exacting position for the president who is embracing a new conflict while trying to keep the country from being defined by it. >> it's time for a broader negotiation in the region in which major powers address their differences directly, honestly and peacefully across the table from one another, rather than through gun wielding proxies. i can promise you, america will
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remain engaged in the region and we are prepared to engage in that effort. i have made it clear that america will not base our entire foreign policy on reacting to terrorism. instead, we've waged a focus campaign against al qaeda and its associated forces taking out their leaders, denying them the safe havens they rely on. >> it appears the white house may soon add more mustool the fight. british prime minister david cameron signing off on isis fighters in iraq. meanwhile disgust and outrage showing the beheading of a french hostage. the algeria-based jihadists say it was retaliation for france's commitment against the islamic state. in one of the more complicated arks to this situation, syria is all but welcoming america's intervention in the civil war, even though the u.s. says the syrian regime must go. the country's u.n. ambassador
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claims america's action prove his country is legitimately fighting against terrorists. a term the government uses for all the opposition. well, texas authorities say that they have captured a man wanted in connection with the disappearance of a university of virginia student. virginia police believe that jesse leroy matthew jr. was the last person seen with hannah graham. he is going to be extradited to virginia. police are still looking for the 18-year-old uva sophomore who has been missing since september 13th. matthew charged with abduction with intent to. police have more evidence now, they believe that hasç le them to the survivalist eric frein accused of killing one pennsylvania state trooper and critically einjuring another. items now recovered in the wooded areas linked directly to him, that include serbian cigarettes and soiled diapers, like those sometimes used by snipers. now, state police are also asking for help in looking for
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locations where he could be hiding. >> we're requesting information on any vacant or seasonal homes in the area, which may have been disturbed in some way. by that i mean unlocked sheds, garage doors that aren't closed completely or seem to be ajar, pet doors that are, obviously, not locked. broken or open windows. those types of things that would be apparent to someone living in the neighborhood and, again, might give us some indication that an individual could have gained entry into a structure. >> frein remains on the fbi's most wanted list with a $100,000 reward currently. newly released surveillance video is raising questions in what police say happen before they shot and killed a man at an ohio walmart last month. we want to warn you that this video could be graphic to some of you. on august 5th that john craw ford iii could be seen picking up a pellet gun that was taken out of the box and left on a shelf. he continues to walk around the store on a cell phone. it appears that he was shopping.
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meanwhile, one witness called 911 reporting seeing a man with a gun in the store. the man was, "loading right now and pointing at two children." minutes later police enter that frame and minutes later you see crawford falling to the ground. they ordered him to drop the gun. the tape has no sound but crawford does not seem to react to any command from the officers. the justice department is now investigating the case for possible civil rights violations. a grand jury has decided nascar star tony stewart will not face criminal charges in the august death of fellow racer kevin ward jr. cleared just weeks after his car struck and killed after he got out of his car on the track. in a statement on wednesday stewart said, well much of the attention has been on me. it's important to remember a young man lost his life.
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kevin ward jr.'s family and friends will always be in my thoughts and prayers. now, ward's toxicology results show he had marijuana in his system. his mother told "new york times," "the focus should be on the actions of mr. stewart and not my son. this matter is not at rest and we'll pursue all remedies in fairness to kevin." the district attorney said stewart was not tested for drugs or alcohol because he did not appear to be impaired. nascar announced new rules requiring drivers to remain in their vehicles after a crash unless their cars are on fire. a new poll shows the arkansas state race, the senate race heating up. a suffolk university,/"usa today" poll shows a statistical tie mark pryor with tom cotton. not only is that within the margin of error, 7% of likely voters are undecided. when it comes to whether
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candidates vi they view the candidates favorably. and as for how president obama fairs there, 39% of voters have a favorable view with a 57% unfavorable. we turn our attention to business and big headaches for apple and potentially millions of customers out there. cnbc's steve sedwig joins us from london to talk about this. the big hash tag people are following, ben gate. >> i looked at this and the extraordinary feature we can see from some video is if you put enough pressure on it. look at the gentlemen's thumbs, you can bend the new iphone. as we said earlier massive sales already. 10 million units in the first weekend. potentially going to have 45 million units sold this year. the real culprit appears to be those of you who decide to wear skinny jeans, apparently it puts
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pressure on it in your pocket. >> people that wear skinny jeans that shouldn't wear skinny jeans. >> i can't comment and you can't see my bottom half. i'm not wearing skinny jeans. >> you're in shorts there in london. >> okay, here we go. >> there we go. all right. cuba gooding junior and now you. they have two headaches. two headaches and this one could be not more serious, but is a real problem. they have this new software for the iphones and ipads and it was supposed to be the be all and end all the problem is now that they brought iosit turned off people connectivity eand fingerprint sensors and now we're waiting for ios 82. as far as the bending issue, straight away john chen who is the newish boss over at
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blackberry he unveiled a new phone. blackberry doesn't see its future in handsets but a small part of the growing business they're looking at. i challenge anyone out there to bend this phone. very quick chen of blackberry to jump on the band wagon. blackberry was dominant in mobile phones in terms of smartphones and now 1% of the market. very interesting looking at apple's issues and how blackberry jumped on the back of it. >> people used to worry about their screen cracking on the iphone and now you have to worry about it potentially bending with it being so sleek and thin now. >> don't wear skinny jeans is the moral. >> i'm not allowed to. they just don't work on me. we've seen stocks were finally able to break the three days of declines yesterday to get back on track for the week. >> yeah, it was really interesting session, actually. we had some good news in terms of the pending home sales, which
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are much better than the existing home sales earlier in the week. comments from fed members, as well. but the point here is, as well, we had three days of declines. big declines, as well, on some of the major indices and nine out of ten major sectors rallied in the previous session. some of the higher sectors, the one that moved around in the broader market. >> all right, steve, thank you, sir. much appreciated. bill simmons has been suspended by espn after calling nfl commissioner roger goodell a liar in regards to what he knew about the ray rice elevator video. here's a bit of those comments from the podcast where he calls goodell a liar. "if he didn't know what was on that tape, he's a liar. i think he's lying. if you put him up on a lie detector test, he would fail. for all these people to pretend they didn't know is [ bleep ]. for him to go on that press
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conference and pretend otherwise, i was so einsulted. >> on that paodcast he taunted his employer. in a statement wednesday espn said "each employee must be accountable to espn and those engaged in our editorial options must also operate within espn's journalistic standards. suspended him for three weeks. do you agree simmons should have been suspended for his comments? again, three weeks. they did not add whether or not pay is included. they would have been more definitive if he was off without pay. so, most likely, he's still going to get his paycheck. we'll put the best ones coming up later in the show. some people, you say he's just calling it like it is. still ahead on "way too
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who matched a career high. the yankees are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. the yanks wasted a 3-1 lead after the o's erupted in a six-run fourth inning. all that is left for derek jeter is to say good-bye. he will play his final major league game at fenway against the red sox on sunday and his last game in the bronx is tonight. >> i can't tell you what tomorrow is going to feel like. i really can't. but right now it doesn't feel well and we're disappointed and should be disappointed. >> are you all right, bill? >> no. >> no, all right, i'll leave you alone. in detroit victor martinez is plunked by white sox pitcher matt sale in the sixth inning. there is a long stare down as he heads down first base. points towards the outfield suggesting maybe martinez was stealing signs with the help of someone in the bull pen. bothisqj clear but the situation does not escalate.
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might have been the spark the tigers needed, though. they go on to win 6-1 and with the mariners loss, detroit clinches at least a wildcard spot in the playoffs. see that right there? in cleveland the royals drop two games behind the a.l. central leading tigers after a 6-4 loss to the indians last night. and then kansas city is even with oakland and the a.l. wildcard race. both teams, three games ahead of the mariners. cleveland still alive for at least one more game. in the national league, san francisco is a win away from wrapping up the final wildcard spot. a game behind the pirates who have already clinched a post-season berth. want to switch gears and show you some soccer. barcelona and malaga scoreless in the 82nd missing when the star ends up face down in the grass. all right, so, turns out he exchanged words with a defender offering a shoulder bump. >> and then he took a big dive. >> grabbed messi by the throat
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pushing him backwards. the match ends in a scoreless draw. if you keep watching, messi, the academy award goes to -- yes, he's down and holding his face. so dramatic in soccer. so dramatic. so, let's talk about the weather because we have a little drama going on, especially when we talk about derek jeter's final game and whether or not it could be rained out. >> i don't want to hear about the players crying in the rain tonight, they need to play. it's going to be raining, showers, not heavy, but they need to play the game. >> the tears of the nation saying good-bye to derek jeter. >> everyone's crying. >> very appropriate. so, we have a little mini nor'easter. kind of strange for september, but it is a nor'easter. northeast winds gusting pretty good long island to jersey shore. lls like a system we'd get in november or december or through the winter season. a chilly rain out there and the airports are all doing fine now and i think we will have minor, maybe moderate delays in the new york city airports later on today. other problems out there,
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philadelphia maybe minor, too. heavier rain is right along the jersey shore now. it's just probably about two hours away from new york city, so, we'll get into the morning commute. as far as the yankee game goes, about 7:00 p.m. tonight, that's when the rain will start to lighten up tonight and that's when the game should be starting. they should get it in. thomas, by the way the rest of the country is gorgeous. 90 in montana. 90. >> when it comes to derek jeter i was reading a good story about how he came up early days in tampa and the fact that he felt that hard work was all about the match that needed to go with the talent. you know, they really needed to pay attention. >> he's not only the most talented, but determination. >> dedication. >> he's been durable, too. >> he should be applauded for tremendous -- >> don't cry today. > coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe" joe and
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all right, so, it's time to huddle around the water cooler and we all know that manhattan prices are a little exorbitant when it comes to real estate. fill us in on this new price tag. >> a new high when it comes to pricy new york city real estate. the $130 million pent house is the crown jewel of yet to be completed luxury high rise on manhattan's upper east side. the property will take up the top three floors of the 54-story tower on park avenue. the area also known as billionaires row. you live there, don't you, thomas? >> no. >> i'm just kidding around. now, let's head across, let's head across the hudson for a little situation involving the cast member of "the jersey shore." mike sorentino as you know as
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the situation. he failed to properly pay taxes on nearly $9 million of income. hisb"
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i'm fairly sure we're not going to top this the rest of the season. >> i love that. shirtless the ice. show me the money. >> jen came up with show me the monte. >> that wasn't an open net. only little spaces. i was impressed. >> nice to see him, he's a good guy. all right, lewis, thank you. want to get to your responses. our twitter question earlier in the show, whether or not you agreed about bill simmons and his suspension over his comments. espn said you're out of here for three weeks. some of the best responses. just what are people saying? >> our twitters they have a lot of great things to say. james says, absolutely not, bill simmons is entitled to his opinion about a lying and pat does not aagree either. it just goes to show honesty is not a hot commodity in the world any more.
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welcome back, everybody. let's get a check on the day ahead before we toss it to morning joe. president obama will deliver remarks on the ebola crisis that u.n. before returning to the white house this afternoon. and the man arrested in connection with the abduction of university of virginia student hannah graham is set to appear in a virginia court this morning. that's going to do it for "way too early." "morning joe" starts right now. >> no reasoning, no negotiation with this brand of evil. the only language understood by killers like this is the language of force. so, the united states of america will work with a broad coalition to dismantle this network of death. those who have joined isol should leave the battlefield while they can. those who


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