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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  September 25, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> and buyer beware, apple's new i marvel has one serious i-flaw. >> i will bend this iphone 6 plus. one of three officers and the nation's first african-american attorney general will be announcing he is going to resign as soon as the successor is confirmed. an announcement with the president is scheduled for 4:30 at the white house. this comes at a critical juncture in the fight against a spreading terror threat. matt miller is a department spokesperson and michael lighter is a director and msnbc terror analyst. we begin with pat leahy, the chairman who joins me by phone
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from vermont. thank you very much for joining us. talk about eric holder and the impact of his resigning and what you could expect from confirmation hearings. >> i talked with the attorney general holder today about this. i also talked to the white house and hoped they would be able to decide the nomination soon. i remember the day he was sworn in and the cheer s ths that ech.
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i have been here throughout a lot of attorneys general. nobody has done it better than he has. >> senator, what about the challenges and the incompletes let's say. guantanamo still open, khalid shaikh mohammed sheik mohamed not on trial because it could not take place. >> guantanamo should be closed by now except for the legislation blocking it. it is ridiculous that we are
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spending millions a person down there. and accomplishing nothing for our safety. the finest justice system in the world and we should not act like we are afraid of these people. we bring them before our courts. just as we did with abu ghraib. the son in law of osama bin laden. i remember the screams that came from some of the congress when eric holder announced he was going to go before a court in and he are not afraid of these people and we could stand up to them and we have a justice system that works. i think if it had been somebody other than eric holder, you
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might have run from the criticism and that would have been a huge mistake. that's why he was such a good attorney general. >> let me ask you about possible successors and the process. so the filibuster rule. i believe that is correct other than for a supreme court justice. that said, do you think that a career person would be more easily confirmable especially with mid-terms approaching and the possible that the senate would change hands when a career person who was vetted be more
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easily nominated than a political person like duvall patrick who was close to the president? >> i'm not going to speculate that this is the chief law enforcement officer of the country. i would hope that nobody would try to block an up or down vote on the chief law enforcement officer of the country. in the height of irresponsibility. >> senator, thank you very much. the senate judiciary chairman will preside over any nomination hearing. thank you again for calling in. with me here are michael lighter and matt. first let me ask you about the report from iraq's new prime minister.
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you set this in new york and the authorities are checking into this and you do not know of specific threats. >> you have to take it seriously and also with a grain of salt to be reported throughout the surety services. they have a long history of reporting. sometimes we get nuggets. i'm not surprised with everything that is going in iraq and syria. we will get more reports and most will be false. >> obviously your nypd and terror officials are on this and they are telling us you do not have any back up. >> there is no city in the country as well prepare as new york. on the intelligence front, if there is a plot working with federal officials and also to respond. very hefty working with the fbi. obviously this is very, very experienced and doing what they are doing now. >> they work with the justice department. how concerned should americans
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be that there will be a transition. he won't leave until a successor is confirmed. these are relationships where communication happens in meetings and national security council meetings. is the fbi director the key player here on the terror threat level. >> here's one of the key players. he will have big shoes to fill. the general has been there for four years. they are experienced with the fbi at doj prior. there a number of officials and as you said, the attorney general will stay on until a successor is confirmed. >> i want to talk more about the terror threat and the other part of his legacy. the first african-american attorney general with the history of this country. his showing up in ferguson, illinois. what that meant to people, the credibility he has brought with civil rights cases around the
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country. speak to that. >> it's true. one of the stories about eric holder that people will come to understand is are many of the things that were so controversial when he took office. the things he said and things he didn't. they have proven to vindicate that. when all of the work to restore that, all of the outreach he did to the communities of color, you saw that culminate when it didn't matter that it was an african-american attorney general. he could speak with credibility that others may not be ready to do. >> the sensibility that he brings to the voting rights issue. and other issues that affect people of color and people who lived in disadvantaged communities. >> that's right. when he became the chairman, he talked about the day he showed up. i was there. people were literally walking the halls with tears in their eyes and after the department had gone through the biggest
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scandal in history, he set out from the beginning to restore the department's credibility to rebuild the divisions who had been marginalized in the bush years. you see that work and sometimes it was behind the scenes. really in the last years, you have seen it come to the reforms and ultimately the civil rights work in ferguson. >> a big legacy indeed. let's talk about copycat terrorists who have looked back at what happened in the london streets a year ago. with that young soldier. he was beside headed in front of people with the two terrorists and inviting people to take pictures and video. it seems that that was an early warning of what we are now seeing. how threatened should people be on the philippines and where does it stop? >> we have to remember in the big scheme of things, the likelihood of a terrorist attack
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affecting someone's life is minute versus another range of threats. but copycats and people who were inspired and not directed especially because isis is so good with social media. i can present a risk and a challenge from the security officials. we have seen it over seas and we haven't seen it as much. i know that the fbi and the department of homeland security is part of the reason for the refreshed outreach. it's to try to identify the individuals who might be inspired and pose a threat. it's not 9/11, but it can be awe powerful threat ask a huge win for isis if someone takes this. >> how important was it finally that the algerian terror group wants to align itself with isis. >> groups started to affiliate
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with al qaeda. that's a huge boom for them with recruitment and shows even if they are not a local threat to the u.s. in that region, throughout the world isis is posing a threat to u.s. and allies's interests. >> thank you both very much. breaking news today. and the other big topic this week is the growing threat from ebola. the world organization said nearly 3,000 people have been killed by the disease in five countries. more than 6,000 have been infected. this morning president obama held several high level meetings about the outbreak and had tough words for the world leaders there. >> we are not moving fast enough. we are not doing enough.
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and more now on the breaking news about the comments made by iraq's about possible terror plots uncovered with subways in the u.s. and paris. spokesperson for the state department. good to see you. what can you tell us about what a body is saying about this possible terror threat. >> the united states takes every threat or every element of information from any of the partners seriously. we look to corroborate that. we have no confirmation at this point in time. we are obviously focused on foreign fighters. the president spoke to that
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yesterday. this is not an issue discussed in the bilateral meetings over the last couple of days. >> we talked to michael who said that the iraqi security force while occasionally providing nuggets has been not as professionalized as the other partners we have in the region. it has to be taken with a grain of salt. >> we always look to corroborate information regardless of the partner and we work to do that. i think it's important for people to understand we don't have confirmation of the plot. >> the pentagon announced the latest strikes against prefabricated oil refineries in syria which according to the administration produced as much as $2 million a day for isis. those strikes were carried out our time 4:00 or 3:00 yesterday afternoon our time. what is the importance of the continual flow of money to isis? and our efforts to try to cut
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that off? >> it's such an important component of this. clearly we are working with our partners to continue the military component of this effort. building this coalition including taking out financing and what happened overnight or what happened yesterday is an important component. building this to take this on is what we will have general allen do and what the ambassador will be doing. we will be heading to the region. if they are there, we will have a hard time defeating and destroying them. >> and let me also show you the new edition of the economist that has an image of barack obama as george w. bush, mission accomplished on that carrier. he has changed dramatically in the last year. his speech last year was we are withdrawing for iraq and our troops are back and we will be withdrawing from afghanistan and the end of the decade of war.
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now we are getting into a war frame of mind and fighting in syria and fighting in iraq. according to all of the experts, this is going to take years. this is through the end of this term. >> this is not iraq. this is not afghanistan. we are not putting troops on the ground. the president of the united states is responsible for the safety and security of the american people. when threats are opposed to concern interest he has a responsibility to act. that's what he has done here. this is about we are taking air strikes that are targeted and other components of the effort that will continue to be under way. counter financing and working to crack down on foreign fighters and individuals who return to the united states or any western country. these are efforts that will
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degrade. this is not iraq and not afghanistan. this is a very different approach we are taking. >> and iran. the secretary will be meeting with the iranian counterpart. the talks this week, iran's president said are critical on the possibility of achieving a nuclear deadline and self imposed deadline of all parties november. this is what the president had to say today. >> as the beginning of the collaboration aimed at promoting security. >> of course embedded in that is peaceful yet to establish. is he really putting us on the spot by promising the world.
9:20 am
if the agreement doesn't come through, they have not delivered on all of the verifications and delivered to the satisfaction, it puts us on the spot and it will be hard to hold the coalition together. >> there is a long road ahead and gaps that remain. october and november will be key periods of time and the secretary will have another meeting with the foreign minster and our teams have been talking and the international community is united in the belief that iran cannot acquire a nuclear weapon and there is so much support for the effort. that's our focus now. there is more work to be done and we are hopeful about what we can achieve. >> any reaction to the speech today? >> i think this is the issue that is central to our discussions with the iranians. it's what we are focused on behind the scenes.
9:21 am
we are not going to get ahead in that relationship. we have concerns about human rights and state sponsoring of terrorism. if we can work with them and the p 5 plus 1 to prevent iran from acquiring the nuclear weapon, that will be a great success for the world. >> something you have to see to
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9:26 am
all msnbc contributors. live in independence, kansas. first to you, casey. sarah palin, is that going to do it for pat roberts? >> well, andrea, she is one on a long list of republicans that senator pat robbers is bringing in to save himself as we head towards election day. he was campaigning earlier this week with senator bob dole who had a strikingly different message than palin. he criticized the senator for shutting down the government and said it led to governors and palin praised roberts for standing with cruz in the government shut down fight and that he was fighting obamacare. i asked robert whose side he was on having appeared with both of the surrogates, he answered both. at this point there is a little bit of a confused message out of the roberts campaign. he is trying to attack to the
9:27 am
right and voters are looking for those who get things done. it's difficult for him to navigate explaining that message of compromise. >> jonathan cape hart, how important is the residency issue? >> it seems to be very, very important. a lot of people say they don't even remember seeing him in the state. he's not well-known around the state as you would think someone would be. >> maybe with friends where he has a lounge chair and there was controversy over that. >> there is a lot of controversy about the senator and his residency. he has been in the senate for three decades and the fact that he is fighting a residency issue is a problem. to jump on something that casey just said in terms of confused messaging, it seems like confused tactics. remember last i heard, sarah palin was someone who was against the establishment. against washington.
9:28 am
senator roberts has been in the senate for three decades. he is the establishment. what are the tactics and what are the message that is the roberts campaign is trying to accepted and to me, it's a sign of desperation. >> he's a former senate intelligence chair. he has been in power for all of these decades as jonathan points out. which way did the voters go. did they accept the fact that these different surrogates are sending different messages? >> to be honest, i love to think voters were that engaged. there is bob dole. i'm not convinced that they are analyzing each of the messages. pat roberts is in panic mote. not complicated. he was not paying much attention after he won the primary. now he's in a race where we are six weeks away from an election and they are not sure they can fix it in time. this is a throw everything you
9:29 am
have against the wall and bob dole said he's my kind of republican. they will bring anyone and everyone in. if there was a strategy in place and a republican senator in kansas in a mid-term election, we wouldn't be talking about it. >> one other quick thing. his opponent still has to establish himself and a lot of controversy about that. i wanted to ask you about the clinton global initiative and the bathroom escorts and the way the media retreated. they blogged about the fact that they had escorts who were kept in the basement and they were not allowed to mix and mingle with the player who is spent $20,000 to become members and do
9:30 am
tremendously wonderful work. it's unchallenges as well as some would say political stuff that goes on in the mess. the treatment of the press, do they have to figure out someone escorting you to the bathroom and stand outside the stall and. >> came amy didn't cast hers as how everyone was being treated. the clinton global initiative does have strong security for everyone and that said, i do think it is not a big secret that the clintons tonight -- particularly hillary clinton doesn't deal warmly about the political press.
9:31 am
bill clinton talked about this, his feelings that the political press missed the boat and they are narrative driven and the folks are then getting the story. the thing i wonder about, that clearly hurt her campaign in 2008. ral adverse aerial with the media. hillary clinton likes the press as little or less than six years ago. that is how the campaign acts is how the candidate wants them to act at some level. it's something that at least you have to pay attention to if not worry about. >> thank you so much. chris ask casey and jonathan cape hart and weather-permitting, tonight will be the last home game for derek jeter. future hall of famer. he spoke with nbc's brian williams about his retirement.
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or morberoccaaaaaaaaaaaa! [popping & fizzing sounds] support both mental sharpness and physical energy with berocca. proud sponsor of mind and body. . >> let's talk more about the breaking news. resigning with national politics. he is headed for washington for an unrelated event. the timing works out perfectly.
9:36 am
he has a cabinet meeting and heading down to washington. he won't be here in time for the 4:30 press conference. >> what are about the possibility that he is so close to the president and had experience with the civil rights division of justice could be the next nominee. >> everything on its face seems to work out for him. he is ending the term as governor and not running for reelection. he will be out of office in november and has been looking for the income thing. whether or not this is the next thing is hard to tell. duvall patrick is shooting down any of the speculation that he would be the 1 to fill the job. >> there is a lot of speculation about the seattle area. >> and the u.s. attorney in new york, there is a lot of speculation about a couple of different names that the solicitor general is another that comes up. there is a couple of names that we are here hearing right now. duvall patrick in part based on
9:37 am
his travel schedule is shot to the top of the list. >> his press secretary said he is not on the short list. >> yeah and he is saying that just a little bit ago that it's not something he is seeking right now. >> some of the exchanges with darrell issa over fast and furious, the guns that got in the wrong hands. >> there must have been a good reason why they were from there. >> you didn't want us to see the details. >> knowing the two -- >> i'm not going to stop talking now. you characterize something. >> mr. chairman will you inform the chairman as to the rules of this committee. >> it is too consistent as the way you conduct yourself.
9:38 am
it's unacceptable and it's shameful. >> well, that was just one of the many exchanges. and he had a relationship with the members of congress. it was part of the political drama here in washington. because of his proposals for trying to try the detainees on u.s. soil. >> he had a tenure who has been with obama for the entire time. there have been rocky moments politically for eric holder. the record has been mixed in terms of his relationship with congress and the things he was proposing and advocating if are and some of the things he did get done and pursued. >> the president will not be announcing a successor. this is president obama back in
9:39 am
october of 2011. being asked about eric holder. >> he indicated he was not aware of what was happening. i was not. i think both he and i would have been unhappy that guns were allowed to pass through the united states of america. >> he always had the president at his back and he has been a very close adviser and friend. >> they are close and they spent time on vacation together. they are close with one another. this day said it doesn't come as a surprise. we had been hearing about potential resignations for sometime. >> and pete williams said he wanted to visit the districts. the final one will be one of the
9:40 am
first big cases. that was a good tip off as well. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> several crime headlines. jesse matthew, the main suspect in the disappearance of a uva student has been arrested in texas. they are looking to extradite him back to virginia. no explanation on how a person of interest managed to travel across the country without police being aware. no answer on the whereabouts of hannah graham, the missing uva student. police in pennsylvania said they caught glimpses of 31-year-old eric frein, a man suspected of killing a state trooper in an ambush. he left soiled diapers and empty cigarette packets in the wilderness. they issued an apology to the family of michael brown. the 18-year-old was shot and killed by a police officer last month. i'm ted and this is rudy. say "hi" rudy. [ barks ] [ chuckles ] i'd do anything to keep this guy happy and healthy. that's why i'm so excited
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>> an official said during a round table, the prime minister explained that iraqi intelligence conveyed to him they had several isis fighters that revealed the plot to hit the metro in paris and sit somewhere in the u.s. however top officials told us they have no evidence of a threat at this time and to stay on top of the story, we will have the latest as we get it. there has been no lack of hype over the release of the latest iphone with 10 million sold in the first three days that. hype is tempered by a few glitches. here is stephanie goss.
9:45 am
>> good morning! >> it was a big success. >> they are the best iphone we have done. >> they praised the iphone 6 for everything it does well, but criticism over something it shouldn't do. bend. >> the sake of science, i'm going to bend this iphone 6 plus. >> some say the thin phone with the sleek case is too fragile. unhappy customers are venting under #bend gate. the woes go to the software. an update to the new operating system ios 8 is triggering new problems with the thumb print reader and phone service. they are investigating and pulling the updated software. while no official comment on #bendgate. >> what does it mean for the apple brand and the ceo? i am joined by the coexecutive editor and columnist. what was the author of that
9:46 am
weekly tech columnist. there you have them. the 6? >> this is the 6 plus. the big one. this is the more mainstream one, the 6. that also has a bigger screen than apple has built before. >> what are the pluses or minuses? >> this is like i say the one they think will be the mainstream. it has a bigger screen, but only a 13% bigger body. >> it's so thin. >> and both of them also have the ability to work with able's planned payment system where you can just kind of waive it and slip it. >> is that the end of credit cards? >> we hope so. >> the processors are better and the screens are better and the cameras are better. every piece of this has been improved.
9:47 am
>> what about as a telephone? >> works great. >> so this is what you would choose. >> i think this smaller one is the best smart phone on the market. >> when people talk about the glitches, what about the bending thing? >> a few people and i'm not calling them liars say this big one when they carry it in their pocket bent and they posted pictures. there was that video you showed part where a guy really spent time putting pressure on it and able to bend it. i can't bend it. it is aluminum and it is thin and very large surface. i suppose it's possible. i don't personally think it's likely. >> what about the economics of all this. where is it selling most? which model is preferable in different parts of the world? >> there. apple has not broken down yet where it's selling the most.
9:48 am
they may never. i am told that these very large screens and apple is the last to do one of these. >> samsung and the others are. >> they sold a lot of phones with the big screens. i am told they are popular in asia. that they are particularly unpopular in europe and in the united states it's a mixed bag. they are less popular than something with this size. there is a segment here in the united states that likes this big screen. >> is this the breakthrough for team cook? is this the way he reimagines the company? >> partly. i wrote an essay that said it's tim took's apple now. part is these phones that are much more a distributed to the two new things they announce. one is the packed payment system where you pay for things in the
9:49 am
store with these phones. the other is the apple watch. and again other people have tried it and everybody failed. apple thinks it's going to succeed and they have teamed with the fashion people to make a see that people think is attractive. >> while we wait for your verdict and the fashion piece of it. we know how fashionable you are. great to see you. coexecutive editor and cofounder. great to see you. >> new video from the cleave global correspondent. bill traveled from iraq to the frontlines getting close up views and isis forces and positions in the region. they thousanded them from advancing further into the country and have a lot more
9:50 am
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. >> is it a tall order to end poverty by 2030? this global citizen's festival broadcast here will have some of the biggest stars from hollywood and music gathering to draw attention to the most urgent needs of the world's poor including clean water and sanitation. in ten people lack access and one out of five deaths for children under 5 are caused by water-related diseases. in india, the lack of clean water disproportionately impacts women and girls. we have a report from new delhi. >> it's hard to believe when you don't have this, you have this. >> i think four days. >> jodi said it's because of poor water and sewage.
9:54 am
they estimate 1.8 billion school days worldwide are lot of because of that. >> sometimes there were more schedules. >> the bites. >> the ants. >> resulting in illnesses like malaria and fever. few would want their daughters walking into toilets like this. >> no water and no soaps. >> that's why girls stay home while boys work around the filth. is this educational video showing using a bathroom in the open as some 1 billion people do, it also means girls get sycamore often than boys. >> it's not just toilets, but hygiene. >> and polluted water that sets girls back further. >> to get clean water, walking further down, roadsides like this and often falls on girls and women. that's 40 billion hours a year
9:55 am
that girls and women lose. >> the solutions can be seen in this school. it starts with this, said the vice principal. >> it's very important to be neat and clean. >> just installed new sinks and toils and four are so girls don't feel claustrophobic. with murals reinforcing hand sanitation and best practices. in addition, rain water collectors. the filter and reply ground water that was polluted or overpumped. judith has experience with the programs in over 25 countries. >> it's hard to think something as simple as water could get in the way of a girl's future, but it is that simple. girls bounce back. >> she know what is she has that her parents don't. she holds that notebook, putting down her inside, including how to fix those bathrooms and her future. msnbc, new delhi.
9:56 am
>> tune in to msnbc for the special coverage leading up to saturday's global poverty concert starting at 3:00 eastern. that does it for this edition. a lot of breaking news today. follow us online on facebook and twitter at mitchell reports and today at 4:30 eastern of president obama's big official announcement from attorney general eric holder's resignation. roan an is next. ue. [cat meows] [laughs] ♪meow, meow, meow, meow... ♪meow, meow, meow, meow... it's more than just a meal, it's meow mix mealtime. with 100% complete and balanced nutrition, and the taste, textures and variety cats love, it's the only one cats ask for by name. people who know me, to this day they say,tix.
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attorney general eric holder announced he will step down as the nation's top law enforcement officer as soon as congress confirms a successor meaning he could be serving when hell freezes over. >> this has been an open secret eric holder would leave before the end of his second term. the only question is when. >> his tenure has been complicated and he has been
10:00 am
defiant. >> he has been an important ally to the president. they treated him for a surrogate for the way they wanted to go after the president and felt like they couldn't in public. >> 1:00 on the east coast and 10:00 aim o the west. here's what you need to know right now. the fbi pushing back now against claims from iraq's prime minister that he has evidence of an isis terror plot against new york city and paris. just issuing this statement, we are aware of the report and the administration has been coordinated at a high level with local, state, and federal partners. this overall threat is actually -- just listen to what he said before this news broke. >> this is the time of


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