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tv   Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  September 26, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, i'm jose diaz-balart. we have breaking news this morning. a ground stop at chicago's o'hare and midway airports after a fire at the faa control center in aurora, illinois. these pictures coming in. stranded passengers inside o'hare. it's one of the busiest airports in the world. take a look at the flight map that is a big hole over the center of the country because of the ground stop. sources tell nbc news, listen to this, authorities are looking into the possibility that the fire was intentionally set. tom costello is monitoring the story. he'll join us with any developments on the breaking story. now on to our first focus, the international fight against isis. we're watching two live events on opposite sides of the atlanta. one in the u.k. u.k. the other at the united nations. what we're expecting to hear from vice president joe biden this hour. nearly five hours into a passionate debate on the floor of the house of commons in the
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u.k., lawmakers will consider perform david cameron's request to join the u.s. in launching air strikes on isis. many members are asking the same questions. >> how long will the war last and when will mission creep start? >> iraq, afghanistan, libya, none suck success stories. are we going to embark on action that could last for years. >> why are we hearing more from the prime minister about the political and diplomatic solutions to this. >> this is about psychopathic terrorists that are trying to kill us. we have to realize whether we like it or not, they have already declared war on us. there isn't a war by option. there isn't an option of hoping it will go away. >> a vote is expected in just a couple of hours. this is a debate many lawmakers here in this country want to have right now, but that appears very unlikely.
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speaker john boehner said it will have to wait until next year when the new congress is sworn in. the white house said it doesn't need specific military authorization from congress and to that end, the u.s. and the arab allies continue to bomb isis targets in syria for a fourth straight day. a day after taking out key isis oil installations. a short time ago, we learned isis allies in afghanistan launched a brutal offensive that left more than 100 people dead including 15 who were beheaded. back here at home, cities across the country beefing up security. even while down playing a warning from iraq's prime minister who said he learned of an isis plot against subways in the u.s. and paris. officials say there's no specific credible threat, fbi director james koemy said they believe isis is, quote, looking to try to do something in the u.s. he also said he believes they have now identified the masked man seen in isis execution
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videos. nbc kooeir simmons joins up. we learned of the concern that the british lawmakers have over this. what is the overall consensus on the prime minister's request? >> the consensus is they will vote in favor of it because the various political parties in the country and u.k. want to vote for it. they're telling their lawmakers they must. they must vote yes to these air strikes. but as you said there's been a detailed debate of issues over many hours and crucial questions being raised including just how do you intervene in a region that is so incredibly divided between shia and sunnis and other groups like the kurds? there's an interesting debate happening. it's a foregone conclusion. one crucial clear ifarification.
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they are voting on whether they should join the u.s. in iraq not in syria. the u.k.'s lawmakers have not been asked about syria. . the prime minister -- the british prime minister said because he isn't certain whether he would get the votes in favor of that across iraq and syria campaign. that tells u s you something ab how nervous the public and politicians even now are about what is happening here. as you mentioned, one lawmaker raising the question whether there's a slippery slope. whether it turns into the air campaign turns into something else as the campaign progresses. so there is going to be a vote in favor, but it is a limited intervention for the u.k. supporting the u.s. in iraq but not in syria. >> i'm glad you mentioned that. we mentioned it in the intro of the important.
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it's important to mention that key difference. it's about bombings in iraq. the vote is expected sometime today. thank you so much for that report from london. i want to bring in the senior fellow with the council on foreign relations, steve clemons, editor at large for the atlantic, and msnbc contributor and making his debut on his show. washington post pulitzer prize winning columnist. eugene, let's start with you with the vote going on in parliament in the u.k. they're doing something we're not dealing with here in the united states. >> yeah, they absolutely are. i think it is a scandal, to tell you the truth. that congress has not done its job as laid out in the constitution. congress should be debating this. it's an important step the united states is taking, and it would certainly be better if we did it unified as a country if we're going to do it at all. and doubts and concerns should
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be aired. in is congress' job. congress is not stepping up to the plate. >> and, eugene, yesterday i spoke on this problem with the republican congresswoman of florida. i asked why aren't you going back and dealing with it? she said shame on us as republicans. but the president should be -- do you sense there's not a sense of urgency legislatively in washington? the president not maybe stepping forward and saying come back. we need to do this now? >> well, remember the last time the president went to congress to ask for air strikes in syria, he didn't get it. and every president for, you know, many, many administrations has maintained that essentially he has the right to go ahead and do this. so i'm less surprised that the president is not demanding a congressional debate and vote than i am that congress which, after all, said it should be evolved isn't getting involved. that surprises me.
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>> and, gail, while we watch the debate, keir told us the other ally of isis in afghanistan. we talked about it at the top of the show. is the reach of isis expanding with the use of delegates of allies? the question has been of aligned sympathies. for years when you talk to folks on the ground in afghanistan, they would always say in afghanistan left to itself will not remain its own problem endlessly. they always thought there would be, if vacuum presented ig eed again, an opening of people who shared the kind of ideology. i don't think folks on the ground in afghanistan would be shocked. for a country that has long forgotten the longest war. it's reminder of the stakes and what vacuums of power in very tough parts of the world could mean. >> yeah. and steve fbi director believes they have identified the isis executioner known as jihadi john.
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>> it's significant. the question now what is next? the issue here, i think, for the whole action in syria has been u.s. action that is limited in scope versus isis ambitions that are unlimited and sort of without end. the mismatch is one we're going to keep revisiting and keep discussing. what is interesting if you talk to folks who are close to syrian opposition and the moderate fighters, they really feel like there's an issue that is going to come up soon enough. yes, we'll fight isis but what about the regime? someone said to me this week in new york, look, the regime is the cancer. isis is simply a symptom of that. get rid of the symptom great. but you still have the cancer. and more of these can crop up even if you take care of this one, take care of isis. what comes in its way. >> that's a good question. steve, i want to ask you president obama and vice president joe biden spoke with turkey's president about expanding his country's role
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against isis. what do we need from turkey. do you think they'll do anything? >> turkey is a key strategic player in the region. you turkey, which has an important foot in europe, and of course, an important food in the middle east. it's one of the most important strategic players the region. it has in a variety of crises like the recent israel gaza crisis has been a stakeholder on the side of hamas. it has more credibility, if you will, with the sunni side of the e division. we need as many sunni participants in the effort on isis as we can get. so turkey becoming a stakeholder in this is vital. it also is a border country with syria and iraq. it has been looked at as some of the pathway that many of the islamic radicals have been getting through. we also had nearly 50 civil servants of turkey caught up in a consulate in mosul being held hostage. the worry has been that turkey
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promised noninvolvement or promised other things to isis to get the people back. now that's over and i think the president and vice president are trying to coax around wan back into the conflict after the hostage crisis. >> steve clemons, gail, eugene. thank you. eugene, i ask you to stick around. the three of you, thank you for your time. i want to go more on the breaking news we brought you. passengers stranded at ohio h'h and midway. no flights coming and out after a fire at the air traffic controller tire. the fire was no accident. let's bring in tom costello who covers aviation. how bad for travelers? >> it's a mess. it you are flying to, through, or expecting somebody to come through the midwest they are going to be delayed. this is not at the tower. this is the at center which is what you're seeing on the left-hand side of the screen.
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it's an air traffic controller center. hand ms high altitude traffic over the midwest. at about 5:a 42 42 central time. they got a call of the fire in the basement. they found somebody with a self-inflected wound. not a gunshot wound and suffering from smoke inhalation. several sources are telling us they believe it's possible the fire was intentionally set. as you can expect, they immediately evacuated that control center. what they did they immediately put a ground stop into effect. atc 0 affecting chicago ord and mwd. midway and o'hare. hundreds of flights, in and outbound cancelled. the lines are growing by the minute. the map showing what is happening in the skies over the country is very telling. you will see there is a gaping hole around chicago. traffic flying to the north and to the south of exactly -- well,
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that's not quite the map. the map shows you the delay. that's also useful. it shows you that red circle around ord, around o'hare shows they have significant delays today. the map from flight radar 24 shows that flights are literally avoiding o'hare and midway. there's nobody at the main center. the ripple effect will be if you were supposed to leave today from miami to chicago and maybe that plane was going to go on to seattle, for example, or kansas city, all of those flights now are either going to be delayed or potentially cancelled because you can't make the original destination. and the ripple effect across the city or rather across the system is going to be really quite profound. chicago o'hare is now -- we're told, the busiest airport so far this year. the busiest airport in the world. it's going have a big impact on the today's travel. thankfully it's a nice day outside. >> i know. it's going to be a mess for travelers throughout the country. tom, as you point out.
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do we know anything else about the person with the self-infl t self-inflicted wound at the basement of the faa center? do we know anything at all? an employee, anything? >> we have some reporting to suggest that in some way this person may have had some connection with the building but we don't know what the relationship was. and there is some reporting out there he may have suffered a stab wound. that's not confirmed. but, you know, at this point, you've got the fbi on the scene, you have an arson investigation team on the scene as well as chicago center. and the impact over at o'hare and midway is profound. what it means is if chicago center is out, it means they have to then give their responsibilities over to other centers. cleveland center, minneapolis, indianapolis, for example. picking up where chicago center is essentially leaving them and picking up those pieces and trying to route all the traffic around chicago to the north and south. >> yeah. tom costello, thank you so much. i'm sure you'll be keeping an
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eye on it as are we. thank you so much for the live report. we'll take a short break. coming up we broke the news our on msnbc. just 24 hours ago. attorney general eric holder one of three original cabinet members left stepping down. we'll talk about what he left behind and who may replace him. we'll take a look at the live picture. it's the value voter in the nation's capitol. ted cruz about to take the stage. senator rand paul expected in the hour. who is the biggest potential 2016 republican not attending? we'll talk about that in moments. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, this can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain, so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve
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things that need to be worked on are in place and on track. >> that was attorney general holder talking to msnbc a short time ago during his appearance before the congressional black caucus. taking part in a panel at the voting right conference this morning. a day after he announced he was stepping down as attorney general. news we broke at this hour yesterday. holder made history as the nation's first african-american attorney general among the u.s. justice issues protecting the voting rights act, addressing racial disparity and drug sentencing guidelines, and extending legal benefits to s e same-sex couples. holder played an important role in calming the chaos in ferguson overt shooting death of michael brown. he has been a lightning rod of this administration under fast and furious. welcome to our guests.
7:19 am
eugene, what kind of legacy do you think holder leaves behind? >> well, jose, you know, i think you just laid out his legacy, basically. he said he wanted to be remembered for his work on civil rights, and the issues you just listed all fit under the umbrella. he's very passionate about that, he worked very hard on it. i think that's what we're going to remember in addition to the fact that he was obviously the first african-american attorney general. i think we'll remember his work in the area of civil rights. i think we will be less inclined to remember, perhaps, his work in the surveillance, the revelations from snowden as to what the administration thought it would do legally in terms of surveillance. i think that was perhaps not his finest moment. >> and, matt, eric holder was boss. he was fairly emotional when he
7:20 am
was talking about his experiences yesterday. do you think it was a hard decision for him to make. >> you know i think it was. by this time he leaves he'll be the third or fourth longest serving attorney general. it's a difficult job. you're in the line of fire all the time. i think he wanted to stay long enough to really accomplish some of these goals he set out in the beginning to restore the department's ability to prosecute civil rights, restore some of the integrities from the independence lost at the department previously. i think he can leave feeling like he's done that. >> and, eugene, any thoughts on replacements? well, we know a couple of people that probably won't be. the massachusetts governor deval patrick has been mentioned. he said he's not interested in the job. and california attorney general pamela harris has been
7:21 am
mentioned. she probably has a bright political future in california. she might not be interested in the job. one person who is often mentioned is preet bharara he's done a lot and seen as confirmable. a dark horse candidate i would have would be the labor secretary, tom paris, who used to run the civil rights department. he's been confirmed at the cabinet level. >> eugene robinson and matt miller, thank you so much. i owe you next time you're in south florida >> gracias. >> we'll have more of the interview with attorney general holder at 2:00 p.m. on msnbc. the man arrested in texas in the case of a missing college student heading back to virginia today as canine units ramp up their search. we'll go to charlottesville. two pictures i want to show you.
7:22 am
a scary scene in detroit, michigan. a pedestrian bridge collapse d n a freeway before morning rush hour the truck driver who caused the accident died. acids dumped into two rivers. officials testing a river in arizona for possible contamination. we'll have more of today's headlines on this friday in seconds. stay with me. some cash back cards only let you earn bonus cash back at a few places. then those categories change every few months! first coffee shops... then amusement parks. i am not amused. but the quicksilver card from capital one is going its own way. because quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you buy, everywhere you buy it.
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7:26 am
virginia is jesse. >> luke, good morning. any word on when matthew is expected to arrive in virginia? >> possibly as early as tonight or could be early tomorrow saturday morning. so far he's refused invoking his amendment right not to self-increment. talk to investigate pieors. they haven't gotten any new leads. it's expected once he returns he would have a court appearance. the initial one would be on monday. they would hopefully try to get more information from him from then on. where we stand right now, jose, hannah graham, the uva freshman is still missing. this town, to some degree, is on edge. they believe mr. matthew was found in texas and no longer perceived as a threat to the community. there's a sense that hangs over the air here. i was walking around last night of we miss hannah. where is she? this is a beautiful girl that was so much a part of our
7:27 am
community. she's just gone away. that's why you're seeing this all out search. the police chief asking folks to look at wildlife cameras, abandoned homes, empty homes that realtors might be looking at. every single corner of charlottesville is trying to be in the rural surrounding area is looking to find hannah gram. >> thank so much. coming up here is that live picture of the values voter. a must attend event some of the republican 2016 hopefuls. they even have babies on the stage. but not all of the hopefuls are there. we'll talk about that straight ahead. a live picture in central park where the final preparation underway for a massive music and cultural festival this weekend. a festival msnbc is very involved in. we'll have a crucial details coming up. have no doubt about that. we've done so many shows around
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huge.♪ well, senator ted cruz of texas is speaking as we speak at the value voter summit right now in washington, d.c. maybe we should check in and see what he's saying. >> i'll tell you, when i came home, caroline was 5, she looked at me and said, okay, dad. that was kind of cool. which, when your kirnd gardener gives you that reassurance was pretty good. we saw the news. how many of you saw the news that a man was stopped after he climbed the fence at the white house? you know, the secret service stopped him and said i'm sorry, mr. president, you have two more years left on your term.
7:32 am
>> senator cruz speaking in washington, d.c., maybe taking a tip from the win store churchill who said it's good to try to start your speeches with humor. everybody has a different definition of humor. but that's him speaking right now. senator rand paul of kentucky is expected to take the podium later today. besides senator paul, louisiana governor bobby jindal, mike huckabee, and rick stantorum ar scheduled to speak. who is not attending? chris christie. senator marco rubio, and former florida governor jeb bush. let's frame the debate 2016 debate with republican strategies hogan giddily and angela rye. thank you for being with me. hogan, if jeb bush were to run,
7:33 am
how difficult would be it be to get through the first primary. >> if jeb bush runs will it be difficult to get through the pry? it's so far off if he doesn't attend things like the value voter summit it's difficult. places like iowa pride themselves on vetting the candidates, es spesespecially sl issues. it was largely his base. they wanted to know how the candidates thought about life, about marriage, about tieing, you know, the economy to the structure good economies to good families. and if he's not there, he has time to go back maybe next year to try to lay groundwork. the people who attend the value voter summit, they care immen immensely about the issues. they not forget and want you to have a real record on the issues. they'll hold your feet to the fire. if he's not there now, it will be tough in iowa. >> i want to talk about the topics at the summit going on as we speak. pro-life battle ground 2014,
7:34 am
moral decline causes big government, and sexuality in the hookup culture. there's a war going on. how important are the issues to the voters, you think, right now? >> well, jose. i want to just dial it back a bit. to acknowledge the fact that the family research council could be a big deal for rnc gop types. i think when i see what they're covering at the value voter summit. it should be called the p.o.p. played out policy summit. the reason why they continue to be the divide in the republican party continues to grow is because they have folks that are trying to deal with realistic issues and folks that are off in the cloud somewhere. we talked about the autopsy report. they continue to perpetually kill themselves with the policy they push. people who sat it out realized
7:35 am
it's a dying deed of republicans. they have to get to the new pla -- millennium. it's p.o.p. is. pun intended. >> it's not. they're growing. they're at capacity now. they're at 2,000. they can't get anymore people in there. i went yesterday morning. they're more energized as ever. they view the country as going morally bankrupt. they want to bring it back into play. when you talk about the economy, one of the topics you were talking about as relates to the topics they're going to talk about. the economy is tethered to the break down of the family. when we have weak families the economy weakens. when families are strong they can take care of each other and their children. you inherently need less government. that's simple economics. >> yeah, but let me ask you, hogan, it struck me that the three gentlemen who aren't showing up have different opinions, for example, or
7:36 am
expressed different opinions in the past on immigration reform. something that the republican party, after they got their plate handed to them in the last presidential election from the latino community said they were going to deal with and change. do you think that the fact that the issues of immigration, for example, which matter to millions of people in this country, not being played up in this summit may be the reason why some are keeping away from it? >> it should be played up in the summit. it should be noted some of the speakers you mentioned the folks like rick santorum, mike huckabee, and rand paul addressed immigration veemtly. i expect them to do it at the summit as well. we're talking about a moral issue when you have people in this nation an economic issue, too. when you have people in this nation that aren't here legally. that's a prond. the government has to fund them to some degree. and the moral aspect is what do you do to children who have been brought here? you have to see compassion from the conservatives. i'm sure you'll see some at the
7:37 am
value voter summit. they want to help the valued man. it has to translate to good, strong policy. i'm sure some of the speakers will do just that. >> and the way -- >> angela. go ahead. i'll let you go. i'm not going to ask you a question. >> i was going to say, you know, the one way you can ensure they address these policies in ways that are fair and makes sense is to shore up the diversity. i looked at the agenda. most of the people are snow white. even the people you mentioned are presidential hopeful. but who is advising them that is a person of color tied to the issues in some way, shape, or form that can say women deserve equal pay, immigration reform has to be addressed. you have border principles that sounded like anything that could have been a presidential order and so you dialled it back. you came out with an autopsy plan that said we're doing to deal with the issues we have of women and people of color and young people and our elders. you continue to promulgate the
7:38 am
policies that push voter suppression. it's not a value and it should be at the particular summit. again, played out policies. >> it's not played out. why would you yesterdayson the only issues that give you a foot in the door to the african-american community and potentially the hispanic community as well? both devout lly religious demographics. it would be silly to get rid of that stuff. the trick is bringing the policies in line with the values and mom -- morals. >> what are the values that you're pushing? these are the hookup culture. you have ted cruz on the stage making fun of the security breach saying the president is trying to run out of there. those aren't my values. they don't represent me. that's why i never voted that way. >> he's not a comedian. >> i know. it's not funny. >> i'll tell you what -- i'll tell you what. this conversation we're going to continue having on the program should continue. but i have to thank you right now for being with me this hour.
7:39 am
you're passionate, intelligent. i appreciate your time. i want you back to continue this. we have a lot of issues to discuss. hogan and angela, thank you for being with me. >> thank you, jose. a manhunt, more arrests, and another denial from the nfl. let's zoom through the top stories. more arrests in ferguson, missouri after a protest demanding the police chief step down. at one point police thomas jackson marched with the people but shoving and scuffles in the crowd lead to several arrests. earlier he issued a video tape to brown's family. police say they narrowed down the manhunt for eric freen after he tried calling his parents last week. frein accused of shooting and killing a trooper and harming another for two weeks ago. he's been hiding out in the woods and one of the fbi's most wanted. state troopers were going door
7:40 am
to door talking to residents and researching how he may be moving around. they're searching abandoned homes, cabins. the nfl head of security denying a report that he received the video of ray rice punching his then fiancè inside a casino elevator. the associated press is sending a law enforcement source who said the video was sent to jeffrey miller at the league's headquarters in april, but it's unknown whether the package was ever opened. miller said he hasn't seen the video until it was posted online. the nfl is investigating how they handled the case. coming up, there's an important headline on the immigration front i want to share with you. we've been tweeting about it. we have been instagraming about it. now we're going to share with you my interview with wilmer valderrama about a critically important issue. but first, respect for number two. here is how it went down in the bronx. jeter in the last home game.
7:41 am
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7:45 am
expanded. joining me now is amanda who covers immigration issues for msnbc. nice to see you. >> what do you think the new program does and what are the reality behind the numbers? reality it will have a minimal impact. this, no way, offers a blanketed opportunity for the hundreds of thousands of dreamers who have entered the us before they were 16. this doesn't give them an opportunity just to enter the military. this is a highly specialized program, as you said. it only allows 1500 people into it. primarily it will be dealing with a specialized program for highly skilled language operators. and so in reality, this will likely not impact too many people because it will be in order qualify it will be beyond having fluent si in english and spanish. so in all, this will likely not -- there not be a lot of people who will probably qualify. >> that crazy bilingualism
7:46 am
thing. let's talk about the timing of the program and announce weeks after the administration's delay on executive action. do you think there was a political action? >> it was up for reauthorization. expanding the program by two years the pentagon slipped to the dreamers. it comes at a critical time. many have been very active against the administration and congress for not only inaction on immigration reform but also because of the president's delay. it would have estimated impacted an estimated millions of people who are living in the u.s. right now. and now they could potentially face deportation during the time fame of the delay. >> i want to talk about another issue which is a big story for many. it's one you've been covering. a revival of the sanctuary movement for undocumented immigra
7:47 am
immigrant. churches are involved. what is happening? >> it's a wide movement that has been kind of bubbling up over the summer time, especially as we saw the unaccompanied miners minors across the border. we are seeing churches opening their door allowing those immigrants facing deportionatato have a safe haven. there's a unique loophole that federal immigration officials will not go on places of worship to haul away families. there are undocumented immigrants living in churches for weeks or months to stay united with their family. they are able to unleash the expensive media campaign and saying these are not people who should be priorities for deportation. they have no prior criminal records. they have been living in the
7:48 am
united states for years, sometimes decades. they have families with the u.s.-born children here. they want to keep them and offer them sanctuary and have their deportation cases closed. >> amanda, and i'm thinking back to people living in churches and maybe more than a year, for example, a man who li example, a woman who lived in a church for more than a year in chicago. thank you for being with me. i appreciate it. now to another big piece of the immigration puzzle that latinos have some control over. and lots. getting to the polls. right now there are 24 million latinos available to vote. there's a major movement with some big names underway to get the latinos to the poll in november. one of the big names behind the vote wilmer valderrama and ask him why latinos don't show up to the polls as much.
7:49 am
>> there's a big misconception it's one vote. what is one vote going to do. people forget that one vote scientifically means 10,000 opinions. if you deny the one vote you are actually speaking on behalf of 10,000 other people that have the same views as you do. and a vision for change. if you go out there, if you don't go out there you deny about 10,000, you know, the vote. so i think that they have to understand it's not just one vote. you're representing your family. you are also representing your heritage. you are paying tribute to the sacrifices that we all had as minorities come out to america in search of the american dream and becoming the invisible engine of this country. >> and i know you've been critical of the president for delaying his executive order decision until after the elections. those groups that feel discouraged by those actions
7:50 am
what would you say to them? >> well, you know, i have to say, you know, just a little bit on what i said about the decision. you know, this message was more of a nonpartisan message. a message to republicans, a message to the democrats. and, you know, for many elections now you have a latino vote. you have promises. you dangled a carrot that said you're a priority. you're a growing force in the united states. when push comes to shove. we're going to get to it. and this time around, you know, it just wasn't right. and, you know, i think it wasn't smart. because when you think about the swing vote or you think about who you're going campaign for, that eventually will help you swing the election. that's the rude awakening. i think it's also not -- it's important to understand that the latino community not only has a decided vote, but, you know,
7:51 am
it's a community ha has been patient and hard working and waiting for that hope. it's been waiting for that answer. you know, and i think that deserves a little more respect. >> wilmer valderrama, thank you for joining us. and if you're a latino in this country and you don't register to vote it's going to be tough for you to complain and have anybody to respect that. if you're registered, go vote. tens of thousands of people that's how many are expected to attend the global citizens festival in new york city central park tomorrow. a live picture the preparations for those not yet in the know. we'll tell you what the festival is all about in our friday five things music. some cash back cards limit your rewards
7:52 am
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7:54 am
i want to update you on the breaking news from the top of the hour. passengers stranded at o'hare and midway airports. no flights are coming out or going out after a fire at the
7:55 am
air traffic controller tower. it's creating a major headache for travelers. more than 500 flights have been cancelled. the fire took place at at control tou if aurora, illinois. they believe it was start bade contractor down in the basement of the building with a self-inflicted wound. he's been taken to the hospital. the wound not caused bay gun. the faa, the fbi, and the tf are investigating. now i want to take you live to central park. preparations underway for the arrival of tens of thousands of people tomorrow for the global citizens festival to be aired right here on msnbc. it's an event so big we thought it merits a five things on this friday. here are five things global citizens festival. number one, who? no doubt, alicia keys, the roots carrie underwood expected to
7:56 am
rock the stage tomorrow. a late breaking ad. sting now in the lineup. someone from my younger generation. number two, what? a concert for a cause to end world poverty by 2030. 48,000 tickets have been given away for those working for the cause. number three, when? we'll start our coverage of the big event tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. eastern. that's noon pacific. the concert starts at 4:00. number four, where? another live look at central park in new york city. it will, of course, be streaming around the world. number five, why? because of statistics like this. only about a quarter of girls born in sub saharan africa currently complete their primary education. one we covered here yesterday. one in ten people in the world lack access to clean water. that is why we ask you to get involved. #globalcitizensfestival. stay tuned the important
7:57 am
coverage on msnbc. i'll be watching, i hope you will, too. that wraps up this hour on msnbc. thank you for the privilege of your time. "newsnation" with tamron hall is up next. she'll have the news on the ground stop in and out of chicago. have a great weekend! i hadn't been successful. quitting smoking this time was different because i talked to my doctor and i... i got a prescription for chantix. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it was important to me that chantix was a non-nicotine pill. the fact that it reduced the urge to smoke helped me get that confidence that i could do it. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these, stop chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, or if you develop new or worse symptoms.
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[popping & fizzing sounds] support both mental sharpness and physical energy with berocca. proud sponsor of mind and body. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. this is "newsnation." we began with breaking news right now a ground stop in effect at one of the busiest airports in the world. chicago east o'hare airport and also midway airport. both at a virtual yule stand still after fire broke out at a traffic control center in aurora, illinois. authorities are looking to the possibility that this fire was intentionally set. we're expecting an update from authorities in one hour. meantime the ground stop, as you can imagine, is causing a ripple effect across the country. travelers impacted almost


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