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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  September 26, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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fight for them and not succumb to cynicism. 50 years later, the war on poverty is still winnable. that does it for us, "now" starts right now. a vote on air strikes against isis, but not on this continent. it's friday, september 26th and this is "now." >> clear the lobby! ♪ >> how long will this war last and when will mission creep start? >> not just months but years. >> we're at the beginning, not the end. >> killing extremists doesn't kill their ideas. >> like it or not they have declared war on us. >> the brits have taken this -- >> heated debate. >> why is congress not debating this? >> had i been president i would have called a joint session.
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>> iraq, afghanistan -- >> we have to think of the consequences of inaction. >> it could have been tony blair 11 years ago. >> we will confront the terrorists who put our way of life at risk. >> no one is under -- >> this is not the stuff of -- >> that air strikes alone will destroy isil. >> this is about psych pathic terrorists that are trying to kill us. >> something that should be unremarkable happened today in the united kingdom. for nearly the entire day, elected officials in the british parliament had a debate over its country's military action against isis in iraq before the military did anything. as a part of this democratic procedure, the prime minister opened the debate to make the case for air strikes. >> i believe, mr. speaker, it is also our duty to take part. this international operation is about protecting our people, too. and protecting the streets of
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britain should not be a task that we are prepared to entirely subcontract to other air forces of other countries. it is right for us to react. >> the debate that followed stood in glaring opposition to the silence among lawmakers in this country, ones who are currently in recess as dozens of american air strikes hit targets in iraq and syria. >> this is a very important decision we take tonight. >> we're falling into a vortex in the middle east of hatreds that are ancient and deep. and once we start this process it will be almost impossible in the future to extra kate ourselves from it. >> there is a clear legal case for action. >> the idea we can solve the problem by supporting one side in this war is absolutely delusional. >> we do not fully know how this will end. >> the british parliament
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approved the measure for military action in iraq. but while a handful of lawmakers here in the u.s. are urging a vote on the american strikes, the majority of them seem fine not to take up the issue any time soon or maybe ever. yesterday, house speaker john boehner said congress should not take a vote on authorizing the air strikes until after the lame duck session next year. five months after the start of air strikes in iraq. this afternoon, defense secretary chuck hagel and general martin dempsey briefed reporters on the latest. hagel said the mission was costing the u.s. 7 to $10 million a day. a serious price tag for what is an open-ended mission. joining me is director at the university of chicago institute of politics, david axelrod.
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and in washington, the director of the woodrow wilson center, dame harmon. david, good to see you. >> good to see you, alex. >> it was a shameful contrast onneer side of the atlantic today. why has he not ordered them to come back to washington and call for a joint session of congress on something as important as this? >> my impression is part of the reason is that neither the republican or the democratic leaders were eager for him to do it. they didn't want to take a vote before the election and he bac acreed to their wishes. they wanted to go back and campaign. the american people are overwhelmingly in support of it. there is no clam for for a vote
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perhaps in center quotes, msnbc is one of them. >> i think there are a lot of americans who would want to know more about this. >> i'm not making a judgment on the -- on their judgment. i'm just telling you what the practical politics are. i've said it before on your air that i think that senator obama would have been among those calling for a vote. but the commander-in-chief as commander-in-chief he has responsibilities and he is discharging them. but it's not a perfect situation and i'd be the first to argue -- i'd be the last to argue it is. >> jane as someone who knows well the halls of congress, what would you is done? >> making as much noise as possible. it is the fact, david's right. that the leadership has told obama to wait and now boehner wants to wait to see if the
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senate will have a republican majority. the point of which i guess is that the language of any resolution will be more favorable to the republicans. i don't know what the point is. but this is irresponsible. the president does have authority for the mission he is conducting now. that authority will run out when 60 days lapse. that's the authority he has under the war powers act and/or when the train and equip mission that congress has authorized runs out on december 11th when the budget runs out as well. i mean, this is nuts. i would have said this is nuts. congress has a constitutional obligation to declare war. the obama administration is using the word "war" for this operation. it's in a country that none of the authorizations to use military force applies to. so clearly, this is totally outside the review and the
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agreement of congress and congress is complicit and it's a blank check and a dangerous precedent and totally 100% irresponsible. >> david, to the political strategy here. no one wants to rock the boat before the mid-term elections. do you think the act of war, not voting for war, sort of getting into this hornet's nest plays better for one party than the other? >> you know, i'm not sure. and one of the reasons they didn't want to vote is they're not sure either. no one knows where it's going to end up. one interesting question is by 2016, where are public attitudes about this? one of the things i know. this ground has been trod before. but what's really interesting is you have a congress that is suing the president for overstepping his authority on some things and on this one, you go ahead, we don't need to talk
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about it. you take care of it. there is a really interesting paradox here. >> the shameless hypocrisy is a phrase i would use. but jane, let's talk about what has happened today. the uk seems to be getting ever more involved in the coalition. what do you think is next? is a vote on authorizing british air strikes? syria next? do you see more partners getting involved in the strikes in iraq and subsequently syria? >> i think what is interesting is most of these countries are only conducting air operations over iraq. obviously they're invited by the iraqi government to do this. no one's invited by the syrian government to the this, although, they have been less critical than they might have been of our operation. i guess they figure, the bashar government figuring it might help them. but the operation has to be over
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more than just iraq. isil, the "l" stands for levant. it has huge territorial ambitions. as we push them out of iraq they will go back into syria. and they are starting to destabilize, lebanon, turkey, jordan might be next. if i were forming an islamic state, the capital would logically be mecca, saudi arabia. saudi arabia is on our side but providing limited air support at the moment. a good irony is the first fighter pilot sent in by the uae was a female. go uae. >> to that end, david, it is an incredibly complicated landscape in the middle east. and this president has been very reluctant to get back involved in a new fashion in a lot of ways in that part of the world. it seems like the u.s. is once
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again having to make alliances with or seek the tacit approval of strongmen and anarchists in a way that would have troubled senator obama and even president obama circa the first administration, the first half of his first term. you look at king abdullah in saudi arabia, the king of bahrain, of course, abdel fattah el-sisi in egypt who is imprisoning journalists. is this the way it has to be? >> first of all, i was with then state senator obama in 2002 when he objected to the war in iraq because he said it would unleash sectarian violence and strife and be a rallying point for extremism. he was right about that. and much of this is the offshoot of that. and the world is a very complex
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and difficult place. a nuanced place. so he has to consider what is in the security interests of the country and there is a real threat here. and these groups are offshoots of terrorist organizations that were spawned by all of this. and now we have to deal with it. it's not a perfect world but it's the world as we find it. and you do have to deal with it. you can't rue the fact that every country is not governed the way we would like them to be governed. >> nowhere is that more true than in syria. last year, the president said a lead whoever has slaughtered his citizens and gassed children to death cannot regain the legitimacy to lead a badly fractured country. there was not a word about bashar al-assad this year and maybe reasonably so.
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>> i don't think we're embracing bashar. and i applaud that fact but it's i also applaud his strategy. i think it is measured and focused and the only way we win this, ultimately, we, the civicized world is that moderate muslims, especially the neighborhood come out strongly against isil and the other groups like covkhorasan and aret just on the narrative but militarily. this is the neighborhood that isil lives in. obama has rallied much of the neighborhood to the side of the good guys and i applaud him for doing that. would we like the governments to be more open? you bet. if this ever ends there would be an opportunity for a two-state solution and a transition in many governments to something that is much more pluralist and
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inclusionive and embraces religious parties and seculars. that is the future we could all hope for and i think that is the future that most of the people want to see. >> if i could second something that jane said, a lot of people were creditizing the president for taking too much time. and what he did was put pressure on iraq to change their government. a lot of this is a result of what maliki did. and what he did was cobble together a regional alliance involving the arab countries which is absolutely vitally important. we can't keep being the spear in that part of the world. and the fact that these countries have joined with us is extraordinarily important. his patience has been rewarded. >> and some sunni led countries joining in the coalition.
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it is tough thankless work. thank you for your time and thoughts. after the break, a new report on the ray rice video could be a game changer. the full tame was sent to the head of nfl security months oochlgt. new demonstrations in ferguson, missouri. and later, which arab nation does ted cruz think the obama administration is quote, swilli swilling chardonnay with? all of that is ahead of "now." take and... aflac! and a gentle wavelike motion... aahhh- ahhhhhh. liberate your spine, ahhh-ahhhhhh aflac! and reach, toes blossoming... not that great at yoga. yeah, but when i slipped a disk he paid my claim in just four days. ahh! four days?
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♪ mattress discounters the ap is out with a new
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bombshe bombshell about who was sent the video of ray rice punching his fiance. the official who mailed in the footage this past april sent it to the nfl's chief of security, a man named jeffrey miller. quote, no one asked me for the inside elevator video. i mailed it anonymously to jeff miller because he is the head of the security. i attached a note saying ray rice elevator video. you have to see it. it's terrible. a woman from the nfl offices confirmed receipt of the video and implied that someone had seen it saying you're right, it's terrible. miller says he never received the footage, telling the ap, quote, i unequivocally deny i received at any time a copy of the video and had not watched it until it was made public on september 8th. the news comes one day after the nfl players association hired a lawyer who will conduct an investigation into how the ray
1:19 pm
rice case was handled. joining me is a professor at georgetown university, michael erik dyson. always good to see you even on terrible stories like this. >> always grade to see you. i have not seen you since your nupt yuls congratulations. >> every time there is a lead someone from the nfl gives a carefully worded statement and in their way econservativically denies being party of any of it in terms of robert mueller leading this investigation. are you confident this investigation will turn up anything and be independent? >> not at all. look, you've laid out the predicate for my suspicion and skepticism. this man has been intimately linked at some points to the nfl.
1:20 pm
now they will count bier saying but he also helped people -- he negotiated i think the television deal with directv. but on the other hand, you know, he's been on the other side. but he has been cozy with them. having been cozy with them that means he's not going to exact the kind of toll on the nfl that is deserving here. the point is how do we get an independent person? let's let someone outside the nfl and not associated with the nfl come in. so again, what we have here is the duplication of the tone deafness of the nfl. their inability to look outside their own shadow and precincts and their incensetivity to women and children of course is something that will mock them for a while. i think 40 to 45% of the audience of the nfl is now if female. this is not simply a matter of conscious but a matter of the bottom line. if women get ramped up along
1:21 pm
with their allies across the board nfl could be seeing trouble. >> the 55% who are male should also care about issues of domestic violence. but the other thing is the power of the nfl to instill fear on people far outside the building, suspended bill simmons for three weeks without pay because he went on a rant on a podcast and called the nfl a bunch of liars. has bill simmons effectively been suspended for having opinions about the national football league? >> pretty much so. the reason could be profanity and obscenity. so t.d. jakes will not been citing him on his next sermon. but the point is that, yeah, that may be the alleged reason
1:22 pm
but the bottom line is there is an implicit censorship going on here. the cozy business relationship between one entity and the other would suggest there is no independence. a common theme. journalists must be independent. we are castigating and casting dispittsburgh on networks and countries and journalists that disallow the journalists to tell the truth. we are not embedded. this is the example of financial embedding and the inability to be independent and tell the truth as best one. can in this case, my god, can we not say, mr. goodell looks awful suspicious. wii we're skeptical. he's arrogant and insular and tone deaf. to be able to say that in colorful language is part and parcel what it means to be a journalist but we don't have
1:23 pm
that kind of independence being exhibited here. >> professor dyson, the other aspect of this is something you touched upon in an op ed that was provocative which is of course the root of this matter which is domestic abuse and domestic violence. i'll read an exemption from your piece. adrian peterson's brutal behavior is the belief of many blacks that beatings made them better people. a sad and bleak justification for the continuation of the practice in younger generations. it is provocative stuff. you couch this in a broader cultural institutional failure and i wonder if that is true how we begin to change things? >> thank you for acknowledging that. this is an american problem and globally. so i acknowledge that but there are specific takes that african-americans have had and
1:24 pm
justifications that we've deployed to suggest this is good. i'm good. i turned out all right. your life ain't over yet. we don't know what mess up you can attribute to that beating you today. you could survive torture but does that recommend torture? african-american people have to confront the fact that we have got the stop beating our kids. we have to stop doing to each other what was done to us and the collective memory of black people. some people get offended when this is traced back to slavery. i'm not suggesting the memory of the overseers whip has immediately stained that black person's consciousness but it has collectively inflected our own practices and we have to be honest about that and step up to the plate. we don't mind when comedians beat up on poor people. that's telling the truth. but when we speak out against each other we find that problematic and i say we've got
1:25 pm
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. virtually every flight in and out of chicago's airports was grounded after an air traffic control facility caught on fire this morning. 1600 flights were affected causing delays and cancellations around the country. the flights have resumed but at a reduced rate. officials believe that the fire
1:29 pm
was intentionally started. an employee was found in the basement of the building selfing self inflected wounds. >> at this time we believe the injured man set the fire and used some type of accelerant. there was no explosion. >> authorities do not believe this was an act of terrorism. we'll bring you more as the story develops. the police chief in ferguson, missouri tried to join demonstrators who were calling for his ouster last night. it did not go well. i'll speak with the attorney for michael brown's family. that's coming up next on "now." they come with a thing called health, so they can help you track a lot of stuff. like today, i walked 3.8 miles. well, i ran 4.2 miles. well, i climbed 11 flights of stairs. well, i drank a smoothie that had 362 calories in it. well, i had a funnel cake that had 1230 calories in it.
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after a period of relative calm tension returned to the streets of ferguson. tom jackson decided to march with protesters who were calling
1:33 pm
for his resignation. fights broke out leading to several arrests. jackson's decision to join the march came hours after he released a video apologizing to the family of michael brown. >> i'm truly sorry for the loss of your son and i'm also sorry that it took so long to remove michael from the street. >> on twitter, a st. louis aldermen said that this is the second riot that the police chief has brought on. he needs to resign. bob mcculloch said that the highly anticipated decision from the grand jury that will determine if darren wilson is charged in the death of michael brown, that decision will be delayed. we are looking at the first or second week of november although the jury has been extended to january 7th of next year, a full five months after brown was
1:34 pm
killed. with so much unsettled and raw, ferguson is a source of national anguish, something that was evident as president obama addressed the u.n. and said despite the spiraling violence answ around the world, america has deep rifts that must be healed back home. >> in a summer marked by instability in eastern europe the world took notice of the small american subsidy of ferguson, missouri where a young man was killed and a community was divided. so, yes, we have our own racial and ethnic tensions. >> joining me is the lead attorney for the michael brown family. thank you for joining me. let me ask you, chief jackson apologized to the brown family. does the brown family accept his apology? >> his brown family has not been fighting for an apology.
1:35 pm
they have been fighting for justice for the execution of their unarmed teenaged son. they don't want a gesture. they want justice. >> are you satisfied with the time line of the grand jury hearing? we're now talking about mid november but the jurors have been detained into next year. >> that's very troubling, alex, for michael brown's parents. that's why we're in washington, d.c. meeting with congressional leaders to ask for a hearing. they have very little faith they're going to get justice from this prosecutor and the way he is doing things with this secret grand jury proceeding. so they are very concerned about the delay as the old saying from the civil rights days justice delayed is justice denied. >> there has been so much talk about bob mcculloch and whether he should be handling this case. we know that eric holder is stepping down. what did you think when you
1:36 pm
heard that news given the attorney general's very, very prominent lead role in trying to ensure justice that michael brown's family gets some justice? >> it was very bittersweet. because attorney general holder has been such a champion on civil rights issues in his position as attorney general. and so, we just pray that he has charged his staff with what he told the parents of michael brown that they are going to get to the truth of what happened and make sure the right thing happens and so, i know his mother and father are -- take attorney general holder at his word when he came to ferguson that they do the right thing. >> attorney benjamin crump best of luck to you. thank you for your time and thoughts today. i want to bring in criminal defense attorney liz brown.
1:37 pm
tell us a little bit about how things have changed or not in ferguson. we were hearing reports that some officers, not necessarily from the ferguson police team were wearing bracelets that said "i am darren wilson." >> that is correct. i mean, if we just do a time line, alex, if we do a time line from the beginning of this week we can look at this and look at the things that are happening as very provocationve and dangerou. we had the burning of the mike brown memorial and the police saying we will not investigate that. and police officers were out dressed in their gear carrying guns in ferguson, mike brown's blood still on the ground, wearing bracelets that say "i am darren wilson." that's hugely provocative. that's hugely dangerous. i mean, think about it. the police department is a
1:38 pm
paramilitary organization. they do as they are told. they are ordered as they are told. they do not have to wear those bracelets. and it is troubling that captain johnson said that it is an individual choice. it's not an individual choice. police officers can be told what to wear, what color their hair can be, how short their hair can be. so it's not a choice and it lands very much provocative. then we have the apology from the chief of police. look how he brought that to us. there is on the video itself there's a statement from the pr firm that put it together. that says the whole thing is structured and planned out and that it is nonsincere and coming from the heart or mind or words of the police chief. you look at how he is dressed. he comes in as the chief of police and wearing a polo shirt like he walked off a golf course. that does not speak sincerity or
1:39 pm
respect or what the brown family is entitled to here. >> and i think the sort of dichotomy here is important to point out. the police are supposed to keep the peace here. the wearing of wristbands which one would assume do everything but keep the peace and inflame emotions and tensions. and you have the police chief's videotaped message. i wonder what you think the goal there was? some folks have said oh, that is preparation for -- that is a sense that the grand jury may not charge darren wilson and has pre-emptive move to quell outrage. >> i think that that's exactly right. you can look at all the things and actions that have been engaged in by this prosecutor's office from the very beginning. all of them are communicating a message that there is no intention to indict here. from the moment that bob mcculloch decided he was not going to step down despite the
1:40 pm
fact he cannot be fair or impartial in this case, when he decided to allow the jurors to bring the charges themselves, no -- few prosecutors of ask the grand jury to decide on what charges that you want to bring. a prosecutor rules his courtroom in the grand jury. and if a prosecutor wants to indict. they indict quickly and move on with it. everything we have been communicated -- and the course of the mike brown saga is that there will be no indictment. so i believe exactly as you said, alex that these are actions they think are proactive actions but they are landing completely otherwise. they are engaging in actions in the hope it will quell the unrest that will occur if there is no indictment. >> liz brown great to have you on the program thank you for joining us. coming up, michele bachmann shares her ideas on immigration.
1:41 pm
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don't retreat. you reload with truth. which i know is an endangered species at 1400 pennsylvania avenue, anyway, truth. >> that was sarah palin mere moments ago rallying the social conservative cohort and getting the address of the white house wrong. this weekend-long summit have featured republicans trying to outreagan one another. >> what a glorious morning it is outside. >> morning is coming. morning is coming. >> we are not to despair. we are to look up. like a phoenix that rises out of the ashes. i'm there with a smile on my face. >> a smiling phoenix. yes, it was all smiles and
1:49 pm
sunshine, rainbows and butterscotch until it came to the current occupant of the white house and his policies, take for example, iran. >> right now this week the government of iran is sitting down with the united states government swilling chardonnay in new york city. >> perhaps someone should know that the islamic republic of iran forbids the consumption of alcohol but let's move on to someone else who wants to be president, rand paul. he seems to be preparing to be commander-in-chief by doing his best schoolyard impersonation of the current one. >> i'll see you in new york. prayer rugs have recently be found on the texas side of the boarder in the brush. >> that was david duherst, not
1:50 pm
rand paul. we heard plenty of exclamations on immigration, including a particularly piper bollic speech by soon to be former congresswoman, michele bachmann. >> when i visited the u.s.-mexico border what i saw was people processing not border security. we have to secure the border! build a fence, deport on the spot! >> we just got to the exclamation about alleged prayer rugs found on the texas side of the u.s. border but there is so much more because the event goes all weekend long. joining me is senior writer, glen thrush. sarah palin would like to the president of the willard
1:51 pm
intercontinental hotel. >> sigh have been at the bar at 7:30 friday night and the truth is an endangered species there. >> but you have to reload with the endangered species that was a turn of phrase i didn't understand. >> i'm in a metaphor blizzard. >> it is three days of metaphor blizzards. >> it's true. yeah. >> i can imagine some folks, myself included the summit a fascinating confab but for the big tent republicans this is not something they want to see. if you are the head of the rnc one would imagine that this display is a terrible thing for the brand. >> like saul lolinski is to liberals this is for conservatives. what is fascinating is the way we are watching the germanal
1:52 pm
stages of product deaf when station. how rand paul will get around his pass fiskic statements about war to get to israel. with ted cruz it's the same old aim sold in terms of giving the speech. but this is one of the first opportunities to watch these guys sort of feel each other out. and i didn't get a lot out of this one. >> let's talk about rand paul. i think his chameleon like behavior is face nating. he said we stand for life, marriage, and israel. do you think it is possible that rand paul can make throughout a nomination process? >> i think it's going to be pretty difficult. i will tell you one thing, i don't think he's going to win
1:53 pm
the straw poll this year. wasn't his father accused of dousing in people and stuffing the ballot box to win? 2011? >> yes. >> but he is a different character. bachmann striking a tone. palin striking a tone. you can have fun with them but there's a consistency there. i mean, they're really in tune with the audience. paul is a very different performer. he's a lot cooler. you know, he's a little bit more cerebral when you compare him to the tell advantage listic approve of cruz. it was interesting to watch him stylistically on that stage. he didn't fit in. >> to the message going forward. a lot of republicans are saying we have to have a proactive productive vision for america. but the bread and butter of this gathering is fear mongering. we have david duherst talking
1:54 pm
about brar rugs found in the sage brush on the texas side of the border. gawker says that it is a diamond adidas t-shirt, not an islamic prayer rug. but that truth has not been reloaded at this conservative congress. >> everybody's made that mistake. >> anyone who watched the world cup has confused it with a jihadist confab. it makes no sense. but to moving the ball forward saying nothing of the policies, getting out of the fear mongering pit seems to be something that either people are reluctant to do on the far right or can't do. >> remember, we're also -- this is a mid-term year which is -- this is the base -- you have heard this a zillion times this is a base election year. my assumption is we are dealing
1:55 pm
with a narrow cast. this is the family research council, after all but it's as we move closer to 2016 i think these messages are going to start to evolve. again, rand paul kind of watching him retrofitting his message to meet this audience is -- really the most interesting thing that happened today. >> we have to leave it there. but i will say leaving the door open, oliver north is speaking as is allen robertson from "duck dynasty." it will be an interesting cast of characters for 2016. good to see you thank you for your time. since when did ban ki-moon party with agagwen stephane? tomorrow. iams naturals, with no corn or chicken by-product meal, grain-free, and costs up to 25% less.
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msnbc. that's all for now. "the ed show" is coming up next. good evening, americans and welcome to "the ed show" live from detroit lakes, minnesota. let's get to work. ♪ >> we are at the beginning, not the end. we are at the beginning, not end -- >> every american on some level must be contemplating the horrors of war. >> whether we like it or not they have already declared war on us. >> the british parliament had just voted 524-43 to join the air campaign in iraq. >> how long will this war last and when will mission creep start? >> no one is under any illusions that air strikes alone will destroy isil. >> these were streak attacks. >> this is about psych


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