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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  September 26, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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off the field after staying focused, not being distracted, and doing his job, to the ultimate, and walking away with his head high, and walking away with his dignity intact. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. "hardball" starts right now. voting with their feet. let's play "hardball." ♪ ♪ good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. something's happened and all of a sudden we're hearing members of congress saying they want to take this war to an up or down vote. this as the united states continues the bombing campaign in syria and iraq. no more hiding in the bushes, no more playing footsy with the other side to protect both sides from taking a political hit from
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those on the left and right who don't like going into yet another muslim killing war. but here's the kicker. the british just voted on the war in parliament. isn't that why we had the american revolution back in 1775? didn't we want to vote and they wouldn't let us? wasn't that push for democracy a big part of our revolutionary war? tonight we look at the new push for a congressional vote on the isis war. we look at eric holder's career as attorney general and then with the round table, we catch the clown car's arrival in washington as right-wingers sarah palin, ted cruz, and michele bachmann, hold a jamboree. and finally tonight, a tip of the cap to the yankees' derek jeter. congressman and democrat from arizona, calling for congress to come back to america fora war vote. >> howard dean is the former dnc
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chair and governor of vermont. i want to start with the chairman of the committee. what is it that led the congress to troop out of washington last week, with the speaker, the democratic leader, nancy prelos, and mitch mcconnell getting together and deciding not to vote on a war? >> i think what got them all together is what the president has been saying -- the urgency of the situation. >> no, getting them together not to vote. >> the political calculation that was made not to vote, i think, is a huge mistake. july 25th of this year, the house voted on resolution 105, a concurrent resolution. 370-40, to say that the sustained use of force must come to congress for authorization
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and approval. so we go against that vote that we took, against the constitutional enshrined duty that we have to make those decisions. the 202 resolution that the president says gives him this open-ended authority with regard to the war that's going on now, the conflict in iraq and syria, it's 2002. the parameters, the boundary, the scope have all changed. and congress, whether mid term or not, needs to take a vote. that's our duty. that's our responsibility. the idea to say, let the generals decide, goes against everything that the founding fathers insisted. and that congress and the civilians in this country were preeminent when the decisions about war and peace occurred. >> as i said, the british parliament was called back into session today to vote on their role in this war. the debate raged for six hours today with prime minister david cameron on the hot seat. take a look. >> how long will this war last,
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and when will mission creep start? >> let me answer that very directly. this is going to be a mission that will take not just months, but years. >> killing extremists doesn't kill their ideas. to the contrary, it can often feed their ideas. >> we have to think of the consequences of inaction. how much stronger will they be before we decide we need to take action as well? >> look at what the house of commons agreed to, iraq, afghanistan, in this government, libya, none of good stories. >> we have to realize, whether we like it or not, they have already declared war on us. >> i love that stuff. governor dean, that's what we should have in this country. i want to hear the left get up there and say, all this does is boost their recruitment. someone in the right can make their clamorous comment. but we're not having anything. we just said quietly, we're leaving town.
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we're just leaving. your thoughts? >> first of all, what i'm about to say about congress, excludeseryial va who has been a friend to me over my career. but the leadership in congress, the republicans and the house, have no shown an interest in doing anything for this country for four and a half years, so it's not a surprise they didn't want to take this on. what does need to happen, the whole country needs to have a discussion about this. i suspect that the country supports the president in what he's doing. i suspect, though, that they would not support the president if they were to put boots on the ground. and that is the danger of mission creep. i'm not worried about mission creep. i'm supportive of what the president's doing. but if this were a different administration, we saw the disaster that came from george bush and dick cheney's ventures into iraq. i don't think it's a bad idea to have a debate about iraq and syria, and i think we should do it. >> i would say it's nice to be
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constitutional, governor. i'm sorry, we're falling on a slippery slope. you mentioned mission creep. we've had this war creep for decades now, where we get so lucy goosey about that, anybody who's president, wants to use military power, whether it's against grenadea, or panama, they just do it. they don't sit around and ask war powers act. it's on paper, but it doesn't seem to do anything. as the progressive caucus, did you have a formal way of addressing your democratic leadership and the speaker with your petition? how did you go about introducing this news that you want to vote to the leadership? >> we introduced a resolution. we knew that boehner wasn't going to put it on the floor, but it was a message in hopes of rallying our caucus and members of the other side of the aisle to ask for a vote, to have that deliberate debate. to have the opinions of the
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members heard, and to set parameters, set ceilings, make the assurances about no boots on the ground. do the kinds of things that congress is supposed to do. and bainer's announcement the other day, we won't deal with this until the new session, maybe in january. >> i'm not a political leader, but why don't you go to washington, stand on the capital steps and say, we want to vote. the american -- every network would cover it. every newspaper would cover it, because you'd be voting with your feet and saying, we want to vote in a way that pelosi and the rest of them would have to respond to. >> the suggestion that you made is a suggest that's been made the last couple of days by members of the caucus and staff that works in our office. it's not out of the realm of possibility. the boehner statement i found
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particularly worrisome and hypocrite cal. >> what's he up to? why next year? >> there he is telling president obama, you're imperial, you're overreaching on executive orders on immigration, climate change, epa, name it, you're overreaching. on this issue, where we have a dated resolution to gives the president open-ended authority, it's okay. we can wait, there's no rush. and that's not overreaching, that's not imperialist. >> what a joke. >> i find that particularly hypocrite cal. >> they sue him for advancing or moving back the date on when the employer mandate, which they all, you know, i don't know what, it would help them if they're republican business people. he did something nice to the republican business people. saying, you don't have to go with the employee mandate for a while. we're starting a war, just go do it on your own. we're not going to get in your way. >> let me just defend the
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president for a minute. >> i'm not attacking him. it's the congress that has to insist on its powers. >> yes, i think that's right. but there's been a lot of discussion about mission creep and all these kinds of things. i think this president is very different than george and dick cheney and i trust this president. i know there are those who don't on the progressive side. i think the congress needs to weigh in. we need to have a full-fledged debate about what we're doing, which we did not have before iraq, because we were given all kinds of stuff that wasn't so, the weapons of mass destruction, the hints of the atomic program and all that kind of stuff. that wasn't true. but presidents do need to president the country. isis is a real threat, unlike saddam hussein who is a terrible person but not a threat to the united states. so what bothers me a little bit is that we on the progressive end of the spectrum are so bruised by the terrible tragedy
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of the 2003 invasion of iraq, that we're hanging some of that attitude around this president. i think he deserves a clean slate. but i agree, the question about whether congress should vote is not up for grabs. the congress has to vote. >> i'm still bruised by vietnam, governor. i mean, we used to have hearings back then. people like fullbright would have hearings on television and people would watch and there was a big debate in the hearing room. that's good stuff. it's amazing the brits are stuffed shirts at certain times, but i love that debate that we just saw there. that's what we could have. it would be great with the progressives out there yelling and throwing stuff across the room and rhetoric. and at the end of the day we'd know what the fight was about. that would be a good thing, to know what the fight was about. and the concerns which are real, that we're stirring the pot of the youth of the muslim world. and by being the big shots going in over there, we may be stirring up the beehive. we may be creating more trouble
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than we're ending. these are good points to make. gentlemen, i respect you both, thank you for coming on. >> thank you very much, chris. coming up, who will lead the fight for voting rights, now that attorney general eric holder is leaving office. by the way, the right to vote shouldn't be a matter of politics. everyone should have it. plus, it's a right-wing clown car reunion and they're all vying for the spotlight at a summit for social conservatives here in washington. ted cruz, michele bachmann, bobby jindal and of course sarah palin. >> don't retreat. you reload with truth, which is an endangered species, 1400 pennsylvania avenue anyway. >> 1400 pennsylvania avenue. the president lives at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. by the way, stick around for more of these sugar plums. we have all-stars on tonight and this isn't a sports show, but we
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she just appeared in an ad firing a shotgun. but now democrat alison lundergan grimes says she's willing to work with president obama to close a loophole allowing the sale of guns at gun shows. she said, quote, it's worth having the discussion, to actually work to close the gun show loophole that we see. you shouldn't have a different standard when you go to a gun store versus gun shows. i agree with that. grimes is up against mitch
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the justice department will remain determined to use every tool at our disposal to secure the right of every citizen. we will continue this fight until all americans have equal access to the ballot box, no matter who they are, and no matter where they live. >> welcome back to "hardball." that's attorney general eric holder, speaking for the congressional caucus today. among his legacy will be the determination to protect the right of every american to vote. in june of 2013, the supreme court gutted the voting rights act. immediately after that decision, the attorney general vowed to protect that most important american right. here he is. >> we will not hesitate to take swift enforcement action using every legal tool that remains to us, against any jurisdiction that seeks to take advantage of the supreme court's ruling by
4:17 pm
hindering eligible citizens full and free exercise of the franchise. >> since that decision, attorney general holder has filed lawsuits against restrictive voting laws in texas and north carolina, and joined lawsuits filed in ohio and wisconsin that challenge new voting restrict n restrictio restrictions. the attorney general had a lot to combat of course from some republicans who saw voter restriction as a tool to win in june 2012. that month, a pennsylvania state representative considered voting restrictions a way to help mitt romney win pennsylvania in 2012. here he is. >> voter i.d., which is going to allow governor romney to win the state of pennsylvania, done. >> isn't it amazing when they talk the truth, these guys. in 2013, the pennsylvania republican chairman talked about voter i.d. requirements helping the party. >> do you think all the attention drawn to voter i.d. affected last year's elections? >> yeah, i think a little bit. i think we probably had a better election. think about this.
4:18 pm
we cut obama by 5%, which was big. a lot of people lost sight of that. he beat mccain by 10%, he only beat romney by 5%, i think voter i.d. helped the bid in that. >> that's calling it what it is. anyway, one of the biggest goofes, a north carolina republican committed the gaffe of speaking the truth again here on the effect of voter i.d. laws. >> the law is going to kick the democrats in the butt. if it hurts a bunch of lazy blacks that want the government to give them everything, so be it. >> it just so happens a lot of those people who vote democrat. >> this guy keeps nothing behind the scenes. he was forced to resign after that interview. joining me now, host of the taf aft smiley show and arthur of "death of a king." also david corn, msnbc political
4:19 pm
analy analyst. let's talk about voting rights. >> in king's lifetime, one of his most famous lines was that the negro in the south could not vote and the negro in the north had nothing for which to vote. i think we agree the best thing the congress has done was to pass the civil rights act and the voting rights act and lbj deserve credit for that. fast forward to eric holder and the fact that he has to fight these rights again, to have the voting act gutted the way it's been gutted, i'm not holding my breath, but in the most multipashl, multiethnic america again, we have to fight again these fights all over. >> these numbers are real. i'm getting these numbers from states like virginia. where you might have a race for senate. but it's only nine points. 100,000 people disenfranchised because of this new law and they're probably democrats.
4:20 pm
>> the guy you just had on had a real example that they cut obama's vote spread from 10% to 5% in his state. so they do this for a reason. and the demographics don't favor the republican party so they need to rig it, fool around with the votes. >> why do they admit it publicly? are they stupid? you hear about gentlemen's agreement and compacts, and all these secret deals and these guys come right out and say it. >> they can't help themselves. that's the only explanation. >> i think there's one other. i think they want to appeal to the base. they know that we weren't going to agree with that. but in playing to their base. >> you mean the white conservatives? >> absolutely. >> we all know the history of being an attorney general for democratic president, ramsey clark, bobby kennedy, you are the lightning rod. actually, you're the rod, the lightning hits you, and the president steps back and said,
4:21 pm
it's not me. >> i think it was a particular case, for whatever reason -- >> because he's african american? >> there was a person on fox yesterday saying, you know, he was the most -- eric holder was the most dangerous man in the country and he let the black panthers run the justice department. if that isn't playing the race card, we're not whistling to the dogs, we're saying, come here, rover. you know what he's talking about, so that's one reason it's hard to get away from that. they went after him as if he was the worst thing to happen in this country, when we've had john mitchell, who ended up in jail. >> what do you think? what kind of ag has he been? >> to be called the most dangerous man in america is a compliment in the context of king. the most dangerous man in america -- >> that's not what they meant upon. >> i got it. but his only weapon was love and he's still the most dangerous man in america. back to holder --
4:22 pm
[ all speak at once ] >> he was focused heavily on that. >> indeed. >> i think holder has served honorably. i had issues with him and said so when he started digging into reporter's notebooks. i thought that was beyond the pale. >> explain the situation. >> you can explain it better than i can. but the fact that you have the justice department digging into what they knew and who their sources were. [ all speak at once ] >> what was the case? >> one involved james rosen at fox news. they went after a leaker at the state department, and they named rosen as a co-conspirator in the indictment. >> exactly. >> he has pulled back on that. >> he's pulled back. >> but going after the ap and phone logs. >> they pulled back because they got spanked. >> and twh he said the banking executives were too big to jail. i think those are the two black marks on his record. not doing anything in terms of
4:23 pm
prosecuting people -- >> those are the dark marks -- >> i want to show you some history. eric holder has a personal connection to the civil rights struggles of the '60s. his sister was one of the two african american students to integrate the university of alabama where george wallace, the governor stood in the doorway, yet they integrated. let's watch this amazing scene in '63. >> i'm glad the registration is over and i think we can get down to studying. this is our main purpose here. >> that was a dramatic person. very attractive woman. the guy next to her, she comes in there young, registering, in the face of 200 years of no blacks in this school. all of a sudden today, watching alabama play football, i keep thinking of the great irony. winning those games for those guys. >> eric holder gets it. aside from the two blemishes we mentioned. >> he gets it on mandatory
4:24 pm
sentencing, on gay rights. >> give him a grade. >> b. >> i was going to say b too. those blemishes are important, but voting rights and police brutality. we haven't mentioned the trip to ferguson. >> extra credit for that, the way he handled that, the way the president doesn't handle these things sometimes. people want to be heard, hate being invisible, especially african americans after all these years of invisibility. the fact that he went out and sat with them and listened, and listened with his gut. i know why you're mad at the police. and whatever happens in that case, i think that happens. good luck with this book, "death of a king." and thank you, david as well. up next, you're looking. it's central park in new york, where this time tomorrow, 60,000 people are expected on the great lawn, the global citizen festival. it's for a great cause, the global effort to end extreme poverty. we'll have a preview of it
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welcome back to "hardball." 60,000 people are expected to attend the 2014 global citizen festival in new york's central park. it's the third annual event benefitting the global poverty project which leads an effort to end extreme poverty worldwide by the year 2030. dozens of world leaders, u.s. senates and congress people will be attending, along with jay-z, no doubt, the roots and carrie underwood just to name a few. u.s. congressman charlie dent of pennsylvania will also be there tomorrow. he joins us tomorrow with alex wagner, host of "now with alex wagner" on msnbc. i am going to start with the congressman, instead of alex for no good reason except i'm going to do it. thank you, congressman for joining us. what do you make of this event
4:29 pm
and how do youe end poverty wit a concert? >> thanks for having me on the show. good to be with you, alex, too. the idea of the concert is to raise awareness about poverty around the world. i've often said that the united states has a three-pronged national security strategy. diplomacy, defense, development. we need to do all three well. clearly people understand if you have a strong defense posture, that helped your negotiating position. by the same token, we spend a lot less on development. that development money, whether it's for the president emergency program for aids, pepfar, or water for the world, we're trying to show development dollars can bring about greater political, economic, and social stability, particularly in africa, which can mitigate the need for armed conflict. many have said over the years that if we did a better job on development, it could lessen the need for us to buy more bullets. bottom line, there's a lot of
4:30 pm
human suffering and we're trying to raise awareness. over 35,000 people out there who are trying to influence policy makers around the world, particularly in the developed world to try to do more to help this initiative, providing clean water, water sanitation, hygiene. that's what we're talking about tomorrow. >> i like what you're saying. >> alex, the bottom line, when groups raise money through concerts or whatever, dinners, whatever, they like to say where the money's going. where is this going? >> well, chris, this is going to the global citizens project. and a really important piece of the concert, 80% of the tickets and 65,000 people expected to attend, are given away for free to people who have already engaged in activism organization online in the global citizens platform. so you're not going to this concert until you've bought into the movement. it's about brokering a longer lasting relationship between the issues and people who are
4:31 pm
interested in combatting the problems around the world. it's not just a bunch of people going to central park and enjoying some music. >> so which group should i like the most? >> when i think of you, i think of gwen stefani. she has a rock'n'roll background, crosses all different genres, she's the platinum blonde and i see you as a no doubt fan. >> we're in a problem area here. congressman, thank you so much for coming on. i think foreign aid of the right kind has been put down for too long. i think it compliments all of our efforts at national defense. pepfar is the best thing george w. bush ever did. you see that in africa and places like kenya, uganda, tanzania, they like us, because we did the right thing for them. we helped them fight the hiv war. thanks so much for coming on. you can catch life coverage of
4:32 pm
the global citizen festival right here tomorrow on msnbc beginning at 3:00, leave your television set at this dial. up next, the "hardball" round table. the right-wing clown car has pulled up. the gang's all here. especially that lady who wants to someday be at 1400 pennsylvania avenue, i think that's chef jeff's. i don't think it's the white house. by the way, take a listen to ted cruz. here he goes. >> we ought to invite hillary clinton to spend the day debating the little sisters of the poor. she can embrace, yes, the federal government should be suing and fining catholic nuns to force them to pay for abortion-inducing drugs, as for me, i'll stand with the nuns. so i'm going pro. [ male announcer ] new crest tartar protection rinse. the only rinse that helps prevent tartar build-up and cavities. a little swishing. less scraping. yes!
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>> here's what's happening. authorities believe a fire in the basement of an air traffic
4:36 pm
control center outside chicago was set intentionally. the result has been chaos for flyers. nearly 2,000 flights have been canceled at o'hair and midway. the man charged with abducting hannah graham is on his way back to virginia. and police say the man who beheaded a woman and hurt others would have hurt others if he had not been stopped. the fbi is investigating that incident. back to "hardball." >> rear up and charge against this imperialist president and his failed liberal agent and the lying lap dogs in the media. bush's war was bad, but barack's bombs, those red lines, the strategerie there that was thought up on the back nine, barack's bombs, oh, they're the bomb. don't retreat. you reload with truth, which i know is an endangered species at 1400 pennsylvania avenue anyway.
4:37 pm
truth. she had it until he went to 1400 pennsylvania avenue. that was sarah palin. apparently confused about the address of the president home, which is 1600 pennsylvania avenue. they warned about the threat of terrorists infiltrating across the border. his proof, prayer rugs on the texas side of the border. the gang's all here. michele bachmann going after president obama for failing to confront the threat of islamic right-wingers. you have to say it that way. here she is. >> unthinkably, we have the first anti-israel president in american history. that's the obama-clinton legacy. during my time on the intelligence committee, i had a
4:38 pm
front row seat for a world set on fire for islamic jihad and what we've seen is one disaster after another from the obama-clinton foreign policy team. we need to defeat islamic jihad. >> yes! >> sadly, our president has the wrong prescription. he even fails to acknowledge their motivations for bringing about jihad. yes, mr. president, it is about islam. >> joining me right is the "hardball" round table, michelle bernard, president of the bernard center for women. and the columnist for the daily beast and also a journalist for "the new york times." here's what i don't understand. they have to get the word islam in there. and the president talks about extreme imp, he's quite there. and even talks about the ideology behind those people, but will not let it become a christian and jewish fight
4:39 pm
against islam, because that war will never end when it starts. >> before you can even get there, as the female on the panelist today, if we could just get away from the terms, soccer mom, walmart mom and mama grizzlies, i was listening and i wanted to pull my hair out. just stop it. >> aren't you rearing up? >> i want to rear up and just say, please stop it! we are an important part of the electorate and the two people we heard from, bachman and palin, are a national embarrassment. the president is absolutely right. i think when he was inaugurated, i believe he was the first u.s. president to say the word islam or muslim in an inaugural address. this is about extremists, it's not an indictment of the entire religion. >> she said he was the first american president in the history to be anti-israeli. i don't think he is. he has his beeves with nen
4:40 pm
netanyahu. the state of israel began in '48. the way she said, the sweep of american history. what do you make of her knowledge of american history? it's just not there. >> i will say, republicans are very good at picking on these rhetorical quirks of the president and i do think that they're often quite effective. >> give me one. >> well, they play games with him a lot on the use of the word terrorism, for example. they always harp on him for not calling things terrorism. you remember the benghazi attacks. >> candy crawley changes the course. and said, he did say that, governor. >> he did and he didn't. but with ft. hood, remember, they were slow to call that terrorism. it doesn't seem to me all that difficult to acknowledge it as an act of terrorism. he won't do it for the reasons you outlined. >> and also his middle name and
4:41 pm
hussein. they're tying him with president clinton -- >> why use the word extremism? he's not the only who uses it. >> no, he's not. extremism means an extreme version of a religion to differentiate it from the non-extreme version of the religion. i think george bush did that. said let's not make it all about islam, and he went to that mosque after 9/11. >> they want to call it islamic terrorism. they want it to be tribal, just like the mexicans. it's not that we have a problem with mexicans or central americans or south americans, we find the islams and prayer rugs along the border. we know they're coming across. >> so they don't want little children coming across the border, and now there's a merry
4:42 pm
band of muslim mexicans who are crossing the border also. >> what's the alternative to negotiating? he didn't provide his alternative to stop them. here's cruz. >> right now, this week the government of iran is sitting down with the united states government, swiling chardonnay in new york city, to discuss what prime minister netanyahu rightly describes as an historic mistake, a very, very bad deal that tragically is setting the stage for iran to acquire nuclear weapon capability. we so desperately need a president who will stand up and say, these discussions do not even begin until you release pastor said and send him home. >> he's referring to to an
4:43 pm
american christian convert who was arrested in iran. but this swiling chardonnay, do the iranians do a lot of drinking? [ laughter ] it sounds like he wants to be swiling chardonnay. >> he's trying to bring into the old argument of barack obama being elitest. i'm surprised he didn't bring up arugula also. but the bottom line is, they're politicizing something that is incredibly serious. it makes me unbelievably angry on behalf of the american people, the people who have been beheaded, the women and children who are being raped -- >> it's becoming a prominent theme, fear mongering about the threat of terrorism crossing our borders. let's watch here. >> we have been infiltrated. the enemy is within. >> in order to keep the american people safe, we have to secure the border! i was at loreto and they told me so far this year, people from
4:44 pm
over 140 different countries tried to come in this year. including yemen, sudan, syria, iraq, iran. >> if we don't stop the bad guys at the border today, they're going to be in your neighborhood tomorrow. the leader of isis has said i'll see you in new york. prayer rugs have recently been found on the texas side of the border in the brush. >> jeremy, you work for "the new york times," it's part of your media market, the canadian border. [ laughter ] how come this concern never mentioned canada? is it purely ethnic? it seems like it's only texas they're ever talking about, and it's only hispanics. we would like to have more hispanics come in, but we can't because there might be some arabs among them. they come up with a new one all the time. >> i will point out that the
4:45 pm
report, the only media report that i know of, that they're referring to, about members of isis or suspected terrorists coming across the border and from a right-wing media outlet. it was a anonymously sourced. >> is that the one with the prayer rug or with the clothing, the arab clothing found? >> my colleague who covers homeland security has done good reporting on this. he's found there's absolutely no evidence of this. there are no alarm bells going on at homeland security about terrorist crossing the border. >> that doesn't matter to them. >> we'll be right back with our round table. we are going to talk a little sports mere. when you have all this talk about certain athletes beating up their girlfriends and some of this bad stuff, then comes along a guy who -- i know he chases girls, but you're allowed to do that when you're single. but the guy is a real story and he ended his career, like a babe
4:46 pm
ruth story. we'll get back to derek jeter in just a minute. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] hands were made for talking. feet...tiptoeing. better things than the pain, stiffness, and joint damage of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist decide on a biologic, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz (tofacitinib) is a small pill, not an injection or infusion, for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can relieve ra symptoms, and help stop further joint damage. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers have happened in patients taking xeljanz.
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4:48 pm
chuck received a full check-up and showed no sign of trauma, but chuck was found dead in her exhibit. the zoo said she died of suddenly internal injuries. the boston administration said it was not aware of the animal's death, but the mystery remains, and we'll be right back. that hard. i read most of the book.. you didn't read the book. i read some of the book. it's all about being prepared. proper nutrition... keeping the romance alive. level 7!
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4:50 pm
with a walk-off single! derek jeter, where fantasy becomes reality. did you have any doubt? >> that was chilling, and we're back. that was the game-winning hit, the bottom of the ninth over the baltimore orioles in the last game of his career last night. this is not a sports, show, of course. but it is a show about america. last night, as i said, we all need a true role model. what a high note to end his career. gatorade paid tribute to jeeter. this is pretty inspiring stuff. ♪ and now ♪ the end is near ♪ and so i face ♪ the final curtain >> you know what? i'll walk from here. ♪ my friends ♪ i'll say it clear ♪ i'll state my case
4:51 pm
♪ of which i'm certain >> we are. >> jeeter. ♪ i've lived ♪ a life that's full ♪ i've traveled each ♪ and every highway ♪ and more ♪ much more than this ♪ i did it my way >> capture your spirit. >> i'm older. i don't know these things. >> me, either. >> you've got michelle bernard here. you have a couple new york guys here. new york magazine, you wrote for the times, you first. >> well, yeah, class act -- total class actor, as you say. and i speak of somebody who always cheered against the yankees. >> what's your team? >> the pirates. so i don't care that much about the yankees. but i do cheer against them. and, yeah, he's great. last night, it was absolutely unbelievable. >> so he singles in the bolt tom
4:52 pm
of the ninth and win it is game. >> yeah, he's really like a throwback to those great yankees and he really connects that thread of history. you can't say anything bad about that. >> my wife loves the yankees. you can't even tell them apart ethnically, sometimes. they have that same look. you've got the red sox with the smith brothers look, or whatever you want to call it. where are you on that? >> can't make a call here. >> i'm a short-hair, so, obviously, i'm not a big fan of short hair. >> but in baseball? >> no, i agree with you on the beards. i don't know why some of these -- they look like those dirty hockey players. >> hey, i just love that we have a professional athlete that we can have pride about. everything that is american about the game.
4:53 pm
about loving baseball and loving the country and about being someone who doesn't beat up women or children. it's been a great week. >> anyway, talk about kids having a respect for derrick jeeter. take a look at jeeter's nephew tipping his hat to his uncle's nephew. >> and respect. it says respect on the hat. >> you know, you don't cover traffic if it's not a traffic accident. but you look at these guys, and i don't know how they ever get in trouble. michael jordan, shaquille, patrick ewing. >> yeah. >> these guys, it's the norm. they go to clubs you believe ti until 3:00 in the morning. >> baseball is sort of like our american -- it represents so much about the country and everything that's good about the country.
4:54 pm
>> eric holder is leaving town. he'll get replaced at some point, probably a safer than he is. what's your take? >> i am a huge fan of eric holder. he has never been a wimp when it comes to matters of race. he has been out spoken and has done the job. i hope the day that ruth ginsburg retires -- >> so he's not just been ag, he's been a black ag. >> he's got a hell of a legacy behind him. >> and i think his legacy on gay rights also gets overlooked. often he's been out in front of the president on some of this stuff. >> is he out front of joe biden? >> no one is out front of joe biden. [ laughter ] >> well, he's resided over the justice department when the justice department said we're
4:55 pm
not going to defend the defensive marriage act anymore. they still bring it up, actually. so where is he going to go after his appointment? >> to somebody that's already been no, ma'amnominated for som job. someone who's been through and can get through again. and they want to try to get somebody through, obviously, with this congress and this senate. they don't want to wait for the next senate, that's for sure. >> yeah, they were talking about doing it during the lame duck. >> is jennifer holme on that list for real? >> that's not what your man chuck said this morning. but she a's a pretty good choice for me. >> she hasn't been through the mill yet, anyway. anyway, thank you so much.
4:56 pm
thank you from the new york times and we'll be right back. if energy could come from anything?. or if power could go anywhere? or if light could seek out the dark? what would happen if that happens? anything.
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they're randomly tested for drugs and alcohol... but not us doctors. you can change that: vote yes on proposition 46. your lives are in our hands. let me finish tonight with a good word for eric holder. during the hell of ferguson, he came through. he went out there and amid all the turmoil and bad blood, he showed up and better yet, made sure that people got it. they wanted vivid, concrete proof that they mattered, mattered in a way that michael
5:00 pm
brown's body laying in the street for all of those hours told them they didn't. attorney holder said this in substantialous ways. he knows, too, why those voter rights need to be protected. and that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. >> tonight on k"all in." >> there isn't a walk-on option. >> voting to fight gempbs isis. where is the u.s. congress. plus, the police chief tries to march with protesters in ferguson, missouri. we'll have the latest on what happened. then, chris hayes travels to texas with wendy davis. >> are you a hundred percent sure that texas has never executed an innocent person? >> of course not. >> and big


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