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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  September 27, 2014 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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perfectly 5 years old. does it make you happier? not really. best new thing in the world today. yay. that does it for us tonight. we will see you again on monday. "weekends with alex witt" starts now. new alarm. the top aviation official delivers a fresh warning about potential terror in the skies. on the frontlines, a dramatic scene between isis and the kurds, but it's exchange of words and not firepower most surprising. an analysis ahead about u.s. security. and then apple, what does it say about its products bending under pressure. good morning, and welcome.
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here is what is happening out there. we have breaking news to share. a deadly bus crash on an oklahoma highway leaving four college students dead. it happened an hour south of oklahoma city. oklahoma highway patrol says it happened when a semitruck crossed the median and collided with a bus carrying a softball team. that happened about 9:00 central time and a dozen people were injured. and it was asked for prayers at this time for the softball team. there bus has been involved in an accident in oklahoma. the crash blocked parts of the interstate for hours. the safety board is expected oklahoma to help in the investigation. we will bring you the latest as it becomes available. also developing this morning, new alarm from the nation's top aviation official
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about the al qaeda-affiliated group, khorasan, calling it a clear and present danger to commercial travel. what details is the head of the tsa revealing? >> they are researching explosive devices that could evade security. until fact, back in july, the tsa called for extra security at certain airports overseas with flights to the u.s. there's a little more of what he had to say. take a listen. >> we know what they have done with the underwear bomb and the cargo bombs and so we have another group now that has been looking at some of those issues and doing research and development in testing of devices that they believe will
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be successful in getting through some airport's security throughout someplace to a location in europe or the u.s. >> the tsa director said they are currently looking at ways to mitigate risks at airports overseas. this is as the u.s. continues to launch air strikes in iraq and on friday the u.s. expanding its coalition with the uk parliament voting to approve air strikes in iraq and it seems as though turkey could be posed to join the coalition as well, and five nations joined the united states. will president obama get air job nations to commit ground forces and military officials say that's going to be key in this effort. at this point in time, no guarantees have been made public about what arab countries may be willing to commit, and we know
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president obama's secretary kerry is working on that behind the scenes, and the u.s. is leading the effort and calling other nations to join in the fight. >> the uk giving the green light for strikes in iraq and not in syria, right? >> very important distinction. this is important because syria is a far-more complicated terrain. in some senses a lot of people are saying it will be key for them to essentially join in that effort as well, but at this point in time, alex, it's just an approval for iraq. >> thanks. today in syria, the battle against isis rages on. this morning a new round of air strikes reportedly pounding isis and other militants in the east part of the country. more than 30 explosions were heard around the headquarters of isis. and bill neely reports from the
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frontlines, a frontlines. >> reporter: under their black flag behind their front line, the faces of a ruthless fighters. what is breath-taking here, the isis fighters are less than 200 yards from here. we are watching them and they are watching us and there seems to be a truce here, at least for now. another fighter peers through sandbags across the canal at kurdish fighters america is arming and both sides dug in for miles, and we move along the front line to more isis fighters, and american strikes nearby have not moved them. we call out to them, and they call back, peace be with you, chilling from a group that has
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beheaded two american journalists. we will beat them says the commander, if it takes ten years. for now there is no end in sight to this bizarre standoff with the masked murderers of isis. >> pretty chilling footage there, right? today the u.s. has three more partners in the coalition against isis, the united kingdom and belgium. joining me now, retired colonel jack jacobs. talk about the role you expect the three countries to play? >> all three have very capable air forces and good planes and can launch precision-guided missiles, britain in particular. we have fought with them before, but it's mostly an american operation. >> okay. >> they will contribute some
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logistics a little money and some planes, but it's mostly the u.s. >> the point about the uk not authorizing strikes in syria and only in iraq, talk about the difference there. is it symbolic? can they be as effective just attacking in iraq? >> well, it's all symbolic. if you want us to be involved in syria, i have to have another debate, and it's symbolic and it's important to recognize that unless somebody goes in on the ground, for get about the air strikes, in syria, this thing will continue. for isis, it's all a piece, and something has to be done in syria, and assistance from cameron or anybody else won't make a difference. >> you are saying you cannot
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eradicate isis without boots on the ground? >> absolutely not, and it's not going to be ours either, as we know. air strikes are only good to the extent they support troops on the ground. and once troops are on the ground they have to stay and fight. it's going to be a long time before anything gets resolved over there. >> we had senator hagel and the joint chiefs speaking yesterday. let's take a look at what they are saying. >> nobody is under any illusions that air strikes alone will destroy isil. they are one element of our broader comprehensive campaign against isil, a campaign that has diplomatic, economic intelligence and other military components. >> who is going to make up the boots on the ground conten skwrupbt and when will that happen? >> that's not entirely clear in either case. it's supposed to be from our standpoint the moderate rebels, but as we know that's a
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oxymoron. i don't think the defense department knows who they are yet and we don't know how many there are going to be, and we talk about 5,000. 5,000 is not nearly enough. you need two, three, four times that many. we don't know where they are going to come from or what the chain of command is going to be. when that was recorded, it was during a presser with hagel and chairman of joint chiefs of staff tkedempsy. it's going to be a long time. the fbi is investigating a beheading in oklahoma for possible links to isis. police say that nolan beheaded one former employee and then stabbed another, and this happened just after he had been fired from his job. and then he was shot.
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airlines are scrambling this morning to take care of flights, 2,000 flights that came to a standstill after a fire was set on purpose by a contract employee. it happened in chicago, and later we will talk with a analyst about how one person can disrupt so much air travel. new overnight, the clinton political dynasty has a new heir. chelsea tweeted this message. we celebrate the birth of our daughter. ahead, who will be the next attorney general now that eric holder is on the way out? we will run through the possibilities next. excitement in italy, as one of the most famous batchers get
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exclusively from verizon. n. and i was satisfied with the progress we made and also satisfied that i think the things that need to be worked on is on track and in place. >> that was eric holder talkinging about his decision to step down as an attorney general and he made that announcement this week but will stay in position until a replacement is confirmed by the senate. good morning, ed. let's talk about the impact that
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holder's resignation will have on the obama administration and the presidency. how do you read that? >> well, you know, as a lot of people said this week, he was kind of the conscience of the administration of the president's thinking when it came to a lot of social and racial issues in this country, and i think the two gentlemen, the president, the attorney general developed a close relationship and we will learn more in the years after the presidency, about how much these two discussed not only administration policy and being powerful men at this time in history. it has been rumored for years that holder wanted to go and they believe it was a health scare earlier this year that compelled him to go and it was over the labor day weekend when they were vacationing together when the attorney general announced i want to go, and they will work on figuring out who his successor is, and at some point in the new year he will pack his bags and move on. >> isn't his wife a doctor as
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well? >> yes, and has become very good friends with the first lady. there's a very knunique between holder and president obama. they are very close friends. what do you think this is meaning to the president to lose his friend? >> that remains to be seen. he brought a small tight-knit group of people with him from chicago and they moved on. holder was the one closest to him in the cabinet, at least, and i think it's another signal that the obama presidency is in the verge of its twilight, if you will. you saw that in the announcement, the presidency more emotional because they developed such a close bond. they met over the course of his short senate career and he became a big supporter of his
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and became close during the campaign. he is losing a friend who is on the government payroll, and that doesn't mean they won't talk once he leaves. they developed a close relationship and many have said holder has said and done things regarding racial things in this country that the president can't say necessarily as leader of the free world. >> i am looking at a list of ten names or so, and i want to get your idea in terms of what you are hearing about potential replacements? >> you have all sorts of people, like janet napolitano, and don verrilli who is the government's top lawyer before the supreme court, and preet bharara, the u.s. attorney for southern new york, manhattan, a top prosecutor there, and mary joe white, and she once was the top federal prosecutor in manhattan. what you have to look at more than anything, alex, who has been confirmed by the senate
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already in some government position by an overwhelming margin. either the president will drop it by the end of the year or face pressure until there's a new congress in january. we would assume he wants to get a new attorney general as quick as possible, and hopefully he will announce somebody with the hope of having it before christmas, and that will have to be somebody that has gop support, if you look at the list, it would be janet napolitano, or don verrilli, or preet bharara, or loretta lynch, all of those people have been confirmed by republicans before, so it might make it easier. >> i am also hearing kamala harris, too, just to throw another name in the mix? >> absolutely. >> thank you so much. >> take care. now to the weather for the last weekend in september. the las vegas strip not only the
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area here with lights, but lightni lightning. ray has the weather. >> more rain in parts of florida, and more heavy rainfall, and tallahassee, i believe two feet above normal in terms of rain and more storms out west, too. southeast, with the captain of the atmosphere and the jet stream off to the north, no steering, so multiple hours of rainfall. moisture comes up from the gulf and gets tapped by the upper level low and there you go, showers and thunderstorms. increasing rain chances through today and tomorrow, and increasing impact. there is it for pensacola, not tallahassee, and more than two feet over the rain bucket. best chance of rain on sunday. 3 to 5 inches of rain on the
4:20 am
bayou here. hopefully there will be no flash flooding. but heavy rain from mississippi and alabama, and some areas around asheville could get decent rain totals. in the northeast, though, rain up near new york city and into boston where the yanks and the red sox are continuing to ramp up the season now. low 80s. temperatures some 10 degrees above normal in some spots. look at the numbers. certainly not fall-like in the first weekend of fall. we will continue to see the mild numbers and maybe record warmth tomorrow around albany and hartford. if you get these numbers in the forecast, it could be record highs. >> it's nice. ahead apple responds to the bendgate backlash. before we go, a little science trivia that should blow your mind. new research suggests that 50% of the earth's water molecules
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bringing new meaning to the word partnership. banking. loyalty. analytics. synchrony financial. enagage with us. in today's big money headlines, a holiday crystal ball and economic rebound and on the bend. joining me to break it down, regina lewis. talk about the positive signs for the economy. >> gdp up 4.6%, the fastest growth since spring of 2011. it's important to note it's on the heels of a not so great winter and spring. so net for the year you are looking at conservative optimism on the part of most people and the jobs numbers will be particularly important, to sustain the spending we will have to see wage growth.
4:25 am
>> a lot of the gdp news, the crystal ball out look for the holidays. what is it telling us? >> well, the growth is pegged at 4.5%, and that's significantly more than last year which was 2.8ish, and one thing americans don't skip is christmas. people have paid down their credit card and while we are not advising this, they tend to run them up during the holidays, and gas prices are down by a dime year over year, and fur filling up a 20-gallon tank, that's an extra stocking stuffer here and there. >> we will be welcoming the extra gifts perhaps. let's go to on the bend. what is the latest technology about the e-phones bending. >> it's the power of the internet. it's hard to watch and it makes me cringe, but some folks that
4:26 am
run big web sites on sight, if you put pressure on this thing it can bend and some people claim they had it in their pocket. apple really got back on this and they allowed a cnbc reporter this week into their testing lab where they claim they do thousands of tests, and here is the lab including one that republic law indicates sitting on a hard surface with a phone in your pocket, which is one of the biggest culprits, as if it's in tight jeans. it's 9 phones out of 10 sold, and i would not call it a scandal, and apple is not being contrite saying we're sorry. if you go to return it, they will say you can't abuse the phone. they are not going to fall for that. ahead, no direct threat planned in new york so why are we seeing such a dramatic police
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welcome back to "weekends with alex witt." more police presence but is it connected to a threat from a terror group. well, despite the claims from the iraqi prime minister it's said that there are no new threats. joining me now is the chief investigative reporter for wnbc new york. always good to ask these kinds of questions, you have to agree, police presence during this year's u.n. meeting seems larger, especially compared to last years. we are seeing bags being inspected and police patrolling stations and riding on trains and seem to be on every street corner. is there a sense the nypd may be on a higher alert than they are
4:31 am
letting on? >> i think they are letting on exactly that they are on higher alert, not because of any specific threat but because of the general threat environment out there. you are absolutely right around the u.n. security, tight as always, but we have seen the zone of comfort, the zone of security pushed way out this year, and bridges and tunnels and commuter rails, and governors of new york, new jersey, connecticut, and not stepped up security not because of any specific threat, but because of what is going on in syria and iraq and the chatter out there. the iraqi prime minister made comments during the week that there was a specific threat, an eminent threat to target new york subways. every u.s. law enforcement official saying we don't know what he was talking about, and even iraq's president followed up with a speech in new york and said he did not know what the prime minister was referring to
4:32 am
and may be speculating on that a sleeper cell was plotting something, and there was no specific threat to new york and as a precaution because of the general threat of the environment, that's what we are seeing is the step up in security. you have seen the videos that isis is leaking that is having an impact and you see the foreigne foreigners, and they statement 100 americans have gone to join the fight there, and the question is are they coming back here and are they going to try anything here? the fbi working very hard to monitor any sort of travel by u.s. citizens on that front. so it's just the general threat environment that is out there. as for the iraqi prime minister's statement, why did he say what he did? apparently there is some sort of captured isis fighter who said he heard that a commander had been talking about wanting to
4:33 am
target the paris and new york subways, but, again, there is no evidence that there is any cell that was dispatched or anybody is here trying to do anything, perhaps it was just an aspirational threat of information passed up to the iraqi prime minister and that's why he made the comments he did. >> is there a sense this is going to be the new norm that we are seeing, or once the diplomats leave and things have concluded and it will go back to a normal state which is that we don't see much of their presence? >> around the u.s., it will go down a bit once the leaders leave, but the governors say this is the new normal for at least the next 100 days. the threat environment is too confusing and is evolving. we are having air strikes overseas and we don't know if that's going to strike in some motive of somebody to retaliate, and there's a concern with all
4:34 am
the propaganda that a lone wolf may try to step up and act here in the united states, so as a precaution on the trains and in landmarks and mass transit, the visible police presence we are seeing with the bomb-sniffing dogs and the heavily armed police, that is going to remain in effect for at least the next 100 days, that according to governors cuomo and christie. >> good to see you. new this morning officials in ferguson, missouri, agreed to ban the support of wrist bands. the police department came under certain pressure after residents complained about some officers wearing those wrist bands. you see them right there. it's the phrase i am daren wilson. this decision comes in a new protest that broke out thursday night leading to a handful of arrests. and washington post reporter, abby phillips.
4:35 am
there's new calls for chief jackson to resign. he released a video apologize and his attempt to march with the protesters on thursday night. let's talk about the apology and the clashes that broke out. what happened? >> on thursday afternoon at some point, chief jackson threw a publ -- through a organization released a apologize. now, the video was intended to be from the heart and very personal, but i think community in ferguson feels it has come far too late for them and it reflects that thomas jackson doesn't really understand their
4:36 am
grievance grievances, and doesn't understand why they feel like this apologize is not enough. >> our nbc affiliate interviewed the chief after those clashes. >> violence broke out behind him and the video doesn't make clear what happened. here is one woman's claim? >> it was a black police officer, and everything was fine, no reason for him to come and just start pushing everybody, elbowing everybody. >> jackson says he doesn't know what happened, but his department is investigating and using its new equipment to help. >> we are trying to pull up videotape from the body cameras. >> while he does regret his visit because it sparked violence, he does not regret his apology. >> no, wish i would have done it sooner. >> anything more coming from the police about this incident? >> as you mention, there is a lot of witness video out there. what you can see is pretty clearly that chief jackson was surrounded by a lot of officers, and as we know in the past in
4:37 am
ferguson, that environment has almost always led to clashes, partly because these officers are -- they are a little bit paranoid in some ways, and there's a lot of distrust there. they seem to have tried to surround their chief and in that sort of pushing and shoving, i think it's no surprise that a certain amount of chaos and melee erupted after that. >> all right, thank you, abby. expect more republicans in attack mode as we enter day two of the values summit. much of the sharp criticism directed at the president and his policies and it came from the gop that may be positioning themselves for 2016. let's take a listen. >> we are going to sign legislation repealing every word of obamacare! >> the president acts like a king and ignores the
4:38 am
constitution. >> do you think it's time to abolish the irs. >> and then it's the trillion dollar stimulus. i guess that didn't work so well. >> joining me is jane. lots of big names in conservative politics are speaking at the conference and a lot of them came down yesterday. today, what is on the agenda? >> so today's big news is going to be the straw poll, around 3:15 today, we will hear the results of the values voter straw poll, and it's a good indicator of where social conservatives are looking for 2016. last year ted cruz won, and he just had done his 21-hour filibuster. today i think we are likely to see another strong support for ted creuz. yesterday his speech was well
4:39 am
received, and the audience loved him. i think we will be interested to see who comes in perhaps after cruz in the polls, so ran paul came out today and yesterday trying to pitch his brand of libertarian politics. he has a bit of up hit when he comes to the voter because he is focused on liberty and freedom, and he tried to say liberty and freedom are crucial to their family values. >> a lot of religious liberty tones and perkins says this is his setup. who is not attending? that would include new jersey governor, chris christie, and jeb bush, and rubio. >> christie and bush were not invited. perkins gave an interview and said these were not at the top of the list of what values voters want to hear, so it's a
4:40 am
snub for them, and with the evangelical crowd and the values voters, they are really not at the top of the list but viable candidates for 2016. it will be interesting to see if they place anywhere on the straw poll. rubio was invited but said he had a family event to attend and they said we will see you next year. >> that's good to know. we appreciate it. it's a mission to save the lives of countless people around the world and it takes place at new york central park. how you can help, next. lily...she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft.
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at we put the law on your side. developing now the suspect in the disappearance of hannah graham is back in virginia. he is not talking to investigators about what he may know about the missing virginia sophomore. today marks two weeks since graham disappeared. and luke joins me from virginia.
4:44 am
good morning, what about the search for hannah? where does that stand now? >> reporter: well, alex, it's on going and investigators are hopeful this weekend because of how nice the weather is. they believe that will make a lot of folks in this area go hiking, mountain biking, and go into rural areas that might ordinarily might not get as much foot traffic as in the weekday. they are hoping people enjoying the outdoors might see something and say something. that being said, it's on going. there's a variety of k-9 teams in the area trying to fined any trace of hannah gram. it's been going on since september 12th since she disappear disappeared. the primary suspect, jesse matthew, he was found in texas a few days ago. he was returned to charlottesville, last night, on a plane with an fbi expert and
4:45 am
why that is interesting, until we saw the fbi agents we did not know the fbi was involved in the case. he will not be able to see a judge with a bond hearing until thursday because of a preplanned judicial conference happening here in virginia, and they will make no exception. he will be held up until thursday before he gets a bond hearing and because he is a flight risk we are almost certain that will be denied and so far he has been charged with abduction and an attempt to defile and there was evidence taken from his apartment and car, and unclear whether there was any dna linked to hannah graham. he is a primary suspect at this time especially after he fled. she is still missing and the investigation is on going into what exactly mr. matthew knew at the time. he has been described as a "money" character, not the
4:46 am
brightest bulb on the set, and probably the best person to answer where hannah graham is. >> yeah, he worked at the local hospital there. look, thank you very much for that comprehensive report. appreciate it. we are just hours away from a huge concert aimed at changing the lives of millions. it gets underway this afternoon right here in new york city central park. we have got jay-z, carrie underwood, alicia keys, and that's just some of the performers. the festival is put on to evened extreme poverty. it's concentrating on three main areas, education, evacuate nations and clean water and good sanitation. joining me, the project manager, steven brown. a long and fantastic day for you here. >> it's going to be amazing. >> let's talk about the ambitious goal. you want to eliminate extreme
4:47 am
poverty by 2030 and you said it's not going to be easy but a challenge. how do you go about it? >> we have made progress already. now there are 1.2 billion people that live below what is $1.25 a day for everything, and so that's still a big number but we are making progress. we have to be absolutely focused. what we need to do in our opinion is build a movement of people and businesses and of governments, you know, and coming together to call on political leaders to make better de zcisions in the future, becae with the finances and policy behind it we can make a real difference and end extreme poverty. >> there are different pockets around the world where the extreme poverty, where many are most at risk? >> africa, and sanitation, for example, there are 1 billion people around the world that
4:48 am
don't have access to clean water, and sanitation, most of those in terms of sanitation, those are in india, and we have the prime minister from india to make a big commitment and the world bank is making a commitment around sanitation. the thing about sanitation is an issue. obviously it spreads disease. if you openly deficate in public, it's bad sanitation, and it's not just for health but across the board. we are excited about the commitments we have around sanitation. >> listen, you are doing something extraordinary and having fun doing it, too. not you, you are working is what you are doing, but everybody else who comes, it's a huge voice and it puts it on the maps that people focus, and they are
4:49 am
listening to performers who are donating their time, right? >> yeah, absolutely. >> is that what it's about, getting mass groups of people around an event like this and that sends a message? >> yes, we need the people to call the leaders to make changes, and we need a mass movement of people and we are going out to them with things they understand and people that get excited about, like jay-z and no doubt. so the 60,000 people in central park today, they have all taken five or six actions on extreme poverty, and they will see world leaders and businesses come onstage and say we heard you and will do this about it, and that would inspire to stay part of the movement and grow it so we can end extreme poverty by 2030. >> you have jay-z, and no doubt, and the roots, and sting?
4:50 am
>> sting. >> what is up with that? >> he will do a song with no doubt, and i learned the rehearsal yesterday. it was excited to hear? >> gwen stefani and no doubt. she is a great performer. they haven't performed for something like two years as a band. it is a really exciting moment for us, as well. >> we will be watching and broadcasting here on msnbc. you can all watch jay-z, carrie underwood and the others at the third annual global citizen festival. you can test your knowledge by going to a disgruntled aviation worker grounds more than 1,300 flights. how can that happen? we'll take a look next. ever made.
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pictures of the canals in venice as that city prepares for george clooney getting married. the couple is expected to change vows at that beautiful white polazzo. lingering effects from a massive ground halt. one of the busiest airport hubs. thousands remain waiting to catch rescheduled flights. a couple thousand flights were cancelled or delayed at chicago's airports after a fire at an air traffic control facility. within minutes hubs empties. look at that vacancy directly above chicago. police say it was caused by a 36-year-old contract employee
4:55 am
who then stabbed himself after sabotaging the communications system. joining me now jim cabanaugh. kind of flightening to think one person can cause this much chaos across the country. >> and also with just a suicide plot. basically this was a suicide plot. he planned it. he came in with access card. he worked there. he had a pelican case according to the federal complaint. he had a can with flammable liquid, towels. he tried to cut the wires and kill himself. paramedics found him under the table trying to slice his throat. >> let's talk about the vulnerability of the air traffic control system because of this. what does it tell you? >> they put a fence around their center in aurora and had card access control. now they need to take this as the experience to make it one
4:56 am
better. the executives here, leadership is the issue. whether you find out you have the world's wimpiest fence like the white house does or you have no backup on your air traffic control then you need to fix it. when one man, one person who works there can disrupt the whole country and disrupt the whole system then your plan is not good. so no one died. you can fix it. now you need to fix it. you need to have a second center so you can go on the flip of a switch. >> how about vulnerability in terms of other critical infrastructure elements here in the u.s.? >> i think all the things that are vulnerable are infrastructure, power grid systems, air traffic, systems that run on computers like that. we tend to put big signs out front, the air traffic control center for the planes in the midwest. we are advertising that as a
4:57 am
place someone may want to attack. they need to think about how we can have a backup. the fence may not work. we need another way if this goes down to keep the plane safely in flight. >> many thanks for that. that is a wrap of this hour. be sure to join me at noon today. straight ahead "up with steve kornacki." keep it here on msnbc. ♪ music plays ♪ music plays traveling can feel like one big mystery. you're never quite sure what is coming your way. but when you've got an entire company
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