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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 29, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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good monday morning. right now on "first look," major revelations from president obama on america's underestimating isis and are u.s. ground troops inevitable to fight them in syria? thousands of air travelers still delayed from friday's radar facility fire. >> it's just so infuriating. >> the united states for god sakes, it's causing trouble all over the country. plus a monster truck rally that goes terribly wrong. mr. and mrs. george clooney debut as husband and wife. and we'll tell you where you can score free coffee today. good morninging. i'm angie goff. president obama admits the terror group isis is a lot more capable than u.s. officials first estimated.
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>> well, i think our head of the intelligence community, jim clapper, has acknowledged that i think they underestimated what had been taking place in syria. i recognize the contradiction in a contradictory land and a contradictory circumstance. >> are we saying that -- >> we are not going to stabilize syria under the rule of assad. because the sunni areas inside of syria view assad as having carried out terrible atrocities. the world has seen them. hundreds of thousands of people have been killed. millions have been -- >> in an interview on "60 minutes" the president said american intelligence agencies were surprised by the rapid advances made by isis and that the iraqi army's willingness to fight them is a lot weaker than originally thought.
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meanwhile in an interview with abc, house speaker john boehner said the president's plan to take on isis is insufficient. >> i think it's going to take more than air strikes to drive them out of there. at some point, somebody's boots have to be on the ground. that's the whole point. >> when asked if should those boots be american boots on the ground, boehner said "we have no choice." a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows 72% of americans believe the u.s. will at some point use ground troops in this fight against isis. and meanwhile, a syrian group affiliated with al qaeda warned on sunday that the group will use all possible means to fight back against u.s.-led air strikes. there's relief in sight this morning for thousands of air travelers. passengers like these have been stranded at chicago's o'hare airport since friday and they're now slowly boarding flights out of the windy city. coincidentally, on wednesday chicago o'hare reclaimed its spot as the world's busiest
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airport. so far, here are the numbers. there are roughly 400 flights canceled. today that is down from 800 yesterday. and a far cry from the more than 2,000 that were canceled on friday. and this all happened because an air traffic employee some 40 miles west of chicago allegedly tried to set fire to the control tower in an attempt to kill himself. the faa says it's going to take about two weeks to restore service to the air traffic control site. a sign this morning that violent protests in hong kong could be winding down. this was the scene just a few hours ago. thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators waking up after spending the night on a main road and blocking the central business district. last night, they clashed with police who reportedly pointed long-barreled guns and used tear gas for the first time in years. but this morning, the hong kong government announced that it has pulled back riot police and have urged protesters to go home.
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the protests began outside of the government offices on friday. students are demanding changes to newly enacted election laws. a broader movement called occupy central is due to start on wednesday with mass civil disobedience. police in arkansas are zeroing in on the person thinkable kidnapped a real estate agent. take a look, an arrest warrant is out for this man, 33-year-old aaron lewis. he's on the run after being involved in a car crash yesterday and treated at a hospital. police had not issued a warrant for him at the time of the accident. they are now telling the public that lewis has facial injuries from that wreck and at this point, no word on how lewis is linked to beverly carter's disappearance. she hasn't been seen since thursday after showing a house. more than 100 volunteers have spent the weekend searching through ten miles of brush and farmland. in massachusetts, an investigation is under way right now into what caused a deadly skydiving crash on cape cod. a skydiving instructor and his student were making a tandem
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dive last night when the pair landed a home outside their designated landing area. >> it appears they did hit the garage. at this time, the mass state police will be investigating along with our detective division. >> we see them over the house every single day. just devastating to hear, you know, somebody got killed. >> police say they were notified that the pair were descending at a fairly high rate of speed and that their chute did not fully open. new this morning, the nation's most influential pediatric group recommends sexually active female teenagers use iuds or hormonal implants for birth control. the american academy of pediatrics says that once implanted, the intrauterine devices prevent pregnancy for years. the group also recommends using condoms to prevent sexually transmitted disease but stress abstinence is the most effective way to prevent pregnancy and s tds. it is official, ladies.
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george clooney is off the market. clooney and now wife amal alamuddin tied the knot on saturday. they made their first public appearance as husband and wife in italy. the couple was spotted leaving the hotel where they got married. they boarded a water taxi shortly after that and it was appropriately named "amor," love in italian. the couple's four-day wedding celebration is expected to wrap up today. we want to get the latest in sports with frances rivera, here with the big stories from big weddings to action on the football field. a lot of people celebrating this monday morning. >> a lot celebrating out there. really a huge weekend in sports. as we'll start with the nfl this monday morning right here on nbc sunday night football, the cowboys dominated the new orleans saints start to finish. demarco murray had a big day, gaining 149 yards and two touchdowns. the saints finally find the end zone in the fourth quarter with this drew brees pass to josh
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hill for a 12-yard strike. teddy bridgewater's first nfl start resulted in 317 yards passing with no picks or td passes but he did run for a 13-yard touchdown. matt ryan takes advantage of major confusion among the vikings secondary for this easy pass to roddy white but vikings fans are forgetting adrian peterson and his teammates. mckinnon has stepped up as vikings prevail 41-28. colts veteran reggie wayne played in his 200th game, a season high 119 yards and his first td of the season, 82nd of his career. andrew luck dominated the titans throwing for 393 yards and four touchdowns. colts 41, tennessee 17. the winless tampa bay buccaneers showing incredible resilience here. 12 seconds on the clock. trailing steelers at home 24-20. bucs' lennon finds vincent jackson for the game-winning
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touchdown. golf, the europeans continue to dominate in the united states at the ryder cup. europe has won the last three ryder cups tournaments since 2008 and won eight of the last ten. the chase for the cup is heating up with car number 24 here, jeff gordon winning the aaa 400 at dover as the 12-driver field advances to the next round at kansas speedway. the tables were turned as you can imagine as a rival boston red sox pulled out all the stops to honor yankee derek jeter. in the final game of his 20-year career and the final at-bat as a major leaguer jeter got an infield hit that drove in a run that had even red sox fans cheering. did you ever think that would happen? yes. it's jeter. he signaled to manager joe girardi it was time, and jeter called it a career. he finishes sixth on the all have time hits list with 3,465 hits and a .310 batting average. i lived in boston for many, many, many years.
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and you know, you know that evil dreaded rivalry there. but for derek jeter in that final, class act all the way around, both sides. >> validates he is one of a kind for sure. frances, thanks so much. and for your national weather we want to turn to nbc meteorologist bill kerins. all these women's hearts are breaking, clooney's off the market. your heart is breaking because you have a man crush on jeter and he's gone. >> went out with class. it was so perfect. >> on his own time. >> over the weekend so many smiles. it was warm, it was nice. >> low 80s. >> i know. some got rain, our friends in the southeast and also in florida, you've been getting drenched. the storm that was in the intermountain west kicks out today. there could be wind damage, large hail possibly, isolated tornado near the colorado/kansas border the strongest storms, pueblo, we'll watch you. a lot of clouds and rain down there, especially northern florida, central florida, through georgia, and eventually south carolina. so that's kind of your rainy
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monday. atlanta down into florida. looking ahead to tomorrow, we're still going to deal with on and off showers and storms in florida. we dry it out in atlanta. notice we will cool it off too in boston, in new york, in d.c. it was 87 yesterday in boston. 87. one of the warmest days of the entire summer. >> it's so disheartening for so many people who love fall and they want to see that transformation take place. >> sunburns, apple picking. >> doesn't make sense. thanks, bill. in honor of national coffee day today, we're going to tell you where you can get a free cup of joe this morning. plus, the scene of a horrific monster truck accident all caught on camera.
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time to get down to business with cnbc's kate rogers. >> good morning. shrek may be answering to a new boss. reports say japan is in talks with dreamworks animation, the maker of shrek, for more than $3
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billion. soft bank has been on the prowl for media deals reportedly linked to yahoo! and made an offer for beats music before the company was sold to apple. gm is warning corvette owners not to use one of the car's high-tech features. valet mode lets drivers secretly record conversations when they're not behind the wheel. but that's illegal in several states so gm is working on a software fix. grab a cup of joe. today is national coffee day rather to celebrate several chains are giving out free cups so get yours today at dunkin' donuts, krispy kreme, mcdonalds and tim morton's. >> why can't it be coffee day every day. some stories making news this morning. overnight, afghanistan's new president is sworn in. this after a marathon six-month election hampered by allegations of fraud. it's the first transition of power since the u.s. invasion in 2001. shortly before the inauguration a roadside bomb in kabul detonated near the presidential
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palace. no one was hurt. virginia police are changing tactics in their search for a missing college student hannah graham. until now it was a mass mission with about 1,000 untrained volunteers. but this morning more specialized rescue professionals are using atvs to search particular areas. to a different search in pennsylvania. authorities accuse cop killer eric trafrein but a new fear brewing. police say the fbi's top ten most wanted man may have set up booby traps. as that manhunt creeps into its 17th day memories of another extended search. eric robert rudolph was on the run for five years. in 2003 he pleaded guilty to four bombings, including one in atlanta at the olympics that killed two people. a warning right now for this next video. it might be graphic for some of you. two people are dead, 18 injured, after this monster truck in the netherlands loses control and plows into that crowd. police say the driver was
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arrested. and let the countdown begin. september 26, 2049, when 3-day-old charlotte clinton will officially be allowed to run for president. the clintons tweeted photos of the newborn over the weekend and just like any other new grandparents, bill and hillary are "over the moon." little charlotte, already a social media star. senator rand paul's revenge and political ads are about to get too personal? details in "scrambled politics" next. max! what are you doing up? it's late. i just wanted to have breakast wih you.
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time for your monday morning helping of "scrambled politics." 18,000 crammed new york's madison square garden over the weekend for a rally with indian prime minister narendra modi. his focus was to rally america's 3 million american-indians. high praise from congressman pete sessions. >> i think it's important to remember that this new prime minister, mr. modi, is what i think will become the next ronald reagan for the world. he is an exciting man with a clear vision and he knows how to get things done. >> today modi will meet with the president, but over the weekend the protests in ferguson were on the mind of president obama as he addressed the congressional black caucus at their annual awards dinner. >> too many young men of color feel targeted by law enforcement.
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guilty of walking while black, driving while black. judged by stereotypes that fuel fear and resentment and hopelessness. meanwhile a new report obtained by the associated press reveals that missouri governor jay nixon received thousands of complaints in the weeks following michael brown's shooting death. they came from residents in missouri and people from around the world. according to buzz feed, the clinton foundation is denying reports that they sent escorts to follow a "new york times" reporter at last week's clinton global initiative summit. they said that they've investigated the matter and found no proof that one of their volunteers "deliberately followed the reporter into a bathroom." the new yorker cover story, "the revenge of rand paul." senator paul explains his strategy to take his ideology mainstream. political tv ads will soon reach facebook level creepiness, yeah, you can say that. we could be at the start of what's called addressable
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advertising. companies like directv can compile lists of around 200 households' attributes and pick what ads you watch. so whale your neighbor might see something like gun control, you might see an attack advertisement on a particular candidate. and that's your morning dish of "scrambled politics." i want to bring in david nakamura with "the washington post," good friend from d.c., great to see you this morning. >> hi, angie. >> i want to start with president obama making candid comments on "60 minutes." what does it say about u.s. intelligence in his administration after he admitted that they blew it when it came to sizing up isis? >> well, that's an alarming admission but it seems clear they did underestimate isis. i think it speaks to the complications and uncertainty on the ground in the syrian civil war, where isis was able to take root then advance into iraq. i think it raises maybe other questions about how much we can count on the free syrian army which is going to be trained in saudi arabia by u.s. forces to be the ground troops after we
2:22 am
continue to do air strikes in syria. how much has this group been vetted? the administration says they have vetted this group, they can count on them to be trained and sort of take on isis as well as president assad, sort of help u.s. in syria. but i think this raises some more questions about how much u.s. is really understood what this group is about. >> definitely a lot of scary possibilities there. we're also hearing from house speaker john boehner who says in order to detry the islamic state we may have no choice but to send in the troops. the president says he's got congress behind him but now this. are we seeing david perhaps a divide on strategy starting to surface? >> i think what it's going to say is i think the president has some time. he's going to be given time to employ his strategy. but if things do not go well you're going to have him being sec-guessed. clearly this is already something where the speaker of the house is going to mark a little bit farther along. but the public polls show the public doesn't really support this just yet so i think the
2:23 am
president feels confident about his strategy so far. i think people need to give him some time to see if it can work. >> the nbc/"wall street journal" poll that just came out says 7 out of 10 americans, more than that, in fact, at one point think that there are going to be troops on the ground. what does this tell us? are people just in a state where they're not believing our commander in chief? >> i think it goes back to ten years of war. the promises that the public had about the previous engagement in iraq as well as afghanistan. how long that took. sort of how things continued to get worse and worse at times. and more and more troops were sent to the region. i think for president obama said he's learned from that, he's promising it's not going to happen. but of course they've already sent 1,600 troops in advising and training missions and i think the question is, if things go worse, whether they would send in more. >> david nakamura joining us from washington, d.c., thanks so much. just ahead, a surprise appearance by queen b. plus the ohio state university marching band going over the
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it is time for "first buzz." stories that caught our eye this morning. i think all the ladies are going to love this next headline. you might like tight. this following george clooney's wedding. take a look, it says "internationally acclaimed barrister marries an actor." and this came from bloggers over at "the businesswoman," that's the blog. and they had a different take on the headline which i think is pretty great. they said that she's gone against the trend for professional women in her field and married an actor.
2:28 am
>> she's going away from the trend right now with that dress. how amazing. so nonconventional, nontraditional. >> they look pretty good together. would we want it any other way? >> that goes without saying. >> with her being a high-profile litigation lawyer, she looks like a movie star. >> she admits the part. no wonder. >> big surprise this weekend. >> it was a huge weekend. especially for us here at msnbc. the global citizen festival took place in central park in new york. third year. look at this crowd. 50,000 people here attended. of course jay-z was a headliner. he closes the show. and of course who surprises him on the stage, and everybody else, by coming up, there you go. queen b. joining him to close it with "forever young." other highlights here, no doubt was there, sting joins them, they do "message in a bottle." amazing. we could have gone, we all could have gone. >> carrie underwood looking great as always. >> anything necessarily. >> bill, we've got dorothy and toto taking center stage.
2:29 am
>> ohio state marching band at it again this weekend. this is continuing the 75th anniversary since the starting of "the wizard of oz." they did the tornado, they did dorothy, toto, the scarecrow, the wicked witch. >> thomas roberts "way too early" starts right now. our head of the intelligence community, jim clapper, has acknowledged that i think they underestimated what had been taking place in syria. >> all right, so there you have it. president obama acknowledging u.s. intelligence underestimating the threat of isis. so will current coalition air strikes be enough to defeat them, or is there another layer to the president's plan? more scrutiny for the secret service. shocking new details emerge of their handling of shots fired on the white house back in 2011. he might be too old to play but he still has the moves. the story behind this college coach's takedown that had stadium fans cheering.
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this is "way too early." hey, everybody. good morning. i'm thomas roberts. it's monday, september the 29th, welcome to "way too early," the show that feels like that tackled fan every monday morning when our alarm goes off twice because we set two alarms. because we're just that concerned about missing the first one. we hope you had a great weekend. and fall is upon us. the fall weather feels so good in new york. we love it. we want to get straight to it. we begin with new information about the air strikes against isis in syria and iraq. while the president is speaking out about the strength of the terrorist group. it was over the weekend the u.s.-led coalition bombed several oil fields controlled by it's assess. while strategically targeting the extremist militants along the syria/turkey border coming to the aid of syrian kurds. president obama spoke to "60 minutes" about how the islamic


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