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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  September 29, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> right now on "andrea mitchell reports," under estimating the enemy. the president acknowledges the failure to pick up on the rise of isis while the speaker talks about ground troops. >> somebody's boots have to be there. >> if no one else steps up, you recommend american boots? >> we have no choice. these are barbarians. they intend to kill us. if we don't destroy them, we will pay the price. >> secret service shocker. a "washington post" investigation uncovers the president and first lady's fury over the secret service's mishandling of a 2011 shooting at the white house. is the first family safe and is com placence tow blame? >> when you say complacency, you get used to nothing ever happening. when something happens, you fail to connect the dots properly. >> the former agent talking about that and breaking away, that's what protesters in hong kong wants, but beijing will
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have the final say. good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington in an interview with 60 minutes. president obama acknowledged that the united states estimated isis and the army's ability to respond. the u.s. is scrambling to make up for the intelligence failures. richard engle joins me from turkey, not far from the syrian border. the syrian kurds are eager to get into the fight. >> they are very eager to get into the fight. right now i'm on a hill overlooking an ongoing battle between isis fighters and syrian kurds. the isis fighters are operating in the open. they have an open field and they
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are dressed in black and have been exchanging gunfire and we are watching the battle unfold and we have been talking to other kurds who have been watching the same thing and they are very frustrated because they say if the u.s. wants to carry out air strikes and wants to attack isis, there they are. they are operating not in a hidden way. they are easy to find. obvious the u.s. is carrying out air strikes, just not on a scale that the kurdish fighters would like to see. >> your reports last night and this morning, you were witnessing the kurdish observers and the civilians running across that valley and wanting to take on isis themselves without weapons. >> that's exactly what we have seen. the battles are taking place in a valley and i'm actually moving
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so the connections are not great, but the battles are taking place in a valley here. on many hilltops, people have gathered to watch the battles unfold. as we were watching with a group of kurds, watching isis fighters advance, a few dozen couldn't contain themselves anymore. they couldn't contain just being passive observers and they rushed into the battle. this is crossing an international border. we are now in turkey and the fighting is taking place a few hundred yards away on the syrian side. they decided they couldn't sit it out any longer with no weapons. they rushed right in. i think that shows the passion that a lot of these fighters have to defend their homes from isis. >> reporting from the border area, thank you so much. for the very latest on the
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administration strategy against isis, i am joined by the pentagon spokesperson. thank you very much for being with us. it is a bizarre thing to watch. richard's reporting and the video we have been getting, it's like movies you see of the civil war with where people watch a battle unfolding in front of them. a couple hundred yards away. >> it does speak to the threat and how it's being felt by local citizens, absolutely. it speaks to the brashness of this enemy, isil, that they will continue to fight out in the open like that. >> to richard's question, why aren't we bombing the hell out of them right there? >> we are hitting targets in the north. >> we are not hitting people as much as a tank here and placement here. we are not hitting troops or forces. >> it's a little bit of both. the prime focus in syria has
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been the last few days on strategic targets and things that get into the ability to sustain themselves. we hit more over the weekend. you are starting to see that they change to include tactical targets and vehicles as well. check points and that kind of thing. we are mixing it up a little bit and hitting them harder in the north and still in iraq as well. >> the president acknowledged a failure to recognize and how strong isis was and how weak and willingness to strike. mosul went down and it was all there to see. >> it's more art than science and layered overtime and never going to be a perfect picture. we were watching this group develop overtime. >> were you mourning the white house?
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were they not listening? >> everybody was mindful of growth and development. what surprised us was how quickly they moved into mosul and how fast that went. as well as the way four or five iraqi divisions melted away. we knew that the forces were not able to keep up the capabilities as well as when we left in 2011. i don't think we were as prepared for how quickly those divisions were not well led or well train and melted away and turned in the guns and left the battlefield. that surprised us. >> frontline documentary back in february. if frontline knew about it. if richard engle was reporting on the growth of isis, why wasn't the white house aware? is this a case where the military was pick up signals and intelligence was picking up signals and briefing the administration and they didn't want to hear it? or was it a failure of our 16 intelligence agencies? >> wouldn't say it was a
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failure. what the president said and we said at the pentagon, it wasn't that we weren't watching them or weren't aware of the growth and development. the head of the dia testified about isil and the growth and development and how they were watching them. i don't think we completely fully appreciated the speed with which they could move and how well resource and how lightning fast they could be in the summertime. it wasn't that we weren't watching or tracking it, but the agency was watching these guys. we did under estimate how quickly they can grow and develop and how fast they could recruit. if i could, it's a mixed picture. not all iraqi army units and security forces are incompetent or lack the capability. they are doing a good job and we saw earlier in august, iraqi security forces are working with kurds which they don't normally do. it took back the mosul dam
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facility which was not insignifica insignificant. their operation which we supported from the air. >> we wanted to play more of the 60 minutes interviews. >> we have 1600 troops there. >> we do. >> some of them will be embedded with iraqi units. >> they are in harm's way. any time you are in war, it's dangerous. i don't want to downplay the fact that they are in a war environment. >> troops on the ground, we have polling that indicates that americans feel by an overwhelming number that we will have troops on the ground in both countries. >> the commander in chief has been clear that that's not part of the mission. we will not have a combat on the ground. we have american troops in iraq and we have said we are at war with isil. it's a combat zone. it's a combat area. when you are dropping bombs,
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that's combat. there is a difference between that and putting boots on the ground. we will move teams to the question about how good is the isf? we will move them to work with the security forces at a higher level. brigade or higher. headquarters commands. not to go in the field, but to help their generals or staffs do a better job of organizing and mission tasking of their troops. >> interesting that the plurality, almost 3/4, 45-37 believe we should put troops there. that shows you the degree, the penetration of the fear that isil or isis has created for americans. >> our mission and objectives are clear. the i do agree, it does show that this threat is real. the american people consider this real and imminent. we believe that as well. if we don't take care of this
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now, we and our partners take care of this and this could be a bigger problem for us. >> thanks to you. thanks to all the men and women on the mission. >> thank you very much. we are following developing news out of hong kong where thousands are demanding democracy. the protesters are calling for the leader to step down and for full democratic elections by 2017. any candidate for the position must be vetted by beijing. hong kong officials canceled a fireworks celebration and protests are expected to continue through the week. hong kong officially became part of china after 156 years of rule in 1997. i know... this third shift is rough... it's just a few more weeks max! what are you doing up? it's late.
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a searing new "washington post" investigation is raising frightening questions about the safety of the president and his family. the post investigation reveals the president and first lady were furious about the mishandling of a 2011 white house shooting that took the secret service four days to realize that bullets had in fact hit the residence upstairs where they live. this comes as they are under scrutiny for the recent fence jumping incident where the man carrying a knife made it to the unlocked front door to the most guarded home before being stopped. joining me now with more details, this was an incredible piece of work. you revealed so much that we did not know about that incident back in 2011. what to you is the most shocking part of it all? >> i think it's the basic piece which is that officers on the ground who work for the secret
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service felt that fire was coming in their direction. in particular felt debris and heard the sounds of debris coming from the balcony. she was stationed there and worried enough that she broke up a gun box and pulled out a shotgun. the people that were on the ground that night and closest to what you would consider the epicenter, they were never interviewed about what happened. at least not formally interviewed before the secret service decided this was two gang bangers shooting at each other as it happens in constitution avenue. >> there so many pieces of this. the secret service woman agent whom you described reported shots fired and yet the supervisor said stand down based on an incorrect assumption that it was two gangs fighting. >> yes. >> the fact that she did not feel she could challenge the
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supervisor said something about the culture. she didn't feel she could insist on what she had heard and seen. the supervisor didn't reach down and do a report and try to find out what his people were saying. and they could be dumb enough to think they were two gangs fighting which anyone who knows the district knows could not be the case or would be highly unlikely. >> you have totally perfectly summarized the three big stages. first there is this confusion that buys the shooter time to flee. that confusion is when a sergeant who i'm told is sergeant strong gets on the radio and tells everybody it's not gunfire. stand down. disregard. it's a construction vehicle backfiring. well, the guys that were the closest to the shooting. they are taking cover behind an suv and a flowerpot and they are sure this is gunfire. they get back on the radio
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eventually and say really, shots fired. this is for real. that's the stage. second stage is when the secret service maybe two ours after this happens and concludes and after seemingly a cursory investigation that it must be these two gangsters shooting at each other and witnesses said they saw shots fired. it happens to be a vehicle, but they decided it must be two gangsters. no interviewing of people to know whether or not there is any evidence to contradict that. behind the scene, they are interviewing friends of the shooter, ortega who they identify through the abandoned car. they are interviewing his relatives and girlfriend and finding out something scary. the guy is obsessed with the president. he called the president a devil and described himself as jesus.
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these set off alarm bell that is a guy is obsessed with the president had a ak-47 and shot it on constitution avenue on the white house's front lawn. all three of those stages are worrisome from an investigator standpoint. >> let me share other take away that i have from your reporting. michelle obama has been flying back overnight from hawaii with the head of the secret service. she takes a nap after the red eye. the chief of staff decides when they discover there were shots, the housekeeper discovers bullets in the wood and in the glass and there were shots fired at the residence and sasha and mrs. robinson, malia was home, they decided not to wake up the first lady. they want to call the president in australia to have him tell the first lady because they are afraid of telling her about this
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failure of the system. she then finds out about it accidentally from an assistant usher who thinks she knows about it and she's furious. that sets the stage for a lot of other issues including the eventual departure a year later of mark sullivan the head of the agency. the questions about the role of the current head who will be testifying tomorrow who had a high up position. questions about the chief of staff. there is a big mix hereof anger by the first family we never heard acknowledged before at the secret service. >> you can totally understand it. she is a mom who finds out while her kids are home alone that they have been shot at and nobody figured on out for four days. also the way she is told that irritates her the most. on that point, in fairness to the secret service and to the white house staff, the protocol is the white house staff is supposed to tell her or the head
9:20 am
of her protective detail with whom he has a relationship with is supposed to alert her to serious scary things. while she is napping they are trying to figure out what to do. my understanding according to sources, bill daley feels like she should be woken and told, but they decided the president be the 1 to tell her and there was a lag in time. it wouldn't be protocall as they were learning more scary things about ortega, but they haven't found the bullet. it wouldn't be his job to scare her with an unconfirmed investigation. once they find the bullets, he would have walked in to tell her. it's just that she found out before anybody did. >> that's great work. we know that the service has cameras up and a lot of other things in place, but it raises such serious questions. this is not going away lightly. thank you very much. >> thank you.
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>> thanks for being with us. joining me for more about the isis threat and the secret service issue, barbara boxer, a member of the foreign relations committee. we will be going to the un when prime minister netanyahu is speaking as you will understand. i wanted to ask you about the war, first of all, and the fact that the president acknowledged having under estimated the growth of isis and overestimated the ability to with stand that threat. what do you make of this with 16 intelligence agencies? >> clearly we don't want to miss anything, but we are human beings and we do. i think the fact that the president is being honest with the people as opposed to other presidents in the past that really didn't say it the way it was is a good thing and the fact that we would have to confront isil anyway at a certain point in time. we had a situation where huh that group khorazan and we went
9:22 am
after them early and there was criticism from the press, who is this group? did they make it up? you can't win one way or the other. if you act early, people are shocked. if you act later, they say got it wrong. the main thing is the president has a strategy and bbc has a headline that it seems to be working in iraq where they pushed back isil. i think we ought to focus on that. the president put together a coalition between 40 and 50 nations and he is working with boots on the ground that are not our boots on the ground. so far, so good. >> a plurality of americans in the latest poll does support boots on the ground. 45 to 37. does that change the al clagz of lawmakers and that will have an impact on the mid-term elections? >> i don't think so. if you look at how the question was asked, if the american military said this was the only way to stop isil, would you
9:23 am
support it? even at that it's a weak 45%. so no. i think the american people want us to do this the way the president laid it out. we can always look in the future if it isn't working. with turkey saying they will get more involved, we will have to see what the legislature does. this is the world against isil and that's the way i want to see it go. it's the way the american people want to see it go and the way the president is leading us. >> i want to ask you about the secret service issue. nothing is more important than the safety of the president and his family. to discover how lax the secret service was, we know they are such a trusted agency. they had their problems over the years, but if they are fooling around, i'm not as upset before he arrives as bullets hitting the truman balcony near the yellow oval room where the first family lives and not being discovered for four days. >> it's a shocking story.
9:24 am
i can just say this. when you look at what their mission is, the secret service mission at the white house, it's kind of a no brainer. it's protect the president and his family and figure out the best way to do it. to think that this was so mishandled and it actually occurred, it's worrisome to me. and clearly congress will get involved, they were already calling hearings. we should do the oversight. in all sincerity, it's a straight forward mission. it's the white house. it's the family. there has got to be a better way to deal with it than they are now. perhaps they made some major changes and we can't talk too much about the changes. obviously we don't want to let everybody know what they do. if this wasn't a wake up call, i don't know what could be. >> i wanted to play some of a
9:25 am
former secret service agent who describes the complacency to take hold. it's a friday night and only the first daughter is home and the first parents are in hawaii. let's play this bit. >> how does that happen? >> complacency. if you think about it, day after day, you are there. typically nothing ever happens and also the idea of the shooting that took place almost to the opposite side on constitution avenue. it's the inability to connect the dots. in addition that, it's failure in the chain of command. when you have supervisors not listening to the people underneath saying this is what i saw. >> that's really the most troubling thing. a woman agent on the south grounds saying i heard shots. she goes for a gun and to pull out a shotgun and the supervisor is a phrase to argue with him. >> that is a very frightening thought. there would be that much
9:26 am
complacency and the suculture i such that they are not listened to. if you are a complacent person, you don't fwlong this business. what if they were so complacent and they don't know what to do. you have to be a certain type of person and there has to be a certain type of training and a certain type of culture. every day you have to go to work assuming something bad is going to happen. that's the mind set you have to have. because your job is so important. >> great analogy. the firefighter analogy. thank you so much, barbara boxer. we will be bringing you prime minister netanyahu when he speaks, but in chicago, watch this. repairs on the major air traffic control center where a fire was set intentionally and the rep r repairs will not be finished until october 13th. 300 flights have been canceled at the airport today and delays remain at midway as well.
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this is holly. for advice, retirement, and life insurance, her long day of outdoor adventure starts with knee pain. and a choice. take 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. onward! only five weeks to go and big guns on the trails. chris christie will be stumping there for the state's republican incumbent, scott walker. kristi goes on to ohio to campaign for governor john casic. jeb bush is the latest republican heavy weight trying to save embattled senator pat roberts in his fight against challenger greg orman.
9:31 am
americans are focusing on the war against isis with surprising results. joining me for our daily fix and managing editor and nbc news political editor mark murray and we should talk about iowa. in iowa, a gentlemen jumped out ahead of bruce braley. >> that was the poll that came out over the weekend. it that number is correct, it shows a much closer rights. that's bad news for democrats. that means they have no margin for error and the contests in kansas and whether the candidate gets to democrats, if democrats end up winning, hold on to that senate seat. they have a more than mathematical chance of holding back the senate. they have no margin for error. they to to rin in north carolina. it makes it.
9:32 am
>> they can't slip and slide in new hampshire. brew turned out to be a terrible candidate. >> we have a tendency with all the money and attention these races get, the models that happen predicting "the washington post" and what will happen. candidates do matter. >> the human factor. how about that? on they were pay started ahead. braley made a number of mistakes that are localized. it's about his neighbors and their chickens getting on to his lawn. about him being critical of chuck grassley and other farmers in the state. while he is being attacked by republicanses as a tool of barack obama, in many ways, it's the candidate that is hurting
9:33 am
democrats and she has turned out to be a surprisingly good candidate. she made mistakes, but a pop lift feel to her, much more average joe or jane than braley comes across. if kansas is the one where republicans think i can't believe this, i think you right now democrats look at iowa and say this is not -- i'm with mark. i don't know that she ahead by six. this is not a race where we should be tied at best or behind by a few points at worst. >> what's happening with kay hang in? jeb bush tried to campaign and he was talking about immigration reform and about common core in education. tom gets up and rebuts everything he said. >> every poll we have seen shows kay hang in with a slide advantage. they r two .
9:34 am
i think there two things going on. president obama is unpopular in north carolina and even in 2012 when he won reelection, he was unable to win in north carolina. republicans in the state legislature are unpopular. tom tillis, the house speaker and the governor of north carolina's members are not significantly better than president obama. it's like throw all the bums out. that's the environment that that race is being waged in. >> before i leave that, it's unclear that people are more against brack when it comes to voting fagainst republicans in congress. it's pretty much an even dwight. >> there is the thing where a bigger percentage said none of those things end up mattering and it's about the candidates. the iowa senate contests where
9:35 am
bruce ran a poor campaign. it does come down to candidates and who ends up winning. one other thing is it comes down to organizations. democrats have the superior organization. can that make up any kind of gap that bruce had and the shortcomings he had. >> finally, chris christie is stumping for scott walker and then going to ohio. michelle obama in wisconsin for mary burke. >> with everyone in wisconsin, it speaks to this is the most polarized electorate in the country. the recall election of scott walker. chris christie, the rehab project continues and two people he might be running against in 2016. >> very interesting stuff. thanks to both of you so much. now to the united nations. you are looking at live pictures of the un. this is benjamin netanyahu's
9:36 am
moment stepping to the podium. >> against my country and against the brave soldier who is defend it, ladies and gentlemen, the people of israel pray for peace. but our hopes and the world's hopes for peace are in danger. because everywhere we look, militant islam is on the march. it's not militants, it's not islam. it's militant islam. typically its first victims are other muslims, but it spares no one. christians, jews, kurds, no creed, no faith, no ethnic group
9:37 am
is beyond its sights and it's rapidly spreading in every part of the world. you know the famous american saying, all politics is local? for the militant islamists, all politics is global. because their ultimate goal is to dominate the world. that threat might seem exaggerated to some since it starts out small like a cancer that attacks a particular part of the body. left unchecked, the cancer grows, metastasizing over wider and wider areas. to protect the peace and security of the world, we must
9:38 am
remove this cancer before it's too late. last week many of the countries represented rightly applauded president obama for leading the effort to confront isis. weeks before, some of the same countries, the same countries that support confronting isis oppose israel for confronting hamas. they evidently don't understand that isis and hamas are branches of the same poisonous tree. isis and hamas share a fanatical creed that they seek to impose well beyond the territory under their control. listen to isis's self declared. this is what he said two months
9:39 am
ago. a day will come when they walk everyone as a master. they will hear and understand the meaning of terrorism and destroy the idol of democracy. now listen to the leader of hamas. he proclaims a similar vision of the future. we say this to the west. by allah, you will be defeated. tomorrow our nation will sit on the throne of the world. that's hamas's charter makes clear, hamas's immediate goal is to destroy israel. but hamas has a broader objective. they also want it. hamas shares the global ambitions of the fellow militant islamists. that's why it said supporters wildly cheered in the streets of
9:40 am
gaza. thousands of americans were murdered in 9/11 and that's why its leaders condemned the united states for killing osama bin laden whom they praised as a holy warrior. so when it comes to the ultimate goals, hamas's isis and isis's hamas. what they share in common, all militant islamists share in common. has bowla in lebanon and syria and the mighty arm in iraq and the al qaeda branches in yemen, libya, the philippines, india and elsewhere. some are radical sunnis. some are radical shiites and some want to restore a premed evil from the seventh century and others want to trigger the return of an imam from the ninth
9:41 am
century. they operate in different lands and target different victims. they want to kill each other, but they all share a fanatic ideology and expand enclaves from militant islam. where there is no freedom and no tolerance. women are treated as chattal. christians are decimated, sometimes given the stark choice. convert or die. for them, anyone can be considered an infidel including fellow muslims. ladies and gentlemen, militant islam's mission to dominate the world seems mad. but so too did the global ambitions of another fanatic
9:42 am
ideology that swept into power eight decades ago. the militant islamist believes in a master faith. they just disagree who among them will be the master of the master faith. that's what they truly disagree about. therefore the question before us is whether militant islam will have the power to realize the unbridaled ambitions. there is one place where that could soon happen. the islamic state of iran. for 35 years, iran has relentlessly pursued the global mission set forth by its founding ruler, ayatollah komeny in these words.
9:43 am
we will export our revolution to the entire world until the cry there is no god but allah will echo throughout the world over. and ever since, the regime's brutal enforcers, iran's revolutionary guards have done exactly that. listen to the current commander, general muhammed. he clearly stated this goal. he said our imam did not limit the revolution to this country, but to prepare the way for an islamic world government. iran's president stood here last week and shed crocodile tears over what he called the globalization of terrorism.
9:44 am
maybe should you pair us those phony tears and have a word instead with the commanders of the revolutionary guards and ask them to call off the global terror campaign which included attacks on two dozen countries on five continents since 2011 alone. iran doesn't practice terrorism is saying derek jeter never played shortstop for the new york yankees. this bemaoning by the iranian period of the spread of terrorism is one of the greatest displays of double-talk. now, some argue that iran's global terror campaign, the subversion of countries throughout the middle east and well beyond, some argue that this is the work of the extremists. they say things are changing.
9:45 am
they point to last year's election in iraq. they claim that iran's smooth talking president and foreign minster, they have changed not only the tone of iran's foreign policy, but also the substance. they believe they generally want to reconcile with the west, but they a band onned the global mission of the revolution? really? so let's look at what foreign minsters wrote in the book a few years ago. we have a fundamental problem with the west. especially with america. this is because we are heirs to a global mission which is tied to our zone. a global mission which is tied to our very reason for being.
9:46 am
then he asked a question. i think an interesting one. he says, how come malaysia -- he is referring to a muslim country -- how come malaysia doesn't have similar problems? he answers because malaysia is not trying to change the international order. that's your moderate. don't be fooled. it's designed for one purpose and purpose only. they remove iran's path to the bomb. the riz lislamic republic will o remove the sanctions it still faces and leave it with a
9:47 am
capacity of thousands of centrifuges to enrich uranium. this would cement iran's place as a threshold military nuclear power. in the future at the time of its choosing, iran, the world's most dangerous regime in the world's most dangerous region would obtain the world's most dangerous weapons. allowing that to happen. it's one thing to confront pick up trucks. it's another thing to confront islam militants armed with weapons of mass destruction.
9:48 am
the chemical weapons in syria, including the possibility that they would fall into the hands of terrorists. that didn't happen. and president obama deserves great credit for leading the diplomatic effort to dismantle virtually all of syria's chemical weapons capability. imagine how much more dangerous the islamic state isis would be if they possessed chemical weapons and how much more dangerous the islamic state of iran would be if they possessed nuclear weapons. ladies and gentlemen, would you let isis enrich uranium? would you let isis build the heavy water reactor and let isis develop ballistic missiles? of course you wouldn't. then you must not let iran do
9:49 am
those things either. here's what will happen. once iran produces atomic bombs, all the charms and all the smiles will suddenly disappear. they will vanish. and it's then that the ayatollahs who show their true face and unleash their aggressive fanaticism on the entire world. iran's nuclear capabilities must be fully dismantled.
9:50 am
make make no mistake. to defeat isis and leave iran as a nuclear power is to win the battle and lose the war. to defeat isis and leave iran as a threshold nuclear power is to win the battle and lose the war. ladies and gentlemen, the fight against militant islam is indivisible. when militant is lam succeeds anywhere, it's emboldened everywhere. when it suffers a blow in one place, it's set back every place. that's why the fight against hamas is not just our fight, it's your fight. israel is fighting a fanaticism that your countries may be
9:51 am
forced to fight tomorrow. for 50 days this past summer, hamas fired thousands of rocks at israel, many supplied by iran. i want you to think about what your countries would do if thousands of rocks were fired at your cities. imagine millions of your citizens having seconds at most to scramble to bomb shelters, day after day. you wouldn't let terrorists fire rockets at your cities nor would you let them dig tunnels under your borders and infiltrate your towns to murder and grap your citizens. israel justly defended itself against both rocket attacks and terror tunnels.
9:52 am
israel faced another challenge. we faced a propaganda war. in an attempt to gain world sympathy. they used that as human shields. they used schools and un schools and private homes and mosques and supports to store and fire rockets at israel. as they struck at the rocket launchers and the tunnels, palestinian civilians were tragically and unintentionally killed. there heart rendering images that resulted. these charges that israel was deliberately targeting civilians, we were not -- we deeply regret every civilian casualty. the truth is this. israel was doing everything to
9:53 am
minimize civilian casualties. hamas was doing everything to maximize casualties and palestinian civilian casualtiec. they dropped flyers and made phone calls and sent text messages and broadcast warnings in arabic on television and all this to enable palestinian civilians to evacuate targeted areas. no other country and no other army in history have gone to greater lengths to avoid casualties among the civilian population of their enemy. now, this concern for palestinian life was all the more remarkable given that israeli civilians were being bombarded by rocks day after day, night after night. as their families were being rocketed by hamas, israel's citizen army, the brave soldiers
9:54 am
of the idf, our young boys and girls upheld the highest moral values of any army in the world. israel's soldiers deserve not condemn nation, but admiration, admiration from decent people everywhere. here's what hamas did. here's what hamas did. they embedded the batteries in residential areas and told palestinians to ignore israel's warnings to leave. they executed in gas gaza who dared to protest and no less reprehensible, hamas deliberately placed the rockes s
9:55 am
where they shouldn't live and play. let me show you a photograph. it was taken by a crew during the recent conflict. it shows two rocket launchers which were used to attack us. you see three children playing next to them. hamas deliberately put the rockets in hundreds of areas like this. hundreds of them. ladies and gentlemen, this is a war crime. >> i say to the president, these are the war crimes committed by the partners in the national unity government which you head and you are responsible for. and these are the real war
9:56 am
crimes you should have investigated. spoke out against from this podium last week. ladies and gentlemen, as israel's children huddle in bomb shelters and the missile defense knocked hamas rockets out of the sky, the profound moral difference between israel and hamas couldn't have been clearer. israel was using the missiles to protect its children. hamas was using its children to protect its missiles. by investigating israel rather than hamas for war crimes, the un human rights council betrayed the noble mission to protect the innocent. in fact what it's doing is to turn the laws of war upside down. israel which took unprecedented
9:57 am
steps to minimize casualties, israel is condemned. hamas that both target and hid behind civilians, that's a double war crime. hamas is given a pass. the human rights council is sending a message to terrorists everywhere. use civilians as a human shield. use them again and again and again. you know why? because sadly it works. by granding international legitimacy to the use of human shields, the un human rights council has become a terrorist rights council. it will have repercussions. it probably already has. about the use of civilians as human shields. it's not just our interests, not just our values under attack,
9:58 am
it's your interest and values. we live in a world steeped in tyranny terror where gays are hanged from cranes in tehran, political prisoners are executed in gaza, young girls are abducted en masse in nigeria and hundreds of thousands are butchered in syria and libya and iraq. nearly half, nearly half of the un human rights council resolution focus on a single country have been directed against israel. the true democracy in the middle east. israel where issues are openly debated and human rights are protected by independent courts and where women, gays and minorities live in a genuinely free society. the human rights -- that's an oxymoron. the human rights council. i will use it just the same.
9:59 am
the council's bias treatment of israel is only one manifestation of the return of one of the world's oldest prejudices. we hear mobs today in europe call for the gassing of jews. we hear national leaders come pair israel to the nazis. this is not a function of israel's policies. it is a function of sdheez is called anti-semitism. it is spreading in criticism of israel. the jewish people have been demonized with blood liables and changes of that. the jewish state is demonized
10:00 am
with the apartheid and charges of genocide. genocide. in what moral universe does genocide include warning the enemy population to get out of harm's way or ensuring that they receive tons of humanitarian aid each day as thousands of rocks are being fired at us or setting up a field hospital to aid their wounded. i suppose it's the same moral universe where a man who wrote a desertation of lies about the holocaust and who insists on a palestine free of jews. they can stand at this podium and shamelessly accuse israel of genocide and ethnic cleansing. in the past, outrageous lies against the jew


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