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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  October 23, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> i have the the power! >> thanks to the job that was provided by the the keystone excel pipeline. >> say yes to the keystone pipeline. ♪ ♪ >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. that's a good one, the keystone excel pipeline will make us an energy super power. i doubt it. lots of bull being thrown around and we only have 12 days until the midterm election and it's interesting how the margin of error is very close amongst most of the races and green energy, i think, could be the game changer in some very important senate races across the country, but first tonight i want to go through some of the political news that's unfolding around the country. this is good news. who says people are running from obama? on wednesday, the white house announced that president obama will be headed to wisconsin to campaign for mary burke. good call. the president will speak in mill walk owe tuesd walky on tuesday and it's the first time he's campaigned against job-killing governor
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scott walker. michelle obama has been to the state twice. the president's timing is interesting. the latef ras mussen poll has mary burke up one point over scott walker. >> things are close down in georgia, as well. it shows that michelle nunn is up on republican david perdue by two points. the the democrats would love to have a senate seat out of the south again. then, of course, there's kentucky. last week, democrats a lot of stories how the democrats pulled all of their funding out of kentucky because they thought mitch mcconnell had this wrapped up. and a survey showing mock connell is only up by a point and this is a winnable race frr grimes, and democrats reversed course and decided to restore funding in kentucky. i will be in lexington, kentucky on monday to bring you more of the story. meanwhile, other races around the country are not as close for
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the dems. energy is making a big play in these races. for instance, in colorado, republican governor cory gardner is up by mark udall and it wasn't supposed to be this way for the democrats in colorado. gardner has been running these ads saying he's friendly to green energy. >> so what's a republican like me doing at a wind farm? supporting the next generation, that's what. i'm cory gardner. i co-wrote the law to launch our state's green energy industry. now i'm working across party lines to encourage the natural gas our party needs. growth and opportunity from the earth, for colorado and that's what's right for our future. >> you bet it is. >> that's how you do it and you stand out in front of the wind mill on the prayery and take the oil money. gardner is trying to mislead the people of colorado as senator mark udall pointed out. the commercial is fraudulent. >> you all may have seen congressman gardner standing in
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front of some wind turbines on tv recently speaking about launching the clean energy economy. in reality, as several fact checkers have explained, his bill accomplished nothing. according to its own annual reports it had no executive director, no employees and no finance projects and it was repealed after five years in 2012. he's voted for extreme budget plans that would cut the department of energy's budget almost in half and he has voted for clean energy research and development. he's voted back the clean air and clean water acts to fund the epa and drilled just about everywhere. >> see, this is what it will really take in america for us to get serious about climate change. we've got to have some political head knocking going on, man, on top of those bogus ads that are out there. the league of conservation voters, they're reminding colorado voters on the real
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record of big oil. >> sometimes the signs are just there. congressman gardner is out of step with colorado. gardner took over 450,000 in contributions from the oil and gas industry and gardner sides with them, voting to keep billions in handouts for oil companies even as they made record profits. the cory gardner way, the wrong way for colorado. >> he will probably sand in front of solar panels next. the league of conservation voters has given congressman gardner a life time score of just 9%. don't let this guy fool you. he has no good environmental record, but he has a lot of money behind him. energy will be a huge issue in colorado, where does colorado stand on climate change. that's where we'll find out and look at the money that's being spent on it. over 12,000 in energy and climate-related ads have run in the state of colorado this
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cycle. >> now this colorado senate race is a microcosm of races around the country. the new york times reporting that 146,000 ads have run around the country related to energy through october 13th, but we can't get any talk in washington about energy, so why are they rung all these ads about it? it's the third most talked about topic behind jobs and health care. they can't win on ons and they don't like health care reform and so they're throwing money at energy because dog gone it if the democrats might hang on to the senate we might have to talk about climate change. over 17,000 ads have been running in alaska and most are anti-epa and pro-oil. over 17,000 ads in west virginia when it comes to the energy. 87% of them are pro-coal. over 16,000 in the state of michigan and 38% of them are anti-oil. over 8,000 ads in louisiana where over 50% are pro-oil. in kentucky, over 17,000 ads
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have aired so far and of course, 87% are pro-coal including this ad from the chamber of commerce. >> coal means jobs in kentucky, while the epa and bureaucrats tried to kill kentucky's coal industry, mitch mcconnell is fighting back and fighting hard, opposing regulations on coal, working to block the epa and shut down the bure crafts. >> saving coal jobs is the single most important thing we can accomplish. >> mcconnell is working so the coal industry remains strong. >> now you understand why grimes is not so quick to embrace obama. the president of the united states knows there is no clean coal and the democrats have come to the conclusion that the president's right on that. climate change is something we have to address. >> iowa is an interesting place where i've been. wind energy is a big player in the hawk eye state and energy and climate commercials have aired in iowa.
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40% of them support green energy including this one from the next-gen climate. >> we're back with renewable energy jobs for people like bill williams and jody ernst will have support for iowa renewables. we have a lot to lose. her pledge to the special interests could cost iowa jobs. that video right there looks very familiar. i was in a wind fa accountry manufacturing plant in iowa just a few weeks ago and gosh, that looks familiar, doesn't it? >> those employees had to find work after maytag left because of outsourcing and so i guess the wind just doesn't blow in west virginia, so we just have to have all this coal. why are we a trade to transition? this election is about who has guts to stand up and talk about transitioning the economy. and the energy tax credit.
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ernst up two points on braley. citizens united. they have a lot to do with this. you have the koch brothers. on the green energy side you have people like tom, fighting fire with fire, throwing money at money. i wear that as a badge of honor because i don't care what the conservatives think because they're wrong on this issue, got it? >> bottom line is this, if the radicals and that's exactly what they are, if you're a climate defire, you're a radical. if the radicals take control of the united states senate you can kiss talk or action on climate change in this country good-bye
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for at least a couple of years, who knows what will happen in '16, but a lot of science and the science is pushing us to the conclusion that we have to do something now. we have to change our economy now. we have proven in iowa that there are job opportunities to clean energy technology, but for some reason, because of the special interests of coal and oil and the the subsidies that we throw out there, we just can't seem to make the turn. this is the time to turn in america and sense i'm such a trusted voice for the liberals, let me tell you this, if the radicals get control, there will be no movement on climate change. this is why there's so much money being thrown at this subject that's not even number one on the conversation chart in america. jobs health care and then energy. energy, if you connect it to jobs it really is number one, and of course, health care is not number one for the republicans because they've lost on that issue. get your cell phones out.
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i want to know what you think. tonight's question. if gop rad will qaas control the session, will they ever say yes, text a for yes, b for no, at 67622, likous facebook, as well and we'll bring you results later on in the show. i want to bring in tonight senator sheldon white of rhode island who has been front and center on what this country has to do when it comes to climate change. senator, good to have you with us tonight. >> thanks, ed. good to be with you. >> i don't want to overstate this, but i would like your opinion. what happens to climate change if the radicals get control of the senate? >> we, in the minority have a lot more tools at our disposal. the power of a senator is often the filibuster and the the objections to things and the republicans have had to do their filibustering silently because
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most of what they filibustered for the american public hates and it would be quite interesting to see them have to move their agenda through a considerable number of senators who are willing to force the issue and say, look, you're not doing a thing until you do something on climate. why do something like this if the republicans don't want to talk about it? >> i think the american public is a lot more interested in this issue than the pundits have thought. i think for kentucky and west virginia, it's kind of a hail mary in those states. there are pockets of powerful coal economy any powerful coal money and so it works for republicans in those areas and as your clip with cory gardner shows, the republicans are trying to green wash themselves in purple states in order to get credibility. the deniers have lost the american public on this issue and they've lost the independent voters big time and the work that's being done in iowa and michigan is boosting our
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candidates because in those states voters get that we need to transition to a clean energy economy. you also see a lot of people just having to tug their fore locks to the big pruters and the big money because the republican party has become so dependent on polluter money that you have to go along with the gag if you're going get their mono sdpe so they're in a little bit of a trap here and they need the money and what do you do? if you're mitch or in west virginia, you have to go to a different place. look at 2016 and in the slate coming up in '16 you don't have the coal pockets any longer and this is an issue that will run for us, i believe. >> this is citizens united on steroids, that's what it is. are you afraid that big oil will throw the senate. the amount of money that's been thrown will be 70 million on the house side and they'll throw 60 million on the house side and
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they gerrymandered a lot of districts. >> traditionally, what do you think of that? >> look at republican john warner, senator sponsoring the warner lieberman climate change bill. look at republican john mccain running for president and look at republican susan collins doing the cap and dividend bill. you can go on with the the list. i won't continue. all of that was a steady republican heartbeat on the climate change until 2010. it was silenced by the threat from the polluter money of using citizens united to crush people in crime areas. they've virtually gone silent on their side and you can time it with the arrival of citizens united. we don't have to spend the money to have political effect. you can go to the back room with
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someone and say we'll spend millions against you if you don't knuckle under and that will will shut down the debate? senator sheldon whitehouse, your thinking is where the country needs to be. let me bring in michael, executive director of the sierra club. your thoughts on the ad, is this the play? >> it's an outrage. the only way gardner can win the election is try to engage in mass deception. this is a person that's taken millions from the oil industry and supported billions of dollars in taxpayer handouts to the oil industry who has fought against tax incentives to win, and who voted to shut down national parks and he's claiming to be a supporter for clean energy. it's deceitful, no two ways about it. why is udall down seven in your estimation? >> i think thagarder in so far has been successful in projecting an image that might be similar to what colorado
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wants, but it's the opposite of what he's actually doing. so far he's been successful doing that. >> what about the number of ads that have been run on energy. >> did we expect this? >> we did, because what's happening is you see the oil and industries and they're starting to lose market share in part because clean energy is creating so many jobses. clean energy is popular and the fossil fuel companies know they can't win in the marketplace of ideas and they can't wen on the issues by letting them hoodwink pem. >> the thing i want to say, is if we want a clean energy company, and if we have to have a whole fossil fuel to do that,
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we have to be together, if we want to create clean energy prosperity and there are sierra club members making phone calls and putting up lawn signs and being comboing on door asks we hope your viewers will fight in this election to fight for a clean energy future. >> we have seen and we've been to the factory there in newton, iowa, a result of clean energy with wind. joany ernst is against it, yet she's leading. go figure. >> you know, you have an example right now. i don't know if joany ernst is actually winning. my money is on bruce bail tey t win in iowa. what you have is the last gasp of an industry representative who is trying to hold on to the status quo. 25% of the electricity in iowa comes from wind. in the next election it will be closer to 35%. >> you're saving money by
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transitioning to energy and hundreds of fa amlies are doing sat the same thing. it's only a matter of time before the status quo, and they're the last gas of an industry that's losing the grip on the economy. >> republicans, go stand in a field and take the oil money and that's where they are. michael bruin, thanks so much and don't forget to share your thoughts with us on twitter and "ed show." like us on facebook. coming up, the suburb of miami explodes by getting out of florida and still being there. we'll talk to the mayor of south florida and it's all about climate change. they're floating it. university of chapel hill is facing a scandal. they'll weigh in on the unfair treatment for college athletes?
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but at ge capital, we're builders. and what we know... can help you grow. what's happening out there? time now for trenders. social media, join the ed team. it's a good thing to do. show and you can get my podcast, itunes, it's free. 24/7, we do it every day at about noon if lunch goes pretty good. raw and ring of fire and that's where you can can also get the podcast. ed show social media nation has decided and here are today's top trenders voted on by you. >> the number three trender. tired talks. >> i'm tired to hear about the minimum wage. i really am. >> chris christie complains about the minimum wage debate. i don't think there is a horth or father who said you know, honey, if our son or daughter
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could just make minimum wage, my god all our dreams would be realized. >> 28 million americans from all walks of life. you walk into any of these large employers and you will see people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. >> if the minimum wage were set at $10.10 per hour more than 1.7 million americans could stop relying on public assistance programs. >> the number two trender, righteous riches. >> there are people in this country that think wealth is evil. >> it's not about the money. it's about the game. >> i think well is a problem out there with some bad and toxic teaching. financial guru dave ramsey says the bible doesn't shun those with big bucks. >> it says the diligent prosper. you haven't done something wrong and that doesn't imput from heaven. >> heaven, here i am! >> financial blessings are the only blessings we apologize for. we fleed to understand that god owns it all. we're just managers for him.
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>> in today's top trender, miami heat. >> officials in the city of south miami approved a resolution that called for splitting it in half. >> the attitude of the northern part of the state is they would love to saw the state in half. upon. >> that does it. >> let us float off into the the caribbean. >> take it away. southern florida explores secession from the sunshine state. >> walter harris believes that officials in tallahassee aren't doing enough to protect south florida when it comes to rising sea level. >> here's what florida is estimated to look like in the year 2100. three-foot sea level rise? see you, maim mime. >> south florida would be better off making its own rules. >> joining me tonight is walter harris, he is the vice mayor of south miami, florida. mr. harris, good to have you with us tonight. where did this idea come from and how serious is it that this part of florida would get away
2:24 pm
from the state of florida and create the own municipality and entity? >> well, for the last 60 years from has been talk of separating from the north or south. south florida is urban. north florida is rural. south florida is liberal. north florida is conservative, very conservative, and most of the population and most of the revenue to run the state comes from south florida and it's not equally distributed back and more importantly, north florida does not legislate in the favor of south florida on a regular basis, that would be grounds enough, but now with the reality of the sea level rise everything has changed. south florida and the lower south florida is less than five feet above sea level and this includes the everglades. this includes a nuclear power plant that is 42 years old that's only four and a half feet
2:25 pm
above sea level and it's got 2.5 million pounds of nuclear waste buried alongside of it with no plans to do anything about it and they renewed this nuclear power plant for 20 more years. we need to be able to deal with these crisises and the situations without bringing in tallahassee. >> tallahassee has not done right by south florida. i get that and there are other political issues here, too. say that you were to break off and have a new entity, a governmental entity that would make decisions. what would stop the climate from doing what it's doing and what would you do differently? >> the climate will do what the climate will do and we'll deal with it on a media basis. the reality, miami beach which is increasingly going under water, flooding, just put in
2:26 pm
$200 million worth of drainage pumps so that they could drain the streets after high tide. we just had the super high tide two weeks ago. >> sure. and so they used these pumps. unfortunately, they're pumping into biscayne bay, but we'll deal with these problems, but we have to be able to deal with the problems ourselves. >> what does the governor say? where has rick scott been in the last few years when he's had power to do something about it? >> rick scott says he's not sure about rising sea levels. he's not sure because he's not a scientist. his campaign is simply, if there is a problem i'll deal with it, but doesn't even acknowledge, really, the reality of climate change and rising sea levels. he's never been much of an environmentalist. >> the union of concerned scientists have looked at data
2:27 pm
from the white house's national climate assessment and they came back with some pretty troubling numbers for your region. they estimate that by 2030 miami could flood eight times more frequently. by 2045, city could flood 230 times per year, almost two-thirds of the year. in key west, the estimate 45 floods per year by 2030 and that's more than three floods a month. so what's the move at this point for the residents? how is this all going to unfold? >> well, that's why i brought this up to let the residents actually begin to take charge of the situation as best they can. right now the residents are understanding it's a reality in their lives and even in a community like south miami which is inland, we now have flooding because of those high tides which get increasingly higher. we have the canals that back up
2:28 pm
and then our drainage sewers back up and they flood the streets and flood people's yards and it will get worse and everybody is recognizing that and every community is trying to think what we can do to prolong this and what we can do about infrastructure to handle the situation. >> just what i want, an alligator swimming in the front yard and that's what it will come down to. >> i can live with that. >> you could live with that? >> this will be interesting to see how it unfolds because they can only deny this so much. floods are a reality and i've been through floods. it gets people's attention real fast and it takes a lot of resources to reverse what you're looking at right now. walter harris, thanks for joining us tonight here on "the ed show." i appreciate it. coming up, the tar heels' cheating scandal leaves the school's reputation tarnished.
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the rapid response panel weighs in. later, michele bachmann will be leaving the house and she'll be passing the torch. we'll talk to the democrat running to change that congressional seat to blue. we're right back on "the ed show." but it doesn't hold me back. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. non-24 is a circadian rhythm disorder that affects up to 70% of people who are totally blind. talk to your doctor about your symptoms and learn more by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. welcome back to "the ed show," we have some breaking news at this hour. another health care worker is facing ebola testing here in the united states. this time in new york city. the health care worker is now in isolation as a health care provider and is now at bellevue hospital. earlier today the ems hazmat unit moved the patient who reported a fever of then 3 degrees. the health department has not yet released the name or even the gender of the victim for privacy reasons. we do know the worker returned to the united states ten days ago from west africa. the patient was working with humanitarian group doctors without borders caring for ebola patients in west africa. we expect preliminary ebola test
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for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. welcome back to "the ed show," thanks for watching tonight. a university's reputation for excellence in academics and athletics is now tornished. an investigation of north carolina at chapel hill has uncovered a nearly two-decades long cheating scandal. 2,100 students were involved between 1993 and 2011. half of those students were athletes. the unc's men's basketball team has won three national titles in the timeframe. it's totaled out at 21 national
2:37 pm
championships across all sports in those years. the question now becomes what will the nca ado? tom costello, nbc, has more. >> reporter: the university of north carolina, a premiere university with top-ranked athletes reeling tonight from what may be the biggest academic fraud in collegiate history. >> this never should have been allowed to happen. >> today an independent investigator revealed the full scope of the scandal. for two decades, basketball and football players funneled into classes that required no class time, no professor and only a single term paper graded by an administrative assistant yet the athletes made as and bs so they could remain in sports. most through the african-american studies department where the administrative assistant and department chair ran the program. ken wayne stein. >> is there any evidence that
2:38 pm
anybody outside this department worked on this. >> no, and we worked very hard to find out if anybody know about the deficiency of these classes and we didn't find that knowledge. >> tutors wrote his papers and the coaching staff knew of the bogus classes, but he refused to cooperate. the coaches denied the and the investigators found no evidence they knew. today, unc students were stunned and embarrassed. >> especially right now, the image is tainted. >> i can say that myself, you know, i've had to bust my butt my entire time here, and just to hear that is a little discouraging. it is. >> unc insists the fraud ended in 2011. nine staffers have been fired or disciplined and none of the current coaches were involved. the full report now goes to the ncaa which could impose further sanctions. tom costello, nbc news. >> joining me is terence moore, national sports columnist and james peterson, director of
2:39 pm
african studies at lehigh university. >> this is clearly pref are preferential treatment for athletes that generate revenue. how else do we read it? ? terence, your thought. >> roy williams, the basketball coach at north carolina should be fired on the spot and i would say the same of larry fedora, the football coach except he came theoretically after the scandal was over in 2011, and the reason i say this, ed, is because the football and the basketball coaches at these big-power universities with high-powered athletics, they treat their programs like they're the dictator of north korea. they know everything that goes on. they can tell you when one of their players is lifting a left or right arm campus at 3:00 in the morning and it's ridiculous to think that roy williams didn't know what was going on here. i'll put in in perspective.
2:40 pm
in the state of north carolina and at the university of north carolina, basketball is huge. basketball at north carolina is also huge for the ncaa because of march madness and north carolina brings a lot of money and a lot of fans to march madness and i'm saying all of this to say that this guy roy williams winning basketball games and he won the national championship in 2005, won another one in 2009 and not coincidentally that was right in the middle of the scandals and the attitude of the ncaa and the north carolina officials is just win, baby. >> you don't have to win a national championship in basketball to make a lot of money for the university. your point is well taken, but you can't lose to duke either. that's where their mentality is on all of this. dr. peterson, reverse this. what's the play? >> well, i think it's difficult to reverse. by the the way, i went to duke, but i still have a lot of love to north carolina. >> you have to be -- on this
2:41 pm
one. you want all those games back, don't you? >> listen, here ate deal. terence is right and that is very difficult to look at the situation and not understand how athletics was not somehow complicit in the process over two decades and it speaks to your opening comments, ed is we have to take a real hard look at ncaa sports and particularly flagship programs in basketball and football because the reality is if you're at a research one institution and you're playing football and playing basketball in one of these elite programs you're full-time, ed, you're between practice, training, travel and games and that's a full-time job in and of itself and we're expecting young people to be students at the same time. again, what you said, the revenue streams that are coming in, the tv deals and what you get from the programs unfortunately makes it a very difficult thing and it is a labor issue, ed. >> these players do not have a voice. they do what they're told and
2:42 pm
they're going to do anything they can to get eligible and they're not going to the school saying, hey, i need some help. they know they need help, academically to make sure they can meet the standards to play. let me go further, gentlemen, for just a moment. what about the death penalty? i mean, come on. if you want to clean it up, if you want to do it right, you've got to send the fear of god down and let north carolina know they can't get away with this stuff. what about that, terence? >> that's never going to happen because it goes to what i said before, a lot of these programs it's beneficial for the ncaa for them to do very well. the not so dirty little secret is this has been going on forever. >> that's right. >> i live in atlanta georgia and look thea the university of georgia, the university of georgia had this huge scandal where they discovered that huge chunks of the football team couldn't read or write. do you think they would learn their lesson? no. ten years later the basketball
2:43 pm
program is in trouble. you had jim and his son running the basketball program and he's teaching these classes filled with athletes, by the way, and was asking questions such as how many points did you get for a three-point shot? i'll tell you, even the dukes are guilty here. just recently you had the wall street journal point out that at duke which is supposed to be this bastion of academia that the majority and the favored major for the athletes is sociology and they found out that the rest of the campus, non-athletes it was 2%. >> it's the old saying what are you taking in college if you're playing? i'm taking basket weaving. >> that's true. >> what i'm saying is let me finish the point. it goes on everywhere and as long as we win that's the only thing that matters. >> they got caught at north carolina and now what's going on happen? dr. peterson, this is, you know, a lot of alumni will say that's
2:44 pm
just the way it is and, you know, we certainly want to beat duke. if somebody in the position of authority will have to make some major changes here. >> i think the president there will address it the way that she sees fit, but listen. the death penalty doesn't solve the problem. we want to sanction and penalize and be fair. we don't need witch hunts here, but we've got to change the conversation. is there a way for us to acknowledge the fact if these student athletes are working 40 to 50-hour weeks. is there a way for us to stretch out the curriculum over the summers where they can take classes and put the time in and is there a way for us to understand or work with the ncaa so young people can share in the revenue and profits through the athletic program? >> i agree with that. you're spot on, but this is fraud. these are kids that don't go to class. these are kids that have somebody else write a paper for
2:45 pm
them, that's cheating where i came from. you're supposed to do your own work and the coach -- >> and we can address that. >> the coach didn't know and the director didn't? >> the monetary pressure is still brought to bear on the system. >> terence, final comment. >> prior to this independent investigation that came up that said over a thousand athletes were involved in this, you had investigations, several, by the university and by the ncaa and guess what they came up with? we looked into this. there's no athletics involved in this. this tells you that this is a hopeless case. >> great to have you with us. terence moore and james peterson. appreciate it. >> still to come, we're talking to the democrat running for michele bachmann's seat in minnesota.
2:46 pm
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being treated with possible ebola symptoms. we learned the patient is dr. craig spencer. he recently traf lly traveled hw york city from west africa. he was there treating doctors w. new york city officials confirm the patient is in isolation at bellevue hospital, reported 103-degree fever. right now they're still waiting on ebola test results. a short time ago, mayor bill de blasio addressed the media. the important facts to know here, without going into too much detail, the individual in question is a doctor, has been able to work very closely with public authorities in providing information. very careful protocol has been in place now for weeks. this protocol was followed every step of the way, including the initial contact with the individual. >> the cdc is readying a team to send to new york city pending the results. we'll continue to follow this
2:51 pm
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2:55 pm
legislation to erase some of the dwi arrests that he has. >> tom, did you want a one-minute rebuttal to that? >> no. thank you for having me today. >> welcome back to "the ed show," a story for the folks who shower after work. tom emer can't even answer to his own record. he's running to replace michele bachmann who is under ethics investigation. if he succeeds, minnesota's sixth district is looking at another right tea party obstructionist. emer sponsorad an amendment to the constitution which would allow the state to full nigh federal laws relating to health care, education, and transportation. he proposed the firearms freedom act, which would have made
2:56 pm
minnesota exempt from firearm laws. he proposed cuts for service workers who earn income based on tips. he's going after the waiters and waitresses. emer made the ridiculous claim servers could take home $100,000 a year and make more than their employers. no class warfare there. emer's campaign is focused on what? transportation. but after the bridge collapsing in 2007 which killed 13 people, he voted against funds to repair the bridge and broken infrastructure across the state. he then voted against efrtfortso compensate the victims of the collapse, calling it feel-good legislation. minnesota's conservative district may have given michele bachmann four terms, but my guest is hoping that will be enough. as divisive politievic joining e
2:57 pm
from minnesota's sixth district. you are a teacher of 35 years. how did you get into running for politics, joe. good to have you with us tonight. >> thanks for having me. it's great to be here. how did i get in here? i was very content teaching school, being the mayor, just loving that job, but i'll tell you, michele bachmann dropped out and tom emer stepped in and my wife and i decided we can't have that happen. we're going to just see more of the politics we had with michele bachmann. and in looking at tom emer, the scary thing, he might even get some of his legislation done. >> we just had someone tweet asking if emer went to the same school as bachmann. what's your response to that? >> probably the same political school, because it seems like they're out of the same mold. >> what do you bring to the table? what kind of congressional representative would you be? >> well, i'll tell you what, it wasn't more than three days
2:58 pm
after jim graves had got out of the race. he called me up and said, i want you to run for congress. you're a good fit for the district. you know the people. you were raised there. you taught there for a long time. the people believe in you, they trust you. you hunt, you fish, you have all the right elements to be a candidate that can win. you have common sense. and actually after we had a horrific fire and explosion at a mill, we lost 265 jobs, had to work our way through that. he said you've got compassion and you can work with people. joe, you can represent the sixth district. >> you're talking about that event that took place in your town of sartel, minnesota, when you were the mayor. i understand that. >> yeah. >> what's your reaction that emer running on the theme of transportation, considering his voting record. >> it's a joke. you take a look at his voting record. i think out of 18 transportation bills, he voted 17 of them down. and again, after that 35 bridge
2:59 pm
collapsed, you have a bipartisan effort supported by the minnesota chamber of commerce, and folks saying, we need to get this done, an inspection program for bridges, even the one in my own community, and he says no to that, just time and time again. the rail program, bringing up the fantastic commuter rail, says no to that. st. cloud airport, says no to that. but yet he claims to be a champion of transportation. it's not true. >> what about minimum wage, he attacks it in the legislature, where do you stand on it? >> i take a look at what's happened since the last time we raised it. some of those folks can't even have the conversation of a dollar. but look how things have changed, rent's gone up, a cell phone, expenses with the automobile, gas, and you can't even talk about a dollar? come on. you know what, folks are hurting out there. and folks are just getting by. we want folks to be able to get ahead in this country. >> mayor pur ski of sartel,
3:00 pm
minnesota, good to have you with us tonight, joe. appreciate your time. that's the ed show. "politicsnation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. good evening, rev. >> thanks to you for tuning in, i'm live from nashville, tennessee tonight. breaking news tonight, a potential ebola case in new york city. at this moment, a doctor who recently treated ebola patients in west africa, and returned just ten days ago, is in an isolation unit at bellevue hospital undergoing testing for the ebola virus. the man is dr. craig spencer, a 33-year-old emergency medicine expert, who is working with doctors without borders in guinea. before leaving for africa, he wrote on facebook, quote, off to guinea with doctors without borders. please support organizations that are sending


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