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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  December 3, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PST

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does not happen at msnbc. >> thomas. >> the tree gets lit tonight. 30 roc. >> okay. >> i learned there's an awesome app on the phone called nest drop that delivered medical marijuana to your house and there's a city -- >> okay thank you. if it's way too early, it's "morning joe." what's wrong with him, seriously. if it's way too early, it's "morning joe." now it's time for "the rundown." have a great day. i'm going to a party. good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart. first on "the rundown," countdown to the shutdown. republican lawmakers are jumping on board the chomnibus. a plan that would keep the government operating through the year. another chance to confront the executive action on immigration early next year. the house is voting later this
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afternoon on a $45 billion package to resurrect some very popular tax breaks that were allowed to expire due to d.c. dysfunction. we have both ends of pennsylvania avenue covered with "washington post" congressional reporter ed o'keefe and msnbc senior white house correspondent chris jansing. you and i both speak two languages but i still need a translator. can you help me with what exactly is a cromnibus? >> it stands for cr-onnibus. ch hare cr stands for continuing resolution. instead of passing a full year appropriations bill. omnibus is the idea that it's got a lot of different things in it. basically takes care of everything. and it's the kind of bill you don't want to vote against because there are so many in it.
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so cromnibus is basically what it is. you're passing 11 of 12 government spend bills. the 12th is the homeland security bill which would continue on a continuing resolution basis. it's a miserable term. sadly, we're all starting to use it. >> what should we be watching for today as lawmakers try to avoid another shutdown? >> a few things. you watch for how many republicans might say they don't want to vote for this because they don't think it's enough of a hard response against what the president did by using his executive authority. the other question to be asking is how many if any, democrats might vote with republicans for this or will they stand in total opposition holding the homeland security department hostage by implementing this sort of two-step plan. there will be be a vote on a bill that will essentially stop the president from being able to
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take executive authority and it's expected that one will pass quite easily with republican support. >> ed o'keefe, thank you. today explaining the unexplainable. appreciate it. now to the white house and chris janicing. what's the white house view on this cromnibus? >> yeah they're not using the word necessarily in general company but having said that look, they'd of course like the entire government to be funded. but they are not likely to be pushing for a veto here which has been the suggestion the president veto because of lack of funding for homeland security. they knew there would be a fight coming up on immigration. this is something that allows the republicans to set up for early next year. but also remember they both have a vested interest in not having a government shutdown. and mitch mcconnell is actually going to be coming here to the white house this afternoon to
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meet with the president. obviously, the spending bill will top this conversation because that is the most pressing matter. you'll remember jose right after the election the president joked he wouldn't mind having a kentucky bourbon with senator mcconnell. there's no word about whether that is on the menu. certainly, the spending bill is. >> chris jansing thank you. now, back to capitol hill. congresswoman sanchez. nice to see you. >> good morning. >> your reaction to the cromnibus plan. >> the saddest part and what americans need to understand is that the republicans are taking out the homeland security department and funding it differently. funding it at the last year's levels. and what is wrong with that? they're not allowed to really change moneys or they can't move moneys around. a lot of things have changed in the past year for homeland
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security. it's probably one of the most dynamic departments. one where managers really need to have some flexibility to move forward and go after terrorists for example. this will really handcuff our people over at homeland security. so for political purposes, the republicans are doing really dumb things. >> the reason they're talking about homeland security is because under homeland security lies immigration, right, and it is enforcement of immigration. what they're trying to do i presume, is figure out a way to strike back at the president's decision to act unilaterally on immigration reform. >> well what they're trying to do is get back at the president, send him a message. but the problem is they're really putting our homeland security at stake here in this country. it's a very dangerous game what these republicans are doing. these house republicans in
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particular. and i just don't -- i have to go back to the fact that these house republicans have refused to do immigration reform. they've not brought a bill to the house to vote on. there really is so many ways anti-immigrant it's unbelievable. >> as you know the plan to dismantle president obama's immigration action what do you think the impact of that will be? >> i would hope that so many immigrant families out in come really is the ellis island, if you will of our nation these days. i hope that our immigrant families who are naturalized citizens those who have born usa citizens those who are voters, will really take a look and finally understand that the republicans are against an immigrant-based america, which is what we all are. >> congresswoman, there were
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efforts, and you've been on the forefront of supporting efforts in the past to get something on immigration reform done in a bipartisan fashion. shouldn't the responsibility be in the house of representatives to deal with immigration reform in however it deems necessary? so the president acting unilaterally, some republicans say, is actually causing a problem for them because when they talk about immigration now, the right of republicans say they don't want to deal with it because of the president's actions. >> the hispanic caucus which has always been the champion for immigrant rights here in this country, we have been working with the president. we have been working with republicans. we've been working with the senate for four years now on an immigration bill. the senate got it done about 540 days ago. it came over to the house.
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it is these house republicans in particular who do not want to sit down do not want to iron something out. some people want to wait until because we're trying to work out something with the republicans in the house and let's wait and let's wait and let's wait. we can't wait. families are being torn apart in the united states. our traditional values in this country are traditional family values. deemed that it is better to keep familyiesyies reunited wherever possible. >> this presidential order really impacts families of u.s. born children. so it's very -- >> that's exactly correct. >> it's very clear on that -- >> that's exactly correct, jose. we are talking about young u.s.
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citizens whose mothers are being taken to another country that cannot be good for our u.s. citizen children. >> thank you very much. i want to go to california. where record breaking drought has, for a moment now, given way to this water and millions of gallons of it sweeping through roads and homes, sparking mudslides, car crashes and power outages. evacuations are throughout the state. up to 6 inches of rain in some areas. right in the middle of it all. good morning. >> very good morning to you, now. because we've got a wave of rain on sunday. we've got a wave of rain yesterday. we broke all sorts of records. already, the strongest storm to hit southern california all year. now we're bracing for yet
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another wave coming later today. so all of that rain in one week in areas where we've had recently wildfires burning in the hills. that's a big concern. because in the past, as we've seen we get mudflows that come in. they go into backyards. they can go into homes. up to 6 inches in one area. right now, there is nothing more important for people who live in foothill communities like this. watching that next wave of rain. >> we're watching these videos of, you know, speed it up video of just the amount of water that comes down in such a short amount of time. are we expecting more of that this same kind of intensity, in the coming hours or days? >> yeah almost as intense. it may hit los angeles and a little bit to the south. and then later this week we're going to get that kind of intensity up in northern california. we had power outages all up and down the state. we had flight delays up to four and five hours. it is a mess when it happens.
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but the most the biggest concern are these burn areas where we can really get some serious mudflows jose. >> thank you. we'll head back to california next hour for an update on the storm. appreciate your time. up next, replacing chuck hagel. all signs point to a very short list. just one name on it. ashton carter. what's taking the president so long in making the nomination? plus, at the supreme court, should companies have to make reasonable accommodations for employees? the question before justices today. we'll go there live in just moments. also, a new woman comes forward, accusing bill kolscosby of molesting her decades ago. the wrinkle cream graveyard. if it doesn't work fast... you're on to the next thing. clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it targets fine lines and wrinkles with the fastest retinol formula
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time to take a look at what's driving d.c. and the upcoming decision everybody's talking about. >> he was confirmed with unanimous consent so i think that's an indication he is somebody who has succeeded in the past of winning strong bipartisan support for his leadership and government service but -- and that certainly is part of the criteria for whoever the next secretary of defense will be. >> whoever the next secretary of defense may be. well, as far as we can tell the list is really with only one name on it to replace defense secretary chuck hagel. ashton carter's on that list. his nomination still isn't a done deal. why the delay, what's going on? the white house in this case does appear to be a little slow off the mark. normally when there's a high level resignation in
6:15 am
administration, the white house would have the next person to replace the one resigning, whether forced order voluntary. they would have that person all teed up and ready. in this case there were a couple of high level officials. senator jack reid up on capitol hill and the former undersecretary michele flournoy. we were told some in the white house really wanted the first woman defense secretary to put the notch in obama's political belt so to speak. when both of them decided and told the white house, please take us out of consideration, they settled on ashton carter former deputy secretary of state, we're told, who's now being vetted. even that process, since he's already being vetted to become the deputy secretary of state, one does have to wonder what's taking all this time. >> why i presume is still up in the air. but why choose a policy guy, not a military guy? >> people who really respect
6:16 am
ashton carter here in this building say the one short fall he does have in this stellar, stellar resume is that he doesn't have much foreign policy experience. and it's been proven before that just because you're in the military doesn't necessarily mean that you will make a good secretary of defense. nevertheless people say because of the issues the administration is face the military over the next couple of years, particularly over the budget front, enforcing it once it was passed before congress. that's going to be the primary objective. that's a primary concern of many in this building. he's is up a quick study, he's very smart. he's got a couple of degrees from yale. they think he'll have no problem
6:17 am
grasping the military aspects of what's going on now, particularly in iraq and syria. >> jim mick la chessklaszewski, thank you. i want to bring in a man with some insight on what kind of secretary ashton would be. i wanted to talk to you about what we were talking about with mr. miklaszewski. how does a man who has never worn a military uniform fit in? >> he's a great guy, very blunt, tough, as jim miklaszewski just outlined, he knows that budget just as well as any human being on the planet. some of the questions that are out there about him, though i don't agree with him about foreign policy, whatnot, he was actively involved regarding north korea's nuclear program, and a variety of other things. he's a nuclear wizard when it
6:18 am
comes to strategy and thinking through those dimensions. he knows the budget very well. what we don't know is he a good war-fighting secretary? a lot of criticism of chuck hagel was he would be the drawdown guy to reorganize and rewire the pentagon to deliver security in a very different way. if we're going to be defining the pentagon's tasks around challenges around isis what we do globally with russia which seems to be wanting a tiff here and there, then we don't really have much insight into how ash carter will behave like that. i've been with him in meetings where he's very tough minded. he's a tough guy on iran. if obama really things he's going to get a deal with iran in this next year then he can't have a secretary of defense who's going to be out there sending different signals. that may be one of the things that they're negotiating about right now. i think among the other things you negotiate is when any secretary comes in they come in and say, you know, how they see the leadership of the pentagon. how they see other command
6:19 am
staffs. that may be part of the delay you're referencing. >> thank you so much. we'll get a live report on secretary kerry's meeting in our next hour. he is going to be part of a large group talking about how to defeat isis. that is going to be part of our coverage in this pregram today. as "the rundown" rolls on. some developing news in the michael brown case. we've just received a statement by brown's stepfather reacting to an investigation by police into whether he attempted to incite a riot. investigators are considering whether to charge brown's stepfather, louis head along with potentially others for attempting to incite a riot for urging a crowd to quote, burn this expletive down. head released a statement just moments ago saying in part quote, i was so angry and full of raw emotions as so many others were and granted, i screamed out words i should not have screamed in the heat of the
6:20 am
moment. it was wrong and i humbly apologize to all of those who read my pain and anger as a true desire for what i want for our community. it was not. coming up after the break, we'll zoom through other top story, including a plea for a death row inmate getting a lot of attention today in texas. and only in south florida, let me tell you, rocking the boat. we'll have the story behind this incredible picture. how does 160 foot yacht get stuck under a draw bridge? two words. south florida.
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a final plea for a death row inmate. a possible ebola case. and yacht versus bridge. the hope for the texas death row inmate lies with a u.s. appeals court.
6:24 am
the supreme court court and governor perry. he is scheduled to die tonight by lethal injection for the 1992 murders of his in-laws in front of his estranged wife and daughter. he was diagnosed with schizophrenia before the murders. but it's been reviewed and debated about whether people with severe mentalxecuted. we're watching this case. we're also waiting for tet results out of boston on a patient admitted as a possible ebola case. the patient currently is in an isolation unit until those tests come back. officials in the hospital say the person is in stable condition and in good spirits but provided legal detail about their symptoms or travel history. they only said the individual fit the criteria to be tested for ebola. you have to check this video out from here in south florida. a 160-foot yacht known as the rock star. it was trying to pass through the draw bridge that connects north miami with bay harbor islands when the bridge, well, slipped. came crashing down. it caused major damage. no one was hurt. the yacht, by the way, is for
6:25 am
sale. the asking price, 21 million. but i bet you could probably get a good discount on it now. we're just moments away from the opening bell on wall street. stocks start at fresh highs. investors will be keeping an eye on the congressional hearing on the takata air bag recall. cnbc's mandy drury. >> takata is actually pretty defiant about all of this. it has refused to comply with a u.s. government demand for an expanded recall of its air bags. it's actually kind of passing the buck toouto makers themselves. a number the automakers want to do their own test on the air bags because these air bags can explode. they can shoot out shrapnel. the recalls ss began. we don't really know what the cause is. takata hasn't made that clear. automakers are under the
6:26 am
spotlight here and we'll watch that hearing on the matter. on another topic, it's also to do with cars. november was amazing for auto sales. black friday promotions. you had lower gas prices. low interest loans. all kinds of things that came together to make it the best november in years. and i think about 20% gains for some of the automakers like chrysler. really incredible sales. but very quickly, before i let you go, your cup of joe is going to cost you more. kraft is hiking prices on a lot of single serve coffees later this month it it's passing it on to us the consumer. >> why is the price going up? >> the price of coffee is going up. various factors such as drought in brazil which is a big coffee area. a big coffee growing area. comes like craft, they can't naturally eat all of those costs. they have to pass it on to us.
6:27 am
>> cnbc's mandy drury, thanks. in the next half hour of "the rundown," exclusive poll numbers hillary clinton should pay close attention to. plus, a pregnancy discrimination case. issues involved that affects every working woman who wants to have a baby. hi, how's it going? whatever you're looking for, start by test-driving nearly every make and model all in one place. carmax. start here.
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never go to the post office again. well another great thing about all this walking i've been doing is that it's given me time to reflect on some of life's biggest questions. like, if you could save hundreds on car insurance by making one simple call, why wouldn't you make that call?
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see, the only thing i can think of is that you can't get any... bars. ah, that's better. it's a beautiful view. i wonder if i can see mt. rushmore from here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. developing now, at the security supreme court, in about 30 minutes, a major case on workplace equality. should your boss be required to accommodate you if you become pregnant? what if pregnancy presents you from performing the major functions of your job? the pashlaintiff is a former u.p.s. driver. live for us outside the court. what should we be looking at this morning? >> good morning, jose.
6:30 am
women's rights advocates are gathered in support of peggy young, the u.p.s. driver who sued for pregnancy discrimination. what we'll be looking at is how do the justices see this case? is this the chance for them to break their streak of restricting women's rights that rule in favor of plaintiffs that seek to limit it, or is this an opportunity, they see this impinges on the rights of ememployer ememployers, something the court is very sympathetic to. >> it is illegal to fire someone because they're a woman, but what exactly is she saying should have happened? >> well when you say the major functions of the job, what peggy young argues in fact this was only a very small portion of her work responsibilities as a u.p.s. driver that she couldn't perform without assistance. she couldn't lift packages that were more than 20 pounds. in other cases, maybe women need
6:31 am
a stool to sit on bathroom breaks. what the plaintiff called reasonable accommodations that are similar to what is required under the americans with disabilities act. they argue that because u.p.s. accommodated other workers, they shouldn't discrimination against women. >> we'll see what happens. we'll check back in the next hour. moving now to some exclusive new numbers to immigration action and hillary clinton, specifically among latino voters, it's a voting bloc that will no doubt be a crucial one for mrs. clinton if she decides to run in 2016 which is exactly where we'll begin this morning. the poll was commissioned by the group, the board of families, and we're joined by the co-founder of latino decisions. good morning. so what's the message to mrs. clinton? >> she has an opportunity to
6:32 am
improve on and succeed with the obama numbers. that's only if she gives a commitment to renew and support the executive action on immigration that president obama has recently enacted. if, in fact she decides to not renew it or she doesn't give a commitment, she's not certain, we find her support drops by almost 50 points. a shocking number. down to only 37% support. her support in the latino community is contingent on leaning in and supporting this executive action. >> i think politically, it would be the easy choice for her to make, ton support the president's action on immigration. but the fact she hasn't come out and made a clear statement on what she feels on this do you think this will have an impact? >> yes, absolutely. so far she says she supports the president. she has not said whether or not she will actually renew this or she thinks the next president
6:33 am
will renew this. president obama announced the doca for the dreamers in 2012 and romney never said if he would allow it to continue or repeal it as president. because this is an executive order, it's contingent on the president to keep it going in the next term. >> correct, it only has a three-year period. the president keeps telling congress to pass a bill. what are latino voters saying if that doesn't happen with the new congress? >> that's a good question because now all the pressure is back on the congress. the congress is the one that needs to come up with a permanent solution. if they don't, we found overwhelming support, 73% of latinos, said they support the president or a future president using additional executive action to continue protecting the additional five six million undocumented immigrants who were not covered under this executive action of last -- of two weeks ago. >> and very quickly, any update on jeb? >> well you know i think jeb and christie and rubio, the rest of those republicans who have been moderate on immigration,
6:34 am
they need to also lean in on this. they need to learn the lessons of romney's mistakes where he refused to answer the question on whether or not he would renew doca. this is going to be on the presidential agenda. they have to renew this executive action or let it expire. >> just because you said that in the next segment, we're going to tee up jeb's comments on immigration. matt thanks always a pleasure to see you. thanks for bringing us these numbers. they're so important and fascinating. >> you've got it, jose any time. one voice behind these numbers, the executive editor of one of the groups who commissioned the poll. good morning. >> good morning. >> when it comes to the latino vote in 2016 what's the message to hillary clinton with these numbers? >> well it's a clear message not only to hillary clinton but to the entire presidential hopefuls, you know that you either get behind executive action. you're seeing 89% of the latino electorate is saying they support the executive action.
6:35 am
but sending a clear message that not only do they support the executive action they want it renewed, and further, that if congressional action doesn't happen, in other words, if republicans don't get their act together. and legislate, they expect action. >> one of the things that make strike people in this poll commissioned by you and other groups, many say they know an undocumented immigrant. a vast majority of them. should that be more of a driving force? take a look at these numbers. 64%. do you know someone who is an undocumented immigrant? do you think this should matter to people? should though be an important aspect of removing politics from the equation? >> you know when you look at this issue, it's a very personal
6:36 am
issue. absolutely right. nearly two-thirds of the latino electoral have a direct connection to either a family member, friend or neighbor. you definitely need to take politics out of the equation. you're looking at the latino electorate and the way they behave and the way they change their voting patterns. through this poll and many other polls. that they're not married to the democratic party. they want to see results. and they want to see action. on immigration. and so this executive action is something latinos are firmly behind. they expect the next presidential candidate and the next president of the united states to attempt a regulateive solution. if not, they expect actions. we're going to be asking all of the presidential field to make a commitment on this important issue. >> and i want to get your take on jeb bush. here's what he said yesterday here in miami on immigration reform.
6:37 am
>> we need to move away from using immigration as a political lever to gain votes and focus on it as an economic tool for sustained growth. >> that is a different tone for many republicans in washington. >> absolutely. i think, you know, it's the right tone. it's a better tone. we've been getting mixed messages from jeb bush. i think that's the right tone we need. he's getting a lot of pushback as you're getting to get closer to the primary and the republican side. he needs to stick to that message and talk to the american people that immigrants contribute to this country. that finding a path to legalization will benefit the economy. will benefit public safety. will benefit overall society. >> arturo thank you for being with me this morning. >> thank you. >> we'll have much more on hillary clinton live next hour when she addresses a crowd. and another woman comes forward
6:38 am
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another bill cosby bombshell. the comedian faces a civil suit from a woman who claims he sexually assaulted her when she was just 15. similar allegations in recent weeks. this is the first civil suit filed against the star since one was settled out of court in 2005. nbc's kate snow has more. >> you see what i saw? >> yes, i saw what you saw, and don't be worrying -- >> it was 1974 and bill cosby was starring in movies. the woman filing suit says she was 15 with her 16-year-old friend when they saw a film set in a park near pasadena.
6:42 am
they walked over to see what was going on and they were approached by cosby who then invited them to sit in a director's chair, court papers say. judy huff now 55 said cosby asked how old they were and invited them to his tennis club where he served them multiple drinks and then brought them to the playboy mansion. allegedly told the girls if anybody asked their age, they should say they were 19. later, suit alleges huff meernled frommeernl ed emerged from a bathroom and had cosby sits could p found cosby sitting on a bed. he then sexually assaulted her. >> this is a civil case where it's all about money. she's seeking compensatory damages. >> reporter: an attorney for cosby had no comment. cosby has never been charged with any crime. in the past, his attorney has said other allegations against cosby were unsubstantiated. adding it makes no sense that not one of these new women who just came forward for the first
6:43 am
time now ever asserted a legal claim back at the time they allege they had been sexually assaulted. huff says in the court filing that the incident 40 years ago at such a tender age caused psych lodge damage and significant problem throughout her life. cosby, she says abused his position of trust. >> as for why the suit comes so late nearly 40 years after the alleged assault took place, she says she only recently connected it to her psychological issues. again, important to note that bill cosby has not been charged with any crimes and he has denied past allegations. coming up we're going to go to staten island new york where the grand jury watch is on in the choke hold death of eric gardner. a live report straight ahead. first, a sad note from the world of music. bobby keys the self-taught sax legend perhaps best known for his brown sugar solo for the rolling stones died tuesday at home in tennessee. his family did not specify a cause. the texas-born keys learned in
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a grand jury in new york is expected to make a decision soon possibly as early as today, in the case of eric gardner. this is video showing the 43-year-old father of six being placed in a choke-hold by police officers. gardner died shortly after. the new york city medical examiner later ruled his death a homicide. caused in part by compression of the neck as well as complicated
6:47 am
health factors. let's go live to staten island with msnbc's tremain lee. what much the grand jury decide in this case? tremaine, can you hear me? >> how you doing. yeah firstful all, unlike a trial jury they will now be determining whether officer daniel was guilty or innocent. they're trying to determine whether there was probably cause to indict the officer when he placed eric in a choke hold which is an illegal maneuver by the nypd. >> the similarity with other cases may be striking. trs not guilty or innocent charge the grand jury is looking at but whether to go forward with the case. >> that's right. i think some of what we saw in ferguson there was so much attention it was such a high profile case and there was so much weight placed on what the grand jury was doing and the
6:48 am
entire process. it almost seemed to be they were trying to determine whether he was guilty or innocent. and people behaved as such. that's not the case. it's a matter of determining whether it should be going forward to a trial and whether charges should be filed. >> tremaine thank you so much. appreciate your time. as soon as the grand jury announces the decision we'll bring it to you live. also developing but in ferguson, a washington state man charged tuesday with threatening to kill a ferguson police officer with the initials d.w. those are the same initials of course, of officer darren wilson. calls for a mike brown law are gaining traction with the white house petition now earning more than 150,000 signatures of proposed law that would require police officers to wear body cameras. let me bring in delaware's governor. what a pleasure to see you. >> my pleasure. good to be with you. >> you're open to deploying body cameras on police in your state. why? >> it provides a lot of
6:49 am
information that can be helpful. we've talked to folks, you know, coming from a wide range of perspectives who see the potential value. we've already deployed dash board cameras in our police cars, that's been helpful. so we're going it take a hard look at this. and, you know, just what are the benefits what are some of the issues around privacy, logistics, costs. i was approached by the naacp to state up a meeting with the state police. that will be happening soon. >> what has been the reaction from police officers in delaware? >> i've heard from folks on both sides. some think it would be helpful. it provides information. if there hasn't been a problem that will be good for them. folks on the other side are concerned about some of the privacy issues whether it makes it less likely that people will give information to the police. it might be important in some kind of investigation. so, you know, people are -- i've heard from folks on both sides. we're going to take a hard look.
6:50 am
>> as far as currently standing in your state you're thinking you're probably in favor of it if it should come down to that. >> that's where i'm leaning. i want to hear the issues around previous and some of the logistical issues and the like. i can certainly see the benefits. i'll be listening to both sides. >> thank you so much for your time. i appreciate you being with me. >> take care. coming up as we take the turn on "the rundown," several developing stories. we're watching a house hearing on the defective t aka air bags as well as a hillary clinton event in georgetown. and the supreme court about to start hearing arguments about pregnancy in the discrimination in the workplace. it's officially christmas in the white house. it's a white produce from minnesota. the home state of senator al franken. >> 88-foot tall tree. neither do i. but i'm sure it took a very long
6:51 am
time. time. >> tonight it's new york's turn and the most famous christmas tree in the world at rockefeller center. you don't want to miss our five things ""oh christmas tree" next hour on "the rundown." charmin! take a closer look at charmin ultra soft and you'll love what you see. not only can you use less, but you can actually see the softness in our comfort cushions. plus charmin ultra soft is so much more absorbent you can use up to four times less. what are you boys looking at? my main squeeze. rotorooter approved. charmin is clog-free or it's free. yep. this is the one. can we go for a test drive? oh sure, i'll be right back. thanks. leather, running boards... carmax quality certified low, no-haggle price 5-day money back guarantee ... that's great... and, a roof rack for the kayak!
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polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher brighter denture everyday. and developing right now in our nation's capitol three big events just getting underway. house members will grill
6:55 am
executives from takata about the massive air bag recall. also former secretary of state hillary clinton about to speak live at georgetown university. if you're worried about workplace rights the supreme court should be on your radar today. the justice are about to hear a case that could affect everyone starting a family in america. we're covering all of these events with nbc's kelly o'donnell on the hill's alex at georgetown, and the president of the national organization for women terri o'neal watching the supreme court case closely. kelly, i want to start with you. the hearing coming after takat refuseing to meet a deadline. >> one of the things we see when there's a case of confrontation, it can play out in a big way on capitol hill. when you have a private sector company refusing to follow some of the step set out by congress that has oversight and the draft
6:56 am
cat draft company is saying it disagrees with the claim it needs to cooperate with a national recall because of the product, inflaters inside air bags that have gone off and spewed slaphrapnel to the severe injury and deaths of several people who were passengers in the cars. some recalls have begun, especially in warmer climates where the air would potentially -- the climate itself would hasten the expansion and cause greater damage. ta takata said doing a national recall takes away from money to fix the problem. law makers are frustrated. they feel they have not the cooperation they want to see. they haven't had the documents they want. expect with the position that the company has taken that is going to be viewed as a hostile witness again today. expect fierce questioning and a lot of frustration because there is a real potential here for further loss of life or injury
6:57 am
because there is a real concern that these bags that are employed in lots of different cars could still be at risk. >> right. >> and cause real tension. >> i want to go back to the graphic we showed minutes ago. these are a number of different car companies and models that are affected. it's 8 million recalls and includes honda, chrysler mazda, ford, and bmw. these are cars made 2008 and earlier model years. we're talking about a lot of cars on the roads today. >> and one of the things that is different about this kind of recall is talking about someone in the supply chain. typically we're talking about only a brand model people who drive those vehicles tune into that right away. it's harder to know if your car has this system because it is a part of the supply chain. so it does affect so many more individuals who might not have realized it. these recalls and replacements are underway but a national recall is what is at issue now. and the company is pushing back
6:58 am
on that telling the agency that is responsible for overseeing safety it doesn't believe that's the appropriate response. lawmakers will have a lot to say about this. lawmakers have been trying to retrieve more documents demanding more information from the company. that's been slow to come. expect it to be a tense hearing. >> thank you, we'll keep watch on the hearing throughout the day. we're keeping our eye on hillary clinton, the former secretary of state expected to speak any minute at georgetown university. the conference titled "smart power. security through inclusive leadership." we're told to expect new information on ferguson. we are outside the hall at georgetown university in washington. alex good morning. >> good morning, jose. >> a lot of supporters and civil rights leaders criticized mrs. clinton which has been seen as a slow response since the nonindictment in ferguson. >> yeah. that's right, jose. that was especially true after
6:59 am
michael brown was killed on august 9th. she waited until the 28th of the almost. almost 20 days to say something publicly despite being asked about it. when she spoke she had strong comments. she talked about what she would feel like if she was the mother of michael brown. even some of her allies thought it was too little too late. they wanted her to jump on it sooner. i think we can expect her to weigh in on things more recently after they happen. >> yeah, it kind of reflects the same situation with immigration and the president's unilateral decision on immigration freezing 5.5 million deportations with folks with u.s. born children hasn't been a clear message from the secretary on that. talk about how her balancing act as private citizens and someone, well widely viewed as future presidential candidate. >> this is sort of the core dilemma of her precampaign period. assuming there is a campaign. on one hand she wants to be a private citizens. she and her staff say she has no
7:00 am
obligation to weigh in on anything. on the other hand she's here at georgetown. she was in new york earlier. she'll be boston tomorrow. she'll giving four speeches this week. she wants to have it both ways. she wants to be a private citizens on some issue and a public figure on others. they haven't figured out a good way to navigate that. >> watching that hillary clinton event for us as well as the travels throughout the country. thank you. we'll go back to you and her when the conference gets underway. moving across washington to the supreme court. justices are hearing a case with a potential impact to lives of every american family. it deals with workplace equality and specifically how to treat pregnant employees. the 1978 pregnancy discrimination act protects pregnant workers but how far the protections go is unclear. peggy young was put on unpaid leave from ups after doctors
7:01 am
told her not to lift heavy objects while pregnant. she lost two rounds in lower courts but goes to the high court today with wide support of virtually every women's organization. terri o'neal the president of the national organization of women is with me. good to see you. >> hey, jose. how are you? >> great. the law has been interpreted narrowly by the court in the past. how does a pregnant employee know when she's being blatantly discriminated against? >> i think it's got tonight point where she doesn't necessarily know. i would say this, you know, women substitute almost half the work force. 40% of households are solely supported by women and well over half of households women are an essential part of the entire family's economic well being. so the idea that a woman who is pregnant somehow can't be a good worker is preposterous and ridiculous. if pregnant workers are not accommodated then their employer
7:02 am
is simply being discriminatetory. the courts have not been open to the message. i'm hoping the supreme court will do the right thing. >> the ups is going to tell the court today that the law was written not to accommodate pregnant women but bar a boss who has a bias against pregnant women. what is the problem with that argument? >> it shouldn't be up to the employee to crack open the skull of their employer and try to find intent to discriminate or hostility. it's enough for the woman to say i was willing to work but i just needed some accommodations and my employer wouldn't do that. that should be enough to make out a claim and the employer should be required to make those accommodations. there's no reason why a woman should have to improve the employer's intent. >> this case is brought together pro choice and pro lifers. where does the case rank in terms of other major women's rights cases like roe v. wade for example? >> i think it's part of the spectrum. it's hugely important. women have the right to make the
7:03 am
decision for themselves. how many pregnancies they're going to have how many childbirths they're going to have. when they decide to have children, society needs to help support that decision. when a woman decides not to have children society needs to support that decision. we're half the human race and we're in we're an important of building a functioning society. the choice wes make need to not only be respected but supported. that's what employers need to do when women become pregnant and need some kind of accommodation on the job. >> terri o'neal thank you for being with me this morning. we'll be keeping a close eye on the case. appreciate your time. it's not just d.c. dominating today's news. new york city is on edge awaiting a grand jury decision on the choke hold death of eric garner. a live report from staten island ahead. we're also live in southern california where super-soaking rains are giving way to warnings
7:04 am
of more mudslides. take a look at the picture. the immigration showdown continues to rage. we bring together lawmakers on both sides of the u.s.-mexican border. you know immigration when it's a hot topic when it's part of "slow jamming" the news. ♪ the president has been firm in his position if you want me to stop taking executive action you've got to pass a bill ♪ ♪ my prez obama don't my prez obama don't my prez obama don't want none until you pass bills, hon ♪ . given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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7:07 am
appears to have worked out a plan to avoid a shut down but not but the house is expected to hold a vote against the president's actions. the bill comes from florida republican congressman. here is what he said about his legislation. >> this will stop what he's doing right now so the new congress that we can work on this and we come up with a policy that is best for america. if the policy is best for america preserves the thing that people come to the country for and that is opportunity. if we do that everybody wins. >> t telemundo's national correspondent joins us. you're at the white house. >> good morning. i'm coming from the white house. representing to representative yoho democrats basically say that republicans are pouting and the solution and reality for them is to come up with legislation. they want legislation, jose. this is where the difference is coming. that include the pathway for the
7:08 am
undocumented in this country. republicans, we know are behind closed doors yet. they're trying to find a way to come together to express what they say is barack obama's, you know actions they consider are basically illegal. they say he's violated the constitution. we heard speaker boehner say yesterday that they are studying their options all though he admitted they are limited, jose. >> and so what do we expect to happen this week and a half they have left of the session? >> well, we know for example, they're going to continue to speak out. it's been, like, the first time since the president announced these actions that republicans, as a group, have been able to speak out against it. we talked about the vote they're going to take tomorrow. they're speaking about maybe even keeping money away from homeland security. they would approve all the other budgets but only approve the homeland security budget until
7:09 am
march. and they think that they can find a way, maybe, to keep monies away from implementing daca the deferred action the president announced. democrats say it's going to be difficult. those are programs basically fund bid the fees that those who apply have to pay. they said, you know how are you going to separate the monies? how are you not going to pay the people who have to implement the program? they're confident this can go through. we'll see what happens during the next congress when republicans control both the senate and the house. >> lor monetary row. you can see the exact conversation in spanish in eight hours. >> thank you. good day. >> be well. thanks. let's bring in two voices from both sides of the u.s.-mexican boarder to react. they're both in washington today
7:10 am
for meetings. i want to start with you congressman duffy. let me get your reaction to going on. your party's response to the president's executive actions. >> yes, mr. yoho's bill will probably pass out of the house. it will go nowhere in the senate. harry reid won't pick it up and move it. the real play is a long-term funding package that will fund most of the government through the rest of the fiscal year but we'll do a short term package on homeland security so we can address some of the components of funding that the president's executive action. and, you know, jose i support immigration reform. i've been one of the voices in the house who thinks we need to get it done. i believe in the proper role of the congress is passing laws and having the president enforce it. i think there will be a movement to take money away from the executive action giving us space to work together house and senate and president to get a step-by-step approach to
7:11 am
immigration reform done. >> congressman, taking money away from the executive action when it's self-funded, isn't that just kind of a, you know, waste of time? >> well, we'll look at all components and it'll be a bit of a dance, but those who work on taking those fees they're publicly -- that's where our funding goes is paying their salaries and their benefits. heat the buildings, the desks, the paper. all comes from funding from our institution. it's going to be a dance but we think it's appropriate we do this the right way. it starts in the congress. if the president is not going to go through the congress but then come to us and expect us fund it i think he's a bit naive on that point. >> congressman gomez, appreciate your time. how is the immigration fight impacting the talks going on right now between you and american lawmakers? >> hello. one of the first things i would like to say is we have been respectful of the debate in the united states. we believe this is a domestic
7:12 am
issue at the same time, obviously, it impacts millions of our citizens and we want to come to a perfect agreement how to do what is best for north america. and our talks were extremely productive. we went into issues related to north american independence related to competitiveness. these are things that relate to both of our countries. >> what is the goal of the talk. is there any talk of a u.s. response to the crisis over the missing 43 college students? >> that came up in passing. it's a big issue in mexico and the reform they're taking trying to address that is important. if you look at hoe we can deal with our border our security and two countries, it really comes from opportunity. it comes from process terforty. we talked about trade and the reliance that both of our countries have on each other as we compete as a region. canada mexico united states competing against india, china,
7:13 am
and europe. if we can do a better job of letting goods cross across our board that's a economic benefit for both of us. offers more jobs and ss for americans and mexicans. >> the situation in mexico is problematic. this is a feeling of impunity in that country. president is starting his third year as president, and the country seems to be still rocked by the uncertainty of live ging with a place where the rule of law was respected. >> mexico is a very big country. we have 120 million inhabitants. we have 2.2 kilometers worth of territory. there are significant basic governance issues in certain parts of the country. i want to make sure that we understand that it is localized. guerrero has been traditionally a difficult state. it's obvious that impunity allowed too many things to happen, and the president has -- i'm from an opposition party.
7:14 am
the president put forth several points including doing away with municipal police. they were the principle actors in the tragedy. >> thank you so much for being with me. appreciate your time. and up next we're going zoom through the stories. accusation facing bill cosby. and a dire warning of the american contractor held captive in a cuban prison for the last five years. plus not one but two major conformations on deck for the new congress. we'll discuss the president's pick for defense secretary and attorney general. how big of a battle they may be on capitol hill. we'll be right back.
7:15 am
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7:18 am
a woman filed a civil suit against the comedian accusing him of sexual abuse when she was only 15 years old. now 55 she said she and a friend stumbled upon a cosby movie shoot and cosby asked how would they were invited him back to the tennis club and the playboy mansion. the suit allegations booth emerged from a bathroom and found cosby sitting on a bed, and quote, he asked her to sit beside him and proceeded to sexually molest her. cosby has never been charged with any crime. in the past his attorneys said other allegations were simply unsubstantiate. he will not endure another year. that's the message from judy gross whose husband was arrested in cuba five years ago today while on a u.s. aid contract to improve communications on the island. gross' health rapidly deteriorating. he lost 100 pounds and losing
7:19 am
teeth and eye sight. in a statement she said it's time for president obama to bring allen back to the u.s. now otherwise it will be too late. the white house says it remains focussed on securing allen's freedom and returning him safely to his wife and children where he belongs. venezuelan opposition leader was indicted by the government on charges of plotting to kill the president, the venezuelan government alleges the plot was backed by the united states. members of the opposition say the allegations are just an attempt to silence critics. a former congresswoman who was stripped of her seat by the government said on twitter that the charges are political retribution by venezuela's socialist party. university of texas is missing about 100 brains. yep. brains. roughly half of the collection of brains preserved in jars. used for teaching. which is about 50% of the ones i have at home. the austin state hospital transferred the brains to the
7:20 am
university nearly 30 years ago. the university said it's investigating the circumstances and the remaining 100 brains are used as a teaching tool and carefully curated by faculty. incredible images out of california. check out the time lapse of the los angeles river overflowing over the course of a few hours. it's been the scene with six days with heavy rain causing destruction and mud slidings. it's not enough to fix the records of record-breaking drought that california has endured. jacob jacob rascone is in california. >> it's been dry. this morning at 3:00 our time it was raining still and we have a lull and it's coming back. even as it was lulling here it was still going in the mountains. i they got more than 8 inches in the last 24 hours. this storm is already the strongest storm to hit southern
7:21 am
california all year. with the rain we're expecting later today it may turn out to be the strongest system to hit the area in many years. >> what is next then? what can we expect as far as rain in the next days or even weeks? >> yeah so today in southern california we're expecting another wave part of the same system that hit yesterday. most will probably hit south near los angeles near san diego. they've had a ton of wild fires so the threat is huge there. you mention the drought earlier. this -- as much rain as we're getting and everyone hope it is will do -- meteorologists say it will take so much more than that a couple of strong storms to make any significant difference. we're hardly going to be able to tell. the real difference in the drought comes in the snow pack higher up in california central and northern california. >> and jacob, i want to take you we're getting the images in. i understand we have some
7:22 am
aerials of parts of burbank, as a matter of fact and, jacob, you were saying it's dry now. what seems a pretty amazing to many of us is -- it's kind of -- it sounds ill logic, the fact this amount of rain won't have the impact that one hope it is will have on the drought. >> it's because the drought is so severe. it's really a three-year extreme drought and that's why. it just -- this year we're not doing very well anyway so we're almost just making up for a less than average year with what we're getting now. >> jacob, a pleasure to see you. thank you for your time. coming up the president is hosting a triable nation conference right now in washington. it's a live report right there. a live shot which is giving 566 federally recognized tribes the opportunity to address issues they're facing. secretary of interior sally jewel joins us live to discuss that next. take a look at this. honduras setting a new guinness
7:23 am
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ah...yeah, pretty much walked into that one. geico anywhere anytime. just a tap away on the geico app. according to just about everyone, ashton carter is about to be nominated as the next secretary of defense but the white house won't confirm it yesterday. usa today said he's the leading candidate for the job. the new york times danced around it a little bit as well. across the country, the l.a. times had to cite officials in their headlines. i want to turn nbc's chief pentagon correspondent jim mick miklaszewski miklaszewski. >> from the beginning it looks like the white house mishandled this. it for at least a month before hagel submitted his resignation. there were hints in newspaper stories and columns that the
7:26 am
white house wanted hagel out. so one would assume if he was already on the way out that they would have had somebody in line to take over the position. they should have probably had somebody there at the very time that hagel announced he was resigning. but for whatever reason this is going to continue for some time be delayed. we're told that they're still vetting ashton carter but he was vetted for deputy secretary of defense well before this and so it's a little bit confusing as to why they're taking their time. unless, of course they haven't decided yet. nobody thinks that's the case. but everybody is scratching their head like let's get on with this. >> yeah. i'm wondering who is vetting him for what? as you said he's been vetting a number of times before. as a matter of fact, let's talk about conformation hearings. he's had conformation hearings in the past. >> there's no doubt if in fact he's nominated. everybody believes he will be
7:27 am
that the response from capitol hill on both sides of the aisle has been overwhelmingly in support of the nomination. you know, he was considered a solid member of the defense department. every time he went up on the hill of course he was talking about issues of nuts and bolts, dollars and cents and the like. policy matters as opposed to any of the contentious issues about afghanistan, withdrawals from iraq and the like but he gained a lot of respect on capitol hill as well as here at the pentagon. he's known as a hard worker. he's got a good grasp of what it takes money wise to run this military and what it would take to reduce the budget as prescribed not only by congress but possible sequestration which would be automatic cuts forthcoming possibly in the defense budget. so he's the guy they actually probably the best nominee on the entire list to help the army
7:28 am
the air force, the marines survive budget cuts without hallowing out the force. >> jim miklaszewski a pleasure. the pick for defense chief will be just one of two major conformations on deck for the new congress along with loretta lynch's nomination as attorney general. that's the one that will likely have the bigger fireworks. thank you for your time. joe, i want to start with you. do you expect republicans to put up a fight if carter is the nominee? >> well, i don't think so. i think there's a lot of support for him on both sides of the aisle. if you listen to things that some of the remarks from senator mccain, for instance he and other key republicans senators have a lot of confidence in ashton carter. i think they'll support his nomination. >> and margie carter has made some potential inflammation remarks in 2006. he wrote about preemptive strikes in north korea writing
7:29 am
if north korea persists in the launch that u.s. should make clear the intentions to strike. do you think that will be an issue for anyone? >> you know, i'm sure his past comments will come up but ultimately, folks on the hill and by all accounts seem to welcome his potential nomination. he has a lot of experience in the pentagon. he's gone through, you know, spoken on the hill numerous times, considered a brainiac. >> i want your thoughts on some lynch's remarks about race. they're making rounds. back in 2001 she talked about the mistrust between police and minorities saying quote, the minority quote has often had a conflicted relationship with law enforcement. this is primarily because so often we are at its target often perceived to be the only targets by others and by others. joe, does that kind of mentality raise any red flags, you think,
7:30 am
for republicans? >> not from me. i like what she's saying. i like her record. i like what she's saying. i like her stance of course i'm an african-american as we all know. i like the work she's done as prosecutor twice have been nominated twice now to be a u.s. attorney. she's got a great background. her harvard training both undergrad and law school bodes women well. and her record as a lawyer and prosecutor is strong. >> margie i presume democrats don't have any difficulties supporting lynch? >> yeah. i think a lot of republicans aren't as reasonable as joe. i think anybody who wants to attack her on the comments is going to need to tread incredibly carefully to make sure they're not simply highlighting some of the vulnerabilities the republican party has outside its base. you know, i think if they're going to -- in f it ends up being a debate or proxy battle over immigration or race those are going to be real tough battles for the republicans to want to take up.
7:31 am
i don't think that's going to be good for them in the long run. >> thank you very much for being with me this morning. >> thank you. and right now at the white house hundreds of native american leaders are gathered for the tribal nations conference for creating opportunities for the more than 5 million citizens. this year's conference targets native youth who face huge risks and challenges with the poverty rate of more than a quarter and suicide rate more than twice the national average. vice president joe biden said just moments ago, the tribes need the tools to support and take action. >> as president obama said that tribal nations do better when they make their own decisions. for well over a century you've not been able to make your own decisions nearly enough. >> joining me now secretary of the interior sally jewel. what a pleasure. >> thank you.
7:32 am
>> this morning the administration released a new plan of action to go along with the conference. tell me about that >>well, this year the focus of the conference is all around native youth. the white house released a report on native youth. it kronchronicles the challenges tribes have had over the years that set our children up in tribal nations for the challenges they're facing right now. that vice president biden well articulated. this is an opportunity to look forward. there are youth ambassadors that are present. we have a great -- we had a great opening drum song by two boys that did a terrific job. one of the opportunities that we have through this conference and through the work we're doing with tribes is to create an environment for these native children that celebrates and honors their traditions and cultures and incool candidates that into the work they're doing in the school. this cabinet is really a great opportunity to stand up what
7:33 am
we're doing with tribes in the future to give them the support they need to govern their reservations in the way they want and support native youth so they have a brighter future than they might have had in the past. >> secretary, when you see some of the statistics they're just tragic on the students for example, only 10% are up to grade level their studies. look at the numbers native american students meet benchmark only 10% of the time. 11% unemployed among native americans. why is this so deep set? one in four native americans living in poverty. why? >> if you read the report that the white house produced on native youth you will understand why. we've had literally hundreds of years of big brotherhood trying to tell native americans what is best for them. and the reality is there's nobody that knows what is best
7:34 am
for the young people of the try babble nation than the tribes themselves. their families communities, and leadership. when we look at the past where we have pulled children out of schools, where they have been forced into boarding school they have been assimilated. they have been beaten for using their language and culture. we have destroyed much of the hope and the pride and the future for a lot of native youth. this time to turn it around. we're turning it around through the justice system. we're turning it around through education. we're turning it around in a new chapter of government-to-government relationships between my colleagues on the cabinet, this administration and tribal leaders. that's what this conference is about. >> i want to turn to another big question for triable nations, the keystone pipeline that could cross through some areas of south dakota, some of the tribes are calling it a declaration of war. how do you reconcile the needs of the tribes with well the energy needs of the wider country? >> the reality is the state department will make the
7:35 am
decision on the keystone pipeline and they'll do it by listening to all of the facts and information they have. i think the fact that tribal nations are standing up saying we're concerned about this. we're concerned about water quality, we're concerned about tribal sovereignty, we're concerned about what the pipeline may do for the lands and rights needs to be heard. in my role as secretary of interior, we'll make sure there's a platform for the tribal voices to be heard. i think they'll be able to make a very effective case. they know their lands better than we do. >> certainly do. secretary sally jewel, thank you so much for being with me. native americans and then all the other people in this country immigrants. coming up we're waiting on a grand jury decision of choke hold death of eric garner. a case expected to cause some anger regardless of the outcome. john kerry and leaders from 60 countries coming together with one common goal. beating isis.
7:36 am
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developing right now. we've been watching the story today where an american teacher was stabbed to death in a public restroom at the shopping mall. showing the taker entering the building, taking the elevate are, and leaving the scene. police are still trying to identify the suspect. meanwhile the u.s. embassy said it's working with the appropriate authorities to investigate the brutal crime. we'll, of course keep you posted. officials from 60 countries are meeting today with secretary of state john kerry and their focus is beating isis. here is what he said at the start of the meeting a few hours ago. >> one outcome of this meeting will be a statement that encompasses our message that we're united and moving ahead on all fronts and that we will
7:40 am
engage in this campaign for as long as it takes to prevail. >> ayman mohyeldin is nbc's foreign correspondent. he's in los angeles this good morning. >> good morning. >> is the meeting a big deal? will it change anything the way is being fought? >> there's no doubt about it's important that the u.s. managed to get the 60 or so countries mostly european countries on board on the fight. but in terms of what it may change on the ground. we heard from the secretary of state himself said it could take years. it's not going to be a matter of weeks or months. we've seen after two months of strikes not much has changed yet on the ground. now the meeting that took place today put out a statement effectively saying they're going try to target five different aspects of defeating isis. among cutting back on financing, trying to degrade the group on the ground militarily. but more importantly to fight the ideology and stop the flow of foreign fighters. that's why you need a lot of countries involved.
7:41 am
>> of course, one of the countries we keep talking about that still hasn't really been clear is turkey also the issue of iran. we heard that iran is apparently bombing isis targets. >> that's correct. the u.s. has come out and said they believe is iran is involved in strikes against isis targets inside iraq. obviously, the united states has a tremendous amount of intelligence. they know which aircrafts are going in and out of the air space. they have determined among those are iranian fighter jets. today at that meeting in brussels the iraqi prime minister said he doesn't know that iran is actually involved. he's kind of down playing the possibility that iran may be involved. but from the u.s. perspective and they have eyes in the sky, so to speak. they're clear about the fact iran is not involved in strikes against isis. which is somewhat ironic it doesn't want to be a part of the coalition. it wasn't invited to the meeting in brussels but they're part of
7:42 am
it indirectly. >> and they're bombing in iraq. >> yeah. >> ayman mohyeldin, thank you. developing in new york we're waiting for a potential decision from the grand jury in the eric garner case. he died in july shortly after a police officer put him in a choke hold. this is video of the incident. new york city medical examiner ruled garner's death a homicide caused in part by compression of the neck as well as complicating health factors. the grand jury is determining whether to levy charges in the case. an announcement is expected as soon as today. joining me now is msnbc co-host of the cycle ari meller have. >> let's talk about the charges. >> it's been ruled by the medical exampler erxaminer a homicide. that's part one. what was the officer's mind set. what was he trying to do. in a first degree manslaughter that would be a high charge meaning someone there was trying
7:43 am
to harm this person. to harm eric garner deliberately and ended up killing him. a second degree manslaughter would be more reckless. that's a lower standard basically, that you didn't care what would happen and you ended up causing a death or a homicide. you have a charge of criminally negligent homicide which is what people think of more in the auto accident context. you were negligent in the way you were acting and causing a death. and the other charge they could look at unrelated to a homicide itself would-be criminal obstruction of breathing. a fairly low chair whencharge when you consider the fact that the individual was killed or deceased. that's a simple new york law that said you can't strangle somebody. >> all right. the officers' union released a statement saying, quote, eric garner made many bad life choices some of which brought him poor health and some of which brought him to that street corner where he despite warnings from police, continued
7:44 am
to violate the law and where he choice to resist arrest. those bad choices including the choice resist arrest ultimately took his life. how will it impact the grand jury? >> it's an important statement you're reading there. legally, that's trying to do two things. one, it is trying to cast doubt on what you mentioned in your reporting that this has been deemed a homicide. when you talk about the life choices the fact that the individual was overweight or had breathing problems or heart problems. all is going to the idea it wasn't necessarily, in their argument, the officer that solely caused him to die. but rather he was in perhaps, a weakened state. a state that was product of his own choices. number two, the notion of a resisting arrest legally matters because what the police officer and the defendant in this case here will try to argue presumably is that they were dealing with someone they felt to be a threat and they were dealing with someone ongoing resisting arrest. that is to say continuing to break the law. the problem is as you look at
7:45 am
that video there, a pretty fair reading of that video this gentleman was unarmed and outnumbered. so the legal question of whether the kind of force i want to use my words carefully here. but the kind of force necessary there involved the choke hold which is banned by nypd rules or a homicide which the officer is saying not his intent is the legal question that the grand jury will look at. did they go too far? and, of course as you said they're meeting today. >> ari, thank you so much. be sure to watch ari on the "cycle" at 3:00 p.m. eastern. developing news out of washington. we've been keeping an eye on the congressional hearing in the air bags. one of the things we heard an apology. >> we are deeply sorry about
7:46 am
each case where the driver or passenger has suffered personal injuries or death. >> just another note we just got word a few minutes ago that honda said it will expand the recall of cars with the airside bags to all 50 states. that's just coming in now to our news room. up next our five things christmas tree edition. as we head to break, a live look at rockefeller plaza. the tree will be lit up just hours from now. ♪ my baby drove up in a brand new cadillac.... ♪ ♪ my baby drove up in a brand new cadillac.... ♪ ♪ look here, daddy, i'm never coming back..... ♪ discover the new spirit of cadillac and the best offers of the season. lease this 2015 standard collection srx for around $359 a month.
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7:48 am
and that is a live shot of the christmas tree which will be lightening up the manhattan sky tonight. so with that we decided to jingle all the way to five things oh christmas tree. number one, the ugly tree. some residents of pennsylvania were so disgusted with their
7:49 am
town's christmas tree they said it should be taken down. it's ugly. i don't think it's that ugly. can't a tree gate break. let's head to hon occurduras. nearly 3,000 gathering yesterday sitting a world record. number three south korea where the government approved a tree on the north korean border. this was the tree in 2010. north korea threatened to bomb the last structure that was up in 2010. it sounds like kim jong un needs some eggnog. they're saying what is that? number four keeping with the international theme to paris. the city of love where some were not in love with the inflatable tree created by american artist paul mccartney. it was deflated by vandals and the artist got punched in the face. that's not fair. number five, the beer tree.
7:50 am
my home state of florida. we love you so much. this resident drove about 450 miles last year to tallahassee to set up his festivus tree. christmas, florida -- i don't know. it's nice to see florida always in the limelight. reminder, don't miss the rockefeller tree lightening tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on nbc. beer or no beer. that's worth watching. and that wraps up "the rundown" rundown"on msnbc. "newsnation" with tamron hall is up next. i'll see you tomorrow.
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eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to with febreze fabric refresher. smells good. so you and your guests can breathe happy. good morning everyone. i'm tamron hall. this is "newsnation." we begin with developing news this hour. sources familiar with the grand jury investigating the eric
7:54 am
garner choke hold death in new york say a vote could come today on whether any criminal charges will be filed. now garner's death sparked outrage nationwide after this video shot by a bystander on july 17th showed the 43-year-old father of six being placed in a choke hold by one police officer as several others attempted to arrest him. officials initially approached garner under us is suspicion he was selling cigarettes outside a store. garner who suffered from asthma is heard gasping and telling the officers he could not breathe. the medical examiner ruled his death a homicide and the grand jury panel is focussing on nypd officer daniel pant tell me low who is seen on the video wrapping his arms around garner's neck. the officer remains on desk duty and garner's death s
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