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tv   Ronan Farrow Daily  MSNBC  December 12, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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no imfact for nearly 70 flights for london today. fallout on the cia torture programs that we have seen revelations about all week continues. yesterday in that rare conference
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without information being obtained and objected at some point and could have been . >> moving on to california where the pine ale express will be. just north of that. residents will follow evacuation. cabinet doors and conditions were particularly primed for damage. more sad news and the latest woman accusing bill cosby.
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>> i started to realize that start to spin and i was getting woozy. and i knew. >> the first african-american model to appear on the cover of vogue. it took her so long to come forward because she had too much to lose after cosby. they denied the allegations that
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he hasn't been charged with any of these crimes. they refer to angelina jolie this meeting here between angelina jolie at a hollywood event on wednesday. lock at that expression. we will have much more on this
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story. they first broke this story and conversations between them later in the hours with interesting highlights that you won't want to miss. check back in now on air traffic controls. the second busiest international airport in the world, heathrow. tom, first off, what went wrong and the facility right outside of london. and it was a tremendous amount of air traffic into and out of london every day. it started to have problems about mid-morning hour time. about 10:3011:00 east coast time. now they say they do not believe it was a power outage. they are investigating what did cause this problem with a flight
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data system. that system made it difficult to coordinate into and out of heathrow in particular. it's not just heathrow. it's ghat wick and this london city. right now these are the delays according to flight radar 24. 74 minutes. these are the different airports around london. what does it mean for travelers? not a lot. we don't expect them headed to london, but departing flights out of london may be delayed or canceled today and british airways is talking about not penalizing anybody who has to change or rebook their flight as a result of that. the back up spreads across europe. you can imagine flights that were headed into london and they are stuck in paris or amsterdam or roam. this is going to take at least
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24 hours for them to now get the busiest airport this europe. the second busiest in the world. the only saving grace is that it didn't last any longer than two or three hours. >> is this the risk that every airport takes being rely ant on computers? >> every system is different, but they are all guarding against a hack attack. by the way, we don't know if there was a hack on this one. they are supposedly having multiple safeguards in place and fire walls. we just saw two months ago in chicago where that system went down because somebody was able to get in and sabotage it and set it on fire. you would think that chicago o'hare, that that particular system would be very well guarded, but it wasn't good enough. this is a system that
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nationwide, worldwide definitely has vulnerabilities. >> thank you so much, tom, for that update. we will be keeping track at home. let's go over to washington. as you know, thanks to an 11th hour vote, the u.s. is open for business. only just, but it is open for the next 35 hours. the senate has to consider that continuing resolution for the spending bill. the house passed 219 to 206 last night after a down to the wire fight. the two-day extension gives until midnight tomorrow to vote on this. you all heard that the bill slashes wall street reforms and boosts campaign donor limits. it created a rift between the white house and democrats on the hill. >> here we are in the house being black mailed, being black mailed to vote for an appropriations bill. this is a moral hazard. we are being asked to vote for a moral hazard. why is this an appropriations
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bill? because it was the price to pay to get an appropriations bill. i am enormously disappointed that they feel the only way they can get a bill is to go along with this. >> this is what she was disappointed in. heading up to the hill to drum up votes personally. he got it done, 57 vote votes to be exact, but they were not all happy. >> even after he spoke, every member of congress who got up to the microphone after that are strongly urged that we not be part of a budget that bails out the big banks and big donors. >> joining me now, reporter ed o'keefe who know this is story best. first of all, talk about this rift within the democratic party. was it the right calculus for the white house to basically go around these leaders on the hill?
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>> well, they didn't have to say go around them. that's the point. pelosi was aware of what was going on at the talks. was she at the table for every decision? not at all. she would have been aware of what was going on and what would be included. her aides said there were talks under way to increase the donation limits that wealthy donors can give to the parties. ultimately they didn't realize it would go as high as it did. they had a sense of what was coming. democrats expressing concern that perhaps those that were negotiating on behalf of the caucus were not keeping the rest totally up to date on what was in this thing. they only had not even 48 hours to review a 1600 page bill. they said there things that we are not fans of that violate the principal it is of the party. you see pelosi make the push and distanced herself publicly from the president. probably saved face with members of her caucus, especially the
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most liberal. remember she sort of had a rough few weeks since the mid-terms. concern that the party botched the mid-term strategy and she wasn't doing enough to really hear them out. >> and i just want to drill down on the under loiing policy impact. you mentioned the campaign contribution caps. this could allow donors to get as much as ten times to national committees and then the dodd frank roll back and they would be allowed to gamble on the investments much more freely. what is the biggest impact on a policy level? >> those are two changes, but at least with the wall street regulations, they said look, this is something that members of both partied wanted and is a modest change compared to the things that republicans were trying to do to roll back the dodd frank provisions rolled back in 2010. they have been warning this is as good as it's going to get for
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you. it could get worse. if anything the implication is that this got done this year and much more might happen in the next few years as republicans control the appropriations. >> while there has been some outcry, there hasn't been more. it's fating over the news cycle. really appreciate it. we will drill down on this and hear from one congressman about his process of going to vote on this. let's check back in on california where rain continues to fall in los angeles where mudslides are slamming homes in neighboring camarillo. joining me now on the ground is halle jackson. we saw a lot of terrifying pictures from overnight. how much better is it today? >> still incredible damage. we will follow the path of the rock slide here. it started down to mountain side, pushing out of the way. if you walk down here, there is incredible perspective.
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burying homes with the roof line. eight homes with damage. they are trying to figure out how bad it is. whether these homes need to be red tagged meaning the people need to move out. this is not the only mud slight. you have eight people because of rock slides. one of the people is now in the hospital. a lot of folks trying to find shelter at fire stations and even at a rec center down the street. as we walk closer. neighbors have been out on the street as the sun came up. the rain stopped and the clouds clear and it is a gorgeous day except for the damage. people are walking around shocked, talking about how it sounded like thunder when the rocks came loose early this morning. unbelievable scene and clean up.
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we will take weeks if not months. >> thank you for taking us in the situation. a lot of worries for those people in those homes. all right, keep it here, everybody. up next, an important fight on the hill right now. they may have lot of, but they did as we mention go down fighting. i'm going to hear from the democratic size of that fight. one member of the house who voted against that spending bill talks about what it could mean for the future. stay with us. how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40, $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪
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toothbrush... sweater... extra sweater... headphones, sleeping mask... oh, and this is the xfinity tv app. he can watch his dvr'd shows from where ever he wants. hey. have fun, make some friends. alright. did i mention his neck pillow? (sniffs pillow) watch your personal dvr library where ever you go. with the x1 entertainment operating system. >> the house of the 113th congress went out doing what it does best. fighting viciously and shutting down the government? that too.
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but the other thing they do. sneaking in a slew of special interest provisions draft bide lobbyists that nearly stopped the bill in its tracks. some liberals were calling a gutting of the dodd frank reforms. it was written by citigroup lobbyists. they show the same language copied from the draft and inserted boy congress to the final bill on the right. gerald nadler of new york came face-to-face with the decision and voted against that bill. congressman, tell me why. >> it was a terrible bill in many respects. the two special interest provisions, the so-called put out provision that enables banks -- the four big banks, they get 93% of this. you are not talking small banks. citigroup and jpmorgan enable them to make that with taxpayer
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guaranteed funds. this will a, mean if they make monwhich they often do, it's their money, if they lose the money, taxpayers bail them out. this was a dangerous trading that brought the economy down a few years ago and we had to bail them out if we were not going to keep the economy. we tried in the bill to say you can't do that. we want to restrict this trading and one of the ways was saying you risk your own mone not tax bayer guaranteed and deposits guaranteed by the insurance corporation. this said you can risk fdic money. it will increase the odds of their collapsing the economy again. the taxpayers will be on the hook. as someone said, i forget who, if there is a bailout a few years down the road, people look back and see who voted for this and they voted for the taxpayer
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glout. >> not that many years out from the last crisis. the chipping away of dodd frank is not the only 1 that got snuck this there. there was access to abortions and defending and clean air and water regulations and the campaign finance changes. >> the increases and the derivatives were the two big ones we didn't know about. we were being brief and negotiated and we didn't hear about it until a day or two before. the other stuff, we were negotiating with the house is controlled by the republicans. we were having bad provisions. i knew that. i didn't like the bill for a lot of other reasons. the funding levels and things like health and scientific research and housing and education, all these things we have. >> we keep hearing from representatives and reporters on this. we didn't know what was in the bill. is there anything that can't be snuck into a must pass bill like this? how do you safeguard about this
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last minute attack on the hill? >> the only way to safeguard is to go through the regular order. that means there is supposed to be 11 appropriations bills to fund the departments each year. they are supposed to go through the committee and vote on it in committee and amend it throughout a to tep-month process. each should be brought up on the floor subject to amendment and do it. now you all the bills and put them into one om ni bus bill and they didn't want to include homeland security because they wanted to get back to the president on immigration. it's one up or down vote. a couple of hours of debate and no amendments committed. they decide to vote up or down. when you negotiate behind the scenes, the ranking democrat and
10:21 am
the chairman on the republican side of the appropriations committee and the same in the senate are negotiating. they may be briefing us, but don't brief us 100%. they can't. >> when you contemplate the proper procedure and it sounds like it sadly a novelty. thank you, congressman and appreciate you taking us into that on the hill. take a lock at this live picture. a live image of a man hanging for a tree in los angeles, california over the flooded los angeles river. emergency workers are trying to rescue him right now and we are going to keep watching them throughout this hour and give you updated as soon as they come in. look at them hanging between the trees. we thought we would keep you posted. keep it here. we are about to go to a break. just ahead, one big story we are following. a win for ferguson protesters as a federal judge orders limits on the use of tear gas. we remember the images and we
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will tell you what you can do to weigh in. the story we had to get into the show. the latest soul-saving move by progressive pope francis during his weekly address. he was trying to console a little boy whose dog had recently died that he said paradise is open to all dog's creatures. all dogs go to heaven it turns out. the shift from a doctrine from conservative catholic theology that said animals cannot go to heaven because they lack souls. we will keep you updated from the doctrinal fallout. we all love dogs here. my executive producer's dog is the smartest and cutest dog. she is a very cute dog, everybody. stay with us. you'rbam!ean. charmin ultra strong cleans so much better it meets even the highest standards of clean. with a soft duraclean texture, charmin ultra strong is 4 times stronger.
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>> we are following breaking news. a i dare are rescue in the flooded los angeles river. a man dangling over the river, trapped. the workers you can see mounting an attempt to grab them out of that situation. we will be keeping track all hours of these images as they come in live. another breaking news story. we are learning details on the cause of death for 12-year-old tamir rice. his autopsy report released a short while ago. we remember that video. that horrifying video of him losing his life as police approach now. it is stated he died from a gunshot wound to the torso with injuries of a major vessel, intestines and the pelvis. it entered the left side of his abdomen. his death is listed as a homicide.
10:27 am
>> police in major cities are protesting the deaths of eric garner and michael brown. the week of outrage in washington, d.c. in a justice for all march. that's organized by the national action network. eric garner, trayvon, and breaken brown. more than 100 staffers created this extraordinary image walking out in uniin response to the receipt killings by police officers. also on the subject, in ferguson, missouri protesters run a significant legal victory. carol jack in st. louis has ruled that police can no longer use tear gas on protesters as the scene in these iconic images here. that is a rule with one exception. they can declare and give fair worning in time to vacate the area if they must resort to tear gas. jackson decided there was substantial evidence the police had violated the constitutional
10:28 am
rights of protesters and it was a restriction on their free speech. we have been highlighting one big theme in the round of recent protests. the militarization of police forces around the country. we gave you a way to make yourself heard. signing on to stop the act of 2014. so far over 2,000 of you have gone on the website to voice support for that act. either signing, sharing or tweeting it. a couple of responses that left out. liberal linda is tweeting police don't have the training and know how and some don't possess the mentality to use restraint. we need to rethink the idea and perhaps we should take these weapons and tanks with the national guard and lead them use when necessary. keep the responses coming. we will keep you posted on the progress of that bill. stay here right now. coming up, one of my favorite
10:29 am
stories. can you say awkward. the not so nice e-mails that made this encounter note worthy and we can only assume quite tense. we will be with the story who broke this story. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. i lost my sight in afghanistan, but it doesn't hold me back. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. non-24 is a circadian rhythm disorder that affects up to 70% of people who are totally blind.
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bounty. the long lasting picker upper can . the entertainment industry realing for an unprecedented cyber attack hackers calling them the guardians of peace, 100 ter bites stole friend sony. all of it will be made available online, causing the biggest waves, colorful traffic between hollywood power players like sony pictures cochairman and producer scott ruden. an iconic figure in hollywood. they were trying to mount a biopick and the drama flew fast and furious. they were calling angelina jolie
10:33 am
a minimally talented spoiled brat. we have that picture. you can only assume awkward. they have had to apologize for an exchange where ahead of a fund-raiser for president obama they joked about his movies with black cats like d.j. ango and "12 years a slave" and the butler is mentioned. he broke this story. thank you for joining. how did you uncover this exchange that proved explosive and damaging for sony in this massive data? >> it took a lot of time and willingness to read a lot of boring e-mails. >> i'm sure. >> you figure the day to day is pretty much throw away. hackers made this available for the public to read. i didn't have privileged access. i downloaded it until i found on the good stuff. >> when you say the good stuff, they have a laundry list of
10:34 am
names. who equips themselves best? >> i think that he has been cast as the village, but a lot of people in and out of hollywood who appreciate being honest. he might have a hard time with the next part of angelina jolie. he speaks his mind. the obama stuff aside. if he thinks she is a spoiled brat, he said it to his peers. i think it's refreshing honesty. >> he is famously outspoken. the contribution where he said whatever with no punctuation. that's something of a greek chorus that impressed me. i wanted to run through the lowlights. it does compute such drama and it's revealing about how they communicate to each other. this traffic culminates in them letting the biopick slip away and the end of their friendship.
10:35 am
writing amy, it's close. i'm sorry. i begged you to do this. you told danny this yesterday. i think it's danny boyle. let it be. we have done right by you. you know you can do this. you said you have to stop. we killed ourselves to get you to do this. they said why are you punishing me with the letter u. he closes things out on this note. so we are clear, i am dutching your advocate. you behaviored and it will be a very, very long time before i forget what you did to this movie. he talks about burping bridges and wh . >> scott sent so many messages prior to that. that's it, we are through and i'm never speaking to you again. we restarted contact when the business called for it. the fallout has been minimal. >> are you hearing how tokyo is
10:36 am
reacting? >> they are so worried about the financial data, a lot more preoccupied by the numbers rather than two people bickering over e-mail. >> you are a veteran tech reporter as well. when you look at the hack of this magnitude, how much of a shift is that? is that going to change the way they communicate with each other? >> i hope so. >> pick up the phone. or get lunch. you would be stupid to not change behavior after this. you say never tweet something you don't want to see on the front page of the times. the same goes for e-mail or facebook. whatever. keep it in person. keep it quiet. >> another thing today, they said this is no different from jennifer lawrence's nude photos. why are they running with this? what's your answer to that? do you grapple with it ethically? >> no. they didn't publish naked photos of jennifer lawrence.
10:37 am
>> do you think this is off the bat? >> i dreamed it to be different. >> sony is a giant multinational corporation and that alone makes this news worthy. jennifer garner's naked is not. the distinction should be clear to anyone. >> it's a different level of victimization. >> is sexual in nature and one is two people arguing over e-mail. >> is vulnerable and individuals involved, but also talking business. perhaps more fair game. thank you so much for all your reporting on this fascinating walk through this. you should read that report all about this breech and really exhuming fascinating gems. stay here because coming up, perhaps the highest profile accuser yet, beverly johnson charging bill cosby with drugging her. the testimony from one of the lawyers most involved in the case when we return. kinda: we're new to the pacific northwest.
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respected veteran model beverly johnson came forward with her additional allegation, she wrote to vani"vanity fair." she said cosby drugged her in the mid 80s during what she thought was a rehearsal at his new york home. she said she then went on a tirade. >> i wanted him to know that i knew he had drugged me. it was, i don't know. i went on survival mode. i knew it was -- i was in danger. >> in danger. she joins more than 20 women who have now come forward accusing cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. the comedian has not done
10:42 am
charged and denies the allegations. gloria allred represents several of the accusers. good to have you back on the program. >> thanks for inviting me. >> you called him to waive the statute of limitations. that's not likely to happen legally, but it was an important message to send. there a number of legal actions pending. one of the clients involved filed a claim based on her status as a minor at the time of her incident. they are suing cosby for def nation since the lawyers have said her claims are false. walk us through the potential legal ramifications coming up next. >> there is a time period during which a claim must be filed civilly and during which a criminal prosecution may take place. that is called statute of limitations. if someone did not file within that president, that claim is barred.
10:43 am
it's different state by state and different for child sex abuse than adults. it's important to find out if you are within or outside of that time president. can they still get their day in court against bill cosby. as you pointed out, i called on bill cosby to say that he will not assert the statute of limitations if alleged victims file a civil lawsuit against him. and he can do that. i think that would be a good thing for him him to do because if he has such confidence in his argument that he has not done anything wrong, then why not give these alleged victims a da i in court before a judge and jury? why not allow him to present his defenses and let the judge and jury decide? let him subject himself to the public scrutiny that goes with a trial and to neutral persons like judges who can rule on this or he can decide that he would
10:44 am
engage in a confidential process which i also offered as my second challenge to him. let retired judges in their offices look at the claims, listen to the arguments of the victims and their evidence and listen to his arguments and the neutral retired judges can decide if there is merit to the victim claims and if so, they should be awarded damages. >> what about the defamation claims here? >> the defamation is interesting because if a person is defamed, then generally in most states they have a year from the time they allege that they were defamed that is liabled or slandered to file a lawsuit against the person that they allege defamed them. even if it's too late to file for the alleged abuse, if it may not be too late to file for defamation. which will then bring in the
10:45 am
whole issue of where they in fact abused by bill cosby. that's an interesting thing. it's a defamation case that is very, very hard to prove. we won a big ruling in a case in new york in the highest court in new york not for cosby victims, but for two person who is alleged they were adult victims of child sex abuse by an assistant coach of a basketball team in syracuse university. get the advice of an attorney and see if there is anything you can do. i did take judy huff who alleges that she was a victim of bill cosby when she was 15 years old to the police in los angeles. the police chief here, ronan, said that he wants any alleged victim of a crime including sexual abuse by bill cosby to be able to come into the police. don't worry if it took place
10:46 am
outside of the time period set by law. >> senator, key will keep track of his response. our apologies for any confusion on that. up next, one of our favorite tech stories unfolding. facing more and more heat around the world and right here in the united states. we will talk to the san francisco da who is bringing a
10:47 am
lawsuit against that start up for the company's pressing practices and driver safety standards. stay with us. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪ i love my meta health bars. because when nutritious tastes this delicious, i don't miss the other stuff. new meta health bars help promote heart health. experience the meta effect with our new multi-health wellness line.
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fresh wave of opposition the company americaens seem to love to hate and hate to love, uber. police in chicago are investigating one uber driver after a passenger accused him of sexually assaulting a woman during a ride last month. we're looking at similar charges in india, the city of new delhi banning a driver after a similar accusation of sexual assault. these are among the many places taking some kind of action
10:51 am
against uber. the map ranges from spain all the way to thailand. in california, the district attorneys of los angeles county filed charges against uber charging the company violated state law with the methods it uses to screen drivers. san francisco's district attorney joins me from california to talk about the set and here on set is allison chantel following the story for qutd business insider." walk me through the civil suit. how many stems from genuine safety concern and how much is opposition against taxi concerns. >> this is part of our legitimate safety concerns. we have a situation here where actually the industry, uber and lyft as well, were basically providing false and misleading
10:52 am
advertising to the public. they were telling the public that they conduct the safest background processes for their drivers in the industry. and we knew that that wasn't the case. the way they were conducting their background basically is prospective driver was sent information through the internet and then the background investigation was conducted. the problem with that process that unless you do fingerprints, there's no way of ensuring that the person that -- the background investigation was conducted is actually a person that is going to be driving the vehicle. but what uber is doing is telling the public they were meeting and exceeding local regulations and they would have the best background process in the industry. without the fingerprinting process, that is not the case. and, in fact, they were also alleging they had better systems of taxis. in san francisco, l.a., most cities in california, taxi drivers are required to have a fingerprinting process. the other part it to do to
10:53 am
follicle cal law. that had to do with refusing to admit -- or to submit their uber app to the state in order to certify the system to make sure that what the distances and the times that are being charged against the consumer, that they were actually accurate. much like when you go to a gas station and you pump gas, if you pump ten gallons of gas you expect to have ten. the state of california requires any time you use a measuring device for commercial uses, that device has to be certified. and uber flatly refused to do so. finally, airports, they were using airports for commercial traffic and not getting the agreements that are required by airport directors around the state. >> so, there's a mix of -- obviously, there's national concern. this is a game-changer of a company. they are entering this brave flew world as you point out is unregulated in a lot of respects. i want to turn to this point of protectionism. a lot of people look at this
10:54 am
kind of legal action from cities, from states, and say you're clamping down on progress. there is the market speaking saying they want a new model. there's this effort to reject it. what do you say to that? >> not at all. what we're telling uber and we came to a an agreement with lyft, we don't want you to lie to the public. if your background is not the best background in the industry and certainly not better than it is for taxi drivers and other commercial drivers in some jurisdictions that you're operating, then simply say you're conducting a background up. don't have to say it is the best. number two, you need to follicle cal law. you have this commercial application that measures time and distance and that has to be certified by the state. and thirdly, there's a huge level of liability involved in the airport. in our own city we had a driver a year ago, he ran over a family, killed a 6-year-old and
10:55 am
injured the mother and another sibling. uber has completely walked way from any responsibility saying we're not a transportation company, we're a technology company and you're just having the -- the transaction between you and the driver. >> do you have a question? >> yes. actually, uber does social security checks, local checks, checking against state and federal. they're doing about 2 million a year. how would you make this safer? what should uber be doing in its place instead? is fingerprints the only way to make this safer? because 2 million fingerprints is more than any other company. >> certainly they can do a background without the fingerprints, but then you cannot tell the public that you are doing the best background in the industry, number one, or doing better than oe commercial carriers in the same marketplace you operate that actually required -- required by law to have fingerprints. the only way you can confirm the
10:56 am
person you're backgrounding is a person you're saying that it is through a fingerprint. >> in response very briefly as we part ways today, what do you make of this mounting opposition to uber right now? >> i think uber -- a lot of people say it's great to have first-mover advantage and uber is far head of the competition in terms of how many uses they have, how active their users are, how much income they're generating. they also have first-mover disadvantage, going into states, changing a lot of laws, sometimes by force and rubbing people the wrong way. >> we saw firsthand what that opposition looks like. thank you both. mr. gavon and alyson, appreciate your insights on this. thank you for watching at home. an interesting day. an interesting week to live through with you. thanks for your time. stay tuned because we have "the reid report" with joy reid coming up.
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moves on. the vote was 219-206, three hours before government funding was set to expire. most house democrats led by minority leader nancy pelosi voted against the bill. with many in appear unrope over a provision that weakens financial reforms put in place in 2010. house members heading home for the holidays after the vote, leaving the bill in the hands of the senate. bring in nbc capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell. an interesting dynamic where you had nancy pelosi and liberal democrats against the white house. talk a little about this. >> well, we really haven't seen that on something of this scale before, joy. this was a case where in this huge bill, which was negotiated by teams from each party, democrats and republicans working together over months. in many kays that was considered a victory. but in the last several days some things were added in to try to sweeten


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