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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  December 16, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> there's more of that straight ahead on msnbc. if it's way too early, what time is it? >> it's "morning joe." stick around right now. "the rundown" is next. >> good morning, i'm jose diaz balart. first this morning breaking news, a massacre at a military school in pakistan. the death toll staggering. the details, heartbreaking. at least 126 people have been killed by taliban militants. nearly all of the victims young children. no older than the tenth grade. this is happening in peshawar a city about 3 million people in northern pakistan. it is 7:00 p.m. there now. and this is the scene earlier. parents and soldiers crowded in the streets outside the school. inside, the military spent hours trying to rescue students and staff. still held hostage. one official said the school was booby trapped, which slowed everything down. the the taliban called it a revenge attack saying they wanted to go after a military run school in retaliation for
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military attacks on their tribal areas along the border. the good news and it's very little good news it may be over. the taliban said they sent six attackers in. an hour ago we got word that six had been killed. katy tur is tracking this for us from london. richard engel has lived in the region for nearly two decades. he's our chief foreign correspondent. katy, let's start with you. can you give us the latest details on the attack? >> well here's what we know as of now. the attack on pakistani officials is what they're saying now six terrorists are dead. that could be all of them. but they are going room to room to clear the situation. it's a slow and meticulous operation. there are reports that the rooms have been booby trapped. as for the dead it's a staggering number. 135. most of them are children. another 150 injured. but again this is a fluid situation. the numbers have been changing all day.
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the gunman went in wearing suicide vests and went classroom to classroom, shooting some students one by one. in one case setting a teacher on fire with gasoline. witnesses report hearing five strong explosions. it's not clear if they detonated their own bombs or were killed. now this is a school in the border town of peshawar pakistan just a few miles from pakistan. many were evacuated and many were still inside for quite some time. the taliban has taken responsibility, saying the attack is in retaliation for operations in pakistan's attack. the spokesman says the bombers were tolding to target the the soldiers this the room and the building. the elder students an particularly the children of senior military officials. we're also learning pakistan's military carried out ten air strikes in the kibur region
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based on actionable intelligence. it's unclear though jose if that has anything to do with this attack on the school. >> and katy as you said the numbers are staggering. 135 dead. 150 injured. most of them children. how can you try to explain how the taliban thinks killing children is, i don't know part of a war against what they're against? >> there is really no good justification for it. even some extremist groups are condemning the taliban saying that the group went too far in this attack. what the taliban's reasoning is it goes back to a cycle of revenge that we've seen in this part of the world for a very long time. the taliban and pakistani government were in peace talks. in june those peace talks broke down. the nil tear launched a massive offensive that is mostly focused
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in north waziristan. north waziristan is the home address of the pakistani taliban. it is an area that has been under the the taliban's control for over a decade. and since june so throughout the spring and summer the pakistani military has been attacking this area relentlessly. and we hadn't seen much of a response from the pakistani taliban. there have been threats. there have been promises of reprisal. and i think we are now seeing that reprisal. about six militants, according to the taliban, stormed the school compound. they arrived at the school in the morning when there was an assembly going on. they climbed over a fence, went into the back door of the school and then started opening fire killing students killing teachers and then the pakistani military was mobilized. commandos were sent in. and this operation, which
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appears to be winding down according to officials, lasted several hours. seven to eight hours as the gunmen went from place to place. pakistani government sayses its military offensive against this area will continue. >> and richard, you talk about the cycle of revenge that is parking lot and parcel of many countries there. and i'm just wondering what do you think the reaction is going to be? >> the reaction is going to be a strong one. with of these children are these sons and some daughters of the senior commanders in the pakistani military. so it was always personal. now it is going to be extremely personable. the same soldiers who were carrying out this offensive have now lost some of them family members. so i think we could be in for a very bloody cycle in the weeks and months to come. >> richard and katy both thank you very much for being with me
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this morning. and the pakistani schoolgirl who herself survived a taliban shooting issued this statement, condemning the attack. i am heartbroken by this sense lens and cold-blooded act of terror. innocent children in their school have no place in horror such as this. mia, good to see you. thanks. this morning you're retweeting this message that you called a special kind of evil. what do you make of this kind of attack? >> well i think richard is right. the school was targeted specifically because this was an army school. so all of the students were either children of noncommissioned officers senior military commanders and regular army. and in fact, many of the teachers were the wives of the soldiers. and so this was a very personal attack in going after the military that is engaged in the operation you mentioneded.
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it's been a very intense military operation by the pakistani government and the army as well as the fact that we've seen up until recently significant drone campaign that has exacerbated relationships between the locals and the government. the government is seen as being very pro-u.s. >> i'm just wondering when in someone's mind little children can become a military target regardless of the war you're fighting. >> well, the thing i found disturbing and this is why i put it on twitter this morning. the ttb had given instructions only to kill the older youth, the older school children and not the children. and i thought, you know everyone there was between the ages of 10 and 18. they're all children. but we've seen this kind of thing. i spend a lot of time in that part of pakistan interviewing children who have been kidnapped
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by the pakistani taliban to be craned as suicide bombers and militants. so they have been engaging and using children in this way for a very long time. >> do you see this as a sign the taliban is getting stronger or weaker? >> you know i think it's always a sign of weakness when you have to coerce children. because you're sending a signal that your operatives are unable to get through to the target. so you have to use a different operative that no one is expecting. i think it's highly manipulative manipulative. the kids i've spoken with who said they were trained to be a suicide bomber and believed in the ideology some are as young as eight years old. they don't understand what the ideology means. it's the idea of the manipulating children. it's the say way they've been luring young people but they also coerce young people. >> 135 dead as of right now. the the majority of them children.
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most of them under 15 years of age. mia bloom, thank you very much for being with me and of course we'll be watching in developing story throughout the day right here on msnbc. i want to stay overseas for a minute. new developments this morning in the deadly hostage standoff in sydney australia, that you saw here pretty much live on television during this broadcast yesterday. we're learning more about the victims and the killed hostage taker. inform downtown sydney there's been a tremendous outpouring of support as hundreds leave messages to leave respects for the two hostages killed in the standoff. prime minister tony abbott was among the mourners at the makeshift memorial. >> the tragedy of these times is that they're our people even in a society such as ours who wish to do us harm. we are not immuj to the politically motivated violence which has for so long stalked other countries. >> nbc's sara james has been
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closely following the story and joins us from downtown sydney on the phone. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> there are lots of questions this morning as the police launch their investigation into this sell this. tell us about that. >> yes, there are a lot of questions. and among the questions are why was this h gunman out on bail? this was somebody well known to the authorities and he had been actually facing charges coming up in february. he was accused of being an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife, and this was a very violent crime in which she was stabbed and then she had been set on fire. so this was somebody who had violence in his past and yet somehow he was on bail. so clearly that is one of the areas that is going to be addressed and people are wondering why that was.
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why he was out on the streets. especially since that was not not the only thing he had been in trouble with the law for. there are also various sexual accounts against him as well and charges being filed in that. so that's one of the questions. another is going to be exactly what happened in the fire fight. and which bullets were the ones that thook the lives of the hostages. obviously the police were careful and slow and methodical. if it appears one of the hostages was shot. so the police made it clear that they will do a full investigation and discover exactly what happened. so that will be looked as well. and i should point out, it's 1:00 in the morning here.
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and yet people are still here. they're stand standing in front of the flowers. they're putting flowers here for katrina dawson a mother of three, a lawyer and also for tori johnson, who was the manager of the cafe. remembereded business hi family. and there's a big australian flag that says our hero. because there are reports he was trying to wrestle the gun away from the gunman. so that's where i am at this moment. and again sara james, from sydney thank you so much for being with us this morning. it's already a busy morning. any minute we expect secretary of state john kerry to speak about the attack on that pakistani school we've been reporting on. we'll be listening for that. also a massive manhunt for a former marine accused of killing six members of his own family. we're going to take you there live. and camille cosby standing p by
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paperless discounts -- give it a rest, flo. all: yeah, flo, give it a rest. and live pictures right now from london where we're waiting for secretary of state john kerry to head to the podium. the secretary is in london for closed door meetings with the palestinian negotiator. he is expected to discuss this devastating attack on a pakistani school. we're watching all of this and we'll bring you the secretary's comments as soon as he gets started. i wanted to talk about something in the united states for a minute. it's developing in pennsylvania. a massive manhunt intensifying for a gunman accused of killing six people. authorities are searching for 35-year-old bradley stone. he's expected in a shooting
6:16 am
spree that left six family members dead including his ex-wife. let's go to rehema ellis. she's just outside philadelphia. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jose. i'm at police headquarters about 30 miles outside of philadelphia. and overnight police said they had a possible lead in their search for the the suspect. they say that a man who fit bradley stone's description went out to a person in an attempted robbery, but that victim they say, had a gun, and he fired several times. it is not known whether or not the victim hit the suspect. but he said the the suspect ran into the woods and disappeared. if it indeed was the man authorities are looking for, he was nowhere to be found at this moment. listen to this a report that police gave us about their search for bradley stone. >> as we stand here right now, we do not know where he is. we do not have vehicle information. we have recovered his vehicle
6:17 am
and his personal cell phone, so we do not have information about how he might be traveling. >> reporter: authorities point out that some schools in the area where he was last seen are closed as a precaution because police say that they consider him armed and dangerous. as you point out, he's being searched for in connection with the shooting rampage yesterday of six people including his ex-wife, his sister his brother-in-law, her mother grandmother and a niece, and wounding her 17-year-old nephew who is in the hospital being treated right now for a head wound. jose? >> rehema ellis, thank you very much for being with us this morning. after a quick break, we're going to turn to 2016 politics on the rundown. jeb bush speaks in south carolina. he's talking politics and even joking with the crowd. >> as i was preparing my remarks, i asked the chief adviser of all important things
6:18 am
in the bush family barbara bush what i should speak about. and she thought about it briefly and said jeb, speak about ten minutes and then sit down and shut up. >> i'll talk with casey hunt who was at the event. plus mark caputo is going to be here with me onset. it's more than the driver. it's more than the car. for lotus f1 team, the competitive edge is the cloud. powered by microsoft dynamics, azure, and office 365, the team can gain real time insights and instantly share information around the globe. when every millisecond counts, staying competitive begins with the cloud. this is the microsoft cloud. after seeing everything, i think this is the one. but let me take one last look. sure. take your time. built-in nav heated seats for mom dvd with wireless headphones for the kids! and tons of room for the golf clubs!
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>> if he's not running for president, he's at least having a very good time. a new poll has him and mitt romney leading the gop pack. while speaking to the graduating class at the the university of south carolina yesterday, which happens to be an early primary state, the former florida governor said this the. #. >> we're seeing more and more that people often model their lives on their parents. their parents went to college, so do they. if their parents married late
6:22 am
so do they. if their parents go to church so do they. and i can tell you from personal experience if your parents worked in politics. well, you know the rest. >> casey hunt is live in south carolina this morning. and i'm joined by mark caputo. thank you for both being with me. you were in the room yesterday. did jeb give a commencement address or practice lines for his 2016 stump speech. >> well jose i heard at commencement address they were careful to bill this as a nonpolitical trip. he didn't do other political meetings while he was here. he did meet with south carolina governor nikki haley before the commencement. his team was very careful to emphasize that she has an official role with the university of south carolina. as you pointed out, just being here in this early primary state is what really matters here.
6:23 am
this place historically, it's been a state very good to the bushes. particularly george w. bush. ch it's where he nailed down the nomination. it's a place jeb bush would have to do well in he wanted to succeed in winning the presidential nomination in 2016. and i think the question is how much the state has changed since then. has it become more conservative? you know operatives here used to brag that this is the place that picked presidents that since 1980 they voted for the presidential nominee every time. and that changed last time around when they picked newt gingrich and he went onto lose. >> and mark you wrote last week, five signs jeb bush is readying a presidential run. 250,000 e-mails from when he was governor and his comments yesterday. what are you at now? six, seven? >> yeah, eight, nine ten. when you're going to write an ebook and then release these
6:24 am
e-mails as supporting documentation, i can't think of anything more that says you're running for president. >> why release these 250,000 e-mails and do so now? >> he's making his own narrative. i think they were supporting documents. he's saying this is my story. jeb is going to define jeb. he doesn't want the media to do it. the e-mails are bells and whistles that carry with it various aspects of sunshine being out in the open and disclose ing everything. i imagine he picked and chose some e-mails. some are probably not in there. >> 250,000 is quite a bit. >> sounds horrible to go there. >> really. i'm sure you'll be doing that. casey, you spoke to jeb back in the midterm scamcampaign trail. this time around he said see you at the next one. #tealeaves. what has changed since then? well, i mean jose we're in a new election cycle.
6:25 am
when i saw him in colorado it was all about 2014. republicans were about winning the senate. he was joking a little bit. he rolled down the window to say we'll see you at the next one. and the tea leaves comment was my sort of joking a little bit about how we're treating absolutely everything and any one of these guys makes as a really big deal. we're in that phase of the presidential campaign. >> mark what do you think, if he announces when he would do so, it would have to be in the next four weeks. >> i would imagine he's certainly going to wait until after the new year. you shouldn't trust anything i say. as you pointed out at the break, you recalled he was going to run. >> tea leaves. i don't have inside information. >> i don't think anyone does. jeb has a circle of one or two people that he bounces off of. ultimately i imagine he's going to make the decision after the first of the year. >> i'm sure we'll all con to
6:26 am
follow the story. mark and casey, thank you for being with me. i want to go back to the breaking news we began our program with. we just got a statement from president obama on the taliban attack in a pakistani school. the president says in part he says the united states condemn ls the strongest possible terms today's horrific attack on the army public school in peshawar pakistan. our hearts and prayers go out o the victims, their families and loved ones. targeting students and teachers in this attack the terrorists have shown their depravity. we'll have much more on pakistan as we wait for secretary kerry to speak from london coming up on "the rundown." we're going to take a short break and be right back. stay with us. . it's just that... i feel like he's always watching us. yes, that is why we should use wink. ...look, it can monitor and manage our house but it won't start to develop human emotions. hey buddy. control your entire home with one simple app introducing wink
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a look now at the the new york stock exchange this tuesday. ingalls & snyder is there.
6:29 am
mandy drury is joining us. so much for a santa claus rally. >> another rocky opening. you have the continued crude oil prices. and in case that was not enough for you, collapsing. but the plunging oil prices are catching our attention here in the united states. it could potentially trigger defaults by u.s. shale oil and gas firms. it's already causing layoffs. there's realtors in houston predicting a drop in home sales. sort of trickles around the country. on top of that, the cherry on top. u.s. housing permitting fell. all in all, red on the screen and already the s&p is down by six-tenths of a percent. >> talking to me about this falling ruble. does it have to do with the sanctions around the world?
6:30 am
>> yes, absolutely. so russia is very dependent on oil, and as oil prices have been plunging over the past few months this is basically what their revenue is. oil goes down the rev few goes down. everyone wants out of the currency. the russian ruble is under attack. despite the efforts of a central bank over there, it's really not working. this is something we need to watch here in the u.s. as well. >> mandy, joy joined us to talk about the hostage standoff in sidney, which ended with the death of two australian hostages. quite a shock if that are country, isn't it? >> it's a huge shock. the flags are flying half mass in australia. what we're asking now in the aftermath are questions like how is it that the gunman an iranian refugee was not on the terrorist watch list. he had an inflammatory jihadist website. there has been an investigation launched into the motives of the gunman and also how he got a
6:31 am
gun. it's much harder to get a gun in australia than here. there's a growing list of lone wolves carrying out attacks in the name of global jihadism but apparently unconnected to any coordinated plot and they go in for soft targets like the cafe yesterday. rr soft target. no security. and this is the fear of people right now. >> mandy, always a pleasure. thank you, my friend. and now to that deadly attack after a school in pakistan. after a nine-hour battle l it's all over. not before 35 people were killed, most of them children. according to the taliban. the attack was in revenge for pakistani militant offenses in waziristan. we report on this extremely dangerous region.
6:32 am
>> welcome to north waziristan. five months ago the population here was 200,000. now it's zero. ch except for pakistan any military personnel. all the locals are gone. bombed by pakistani fighter jets gun ships and artillery into leaving the area or worse. because for decades, north waziristan in pakistan's treacherous section of afghanistan was no ordinary violent tribal area. it was bad land central. home to the most dangerous terror groups in the region. after years of being criticized by the u.s. for allowing the region to become a safe haven for terrorists, the pakistani military finally moved in here last summer. what they found p was astounding. >> this was one of the
6:33 am
residential rooms. this smaller room was for the suicide bombers. >> a network of bun concludeers. >> this is the basement of this mosque. >> where militants lived and operated from. >> these are the rooms generally reserved for the leadership. >> also found, torture equipment. prop began the material terrorist paraphernalia from across the the region, even a media center with a suicide studio where would-be suicide bombers would tape their famous last words. also discovered thousands of weapon which the military says were enough to equip an entire infantry brigade. uniforms and personal armor from the u.s. and other western forces looted from nato convoys. and enough ieds and explosives to conduct five bombings a day
6:34 am
every day for 15 years. among the groups that set up shop here, the feared higani network, suspected for 2,000 or so u.s. military deaths from across the border in nearby afghanistan. the e pakistani military says it's captured some and forced the rest out. displaying the organization american made humvee as proof. not too far, further inland we find refugees displaced from north waziristan struggling to live out their lives in makeshift tepts. they don't think much of the war effort. a refugee doctor wants her home back. >> i see my people the elderly and the young in this heat she says. they've got nothing left. we are pawns in this war.
6:35 am
says this farmer. let us go home. but the pakistani military is weary of the locals and won't commit to their return date. until it does pakistan's war for itself and against itself continues. >> and in the next hour he will join us live from pakistan. driving d.c. today, an attempt to derail the president's immigration plan may have ended up helping him instead. democrats are thanking ted cruz for giving them the time and political space to push through nearly two dozen presidential nominees. that includes a new surgeon general whose conversation was held for a year and a half. these nominations got through because ted cruz and mike lee delayed the vote giving harry reid and the democrats the chance to start votinge ging on
6:36 am
nominees. david vitter says immigration will be a big part of the con tir nation hearing for attorney general nominee loretta lynch. chris jansing has this covereded from the white house. senior political editor mark murray joins us as well. thank you for being with me. mark, i want to start with you. frustrations by senators cruz and lee, is there a split here? >> there is totally a split. we end up seeing 22 republicans join them in voting for a constitutional point of order to sick it to the administration when it came to the president's executive action. that was half of the republican senate caucus. the other half said it was worth less and led to the confirmation of president obama's appointees like the jury ongeneral nominees you mentioned. republicans like bob corker of tennessee and lindsey graham of
6:37 am
south carolina who said this was pointless. so a real split there jose. >> and we mentioned the confirmation. ch do you think she's in trouble? >> welt democrats feel confident about it. she has wide support on both sides of the the aisle. she has a lot of other support, including with a lot of law enforcement. their obvious argument is she is someone that will support the president and the actions that he has taken on immigration, which of course he has argued are legal. the but there are a lot of other things she has going for her. her strength and the strength of her office has been vital in terms of homeland security. back to you, jose. >> thank you very much chris. we're going to go listen right now. secretary of state john kerry is speaking. >> the murder of more than p 120 innocent students in peshawar is devastating. and as a father i know exactly how hard it is when you send
6:38 am
kids. to school or anywhere particular in today's world. mothers and fathers send their kids to school to this learn, and to be safe. and to dream and to find opportunity. and particularly at this military school in pakistan, they sent their kids there with the hopes and dreams of serving their country. instead, today they are gone wiped away by taliban assassins who serve a dark and almost medieval vision. and the opposite of everything that those mothers and fathers wanted for their children. the images are gut wrenching. young children carried away in ambulances. a teacher burned alive. a house of learning turneded into a house of unspeakable horror. and prime minister said these are my children this is my
6:39 am
loss. well, this morning wherever you live, wherever you are, those are our children. and this is the world's loss. this act of terror angers and shakes all people of conscious and we condemn it in the strongest terms possible. the perpetrators must be brought to justice. and we pledge our full support to the people of pakistan in this difficult hour. we will help them in any way that we possibly can. like wise, our friends in sydney are also especially on our minds. the united states obviously in recent memory has come face-to-face with horrific violence in our own soil. and we have seen our citizens held hostage and murdered in far away places. for the most devastatingly negative purposes.
6:40 am
they said what they are going through at the very moment and we grieve with australia and the families of those all those terrorized injured and killed. and even though we're at opposite ends of the globe, the united states and australia are united not just in an alliance but we are deeply united by our values and our friendship and our years of cooperation together. our countries and our people are strong. and australian law enforcement and security forces are not as 2k3w50d as it gets. i told her that the united states stands ready to provide whatever assistance we can as australian authorities determine the facts of the case assist victims and hold accountable anyone and everyone responsible for this act of terror.
6:41 am
the attacks in peshawar and sydney underscore that threats locally are also threats globally. in today's world nextdoor is everywhere. and that's why the united states is engaged in more places with more partners on more sures than ever before, and we are committed with all those allies and partners to standing up to extremism and to the extremists themselves and make no mistake, we are just as committed to finding ways to help solve the challenges of the middle east and in other places of extremism and terrorist activity because we know too well that while it's difficult work it's also the only course that has any possibility of taking us towards
6:42 am
stability. >> secretary of state john kerry addressing both the attack on the pakistani school and the the standoff yesterday in sydney live from london. up next on the rundown, camille cosby's first words since the sex assault accusations against her husband. what she had to say next. it's time for your business entrepreneur of the week. christmas may come once a year. but here it happens every day. the christmas house is closed only four days a year. he says it's because of customer demand. u for more watch sundays at 7:30 on msnbc. if i can impart one lesson to a new business owner, it would be one thing i've learned is my philosophy is real simple american express open forum is an on-line community, that helps our members connect and share ideas to make smart business decisions. if you mess up, fess up.
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and now to the the bill cosby scandal. for the first time we're hearing from the comedian's wife camille, on the explosive sex assault allegations being levelled against her husband by more than two dozen women. as we thear from nbc news national correspondent kate snow, mrs. cosby is standing by her husband. >> after 50 years of marriage camille cosby says she still loves her husband. in her statement, camille calls bill a kind man, a generous man, the man you thought you knew. she's also lashing out at the media, saying quote, there appears to be no vetting of my husband's accusers. she complains that an accusation
6:46 am
is published and immediately goes viral. she also drew a comparison between stories about her husband and the now retracted rolling stone article about an alleged rape at the university of virginia an unfair comparison says blogger. >> what camille cosby is implying with her statement is that was a complete false shood. she completely concocted that story for whatever reason. so are all of these women accusing her husband. >> but camille's perspective is clear. her statement concludes none of us want to be in the position of attacking a victim. but the question should be asked, who is the the victim? over the weekend bill cosby was asked how camille was holding up. up. >> love and strength of womanhood. reverse it. the strength of womanhood and love. >> cosby said those words in an interview with a reporter for the washington informer. the comedian who did not know
6:47 am
he was being recorded went onto talk about the coverage of the scandal by the african-american media. >> i only expect our black media to uphold the standards of excellent journalism. >> journalist stacy brown recorded that interview. >> when i spoke to him, for sure i thought, this sounds like a person ready to talk. he wants to open up. but people he's paying a lot of money to have told him not to talk. and i think he's following that counsel. >> and once again, bill cosby has never been charged with any crime. he has consistently decided the allegations, and his attorney has sought to discredit the allegations of more than two dozen women. up next another scandal rocking the entertainment world, the sony hack attack. hollywood is pressing the media not to write about the leaked
6:48 am
information. including the two stars of sony's "the interview." seth rogan and james franco who say releasing the information is what he wants. franco's paycheck for the controversial film was part of the leak and it may have been a catalyst for the. more on what sony is doing after the break. people talk a lot about family. >> a monkey in a beard is fony. it just is. get ready for some german engineered holiday excitement. at the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. right now, for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a new volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta and the precisely engineered passat
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6:50 am
"sir?" start your search online with over 35,000 carmax quality certified used cars. sony pictures is fighting back after confidential information was leaked from the powerhouse. a sony lawyer has sent a letter to some news organizations saying they should not report on any of the information received through the hacked e-mails. to our knowledge nbc has not received such a request. at the same time famed screenwriter sorkin voiced his frustration about the leaks on the "today" show this morning. >> hackers who have threatened violence because the studio he just wants to exercise a the
6:51 am
same first amendment rights everyone else does have stolen this material and now the press is selling it out of the back of a truck. >> nbc's joe fryar is live. good morning. >> good morning, jose. >> sony held a town hall meeting about all this. what have you learned about that? >> the town hall meeting was private from what we understand. it was broken up into at least a couple different sessions. it was private, but we are hearing reports that it was basically an opportunity for sony execs to tray to pump up the troops let everyone know the company is working hard to try to get through this. it was another opportunity, reportedly, for executives to apologize in particular. sony pictures co-chair pasqual who has been the center of this had to apologize publicly last week after embarrassing e-mails were made public. she al poll jized again according to some of the employees who were there. keep in mind while a lot of the attention has gone to the
6:52 am
executives and starts featured in some of the information that has come out , it is these employees, thousands of sewnony employees, who have been major victims of the crimes, their personal information including social security numbers have been stolen and they are working hard to rebuild their lives and try to ep keep their identities safe after what happened. jose. >> and i'm so glad you mentioned that. it is really hundreds and hundreds of people whose information has been released, very private information social security numbers, et cetera and that's not a thing that you want out there. >> right. it's hard to imagine having that kind of information out there. we're talking about we heard of medical information that's been out there. clearly these employees have been working the last two, three weeks to try and just make sure to make things as safe as possible working with the fbi and learning just what they can do. this really does have a ripple effect here in hollywood. >> joe fryer, thanks for being with me.
6:53 am
appreciate it. and coming up as we take a turn here on "the rundown," we turn back to the developing out of pakistan. the death toll stand ss at 135 after a taliban attack on a school. most of the dead are children. a live report from the region. also unfinished business the senate tying up some loose ends. we talk with richard bloomen that will next on "the rundown." the rock tellefeller christmas tree is shining bright. vice president biden will speak it at the national hanukkah menorah lighting today.
6:54 am
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6:57 am
nine attackers have been killed. less than an hour ago president obama released a at the same time calling it a horrible attack that shows the terrorist depravity. secretary of state john kerry address addressed the attack from london a few moments ago. . >> this act of it terror angers and shakes all people of conscience, and we con defensemen it in the strongest terms possible. >> with me now nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel. good morning. let's start with what exactly is going on in pakistan. >> the pakistani people and the pakistani military are reeling from this attack. they are promising revenge. they're promising to continue an offensive that has been going on in this border region for the last several months. they've declared three days of mourning, and the pakistani military has already begun a series of air strikes against militants, presumably the same
6:58 am
groups that support this kind of attack or even carried it out. we're also learning a lot more about what exactly happened and who was killed and by whom. this attack began in the morning hours in pakistan and the pakistani taliban claimed responsibility and says that it sent six militants into this school. it's a mixed boys and girls school, a public school run by the military. the militants climbed over a fence, entered an auditorium where a career day was going on a seminar to try and help the students, some of the older students, prepare themselves to get jobs once they graduated. the militants stormed into the auditorium and then opened fire some of the students played dead. others were killed. some teachers were killed as well. and then the militants for several hours went room to room classroom to classroom, killing
6:59 am
students and teachers. and according to pakistani media, over 100 of the dead were students and now pakistan just has to figure out how to go forward and it says it's going to continue its military offensive and to find those responsible. >> and, richard, it's almost incredible, you know, to think of the devastation that this has caused. you said apparently these gunmen were in there for several hours. it seems like a long time before there was some response. >> there was a response quite quickly, but this is a -- not just a single school house but a school compound with four different buildings. and there were students who were being held hostage. you can barricade doors. they also set up ieds, improvised explosive devices, they booby trapped the buildings which the pakistani military said was slowing down their advance and clearing operations
7:00 am
because they didn't want to burst open a door and kill themselves and potentially kill students who were in the room. you have to also understand the context of all of this. this is happening -- the taliban says in response to an offensive in northern waziristan. it is a relatively small part of pakistan on the border with afghanistan. there were peace talks between the pakistani taliban and the pakistani officials, the pakistani government. those peace talks broke down and in june the pakistani military launched a massive offensive to try and clear northern waziristan of a handful of similarly minded groups. this offensive has about been going on. the pakistani taliban has said many times it would retaliate for that offensive. we hadn't seen a he severe retaliation. a lot of people thought one was
7:01 am
coming, and it seems this horrific school attack is the pakistani taliban's response. >> and rech ardichard let me bring in in. why go after children? >> jose, as horrifying as all of these details are we're hearing from the school about children being shot one by one, about teachers being set on fire in front of the students, made to watch, the context is even more horrifying. richard did touch on this. this particular school is an army run school which is not to say it's like ft. knox. this is not some secure military installation. the army runs a system across pakistan of hundreds of schools that their soldiers and officers can send their kids when they get transferred on short notice so they don't have it to wait for a slot. they keep a standard curriculum like any kind of school system. it's publicly accessible area. so that is the context of this school. now why this school?
7:02 am
well, here is the who arehorrifying part. these kids are the kids of pakistan's section known as the 11 corps. the 11 corps is the one corps that is leading the fight in the northwest against the taliban. so the taliban could have targeted any number of schools in the remote area of the country, areas where the can kids who go there are not children of the military. their message in attacking this school was clear. they went after the kids of the soldiers that they're fighting in the north west and that was a very clear, deliberate attack. >> so is this the taliban getting weaker, being squeezed out, or actually being stronger in deciding this is something they can do as a show of force? >> the worrying part of this is the military for all its momentum being gained fighting in the northwest over the last decade really across the whole region, for all the gains they've made this shows the taliban can still carry out, is capableable of carrying out, planning, and having these kinds
7:03 am
of awful, atrocious attacks he at the heart of some of the hubs. it is in the northwest but it is a major city, a bustling, lively center. and so that of course is worrying. but at the same time you look at the pattern of attacks from the taliban over the last few months, why he,previous years they've attacked military installations, they've been in heavily guarded areas across the country. but a few weeks ago they attacked one soft target the border with india, and killed several people there. today they attacked a school. so some people might say they're going after a series of soft targets now because they don't have the capability to hit the harder targets that they used to. and that may be the one good sign in all of this. jose? >> and i want to go via phone to pesh yard. thanks for being with me. what's the very latest? can you hear me, with waj?
7:04 am
i think we've lost waj. waj, can you hear me? no. all right. we're going to wrap that conversation up, unfortunately, we just lost the communication that we had with him. i want to thank you all for being with me. richard, i want to kind of wrapping things up here and anma was talking about the fact they are striking against soft targets now may be an indication they're simply losing strength, how do you see this be and what would be your analysis of what we can expect in the future? >> i think a lot of this has to also be understood in the context of what u.s. troops are doing in in afghanistan. this region northern waziristan is right on the afghan border and the taliban on rates on both sides of the border. it operates in in pakistan where it's generally called the pakistani taliban and in afghanistan. when u.s. troops fight them and
7:05 am
confront the taliban, for years u.s. commanders have been arguing they have simply slipped over the border and had a sanctuary in pakistan. and now we're seeing something of the opposite as u.s. troops draw down and hand over security, a lot of the pakistani taliban are finding sanctuary and safe haven in afghanistan. so there has never been a co- coordinated successful effort by u.s. troops or afghan troops and pakistani troops to squeeze them from both sides of the border and eliminate the threat. one of the reasons that the pakistani military now launched this offensive in waziristan was because it is concerned that as u.s. troops draw down and ultimately leave afghanistan, that the situation will get worse. the taliban in both countries will get stronger so the pakistani military tried to preemptively strike to clear the taliban out of this airrea before
7:06 am
u.s. troops drew down, and now we're seeing this horrific response whether it's a sign of weakness or strength is really something that i don't know if we can answer. >> right. richard, anma, thank you for your insight. thank you for being with me. i want to talk to marc ginsberg who served for middle east policy. good to see you. unfortunately in a horrendous situation. tell us what you think the taliban is trying to establish here. they're getting -- you know, we've been seeing headlines by isis and different groups and now the taliban is saying well here we are and this is what we feel we need to do. >> well, jose, just the other day there was a who are effect attack by the afghanistan taliban inside kabul. what we're seeing as american troops, as richard said as american troops are drawing down the capacity for the afghani
7:07 am
taliban is becoming more pronounced. it's demonstrative of the resiliency of the taliban and the ideology and their compassity to play off tribal differences inside afghanistan and pakistan. i think one other context to this is the tribal strength by which the taliban were able to attract afghani and pakistani adherence to their isis-like ideology. let's understand how much of an ideology there is here that is comparable to what we see among islamic extremists whether it's isis or in yemen and now we see, of course, the taliban which are, shall we say, something we've contended with for some time. >> thank you for being with me this morning. >> sure. >> and we have some breaking news just in. jeb bush making it official, well officially exploring a run for president of the united states. he just made the announcement via twitter and facebook. i want to bring in nbc news senior political editor and
7:08 am
political correspondent casey hunt. on the phone from south carolina. so, mark, let's talk about this. what exactly is jeb saying? >> well, jose, it's important to know what this is and what this isn't. and what jeb bush said that he's actively exploring a presidential run and, of course this is just the latest hint that we've received from him that it looks like 2016 is a go although there are certainly some calf yats. recently announced he would be releasing some 250,000 e-mails from his time as florida governor. he gave a commencement address in south carolina which, of course, holds an all-important primary election in republican poll particulars and he will be coming out with a new book. this is just the latest hint that he's eyeing a 20 16 run a. little caution. we've seen many of these types of announcements before but people deciding not to run at the end. this is not an exploratory commitment. this is not a full-blown presidential announcement. it's the latest sign that he is getting closer and closer to a presidential bid. >> and, margaret i'm reading this from his statement on
7:09 am
facebook. he says in january i also plan to establish a leader shipship pac. what exactly is that? what is it expected to do? is. >> it allows a politician to be able to support other politicians from your party in upcoming races. for example, if you want to get in good with republican politicians in south carolina iowa or happen happen, having a leadership pac, doling out thousands of dollars to important politicians who might be facing a re-election challenge or a potential bid is a great way to ingraciate your way, to gain clout and future endorsements if you decide to run. >> casey, i spoke with you about the floorrida -- former florida governor and now what do you see? >> how times can change quickly, jose.
7:10 am
i think mark hit on a lot of the important points. also in part this helps jeb bush catch up to where some of the other members of the potential field already are. a lot of them have been on rating leadership pacs for a long time, working with candidates throughout the mid-term cycle with those kinds of tools. and bush has been out of public office for a while now, and so this is a move that allows him to kind of take those steps and forays into this. we should note reporters have been trying to get governor bush to talk about this for some weeks now. so he obviously just decided he wants to do it on facebook. he was saying the opposite when we spoke with him yesterday at this commencement speech in south carolina. >> thank you both for being with me. lots ahead on the second hour of "the rundown." we'll continue to bring you the updates of the devastating attack. and back to our nation's capitol capitol -- capitol hill, a lot of unfinished business.
7:11 am
the senate moves closer to holiday break. isis funding on the agenda. will anything get done? we'll ask senator richard blumenthal live from the nation's capital next. my name's louis, and i quit smoking with chantix. i had tried to do it in the past. i hadn't been successful. quitting smoking this time was different because i got a prescription for chantix. along with support chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. the fact that it reduced the urge to smoke helped me get that confidence that i could do it. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some people had seizures while taking chantix.
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7:13 am
how are you? developing right now on "the rundown" police are trying to track down a gunman accused of killing six family members including his ex-wife in pennsylvania. me in a eli.r.a. rehema ellis has more. >> reporter: we heard moments ago they hope to have a briefing on this case at a different location about an hour from now. hopefully we'll get some information on their man hunt for bradley stone who is wanted in connection with what's been called the deadliest shooting
7:14 am
rampage ever in this region. as you point out he's suspected of killing six members of one family a family that he once was a part of. included among those dead his ex-wife, her sister her brother-in-law, her niece, a 14-year-old girl her mother, grandmother, and a 17-year-old nephew was wounded shot in the head. overnight a possible lead in the case. police say a man fitting stone's description attempted a robbery of a victim who was walking his dog. that victim they say, had a gun, fired shots. it's not known whether or not he hit the suspect. and police are still looking for bradley stone. jose? >> rehema ellis, thank you for that report. up next more on jeb bush and his announcement. exploring a 2016 presidential run. we'll talk immigration politics. the politics and the policy. the question i asked the
7:15 am
president, how do those who stand to benefit from his actions avoid feeling so much fear. let's talk about fear. for a minute. fear, the millions of people living in the united states without documents, fear being picked up and deported. 20 states are suing the president of the united states of america. ime for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing zero down, zero deposit and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models. sweet mother of softness... i've never seen anything so soft! charmin! take a closer look at charmin ultra soft
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and help stop further joint damage, even without methotrexate. ask about xeljanz. [ narrator ] mama sherman and the legion of super fans. wow! [ narrator ] on a mission to get richard to his campbell's chunky soup. it's new chunky beer-n-cheese with beef and bacon soup. i love it. and mama loves you. ♪ ♪ mind-boggling. well this is the situation into which the president has and this is a live look at the floor of the senate where the day's business has already begun. congress wrapping you up its lame duck session. senators did manage to put a surgeon general in place for the first time in 17 months. he faced stiff opposition because of his views on gun reform. senators will not vote on confirming a new attorney general and they have a bill on president obama's fight against
7:19 am
eye ses. senator, always good to see you. how are you. >> good, jose. great to be with you. >> you were one of 21 who voted against this. do you think the president should sign it? >> i would urge the president to sign it because we need to continue the government's funding, avoid a shutdown. i voted against it because i think it severely endangers public safety. the transportation roll back in the rules that take tired truckers off the road would save lives. it's been implemented after extensive administrative proceedings and by a provision snuck in the bill at the last moment. it endangers lives, likewise the roll back in tax prepared documents, the cuts in pension rights the campaign finance abuse abuses. these provisions were unnecessary for compromise. they threaten health and
7:20 am
economic security. >> we mentioned the confirmation after a year in waiting. we now know loretta lynch's waiting until next year. how do you see these going with republicans in charge? >> i think loretta lynch will be confirmed. i'm a member of the judiciary committee. i hope her merits and qualifications are considered pre-eminent pre-eminently. just as i president dr. murphy should be attorney general. nra raised the gun issue which was unnecessary and, i believe, that we have fought back successfully against that attack attempt to raise the gun issue in those instances. i hope we will prevail in bipartisan cooperation so we have a new attorney general. loretta lynch is supremely qualified. >> we've all heard about the attack in pakistan. is the senate going to act on isis fund to go keep up the global fight on it terror?
7:21 am
>> i hope it will. when i first heard about this attack in pakistan two years after a horrendous horrific attack in newtown, my heart went out to the families of those children more than 120 now, killed. i was at sandy hook and saw firsthand the grief and pain and shock of that unspeakable tragedy. this kind of horror is a parent's worth nightmare. this kind of terrorist attack by gunmen who are acting in retaliation against innocent children simply because of the pursuit of them by the pakistan government and pakistan cannot tolerate or accommodate terrorists. we must continue our fight against isis and i will continue to support isis funding, but i do believe the president must come to the congress.
7:22 am
he must seek authorization. there has to be a new authorization for him to proceed. and i will support funding only if the congress has given that option to go forward and i hope that that will happen. >> and, senator, finally, it's been two years since the newtown shooting. some of the families monday filed wrongful death suits against the gun maker. what chances do you think they have? >> they deserve their day in court. these claims are serious, and they deserve serious consideration. there are obstacles but this law lawsuit is apparently the only remedy they have right now for the deep enduring injury they've suffered. i hope they'll be treated fairly. i have every confidence they will. >> you thank you. appreciate your time. >> thank you. former florida governor jeb bush announcing he's actively exploring running for president. how does this change the game?
7:23 am
coming up, politics and the policy behind the president, the current president's immigration action and why not everyone who can benefit from reform is willing to sign on. plus a stunning new report in mexico raising new questions about what happened the night 43 students vanished.
7:24 am
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ya you did... you really, really did now get 3 gigs of data on one line for $65 a month. switch to at&t, buy a new smartphone and get $150 credit per line. we continue to follow breaking political news this hour with jeb bush's latest sign he's getting closer and closer to a run for the white house. he says he is exploring a 2016 presidential run. he just made the announcement via twitter and facebook moments ago saying he's spoken with his family and discussed the, quote, future of our nation. we're going to talk more about this in a few minutes with our strategist angela rye and mercedes. but, mexico's president will soon be heading to washington for a meeting with president obama at the white house. immigration and the economy key topics of discussion when
7:26 am
enrique pene visits. a stunning new report is raising new questions about what happened that night, the night the students vanished? the mexican publication is alleging authorities in mexico's federal government were involved in the students' disappearance and killing contradicting the mexican governor's assertion it was not aware of the attack on the students. julio, it's good to see you. >> thank you jose. thank you for having me. >> what is the reaction from the mexican federal government? >> well this article was done together with steve fisher supported by the university ofcalof california here in berkeley, and what this report says is that mexican federal authorities had
7:27 am
real-time information about an day tack on students by the corrupt local police. still, according to this evidence, federal authorities didn't do anything about the disappearance and probable massacre of the 43 students. now this report is based on leaked government documents that are not publicly available. so there's no way to verify the information. however, there's the possibility that it will further fuel the anger against mexican government because this contradicts the owe figures story about what happened on september 23 in guerrero. telemundo tried to reach the federal government to find an answer, a statement from the government regarding this article, but we got no answer. however, the federal police detail mexican television network network, that they had no relation to this, that the
7:28 am
federal police did not participate. at least they had no clear evidence of active participation in the specific event. that's what francis co-galindo head of the mexico federal police said. that's all the steam we have. >> always a pleasure. thanks for being with me. >> thank you, jose. it's important to note again, msnbc and telemundo were not able to independently confirm the authenticity of the documents. and now the continuing push by the white house and what comes next. an op-ed by the president himself on the subject of that action and one of his top immigration officials telling potential beneficiaries in los angeles yesterday in spanish, don't worry. participate with confidence. meanwhile, homeland security
7:29 am
secretary jay johnson was on the border opening the naegs's largest family detention center in texas. he talked border security there and deportation priorities. >> those who came here illegally in the past who have been here for years he have commit nod serious crimes and have become integrated members of american life are not priorities for removal. >> amanda good morning. >> good morning, jose. >> so now that the orders have been signed by the president, what's the next step for the president and those looking to sign up? >> the obama administration's push right now is twofold. they'll need to really spread the word to some 500 million people who who could potentially qualify and they need to quell the sense of fear that many if they come forward they wore y that it will have negative rae percussions in the future. and to that end officials can
7:30 am
simply point to how dreamers were able to come forward. they were able to seek these benefits and how it has ben benefited them and the u.s. economy. on the flip side the administration needs to reach out to the general public and that is why obama's op-ed in the nashville paper was very explicitly say inging these are your neighbors, your schoolteachers, the people that you see every day and we want to put a you human face on this. and so jay johnson's visit down into texas was showing that the administration is also pushing for a tighter border security. now many advocates and immigration advocates say that this end of putting are more resources isn't the way that we should be doing it. they are being able to say we are putting these resources at the border. now congress get our funding ready. >> and you were just talking about some of those pushes and fear and, of course , quelling the fear among some in the community is very important when you're asking them to sign up to
7:31 am
come out from under the shadows. a big part that have is for example, scam artists that are popping up throughout the latino community. they're calling themselves. you've done some reporting on this. tell us about that. >> many scam artists pose as attorneys and they take advantage of many in the immigrant community. they place out ads over spanish radio saying they can help people organize their documents and get ready for any type of reform that comes forward. now we saw this after the senate passed its immigration reform bill and we saw this. many scam artists are soliciting false information and telling people that they can help fast track them to a pathway to citizenship in many cases. for some that means hundreds even thousands of dollars, going down the drain to these scam artists. and others it means putting them in danger of deportation. right now the obama add mgs needs to fight and say you should feel safe coming forward. you should be able to seek the
7:32 am
benefits under these new executive actions but make sure you're doing it under the right sources and not being scammed. >> thank you so very much. it's important to once again underline as of right now there is no process for rejsgistering as we speak. if anyone is asking you or a family member to give some money so they can clear your papers, that person is living to you. up next, jeb bush making it official he is exploring a run for president of the united states. that announcement minutes ago. we'll be discussing that next. ♪ ♪ [ woman ] i will embrace change... everything life throws my way. except for frown lines. those i'm throwing back. [ female announcer ] olay
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and reach, toes blossoming... not that great at yoga. yeah, but when i slipped a disk he paid my claim in just four days. ahh! four days? yep. see why speed matters, at welcome back. big news in the race for 2016. jeb bush, son and brother of former presidents, announcing he is actively exploring the possibility of running for president. he made that announcement 20 minutes ago via twitter and facebook. how does this impact what
7:36 am
hillary clinton and even elizabeth warren might do? joining me now two men who know a lot about politics. national political report he for the "boston globe" and let's start with your reaction from the news from jeb bush. >> it sets up a situation where you have two heavy favorites on the republican and democratic side who are popular with the elites in their parties but bush has immigration and common core education standards. clinton it's she's too close to wall street and baggage from her husband's administration. bush is definitely the candidate that clinton's people are most afraid of. on the other hand he could inoculate her from the best criticisms she is too much after dynasty, too wealthy. it sets up a really interesting race and totally changes everything from my point of view. >> how does this announcement
7:37 am
impact what potentially democratic candidates may do? >> i think it's interesting in multiple ways. more so probably on the republic republican side are where you have jeb bush now preparing to go up against probably rand paul, ted cruz, and a host of people who have the tea party support that jeb bush lacks. on the other hand it could dispel some of the notions about mitt romney getting in again. a lot of people have been waiting on the establishment republican side waiting for somebody like jeb bush and this might steal some of the oxygen that mitt romney could potentially get back in. >> there's chris christie the senator from kentucky the senator from floorrida. these are a lot of people who, you know, won't take this news lying down. >> no, and that's why the republican side will be an extraordinary battle in the primary. you'll have a lot of candidates fighting for space and, like you mentioned, chris christie fights
7:38 am
for the same turf that jeb bush is fighting for. and then you have a whole host of people on the more conservative side the party, that will set up an interesting battle potentially leading to another bush/clinton general election. >> alex what are you hearing from clinton insiders about how they would mount a campaign strategy against jeb bush? >> he's definitely the candidate they think is most formidable on the republican side. they've been open about that. one thing that is kind of awkward is they both have some of the similar weaknesses, related to former presidents have been successful in the private sector since coming out of public life. they've both been around for a while. it creates an awkward situation for them. however, i do think that you will see some of the similar attacks run against mitt romney in 2012 against jeb bush. he has business dealings that are only just being looked into now and so i expect you'll see that trudged back up. >> matt, does this help supporters of elizabeth warren who insists she is not running
7:39 am
for president? >> i think potentially it does. it's he going to -- even the talk of warren's candidacy, i think, drags hillary clinton more and more to the left. it forces had her to address the concerns that elizabeth warren is raising as well as the energy around her supporters even if warren doesn't run, which all indications are she's not going to. warren keeps insisting every which way she's not. she hasn't given the sherman-esque denial ss that she will never run, but she's been pretty firm in her decision. but the talk of her he candidacy, i think, helps warren and helps strengthen her role in the party. >> and do you think, alex, this will change the timing of when folks like hillary clinton will decide to announce? >> it might. she's been looking at a later time linehan a lot of people expected. in 2007 she announced january 20. she has been skedcheduling paid
7:40 am
speeches into february and even late march so now we've been talking about an april time line. if you get a serious candidate like jeb bush in early, that might make her more eager to get in. i think the real thing that would move up her time line is if a major democrat like elizabeth warren got in which i don't expect. that would more impact her timing. >> thank you, gentlemen, for being with me this morning. >> thanks jose. >> thanks for having me. ladies thank you for being with me. let's talk about this big news out of the bush camp. you'll be actively exploring the possibility of running for president. what exactly do you think that means? do you think this is it? he's all in? >> it sounds to he me like he's all in. he just released over 250,000 e-mail this is week, so that gives sort of the democratic opposition research.
7:41 am
i know republican candidates that are thinking of running a chance to go through his e-mails. obviously he gave this commencement address in south carolina. he's positioning himself. he was incredibly active in supporting different candidates throughout the states. there's obviously talk of staff. so this is a situation where you have a lot of people sitting out waiting to see what will happen. it's a turn key operation in these states. . his biggest challenges in iowa and new hampshire so it will be interesting to see where he takes it next. >> and, angela how do you think this shakes things up against someone, be for example, like hillary clinton. issues like immigration, common core ets. >> immigration, hopefully with jeb bush announcing he's at least interested in running for president and will explore, hopefully this will push republicans further down the field on this. we've seen them fight immigration tooth and nail. we've seen them work towards
7:42 am
only funding homeland security for a short amount of time only through february to prevent any real further action. they have played these protestses politics with everything from obama care to the irs to of course immigration reform. hopefully given the fact he's a vocal advocate of immigration reform, it will push them to doing the right thing. with hillary clinton, i think there are folks particularly who are like this is more of the same. people are very nostalgic about a clinton presidency before a bub presidency and some folks want to see some new blood in this space but i also think he is probably one of the best candidates the republican the gop, can put forward. >> i want to focus in on the immigration because i'm not so sure that his statements publicly have been so clear cut on immigration reform. when he was governor of florida, he was for immigration reform. he has said often that he wants to see immigration reform that would include the legalization of the undocument that had are
7:43 am
living living in this country. he wrote a book that said there should knob citizenship ever for the undocumented. so is there an issue there that i think he could be hit on for not being clear on something so important as immigration reform? >> jose he's coming out with another ebook. maybe he can clarify his position. in his heart and soul he agrees the system is broken. it needs to be fixed. it needs to be in a legislative format where congress pushes through legislation and the congress votes on it. it is an issue he's going to have to address and tackle. again, i think one of his areas where he's going to need to really start explaining his different issues is at cpac. you'll see the potential presidential candidates talking about these very important ish
7:44 am
issues so it will be interesting to see how he maneuvers and clearly explains his position on immigration. >> and, angela the ishsue of hillary clinton and senator warren, do you think that is changing any dynamic in the democratic party? it seems like over and over again she's saying the senator, i'm not running for president and yet we in the media continue to ask her about it and we it continue to talk about it. >> some jose continue to draft her. i don't know how long she's going to be able to say that she's not running. i certainly think there's a place for and a platform for her kind of politics. we talked about millennials interested in seeing something new and someone who is willing to push the establishment and status quo policies. she's certainly been able to do that. i think she's a little too far left like the folks who entertain are a little bit too far right. someone in the middle is someone who will be able to serve as command commander in chief in this country. it is certainly worth ensuring that these types of policies are
7:45 am
pushed and discussed throughout the presidential debate track, and so elizabeth warren or someone with her types of politics should definitely have a seat at the table. >> always a blesspleasure to he see you both. >> thank you, be jose. coming up, tonight marks the first night of hanukkah. the vice president will oversee the lighting of the menorah, and that has inspired today's five things. also a reminder courtesy of our director that the giant blow-up lawn ornaments are not just for jolly old st. nick. we'll be right back. exactly. to attain success, one must project success. that's why we use fedex one rate®. >>their flat rate shipping. exactly. it makes us look top-notch but we know it's affordable. (garage door opening) (sighs) honey, haven't i asked you to please use the.... >>we don't have a reception entrance. ship a pak via fedex express saver® for as low as $7.50. they challenge us. they take us to worlds full of heroes and titans.
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for many children in kentucky survival depends on free meals at l school. when they're not at school, some kids don't eat at all. >> the backpack program is to feed the children of families. >> i'm alex wagner. find out what you can do about childhood hunger. tonight in jewish households the festival of lights lasting for what some call eight crazy nights. we'll celebrate here on "the rundown" not with eight but with fave. five things festival of lights. the it takes 44 to get through all eight nights. you place them on the menorah
7:48 am
from right to left but light them left to right. we'll see how vice president biden deals with that tonight. the dr he eidles, to spin win chocolate or money. a miracle happened there or if you're in israel it's here. you can apparently dress up like a dreidel like this gentleman or lady did last year at the national menorah lighting in washington. spelling, don't try to spell check. you can spell it three different ways. it's like choose your own add ven tour and that's what happens when you make an engwill lish word out of a hebrew one. number four, the food. fried potato latkes. the key is fried. it's all about the oil. latino jews in south florida are serving kosher. i made that up. sounds good. hanukkah at the white house, a
7:49 am
tradition that dates back to president truman. president george w. bush holding the first official hanukkah party in 2001. tomorrow president obama will host not one but two hanukkah celebrations but tonight the hohnnors go to vice president biden at the national men yor yeah menorah lighting. that wraps up "the rundown" on msnbc. thank you for the privilege of your time. next two motown legends join tamron. i'll see you here tomorrow. take care. it's time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. christmas may come once a year but at one company it happens nearly every day. he's oxford, pennsylvania, store the christmas house closed only four days a year. why? he says it's because of customer
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7:53 am
explore a presidential run in 2016 n. a holiday message, bush said he discussed a he potential white house bid with members of his family over thanksgiving. as a result of these conversations, the kind of strong leadership i think america needs, i decided to actively explore the possibility of running for president of the united states. he goes on to say in the coming months i hope to visit with many of you and have a conversation about restoring the promise of america. bush also announced that he is forming a pac as he moves forward with his plans. and joining me live now senior political editor mark murray. so, mark let's first look at the essence of what jeb bush is saying here in that he's going to actively explore the possibility. one would say that's what he has been doing. what's the difference here? >> that's right, tamron this has been a trickle l. a trickle of information letting
7:54 am
us know he's getting closer and closer to maybe making a run. it's important to know whooo this is and what it isn't. it's just the latest sign that he does seem to be getting closer to a possible run. it follows news he will be releasing 250,000 e-mails from his time as florida governor as well as a new book. he gave a speech a commencement address yesterday. things in which if you weren't interested in running for the presidency you probably don't do them all. it's important to know what this isn't. this is not an i am running for president moment or i've launched an exploratory committee. and given that he's just at this stage, it is worth reminding everyone that we've seen politicians, whether haley barbour, the former republican governor of mississippi, evan beyh i'm s
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