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tv   Lockup  MSNBC  December 20, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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i'm frances rivera with the latest news we've been following out of new york city. two police officers ambushed and killed. an emotional scene moments ago in brooklyn as the bodies of rafael ramos and wenjian liu were transferred to a funeral home were the families will prepare to lay them to rest. the head of the police union added his voice to those in mourning tonight. the two officers were sitting in the patrol car and when the suspect opened fire, he ran to a subway station and killed himself. the man identified as ishmael
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brinsley said he was in retaliation for the killed men. flag half staff. we'll have more later. now back to lock-up. >> that's their money. if they don't pay, this is what happens. a fight breaks out. >> a 2-10 in progress. >> a fight breaks out over snacks. but officers want to know if there was something else behind it. >> you're considerably bigger than this individual and he's coming into your room and saying, give me your canteen.
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>> that don't mean nothing when you're in jail. >> sergeant wilson. >> sergeant wilson, that don't mean anything in jail. >> what's on your face and why? >> tooth paste. >> an open transgender inmate chooses general population over protective custody. >> normally, they're in the clos closet. >> if you try to hurt me, i'll hurt you first. or we'll hurt each other. >> that morning at breakfast, i noticed he wasn't at the table. i went to wake him up and the officer said, he's doead. >> found dead in bunk and roommate is under scrutiny, rumors spread like wildfire. >> they said he was stabbed with his spoon in the heart.
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>> it's just like unidentifiable. like, really? >> it's said if nothing else, jail provides three huts and a cot. in charleston, south carolina, there's no exception. there are about 1300 men and women incarcerated here. most are only charged with crimes and are awaiting trial at the resolution of their cases. keeping them all fed requires an inmate kitchen staff to work nearly around the clock preparing 3900 meals per day. mohammed abdala is a cook on the afternoon shift. >> we go in at 1:00, we usually back at 8:30 and 9:00. the benefits, you don't have to lay around all day. working in the kitchen keeps you alert and aware of things going on around you. and you get to eat good.
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you know? make sure the food is hot and warm. that's the rice right there. i cooked it. that's the patties right there. i cooked those too. they're going to want seconds of that. i guarantee that. >> he takes pride in his work but may overestimate his appeal. >> it sucks. >> i can't wait to get pizza. >> it's disgusting, county food. >> it's an alternative to the meals served up in the kitchen. every thursday is canteen day. >> it's like christmas. honey buns, chilts. i guess they don't get that on the trays or whatnot. everybody is excited when it comes in. >> in addition to snacks, inmates can purchase canteen items such as toiletries, rodeos, writing supplies.
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through debit accounts from friends or family on the outside. >> it's exciting because i've never been to jail or in trouble. this is my first time basically seeing the inside of a jail. >> michael wilperson driving every six months. he works for an outside vendor that runs the canteen service. >> it's a three hour and 30 minutes ride every thursday. i like to see what they're going through, what they're here for. sometimes you're scared of the charge they have but other than that, i love this job. i love it. >> but there's also a dark side to canteen day. >> canteen is usually the worst day in the unit. that's when the most fights will happen. >> canteen is money here. when you need something, you trade it with canteen. >> they don't have access to paper money. that's their money over here. that's how they pay their debts. that's how they collect debts. if they don't pay, this is what happens. fight breaks out. >> they start fighting like right in front of us. it's pretty shocking to see them
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fighting over honey buns and stuff like that. >> we'll follow. >> in progress is a fight. >> tactical officers from the jail's special operations group have been called to a fight shortly after canteen distribution in a maximum security housing unit. >> got separated. this one. >> officers assigned to the unit manage to separate the combatants seconds before the team arrives. >> one individual inmate just received a canteen and another individual came out of the room to try to steal it from him. that's when the fight broke out. >> it was between sheldon kelly and another man who declined to be on camera. >> it's overpriced. bag of chips. those kind of chips down the street, two for a. but here, it's one dollar a bag.
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>> he got his canteen and going back up to his room when another inmate come out of his room and went over to mr. kelly's room and he proceeded to try to take mr. kelly's canteen. kelly bucked on him and the man threw a punch at kelly and kelly responded with a couple himself. >> this happens every thursday. someone gets canteen day and the fact, it happens in jail. either you strong or you weak. show a sign of weakness, someone will take your stuff. if you don't, they learn to respect. hey, you can't take his stuff. he's not going to go for that. >> kelly is in on charges of kidnapping and possession of a violent crime. he's pled not guilty. >> i'm not the type of person to go out and just look for trouble. my mom told me, if you look for
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trouble, you'll find it. >> kelly has been both convicted and accused of violent attacks in the past. at the time of latest arrest, he was out on bond on charges of assaulting a police officer, unlawful possession of a firearm and criminal domestic violence to which he's also pled not guilty. but more significantly, when kelly was 14 years old, he killed a man. >> 14 going on 15 years old. i ended up running the streets with my brothers and being young, wild, just growing up too fast in my time. i caught a murder charge by assaulting someone with a baseball bat and he died, blunt force trauma to the head. charged me with murder, weighed me up as an adult. sentenced me as a 16-year-old to 18 years and i stayed there until my 29th birthday. i pretty much grew up in jail. >> kelly's murder charge was reduced to manslaughter but still spent 15 years in prison. >> at one time, i didn't care if
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i lived or died because i was living that lifestyle and wanted to be out in the streets and doing what i wanted to do, but having no sense of purpose. >> if found guilty of the litany of violent crime charges, kelly could receive life in prison. for now, in a segregation cell pending disciplinary hearing for the canteen fight but kelly is confident he'll be cleared and sent back to general population. >> he hit me first but it wasn't an effective blow. 18 years of martial arts. i know how to take a blow. >> i saw blood on you. >> well, he ran into a few elbows. coming up -- >> you have this poker game that lasted for a couple of days. >> no. >> were there several individuals that were supposed to pay out canteen? >> sheldon kelly faces the
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small pond outside of the sheriff al cannon detention center might be intimidating. but they do little to stem the slow of men and women entering the facility. while the inmate population stands at about 1300, many more are booked into the jail and soon released. the jail's intake department processes about 30,000 arrestees per year. >> inmates come straight off the street whether they're drunk, high. whatever the case may be, have first contact with them. >> ma'am, i'm a nurse. >> we do paperwork, we do initial patdowns, any type of
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contraband that enter the facility, we should be the first to, you know, catch it, so it can not be brought into the facility. >> is this what we found when we were doing a strip search, some leafy substance inside of her underwear. >> depending on their charges and whether they can make bond, most will be out within 24 hours. tonight, anton will be assigned a housing unit. >> i'm not a criminal. >> the booking procedure is familiar to rivers, with multiple stays at the jail. >> maybe once or twice a year. >> i wouldn't say he's a regular but he's been here enough that i know who he is. >> not like major crimes. a robbery or something, that wouldn't be me.
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>> how do you identify yourself? as gay, as transgender? >> no, only identify as a gay male. nothing else. a queen. in our gay world. >> rivers was brought in on a warrant for possession of marijuana charge. a short time after he arooifred, charged with providing false information to police. >> i gave them a wrong last name. that was it. they locked me up, don't have the information. >> rivers said he'll likely plead guilty and hope for the best. >> hepatitis, epilepsy or diabetes? >> no. >> mental or psychiatric unit? contemplated suicide? >> no. >> suicidal now? >> no. >> various personalities. dress according to how they feel. i mean, you just do your job.
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it catches you off guard but the end of the day, we treat them as human beings. we never discriminate. >> rivers with prior convictions including driving with a suspended license, stolen goods, trespassing, reckless driving and shoplifting. he said he's served sentences ranging from a few days to a few months in six different jails. >> i know we've been through all this before. do you have any gang affiliation? >> no. >> any enemies that you know of. >> no. >> codependents? >> no. >> custody? >> no. >> your nail and hairs, take them off. >> protective custody. i can't go there. >> until you cut the nails and take the hair off, you have to go to a1b. long nails and hair extensions,
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can lead to unwanted protection and isolated, in a cell 23 hours a day. >> i hate being isolated but sometimes it's good to be isolated by yourself but for days and days and days and days, good, bad, whatever the situation is, protective custody is nowhere to be. >> do you have any concerns or questions i can help you with? >> no. >> rivers is not alone to his aversion to protective custody. his cousin, kay len jenkins identifies as transgender selected general population over pc. >> i did want to go to protective custody and i stood there for like five days and then requested to move to general population. because i just felt the need to be around other people. >> jenkins realizes some inmates have problems with gay or transendered people. >> so be it. i don't care. they have to deal with it, not me.
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>> when i was a boy, always giving me compliments like you're pretty and you'll be a pretty girl and stuff like that, but i was just feminine. and feminine enough to carry a purse. >> jenkins is serving 20 days for possession of marijuana and had several prior stays for convictions that include shoplifting, trespassing, robbery and assault and battery. >> what is on your face and why? >> tooth paste. i have to shave like yesterday or whatever and i got some bumps on my face and the tooth paste helps to dry it out. >> where did you learn that trick? >> just from coming here. i have four sisters, so i already knew all about what it takes to be a girl. i think they made me want to be a girl so bad being around them and they were so pretty and always talked about girly things. >> jenkins hopes to have female
7:19 pm
hormone therapy and possibly gender reassignment future. >> hormones, take it for my voice, take it for my skin. grow like [ bleep ], not like a b cup. not big and heavy. or a c. >> out on the streets, jenkins already has a different look and name. >> coco. everybody know me as coco. coco escorts. yep, there you go. she escorts. she has like several guys as regulars who she knows. sometimes she don't even have to do nothing with them. she can call them up for money and they'll give it to her. like that. because they love coco. they love everything about her. i like the gangster guys, like the ones in the hood and the
7:20 pm
manly ones. turns me on. >> fine to me. to each his own. never seen anything like that before, so they don't know how to handle it. >> they're hiding it. >> they try to hind it. >> it's the truth, they try to hide it by pushing it away, excuse me, homosexual, but at the same time, they're admiring him. >> even when i'm not looking and i look, i can see them looking, turning heads. and i know they looking at me. >> out like that, normally, they're in the closet. you don't find them like out there like that. >> when they try to make jokes at me, i crack back at them. you better get that [ bleep ]. >> jenkins said it's fine but prepared to deal with anything
7:21 pm
else. >> hurt me, i hurt you first or we hurt each other. you're not just going to hurt me and get away with it though. >> coming up, new developments for both kalin jenkins and antwann rivers. >> first, i thought suicide and at the time, his roommate said there was something around his neck. >> an inmate found dead in his bunk and officials must find out why. [ normal voice ] you're right, that was really easy. i know, i told you so. on, you can compare our progressive direct rates with our competitors' rates, so shopping is easy. you don't sound like flo. [high-pitched] yeah, i do. [ clears throat ] who you talking to? [ normal voice ] what? what's on your hand? noth-- my wedding ring. [chuckles] symbol of our love and understanding. comparing rates for you. now that's progressive. [ high-pitched ] nailed it! come from all walks of life. if you have high blood sugar,
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inside the sheriff al cannon detention center, inmates like mohammed live in their housing unit with at least one perk other units don't enjoy. >> we work in the cafeteria. it's more of a privilege that we have the microwave and we get the coffee and the popcorn. but at any given moment, they will snatch it away if we mess that privilege up. >> abdala charged with a property crime to which he pled not guilty. >> i've been in and out of this facility and then probably say this for a few years now, i get 14 years in state penitentiary for armed robbery. i got out, gave no jobs, no anything. they just kicked me out.
7:25 pm
hey, you're finished. >> he hopes to get into the drug rehab program. the kitchen gives him a sense of purpose. >> it's a dollar a day but it's better than nothing. those who have nothing are able to buy hygiene and cosmetic items they need. >> he takes pride in cooking but his passion is writing in politically charged spoken word pieces. >> the father speak in america dream but everything in america ain't what it seems, possessed by greed and need to have the whole world down at the feet. political assassination infiltration organizations, never apologize for slavery or reparations, some things you accuse other nations of, proven not to be above. brings guns and betrays.
7:26 pm
this nation has more people in prison due to the legacy of slavery, injustice and racism. i turn on my tv and laugh when i see them. talking about bashing in the beacon of light, how the whole world is jealous. are we so naive we believe anything they'd tell us? i'm sorry for sounding so unpatriotic but the snake had hands being so chaotic. the scripture teach that you reap what you sow, do to others, pause up at her door. doesn't change, the great mighty nation will fall like the beast written in revelations. >> while abdalla contemplates moral choices of a nation, jenkins is choosing between long nails and confined to protective custody unit. >> protective custody, i can't go in. >> until you cut the nails and hair off, send you to a 1b. i can't send you. >> rivers made his choice.
7:27 pm
and is now in one of the far less restrictive general population units. >> i feel like me because this is how i am born, but i don't feel as pretty as if i was when i came in, when i was out on the street. >> all right, turn around. face me. put your tongue up. >> rivers had numerous stays at the jail and said being openly gay has never caused him a problem. >> as long as they're not weird, i'm good. people talk to me, such and such. roommates work with you, but other than that, it was all right. i mean, i stay to myself. i don't cause no problem. i mean, that's by them. >> river's cousin, kalin jenkins is housed in a general population unit. jenkins, who is transgender and self-identifies as female, said she can hold her own as well. but always glad to make new
7:28 pm
friends. >> at the window, just doing that to get attention. that's a doorbell. is that a crime? i want to talk to them. >> jenkins who works on the outside is an escort named coco nearing the end of a 20 day possession of marijuana. we don't have a -- >> some want to let you go up on the top floor to knock on other people's doors, so we come out here and associate, try to talk with them but it's hard to hear through the windows. especially when it's noisy out here. >> jenkins also made friends with matthew gliden, charged with criminal sexual conduct with a minor to which he pled not guilty and is awaiting trial. like jenkins, he too chosen general population over protective custody but an
7:29 pm
accused sex offender, gliden could be in greater danger due to a code that people with charges like his should be charged for violence. and ten days later, jail officials would need to determine whether that code played a role in the death of matthew gliden. coming up, a possible suicide by the state enforcement law division and the local coroner. officials looking at the death of matthew gliden. and then. >> if you have canteen that's not going to fit in your box, you lose it. you lose it. >> jail cracks down on the canteen policy and the inmates are not happy about it. >> they're not always going to comply. i mean, this is jail. you know? the majority of people in here because they didn't comply. that's what got them in here.
7:30 pm
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less than an hour ago, new york city police officers lined the streets as the bodies of two comrades attacked were taken to the hospital. the police union talked about their loss. >> they will show that the burden for these families each rand every day for the rest of their lives. generations of police officers will know their names and hold them close to their hearts. >> the officers were sitting in a patrol car when they were shot in the head. the suspect fled to a nearby train station where he shot himself as officers approached him. he was identified as ishmael brinsley. he was doing it in retaliation of the choke hold death of eric garner. now back to lock-up.
7:34 pm
due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> inside the sheriff al cannon detention center, canteen is a big deal but now officers crack on a policy they've let slide a bit. it has to do with the plastic box for each inmate in which their canteen and other personal items are stored. >> your canteen fits in your box with the box closed, with your lid closed. this starts monday, so start this weekend working on this. >> over $30 or $40 worth of stuff. if i ordered that, i could get everything in there. >> many limit the limit on canteen, so the excess winds up outside the box. >> i think the excess contributes to the break-ins and the robberies. a lot of guys getting their
7:35 pm
canteens stolen from and stuff like that. we feel like we can get everything off the floor into the proper boxes and stuff, cut back on insects, bugs, stuff like that. >> if you have canteen that's not going to fit in your box, you lose it. >> we don't understand. >> you'll lose it. >> you can't. >> they got very relaxed as far as that policy and it got out of hand and now we put it back into control which is not sitting real well with some of the inmates. >> if you can't shut the lid -- >> on the box all the way. whatever is out of the box is thrown away. >> can't shut the box like that. >> that's going to start a problem. >> it is going to start a problem for real. >> a huge problem. a lot of people going to be here in one lock-up for fighting to see yours. >> see them come. what they going to do with it? take our food? what they going to do?
7:36 pm
>> they're not always going to comply. i mean, this is jail. you know? majority of people in here because they didn't comply. that's what got them in there. >> sheldon kelly in a canteen related fight. >> kelly was an inmate worker. always really respectful to us, a good worker for the most part. never really any disciplinary infractions. >> what happened? >> canteen yesterday and when came from passing out canteen. >> just gave his side of the story to the jail's disciplinary committee. >> you didn't know anything? co canteen or anything like that? >> no, i don't owe them anything. >> now it's kelly's turn to face the committee. he could receive up to 30 days in disciplinary segregation if they determine if he instigated
7:37 pm
the fight. >> i didn't do anything wrong. i defended myself. the officer's report speaks for itself. >> who hit who first? >> he hit me first and i responded. >> you're considerably bigger than this individual and he's coming into your room and saying, give me -- >> that don't mean nothing you're in jail, miss -- >> sergeant wilson. >> sergeant wilson. >> i'm trying to understand. something missing in the story. >> the committee received word that the fight might have resulted from the other inmate attempting to collect gambling debt from kelly. >> did you have a poker day for a couple of days? >> no. >> were there several individuals supposed to pay out canteen? >> no. i play poker. >> okay, were you in charge of the poker game and were the other individuals could not provide the canteen, you were the one that was supposed to
7:38 pm
provide the canteen for everyone involved. >> no, listen to me. why would i provide someone else canteen? they lose their canteen. >> that's what we try to understand. that's why we're in this room. >> that doesn't make sense. why would i pay something somebody else lose? >> step out and we'll let you know. >> i don't know nothing of what they're speaking about. none of that. i don't know anything about that. crazy someone just fabricate a story. to taken seriously, remain on lock-up for 30 days, 20 days, is a days and go back to population. >> it means a lot in lock-up. >> yeah, but comes with time. comes with doing time in jail. sometimes you've got to roll with the punches. >> kelly waits outside while the committee deliberates. >> he went to subject two.
7:39 pm
kelly's room. these are in the right order. >> and that's when the altercation turned to hit kelly first, therefore being the aggressor. kelly defended himself. both are found guilty because kelly did more than defend himself. he participated. >> a short time later, kelly is called back in to hear the committee's decision. >> okay, mr. kelly. the board finds you guilty to a25. we are giving you a 30 day sentence. we are awarding you 15 days. you were defending yourself, you were not the aggressor, however, in the report it does state that you did continue to fight. >> you threw several punches. >> five to six punches. >> someone's in my sail, i had the right to protect myself. >> that's why we aren't giving you 30 days but if you continue to fight, we understand the fact you were defending yourself, but what you've got to understand
7:40 pm
too is that it was still turned into an individual fight after that. >> all right. >> i feel like it was the wrong decision but i'm glad i had the right to appeal the decision, which i'm going to do but i fear for my safety. i did everything i felt i had to do to mobilize my attacker. he swung on me. what was i supposed to do? take the short end of the stick? >> you don't really fault him so much much but he continued and punched him about five or six times as well. >> we follow south carolina law. and south carolina's law states basically if you don't try to separate yourself, you're a participant. so he didn't just try to participant himself, he was defending but he did not try to separate himself from it, he's considered the participant. >> one punch would have done it. >> it doesn't work like that. we fight, you look for it, you ask it, you got what you ask for. >> kelly will now spend the next
7:41 pm
15 days locked in a single man cell 23 hours per day and lose most privileges including canteen. antwaan rivers no longer worries about canteen or fitting snacks in a plastic box. he pled guilty to drug possession and for providing false information. served 17 days and was released from jail. his cousin, kalin jenkins, completed 20 day sentence for drug possession and also released. and then shockingly, four days later, one of the few friends jenkins made in the jail, 29-year-old matthew gliden, was found dead in his cell. >> he had a possible suicide. it's being investigated by the state law enforcement division and the local coroner. they have not given anything. it's a current investigation, so i can't give details on what the investigation is coming to the conclusions on.
7:42 pm
i have no idea. >> thomas dempsey was one of the other friends in the housing unit. >> that morning at breakfast, i noticed he wasn't at the table and i went to wake him up and the officer said, he's dead. the buddy to wake him up when he shook him, he grabbed his leg to kind of scare him awake. he said he was stiff as a board. >> he said it was like rolling a log over. he just rolled over. >> gliden had been awaiting trial for sexual misconduct with a minor. >> as far as the people that really dealt with him on a regular basis, kind of melen kolly. everybody couldn't really believe it. kind of crazy. >> brian johnson knew gliden. >> you the person that much and then you just don't see them all the sudden and they're just gone, i mean, that left, i think, a hole in a lot of people that were at least spent some time with him. >> with me, i just couldn't, i
7:43 pm
couldn't fathom why did he want to, and i feel like the inmates feel that way too. nobody seemed to know. >> how did you feel? >> i didn't know him that well but i didn't think he killed himself though. >> that's another thought. >> it's definitely fishy. >> at first i thought suicide. at first i thought he ate a bunch of pills or something and then his roommate at the time, he was still in unit for a while. got out yesterday. but told us there was something around his neck. coming up -- >> i knew he went to court, he didn't like the news he heard and came back. >> unsubstantiateuated rumor spread through the jail.
7:44 pm
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another innovation from cvs health. because health is everything. inside the sheriff al cannon detention center, april maine and colleen spears quickly learned to coexist in their confined space. >> it's cool being alone but there's so much isolation you can take. so it's better to be with someone. and, you know, so we just started yesterday. because my other roommate left. so because i knew april we're both spiritually strong people. i thought i could work with her. >> i'm sleeping on the floor just because i don't like climbing up and down off the top bunk and it's just easier. >> you go to the toilet, you use it. you've got to use these courtesy flushing. privacy is just a head turn
7:47 pm
away. >> and just give them respect. give each other respect. >> right. unless you're like some of the girls who like to watch. >> and i'm not one of those. you have all the privacy you need. >> yep. if you're going and eliminating that way, then you get the stink out. >> we've got powder puff. and that's your deodorizer. you can use a towel for privacy. sharing a sink, we didn't discuss it. my day is sunday, by the way. you choose which sides you get. i get the left side of the shelf and she's on the right side. everything is separated there. you separate your storage space. i'm right side over here. you know, that way she can have her space on the left side. >> i mean, we just split it. anything out, you can use. anything in my box, don't touch.
7:48 pm
we try to take care of one another, but that's not the same spirit, i found with what most of the inmates. >> now the relationship between another pair of cell mates is under close scrutiny from jail officials. 24 hours earlier, matthew gliden was discovered dead in his bunk. his cell mate, michael bigsby, questioned by authority. >> bigsby is in lockdown. i will not let him be roomed with anyone else to ensure safety. >> thomas used to room with him and he suspects foul play. >> one thing is skeptical, he couldn't stay in the wool blankets at all. that morning, he was underneath the wool blanket. >> at the time of his death, gliden was awaiting charges of sexual misconduct with a minor. accused sex offenders often
7:49 pm
targets for violence. cell mate, michael bigsby, also charged with sex offenses. he pled not guilty and is awaiting trial for sexual exploitation of children. in addition, bigsby served a private in indiana for conduct with a minor and exploitation. >> i don't know how word got to the unit about it. i woke up for lunch and already known about it, the news gotten outer anything. >> as the news went through the jail, the rumor mill went. >> went to court, came back, hung himself. >> he hung himself and the roommate let him hang himself. >> how did you hear that? >> a dude who say he's been in the room with him. >> the roommate let him do it. you'd think like, damn, who was his roommate? >> watching him kill himself. >> he said that he was stabbed with his spoon in the heart.
7:50 pm
>> i guess with enough pressure, it can go in. >>| with a charge like that, i probably damn near kill myself too. that's not a good thing to go through. >> coming up. >> i feel like political reasons, you know, i was raising concerns about several concerns in the kitchen. >> mohammed abdallah with bad news and -- >> bigsby charged with assisted suicide and going on with south carolina law enforcement division. people with type 2 diabetes
7:51 pm
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7:53 pm
detention, there's a new development in gliden. bigsby was charged with a role in his death. >> bigsby has been charged with
7:54 pm
assisted suicide and the investigation is ongoing by the south carolina law enforcement division. as far as assisted suicide never happened before, so this is new to us. >> according to court documents, he strangled at gliden's request. but any participation in suicide is against state law. >> 15 years for suicide. >> bix by is still entitled to a bond hearing on this new charge. sharing gliden is in attendance. >> would you please be seated. i am ready for michael bixby. >> if he really planned this, we
7:55 pm
thought he would have tried to say good-bye a better way. >> do you have a copy of the form for the public defender's office? >> i do. >> bixby, you have a right to a jury trial. >> the night of the son's death, he called his brother with a request. >> his mother said, mom, matt wants me to call classification in the morning and two people has enemies so he could get out of there. one of them, i don't know but the other one was bixby. >> going to set bond at $150,000. thank you, sir. good luck to you. >> he is dead. i know that. and there's nothing i can do to bring him back. i miss him. i miss him dearly. i'm seeking for help for, you know, to help me through this. i don't know where i'm going to go from here. >> while matthew gliden's family
7:56 pm
waits for answers regarding his alleged assistant suicide, mohammed abdallah with a less dire situation but nonetheless, it made him unhappy. >> i was fired for giving an inmate some rice and the inmate lied and said the staff member said he can have the rice, so i gave him the rice but he wasn't authorized. >> he was fixing a diet tray and decided to put what he wanted to put on it because the inmate asked for it but you know. he put what the inmate wanted as opposed to the protocol. >> this isn't the first time abdallah gave inmates unauthorized food. >> the first time he did it, i gave him a warning. second time i counselled him. third time he gave me i think two hours of lockdown and fourth time, he was let go. >> i was fired because i feel like political reasons, i mean, i was raising concerns about several issues in the kitchen. >> abdallah said he was
7:57 pm
complaining the kitchen workers who serve staff got to eat better than those like him who serve inmates. >> we've got to eat with the slop. and they get to eat the gourmet. so i was raising hell about that. more than just getting away the rice but it was political. raising concerns why we're not having the same right as the other inmates. what's the difference between us and them? we're all inmates. so it got kind of political. they were like we got to get rid of this mother [ bleep ] because he's going to be a problem. >> his opinion is far removed from the truth but good news. he was accepted into the drug treatment program to overcome addiction. >> i'm at the point i'm tired of living like i was living and desperately want to become the better person that i am. i know i'm a better person. i'm not a dumb person but i make
7:58 pm
dumb decisions. hopefully this will help me eradicate making those dumb decisions. >> and today, officers are hopeful nobody makes the dumb decision to start a fight on canteen day, especially with a renewed emphasis on the policy that requires inmates to store all snacks inside a plastic box. >> morning, morning. >> sheldon kelly who got into a canteen related fight a few weeks early is out of segregation after serving only 10 of his 15 days. >> filed an appeal and got it overturned by the administrative captain. pretty much went my way. i mean, he overturned it because he felt like i didn't do anything wrong other than defend myself. >> with no money in his debit account, kelly only receives one of the complimentary indigen packages. >> i came up, i didn't have time to put money in my account. so they supply you with
7:59 pm
envelopes, deodorant and things of that nature. not a threat, nothing they can eat. they're not going to come after tooth paste or soap. like chips, honey buns or things of that nature. >> you have a right to a jury trial. you have right to be present at trial. if you fail to appear or violate
8:00 pm
a condition of the bond,. i'm frances rivera with the latest. two police officers killed in brooklyn. the suspect killed himself afterwards. police identified him as ishmael brinsley. he was going to kill in retaliation of eric garner. the two, rafael and liu sitting in the car when the gunman opened fire. flags have been lowered to half staff in honor of the fallen officers. we bring you more throughout the night but now, more on the regulapr


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