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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  December 22, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> my issue with that would be why aren't there more officers who aren't racist. s when barack obama was first elected, hand e had sent an e-mail that, unforyou will choo gnatly, reached people he didn't want it to reach, that said i can't believe we live in a nation of "n" lovers, the actual word. rjs twro officers will funeral arrangements for one of the officers have now been set. officer raphael spsz ramos was in his third year on the force when he was killed on saturday.
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his family says there will be a viewing for him on friday, this upcoming friday, the day after chris mas. and then, on saturday, at 10:00 a.m., in queens new york, there's going to be a funeral for officer ramos. now, whether every a police officer is killed in the line of duty in the united states, the funeral is a big deal. line of duty funerals, you will often see not just local law enforcement, but police officers from all over the country. in this instance, that may be doubly true because of the nature of this killing in particular. we do not know when the funeral is going to be for officer liu, but when we get that second day for officer liu, both of those
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are going to be very important dates to watch now, in terms of how the country continues to respond to these officers being killed. and, also, the broader context of the antiprotests that have been happening all over the country for weeks now. protests referenced the day he shot those officers in new york. today, new york city's mayor, bill deblasio asked for a pause if those on going protests until after the two officers can be laid to rest. >> i'm asking everyone, and this is across the spectrum, to put aside protests, put aside demonstrations. until these funerals are passed, let's focus just on these families and what they have lost.
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>> a retired captain in the n e n.y.p.d. all of those local leaders made the same call today that protests about police use of force should not necessarily stop all together, but they should stop for a few days. they're basically calling for a cooling off period to keep the focus on the officers who just lost their lives, rathered than the loss of those officers lives turning into a proxy for more political fighting. as we look ahead to the officer's funerals, and as officials try to cool down on some of the very hot political reaction to these killings this weekend, the shooting itself remains an open investigation with police saying there are a number of elements of what happened here that they do not yet fully understand. obviously, they noe who did it. they know the bottom line of what happened and that these two officers lost their lives and that the man who killed them and
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himself there after, but there are still important elements of the of the e of the shooting. here's what we do know in terms of the very dramatic, very depressed timeline. 5:51 in maryland, baltimore county, they got a call from an apartment building with a report of a shooting. a 29-year-old woman had been shot in the abdomen. she was seriously hurt by alive. she was able to tell officers what had happened to her. she said that she was shot by her ex-boyfriend, by this man, ismael brm e imsly. and that he had taken her cell phone with her when he left. he left his own cell phone blind in his apartment. within 40 minutes of baltimore kwounty police first responding to that early morning shooting, they were able to track the victim's phone and, thereby,
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follow whereabout as he fled the scene. they had signals from that cell phone indicating that he was traveling northbound on interstate 95. aparentally, he was taking a bus toward new york city. from 8:30 a.m. until after 10 a.m. that morning, saturday morning, they were able to track the location of the cell phone, neb, on i-9 e 95 into new jersey. ishmael brimsliy ditched the ex-girlfriend's phone. and then the next two hurs are somewhat mysterious and critical
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to this case and, ultimately, very scary. >> we're seeking the community's assistance with this very important ine investigation. we've been able to establish the whereabouts of brimsley from the earl ri morning hours of saturday, 20th, when he's in maryland through his travel up to new york from manhattan and, indeed, into brooklyn. what we do have is a gap in his movements for about two hours and 30 minutes. . between 12:00 and 2:30 p.m., when we believe he's in the ft. green section of brooklyn. >> what you see over here is some images. we have a tape of at lant center mall where he is, where he's walking around. we're asking the public's assistance if they've seen him because they don't know where he was for two hours. >> so what's happening between noon and 2:30 is that this guy
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is want ed they could e could follow him that far but they he e he dished the phone they were using to track. what is happens in this 2, 2 1/2 hour period, friends and family of the woman he shot that morning came forward and told the baltimore family police, hey, look what this guy has been posting online all day. he had posted on instagram about the fact that he had shot his ex-girl friend that friend that morning.
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by 1:30 p.m., there was this suspect who is armed and posted pictures on his instagram saying he will shoot a plifr today. by just passed 2:00, by 2:10 p.m., the baltimore police are on the phone with police in brooklyn, warning that they believe this guy has a gun, they believe he's already shot somebody today. they believe he's arrived in new york city and that he is saying he's going to kill police officers today. at 2:46 p.m., the baltimore county police send the n.y.p.d. that wanted poster they prepared so the n.y.p.d. can start to distribute it. they send that at 2:46 p.m. two minutes later, it is too late.
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they never had a chance. never had a warning. they apparently walked out to their patrol car from behind and started shooting into the vehicle. both officers were killed at the same. after shooting the officer's, brimsley ran one long block, went into a sbway station, two ewe till 2i officers. police chased him down where he had used the same gun to shut the officers which he had used to shoot his girlfriend that morning. that time period, police say they are intensely interested in finding out anything they can about what happened in that time period, where he was, what he did and if he spoke to anyone.
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and, if he did, what he said. the police commissioner announced today that the working theory here is he acted alone. but they cannot rule anything out until they've actually ruled it out e out. so now, they need to make sure that this was, as it seems, an isolated incident of a man acting alone and that there's not an on going threat to officers either in new york or anywhere else. >> early on, there was concern was he, in fact, a loan player. nothing in the investigation, up until this point, would lead us to believe that he was anything butt a solo incident. we have been investigating copy cat types of threats. we've been investigating those with incredible care. >> the point that i think here, again, the commissioner said
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there has been copy cat threats. anything like that needs to be taken very seriously. it's the simplest thing any new yorker can do is call 9-1-1. i'm asking all of our colleagues in the media to please get this mesening out. but if you hear someone make a physical threat, if you see something on social media, call 9-1-1 immediately. we would much raeter get too much information than too little. >> after these two police officers were killed on saturday, police say there's in reason to believe that the killer was working with anybody else.
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>> in his instagram threat, police say the only lik e link they can find so far between him in the protest movement around those deaths was that he appears to have taken a cell phone video of one protest, as a bystander, in new york city earlier this month one of the cell phone images that we have is a video of union square park where he is a spectator watching one of the protests. >> the threat was online in reference to the killings of michael brown and eric gardener.
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that said, it seems that the suspect did not have meaningful ties to that protest movement. in fact, what seems striking about it is that he had little ties to anyone or anything at all. shmael brimsley had been arrested trooes 19 times in the past decade since he turned 18. he had been arrested for misdemeanor assault, grand larceny larceny, a lot of other ae offenses.
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. >> he 45d tried to commit suicide in the past. she said he had been institutionalized at some point. the ex-girlfriend said he held his gun to his own head during that confrontation and apartment threat ping to kill himself with the gun before he shot her instead. >> if if he did act alone, whether he was guided by some ideology, whether there were e there was some you will malt goal in his mine e mind, this is someone who seems to have very little connection with others in his day-to-day life. hi e he seems to be very alone and very troubled. this is a time of incredible
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i'm asking everyone, across the spectrum, to put aside protests, put aside demonstrations until these funerals are passed, let's focus just on these families and what they have lost. i think that's the right way. >> ads the city mournd, joining us now, an op ed columnist, the author of losing our way. the intimate portrait of a troubled america. bob, great to be here. >> great to be here, rachel. >> do you thu it is possible for everybody to bring there for a
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minute. the question is how long is that breather going to be. these officers were murdered in cold blood. i don't noe anyone on either side of this issue. at the same time, against primarily african americans and often, african american children. that's an important i shall shoe. and people who care about justice need to continue that issue.
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the mayor have e has asked that there not be any protests between now and when the funerals occur. if i had something to do with the protest, i would honor that request. at some point, the campaign against police violence unnecessary police violence, sometimes fatal police violence, must continue. and i think it must grow. justice has to be served, a at some point. >> the initial reaction, particularly on the political right to these killings, was not what i x.ed. even the police commissioner said that they're drektly related to the protests.
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that is the way the country is seeings this. >> i've not at all been sur pruzed. preveshlted vented early witch from getting to their home with police helicopters and stuff like that. he has a view of the world. and i just haven't been surprised by any of this. and this is why it's so differ cult to overcome the problems connected with policing, why the police violence continues. what you can go back to the 1970s, '80s and then right up to the present day where you can get these atrocities occurring at the hands of some police officers. when rerks udy says this is a
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campaign of hatred against the police, that's just flat out not true. it's a campaign for justice to prevent the understand e unnecessary killing of innocent people. no one wants to restrain the police from going after criminals. it's important not to stereotype people from either side. >> bob herbert, thank you very much for being here. we've got lots ahead tonight. including some art official insemination news for the first time-ever on this show. don't be weird, this story invovrls the state department. please stay with us. you need to catch the 4:10 huh? the equipment tracking system will get you to the loading dock. ♪ there should be a truck leaving now. i got it.
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you get speed you can rely on. it's a safe bet. like a gold-plated soybean. reliably fast internet starts at $69.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. protesters blocked both lanes this afternoon causing a major traffic block in downtown milwaukee. they abandoned their cars in the north and southbound lanes and then formed a human chain across the entire freeway. >> that was friday in milwaukee, wisconsin. 74 protesters arrested after carrying out a plan to block the intersect and bring traffic to a halt. those protests on friday were in the name of michael brown and eric garner, black men killed by
6:28 pm
police officers, police officers who were not then charged in this death. there have been nationwide protests. he was shot more than a dozen times in a downtown milwaukee park. mr. hamilton was unarmed. his famdly says he suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and from hallucinations. the milwaukee police department says they approached him while he was a sleep on the ground. he then tried to sue mr. hamilton and struck the officer with it and then the officer shot hamilton multiple times. sh times. that officer was later fired by the milwaukee police department,
6:29 pm
not for anything related to his use of force in that shooting, but for not following department protocol during the encounter that led up to the shooting. the officer had e has contested his firing. another high profile cases, where it stops by police officers, ended with the deaths of unarmed ste e citizens. and then local grand juries have decided not to charge the plirs. that's what part e what happened with the michael brown case and the eric garner case in staten island. in wisconsin, they have a different way to have dealing with this type of thing. at least a different way of dealing with part of it. a week before hamilton was killed in that downtown milwaukee park, just a week ahead of that, wisconsin governor scott walker signed into law a bipart san bill changed the way it was handled when a police officer kills someone. the new law requires any police
6:30 pm
shooting must involve two investigators from outside the police department. the idea is to keep police officers from being in the position of investigating their fellow officers from the same police force. wisconsin is the first state to do something like this statewide. but it's that state's effort, basically, to mid gait the conflict of interest that can be inhirnt e hir inhisht e hirnt in the way we investigate most of those cases now. donte's case was the first case to be handled under the rules. two were picked to lead the investigation. then, ichb stead of going to a grand jury, the district attorney in milwaukee looked at their work and made the decision himself whether the officer would face charges. now, hamilton's family is questions eed all along whether these ajents were actually ind pen dent.
6:31 pm
they were working too close to police with e in milwaukee. protests continue throughout this time. on friday, we saw the interstate blocked. on srd, the national guard began calling up reserve officers. finally, this morning, nearly 8 months after dantre hamilton's death, the district attorney e attorney announced that he would not seek state criminal charges against the officer involved in this shooting. the distriblgt attorney says e says that because he was attacking the officer with a deadly weapon, with the officer's baton, the officer had justification to shoot in kwt justified self defense."
6:32 pm
after that decision, protesters marched again to the park where williams died. went to a downtown church and march e marched at the federal courthouse. the attorney appealed to the department of justice, the federal defendant e department of justice and did not try hamilton's death. tonight, the u.s. department of justice has announced that it will undertake a federal review in this case in milwaukee. these have been difficult days and difficult weeks and difficult 3407b9s in a long, national conversation about policing and race and civil right ins this country. and it is nowhere near finished yet. atrick, let's go base, shark, blitz. the nfl trusts duracell quantum to power their game day communication. abort! abort! he's keeping it! duracell quantum. lasts up to 35% longer than the competition.
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ocean right here on the coast of south korea. it looks like a big, industrial farm. there's 23 different nuclear reactors spread across the country. today, the company that operates all of those reactors got hacked. the headlines about this today, and they had a sort of on-edge quality to them. mostly, i think, because of who south korea's neighbor to the north is.
6:37 pm
there's no indication that north korea was behind all of the hacking. this is a moment in time where it seems like anything is possible, particularly when it comes to that part of the world and shady computer attacks. right before leaving town, theist government has concluded that north korea was behind the hacking attack on sony pictures. and the president said that the united states government would respond, "in a place and time and manner that we choose. beyond those oblique comments, here's what president obama told cnn in comments that cnn first aired kred. >> i don't believe it was an act of war, i believe it was an act of cyber terrorism that we take very seriously. we will respond proportionately, as i said. >> president obama made those remarks in an interview that was
6:38 pm
taped on friday. but then, almost immediately after, something unusual started happening inside north korea. what you're looking at here is a chart that shows internet connectivity inside north korea. this is from a company called dying research. each of those purple bars indicates an outage in north korea's internet connection. as you can see, there's sporadic outages before yesterday. and then wide then widespread outages heading towards today. north korean internet 5:00 sell e cess first became stable late on friday. the situation worsened over the weekend and by monday, north korea internet was offline. the internet access was, to use a technical term, toast.
6:39 pm
kind of interesting timing. and then, starting that day, north korea's entire internet connection starts to poof. north korea, as you can imagine, is not a super place in the first place. the physical infla structure is mostly routed through china. people who watch this stuff for a lay e living say this is not your run-of-the-mill outage. it's bigger and more comprehensive of that. this was the reaction today when
6:40 pm
the u.s. state department was asked that same thing. >> if you could comment on reports that they have logs internet access and maybe under attack? >> as the president said, we are considering a range of options in response. we right-hand turn goi aren't going to discuss public details or comment on those kind of reports in any way. especially to say as we implement our responses, some will be seen, some may not be seen. >> again, it's not at all clear that the united states is behind whatever has just happened to north korea's internet. but the u.s. has promised that there will be some sort of response from the united states toward north korea, now that the u.s. government has determined that they are responsible for that hack of sony pictures and the associated threats. do we have anymore clarity on what the range of potential responses by our country might be? and why does our government keep
6:41 pm
stressing that whatever we're going to do as retaliation, it might be something that's done in secret. joining us now is bill richard zone, former u.n. ambassador. just last yoor, he visited north korea. governor, nice to have you here? >> thank you, rachel. >> you have had unusual access because you've done these missions over there on humanitarian issues. earlier this month, you were quoted as saying you will be surprised if the north korean government was behind the sony hack. the f.b.i. says it was them. does that surprise you and why? >> well, i believe the f.b.i. at the time when the initial
6:42 pm
information was coming out, i didn't think they had the capability. but, now, as if evidence piles out, they obviously do. one of the reasons that i didn't think they had the capability, when we visited north korea, their internet access is limited to just the e leet, the computer system was out of radioshack. i didn't believe that they had this capability. anything can happen. i was surprised because, additionally, north korea had said to me they wanted to do some ding kal coop ragsz with movies, with movie studios of the united states. now, that's not a good way to do it as they did with sony. >> what do you think the range of options is? if they -- if the f.b.i. is right, and they did do it, they
6:43 pm
have the capability to do it. and their eve somehow seen it as being in their strategic interest to do it and they've been caught, what do you think is the range of options that the u.s. can consider in response. >> i don't think this shutting down of the internet today is a proportional response. i take at face value is that the u.s. government says there is no u.s. involvement. the proportional response would be one putting north korea on the terrorism list, which denies them access to a lot of landing rights and another e other economic cause. the second would be something that we've done before, and that is through chinesebacks, limit the cash they can get through some chinese institutions. those are the more proportional responses.
6:44 pm
my speculating is either the chinese shut down, the north korean internet, although that's doubtful. although china is quiet mad at north korea. the other is that north korea, on its own, shut it down. regimes, when they go through tense moments, like syria, occasionally hit shut it down. the third would be some foreign hacker. i don't think the u.s. is doing. >> the united states has seen north korea, special e essentially, as a canundrum and a problem and human rights disaster for decades now. it seems like every time it comes time for our government to make a strategic decision about them, there's this fundamental problem which is you can't really assume their rationality in terms of how they're acting. do you see them as basically inskrudble? as in terms of their motives and
6:45 pm
what motivates them in terms of how they might react to stuff? is there any reason to their room? >> they're unpredictable. they don't think like we do. we think in terms of kwid proquos. they believe in the dayty of their leaders. so you never know what they're going to do. just a month ago, rachel, they released three americans without any hardly conditions as humanitarian jektures. many of us thought those were messages to the internshl e national community, to the u.s. okay, we're ready to start talking about reducing our nuclear weapons. with this attackble e, and what they've done, they're very personal. they felt that this is a personal affront to their leader, this movie. although, by the way, i think sony has taken too many hits. sony is a good company.
6:46 pm
but, at the same time, i remember years ago when president bush called the north korean leader, the kim jon grksz il, the father, a tie rant, they reacted the same type of way. these personal a i fronts are very offensive to them. >> governor, great to see you. thanks very much for being here. it's nice to have you here. >> thank you, rachel. >> we've got much more ahead on this unexpectedly busy news night. stay with us.
6:47 pm
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if and when texas governor rick perry decides to run for president in this upcoming year, that will put us in uncharted territory as a nation, because never before has someone mounted a major campaign for a major party's nomination while being
6:51 pm
under indictment. but this is his delighted to be here texas mug shot. and if he does run while the charges are still pending or while he has to interrupt his campaign trail trip in order to go on trial, that will be a rather amazing spectacle and something we have never done before as a country. and now, in addition to that prospect, consider the case of congressman michael grimm. he has himself been under felony indictment. he was indictment for 20 felonies last april. that did not stop him from winning reelection to his house seat this fall. but now, the new york daily news reports that he is due to plead guilty to at least win of those felonies the day after tomorrow. congressman grimm himself is not commenting, neither is the u.s. attorney's office that charged him. but if he does plead guilty, that's going to create a really interesting dilemma for house
6:52 pm
speaker john boehner. it is one thing to have someone with felony charges pending against them serving congress, it is another thing to have congress include a convicted felon among its members. so far, speaker boehner is not saying what he will do if michael grimm pleads guilty to a felony the day after tomorrow. but is there really a chance they're going to let him stay after he pleads guilty? is, i have to serve my jail time an acceptable excuse for missing committee meetings? we may be about to find out. watch this space. dads take nyquil. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep with a cold, medicine. twhat do i do?. you need to catch the 4:10 huh? the equipment tracking system will get you to the loading dock. ♪ there should be a truck leaving now. i got it.
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so i'm going pro. [ male announcer ] new crest tartar protection rinse. the only rinse that helps prevent tartar build-up and cavities. a little swishing. less scraping. yes! [ male announcer ] new crest pro-health tartar protection rinse. it helps you escape the scrape. okay. this i did not expect. this is a very unusual post script to what happened last week about cuba and the united states normalizing reasons and
6:56 pm
freeing prisoners and swapping spies. as part of the surprise deal announced last week, cuba, you may remember, agreed to free from prison and send to the united states, a man who had been caught spying for the u.s. inside cuba. in return, the u.s. government agreed to send back to cuba, three guys who had been caught spying here for cuba. so they had been taught in the united states spying for cuba, those three guys got sent back. one of our guys who had been caught there spying for us got sent bax. one of the freed spies is this guy who we spot shadowed here, the bald guy. and as people watched this prisoner swap unfold, one thing seemed to stick out about his wife. now i'm no expert. but she appears to be extremely pregnant, like really, very, fully pregnant. and her husband, who has been locked away in a u.s. prison,
6:57 pm
serving a double life sentence and not able to see her for more than a decade now is obviously delighted with her very prominent pregnancy. and he had that reaction because against all odds and some of the well-understood lies of biology and the no conjugal visits, that bald guy, that just-released prisoner is the father of -- yes, he's the father. yes, i know. here's how it happened. in february 2013 when the effort to improve u.s./cuba diplomacy was still in its gestational period, he took a trip. while senator pat leahy was visiting cuba, the wife of the cuban spy who the u.s. was holding in federal prison back in the u.s., she found out that
6:58 pm
senator leahy was visiting cuba. and while she was there she set up a meeting to plead her characteristic and the case she pled was a very human one. she was in her early 40s. her husband was serving life sentences in a prison and she was desperate to have a child. senator ple eor leahy was moved story. he saw a way to help. senator leahy's office to reached out to the u.s. state department to see if he might be able to bricker something to help out the spy and his wife with the pregnancy dill emla. he confirmed that conjugal visits were out of question. the senator's office, though, had a backup plan in mind. senator leahy's office brokered a deal, for the cuban spy's sperm. whole thing happened in secret.
6:59 pm
we still do not know exactly who transferred goods from husband to wife. at the time neither country was even acknowledging that any type of talks were happening, let alone talks about this spy guy's sperm. but we can do a little bit of basic math. we know that negotiators for the u.s. and cuba spent 18 months making the deal. we know that the just-released spy's wife is eight and a half months pregnant. if you add the months, carry the two, what we can assess is that the handoff of the spy's sperm happened at basically the halfway mark of the negotiations between the u.s. and cuban governments. the halfway mark of the negotiations towards this massive breakthrough on cuba that was 50 years in the making. and a portion of this good will, a portion of the success of the negotiations is due, specifically, to a well-meaning transfer of bodily fluids, arranged by a vermont senator's
7:00 pm
office, bringing a whole new meaning to the term diplomatic relations. sorry i said that. now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. >> i was born into a police family, and we were lucky, like most police families, because my father came home safely from work every day and night. when he was a boston police officer. this weekend, in new york city, the nightmare that lurks in the backs of the minds of every police family came true. the attack on these two officers, the assassination of these two officers was an attack on the city of new york as a whole, on every one of us on our values, on our democracy. >> the ambushed murder of two new york city police officers. >> new details have emerged. >> the suspect had been arrested


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