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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  December 23, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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in the system, all right? but he wasn't. >> the holiday rush. millions hit the road and pack the airports. will mother nature cooperate? and packing heat. an atlanta airport worker does an end to sneak guns on board planes. pyongyang off line. north korea's internet is back up today, sort of. was it an issue on their end or attack from the west. remember proportional response. >> we aren't going to discuss publicly operational details about the possible response options or comments on those reports in any way. except to say that as we implement our responses, some will be seen, some may not be seen.
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>> good day and happy prechristmas eve. i'm luke russert in washington for the great andrea mitchell. bill deblazio caused at a makeshift memorial at the site that left two nypd officers dead. new images emerge as emergency responders perform cpr while the other is being wheeled away. in the aftermath, the mayor is trying to ease tensions with both the nypd and demonstrators calling if are a pause in protest until the officers are laid to rest. >> we have to get everyone to move away from anger and hatred. we have to address it peacefully. we have to give people faith that concerns will be heard across the spectrum and we have to move forward. it's not going to be the kind of city it was meant to be if there is a division with the police in
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our community. >> for the first time, the family of slain officer liu has spoken out. >> this is a difficult time for both of our families. but we will stand together and get through this together. >> adam reece is in brooklyn with the latest. what's the latest? the mayor asked for calm, but they would like to continue what they started. >> for now the mayor came here just about two hours ago to pay his respects. he came here with officer ramos's pastor and we learned that officer ramos was studying to become a chaplain. the mayor called for a moment of silence at 2:47 p.m., the exact moment the officers were murdered on the street corner and learning more about the police investigation and the
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suspect's social media profile. they found 119 photoings on the account and some of them anti-police and anti-government. they also found 1,000 photos on his phone. many of them very anti-police. one video taken on december 1st from union square here in new york city of an aspect police protest. they also found a video from a brooklyn mall nearby here. that is the last moment we saw of him that day. that was about noon. from noon to 2:30, 2 1/2 hours, they lost track of him and they are asking the public for any help from someone who might have seen or talked to him. officer ramos will be laid to t rest on saturday. >> we appreciate it. a delta airlines employee has been charged for giving a former delta employee for smuggling guns. pete williams has the details.
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this is a fascinating case. they had a switch going on in the bathroom? >> in one case in a food court. all of this is part of an investigation with police in new york city. we are trying to trace the illegal flow of guns. a 31-year-old baggage handler, eugene harvey agreed to help a former employee to sneak guns on to flights in new york and were sold on the street. that man has been arrested. according to the documents two weeks ago, this is the one you were talking about, harvey used his badge as he did every day to go to the delta parking lot for employees, entering that with his secure badge and went into the terminal and later into a concourse bathroom. according to the arrest warrant,
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the gun runner entered that same bathroom and a minute later walked out with 18 hand guns. the handoff they say allowed the smuggler to get the guns after the smuggler went through the normal airport screening. surveillance shows what is a similar handoff and the 40 document say these two did this four or five times this year. police in new york say that all the smuggled guns were bought by under cover officers in the city. >> that's a good thing. take care. >> you bet. >> now to the nightmare before christmas. the weather woes across the country. forecasters are preticketing stormy weather from the roads to the sky. according to flight, more than 300 flights were scrapped because of weather, but will it be a white christmas for
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anyone this year? for more on what to expect, we have nbc meteorologist domenica davis. just outside of chicago. and i want to start with you. the national forecast. what are we looking at? >> for the national forecast, we do have snow, but i want to start with the worst we are seeing. we have this severe tornado watch box that is up from louisiana, alabama and mississippi. this will go to 6:00 tonight. we have seen tornado warnings. that will continue throughout the afternoon. we have a blizzard warning through nebraska. to the east we still have a mess. we are talking rain and low
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visibility. under a mile for visibility in washington. down to four. on a clear day it would be 10. this is compromising and certainly going to cause a lot of weather delays and a lot of airplane delays. that is wreaking havoc along the east. this plays out tomorrow and we are looking for more of the same. snow to the midwest and severe weather to the south and rain continues to the northeast. back to you. >> thank you so much. let's look at chicago for the latest. >> well, what domenica said is true. it's going on on the east coast and all the low ceilings and the fog happening. along the eastern seaboard are causing massive delays. it's blue skies for the first time in days. that will all change tomorrow when the snow comes in. let me tell you, we have delays an hour to an hour and a half in
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newark, la guardia and two hours in philadelphia. that's because of the low ceiling in the fog and the rain. expect two to five inches of snow here. the last minute christmas eve travelers might get stuck in chicago and other mid-western airports as they make their way out of here for the last minute holiday plans. that's the big problem. right now is the time to go. >> now is the time to go. chicago is not the worst place in the world to get stuck. let's go to another nice city. atlanta. gabe, what do we know at the world's busiest airport, all the connections that come through hartford. >> there a lot of connections and they expect more than four million travelers this holiday season. thankfully like jennifer in chicago, no major problems to report here in atlanta. rain earlier this morning and fog. still overcast, but no major delays to speak of.
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in the northeast, places like philadelphia are dealing with a lot of problems. we are seeing a lot of delays there. according to aaa, more than 98 million americans will travel this holiday season. the good news is we might be getting bad weather, but at least gas prices are down. luke? >> at least gas prices are down indeed. it will add to the roads being up. thank you so much. take care. developing news from wall street. the dow jones average broke 18,000 for the first time ever this morning. i'm sure they were cheering that as the christmas present. investors were encouraged showing the country's gdp in the third quarter. the best in 11 years. take a look at the wall street board. the dow is up and the s&p and nasdaq is down a little bit. coming up, the pope unloads on a withering critique on the vatican leadership.
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more on that and what it means. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc.
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. working again with korea after an outage blanketed the country. this comes days after the fbi said north korea was to blame for a massive cyber breech that prompted president obama to promise a proportional response. joining me now from los angeles is haley jackson and white house correspondent kristen welker is traveling with the president in snowy hawaii. let me start with you first. breaking news that the interview might be released by movie
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chains. we heard this was not going to see the light of day that created an outrage. what do we know? >> sony said it will be distributed. it looks like some independent theaters may do so on christmas day. an independent theater in atlanta tweeted show times for the interview. sony authorized screenings of the interview on christmas day. that was the original release date. caveats here. we have not confirmed it with sony. the studio has not received the comment just yet. i will tell you that a coalition of these independent theaters sent out a petition and an open letter emphasizing the support for sewny and they want to screen the film if sony would allow it. 500 cinema owners and supporters have signed so far. i talked with the head of that coalition yesterday and he said hey, these theaters are used to showing more edgy and controversial content.
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taking on something that is as hugely controversial is not out of the realm of possibility. we will keep following this up for you, luke. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. with them lose being their internet access yesterday, i want to play what spokes woman howard said. >> i just don't think we will get into the business of every time something happens in a country like north korea saying yes or no either way. that sets a press depth that is not helpful. >> so was the proportional response the loss of the internet yesterday? what do we know? >> luke, first of all, you have two officials telling nbc news that the united states is not behind north korea's loss of the internet for nine hours
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yesterday. having said that, officially you are hearing them say they don't want to get into the verbal back and forth. the confrontations are ongoing at the most senior levels about how to respond to north korea. they include as we heard from president obama over the weekend, the possibility of adding north korea to the terms. if that were to happen, that would mean increased economic and trade sanctions against the country. republicans are calling for a really strong response to this. many of them. of course president obama saying the response will be proporti proportional and a lot of them say they want to see a robust response including republican ed royce, chairman of the committee who is introducing legislation that would hit north korea's banking section and that's the way to get at the country. it's not enough to do a counter cyber attack, for example. that is the debate going on.
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president obama continues with his vacation in hawaii. he will continue to get updated l regularly. >> an issue that will stick around into early next year. thank you for waking up for us early in hawaii. take care. >> absolutely. thank you. >> from hackers to human rights violations, how should the u.s. handle the growing north korea problem? i am joined by columnist and author of the coming collapse of china. thank you so much for being on the show. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> i'm fascinated by the role that china and russia plays with north korea. with china going into the age where they are flush with money and there is a lot of millionaires and billionaires in
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china. seems they would not necessarily like to be a part of north korea causing american corporations a lot of issues. >> that's certainly true. if you talk to policy makers and even officers in the military, they clearly don't like north korea. they are annoyed by them when north korea does things that china wants them not to do. chinese policy over the course has been consistent and that has been to support the north koreans largely because of short-term advantages that beijing gets. the united states runs to beijing and asked for help and they extract concessions. on the short-term, china is not going to change the policy of helping the north koreans. >> what is the title move that debate forward aside from it now. it seems to be a limited model. is there any way for them to
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apply pressure or is it at this point in the relationship not worth it for the u.s. to go that far over north korea? >> there is a lot of things we can do to push them in the right direction. his economy is stumbling. they are serving against the u.s. that's of china's overall merchandise and gives incredible leverage. they will talk to the chinese. primarily we will apply to the north koreans. that's where we think we can get probably more action. >> right. go after the banking. there reports that north korea could have as many as 70 plus nuclear weapons. in terms of negotiations with the chinese, how has the nuke
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issue been? >> the united states has been disappointed with beijing's reaction and this goes to the beginning of the six-party talks where the bush administration looked to push the north koreans in the right direction and actually china did not play an enormously constructively role there. it has been long-term policy. this goes back to work with china. we think that they will get to where we need them to be. i'm not sure that's the case right now. there a number of problems in the chinese political system as well as the economy. this is something we will continue to do because it's such an important matter. >> and lastly, it seems that some people were taken by surprise by north korea's ability to hack at such a high level. from reading reports, this is something they have been working on. if you are a hacker and you are good at it, you get a bigger house or a nicer car or higher
9:21 am
status. you are sent to china to train or russia to train. can you talk about what north korea honed in in terms of hacking? >> more than half of north korea's cyber warriors are locationed in china. many of them in a city close to the border. north korean hackers are trained in china and russia. the attack on sony was more sophisticated than intelligence officials. largely that technology that was used against sony really was chinese, russian, or iranians. the attacks were routed through the ip addresses and that means they knew about that. that make this is conversation with china about north korea that much more difficult. >> what you just said, the technology was either russian, chinese or iranian. fascinating. everything oelds is new again. thank you very much for being on
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the show. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> if you bought someone a keurig mini plus, they are in every office in america. coffee machine for christmas, the consumer product safety commission is recalling 6.5 million because they can overheat during brewing and spray hot water and burn you. this is why i use a tea pot. to know if you need to worry about yours or not, look at the serial number on the bottom. if it starts with the number 31, contact the company for a fre repair. reggie miller, basketball number. >> chris christie hints at a decision on whether or not he is going to run for president. this is amr only on msnbc.
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. >> grim won reelection in november and they had no comment when approached by nbc news. nancy pelosi said now that the election is over, congressman grim is admitting to the truth. speaker boehner must insist that the congressman resign immediately. he does not like them and looks for him to act sooner. new jersey governor chris christie said he will decide on a run for president early next year. not a factor is jeb bush.
9:27 am
>> in what order? >> me, my country and my family. >> how much does it matter that your good friend made it clear that it looks like he will run again. >> that's not one of the three questions. >> me, my family and my country. joining me now to discuss, mark murray, senior political editor. there you have it. chris christie seems that he is not going to be deterred by jeb bush. if you are chris christie, this is your window. you missed the first opportunity.
9:28 am
not for the place he is elected. i don't think there is any question in hearing from the two men in the past week that they are both running and it's good for us as journalist. i would like to invite everyone. >> chris christie trails hillary clinton in his home state. >> these reports coming out that chris christie is staying up late into the night to read into foreign policy, forming a critique and what his backbone might be. i think about chris christie versus jeb bush in a matchup. he is going to be put on the spot about every decision his brother made. many of which are unpopular to this day.
9:29 am
chris christie came after john mccain for his temper and how it related. there is going to be a lot of questions about do you want chris christie's hand. this is a fascinating debate. >> it's a defining issue in 2015. it will be the economic news that we continue to see and the major disagreements. to susan's point, i think he is giving the signals that i very well could run and him boning up on foreign policy and that's another sign. if you are a possibility, you want to keep your options open. even if you don't end up doing it, this is another sign. saying guys, do not forget about me. i can still do this. maybe i don't do it, but don't forget about me. >> the playing field being sort
9:30 am
of determined to some degree in the primary sense, he is right. you will have rand paul trying to develop this new brand. more libertarian brand that is different. retreating back. you will have i assume christie having the meeting with henry kissinger. what does this mean that that could be the ground that this is fought on? >> i think it will be important, but the most important, i don't think. the second thing is who can run the white house. that's going to be one of the big debates. >> they have put up the candidates and haven't had i good feel overall. >> some would disagree with you
9:31 am
about where they put the best candidates and whether they chose to run the last two times. >> good point. in terms of chris christie, if he doesn't run after doing the rga thing and fighting back on the media on bridge gate, does he become a power player or a book tour guy? >> there always second and third acts and sometimes when you think that now is the time and you might think of i'm so glad i delayed it, there is going to be a big issue and someone deciding to run. no one thought looking back that richard nixon would do it again after his loss in 60 and losing the governor's race in california. anything is possible. when it comes to chris christie, he had a good 2014 when it came to being the governor. >> people forget it's under reported, to win the maryland governor's race and getting the
9:32 am
huge win. the complete wave election and he traveled the places. >> 2014 was a bad year when it came to bridge gate. our colleagues at wnbc reported they would see indictments and bridge gate. federal reports. >> if there indictments, that would be a bad piece of news if this comes out at the time in which you get clear signals with others that they are going in. >> i remember you were there in tampa when he gave that key note. he was that wanted the opportunity. appreciate it. still to come, the hope uses his christmas speech. not to spread holiday cheer, but to take on the vatican bureaucracy. >> in the past, he decided to use a softly approach. he came down like a ton of bricks. >> a ton of bricks. jimmy fallon, the roots and one
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9:37 am
thank you for being on the show. bill deblasio dug himself into a hole. he angered the police department and the protesters by calling for the mediation period and in their views, dimming down the importance of the problem. how does he get out of this? >> he dug himself a deep hole and there is no easy way out and no quick way out. he needs time for this to heal and go away. right now animosity is very, very deep. very, very deep with certain political constituencies. they are not going to let it go. he will have to wait and do what he did to calm things down and hope overtime. >> he has been keeping a calm demeanor. although i was personally struck by how he lashed out at the media. that seems to be something that people who are drowning do when they are drowning in a pool of problems with them politically. i want to play the clip.
9:38 am
>> we're have talked about this so many times and i will talk about it again. what are you guys going to do? are you going to keep dividing us? let's get real. 25,000 people marched down the streets a few days back, absolutely peaceful. what you managed to do is pull up the few who do not say unacceptable things and shouldn't be saying the things. i don't see reports on the everyday cop who is do the thing and hold the line and discipline and no matter what they hurled at -- you know what, i am telling you over again. i amming you over again, that's how you want to portray the world, but you know a different reality. >> you see his comments and
9:39 am
there is something for protesters to be angry about in their response to the question. >> both sides were mad at the media for the people who were making the most on the camera. the cameras go to the person making the most noise. it's all calm. both sides over the course of these events have complained that the media distorted the events by picking these angles of violence. >> how moving forward can the mayor create this sort of or foster a culture where the protests are on the policies and not the police. the police have taken it very personally. they say it's open season on us and we are not being backed up by city hall. we want to become more of a reactionary than an active force. taking themselves out of the community role. how does he move forward and how does the department move forward on protesting the policies, not the individuals. >> he has to be careful because the police will stand down if
9:40 am
they feel they are not backed up. that was the case of the old police department say in the 70s and 80s where they walked away from crime because they didn't want to get involve and they took back the streets in the 90s and 2000s. he has to keep them aggressive and at the same time make sure they don't overdo it with certain minorities. >> there is a possibility and a fear that you could have that mind set saying we are not going to subject ourselves to these types of dangers. we did not feel we were adequately protected. >> no question about it. if you pile that on with certain things with the confusion over stop and frisk, stop and frisk is an effective tactic of getting guns off the street. it is the primary way to get guns off the street. a lot of confusion right now and cops may just say i don't think i'm going to go that way and more guns will come in as we see them pouring in. that comes to fruition and it's
9:41 am
very interesting to see what he does. thank you so much for being on the show. we appreciate it. >> coming up, an update on breaking news. will theaters screen the interview after all? what the next few days have in store for the americans headed home for the holidays. only on msnbc. [ male announcer ] are you so stuffed up, you feel like you're underwater?
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9:45 am
>> in anticipation of christmas, inside the vatican they were still reeling from the public humiliation handed them monday by the leader pope francis. in his christmas speech, they lashed out at the vatican bureaucracy, calling it a sick body, tip critical, careegant and out of touch. cardinals looked stunned by the pope's scathing indictment. some say it's the blunt way of telling the clerics. it has been a historic year for the first latin american pope. helping to mediate the breakthrough in relations between cuba and the united states. but the pope's biggest challenge could be the one closest to rome. cleaning up his own house. >> i am joined by father dave dwyer, host of the busted show.
9:46 am
they lot. >> what we had was a classic example of be careful what you wish for. he was addressing many of the men who just shy of two years ago elected him with the mandate to clean up the bureaucracy. everyone thinks it's everybody else's department. when he puts it as squarely as he did, there was a lot of uncomfortable looks in the room. >> you look through the 15 illnesses. one was excessive melancholy.
9:47 am
the pessimism who are symptoms are feared insecurity. they said how much good is done by a healthy sense of humor. that is the pope saying lighten up a little bit. it takes accountability of your flock. be real. >> here's how he framed it. this is essentially his cabinet and administration, it can be likened to a body like it's a microcosm of the church. like anybody it is subject to maladies or illnesses. it's important to note at the very beginning he was using even in his italian, first person plural. he was saying we. he is a member and the head of the curia, but he said we could be subject to catching these diseases and let me name a few. he was a bit more point and may have been looking around the room and may have been thinking of certain people, but he was calling us all to accountability, i would say.
9:48 am
>> lastly. the hope was doing this and it would be welcome by some in the flock. he might be alienating the people he needs to bring about reform next year. he was walking a fine line here and could speak the truth and perhaps will create the system where the cardinals did not want to move forward. they need the people who are working with you. you can't fire everybody. there has been a lot of news made about being demoted and moved around. what many have likened it to is because he is a jesuit, and for a week, the first week they spend time looking at their own sinfulness as we all should do and being able to move forward to serve god's people. some folks have positive that that's what he is doing.
9:49 am
he is allowing them to move into that tough period. >> we will see if it happens. father from serious xm, say hi to the catholic guy. i love that show. it's great. take care and be well. breaking news now on the sony hacking story and the release is it coming out? what do we know? >> i'm just getting a note that sony pictures is official low announcing that the interview will have a limitedy this at cal release on crist mat day. this is what we have been following all morning in texas. let's take a look at that. it will screen this movie on christmas. it follows a tweet from another independent theater in atlanta that said this. i will read you a statement from the ceo of sony. he said we have not given up on
9:50 am
the interview. he thanks the talent that worked on the movie and thanks the employees who had a rough go over the last few weeks given the hack and the cyber attack and this dramatic turn of events and literally the last two minutes here. luke? >> this is wild. they are giving into to those attackers. >> christmas day was the original day they were supposed to come out anyway. i wonder what the lines at the theater will be like. >> it will be patriotism to see the interview. we appreciate it. take care. a tornado watch and a rough ride
9:51 am
ahead for millions on the road for the holiday. we will give you another weather update. first we say goodbye to one of the great voices of rock 'n' roll. joe cocker died yesterday at the age of 70. he was best known for the bealtss cover tunes a little help from my friends and in the 80s up where we belong. he died in his home in colorado after a long battle with cancer. my father saw him at woodstock. he was a huge fan of joe cocker. came in through the bathroom window. only on msnbc. turn the trips you have to take,
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. >> now to an update where messy weather is causing trouble for travelers across the country. from a very rainy tallahassee is mike slidell. mike, what's in store for the seminoles fans right there and what else do we know about the east coast for the rest of the few days? >> we have a lot of issues and thank goodness it's rain and not snow it. would be a debacle. here in tallahassee and across the panhandle, we have waves of thunderstorms and out of the gulf of mexico. take a look at the radar. i-10 has been hit hard. hammered with heavy rain. not a lot of wind, but as you go further west, woe have parts of four states including parts of louisiana and also mississippi and alabama and just extreme north eastern texas under a watch until 6:00. we had several warnings into louisiana and mississippi.
9:56 am
certainly the atmosphere could spit up a few tornados with a lot of rain. a lot of us here under a flash flood watch. dinnertime, we could see four or five inches of rain and heads to the coast. tonight and tomorrow, major delays. tomorrow is going to be a tough day to fly in and out of the eastern seaboard. from atlanta to new york to boston. >> lucky us. the day before thanksgiving and the day before christmas. mother nature happeneding it to holiday travelers in 2014. i hope you are staying somewhere that you have access to a good drier. take care from tallahassee. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." follow us on facebook and twitter. follow me. i have five followers from the show yesterday. ronan farrow daily is next in the hands of my good friend and colleague back from the mideast
9:57 am
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so we get a cleaner, softer blankie. gasp hypoallergenic tide, downy and bounce free i'm in for ronan farrow. it's 1:00 on the east coast and 10:00 on the west coast. tony confirmed a limited release of the movie, the interview, on christmas day, the day they planned to air the movie before pulling it. it was confirmed by alamo draft house cinemas that has 19 different locations across the country and a theater in atlanta. plaza theater that tweeted that it also planned to show the movie starting on thursday. joining me now from los angeles is nbc's halle jackson and from white house, kristen welker and a senior correspondent here. let me begin with you in the news that sony is going to release this movie after this controversy. what do we


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