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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  December 29, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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tax cuts. if we allow them to expire it's going to be a job killer. they have been wrong on everything and have not contributed at all to the success of this obama economy as we close out 2014. zerlina, eric great to have you with us. appreciate your time. "politicsnation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. >> good evening, ed and thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead time to start a new national conversation about policing in america. it's the civil rights issue of our time. we need to honor our police and respect good policing. but we also need to ease tensions in communities. because this problem isn't going away. today new york mayor bill de blasio addressed police academy graduates. he talked about the deaths of officer rafael ramos and wenjian liu. and the need to heal.
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>> we mourn detective rafael ramos and detective wenjian liu. they stood up for all that was good and right. they gave us hope by their presence among us. and they will not be forgotten. they must not be forgotten. we will work every day to deepen your relationship with the communities you serve. >> these are tough issues. and today when the mayor first walked out, there were some boos. >> thank you. congratulations, officers -- >> this weekend, some officers turned their backs on the mayor at the funeral of officer ramos. some police officers said it was inappropriate, including commissioner william bratton, who called for a new dialogue between police and communities that they serve. >> if we can learn to see each
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other, to see that our cops our people, like officer ramospel ramos and officer liu, to see that our communities are filled with people just like them to. if we can learn to see each other, then when we see each other, we'll heal. we'll heal as a department. we'll heal as a city. we'll heal as a country. >> we need to move past the divisiveness and on key issues there is agreement. people do want to strike a balance. a new poll shows 86% of americans support police wearing body cameras. 87% support bringing in outside prosecutors when police kill unarmed civilians. it's hard to get 80% of americans to agree on anything but we see it here. we're all in this together. there are legitimate concerns in communities. a legacy that has to be
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addressed. at the same time police put themselves at risk every day. and they have to be protected. we're at a pivotal moment in this country. we should deal with it not by turning our backs, but by facing each other with openness and respect. joining me now, former pennsylvania governor ed rendell and marq claxton, former new york city police officer and director of black law enforcement alliance. thank you both for being here. >> our pleasure. >> thank you rev. >> governor you've been a mayor of a big city. how do you bridge the divisions we're seeing to get something done for everybody? >> well first and foremost dialogue is important. and there's no question. i think mayor de blasio is going down the right track, bringing police officials together with community leaders and activists and explain to activists that often a policeman has a split
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second to make a decision. and we review it for months and months and months. it's important to understand that. it's also important that police understand where activists are coming from, that there's been in some cases, a long history of mistrust. and you bridge the gap, one, by dialogue, and two, by substantive changes. we can't ignore the fact that we need substantive changes, rev. and that means community policing. putting police on foot in the neighborhood, getting to know shop owners building a bond of trust, allowing the shop owners and the community people to know that that policeman is an ordinary citizen with sons and daughters like they do. that's number one. >> number two, body cameras are important. number three, let's start equipping our police and training our police properly with laser guns -- >> so i'm hearing community policing, body cameras, training. >> and training.
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and one other thing, stun guns and train the police to use stun guns. chief ramsey in philadelphia who is president obama's choice to be on the task force. we train our police 25 days even though the state only requires one day of training. >> so training 25 days as opposed to one. marq claxton, you've seen the protests by police turning their back on the mayor at a funeral of a policeman. booing today. as one that was in the force as long as you were how do you explain the nypd protests? because the irony is that a lot of them have criticized people like me for protesting, now they're protesting in uniform, some on duty. >> it's blatantly hypocrite cal. they should be aware that the world is watching. the world is aware there have been many protests towards police performance and many
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ideas that governor rendell mentioned. but then to have those at a funeral, for one of their own, engage in a protest, dismissive and disrespectful to the government, in this case, the mayor of new york city. it's really telling. and it speaks to some of the problems and complications that you're going to face moving forward, as you try to promote, yes, additional training yes, new technologies but also as you try to have law enforcement engage the community to come up with some shift in the pair dime of modern day policing. there are challenges but none of them insurmountable. i think the president's task force will be significant in moving this new agenda forward. >> governor, a new poll because this is not just new york a new poll showed a racial divide when it comes to views on policing. 77% of blacks say they're not
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confident police treat whites and blacks equally. just 36% of whites say they're not confident. i mean how do we bridge this divide when clearly we're talking about different experiences. how do we make people understand the experiences that are not shared, but reflected by this poll, but still get us to a common place? >> well i think we need people like chief bratton, like chief timmini, who was my chief when i was mayor, like chief ramsey to talk to people, to talk to the white community and say, look we can have -- we can protect our police at the same time reduce the amount of violence against unarmed people. and in the long run, that's in a policeman's benefit. how do you think the families of officer liu and officer ramos would have felt about a little less violence applied to that young man? and i'm not saying that there
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should have been arrests or not arrests, but when he said i can't breathe, if they had stopped and let up on him, it's likely that officer liu and officer ramos would be alive today. when things like this happen it enjenders anger against police which winds up hurting innocent victims. i thought it was ironic that the two policemen this crazy person shot one was an asian and one was a latino american. >> i think you trigger things and -- >> there's no question. he said on his -- on the internet, he said he was taking revenge for what happened to the young man. and so that's the type of thing that breeds mistrust and anger. so it's in a policeman's benefit to build these bridges and to break down some of the animosity that exists. >> and marq claxton, the fact is and i say it all the time that we are dealing in a more
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diverse police world. you were in new york, and there are a lot of black cops. these two that were killed were minority. many in our own organizations, our policemen, it's not like black or white. it's about policing. it's about race but you have -- you were a black policeman for many years. >> yeah. and i think it's important to point out because there are always good discussions about increasing diversity in different law enforcement agencies and in policing. and i think that's important. because in order to improve your public service model, if you will your customer service model, people like to be able to relate to those who they're dealing with and addressing. so there is some importance to that. >> and we need to be truthful and have everyone in the dialogue. i want to come back before i run out of time to something you said governor about police
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chiefs and everybody coming together. because recently former new york city mayor rudy guiliani accused president obama of spreading propaganda that people should hate the police. listen to this. >> we've had four months of propaganda starting with the president, that everybody should hate the police. i don't care how you want to describe it. that's what the protests are all about. >> now, even after that comment got four pinocchios from "the washington post," the man has refused to back away from the comment. and he's continued to attack the president, even attack me which is nothing new. he and i fought when he was mayor. he would not meet with black elected officials and others. he would not -- he's attacking the president and the mayor for meeting with people like me where you say activists should meet. but the progress let me be real clear, the republican that
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succeeded him, mayor michael bloomberg met with me many times. even though we disagreed i marched on him about stop and frisk. he never stopped meeting, never stopped talking, which set a different tone. and claxton, a let of us disagreed with him. but bloomberg was at our headquarters. you set it where we can talk. i think the people that are too insecure to talk to people that disagree with them are the people that we don't need to move forward. and i think we are and can move forward. >> we can disagree on one point and agree on another. like mayor bloomberg and officer claxton, correct me if i'm wrong, but under mayor bloomberg, the number of minority policemen in new york the percentage grew significantly, did it not? >> yes, it did. >> and you can disagree without being disagreeable. >> absolutely. >> and i think that adults need to help lead and i'm glad to see to a lot of mayors and the
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president all saying no you don't have to agree, i don't even have to like a lot of your background, but we have to solve this and the people that can show leadership should solve it. >> rev, can i just say something about, just to wrap up this giuliani situation. >> i don't want to dwell to giuliani. i was only comparing the past with right now. governor rendell and marq claxton, thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you. coming up search teams will soon head back up in the air looking for that missing airasia flight. and now they want to help from the united states. plus the third most powerful republican in the house admitting he spoke at a white nationalist event back in 2002. he says he didn't know who the group was. also president obama opens up about his challenges in 2014 his successes, and what he's demanding from republicans in the new year.
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>> and now you've got republicans in a position where it's not enough for them simply to grind the wheels of congress to a halt. and then blame me. also would you trust google's new driverless car? what if it was in the lane next to you? it's ahead in "politicsnation." -- in "conversation nation." these ally bank ira cds really do sound like a sure thing but i'm a bit skeptical of sure things. why's that? look what daddy's got... ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! growth you can count on from the bank where no branches equals great rates.
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where is airasia flight 8501? search teams will soon be out again today over the java sea, looking for any sign of the missing plane.
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breaking news tonight, the search for a missing airasia plane should be getting under way shortly. two days after it mysteriously disappeared, the flight carrying 162 people took off from indonesia early sunday morning, heading to singapore. 38 minutes into the flight the pilot asked for permission to change course to avoid storm clouds. but four minutes later the
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flight disappeared from radar with no distress call. the united states has been called in to help locate the plane, which today officials said they fear is now at the bottom of the sea. joining me now is jay rollins, a retired american airlines captain and a former u.s. navy pilot. thank you for being here tonight. >> my pleasure reverend. >> jay, what are the investigators doing right now to try to find this plane and figure out why it disappeared? >> right now, they're listening for any signs of where it could be located from the elts, from the pings, from the black boxes. they are studying the radar scopes in order to try to determine the most likely place that it went. and they are also looking at the weather at that time to put together a picture and hopefully determine where this aircraft is. >> given the bad weather
3:19 pm
conditions, should this plane have been allowed to take off? >> taking off is a captain's decision. the aircraft is going to have a route of flight and the captain always has the final word as to whether that is a safe route to take. once they get airborne they are going to be assessing the situation. they have up to date radar system. they're able to see more than a hundred miles ahead what the conditions are. as they approach, they make decisions, whether to continue straight ahead, make a deviation left or right, or climb higher trying to get over the worst of the weather. >> when the pilot asked to climb above the storm clouds his request was denied. how critical could that be to learning why the plane disappeared? >> it's very important. my understanding is that the -- there was a screen grab from the
3:20 pm
radar scope that showed the aircraft was, in fact climbing anyway. and that might suggest that the pilot decided that it was unsafe to stay at the altitude he had, even if it meant a declaration of an emergency, in order for safety. but on the other hand, as you start to climb, the aircraft window of speeds that it can safely fly begins to shrink. as that happens, you're getting into an area where, if you suddenly have gusts of wind that are stronger or weaker than expected, you could get outside of the normal flying range for that aircraft and enter into what's called an aerodynamic stall, where the aircraft no longer will sustain the altitude. >> let me ask you this. when many of us heard about this our minds immediately went back to the malaysian airlines earlier this year but i'm told there's big differences between what happened here and what happened with malaysian
3:21 pm
airlines, which we still haven't found that plane. but what are the big differences here? >> well the asiana plane, we know where it disappeared. we have a pretty good fix on that. whereas the malaysian aircraft we were going by an indirect mathematical algorithm in order to determine where it probably is. so there was a much greater area to search. it was also much deeper water. in this case -- >> in the malaysian airlines, it was deeper water. >> in the malaysian airlines correct. but what i think, it could be more similar to the asiana crash that happened in san francisco summer before last or maybe the air france aircraft that went down several years ago off the coast of brazil. in both instances, it turned out that the pilots had incorrectly managed the aircraft flying them
3:22 pm
manually. so as long as you're on the auto pilot and everything is going normally that's one thing. but when asked to take all of that off and you find yourself in a position where you have to hand-fly the aircraft if you have not been getting adequate practice at doing that you could find yourself in a lot of trouble. and that could be what happened here. i'm not sure. >> we certainly are praying for those on the aircraft and their families. captain jay rollins, thanks so much for your time this evening. >> my pleasure sir, thank you. still ahead, president obama's tough warning to republicans in the year ahead. but first, come on down governor snyder you're the big winner in tonight's gotcha.
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michigan's republican governor rick snyder is apparently convinced his
3:26 pm
leadership can be a model for the nation. >> we're the poster child for good budgeting. and i wish washington would look at us. >> now the poster child for good budgeting wants to spend taxpayer money drug testing poor people. governor snyder just signed a bill into law to start drug-testing welfare recipients. the pilot program is going to cost michigan $500,000. and governor snyder, the poster child for good budgeting can't argue it's an effective use of taxpayer money because history shows these programs don't work. in florida, only 2.6% of welfare applicants tested positive for drugs. in utah it was just 0.25%. and only 0.12% in tennessee. but in the entire country, 10% of people use drugs last year.
3:27 pm
drug use is far more higher among the general population than folks receiving welfare. so here's a pilot program snyder could try. drug-testing ceos from companies who get corporate welfare. did governor snyder think we wouldn't notice his program is a solution in search of a problem? nice try, but we gotcha. [ narrator ] mama sherman and the legion of super fans. wow! [ narrator ] on a mission to get richard to his campbell's chunky soup. it's new chunky beer-n-cheese with beef and bacon soup. i love it. and mama loves you. ♪ ♪
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>> everybody makes new years resolutions. that's easy. following through can be a lot harder. but that's exactly what we saw this year from president obama. he promised 2014 would be a year of action and that's what he delivered. >> i said at the beginning of this year 2014 would be a breakthrough year. and it was a bumpy path but at
3:31 pm
the end of 2014 i could look back and say, we are as well positioned today as we have been in quite some time economically that american leadership is more needed around the world than ever before. and that is liberating in the sense that a lot of the work that we've done is now beginning to bear fruit. >> the work he's done is having a huge impact on real people's lives. look at some of his biggest executive actions this year. the president reformed our immigration system. protecting millions of people from deportation. raised the minimum wage for federal contractors and pushed cities and states to raise their wages too. he banned federal contractors from discriminating against workers because they're gay. and created a task force to review police practices across
3:32 pm
the country. and that's not to mention resetting our relations with cuba signing an historic agreement to cut greenhouse gas emiggedz emiggedzs and ending the longest war in american history. 2014 was the breakthrough year the president promised. and now he's putting the gop on notice about 2015. >> now you've got republicans in a position where it's not enough for them simply to grind the wheels of congress to a halt. and then blame me. they are going to be in a position in which they have to show that they can responsibly govern given that they have significant majorities in both chambers. what i've said repeatedly, i
3:33 pm
want to work with them i want to get things done. i don't have another election to run. >> joining me now, emanuel cleaver, democrat of missouri and joan walsh of thank you both for being here. >> thanks, rev. >> good to be here rev. congressman, the president wants to get things done this year. any chance your republican colleagues have the same resolution? >> i don't think so. most of the republicans campaigned around the country against the president. in my neighboring state of kansas, for example, most people probably didn't know who the republican senate candidate was running against, because he said was my opponent -- looked at a picture of the president, my opponent knows the president's full name and that disqualifies them. so when it comes to the legislation legislation, republicans are going to be kind of like underwear. they know they have to have it
3:34 pm
they just don't want it to be seen. they don't the folks back home to see them working with the president. they know that we're not going to get anywhere unless they work with the president. so it also depends on the leadership in the senate whether or not we're going to get anything done for the country and the world. >> now, joan it's interesting that the congressman talked about how they tried to just run against the president, because the new poll found 48% of americans approve of the job the president's doing, his highest rating since may of 2013, and he's got 12% higher than president bush did at the same time in his second term. what do these numbers say to you? >> i think they say that the american people want action. the sad results in 2014 were really about gridlock and people not understanding why nothing was getting done.
3:35 pm
the people are seeing the president act on immigration, act on the minimum wage act on cuba, act on climate change and they like it. they're tired of being told we have gridlock and we can't get your policies passed. this president is leading and people really enjoy seeing that. >> congressman, the president this morning said his executive actions, particularly on immigration, might spur republicans to get things done. listen to this. >> i think that there are a lot of republicans who recognize that not only do we need to fix a broken immigration system strengthen our borders and streamline the legal immigration system, but that we have to show realism, practicality and insist on accountability from those who are here illegally and the best way to do that is to provide them a path to get legal, paying a fine submitting to background
3:36 pm
checks and so forth. >> did the president force the gop to do something, congressman, or are they just going do dig in their heels? >> i think they're in trouble if they don't act on immigration. i've said all along that had the speaker of the house brought the immigration bill to the floor, it would have passed and it would have passed with significant republican participation. but it was never brought to the floor. and that's going to be the big issue here. you know much of the history of last -- of the last session of congress simply not worth repeating. but one of the things that i think we can do is having people around the country putting pressure on the speaker of the house and on the majority leader in the senate to bring the immigration bill to a vote. it passed in the senate. it will past in the house. and there's nothing the president's done that he didn't campaign on. >> you know joan it's funny, i noted today that "the new york
3:37 pm
times" pointed out that the republican national committee is actually selling these t-shirts. reagan-bush '84. is that what today's gop is 30 years in the past? >> they seem like it. they seem like all they have is nostalgia when they did speak to a majority of the american people. they're not doing that going forward. the president was brilliant in that interview. he was challenged. he used the term nativism. and the president laid out why he took this action. that illegal immigration is at a historic low. but the number of people in the country illegally has dropped, that people will not get services thanks to the executive order, that they'll actually begin paying taxes, many of them. so he really broke apart the arguments of the people who don't like the bill. >> you know congressman, before we have to go i want to address
3:38 pm
something to you. an overwhelming majority of all americans of all political affiliations are supporting requiring police to wear body cameras. is this an area where you can find common ground with your republican colleagues in the house next year? >> i believe so. congressman al green and i have introduced the cam act. camera authorization and maintenance act. and most americans see it as something positive and necessary. they're tired of looking at people taking footage of police and civilians in conflict through telephone cameras. and we think that body cameras would work. the overwhelming majority of americans believe so, and i think the same thing would be true in congress. and it would be a very good act for the nation to see if members of congress came together on both sides to pass this and say, look, we've had enough violence. we've had enough conflict
3:39 pm
between police and minorities and this is our first step in getting it reversed. >> we need legislative change. 86% of americans say they support cameras. so we'll be watching you and congressman al green as you pursue this bipartisan way of dealing with this. for all of america, it's good for police because it removes doubt and it removers false statements on all sides. or at least it is the best attempt available right now. congressman emanuel cleaver and joan walsh, thank you both for your time tonight and happy new year. >> thanks reverend happy new year. >> thank you reverend. coming up, what a powerful republican lawmaker is saying about the speech he gave in 2002 at a white nationalist event. also a record-breaking turn for the movie at the heart of the sony hacking controversy. and would you trust a car without anyone behind the wheel? it's all ahead in "conversation
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time now for "conversation nation." joining me tonight msnbc contributor victoria defrancesco soto democratic strategist jimmy williams and trial
3:44 pm
attorney seema iyer. "the washington post" reports that the third most powerful republican in the house, admits he spoke at a white nationalist event back in 2002. the louisiana lawmaker spoke at a convention of the european american unity and rights organization, a group founded by former kkk leader david duke. the southern poverty law center calls it a hate group. a spokesperson for scal ease said today he has never been affiliated with the abhorrent group in question. the hate-fueled ignorance and intolerance that group projects is in stark contradiction to what mr. scalise believes and practices. accepting that he didn't know what the group was about, what kind of political problem to you see here as his party is trying
3:45 pm
to show its new, more modern gop, and here's the third highest ranking republican in the house, we find at least on this occasion spoke for a group like this? >> that's right. you might remember after 2012 when president obama won by five million votes, the rnc chairman rins priebus did an autopsy report of the gop and said they have to expand the base, african americans, latinos -- this does not help the question becomes, what does congressman scalise do about this? a great place to start the supreme court struck down section 4 of the voting act, that that was no longer applicable. that the congress, justice roberts when he wroet that decision, he said that congress needed to pass a new voting rights action with a new section
3:46 pm
4 and section 5. up with thing he could do would be to reach across the aisle, work with democrats, work with the cbc, the congressional black caucus and others and re-write what the supreme court told them to re-write. >> which is essentially a new map. >> yes. i was in the room the day they announced that. let me go to you on on seema. >> well i think jimmy is not only a great democratic strike that jimpt, but he could be a republican one as well. [ laughter ] >> i used to be a republican seema. >> you used to be a lot of things, but anyway, okay, so the work that he's doing, why we should take him at his word rev is because he was trying to put out his message regarding slush funds and lower taxes and he stayed on that message and it was important to him to reach as
3:47 pm
many people as possible. and that shows sincerity. >> what do you say, victoria? do you buy his sincerity and the implications for the party? >> well i am going to give him the benefit of the doubt. he said he didn't know what this organization was about. but these organizations remind us that intolerance is alive and well. and this year reverend we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the civil rights act. next year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the voting rights act. for a lot of folks, they think, we're celebrating, we're done with race impism and all of that ugliness. but we're not. it's instances like this, we need to take the opportunity to remind ourselves we still have a lot of work to do in this country with diversity. >> i agree that we should and i agree, give him the benefit of the doubt. i've been attacked for things and never got the benefit of the
3:48 pm
doubt on things i didn't even say or do. some things i may have groaned and said i wouldn't do again. so i agree with you. i think there has to be a sincere move towards showing they are sincere. >> that's right. next a record for the movie at the center everof the sony hacking scandal. just a few days after being released on the web, it ranks as sony's number one film ever. it pulled $15 million as of saturday. so seema, were you one of the millions watching it? >> no i wasn't. but i loved what seth rogen said and that is he credited people for getting off the couch, leaving their homes and going to the theaters. and rev, i was one of those people. i actually went to the theater to watch annie and the only
3:49 pm
reason did i was because my family wouldn't let me start drinking at 12:00 in the afternoon. it's christmas like i can't have a drink? so i went to see "annie" which i would highly recommend. >> seema is off the chain tonight. she took a shot at jimmy. >> i did before i came to "politicsnation." seema, help me out here. victoria, help me out here seema's got me all over the place. let's get back to "the interview." >> well "the interview," i have not seen it yet, but it's going to be our date movie night for new year's eve once my husband and i put the babies to sleep. but i think the bigger picture, we see all these individual acts of patriotism folks who otherwise wouldn't see the movie, saying i want to see this movie, because by doing so i'm sticking it to the government that tried to hack
3:50 pm
and take this movie down. so i think it's really important to look at the pieces that people are putting together. >> and it's interesting, the 15 million that was made, it may not have made that much -- i'm saying may not -- if it had just been released regularly and there were no controversies around it. >> i think it cost 85 million to make. i think i would prefer they take that 85 million and send it to unesko to save starving children. but since they didn't do it and said they weren't going to release, they were going to release, were going to be bullied by fake terrorists from north korea. i'm glad they did release it and i can tell you, i will never watch "the interview." >> the panel is staying with me. up next we're talking about google's new driverless car.
3:51 pm
3:52 pm
we're back with our panel, victoria jimmy, and seema. in the new year sitting in traffic could take on a whole new meaning. google says its driverless car is now fully functional and ready to hit the road in california. it hopes the driverless car will cut down on accidents and traffic backups. so jimmy, who do you direct your road rage at if there's no one behind the wheel? >> well it's never my fault. i can promise you that. i'm a perfect driver. i've only been in like 300 accidents. i'm being sarcastic. technology say wonderful thing i think. but i'm not sure -- i'm not okay
3:53 pm
with giving up control of the steering wheel. and if i can't hold the steering wheel, i'm not okay with saying to the driver don't take the east side highway, are you crazy, do you know what time it is? don't take the east side highway. i got to be in control. that car won't let me do that. i'm not for it. >> seema, there could be some legal exposure a lot of problems couldn't it? >> absolutely rev. and there's so much discussion about the legislation that should control these type of driverless cars and specifically, rev, there's a gentlemen, he's a professor, i urge everybody to read his article about, he's urging the government to create a federal robotics commission. the driverless cars the drones all of this falls under that. so what you're saying is to
3:54 pm
prevent illegalities and accidents and other types of issues. there's got to be uniformity if we're going to go this route. >> and victoria there are practical questions like parking, or if you can't find a parking place, do you just keep letting it circle around? there's all kind of crazy things that could happen with this. >> you know the number of questions are interminable. but one perspective, i wanted to throw out, as somebody who lives in texas, where there's very little if not at all public transportation and the prospect of not having to get in the car and commute 30 40 minutes is just amazing to me. so i think that a lot of these pushbacks and challenges are going to be superceded by the fact of saying hey, in these parts of the country where we don't have public transportation, this is going to be a boon. >> finally, i want to rush this one in. >> the biggest celebrity feud of the year christina aguilera versus mickey mouse.
3:55 pm
tmz says the singer wanted to meet mickey on her birthday trip to disneyland but was told the actor in the mickey costume was on break. she apparently called mickey a profane name and said do you know who i am? seema, what would it take -- >> oh i thought about it rev. >> what would it take to get you mad at mickey mouse? >> in my mind, i thought of "bad santa." so mickey mouse is in the break room drinking the bottle of jack daniels and smoking a cigarette and hiking up his pants. so that's what i think about, rev. >> let me go to you, jimmy, while i'm still ahead. you and mikey mouse. >> you should never, ever in your life say, do you know who i am? it doesn't work out well. >> jimmy tries to do that in in washington all the time.
3:56 pm
>> no no i grew up in a white southern home. >> if you have to ask the question, you don't want the answer. >> this is mickey mouse, he can't even talk back. >> i think it's potty mouth. >> got to go happy new year to you. >> to you too. >> we'll be back with a teenager's powerful and revealing alert to santa. sbus. stay with us. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. we come by almost every day to deliver your mail so if you have any packages you want to return you should just give them to us i mean, we're going to be there anyway why don't you just leave it for us to pick up? or you could always get in your car and take it back yourself
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or any allergic reactions like rash, hives, swelling of the lips tongue or throat or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. finally tonight, a boy's heartbreaking letter to santa that went all the way to the white house. 13-year-old malik bryant from chicago wanted one thing for christmas this year. to stay safe. so he did what millions of kids around the world do. he wrote a letter to santa. dear santa, i would like to ask you something but first of all, you i will tell you about me. i'm a black african american i
3:59 pm
stand 5'10", i'm in the seventh grade, my favorite subject is math. i have two siblings living with me and i'm the only boy on my mom's side of the family. but anyway all i ask for is for safety. i just wannabe be safe. the letter was sent to a local charity, then to a congressman, who passed it on to the white house and then president obama wrote back saying quote, your security is a priority for me and everything i do as president. if you dare to be bold and creative, work hard every day and care for others i'm confident you can achieve anything you imagine. and i will be rooting for you. this fight around violence this fight among young people is something that we must continue. many of you watched as we went into detroit and chicago and other places on this show.
4:00 pm
as we question policing it is not the opposite of that fight. it is the same fight. because we must support good police and the best way is by raising the contradiction that those kids feel under siege, and feel that no one is there to help them. it's one fight and we've got to be willing to stop the violence and raise the questions of those that ought to be doing what their fellow good police do. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. "hardball" starts right now. no need to adjust your television set. let's play "hardball." ♪ grges i'm michael steele in for chris matthews. i want to start tonight's show with a simple question. is the republi


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