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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  December 31, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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good evening americans, and welcome to this year-end edition to "the ed show." this is the punch out for 2014. we've been talking a lot about kitchen table issues and stories that effect the hard working families of this country. our top story tonight global climate change and the keystone xl pipeline, it impacts your health wallet and your families future and questions this country's commitment to the future when it comes to energy. we've been talking to real people who are both for and against the pipeline and along the way folks on the road
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changed my hearts and so did the facts. >> this week we've opened the floor for discussion on the proposed keystone xl pipeline you probably know where i stand on all this my position is not popular with the liberals. >> it has most recent report by state department has been criticized by environmental groups who claim there's a conflict of interestful. i'm not convinced it will add to global warnming. three nebraska land owners effected by the proposed route challenged the law and spoke at a hearing last september today a judge ruled in their favor. >> one of the biggest arguments against is who is zumassuming the
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risk. this is their ir this is their irigation well that feeds the gray's homestead but 65 feet over here is where the pipeline would go right now there's prime cattle on this land and corn and their livelihood. >> if barack obama was standing here what would you say to him? >> personally i would ask him if he would willingly sleep 275 feet away from a 36 inch pipe of sledge and poison day after day after day, if that is something he really would feel comfortable doing. personally i don't. it's right here. do i need to put myself in that close a proximity to something i know could harm me willingly. that's asking too much of me personally. >> trans canada puts in a lot of
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liability on the land owner. >> so this is on you if something goes wrong on your land? >> if it is something that isn't, you know pipeline failure, if -- if there's a sinkhole and we drive over it with a large combine of corn and they could prove in court with their army of lawyers that we were at fault through negligence then we are the one that is paying and if that happens we sell everything we own, we have nothing to pay for that and then we're owing for the rest of our lives because we sell ought this land it wouldn't be enough to pay for that. >> i think our elected officials have done a dirty trick on us they kind of sold us out, omaha, governor hienman name it everyone who has come in out in favor of the pipeline that are supposed to be working for us i
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want to ask each and every one of them if you think this is such a great plan if you think it is such a good thing for america then why don't you put it on state and federal lands? really, you could certainly go down the road differents. why is it you're asking land owners private citizens, why are we being asked to handle all the risk many the risk? >> it's time to step up and say no. >> this fight for land and rights has forged new alliances. >> i used to think the elected men in office they were working for you, for the guy that got them in there. >> that's not the way it is happening. >> no i woke up. >> we have been teaching each other along the way. >> we're thankful and appreciate
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the support and efforts that our friends indian and non-indian are showing throughout the country. >> from ranchers to farmers, to native americans, this is an alliance of cultures never seen before on the political landscape. >> we're very pleased with our broerng brothers and sisters in alaska. >> as americans we have to transfer this power to electoral power. we have the energy. we have the power amongst us and now we have to say these folks who said they were representing us and who said all sorts of good things never were here for us and we have to elect new people who will have our backs. >> we're going to have a bigger impact on the upcoming elections. >> some feel this entire keystone xl pipeline issue is going to if change nebraska's political future. >> no question in my mind. >> i have a registered republican that is going to vote
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for a democratic senator, how's that for you? >> anybody who thinks this is a flash in the pan or small minority of people has not been paying attention. >> i'm actually a republican and have been for 42 years, registered republican and i'm extremely disappointed in them. you know it's just and i'm sure there's democrats the same way. it appears to me the republican party has, you know they have just become the political wing for corporate america. >> we are all brought together as an alliance by definition a group of people working for a common goal. >> now the oil is coming down the united states now and as the state department has properly documented it's coming down on rail and you and i both know highway 2 in north dakota 500 tanker trucks a day with oil.
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we think it makes more sense to be on a pipeline. >> so tar sands oil is already being refined in the gulf. >> yes it is. >> the quality of oil, we keep hearing that this is the worst oil to ever come out of the ground, it is far more toxic then other oil on the market is that true. >> the state department report again says the oil is comparable to the oil that is displacing in venezuela. >> mr. president, say no to this project. i turn this night on this program. i was wrong. but after researching both sides and listening to all the experts and seeing what is out interestthere, i don't think america needs to take this risk. >> transcand says the pipeline doesn't cross any reservation or tribal lands but would cross through the original reservation
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territory which included all of south dakota west of the missouri river. >> the 1861 treaty and 1868 treaty, we still honor and live by those treaties but even the united states government is has fault. even consulting our tribe they didn't even do that. >> when you sign a treaty between two nations that's the law and the constitution supports that and when those things are violated how can't you feel like you're being violated. if the laws you sign and those treaties say that it is based on integrity, it's based on our commitment as a country, it's based on our bill of rights and you sign it with another country and engage in those understandings, then you violate those. what's your word there? so definitely the people feel vial lated. >> we have never been consulted by xl pipeline by transcanada,
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there's a violation right there. >> the state department said this 17% more green house gas emissions than traditional crude, also said other transportation means would release more green house gases than the pipeline. >> we're asking our leadership senators to take a good look at the environmental impacts that was submitted to the state. we took dock utahs to the department of interior and hoping that since we of native people fall under the department of interior that they would do something. >> they have a specific concern about possible contamination of the water. >> we have lacoda water and it
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is pretty lucrative and it keeps people ployed. when you start putting that at risk and on top of it the water in those areas, specifically not members and non-members, as we said on our campaign deal it's not an indian thing, not a white thing, it's everybody's issue. so i like to help out in anyway i can. >> for one thing, they're going to ruin earth. second, water. this pipeline is coming up on the northern tip of the aquifer. going into the missouri river water and our people are drinking that water right now. they fought for years to get water out to the reservation and they are finally getting it and now they're trying to build a pipeline through these rivers.
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>> what would it mean if the president said no to this. >> when president obama was campaigning in 2008 he came to us in south dakota and met with a number of tribal leaders and was gifrnven a name that name is "the man who helps the people" so he would be living up to his name and to the destiny we hope he would fulfill as one who helps the people not just suh people but everyone throughout the united states and the world. >> that's pretty amazing. you think he remembers that? >> i do. and we hope that he remembers the commitment that he made the support that american indians throughout the country showed him and that he does the right thing, not only for us but for all americans. >> welcome back to "the ed show" breaking news on the keystone xl pipeline, the state department is extending the government comment period the move came
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after a state department meeting with congressional member who's are clearly divided on the issue, this means president obama will not make a final decision on the pipeline until the end of the year. >> the cowboy and indian alliance brought ranchers farmers and native americans from all over the country to washington, d.c. to stand united against the keystone pipeline for me it was their first trip to the nation's capital and others it was an opportunity to educate people who had never seen anything like it. many of them feel keeping transcanada off their land is a life or death situation. >> we're suffering from environmental genocide.
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we have no choice. we are dieing. >> we are willing to die on behalf of our children, our way of life, and the water. >> our people are so passionate. our people are ready to die. our people have come up and said we want to be in the front line. we are willing to give our life to stop this because they know what it will do to the people. >> isn't that dangerous talk you said your people are die for this. >> yes, that's the sad part. i would love to see if we protest they will stop it but our people are willing to die to make sure this doesn't happen and that's scary. >> i want to make this very clear i'm not prodding this to say this. >> no, no. >> this is where you're people are right now. >> this is where they are and
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they want the to stop it. i don't want to see our people die but people realize the impact the impact our people are going to die because of this. we have people right now who are willing to die for it. the senate voted 55-36, you know, to kill a clean energy bill. now the bill was expected to pass. until republicans attempted to attach an amendment that would approve the keystone pipeline. they tried to trap the democrats. >> energy security for our country. energy at home. america needs the jobs. we need the energy. >> all of that is bogus. that senator from wyoming is wrong. transcanada has proposed keystone xl pipeline would not help america towards energy
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independence that's been proven and only 35 permanent jobs required to maintain it. >> transcand a foreign corporation who is still in the permitting process could condemn a property that belongs to nebraska farmers and ranchers. >> there's a pending case about some of the sighting, the process is moving forward and i'm just going to gather up the facts. >> when it couldmes down to it president obama has the final word. if the republicans don't get what they want their plan is to attach a keystone amendment to every bill that ends up on the desk of the president of the united states. >> the house voted 252-161 to approve the keystone xl pipeline as expected. >> you need 60 not 59.
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last night senate democrats stopped legislation to approve construction of the keystone xl pipeline by just a single vote but within hours of the bill's defeat republicans are saying they will resurrect the bill in january when they take control of the agenda. >> this will be an early item. >> we will revisit this issue in the new congress and have an opportunity with some new people for a new vote. >> coming up the trenders of the year plus the punch out 2014 continues. we look at the alternative energy boom powering us through next year and beyond. this is "the ed show." keep it right here. we're right back.
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>> all year long we encourage our viewers to connect with us
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online on facebook and twitter and you can get my podcast free 24/67 raw story and ring of fire here's this year's top trenders voted on by you. >> why don't you take a picture it will last longer. >> selfie destruction. >> i thought we would try to break another record with the most retweets of a photo. i want you in it. hey that's good. look at us. ellen's selfie wins best selfie. >> we crashed and broke twitter we made history. we are all winners that's what it means. #oscars. >> hey wait a minute my next selfie could do the same thing
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with team ed show help. >> i'm vance mcallister, business owner. >> a married man with five children ran on a platform of family values. security camera caught him kissing a female member of his congress staff. >> representative vance mcallister issued a statement monday saying he seeks forgiveness. >> this is no good you got to straighten this thing out. >> now kiss and make up. >> apparently a star. >> have never been on live television before. >> did you ever expect to go to the fair baend a superstar like you are now. >> no, i did not expect that. >> a chatty five-year-old becomes a viral video sensation. >> it is so great because i really never had any people like me. >> the soon to be kindergarten
2:22 pm
has become a global phenomenal. >> it's like being in a thousand blocks of heaven. >> where did you learn the word apparently. >> i don't know maybe from my mom. >> okay. now can i be done. >> you lose. >> no regrets, it was a stunning fall from don't have any regrets. i came up short in terms of number of votes. >> duh. >> did this skpleetly shock you. >> absolutely. >> i'm shocked. shocked. >> kantor needs a strong republican part andy and i will continue that. >> any chance of running for did governor of virginia. >> i don't want to put off any options. >> good day sir. static cling. >> this is a news channel that is more than news. >> america prepare to be amazed. >> the two-time reality show star starts her own network. >> do you hate gotcha
2:23 pm
journalism. that's so palin. >> you can watch right here on your computer or tablet or smart phone. >> there is no escape. >> all palin all the time. >> meet mon'ee davis, 13-year-old pitching phenomenon. >> are you as good as any boy here? >> yes. no question. >> no question. >> she's philly's shining star on the baseball diamond. >> you through a 70 meyler fastball. >> hey, how did you do that? >> it's really cool there's a girl pitcher who made it this far. >> don't let anyone stop you from doing what you like. just keep dreaming. go for it. >> geez let's go practice. >> no canada. >> my fellow canadians. >> like canada like canada.
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>> questions have been popping up about whether he's eligible for running for president because cruz was born in canada. >> my mother was u.s. citizen so under law i was u.s. citizen. >> senator ted cruz renouns his canadian citizenship. >> a spokeswoman said he formally gave up his citizenship in mid-may. >> the tea party is anti-socialism and anti-immigration so it makes sense their hero is a cuban from canada. >> . [ crickets ]. [ jeopardy music ]. >> got all this stuff twirling around in my head. >> jeopardy geniuses are stumped by herman cain credentials.
2:25 pm
>> how quickly you have forgotten herman cane. >> seriously who is that. >> i got to go back and see. burning questions. >> effort to draft bernie sanders, for 2016. >> if drafted would you serve. [ laughter ] >> bernie sanders discusses his chances for 2016. >> i thought hillary clinton was poised to be next democrat nominee. >> is that so. i'm not quite sure the political process is one in which we annoint people. the working class of this country, middle class of this country are facing enormous problems. >> is that a platform to run for president. >> yeah i think it is a damn good platform. >> you can do it. shake it. >> dan thorn shaking things up in west virginia. >> he's a dancing machine. >> that's not the only dancing anchor. >> we just put you on television dancing. >> this anchor's smooth moves made him a youtube star.
2:26 pm
>> videos of him between commercial breaks have gone viral. >> no matter how goofy his face. sarah ignores him. >> you stay classy. >> he's a silly guy. >> come on dance a little bit. still to come meet the robert sons. and i learn how to harness the power of sun. the alternative energy revolution is here. next i'm taking your questions, ask ed live. coming up. . no question about that. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently.
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at colonial penn we've been serving our customers for over 50 years, and we have over half a million life insurance policies in force that help cover funeral costs, medical bills, credit card balances or other final expenses. we're committed to our customers. we make insurance simple! (representatives speaking) welcome back to the special edition of "the ed show," our year ender, we love and appreciate all of the questions tonight. in our question segment first question
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well, i thought you would never ask. well, i'm going to go ice fishing with the boys on big detroit lake we might have a cocktail. next from jimmy, what would i change from 2014 how about the results of november 4th. that was a disaster. our next question from nicky. which story from 2014 will be most memorable? actually there's a number of them. obviously our coverage of the keystone xl pipeline when i went to nebraska and talked to the land owners that had a real impact on me. also when we went to lorraine ohio and went into a facility there and talked to the steel workers who are being laid off. because of a bad trade deal and congress had to act, the president acted and those jobs
2:31 pm
were reinstated and the mill is back working. that shows me how america can work. those are the stories i'm going to remember in 2014. our next question. did you have any luck hunting and fishing this year? [ laughter ] what do you think? absolutely. 2015 blows in the wind and solar advances "the ed show" on the cutting edge, stay with us. we're right back.
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thanks for joining us tonight to the punch out of 2014. we have highlighted the dangers of fossil fuels making me think of how we burn fuel at the fishing lodge so we decided to go solar. >> is it fair to say the
2:35 pm
administration is to eliminate coal power. >> it is called a war on coal because that is what it is. the president said it in 2008 and he's keeping his commitment. >> when you see thehow effective solar could be in our country 5% of our energy is on solar and wind. why? is it because the oil lobby. the coal lobby. wait a minute it's us. we have to decide as a country that we want to be clean. it can be done. >> my family and i decided to move towards a cleaner future by installing solar panels at our lodge in canada. >> this is now here at north country lodge in manatoba the largest off grid solar operation in all of ontario and one of the
2:36 pm
largest in western canada. these 48 panels were flown in by solar solutions. we are producing 14 kilometer kilowatts and can go up to 24 many hours without using any kind of back up generation. we have a generation house here where we sync it up together. we still have to use the generators to bring the battery power up when it is a cloudy day but it is a huge saving and huge reduction in pollution. really is something else. this is the generator house at the lodge. this is the electrical switch that runs all the way across the lodge. all of this is from two big generators diesel generators this is 30 and 56 kilowatt more
2:37 pm
power than you can ever manning in imagine. if someone told me 35 years ago this would be totally solar i would say no way but things change. coal power plants are the largist contributes to co 2 emissions, last year reached 400 parts per million for the first time in human history. lawmakers need to understand the long term consequences of using dirty energy. >> we would like power to basic affordable -- but. >> our biggest challenge is convincing people that this is
2:38 pm
the right way to go. when you see it when we saw it our eyes were open to something that is absolutely amazing and technology is advancing all the time. when you take that first step to go solar you think is this going to work we were skeptical but you see the power of it and see how clean it is and it really is a great feeling. and our kids are seeing it our grand kids are seeing it and it's really transforming how they view energy. and if we don't take the lead as a country when it comes to taking advantage of technology, there's plenty of money to be made in solar and wind and alternative energies so we're proud of the fact we're able to do this and we see it on a personal level. >> coming up this year's top pretenders. meet the robert son's is next.
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u. here on the ed show we love entertainment. we've assembled the best of pat robertson and the dawn of duck dynasty phil meet robertsons.
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>> they don't have suv's in jupiter. >> you either have to convert them which i think is impossible. i'm not giving up on them i'm saying convert them or kill them. >> the portion of all the profits is going to the muslim brotherhood. it's not a question of religion it's a question of where does the money go. >> hey america, declaration of independence, it's my book marker don't forget that. >> are we really coming to the last days? i think so. >> there will be no flesh remaining on earth, there will be nobody alive. i don't see anything else that ful fills the prophetic words of jesus christ other than a asteroid strike. >> women with women, men with women, they committed indecent
2:44 pm
acts with one another and received the due penalty for their pervesions. they are full of murder,envy, strive. >> they are doing everything they possibly can to put dirty language and sexual situations and now homo sexuality into scripts over and over. >> these boys are waiting until 20 or 30 years old, you got to marry them at 16 you need to check with mom and dad of course. >> what is mac cheese is that a black thing? >> stick around we got more right here on "the ed show." you tap the bumper of a station wagon.
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and welcome back to the punch out of 2014 here on "the ed show." trade agreements and manufacturing might not make for sexy headlines but they are issues that directly effect middle class in this country. when elected officials talk about middle class you have to wonder if they know what they're talking about. earlier this year we had five part series fighting chance
2:49 pm
america steel. it under scores the need for politicians to understand family security. ♪ ♪ >> i'm third generation steel worker. this is what we know in the city of lorraine is steel. we're a melting pot, so diverse as far as heritage and nationality. >> foremore than 100 years lorraine facility in 1894 was founded as a rail mill and became part of steel corpse in 1901 and in 1903 lorraine steel produced its first piece of pipe. for most folks in lorraine steel is more than just a business.
2:50 pm
it's their family. it's their community. and it's their way of life. and it is their way of life. >> lorraine has a long history of steel making and i'm third generation. both my grand fathers worked in the mill. retired from the mill. my father worked in the mill. >> this is what you want to do. >> this is what i want to do. i help the community by doing what i do. and i just hope that the future is there for the generations behind me to also provide for this community. >> steel is lorraine. and the direction that we're going, i mean, we're proud. we will always be proud. we just need a level playing field like everybody said. give us the opportunity.
2:51 pm
>> when the manufacturing sector like the steel industry suffers the fallout of bad trade deals, it has far-reaching effects. >> something as simple as going to get your hair cut. you hear the hair dre dresser say i hear there are layoffs coming. then she has to prepare. at the restaurants, the gas stations, a decent paying living wage job affects three to four people in the community. >> for the workers of lorraine ohio the unfair trade practices taking place over 6,000 miles away in south korea are being felt deep in the heart of main street. >> there is no question. any time there is a hiccup in the auto industry. any time there's a hiccup in the steel industry people get anxious. when there is anxiety about the future of their paycheck they're reluctant to go out and make those big purchases that are important for the economy. >> it is all about the ripple effect. you can throw around numbers like lorraine county's 9.3%
2:52 pm
unemployment rate but these people are much more than a statistic. layoffs at the steel milk jeopardize the livelihood of the restaurant owner, the fire department or the local food shelter. >> what's the mill mean to your business? >> well being born and raised in this town it means a lot. i've noticed an increase and decrease in business when the mill is up or down. it does mean a lot to my business. >> what's this mill mean to you and your family? >> it has in any event world to me and my family. we've been there over 40 years. it is the life blood of the economy or it was more so back in the day than it was today. but we owe a lot to the mill. the entire city. especially our little restaurant across the street. >> it is not what it was in the '80s. there was a lot more money in the town. there is been a lot of layoffs.
2:53 pm
it's not what it used to be. we're hanging on. we're one of the few. a lot of the places that are shut down and gone away. we get a lot of community support too. thank god. if there aren't people working in the mill, the guy you talk to over there at three star construction workers and the mills people going there for breakfast, lunch. >> what does that do to the closeness of the community? >> it tears us up. you can see even lorraine county as a whole. everything that we've lost. all the jobs is in the steel mill, the auto jobs it just hurts everybody that lives here and works here. >> yeah. and of course the services that you guys provide, i mean that's your life blood, too. in the fire department. >> not only our members' life blood, it is the community's life blood. we have to provide the services the police, the fire the essential services.
2:54 pm
the snow plows on the streets. if these guys aren't here. if the u.s. steel isn't making that commit. to the community, the community suffers. the basic resources that we have are gone. you lay off firefighters and police officers and city workers. and the quality of life for everyone in this county goes down. you give us a dollar we'll give that dollar back to the community. i'm not going to put it in an offshore account or put it into the bahamas. i'm going to dinner or buy arrest chasm you give that money to me, i'm going to spend it here. >> how do you feel when you get laid off? when you know these market crushers are the cause of all of those? >> it's a big hit to your pride.
2:55 pm
i'm a pretty straightforward guy. there were a couple days when i was facing looking at my budget and my bills. almost in tears, i was looking at how am i going to make this bill and this bill work in how am i going to do this? and it is pretty rough. there are some politicians, one in particular paul ryan, that would call a guy like you a taker. >> do you know what i've taken in my life? i've taken a lot of bull [ bleep ]. if they say i'm a taker for unemployment because my job is not there at this moment for me to work in the state of ohio i have to put in two applications a week to try to find a job. i just paid money out of my pocket which it's already tight so i can send my resume to places. you know i'm not a taker. i just want to be taken
2:56 pm
advantage of. >> doesn't it infuriate you what washington is doing? >> yeah. i wonder who makes these decisions here. >> we need public servants that are worried about taking care of the public and not special interests. that's what it comes down to. you turn on the tv every day. we're talking about takers and entitlements. well, if it is not for good paying jobs and investment in this country, it's important. it's an important environment for structure. where are we going to be in ten years, 15 years, what kinds of opportunities will my kids have? it's not even getting to the point where we're talking about my grandkids. we're just talking about my children. we're talking about everybody's children in this room. the abuse that's going on by so-called public servants and not allowing hard working
2:57 pm
americans this to fully utilize the capacity and our skill and our talents is a disgrace. listen i'm fighting mad like everybody else in this room. enough is enough. we deserve better. we are better. let's act like it. >> they don't understand what these men go through. what my men go through. they don't understand. >> when you watch the news and you hear people talk about, we have to save the middle class, what are you thinking? >> they don't have a clue. >> i think they get it. washington gets it. they get it. but do they care? >> when all the things you describe about the market and the price, do you take a step back because you're using it as a country. >> we're inad vert edgily cutting our own throats. this country is built on the back bone of the middle class. if you were trying to make profit margins for corporations which are driving out the middle
2:58 pm
class in the long run, then those tax income that's the middle class is making they're not going to be there. so then you're going to have a group of people that are making walmart wages left. and they're having to collect welfare just so they can put food on their table. >> through thick and then the steel workers of lorraine ohio are proud of what they do and they aren't going down without a fight. >> until we get public servants who say your family is as important as mine and mine is as important as yours, we're always going to be in this fight. this brother's family is just as important as mine and mine is as important as his and we're in this fight together and it is a foyt. >> compete with anybody in the world. the quality that we have here. we make the best in america. we can compete with anybody. give us the opportunity to compete fairly. >> that's it for this special
2:59 pm
edition of the ed show. punch out 2014. i'm ed schultz. thanks for watching tonight and all year long. we're getting ready to go to work big time in 2015. have a great night.
3:00 pm
tonight from world famous rockefeller center, the fourth annual revvie awards. please give a warm welcome to the master of ceremonies the reverend al sharpton. >> what a year it's been. so many highs, so many lows. rising stars and falling stars. we'll cover it all tonight. it's been a big year so let's kick things off in a big way. >> it's that magical time of the season. where


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