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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 1, 2015 5:00am-9:01am PST

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hello 2015. the world rings in a new year. not all of the celebrations went off without a hitch. a warm-up in the works after a bone chilling end to 2014. also the states that are seeing a rise in minimum wage starting today. and the one thing you can do to improve your wellness in 2015 and it does not include a trip to the gym. good morning to you and happy new year. 2015. here's what's happening on this day. it's all that. 1 million people packing new york city's time square to watch the annual crystal ball drop.
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a ton of confetti rained down after the ball descended. the revelers braved the cold with a temperature a couple degrees below freezing. in seattle, the space needle providing the backdrop for a fireworks celebration to welcome 2015. it was the city's largest new year's eve firework display so far. parties were held on the observation deck and inside the restaurant of the 605-foot landmark. take you to los angeles. they're saying good-bye to 2014 with a light snow. it lit up the iconic city hall building you saw there. thousands of people braving temperatures in the 30s for the celebration in downtown l.a. they do not know any temperature really below 60 in southern california. they have 30s. across much of the country, it was, yes, my friend a frigid start to the new year. 2014 ended with a rare sight, snow among the palms in san diego. a frost advisory for the coastal area remains in effect until later this morning.
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so the snow and high winds left many stuck and stranded. at least two people were killed and thousands losing power. you are telling us what to look out for. >> it was worse than we thought. >> happy new year on top of that. >> happy new year to you too, buddy. that snow outside san diego, it was at some of the lowest elevations we've seen in like 27 years. very impressive stuff. this could be the coldest start to the rose parade we've ever seen this morning. we're at 37 degrees right now in downtown l.a. it's only 35 in phoenix. it almost snowed last night. right at midnight in downtown phoenix. it was 36 degrees and some light rain. it did snow in some of the hills outside phoenix. you can probably see it if you look up in the distance. so as far as the country goes right now, 75% of us have
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temperatures below freezing. it's still a very cold air mass. the only place really getting away with the warmth is miami today. you're still at 70 degrees to start your 2015. the good thing is we've already started to head in the right direction. we're much warmer right now than this time yesterday. actually 24 degrees warmer in bismarck, 20 in minneapolis. so the record breaking cold is gone. now it's just plain old cold and chilly. as far as what we're going to deal with today, the only troublesome weather, get the ice scraper. i know you probably don't have many of them down there. but it's kind of a light glaze and an icy mess right now from abilene almost into dallas. the light pink shows you where the ice and sleet is. dallas is at 32 degrees. you probably have some icy surfaces from dallas to ft. worth. you will need the ice scraper. it will eventually go above freezing and you'll be okay. your new year's day forecast 36 in dallas icy, rain this
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afternoon. denver could have some snow showers. everyone in new england and the great lakes and ohio valley's fine. you did get about a foot of snow last night near buffalo and also off lake ontario and lake erie. as far as friday really no big problems. it's warmer. we will be watching some rain there in the southeast. richard, the only thing we really have to watch in the future no big snowstorms but another shot of very cold air. saturday in the northern plains, great lakes on monday and the new england area by tuesday. it looks like winter's here to stay. we finished december with no snow chicago, cleveland, d.c. three cities had no snow at all. >> sneaking suspicion. winter's here. >> yeah no snow. >> maybe, maybe. bill karins thank you so much. good new year to you again. a somber observance in indonesia where a window of good weather has closed for search teams today working to pinpoint where the wreckage is located.
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intense rain punishing winds are making search efforts difficult. singapore's navy is deploying an unmanned underwater vehicle to survey the floor of the java sea. let's go to indonesia and nbc's katie ter. good morning to you, katie. >> reporter: it's nighttime here. it's another bad one in terms of weather. hampering the search empt.ffort. they were able to bring back the bodies they recovered, including the first one to be identified. received with military honors victims 3, 4, 5 and 6. landed in sur bay ya today, followed by the remains of the first identified body. she was handed over to her grieving relatives. so far, just seven of the 162 on board have been recovered. joseph sumara is waiting for news of his 26-year-old son. on his way to singapore with three friend excited for their
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vacation. they took this photo right before the plane took off. >> do you guys think you're going to be able to handle this if you get the worst news? >> we have to handle it. because we have to face the fact that the airplane has crashed. >> at the local police station, media and volunteers and even some still stunned relatives. it's day five. still no confirmation that the large dark shadow they spotted in the search area is in fact, the fuselage. but if it is officials say, that's where they believe they'll find most of the victims. divers were also not able to deploy today because of bad weather. they do not know if that big shadow they've seen is the fuselage. if it is that's where they think the majority of the bodies will be. katie tur, nbc news surbaya, indonesia.
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>> as we look at the days now since sunday we can see some of this debris floating -- what is estimated by some -- up to 60 miles from wherever its original location was. we're now seeing debris at least from the last radar location that we had on record up to 60 120 miles, depending who you're talking to at the moment. what does that do to the difficulty of determining what happened to flight 8501? >> well, it does deepen the mystery a little bit, richard. we're sorting through it. two things could have happened. air traffic control radar reflected that at the last moments of the flight the air speed of the aircraft was approximately 103 knots. that does not -- really not compatible with sustained flight. what could have happened is the aircraft hit what's called coffin corner. at high altitude flight the safe flight speed or the
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critical angle of attack the margin for safe flight is about 3 knots, between cruise speed and safe flight. the aircraft in severe turbulence could have hit aerodynamic stall. it could have stalled. and then recovered. >> is that because of what the pilots may have decided? >> well the pilots decided to get close to a squall line that potentially produce up to level five thunderstorms. these monsters can go to 55,000 feet. >> 60,000. >> yeah, and modern aircraft cannot sustain flight in those kinds of storms. >> yeah they only can get up to 40,000 feet. >> that's correct. >> right generally said. >> yes. >> so you're surmising that they reached a speed, 100 knots or so about 100 miles per hour right? >> correct, about 115 miles per hour. >> and you need what speed so you do not stall?
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>> about 150, 140, 150, minimum, in that aircraft. >> okay, so what we're learning at the moment over the last couple of days a lot of focus on the tubes which give information to the pilot to determine how high and how fast they're going. is that still a relevant hypothesis to focus on? >> there's a couple. the tube freezing over is the exact cause of accident air france flight 447 in the south atlantic a couple of years ago. they also have the problem with the angle of attack indicator. french authorities just reported that dust in the angle of attack indicator, which helps them maintain the proper altitude of flight so they don't stall. dust can interfere with it and cause them to have -- >> so you're focusing on angle of attack. just for those who may not be familiar with that that happens to be, whether it's coming in at this angle or this angle, right?
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>> correct. it's the angle of the wing in relation to the air passing over it. the critical angle of attack is the angle at which theaerodynamic stall. >> that is what the pilot decides or is it on autopilot? because autopilot, wouldn't it make the decision automatically in terms of angle? >> the computers on the plane would help with that. whether the pilot is hand flying it, which at flight level 370, 380, would be a little bit dicey for pilots to do. because that margin of safety between air speed and critical angle of attack is only three or four knots. >> distance of debris versus the last location of radar we have seen on record. we had six miles away. we're now hearing a little bit more. quickly, what does that tell us? >> if it's six miles, that would suggest that they entered an aerodynamic stall. >> so straight down? >> the wing tips start rocking
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and they go more or less straight down. however, if they're actually found at 60 miles or 100 miles away that would be the approximate glide speed of the aircraft with no engines. >> so the engine stopped. they would cruise for another 100 miles. >> that's right. >> more questions certainly as we watch the story. anthony roman. we got new information today. we'll be watching that for all of you. thank you, anthony, for your guidance on all of that. a new year's celebration turned deadly overnight. 36 were killed in a stampede. about a half hour before midnight. that stampede occurred at shanghai's historic waterfront area. it would have been tough to predict in the wake of november's midterms but president obama is ending 2014 on something of a high note. while republicans are the ones that have hit a rough patch heading into the new year.
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ellis henigan joins us now. we saw president obama's approval rating hit 48%. that happened over the last couple of weeks. it's his best numbers in almost a year and a half. also, cnn, orc, also seeing a bump. is this because of well gas prices, or is this because of a bump of what people perceive him overall? >> maybe a little cockiness, throw that in too. you have to be almost zen about this. sometimes in defeat there is some unexpected victory. here's a president that's been slapped around for months and months in the campaign. and then all of a sudden he's got, listen what do i got to lose? congress is going to oppose me. now it's time to be tougher, more assertive as the president. some of that actually seems like it's working. >> will it work in 2015? >> let's see how organized the republicans are. as we've learned, it's very easy
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to not do stuff in washington. republicans have been pretty good about that over the last couple of years. but, you know, they've got some problems of their own. the president is exerting his own executive authority. and so far at least having some luck with that. >> so you seem to be saying he's got his swagger which we've been talking about over the last couple of weeks before of these polls. or is it more because of programs that he has been pushing through over the last couple of years? for instance we talk about enrollments for obamacare, over 6 million now, on pace to surpass the white house goal for 2015. might that actually be where the rubber's hitting the road here? >> maybe. but good news alone is not going to do it. you need a political strategy and you need a public sales job. and i think those were the things largely that were lacking. that the obamacare numbers have been pretty good for a good while now. i really do think you do have to
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get back to the swagger yuk talking about. >> let's talk about what the republicans might do in response to what is happening. as i mentioned, the numbers aren't so great at the moment but that could quickly change. that might stick, for instance the resignation? >> that's a passing story. i don't think that has a long-term implications. >> steve callisa? >> now your talking. i'm speaking to you from new orleans, which is his home turf richard, as you know. i think you need to see if there's any additional evidence that would indication some greater connection than one ignorant speech in front of a group he didn't know. if this is all it is i think he probably survived in leadership. i think you could see a shake-up at the top of the republicans in congress. >> you're saying boehner? >> excuse me?
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>> you're saying boehner? >> yeah, if ska lease, more information connecting him comes out, listen they don't need that in the messaging. this is supposed to be the new inclusive diversive republican party. you don't want to be explaining ku klux klan speeches to america, don't think. >> happy new year. coming up workers in several big cities waking up to a pay raise today. will the minimum wage hikes be enough for the impact? could this finally be the year ordinary americans feel like the economy is working for them?
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more than 3 million americans are getting a pay raise. leaders in 20 states have taken matters into their own hands. starting today, the minimum wage will go up 12 cents to $1.25. the highest base rate will be
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just under $9.50. that's still short of $10.10 the number president obama was pushing for. our guest is a national political reporter for msnbc. she wrote about this recently and joins us right now. there's a lot at stake here because many across the country are depending on the $1.25, depending on what could be only 15 cents, 17 cents. >> right. so in the 20 states that are seeing a minimum raise, 11 of the states are just due to inflation. so we're only going to see about 10 to 23 cents an hour of a raise. but in the other 11 states they're a direct result of the ballot initiatives or state legislatures passing new laws. so in some states like south dakota, we're seeing $1.25. in massachusetts and alaska are seeing $1 bump. that's a huge difference for someone making $15,000. it companies out to about an
5:20 am
extra $2,000 a year. that's a real chunk of money for a lot of americans. >> yeah the way to think of it is just multiply 2,000 times the difference. it's $1.25. they're making about $2,000 more a year right? >> right, right. >> when you get $2,000 more and you're, let's say, only making $8 an hour that's significant. as you're saying a big bump. so in the places the states where it's only 10 cent to 20 cent space, is that enough? >> it's not going to set them back. their purchasing power will be preserved. but i think in a lot of those states, we'll see a lot more group efforts. we saw a lot of fast food strikes and retail workers protesting saying we want $15 an hour. we want $10.10 an hour which president obama has been
5:21 am
pushing. >> the white house saying it will help 28 million americans, right? >> right. >> without that it's -- they will not have that assistance. is it likely that the white house's push for $10.10 will happen? will we see it happening on the grassroots or state by state level? >> back in april, senate democrats weren't able to get republicans on their side to move the conversation forward, to get to $10.10 an hour. mitch mcconnell said if it failed, he was unlikely to bring it up in the new congress. that's going to be a big hurdle. polls are showing about two-thirds of americans generally support raising the minimum wage. if we see more of these rallies, more of these demonstrations, those republicans might be forced to act. >> is it a swing issue is really the question right, when you're voting. that's the question. >> right. >> all right, alea fruman thank you. coming up the free fall on gas prices is issuing the new year on a high note. will the relief at the pump
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last? we'll look ahead to what 2015 has in store for wall street. still ahead, jeb bush takes a big step towards a potential 2016 run.
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♪ the nation's economy showed real growth in 2014. the dow jones average was up 7.5% for the year. the labor department reports that the economy added at least on average 241,000 jobs a month last year. putting 2014 on track to be the strongest year for hiring since 1999. let's bring in susan ox senior fellow at the new america foundation. so what's easy for us to watch here susan, is certainly what we just saw a second ago. the dow flirting with 18,000 went over under. it's an emotional benchmark for all of us. what are you seeing for 2015? hitting 21,000? >> i don't think so.
5:26 am
i'll tell you, i think there's a difference. it's important to recognize there's a difference between the financial markets and the real economy. what's actually happening, what are companies doing producing goods and services. i would say right now, dow at 18,000 is maybe a little overheated based on where the actual economy is. >> good point. when we see these records of 18,000, is it a reflection of what the real economy is seeing every day, john and jane? >> john and jane no. i would say companies, we're seeing records, that's important. the best performing component of the dow was utilities. you don't get really strong growth out of utilities. people are moving into that from an investment standpoint. you're really looking for that to continue the growth into next year. you have really good quarter in the third quarter next year. >> 5% right? >> right, 5%. the fourth quarter will come in strong, maybe not quite that high. next year, we could look at
5:27 am
potentially 3%. >> we kind of went 2 to 3 generally speaking. what might put the brakes on? might it be oil? swreering oil at a really low price. below $2 in some places across the country. that's real john and jane stuff. >> absolutely. that's amazing. i think oil prices being low helps not only john and jane out around the world but also helps companies. oil is the raw material for a lot of production so that could be an important point. with oil, the low prices it's partly weak demand because we're seeing kind of a slowdown in growth globally. the u.s. is doing really well but europe china, we're seeing slowdowns there. so partly weak demand but partly an oversupply with oil. >> when will it go away now? opec will change its mind say, let's cut back some production prices will go up. is it midyear, q1? >> i think it's the second half
5:28 am
of next year if it really starts to move. >> what's your suggest for john and jane since we've been bringing them up so much? >> i think the economy's going to continue to post sort of strong gains going forward. that's going to be good for everybody. i do think, however, that there is potentially some weak demand in the rest of the world. as our fed stopped stimulating the economy, other country banks are stimulating their economies. >> will they hold us back? >> it's possible. a lot of the demand was domestically driven which is good. hurts us sometimes, but right now it would probably help us. generally, for john and jane i would say to kind of watch. the different sectors. >> what sector do you like? >> i think health care is still looking like a strong sector. technology. there are a lot of new employment opportunities coming up that are tech driven. they don't just have to be technology companies.
5:29 am
but we're seeing technology drive the sector in a lot of respects. >> 2015 from 1 to 10, 10 being good, how do you see it? >> i'm going with a 7. >> i'll take that. i appreciate that. 7s are good when we talk about the economy. >> absolutely. >> coming up we'll explain why the biggest political story for 2015 may be all about 2016. tripadvisor not only has millions of real traveler's reviews and opinions but checks hundreds of websites, so people can get the best hotel
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we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. north korea's leader kim jong-un made a surprising proposal in his traditional new year's message. the highest level talks with south korea. it may open the door to historic summit that would be the first top level meeting involving the two countries since 2007. north korea faces increasing pressure to improve its human rights record including a u.n. campaign concerning crimes against humanity. the big story for 2015 may be the run-up to the presidential race in 2016. mark murray is nbc's senior political editor. you may not disagree with that state, my friend. you wrote about the story lines to watch in the next 12 months. i mean come january, february we're seeing some of those, shall we say, rumblings, as it is, with jeb bush already?
5:33 am
>> that's right, happy new year. 2015's all about that invisible primary. the build-up to the presidential nominating contest. and of course the general election that year. but, you know, one thing that's very interesting, richard, is so far, there's just been one person who's established an exploratory presidential campaign committee and that's jim web, the former democratic senator of virginia and one other person jeb bush has basically said he's exploring a nomination. and of course we know there's going to be so many other people into the field. >> when do you expect that january, february march? is it going to be q 2? >> i've heard a lot of people are holding off until the spring. people may want to hold off until april or early may. a lot of these candidates want to show a big fund-raising
5:34 am
quarter. if you basically announce your bid in april, you've gotten all your financial fund-raising ducks lined up ready to go. so you can end up showing a 10 or $15 million raise perhaps. >> it is all about the money. do you see it being a 1 billion, 1.5 billion campaign on both sides this year? coming two years? >> yeah there are two ways to look at it. the first is on the primary side. what i've heard even from republican aides who are doing work on the presidential campaign, you have to come to the table with about $30 million. at the end of the day, right before iowa and new hampshire, to be able to compete, to really have a viable candidacy. of course, whoever ends up getting their nominations can easily end up probably raising about $1 billion or so as you mention. and of course the democratic side is going to be a little more interesting. if it's hillary clinton, you know she's going to be able to raise a lot of money for both the primary and the general election. >> mark isn't that interesting?
5:35 am
you're saying to basically saddle up to the table, bring the $30 million, then we'll start talking. we're looking at 1 billion or 1.5 billion at least. as we look at nominations, there's also of course the functioning of congress. and what might happen. we've talked about it for a good amount of time here. but what's your expectation here of how congress will function as these nominations are ongoing? >> you know my expectation is it's going to be more of the same. there's also the possibility for some surprises. the democratic president, president obama, could cut deals on trade, tax policy with republicans. but the new dynamic in 2015 and also going into 2016 republicans are going to control both the houses and the senate. as we all know congress isn't all that popular. in our poll a couple weeks ago, congress had a 15% approval rating. in the past, you could end up
5:36 am
saying people are taking out their frustrations on democrats who control the senate republicans who control the house. come 2015, republicans will be in control of both chambers. and you could end up seeing some democrats trying to lay the groundwork like they did in 2012, whoever becomes the presidential nominee, has to own any frustrations they have with congress. >> reform, for instance, how nominees will be handling that based on what congress is or is not doing. that's something that we'll all be watching. nbc's mark murray. thank you so much. one of the biggest new year's resolutions we want to make is we want to be healthier but losing weight is just one part of that battle for improving our overall wellness. our guest is the author of "belly fat, diet for dummies." she joins us with tips on how to get in shape for 2015 both mentally and physically. sustainability. right? every year today's january 1, we come up with great resolutions. we start to well try to do
5:37 am
them. but what would you suggest for dummies that sustainable? >> that's the thing, everybody starts out gung-ho and a week from now it's done. we really just have to simplify it. we've heard that type and time again. the more complicated it is the harder we push the more likely we'll get fast results. it's not, it's making a small simple change today. and adding the next change and the next change. by the time december 31st rolls out, we'll be healthier. >> one change? >> just filling your plate halfway with vegetables at each meal. because they're lower in calories you take in less calories. weight goes down. and your health is benefitted. >> should we just buy smaller plates? >> you could buy smaller plates. a lot of it is visual and mental. it's not all just about what we're eating and the nutrient combination.
5:38 am
>> just visual? >> if i was to give you a large plate and put a small piece of chicken on it you look at it and say, i'm not going satisfied, and you're going to want more. >> is it really that simple? >> it can be. also slowing down when you're eating. if we're wolfing down our food we're eating more than we need. >> are you talking about me? so not only the portions it's also what you're eating. something that we've looked at a lot is omega 3. >> exactly. so one of the biggest culprits it's so much stress in our lifestyle. we found it actually lowers the stress hormones that are circulating in our body. so foods like fatty fish salmon tuna more plant-based, lowers the stress hormones in your body. >> how much? >> with fish we want to aim for three ounces. three ounces is the palm of your
5:39 am
hand, about twice a week. plant-based sources, try to get a good source every day. like a tablespoon of chia seeds in a smoothie. >> what don't we know about eating healthily? >> it doesn't have to be so complicated. we're always focusing on one particular nutrient or one new fad diet. it's really about the overall approach. try to eat more of a balanced diet. cut down the processed foods. the quick prepared meals. try to do them yourself and freeze them in advance. if you do that, you're taking in better food for your body. >> and try to be laid back because you don't have the stress as well. >> let's do that right now because i'm kind of hungry. thanks, have a good new year. coming up a freak wind incident has left several people injured. and we're turning the spotlight on the best ads of 2014.
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some vicious winds kicking up a dust devil at the rose bowl in pasadena and injuring four people there. they ripped through an event outside of the stadium. at first they thought it was a tornado but the national weather service says it's officially called a cold dust devil. when a spike of cold airlifts and intensifies winds in an area. the new year means we're getting closer to the super bowl. ad week is taking a look at some of the surprises in store. including this one. ♪ you can count on me ♪ ♪ like one two three ♪ ♪ i'll be there ♪ ♪ and i know when i'm needed ♪ ♪ i can count on you ♪ ♪ like four three two ♪ >> remember when only dad could
5:44 am
save the day? >> joining me now is ad week editor lisa grantettestein. that was number one that week right? >> it was a really sweet ad. about brake safety but family values, father taking care of his son from father to teen. just very sweet. >> how do you rank this? is it by what viewers are saying? or what you as a board evaluate? >> it's a combination. we look at how viral they go. how popular they are. how much buzz they get. there's an element of creativity whether there's a twist. >> number two is cheerios. >> cheerios came back with gracie who's there the year before and she really struck a nerve with viewers. it was about a biracial family. and she's really sweet and cute. and this year, you know, we all saw her again and this year it
5:45 am
was like a bit of an ongoing story. and she came back with learning that there's an additional to the family. there's a twist. >> with gracie as we look at 2014, how it may be different than years past is this one of the themes? >> well it could possibly be. i think what we're starting to see especially last year is a move towards toning down the advertising, stripping away the racy sexy ads, the cartoon violence that we used to see. >> more thoughtful perhaps? >> a little more thoughtful, more family values. definitely. >> all right. let's take a look at number one according to ad week. ♪ and you let her go ♪ ♪ and you let her go ♪ oh oh oh ♪ ♪ when you let her go ♪ >> that was budweiser's puppy love. you can never go wrong with these, right?
5:46 am
>> this one broke the internet. it's puppies. it's the clydesdales. >> still works. >> the clydesdales have been in commercials for budweiser and will be back again this year. whether or not the puppies are, we're start waiting to see but you can't go wrong with puppies. >> which industry is leading in terms of these sorts of commercials? is it still going to be drinks? or is it insurance? a lot of insurance commercials over the last year? >> automakers probably will be leading the pack. >> why? >> they often have models that they want to introduce or they're rebranding and they also have the big budgets to really shell out. i mean this -- these ads this year will cost $4.5 million for just 30 seconds. so it's a big commitment. >> you're talking about the super bowl? >> that's right. that doesn't include the cost of creating the ad which is northwards of $1 million. >> they have a pr opportunity, shall we say, based on all the recalls we've seen in 2014.
5:47 am
>> right. this is all about image. this is about introducing new models. this is just generating good feeling about the automakers. >> emotion. because people buy cars. >> absolutely. they certainly will. >> thank you so much lisa i appreciate your time today from ad week. >> a nod to those behind the scenes who help get the news on every day coming up at 9:00 eastern. joy reid picks up our coverage with the top stories of the day including air asia flight 8501. the first victim is identified as search crews battled wind and heavy rain to find the more than 150 people still missing. plus, the looming battle for legalizing marijuana.
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as 2014 fades into the memory and we celebrate the start of 2015 we want to take a moment right now to acknowledge all those folks who work so hard behind the scenes at msnbc. you may see my face or other
5:51 am
faces but for every one of those there are dozens more and we want to say thank you to all of them. the producers, the editors, the bookers, the tech staff, the managers and so many more. without whom we could not bring you the news each and every day. so without further ado, we're going to roll those credits.
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the world rings in the new year with parties and fireworks. not all the celebrations went off without a hitch. a new threat for holiday travelers. we'll tell you about the storms that could delay your trip home. virtual reality on a dime. the roll a card board box played in one of the best inventions of 2015. and how the battle over legalized marijuana in colorado could wind up at the security. happy new year. here's what's happening. an estimated 1 million people packed new york city's times square to see the annual crystal ball drop. the new year's revelers braved the cold with the temperature a couple of degrees below freezing. meanwhile, a fireworks display lit up the skies of rio for the new year. more than 2 million people rang in 2015 on the city's copa could be could be bana beach.
6:01 am
about 100,000 people lined the weather thames to kick off 2015. the fireworks show in london amazed the new year's crowds. across much of the country, it was a frigid start to the new year. a rare sight, snow among the palm trees in san diego. snow and high winds left many in the mountain regions of california stuck and stranded. at least two people were killed and thousands lost power. and vicious winds kicked up a storm at pasadena's rose bowl wednesday. the winds ripped through an event in advance of today's game between florida state and oregon. four people were injured. today's rose parade could be the coldest ever. nbc meteorologist bill karins is here with more on where the frigid weather will head. >> happy new year to you. that video's amazing there at the rose bowl. the festivities before the rose parade. that was almost like a tornado.
6:02 am
almost like maybe you see it in the desert southwest, like a dust devil type storm. pretty amazing. it just took everything in its path and threw it in the air, including the tents and even a bounce house. last night of course it was cold for so many millions of people across the country. right now, the worst weather is being found from dallas to ft. worth, out here to abilene, texas. it's a light freezing drizzle. we haven't had that many ice storms this winter. it hasn't even been cold enough to happen. it is this morning. be careful on i-35 north of dallas too. if you're driving in between wichita falls and dallas. we saw about a foot of snow fell just south of buffalo. the snow that was near vegas yesterday and near phoenix last night is now over with and all that stuff in san diego is gone too. this is over the next five days where we're going to get snow. the storm is going to produce a
6:03 am
little bit of snow. not a lot. about 1 to 3 inches kansas city iowa up through milwaukee and green bay. possibly a little bit there, chicago. chicago, you didn't have any snow in december. that ties your record for least snowiest december ever on record. we may get snow saturday in northern new england where i know you snowmobilers are desperate for snow. the skiers too. we just haven't had a lot. that's going to play out this week. nothing huge. still cold but we're warming up. it is 37 in l.a. at last check, it was only 2 degrees colder in anchorage, alaska than downtown los angeles. that's very unusual. we're heading in the right direction. we're warmer in kansas city. all the bright colors on the map, we're going to see a nice afternoon across the nation. >> sounds good bill karins thanks and happy new year. the first victim of air asia
6:04 am
flight 8501 has been identified today. seven bodies recovered so far. authorities say one is a woman flight attendant. she was identified by fingerprints and other means. a short window of good weather has closed for search teams. who were scouring the java sea for the plane's wreckage. as fierce winds slammed the region. nbc's katy tur has the developments. >> reporter: it's nighttime here in surbaya. the weather was a problem today hampering the search effort it the bodies they were able to recover were brought back today, including the first one to be identified. her remains were given to her grieving family members. so far, only seven bodies recovered from the water. they're hoping they'll be able to get some more. but the weather has just been a problem. in fact, divers were not able to confirm that the big shadow they've seen underneath the water is the fuselage. that's still unknown at the moment. they do believe, though if they're able to get down there
6:05 am
and if it is the fuselage that's where they think the majority of the bodies will be. on another note i spoke to a lot of family members today. they said although they have been holding out hope they're not holding out hope much longer. they don't believe after all this time that anyone survived that crash. back to you. >> nbc's katy tur in indonesia, thank you. joining me now is former corporate pilot anthony roman. a lot of information that doesn't give us a better picture of what potentially happened to this plane. >> there's still a bit of a mystery. the last air traffic control radar reflection seemed to indicate the aircraft was traveling at about a ground speed of 103 knots. that suggests nonsustainable flight. which at first indication made us think that perhaps the plane entered a high altitude nonrecoverable stall. however, the aircraft was found approximately 90 to 100 nautical
6:06 am
miles to the north-northeast of its last position. as a result of that we started rethinking what might have happened. that is actually the glide distance of the major airline, aircraft, from an altitude of approximately 33,000 feet. also, some of the films of the bodies that have been recovered did not show extreme trauma. and the autopsies are going to help us determine what kind of trauma they suffered. >> right. >> but it would suggest a more controlled water landing. also, some of the items that have been found, the emergency door that had the raft in it. the air compressor bottle. would all suggest that perhaps they started trying to evacuate the plane. so we have two conflicting elements there. so the black boxes are going to help us come to the conclusion.
6:07 am
>> in other words, if the plane is found with not a lot of signs of fire or extreme destruction, that perhaps this plane made it somewhere, that the pilots tried to land it tried to get it to the ground. >> that's right. >> the autopsies will tell the story merely of what happened inside that cabin. can they the autopsies give you a sense of whether or not the plane, whether or not there was decompression, whether there was that kind of trauma to the plane? >> yes it can. if the airplane impacted at a near vertical altitude which would suggest -- or a flat belly altitude but coming down vertically, it would suggest high impact trauma. we would see compression factors of the spine. we would see movement and damage to the internal organs that would reflect they stretched and moved in ways that high "g" forces would cause. if we don't find any of that if we don't find massive damage to
6:08 am
the bodies that would suggest a more controlled water landing and perhaps they could not survive the heavy seas. >> does the fact that the wreckage has not been found in the case will they find the black boxes? >> i think we have a good opportunity that we've located some human remains and some aircraft wreckage that they'll continue to study the currents and they have a much smaller search area now. i think we'll recover the aircraft.thony roman of roman and associates. a new year's celebration turned deadly in shanghai overnight. at least 36 people were killed in a stampede and 47 were injured in the chaos about a half hour before midnight. the stampede occurred in shanghai's historic waterfront area and the cause remains under investigation. president obama meanwhile stayed in last night, opting to ring in the new year with family and
6:09 am
friends in hawaii. the new year will be challenging for the president. he'll be dealing with the republican-led congress. if last month is any indication he's not planning to ride out his remaining time in office. joining me now is corey john be so, a political commentator and radio talk show host out of new orleans. being from new orleans you know i'm going to have to ask you about mr. kaliscalise. let's start with president obama. do you see any signs of potential compromise or is it head-butting for the next two years? >> i think it's going to be more head-butting. at least in the beginning, i really do i don't think you'll see too much compromise. if this president and this congress wants to get something accomplished, both are going to have to give a little bit. and i think we saw a couple of years ago, obamacare, last year was cuba just recently. maybe this year 2015 this
6:10 am
president's going to do some infrastructure improvements. we got a lot of bridges and roads in dire need of repair in this country. and also try to get the education system maybe upgraded to compete against some of those foreign countries that have taken us in education the last few decades. >> congress itself. there was a very difficult time i think, to say the least, that house speaker boehner had with the previous republican house. you now have mitch mcconnell in a similar position with the senate. do you think they'll be able to corral their caucuses to get done what they would like to see moving forward? >> it's a catch-22 again. you have the president that has the veto power. if there's an adversarial confrontation, i'm sure he'll use it. this president will have to cooperate on some things. they'll have to be some compromise. it's going to be an interesting six months for sure. then i think once both the
6:11 am
president and this congress get their, you know, feet wet i think we might see some compromises. but i don't expect anything the first few quarters to be honest with you. >> let's talk about steve scalise. doesn't apeer his bid to become majority whip has been derailed. do you think there's any lasting impact on him, any lasting impact on the republican brand with him apparently still being in place? >> i don't really think so. i'm sure the democrats would love there to be some traction with scalise. i've been critical of scalise at times kind of placating the republicans, kind of being the poster boy for the republican party. but now he's, you know majority whip so obviously he's done some things for himself. that if, you know -- put him up the totem pole a little bit. i think this is really kind of a nonstarter.
6:12 am
i think scalise was a house whip about 12 years ago. i think he was just speaking to any group. i think he was naive. i don't think you'll see anything like that again. 25 years ago you had david duke as a house rep in louisiana. i think he just had -- this is about a decade later. you just had some of the -- i guess a little holdover from that. some marginal groups. one of them invited scalise in. i think he thought he was going to be talking about lowering taxes and that type of stuff. and he just made a bad call. but i wouldn't read into it too much. i don't think that's steve scalise. i don't think he's that type of person at all. i just think this was an error in judgment. >> we'll leave it there. corey johnson. thank you so much. protests against police killings took place in police cities overnight. we'll talk with an activist for a look at where the movement goes from here. still ahead, the legal showdown over legalized marijuana.
6:13 am
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police arrested at least 18 people wednesday after demonstrators gathered outside the st. louis police department. carrying what they described as eviction notices and demanding to see police officials. some protesters managed to get inside but were stopped by police using pepper spray. protesters in st. louis weren't the only ones who hit streets last night. demonstrations were also held in san francisco, new york and multiple other cities. loosely organized under the twitter hash tag black lives matter. our guest is a co-founder of the movement. tell us where this movement goes from here. there were some calls for the
6:17 am
demonstrations to slow down after two police officers were killed in new york but that doesn't seem to be happening. >> no it's not. and many of us across the country that are part of the black lives matter movement plan on hosting protests today. and folks in los angeles have been occupying the los angeles police department headquarters. as we saw people in ferguson occupy the ferguson police department. and the next few months we're going to be seeing more protests. we'll be seeing more folks getting involved in the movement. we're going to be seeing a clear agenda around where we want to take some of our demands. >> so tell us about some of that -- some of those asks. like what that agenda is. what are some of the concrete changes that the movement is looking to see in terms of policing? >> so i think there's a few things that our movement is looking at. we want to really keep pushing
6:18 am
people going out and protesting locally and putting pressure on their local government city councils chiefs of police sheriff's departments. and specifically looking at passing resolutions that look at movement for black lives. so we know that law enforcement violence is one issue in the black community. there's also a larger conversation around poverty. around housing. so we want to open up that conversation this year to pivot a little bit and not get so pijle holed and to just looking at law enforcement and look at what are some of the issues and the key issues that we see facing the black community? and so you're going to see a lot of us reaching out to our city council members, our elected officials, appointed officials to do more focus in our cities around how we push for a broader agenda. and you're going to also see us going nationally going to
6:19 am
congress and hosting congressional hearings on conversations that are happening in the black community in particular. >> you are talking about a broader movement beyond just policing. at least in new york particularly, there has been a lot of i guess response from police unions not directly to the protesters but to politicians, people you said you are petitioning for change. what have you made of the response of some police unions to the politicians who appear to be taking your side? >> i think what's happening in new york with the police unit is deeply unfortunate. obviously, black lives matter movement, we put out a statement expressing the brief that we have for the families who lost officers and we also said let's not get this confused with the
6:20 am
broader move mntment, not singling out officers but actually looking at a system. a system that has systemically subjugated black communities in particular and systemically have murdered black communities and let's not get these two situations tangled up. and so i think what's happening in new york with the police union is actually unfortunate because they're missing the mark. when we're talking about creating greater accountability for law enforcement, when we're talking about constitutional policing we're actually pushing an agenda that will support law enforcement in the long run. and when unions turn their backs against a new york mayor that has been trying to really push for reform i think that's deeply unfortunate. >> yeah and these protests have not slowed down since last summer. how long do you see them continuing? do you think they will continue to grow and spread around the country? >> we've marked 2015 as the year
6:21 am
of resistance and the year of resilience. so, like i said there are protests planned for today that people are going to say later on today. people are going to be continuing to show up to their law enforcement agencies. demanding particular reform. and honestly young folks aren't going to stop until they see change in their communities. >> all right thank you very much for being here. happy new year. >> thank you. coming up the journey to adopting. the incredible story of how a reporter's assignment to cover an earthquake aftermath led to a life-changing decision. but i did. i'm mike and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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curling up in bed with a favorite book is nice. but i think women would rather curl up with their favorite man. but here's the thing: about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction.
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well, viagra helps guys with ed get and keep an erection. and remember, you only take it when you need it. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra. a writer for "people" magazine is sharing his incredibly personal story about adopting four children from haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake. sent there on assignment days after the earthquake struck five years ago this month. he soon saw firsthand the
6:25 am
catastrophic effects of the quake, including many children who were left without parents. and that moved him and his wife to open their hearts and home to four of those children. in addition to the two children they already had. steve chronicles his family's journey in "people" magazine. he joins me now. happy new year steve. >> thank you. >> so talk a little bit about what you encountered when you arrived in haiti after the earthquake and how that ultimately led you to make the decision to adopt. >> you know i didn't even expect to adopt when i went to haiti. it was just another assignment to me. so i was there and, you know, i was outside a crowded hospital that had collapsed and i was watching amputations being done without anesthesia. and it was just -- it was the most horrible thing i'd ever seen. i kept getting sent back again and again. my editor sent me back. they sent me to a clinic during the cholera epidemic and i saw
6:26 am
13 kids being left behind. i called my wife and said i wish there was something we could do. she said we could adopt. and it was a very quick decision at that point that yes, we're going to move forward, we're going to figure out a way to help. >> talk about the process. one of the issues was these separations of families where it wasn't clear whether some children actually were parentless whether some children maybe were just separated. talk a little bit about the process of ensuring the children were indeed truly orphaned. >> obviously paperwork is a funny thing in haiti. we wanted to make sure that, you know, there was nothing else that could be done. and we found an agency that was able to work and to help us, you know, verify everything we needed to verify. so we were confident that we weren't just, you know taking children. that there were other options
6:27 am
for them. >> and talk a little bit about the adjustment for the children. how old were the children? how are they adjusting to life with your family? how are your children adjusting to four new siblings? >> right now, what i tell people is my kids right now are 8, 7, 6, 6, 5 and 4. it's amazing how seamless the adjustment has been in the past few months. at first there were a lot of bumps. at first, you know, everybody was a little bit shell shocked by it. and the only ones that were not were my biological kids who never skipped a beat. but the rest of us had an adjustment period. there was some sadness on everybody's part. just trying to figure out how it would work out. i personally went through a kind of depression and i gained a lot of weight. i couldn't get out of bed. it was just an exhausting time at first. and then all of a sudden i would say, six months in things kind of got clearer and things got better.
6:28 am
and the next thing you knew you know, we were all feeling like a family. and we're making the distinction less and less who's adopted and who, you know, is biological. it almost doesn't come into play anymore. >> this is more than a two-year process. the ups and downs of it. what's been the most pleasantly surprising thing for you about the overall experience that you've had? >> you know i really thought about this as i was writing the piece. i didn't write this piece for everybody to think, great, steve is wonderful. really, there's a need out there. you know that's the whole reason why we did it. when you fill a need when you do what you think is right at the time, you know, unexpected things happen. unexpected generosity from people. unexpected understanding and compassion. and, you know, i've been really happy with the way our community, our neighborhood, everybody has rallied around our family and has helped us out.
6:29 am
i didn't expect that. i thought our social life would be over when we did this. and quite the opposite, you know, people have really stepped up for us. >> yeah six children is a lot. so it's a lot no matter how the circumstances ss came to be. a good man did a good thing, you and your family. so happy new year and thank you. coming up it's been a year since colorado launched its mile high experiment with legalized marijuana but the legal battles are far from over. find out why colorado's neighbors are now threatening to take the state to court. t be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. we've made hiring anyone from a handyman to a dog walker as simple as a few clicks. buy their services directly at no more calling around. no more hassles. start shopping from a list of top-rated providers today. angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. visit today.
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colorado is facing a new challenge to its marijuana law. two neighboring states nebraska and oklahoma have asked the u.s. supreme court to strike down the measure that legalized qanacannabis in the state. they argued it is flowing into their state and increasing costs for them. let's talk about what is the issue for these neighboring states. why are they attempting to stop colorado from pursuing its law? >> they have some pretty technical legal arguments. the heart of it is as you said they believe that ever since legal recreational sales are started here in colorado that marijuana has been flowing out of this state, colorado and into those states and is creating extra burden for their law enforcement to enforce their
6:33 am
marijuana laws. >> do they appear to have the stats to back that up? >> that's one of the interesting things about the complaint they filed. is that it doesn't really have statistics in there. there's been a lot of news stories that talk about this. there have been a few reports that talk about this. the lawsuit itself doesn't include any numbers. >> let's talk about marijuana in colorado. it's been big business for the state. first of all, how big? and are people who are engaged in the industry able to for instance, bake? are they able to turn their profits into i guess you could say bankable income. >> sure. is the industry in colorado it sort of has two components to it. we have a medical marijuana industry. which is actually at this point still bigger than the recreational marijuana industry. other side is that recreational industry that can sell to anybody over 21. combine the two sides through the first ten months of this year. did about $570 million in sales.
6:34 am
over half a billion in sales. and then the banking issue remains problematic. the state has passed some laws to try to give access to banking services. you know some type of financial co-op. there's an effort under way right now for there to be a credit union for the marijuana industry. so far, it's pretty much status quo. >> and in colorado has there been any backlash? because it does seem from the outside looking in it's been all upside for the state. has there been any downside? are people in the state happy they made this move in general? >> so i think it really depends on who you talk to. there certainly is a contingent of people still very much against legalization. there have been problems. you'll see reports of more children going to hospitals, for instance for accidentally marijuana ingestion. you'll see reports of --
6:35 am
possibly an increase in stoned driving. you'll see possibly an increase in use. so there are some possible downsides that have happened. but we at the "denver post" commissioned a poll just recently that found support for legalization is pretty much where it was in 2012 when it passed. >> all right, john ingle, thanks very much for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> all right. coming up charles and camilla postponed. why a controversial new documentary about the royal family has just been put on ice.
6:36 am
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a controversial documentary on the royal family is making headlines after the announcement it's being postponed. now, allegations it was due to palace pressure. nbc's kier simmons has more on the potential palace intrigue. >> princess diana's marriage to prince charles began to collapse 20 years ago. their divorce rocked the royal
6:39 am
family. now, two decades later, a television documentary with new revelations about that time may never hit the air waves. allegedly due to pressure from the palace. reinventing the royals claims that prince charles hired spin doctor mark boland to help portray him as a concerned father in the months following diana's death. >> used his family to spin his image. >> allegedly known to palace insiders as operation mrs. pb. the plan to persuade the public to accept his then girlfriend and current wife camilla parker bowles. interviews in the film suggest prince william was left feeling distraught and used by newspaper headlines just ten months after his mother's death. >> i don't think they want to revisit this period of time when prince charles' image was at an
6:40 am
all-time low. camilla was being abused in the streets. this was a bad period for them. >> britain's national broadcaster, the bbc, set to air the documentary, has pulled it. british media reports this week allege that lawyers known to represent senior members of the royal family intervened to complain about the documentary, an allegation denied by officials. in a statement, the bbc says the delay comes while a number of issues, including the use of archive footage, are resolved. >> that was nbc's kier simmons reporting. critics are weighing in on this. one british lawmaker says people are right to believe this is a sinister censorship. another says we cannot have the royal family deciding what can and cannot be shown. meanwhile, technology took leaps ahead in 2014 from robots to medicine to sports. one popular invention was the card board app. google's version can bring
6:41 am
virtual reality to your smart phone for only $25. and michael noonunez is the technical editor for "popular science" magazine following the latest trends and what's in store for 2015. we have an array things that are high tech and we have a basketball. can you explain to us? >> we can start with the basketball. basically, something we've seen across a lot of different pieces of technology is the inclusion of sensors in everyday objects. this basketball has a bunch of sensors that can determine its impact. when paired with an app on your smart phone, it can walk you through shooting exercises dribbling exercises. >> it's not cheating it just makes you better. that's important to know. what is the card board about? >> this one looks really uninteresting but in fact this is probably one of my favorite innovations of the year. this is a virtual reality headset headset. typically, they cost thousands.
6:42 am
so this cost about 25 bucks. you can order it online. you can print out the blueprints and cut this out yourself. you fit your phone into the front here. and that basically powers the device. and you have essentially a cheap virtual reality headset. so really cool. bringing virtually reality to the masses. >> i should have talked to you before the christmas holiday, that's a pretty good gift. i can't resist a robot. tell us about it. >> this guy, this is the first self-balancing robot. so when you turn him on it takes a quick second to basically get calibrated. once he's set, he can stand up on his own. you can control him using your hand. i'll turn him off. because he makes a lot of noise. you can control him with your smart phone. you can actually use your hands. he can i don't know carry a coke to you. he can be driven around. actually when he's paired with a few different other versions of himself, it's called a myth. they can dance around and it's really, really cool for anyone who likes robots.
6:43 am
>> his name is now bob. what is this apparatus? >> this is a grill. similar to the basketball this has a bunch of sensors in it. it can basically cook a perfect steak every time. so rather than having to poke around or, you know, push and prod to determine when your steak's ready, you can tell this thing, the amount of wellness you want. whether it's well done et cetera. and this will cook it perfectly every single time. it's great. anyone who uses a george foreman totally gets this. >> now awe're going to go from a food cooker to actual food. >> these are cricket based pro teen bars. >> like cricket, the bugs? >> yes, cricket the bugs. a cricket farm in our december issue. because crickets are a really good source of protein. it takes a lot of energy to grow a cow, a baby cow or a baby pig or a chicken, right? and so grasshoppers -- i'm
6:44 am
sorry, crickets are much easier to grow. they have a really really high percentage of protein. so when you grind them up you can put them in things like protein bars. i've had them covered in chocolate. they were actually really delicious. they don't have much flavor. so this basically tastes like a regular protein bar. it's also energy efficient. >> that's nasty, michael. >> cool cool stuff. >> i don't know if i can get with that. of all of the inventions what was your favorite? don't say the crickets. i'm sure the crickets are quite delicious. >> we had a lot of interesting stuff. we had a prosthetic limb the very first commercialally available prosthetic limb. the virtual rea till headset, that's great. we had a helmet with sensors in it. so it can tell you whether it's safe to use or not. i'm a sockucker for vr. so i'm really excited about where that's heading. >> i have a son i think would
6:45 am
love the basketball. these are all great. i'm going to go with bob the robot. thank you very much. coming up moves to watch in 2015 from selma to unbroken and american sniper. we'll take an oscar -- we'll talk oscar buzz. i was not expecting to get a ford. we went around the country talking to people who made the switch to ford. it felt nicer than my bmw. good gas mileage... ecoboost makes a four cylinder engine feel like a six cylinder. my dad went and turned in his lexus and got the exact same car as me. he had to have it... i'm very happy with my escape. i don't know if i'll ever not buy a ford. make the switch to america's favorite brand. check out special offers on ford escape at or see your local ford dealer. ♪ ugh... ...heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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6:48 am
if you didn't get a chance to get to the movies there's good news some of the best films of 2014 are in theaters, including "unbroken," the story of real-life war hero lewis zampirini. >> that's our advantage. >> if you missed that one, there are other big movies that are out now or coming soon. joe new myer is the film critic for the "new york daily news" and he joins me to talk about them. let's start off and talk about "unbroken." a sort of patriotic film.
6:49 am
we were just in the break talking about this. what did you think? >> it's terrific. a hard hitting movie. it was snubbed at the globes but i think that makes it more movie. $60 million over christmas, which is amazing. i think it is a terrific movie. it reminds me of the tough american war movies of the 1950s, zap par even ee is on a raft for 47 days in the pacific. spends two years in japanese pow camps. angelina jolie does a great job directing. it is one of the best of the year. >> one of the other war themed movies, "american sniper" a little darker film. >> comes from 84-year-old clint eastwood who hits the mark again. amazing. it was a big movie over christmas. won christmas day, highest grossing limited release movie, ten theaters are less. about chris kyle most successful navy s.e.a.l. sniper in military history. it straddles a good line between
6:50 am
being pro-soldier and anti-war. it is a terrific movie, also an oscar competitor. >> my favorite movie, "selma" was a great film. what did you think? >> also an amazing film. number three of the year. the first film about martin luther king. over 50 years. and no film no movie made about him. this is about a crucial moment in civil rights history, 1965 push for voting rights. it languished investment until an indy filmmaker brought it home. >> maybe one of the reasons king's story hasn't been tackled, and this does it wanders into personal issues between coretta scott king and martin luther king. it goes there. >> it does. and there were complicated
6:51 am
legalities regarding speeches and the estate. this goes into how he pushed lyndon johnson into getting the voting rights bill passed and all of the politics involved. it is a smart movie, chattier than you expect has big moments but very conversational. >> looking at the oscar picture, is there a film that emerges as a favorite this year or is it more muddled? >> "boyhood" is being talked about, took 12 years to make chronicles growing up from age 8 to about age 18. but selma can't be counted out. unbroken can't be counted out. could be a year with two best director nominees sniper could be involved and it is a wide open field for this time of year, which is pretty nice. >> it is wide open but is it different because i sense this year there isn't a critical mass around a particular film. am i wrong? >> most critics have gone for
6:52 am
"boyhood" but the oscar's are different. they have gone from birdman, a movie can't be forgotten, actors that make up the biggest voting block. bird man is about acting and actors, they're going to love it. interesting to see how it plays out in february. >> forgot about birdman, a physical transformation and -- >> and michael key ton. >> joe, thank you very much. happy new year to you. >> and to you. before we go want to take a moment to look at some of the most memorable moments of 2014. what's more memorable than things that make you laugh. jenna wolf looks at the funniest moments of 2014. >> ladies let me ask you a question. scale of one to ten, how funny was this year? >> 13 and three-eighths. >> admit it 2014 was funny. >> i'm pregnant. >> oh, what were you thinking?
6:53 am
>> i've never been on live television before. >> and apparently it was really funny. >> sometimes i don't watch the news. >> this lhama made us lose our minds. >> heard beyonce and kanye west's song "drunk in love." >> these grandmas gave us a piece of theirs. >> i swear on that they must have a big bathtub. >> how funny was this year? >> it was really funny. >> angry triumphed over grumpy. that cat is pretty angry. >> sometimes you've got to go back to actually move forward. >> and parody rules. >> take a big step back. like go from winning an oscar to doing a car commercial. >> no one did it better than jim carrey on snl, except jimmy
6:54 am
fallon. >> everybody go hotel, motel, holiday. >> this year zach galifianakis brought us a series between two firms. >> is it hard to maintain a sun tan? >> what? >> because you live in your wife's shadow? >> between me and you, i kept sneaking back for more. >> i have to say when i heard that like people actually watched this show i was actually pretty surprised. >> we got scared by ellen. >> people are anti-gluten. >> and schooled by jimmy kimmel. i wonder how many people know what gluten is? >> it is part i believe of the wheat that -- i really don't know. >> learning that sometimes it is okay not to have all of the answers. >> his response was who is this
6:55 am
handsome gentleman. >> and growing up is overrated. >> i don't want him to grow up. >> girls, how funny was 2014? >> funny. >> very funny. >> really really funny. >> so thank you, 2014 for being so funny. >> i don't want to grow up either. that will do it for me this hour. i am joy reid i will be back at 11:00. catch me every 2:00 p.m. with the reid report. keep it here for the latest news updates. happy new year. ♪[ soft holiday music ]♪ can you help me up? [ snow intensifies ] [ sleighbells ring in the distance ]
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stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. there we go. 2015 starting off with a bang. thousands brave the cold to ring
6:59 am
in the new year in times square. with record setting cold temperatures, most of you are bundled up for awhile. a week to go before congress gets back to work can you expect warming between the two parties? i am richard lui. begin with millions celebrating the new year across the country and in seattle. that's where the city's iconic space needle took center stage with fireworks exploding for each number. in pennsylvania a 300 pound giant kiss climbed to the sky, marking the new year. good thing that didn't drop. and believe it or not, cleanup is complete in new york city at this hour after roughly 1 million people packed into a freezing cold times square to usher in 2015. why do you do that? sarah dal up looks at
7:00 am
celebrations around the globe. that's japan as they rang in the new year sending the balloons into the sky in front of tokyo tower. all around the world, the new year ringing in freezing cold temperatures to many parts as well of this country. meteorologist bill karins fresh in for the new year you weren't in tokyo where it is probably warmer than here in these parts. >> not in tokyo or anywhere fun like that. save that for another year. it was cold. no getting around it unless you were in miami, orlando, or tampa, just boysabout everybody was on the chilly side. this morning as you wake up a lot of you getting up probably late today, dallas forth has a
7:01 am
good sheet of ice covering the region. 31 degrees. light freezing drizzle over the area. if you go to your car, you have to use the ice scraper if you have one. up i-35 is not fun either. not too much in the way of horrible weather to start the new year. we finished 2014 kind of quiet weather year. didn't have that many hurricanes, really none make landfall in the u.s. at least major ones. had a low number of tornado counts, considering what we typically see. hopefully see what 2015 has in store. ice and snow in texas. in the next four to five days the only snowy weather now to sunday, looks like northern great lakes, northern new england, pink shows 6 to 12 inches of snow. snowmobiles are dying for it in those areas along with ski resorts. a little snow possible kansas city des moines to milwaukee. going through friday night into saturday. other than that, that's it.
7:02 am
no huge snowstorms on the way the next five days. still cold. 70% of the nation is below freezing. warm spots, if you want to call it warm new orleans at 47 and florida in the 60s. it is not as brutal in denver as it was the last couple days. today you will head up to 27 degrees with snow showers. minneapolis 23. that's average for this time of year for you. no complaints in d.c. 43 this afternoon. that's nice for a new year's resolution. going out for a jog. only troublesome weather is in the plains. a little snow then the bottom drops out. next cold blast, there it is. high on monday in chicago of 8 degrees. that means wind chills in the negative numbers. that's the next weather story of the new year the next cold shot coming over the upcoming weekend. >> how about today, the rose bowl and look at the weather there. >> right now, 38 degrees.
7:03 am
coldest ever was 36. doesn't look like we are going to break the all time record. >> and players for that game florida, i don't know how they'll handle that. >> even for the parade slept out overnight on the sidewalks. it was 38 degrees! >> they're not built in the south land of california to handle this. they're probably icicles. bill, thank you so much. happy new year. spec at a timersers bundled up. they were prepping floats for the cold if they can turn the tropical flowers black in color, they're worried heavy could kickback. they're calling it a freak wind storm, tossed tents and canopies in the air. joining us from pasadena joe frier. doesn't look too windy.
7:04 am
>> reporter: things have calmed down from yesterday. that surprising dust devil. that tense four people were injured by the debris, but they were minor. cold for southern california standards, this could be the coldest rose parade ever. it is going to be close at the least. certainly one of the coldest ones. despite that thousands of people as you mention camping out overnight, want the best spot possible for the rose parade once it starts. that's a tradition for many here. they had campfires, other forms of heating. a lot of people to be honest left chairs set up with one to guard the chairs. went home and got sleep, now they're showing up looking forward to the parade. this could impact the floats. it is a parade that's all about flowers, roses, tropical flowers, et cetera. those floats had to sit out overnight.
7:05 am
the temperature was around freezing. it is hard to say what kind of impact it could have had on some of the flowers. they were using twice as much glue to get the flowers on them. it has been some time since they had a parade that could be record breaking. >> joe frier in beautiful pasadena. thank you so much. now to the latest with airasia flight 8501. they're identifying victims. the ceo expressed hope that an object detected by sonar on the sea bed would be a larger part of the fuselage. indonesian officials haven't gotten to it because of bad weather so far. let's head to indonesia. right now, 10:00 p.m. in the
7:06 am
evening there. what can you tell us about the search effort and what's new. >> reporter: searchers are trying to focus on finding this main part of wreckage. we heard of a possible image spotted on the sea floor of 100 to 150 feet deep sonar detecting something in the same area. haven't been able to say whether or not that's the wreckage they're looking for. they brought in all sorts of equipment to help them. unmanned underwater vessel brought in by singapore navy. metal detecting equipment, which can detect metal underwater. sea mapping. 3d imaging. they have yet to determine whether or not this is the main body of wreckage. the big problem at this point is the weather. a little bit of a break earlier today. then the heavy winds, heavy rains, choppy seas all came back and hampered the search effort. they still have vessels out at sea, but in terms of getting
7:07 am
navy divers down to identify a piece of wreckage that wasn't happening today. it is hampering the search for bodies as you can imagine. one victim the first to be identified today, a woman. she according to airasia was identified through dna, united with her family here and taken back to her village. after a brief ceremony laid to rest, richard. >> kelly, as we look at some fuselage you reported on they're hoping that indeed according to tony fernandez what they have seen might be part of that. what about the distances from where the last radar detection was of the a-320? >> reporter: well there's quite a bit of distance between where
7:08 am
they're looking at this possible wreckage. and where the flight was last detected on radar. talking 60 miles. quite a bit of current. quite a bit of drift. they know that some of the wreckage is drifting from the last spot where the plane was spotted on radar. that's an issue. the other interesting thing, though, so far, richard, is that they have not heard any pings yet from black boxes. they have the equipment to listen for it. if this is the main body of wreckage they're looking for, perhaps it suggests the block boxes aren't with it. >> that's the focus so they can have understanding of where the plane was and what altitude and what was discussed in the cockpit. kelly, thank you so much. a new years celebration in china ended in disaster. at least 38 were crushed in a stampede. it happened when thousands rushed to pick up what appeared
7:09 am
to be money but was just coupons tossed from a nearby building. dozens of others injured, some seriously. most victims were young students. tense moments as protesters clash with police in st. louis. more on that and what's next on the call for police reforms. later, the leader of north korea says he is open to talks with the south. what could the future hold. much more ahead on msnbc.
7:10 am
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by last summer's shooting of teen michael brown and choking death of eric gardner showed no signs of letting up new year's eve. demonstrators gathered and police used pepper spray after protesters tried to rush the
7:13 am
ferguson police station lobby. in new york about 100 marched toward times square were blocked by the new year's eve crowd. joining us now, charlie rangel. good new year to you. we have been watching what happened after the michael brown shooting the eric gardner incident, the grand jury after effects, and we were reporting on still more protesters saying we have not forgotten. when you see development of two nypd officers who lost their lives, how do you put it all together. where are protests going in 2015? >> well first of all, no matter what's going on the love affection and support that the new york city police department has by new yorkers, it actually goes unchallenged. this relationship that new yorkers have historically that when things get rough and we go through hell we come together
7:14 am
and we are so proud of each other, whether it is a ride whether it is a blackout, whether 911, it goes unchallenged. the fact that we have so many people so much diversity, so much social problems like any major city there has been a problem with police forces and african-american communities. now, it just seems to me that when two people get murder assassinated that burial should be separate and apart from our family. i hate making it so simple. but what i do is talk about any of our family, your family and my family somebody in that family that gives us a hard time, would you let someone outside of that family attack
7:15 am
anyone and we come together. this is the time to bury our dead our heroes our warriors, show appreciation to the department. and it is time for the department to show appreciation of their comrades and not do disgraceful things as relates to the mayor or proceedings of a burial which is probably the most sacred thing we can do for those lost. >> certainly for new yorkers and those that serve new york city certainly those across the country watching what happened in new york city. i want to move from new york city if i may for a second and look at d.c. there's a head line that bubbled up, steve skolice, speaking in front of white sue premises him saying he may not have been fully aware who he was speaking in front of. this was 12 years ago, many
7:16 am
saying look this is a good man, including the only african-american and only democrat serving louisiana in congress. >> i think he knew exactly what he was doing. clearly most in the republican party now are from the south, the dixie cracks extension of the confederates and the fact that cedric richmond would say there's not a racist bone in his body, i don't challenge that it is just that politicians do what they think is important to get elected and reelected. and i guess the best way to look at this he knew who he was talking to knew he wanted the support and managed to keep black friends. >> you remember 50 years in public service for yourself right? early days when you didn't have a huge staff, that's what he is saying, didn't have a huge staff, didn't know necessarily everything that was happening, this very well could have
7:17 am
happened. he stood in front of the group and i am speaking. do you accept that and two, do you want him to step down. >> i don't think he should step down. trying to hide the depth of racism that exists by getting rid of pimples on an elephant's behind is ridiculous. what i would like to see, not that it is going to happen yes, i leaned toward racist tendencies, i am basically a nice guy. i don't hold these things personally, but it is part of my louisiana upbringing. and i bet you one thing, richmond could not challenge that. a lot of people do a lot of things they're not proud of for political purposes and clearly that's one of them. there are a lot of offenses happening in this country that makes me feel awkward as an american who loves this country, and that is refusal to discuss racism in this country.
7:18 am
that and knowing there's no problem that you can resolve if you act as though it doesn't exist. >> you stayed up for new years, you and your wife. made some calls after new years. what were the themes you discussed? was it the issue you just discussed about the way you -- >> no, mostly joy in knowing my wife and i have lived long enough to realize that we have to start doing more for each other, trying to enjoy as i wrap up my political career doing things that we haven't done. so with the political exchanges i have had i am very optimistic for the next couple years. the republicans have had such wonderful victories have not had one victory based on any positive thing at all. they have no sense of having a legislative objective or national objective, they have no candidate, no issues. it was all against obama.
7:19 am
and i think the main reason is with all of the great obama economic successes, it hasn't reached the middle class where they feel they're back where they used to be. with that negative approach we lost like hell. now there's not going to be an obama for the republicans. the economy is coming back unemployment is going down immigration, we are taking a big burden off the republicans with cuba and immigration. now there will be real issues. i can't think of one that the republicans can embrace and be proud of. >> republicans will say the same with the democrats. we will see what happens in the new year. lot of people hoping for progress. no more gridlock. to you, happy new year. >> best to you. >> charles rangel as always thank you for your time. gas prices dropped so low, you know what we are saving billions. the experts say this rosy picture could get better. and later, this is one rough
7:20 am
flu season. what you need to know to stay healthy ahead. this is msnbc. >>hump day! hummmp daaay! it's hump day! >>yeah! >>hey mike! mike mike mike mike mike! >>mike mike mike mike mike. hey! he knows! hey! guess what day it is! hey! camel! guess what day it is! >>it's not even wednesday. let it go, phil. if you're a camel, you put up with this all the time. it's what you do. (sigh) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ok...
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one big difference to start the new year is at the pump. aaa fuel gauge puts the average per gallon more than a dollar below what we paid a year ago. all of you across the country saved $14 billion on gas compared to 2013. the news gets better. 2015, aaa saying we could save as much as 75 billion on gas if prices stay low. let's talk big picture on the national economy. take a look at the stock market and job market. look at all of that in the next month, 12 months. we have not let you go jerrod. >> i did go out last night for the record. >> you didn't have to have full
7:24 am
disclosure. gas prices lowest since 2009. in terms of what the average family saved, about $1100 a year. if they stay this way, how does the impact of overall economy look for you if the numbers stay low on gas prices. >> very positive from the perspective of consumers. one of the things we talked about is that in nominal terms before accounting for inflation, wage growth has been pretty flat. that's one piece of the recovery that hasn't quite performed to snuff. as long as inflation is lower because of lower gas prices, that means people have more buying power. consumers will be considerably better off as you stressed. we are exporting more fuel producing more fuel. so lower prices hit that industry a bit. >> the effect of lower gas prices not only in terms of costs to businesses with gas inputs, to you and me as we go
7:25 am
out and buy, impact on the pocketbook you talk about, will we therefore see more consumer activity because lower gas prices at the moment? >> i think you're exactly right. we will see more consumer activity precisely for those reasons. we will see higher consumer confidence. what's the one price in this economy everybody sees every two minutes while driving down the street. that's the price of gas. the thing is this is a volatile price. as you said experts are saying it will stay where it is. the experts and i am not criticizing, it is hard to do this, didn't see a 50% drop coming. we will have to see where it goes. i agree the most likely scenario is things stay where they are the next six months. >> another major input, interest rates. will the fed raise key interest rates, effect our credit cards, what we pay for our home on loans. what do you see? >> i see an increase as does
7:26 am
everyone else. the fed is telegraphs. >> how much? >> probably second half of the year. but that's the thing. it will be small. something in the neighborhood of what we call 20 25 basis points so yes, there will be increase but i don't think it is a game changer because the path at which they raise rates will be very shallow. >> so about a quarter percent raising. finish with minimum wage talked about this earlier on msnbc, we look at 20 something states that are raising minimum wage actual impact not only to those working and get that benefit, what will the impact be to the economy. >> this is a positive development in my view the history of the increases, moderate increases in minimum wage is what we are seeing across the country, have intended effect of getting a bit of wage boost at the bottom of the scale. increases buying power of a group left behind low wage
7:27 am
workers. i consider it another plus. >> see what happens. jared, thank you. we could have talked another 30 minutes on some things happening in the economy. >> sure. >> thank you so much. up next fight with isis and other extremists in the mid east. and five years after gitmo was ordered closed prisoners remain there. what's up next for that prison next on msnbc. i was out for a bike ride. i didn't think i'd have a heart attack. but i did. i'm mike and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
7:28 am
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7:30 am
a new year's note from king jong un releasing a message through state run media saying he is open to sincere talks with south korean leaders, including a summit to improve relations. south koreans pushing for new talks on issues including reunions for families separated by the korean war. new year brings challenges on the policy front. former assistant secretary of state pj crowley joins us. we asked you to hit three key topics with us. let's start with the fight against isis. we expect a new use of force vote in the next congress. what do you expect on the ground in iraq and syria when we talk about isis? >> i think the question starting 2015 richard, is whether the islamic state holds the ground it gained in 2014 or begins to lose ground, both militarily and politically. militarily, that will depend on performance of iraqi security forces. they simply have to do better this year than they did last
7:31 am
year. politically, it depends on the government in baghdad, whether they have a successful outreach to the sunni community in iraq that at least tacitly if not explicitly opened the door for isis advance in 2014. >> what should the white house do? >> i think the united states has an important support role to play but ultimately key decisions we made there, within the muslim world, they have to decide do they want to live in the 21st century or 7th century. they have to discredit the ideology the islamic state is advancing. >> talk about another deadline iran. do you think the iranian government and u.s. state department negotiators might have some kind of agreement here? >> more likely than not. obviously negotiations were extended twice during 2014. i think it is not assured, but i think it is more likely there will be some kind of agreement. then it gets interesting as to where is the conversation between the united states and
7:32 am
iran going from there. there's an overlapping interest in iraq. and i'm not sure we're going to get to a cuba like moment that we saw, but i think it would be interesting, can there be a constructive conversation between the united states and iran about syria, and a syria that does not include bashiral assad. if they can have that it opens the door for a political solution. if not, we will probably see the syrian crisis deepen. >> as we move outside syria and iraq and look at europe and this is an important point for the u.s. economy, talking geopolitical issues and look at what happened to greece very major economic flashpoint we saw that led into riots and fiscal problems. do you see more of that in 2015? that could slow the u.s. economy that we have been watching so carefully. >> absolutely. watching the european union in
7:33 am
2015 will be very important, not only what happens in the existing eu but also on its periphery. as you said greece will have elections later this month. they'll probably produce a populous government that will want to renegotiate the austerity measures put in place two or three years ago. if the eu and greece cannot reach an accommodation, greece probably exits the eurozone and that will have market effects around the world. europe in a sense has to perform a triple play this year. they've got to keep focused on their internal economy. they've got to help countries like ukraine and mull dove a that want to join the european you know and reduce leverage that russia has on the european economy and from the russia side
7:34 am
of that equation, the more that putin is forced to defend the rubel, less he has for adventurism in his own backyard. >> you look at oil prices as they decrease that's hurting the russian economy. would that then therefore lead to more likelihood of a flashpoint involving russia because of an economic downturn? >> that's a central question for putin. he is paying a price for not only his adventurism with respect to ukraine but his recal si transwith respect to syria. bashar al assad's survival is dependent on iran and russia. both are influenced by declining cost of oil. so russia has shown in recent weeks some willingness to come back to the table and seek a political solution. that will get the attention of a key energy player like saudi arabia so i think that putin's
7:35 am
calculations starting '15 play a major role in what happens in europe and what happens with respect to syria and iraq. >> pj crowley, thank you so much. >> happy new year richard. breaking news from indonesia, following the story of 8501. officials are confirming that a total of nine bodies have been recovered from airasia flight. 162 were on board that airplane when it vanished over the java sea. a few parts of the plane have been recovered, a majority of the wreckage yet to be found. the latest information from officials, nine bodies recovered so far. five more guantanamo bay detainees were transferred to kazakhstan. more prisoners could be moved from cuba in the new year, pushing the obama administration closer to closing gitmo for good. carol, good new year to you.
7:36 am
we look at the issue of dozens of detainees transferred from guantanamo bay in 2014. made bill political news, specifically five captives in the bowburg doll swap. >> for sure there's going to be some fights because the only way this president can close that detention center down is by bringing at least some of the last 127 detainees to the united states. and congress is for dleebidding it. to get it to work he works with congress or defy congress. they fund it to the tune of $3.1 million per detainee at this point. seem satisfied leaving it how it is. one of the unhappiness is the way some of the releases have gone is opponents of closure think these are not secure
7:37 am
situations. didn't like the taliban going to qatar, the latest were five men that went earlier this week. >> what do you know about the five by the way? >> what we know about the five is that they were never charged with a crime. one of them was cleared for release a decade ago because he was considered a low risk and having advanced health situation, a heart condition, in which it was assessed if he were let go he was unlikely to become a problem. these men were never charged with crime. if you remember guantanamo was set up two parts. one to hold men captured in afghanistan, but it was also a bit of a test lab to interrogate and get information from people about al qaeda. so some of the people who were brought there were never accused of anything specifically. they thought since they had been in afghanistan or pakistan they might provide intelligence.
7:38 am
some have stayed as 12 10 13 years, now they're trying to move them out. these are classic examples of that. all five were cleared by 2009. one was cleared ten years ago. >> carol, talk about the remaining 127 detainees at gitmo. the president as he leaves office in 2017 will he be able to shut down or practically remove most of the detainees by that date january, 2017? >> only half of them are cleared for release. the goal and challenge with that is almost all are yemeni. watch the news and know that nobody wants them going back to yemen. if they weren't with al qaeda when they came in, they are certainly probably angry with the americans for being held that long. the goal is to get 59 of them to stable situations of resettlement where they'll look forward. the perfect example of that recently was five men, three
7:39 am
syrians went to uraguay, where they're bringing their families there. giving them jobs and housing. the idea is so they will put guantanamo behind them and have new lives. the other half of the 127 detainees are not cleared for release. so again, closure requires moving at least some to the united states. and right now that's functionally illegal. >> as they remove them to go to different countries, a lot of heavy lifting for the state department as they try to negotiate that. carol rosenberg, thank you so much. >> thank you. up next, what it takes to clean up times square after a million people welcome in the new year. amazing stuff they do. and later, former governor of florida makes another move that leads to more speculation that he is eyeing a 2016 run for the white house. what's it all mean ahead. you're watching msnbc. i've had a lot of hondas. we went around the country talking to people who made the switch to ford. i loved the look of the fusion...
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just how big a mess do a million partiers make? a big one. crews arrived in the wee hours to sweep away the last of 2014. estimated 50 tons of trash left from the crowd gathered to watch the ball drop. a lot of overtime there. the cdc declaring the flu reached epidemic levels and getting worse. 36 states reporting serious flu cases up from 29 a week ago. the cdc is reporting that 15 children have died and health officials say the flu shot may not be very effective against the dominant strain. for more bring in a pediatric infectious disease specialist at university hospital's medical center in cleveland. how bad, doctor is this epidemic? >> this epidemic is going to be worse than what we have seen in previous years only because that flu vaccine as you have said is not as effective as we would like.
7:44 am
the most prominent strain only seeing a third of protection given by the vaccine, that means two-thirds of the strains are not being protected very well against our vaccine. not only that the strain that we are seeing circulating is h 3 n 2 strain in the past in the last 15, 20 years, when you see that strain you see a lot more severe cases and a lot more death. it is something that we take very seriously. >> the cdc reporting 15 children have died. who will this effect more children and elderly? are those the two groups? >> you know the people at risk for most severe disease are children under the age of two, those older individuals over the age of 65. and also a lot of people who don't have a lot of other medical problems will get very very sick. and some with no medical problems whatsoever can find themselves hospitalized needing oxygen or breathing assistance because the flu itself is really, really bad.
7:45 am
other people people who are pregnant or underlying heart problems are also at risk of having bad flu. >> the vaccine. not efficacious as they thought it was going to be. why and how did this happen? >> what happened is that every february we have to decide what we think is the most likely strain to circulate in the next december january and following year. so it is unfortunately kind of -- we have to anticipate it. unfortunately, you know, no one has a crystal ball that tells us exactly what's going to happen. many times in the past few years, we have been very good. and what we our target looking to 70 to 90% effectiveness. >> is it too late doctor, knowing it is not working the way they wanted it to, is it too late to get out another one? >> it is. it takes up to six months from start to finish of making a
7:46 am
vaccine. so even if we knew what was going on in august september, october, it is way too late to make a new vaccine. we have to test it make sure it works, and make sure it is safe. and that takes a lot of time. >> the absence of that then we asked this question quite often, what do you do? >> best thing to do to prevent flu and every other virus, because there's several viruses that are circulating, not just flu. best thing to do wash your hands. washing your hands, the best way to prevent infections going from one person to the next. in addition to that making sure that when you do start to have symptoms, if you're having high fever, body ache nausea vomiting, keep to yourself. try not to go to work. try to keep your kids home from school when they have illness so you protect others around you, prevent the spread. if you are one of those that could get really sick or feel you're getting really sick the best thing to do is talk to your
7:47 am
doctor there are antiviral medications that help prevent this from getting really bad and preventing people from getting hospitalized. we have tested all strains that we have seen this year and all of them are susceptible to the antiviral medications. >> not an easy question to answer because of what happened in the last quarter of 2014 as we deal with ebola. when do you go to the doctor if you think you need to go to the doctor based on what you're talking about with the flu? >> when you get the worst disease from influenza is when it gets into your lungs and causes pneumonia. influenza can open the back door to a bunch of other germs that get into the lung and cause bad disease. the biggest problem that we see is when people have trouble breathing. when they're coughing a lot, can't catch their breath breathing fast or struggling to breathe, that's when we're very concerned that you're getting into bad problems and that's
7:48 am
definitely a time you need to talk to your doctor. also, if you're a person who is at risk of having bad disease, coming down with symptoms touch base with your family physician or pediatrician to make them aware you're feeling like you're coming down with something so they know to keep an eye on you. >> doctor thank you so much. more information on what the cdc is calling an epidemic when we look at flu this season and what you can do. appreciate it, doctor esper. >> good to be here. up next how a chris christie candidacy could change the race for the white house in 2016. later how cold will it be and for how long coming up. i'm good. that's what i like to call the meta effect. 4-in-1 multi-health metamucil now clinically proven to help you feel less hungry between meals. experience the meta effect with our new multi-health wellness line.
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2016 is now officially a
7:52 am
year away. marco rubio says he is close to making decision on a presidential run. >> this is not a gut decision this is one you need to macon the basis of facts and reality. i don't have a date or time frame in mind but soon. we are closer than we were a month ago. >> former governor jeb bush signaling a presidential run resigned from corporations and foundations. later this month, chris christie, ted cruz rick perry will head to iowa for the iowa freedom summit hosted by steve king. curiously absent from that list, jeb bush. joining us now, senior political editor mark murray and lauren french. mark marco rubio says it is not a gut decision it will be based on facts and reality. what are the facts and reality for marco rubio running.
7:53 am
>> a lot of it is whether he can raise the money to run, if there's enough oxygen to do so with jeb bush in the field. as you mentioned, most recent action by jeb bush to disassociate with all other firms. just another sign that he looks to be almost a sure thing to get in this presidential contest. what you end up doing when you talk to aides thinking about a presidential campaign these aides say we need to put our bosses in position to run if they decide to do so. you have to line up everything. you saw marco rubio after president obama's cuba announcement really try to increase his profile. it is ultimately up to them to decide whether or not they run or not. but everything for rubio, jeb bush anyone else it is about getting in position to be able to run. >> lauren, does one preclude the other, does one need to wait for the other?
7:54 am
>> so marco rubio says he views jeb bush as a mentor he wouldn't not get into the race if jeb bush got into it saying it is such an important decision, he can't hold back if he feels ready to run because jeb bush got in the race. they're very close, have a long history in florida together. it would be interesting to see them challenge one another if both get in. >> jeb bush deciding to skip iowa. >> in a lot of ways again, worth noting that this isn't necessarily the iowa caucuses what he would be skipping is a con fab sponsored by steve king congressman from iowa. and jeb bush has said if he does run for the presidency he is going to do it his own way. in a lot of ways not pandering to the right, running as a centrist republican at least in today's kind of situation where he is going to vigorously defend
7:55 am
his support for comprehensive immigration reform as well as common core standards. and steve king who's hosting that confab this year is against immigration reform. so it would kind of in a lot of ways be an obvious call for jeb bush not to go to that. >> lauren "the new york times" reporting chris christie spent 42% of time outside the state in 2014. does that risk splitting the republican establishment vote that so many are keeping an eye on now? >> that would split it, give a chance for more conservative or tea party member to pick up steam in a republican primary. jeb bush chris christie both liked by the establishment, both have ties with wall street money. they would be going after a lot of the same people same donors same voters which make it an interesting republican primary, give a lot of heat to any more conservative members that could get into the race. >> mark murray, lauren french
7:56 am
have a good new year both of you. >> you too. more bodies have been recovered as crews try to figure out what happened to flight 8501. more ahead on that flight. and the leader of north korea takes to air in a new way, what this video is all about, just ahead on msnbc. ugh... ...heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. (vo) nourished. rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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alright, so this tylenol arthritis lasts 8 hours, but aleve can last 12 hours... and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? aleve, proven better on pain. deep freeze. the majority of the country starting the new year off shivering. in pasadena, a dust ball reeks havoc. we begin with an icy blast, as a rude welcoming to 2015. more than half the country dealing with subfreezing temperatures. meteorologist bill karins joins me. any movement upward in temperatures? >> we are moving in that direction. hit the peak close to midnight of the cold blast we were done
8:00 am
with. now a slow warmup. next blast sunday into monday. new year will feel like winter and stay that way for awhile. the worst of the weather has been in texas of all places. near dallas forth, an icy met and snow on top of interstate 35. that's the worth drive, up 35 heading towards the oklahoma city area. it is icy and snowy through the region. from over to weather one computer, talk about the temperatures we have been dealing with. one thing that was interesting i found this morning, down to 31 degrees. this storm that went through the desert was a rarity. that's a storm that will move slowly through the country and drop heavy rain. in mississippi, alabama, east texas, into tennessee, you're
8:01 am
going to get wet the upcoming three day period. you'll see a lot of rain with that. as far as snow goes we had lack of it. no doubt about it last december will turn out to be one of the warmest decembers on record in the lower 48. very little snow out there now. snowmobiles and skiers are dying for it in areas of new england and great lakes. now we finally have snow with the last storm that came through colorado. before that, it was lacking there, too. in the next five days only snow forecasted, light snow couple inches, kansas city des moines tomorrow night into saturday. and heavier snow northern great lakes. possibly northern new england. that would be good. timing for that would be saturday night into sunday morning for new england. if you want to do powder skiing get that in sunday. the forecast today, this is a lot better. high temperature was like zero in denver. today, 27. minneapolis is chilly at 23. next cold blast comes down as we go into saturday. it is not here yet sunday.
8:02 am
look what happens in chicago. this will be the poster child for this. we are nice and mild a little snow, sleet mess then high on monday of 8. enjoy it. everyone is going back to school and work in the northern plains and great lakes, it will be one of the coldest air masses we have seen this winter. >> wow, bill. mother nature is cruel. >> haven't had the big snowstorm. haven't had the blizzard all winter. >> we will look on the bright side. we will take it. thank you very much. happy new year. tens of thousands of people are braving that cold weather in pasadena now. for the 126th tournament of roses parade it kicked off moments ago. this could be one of the coldest on record. people have been camping out all night to claim the best spots with organizers telling them to dress in layers and drink warm liquids. take a look at what happened in preps for rose bowl yesterday, what's called a dust devil tossing tents and canopies in the air. joining me joe frier. how is it going out there now?
8:03 am
>> good morning, joy. a dust devil caught people off guard yesterday. canopies, tents went flying. four people hurt by flying debris. injuries were minor. today is a different story. you can see how many people are here for southern california standards, cold weather, this could be a record breaking year for the rose parade. we will talk about that more in a second. all of these people here incredibly excited getting ready. the parade has already started, but we are at the end of the parade route. won't see the floats for a bit here. the parade getting under way now. i can tell you, there's no wind right now, but it is still cold. people didn't just get here in the last hour or so. a lot of people camped out overnight to reserve a good spot along the parade route. a tradition for a number of people. despite cold temperatures thousands of people did spend the night out here. they had campfires and other methods to try and keep warm.
8:04 am
it wasn't easy but people found a way to keep warm. a number of people put out chairs, went home got sleep, came back with their spots reserved. the temperature record low was set in 1952 for the rose parade. that was 32 degrees. the freezing mark. the last i checked the temperature is about 34 35 degrees here. it is not official. but it is not quite 32. so it is unclear if we're going to break the record at the rose parade today, but certainly will be one of the coldest parades on record. a lot of excitement as the parade gets under way. you can hear people cheering now as the floats and activity begin to make their way down. you can see air show going on as well. a lot of people are excited for the big day, joy. >> looks like the cold is not bothering them. thanks from pasadena. appreciate it. president obama and his family are spending a quiet new year's day in hawaii and nbc senior white house correspondent kris jansing joins me from
8:05 am
honolulu. you pulled the worst assignment ever. happy to be in honolulu. i feel badly you even have to do this today. tell us how the first family spent new year's eve? >> reporter: yeah 66 degrees at 6:00 a.m., continue to feel sorry for me. they did it quietly. that's pretty much been their tradition. president obama is not one to party hearty. he had an early morning workout, afternoon golf game, then back at the house they're renting around 6:00. he and the first lady had friends over to welcome in the new year. around midnight east coast time the white house tweeted a photo that we can show you. a smooch on the cheek. clearly that was not the midnight kiss it was not close to midnight here. there were fireworks across the island. we can show you the ones shot off the balcony at midnight. also some where he is staying on the north shore. but again, we don't get information on his details.
8:06 am
much like his vacations, rarely in the public most of the time seeing family and three friends from prep school days in honolulu and a lot of golf. he and members of his administration are looking ahead to a changed landscape when he goes to washington this weekend. republicans will control the house and senate first time in eight years, have the largest house majority in more than 75 years. the question that's looming is how that's going to work. the white house obviously saw it as a good sign that outgoing congressman ajed to agree on a spending bill to keep the government running. that doesn't mean compromise on big issues is possible. the president himself is facing a struggle. he has the lame duck label, although he has been attacking it with executive actions from immigration to cube a he is clear he will use the pen for more executive actions in 2015. and despite of few vetoes he says he has no qualms using the
8:07 am
veto pen. the republicans don't have veto prove majority. they have repeal on the mind don't have votes for full on obamacare repeal. but look for votes to eliminate provisions they like least. besides health care clashes over immigration, climate change and he has a big speech coming up on the 20th of january, state of the union, and small group of advisers with him in hawaii one of his speech writers, joy. >> you talked about the posture for the president going into the next congress. the president was pretty bold going at the final press conference, seemed to be setting up in fighting mode. is that what aides are doing, going in with attitude to fight with congress or try to work with them? >> reporter: they reject the lame duck label and realize there's only so much they can get done. if you talk to them they think there are areas they can work
8:08 am
with the republican congress. some of those conversations have been going on behind the scenes but it is unpredictable when you go into first of all a new session of congress what might happen with some of the new members, and also you just don't know what's going to be happening in the world. they are i would say cautiously optimistic they might be able to find some areas of compromise but the republicans, many of the republicans made it clear they have some items on their agenda that are about repealing some things that the president has accomplished. again, health care immigration, and so they say they need to they're setting up for a fight. and i think that that last press conference right before he came here to hawaii joy was a great indicator of where his state of mind. he is not chastened by the election that the republicans won so handily.
8:09 am
he feels reenerill move forward on a list of things he feels he needs to get done. and one more thing, election coming up, the closer to the election and people announcing they're running for president, the more difficult it is going to be to get the attention on him and the white house. they're looking at a window of opportunity early this year they want to take advantage of joy. >> it will be an interesting couple years. kris jansing ichb honolulu. happy new year my friend. >> happy new year. >> thank you. breaking news from indonesia. officials have confirmed to nbc news that a total of nine bodies have now been recovered from nashs flight 8501. weather continues to hamper the search for the plane. they have been unable to inspect an object on the sea bed, they believe it may be the fuselage. for the latest kelly kobe aa is there. what can you tell us about the
8:10 am
search efforts? >> reporter: they are focusing on the image, shadow spotted by a plane couple days ago. seen in 100 to 150 feet of water. the fuselage should be together in the same vicinity should be the main body of wreckage. potentially a good number of passengers and crew are still inside that fuselage. so that's their focus, to find this main body of wreckage. as you mention, weather has really made it difficult for them. they brought in equipment to identify this shape on the sea floor, unmanned vessel from singapore navy. they have sea mapping technology, 3d image technology metal detection. still face ago rough time.
8:11 am
they have a team of divers to check it out, once they have something more definitive. the weather is the problem. they had a small window today where it cleared a bit, seas were calmer and then rains came back with the winds and choppy seas and that's really holding them at bay. separately today they found two more bodies recovered two more bodies bring them to shore. that raises the total of nine bodies recovered. and they're trying to identify each one of these using information from families and dna samples. today they identified one passenger, an indonesian woman on the flight her body was turned over to relatives in an emotional ceremony brief ceremony here in surabaya. her remains were taken to her village and she was buried today, joy. >> kelly, to briefly talk about the families you mention only nine bodies found, talk a little about the situation for the families. are they staying nearby?
8:12 am
what is happening there are you hearing from spokespeople for the families of so many people lost on the plane? >> reporter: some have stuck around, some are waiting by the airport, some are waiting by the police hospital. many have decided to give information to police and take a step back and investigators, and take a step back and wait for that phone call to come in that their relative has been identified. when you think about the number of people who are on that plane and they have nine bodies they need to identify in the most sensitive way possible it has been a difficult balance for investigators and for the family members, an extremely emotional time as you can imagine. >> kelly cobiella thank you very much. strange video from north korea is not new. on the heels of hollywood hacking scandal, it gets weirder. later, marco rubio makes
8:13 am
more hints at a potential run for the white house. what it could mean to others in the field ahead. this is msnbc. i was out for a bike ride. i didn't think i'd have a heart attack. but i did. i'm mike and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
8:14 am
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8:16 am
eve scene in pyongyang, came with big resolutions from north korean leader kim jong-un. in a message broadcast on state television today kim says he is open to more talks or even a summit with his south korean counter part. the two countries have technically been at war since the 1950s, when the korean war ended in armistice rather than a peace treaty. it wasn't his only new years surprise. new video shows kim behind controls of a small airplane. the video aired on north korea station krt. joining me author of the coming
8:17 am
collapse of china, gordon chang. what do you make of that airplane flying video, what is this meant to indicate about kim jong-un? >> the north korean people according to regime need to see their leader front and center and involved in all sorts of things, that he needs to be shown as competent and in charge. i think that's what the video is about. >> all right. let's talk about this opening that kim jong-un made to potentially having talks with the south. does that strike you as a genuine olive branch genuine outreach to the south or posturing? >> i think it is posturing. in north korea, there are very few coincidences. you have this so soon after the sony hacking. i think what the north wants to do is have the south koreans prevent activists from taking dvds of that movie, "the interview" and putting them in the demilitarized zone so north
8:18 am
korean citizens can watch them. essentially what we are seeing is north korea trying to get south koreans to move in directions they want. >> gordon when you talk about the north korean angle on whether or not they were involved, how involved they might have been with the sony hack it is hard for people to understand why would they care? it is a silly, goofy movie, a silly comedy. what would make it so important to the north korean government? >> well they really do not want north korean people to see the possibility of killing their leader and having a new form of government. basically a government without the kims. the north koreans are not worried about theatrical release in the united states of "the interview." they're worried about dvds getting into the hands of north korean citizens with smugglers with profit motive bringing that dvd into north korea.
8:19 am
that's what they're concerned about. stability of the regime. >> the other question maybe it is just me but a lot of people might have, on the other part of the sony hacking, just releasing embarrassing e-mails, there were questions raised as to whether it points to north korea or something closer to sony, maybe a disgruntled employee or something other than the growing theory of north korea's involvement. >> there have been hacking attempts at sony for a long time that didn't relate to north korea. i think what we see is north korea working with hacking groups because in november we saw a very different tone in hacking, when it was just against sony then against "the interview." i think there basically was coinciding of interest between them. >> on a serious note what does the apparent willingness to talk, whether it is genuine or
8:20 am
posturing, signal about north korea intentions when it comes to proliferating nuclear weapons? >> north korea has not stopped relationships with iran which has been its main proliferation client. every time there's a ballistic missile launch or nuclear weapons test iranians have been on site in north korea. this is something the united states decades in and decades out hasn't done enough to stop. >> thank you very much. happy new year. and there are more signs that jeb bush is inching closer to a presidential run. what that could mean for the race for the white house. and what the white house will face in the fight against isis in the coming year. you're watching msnbc. eve can last 12 hours... and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? aleve, proven better on pain.
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8:23 am
former florida governor jeb bush resigned from all corporate and nonprofit board member ships, including his own education foundation signaling
8:24 am
his own potential presidential bid. fellow floridian marco rubio is inching closer to decision on whether or not he will run. in an interview with npr, he laid out his criteria for a 2016 campaign. >> the decision i have to make is where is the best place for me to serve america to carry out the agenda i have to restore the american dream, given dramatic economic changes we had in the 21st century, where is the best plates to achieve it. republican majority in senate or ultimately as president of the united states. if i decide it's as president, that's what i am going to do. >> joining me senior political editor. mark i am going to start with you. talk about marco rubio. npr characterized the other person who might get in this jeb bush that's the big question. almost an edible question.
8:25 am
while npr describes them as rising concurrently jeb bush created, paved the way for marco rubio. talk about dynamics of both of them getting into the republican primary? >> joy, happy new year to you. it does change the calculus for marco rubio. every statement he said since we learned that jeb bush is actively pursuing a presidential bid or actively exploring one has seemed to be that rubio says i want my options open this hasn't changed anything. when i chat with rubio aides they repeated as much. one hiccup other than bush is a mentor, the fund-raising. where does rubio get the money he needs when jeb bush is not only soaking up a lot of wall street money and money in texas but also a lot of money in florida. and republicans pointed out to me joy, that if you are going
8:26 am
to be a successful republican in primary season you need to raise about $30 million to do so. and jeb bush would complicate marco rubio in raising money if both run. >> complicate to say the least. fund-raising would adhere to jeb bush. let's talk about marco rubio. the reason to get in presuming jeb bush was frontrunner, is that you could set up to be running mate. but constitution being what it is, both are from florida, they can't be on the same ticket together. and marco rubio has been all over the place in terms of immigration, both of them have. they changed positions back and forth on immigration issues. do you think immigration helps or hurts marco rubio if he tries to get in. >> hi, well great to be here thanks for having me. that's one of the central issues people are zeroing in on for jeb bush and rubio if both decide to
8:27 am
run. both have taken more moderate approaches than some in the republican base would perhaps like to see. jeb bush was perhaps more vocal and being moderate on that issue even than marco rubio perhaps, but certainly it is an issue that would be central to how a lot of folks in iowa new hampshire, south carolina engage both these potential candidates. just because they have both been particularly vocal on this issue. and this election will follow 2012 when the republican leadership said we have to be more inclusive, broaden the base where their vision fits in and at a time when views on immigration are not quite in alignment with where the republican basis today, going to be an interesting dynamic to watch. >> interesting indeed mark. you have marco rubio whose reason in being attractive to the republican party, he would
8:28 am
broaden the base but he walked from his own immigration bill after his hand was smacked from the right. he can't be a latino candidate in favor of a broader immigration policy. one other interesting things he seems to set up as the guy that will be hard and contentious against president obama, but mentioned to npr that republicans have a veto proof majority in the upcoming congress, which isn't true. does he have the gravitas and consistency to be viable on immigration? >> that's one of the things you find out in a presidential campaign. i remember the barack obama of 2007 was very different from the one who ultimately won the iowa caucus and general election. presidential contest allows people to grow to be able to work on perceived shortcomings the ones that you and i are talking about right here. if marco rubio decides to make a run, one of the best rationales to do so is he is the second best candidate, a lot of people's second best choice. in a lot of ways he could straddle the establishment
8:29 am
versus conservative tea party divide. you mention his position on immigration, yes that could be complicating, but people say well, he did say we need to have border enforcement first and maybe that kind of mull fies conservatives. and he is the younger person he could be someone looking toward the future, potential one of the down sides to hillary clinton versus jeb bush campaign is that there wouldn't be a future candidate at all, these are candidates who are looking into the past have names in the past rather than one who can look forward. >> indeed. interesting to see what that would do to interest in the race. let's talk about the democrats. it is thought to be just an election about hillary clinton, but is there a possibility that any of the potential other names there, jim webb could be candidates? doesn't look like elizabeth
8:30 am
warren will be. >> there's an appetite on the left to see someone else emerge whether it is a candidate or not. someone that will enforce some of the more populous anti-wall street issues to the forefront. elizabeth warren said she is not going to run as you noted. a lot of people hope whether she runs or not, she's in position where she can push some of the issues into the presidential conversation, should hillary clinton run, as a lot of people think she will. then you see people like jim webb martin o'malley and other democrats who have indicated a strong interest in potentially running for president, and should they do so? of course a lot of polls indicate hillary clinton is the dominant likely frontrunner on the democratic side but you do have other people in the mix, it is possible you are going to see a different issue mix emerge in
8:31 am
the primary, how much some of that populous frustration you see play out in recent conferences, how much that comes up in a democratic primary. >> we will be watching. mark murky, katie, thanks very much. >> thanks. up next the ruble is falling apart. how will vladimir putin handle the coming year. later, millions of us got the flu shot this year. now there are real concerns about how much good those shots will do. details ahead. this is msnbc. latte or au lait? cozy or cool? exactly the way you want it ... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed. save $300 on the final close-out of the c3 queen mattress set. he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock, at 60.
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a surprise visit by assad to pro-regime troops new year's eve. they released images of him eating and visiting with troops. the site of multiple air raids in the last few days. human rights observatory says at least 25 soldiers were killed in fighting wednesday. new year brings familiar challenges on foreign policy front for obama administration, and colonel jack jacobs is an msnbc military analyst, medal of honor recipient. here to discuss said challenges. happy new year to you. let's go through sochl the biggest challenges facing the obama administration. start with isis. there will be another vote on use of force in iraq and syria regarding isis. what do you think the challenge is there, and is the u.s. turning the tide when it comes to isis? >> i think the short answer is no not turning the tide.
8:35 am
if we are, it will take a long long time. this is not the kind of thing that gets turned around very quickly. i think what you're going to see the next couple of years is more of the same. more money, more training of indigenous forces more air strikes, more drones. occasional special operations. trying to jump to the conclusion, as the administration and critics of the administration do whatever we do has short and long term effects. this is a long drawn out exercise going to take quite some time. >> when it comes to was no longer name it the war on terror there is a significant terror threat around the world, part of it on the african continent. is the u.s. doing better in terms of fighting back beating back the terror threat on the continent? >> yes we are actually and
8:36 am
part of the reason is that we've got great technology. technology is improving and ability to find bad guys and strike at them getting better too. what we are lacking is something that's important, without which you can't fight any conflict that's good human intelligence. we don't have it. we have very little of it. to have it you have to be on the ground. or you have to rely on the governments that are in place. and they're generally speaking ineffective, inept and/or corrupt. end of the day, if you have a corrupt government, no matter what you do about knocking off bad guys will have a long term positive effect. stable government on the ground more human intelligence to complement the increasing technological. >> the challenge in 2014 russia started like a bear ended the year like a bear with rubles.
8:37 am
whimpering like an injured bear. the ruble is collapsing the economy collapsing. doesn't seem his chest thumping has done much for the country. >> there's a certain thing about this, we are happy to see the guy in big trouble, but that's not necessarily -- an unstable russia, an extremely weak russia is not necessarily in our best interest either. we have the ancillary problem of an economically weakening europe. you've got even countries like france saying all of this austerity stuff, we're not even following it. and greece coming to grips with a very unstable situation. europe is our single biggest trading partner, single biggest ally as an entity. russia single biggest trading partner other than the u.s. of congealed europe. having economic instability in both places is not good for our
8:38 am
own national security. it is easy to get excited about putin having real problems. and it is okay for him to be slightly weak. but having this clep tok ris ee become unstable to have the single biggest ally europe become economically and politically unstable is not in our best interest. >> and how does the collapse i guess you could say of russia impact our changes in cuba cuba being one of their strong allies. >> it is interesting. we are a lot like the old chinese were years ago when china was internally strong and expanded when it was internally weak relatively speaking it contracted. we see our principal adversary over the longer term to be china. over the immediate term to be russia. both those guys influential in cuba in our own backyard. see them getting weaker. by the way, china is slowing down economically too. we see an opportunity in the
8:39 am
western hemisphere with cuba that we didn't see before because we feel economically stronger and we are, and our adversaries are economically weaker. it is an interesting thing. i am waiting for the land grab everybody from miami rowing across to get to whathavana to seek out the sea shore. if you live long enough, see everything twice. >> colonel, thank you very much. happy new year. this new years flu season is getting worse. what you need to know to stay healthy. this is msnbc. and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? aleve, proven better on pain. listen up... i'm reworking the menu. veggies you're cool... mayo, corn are so out of here! ahh...
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8:43 am
2,000 cases were reported since the outbreak began in december of last year. back here at home 36 states are reporting widespread flu activity and what the cdc is calling an epidemic. 15 children have died so far this flu season. health officials are worried this year's flu shot may not be very effective against the dominant strain that's causing so many to be sick. for more let's bring in medical contributor dr. natalie azar from nyu medical center. all right. the flu shot. was it ineffective against the strain we're seeing now? >> not completely ineffective. you have to remember strains chosen by world health organization experts are done roughly seven to eight months before that shot becomes available. they have to make their best estimate early in the year roughly in february. shortly thereafter the strains can start to mutate which is what happened to this particular vaccine. there are two vaccines
8:44 am
available, one covers four strains, the other covers three strains. the one, the strain of flu that's predominating the season causing the most uproar is h2n 3. it covers only 50% of the strain because it mutated. a genetic various. >> part of the problem with people like me i will self disclose, don't get the shot, there aren't enough people inoculated. >> right. i have said this a couple times. it bears repeating that for a healthy adult who otherwise doesn't have chronic medical conditions, asthma or immuno compromised, you can get the flu and survive it. what i like to promote is the idea that the more we vaccinate, we create more immuneity and protect more people young
8:45 am
women, children, and people with chronic conditions. the idea that the less flu we see, the more vulnerable people are protected. does that make sense? >> talk about the difference of how you tell how you spot signs of flu versus a cold. >> typically they can be similar in the beginning. the thing with the flu that makes it stand out, it is more the abrupt onset of high fever, cough, sore throat runny nose. especially for pediatric cases and what not, if you're not sure or concerned, get tested, it is a simple test. you can have a preliminary result in 15 minutes and start empirically, start antiviral medication early in people especially in a population whom you're concerned about, and wait for the actual result to come back. the difference is with a cold it is more sub acute, malaise, low grade fever. with flu, it is abrupt onset,
8:46 am
much more of a stormy onset of all symptoms. >> so i talked in the set up about ebola virus, spread really through africa but panic within the united states doctors i know relatives of doctors saying do i have ebola, didn't make sense. why do you suppose people down play the flu which is more deadly on an annual basis? >> i wish i had one concise answer for that. i think it is the evil we know. people know a lot about the flu, they have a correct perception that the majority of people will survive the flu, so it is not as theatrical a disease. it is something that we are accustomed to. even reporting on ebola in the fall, kept reminding people to focus their attention on the illness most likely to be a threat, and that's influenza, what we are seeing. >> thank you very much. important information. if you plan to fly this
8:47 am
year there are new things you need to know. we will tell you what they are next. this is msnbc. a cds really do sound like a sure thing but i'm a bit skeptical of sure things. why's that? look what daddy's got... ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! growth you can count on from the bank where no branches equals great rates.
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americans across the country are wrapping up holiday travel and a lot of it is done through the air with the average itinerary fare around $400. what can we expect from the airlines in 2015? barbara covers aviation for conte naste traveler. the logic is with oil prices down fares should be going down. is that happening? >> no unfortunately. they are not going down however this year we won't see the huge increases we have seen in recent years. you may be able to find a bargain depending on when and when you are flying.
8:51 am
the oil price is one factor on how they set their prices. another is supply and demand. they have gotten a good handle on the supply aspect and cut back a lot of flights. there fewer seats available and they can set the prices up to the point where they can travel. we shouldn't be worried they will continue to go up. >> whatever they want to charge a lot of people signed up for the miles and frequent traveler programs. do those actually help consumers? do you get anything for your buck? >> those are changing as well. the airlines have all announced pretty big changes which we see phased in this year. one of it is to disconnect the idea of you get miled based on the distance flown. that is the premises since their
8:52 am
incept and you reward people with more points if you will. it will be harder to redeem what miles you do have left and you may be slapped with fees. it's all changing and not very positive. >> they are aggressive in keeping you to find the lowest cost fares. we were talking about a new app a young man created that tells you where you can find connecting flight tickets. you connect in chicago and your final destination is somewhere else but you want to go to chicago. you buy that connecting seat. this young man is being sued because it violates their practices. if you want to buy a ticket with two legs and take one, why can't you do that? >> they set rules and say if you are breaking the rules, they can
8:53 am
go after that. it's not illegal, but i think what happened here is that consumers are frustrating. you can pay less to go across the country than to go from new york to ohio. it has no relation to the distance flown and fares can go up really within seconds of searching. >> it seems random. no rhyme or reason to it. >> the airlines would argue that's the market place at work. >> what is the easiest and quickest and most efficient way to save money? >> really shop around and go online. look on as many sites as you can and book with the airline. they don't want you to buy through a third party. i would say only do that after you have done the research
8:54 am
first. look for slower times. if you are going to be traveling in a busy week book way ahead of time. otherwise you might be rewarded to wait. you have to strategize when you look. >> indeed. lots of strategy. thank you very much for being here and happy new year. >> same to you. >> that just about does it for today. keep it here for updates throughout the afternoon and evening. i will be back on the reid report at 2:00 p.m. next, lock up raw, criminal minds.
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. >> msnbc takes you into a world of chaos and danger. now, the scenes you have never seen. lock up raw. >> lock up's interviews with some of the most notorious criminals behind bars provided insights into what drives the horrific acts of violence. >> it was like i snapped. >> he disrespected me. that's all it
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