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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  January 6, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PST

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the nypd who turned their back on him during a fellow officer's funeral. all right. back in session, the 114th congress begins with republican majorities in both chambers. will that help or hurt america's gridlock? really depends on who you ask. and the arctic blast, the coldest weather all season and it's affecting the commute for manufacture you in the great lakes and mid-atlantic. we have your wintry weather forecast, this is "way too early." ♪ here i stand ♪ ♪ and here i stand ♪ hey, everybody, i'm thomas roberts. welcome to "way too early," this tuesday, january 6th. also known as little christmas, aka the day you can take down the christmas tree without any guilt. i've shocked the floor. jen's jewish. she did not know this. for all you christmas and easter
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catholics, you can take down the tree without guilt. jen, you learned something this morning. breaking news overnight in new york city at this hour there's a manhunt under way after two plain clothes on-duty officers were shot in the bronk. these officers were shot while responding to a robbery at deli. the two suspects got away when a car they car jacked crash. a man that went to the hospital with a gunshot wound is being questioned. police are not sure if he's one of the suspects 0 are not. about the officers one of them was shot in the back and the arm and the other wounded in the arm and chest. they're in critical but stable condition. both are expected to recover. police say it does not appear the officers were targeted. mayor bill de blasio visited those officers overnight at st. barnabas hospital. it came hours after the mayor who recently clashed with police unions criticized hundreds of officers who once again turned their backs to him at a slain
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police officer's funeral. those thoughts were echoed by police commissioner bill bratton who said officers could find other ways to protest. >>. >>s what the need in the middle of that ceremony to engage in a political action? i don't get it. looking at the papers this morning, the cover stories in so many of the stories, focused on their actions, focused on them. the selfishness of that action, the selfishness of it. the funeral is not a place for that. come demonstrate outside city hall come demonstrate outside police headquarters but don't put on your uniform and go to a funeral and engage in a political action. >> those individuals who took certain actions these last week last two weeks, really they were dis respectrespectful to the families involved. that's the bottom line. they were disrespectful to the families who had lost their loved one.
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i can't understand why anyone would do such a thing in the context like that. i think it just defies a lot of what we all feel is the right and decent thing to do when you're dealing with a family in pain. mayor de blasio also announced overall crime fell by nearly 5% last year and that the city had its fewest murders since 1993. more attention is being paid to statistics showing a dramatic decline in the number of arrests and summons for the second straight week. the total number of criminal summons issued plunged more than 90%. and the overall number of arrests declined 56%. commissioner bratton stopped short of calling it a work slowdown but promised the nypd would look into the decline and warned officers there would be consequences if it was intentional. no slowdown exists they say and blames monitoring protests and the doubling up of police cars. as we look at washington, d.c., the sun rising on a new
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congress this morning. the most diverse one in history will be sworn in. both chambers will be run by republicans for the first time since the bush administration. the house republican is expected to stay intact. majority whip steve scalise will remain in his position as well. a recent flap over a meeting he may have attended involving a white supremacist organization in 2002 still has democrats trying to make political hay. >> there's no arguing that who republicans decide to elevate into a leadership position says a lot about -- what the conference's priorities and values are. ultimately, mr. scalise reportedly described himself as david duke without the baggage. it willing up to republicans to decide what that says about their conference. >> majority leader mitch mcconnell who campaigned on his
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ascension, the most powerful position in the senate is expected to try and make it more inclusive than harry reid by allowing more amendments and greater debate. the house and senate are expected to force the president's hand in passing a bill supporting the keystone pipeline. the house could vote before the week's close. dzhokhar tsarnaev the surviving brother of the pair accused of the attack on the 2013 boston marathon went on trial monday as jury selection got under way. with more on that nbc news justice correspondent pete williams. >> reporter: with extra security including coast guard gunnars patrolling boston harbor, dzhokhar tsarnaev arrived at the federal courthouse where he'll stand trial, just two miles from the area where two bombs exploded killing three, injuring 260 and devastating an entire community. one of those seriously hurt was rebecca de-martino of texas who just last week took her first steps after repeated surgeries and amputation and now a prosthetic. >> i am standing!
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>> reporter: but she says she will not be following the trial. >> it's not my judgment to make. and it also doesn't change anything that's happened to me. >> reporter: the city pulled together after the bombing, a spirit called boston strong. last year's marathon, the first since the bombing drew 1 million people twice the usual crowd. >> i think it's the best day this city has. >> reporter: former "boston globe" columnist mike barnicle now on msnbc, says people have moved on and want to put it behind them. >> they know who did it. they know what happened. they know the impact it had, the affect it had. they know about the victims. they want it done. >> reporter: the first of 3,000 potential jurors summoned by the judge came to the courthouse filling out questionnaires to start an unusually long selection process, because the government will seek the death penalty if tsarnaev is convicted, the jury must be specially qualified.
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>> meaning a jury that is not fundamentally opposed to the death penalty or is not so in favor of the death penalty they would go outside the bounds of the law and impose it where the law doesn't require that. >> how great is it that rebecca demartino is up and walking again. so excited for her and her family. that was pete williams reporting for us. same-sex marriage is legal after federal courts declined to overturn a lower court's ruling. a miami judge immediately began performing ceremonies yesterday. >> to love and to cherish, honor and comfort in sickness or in health, in sorrow or in joy, in hardship, to have and to hold from this day forward? >> i do. >> do you have a ring? >> it's been on for 15 years. >> katrina and carla became the first couple to legally marry after the ban was eliminated. other parts of the state began
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processing applications and performed ceremonies at midnight or in some cases will start first thing this morning. a spokesperson for republican attorney general pam bondi said the judge ruled an we wish these couples the best. former florida governor jeb bush urged respect for the rule of law and couples making lifetime commitments to each other who are seeking greater legal protections and those of us who believe marriage is a sacrament and want to safeguard religious liberty. this week the u.s. supreme court will also have a chance to consider whether same-sex couples have the right to marry under the constitution. all right. we switch gears and talk about business news and a big sell-off on wall street monday with the markets reacting to oil, dropping in price to less than 50 bucks a barrel. cnbc's jeff cutmore joins with us more on that.
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good morning. >> good morning to you. these oil theme will dominate the markets pretty much through most of the year according to the economists and analysts we're speaking to. what a start for the trading session, that 5% drop in the oil price led to a 4% drop in energy stocks and a terrible day for both the dow and the s&p. in fact this string of losses is the worst that we've seen on the s&p for some months. just worth pointing out, it hasn't helped the seasonal santa rally either in fact we've had the worst s&p santa rally since 1999. so there you go we're hitting the history books with these, so the energy price issue is going to dominate. the curious thing here is the economists say it will be good for growth ultimately that the energy price is coming down. but the markets are finding it hard to deal with the choppyiness at this stage. in terms of what we're expecting today, we have factory data which doesn't look as though
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it's going to be too strong. we're looking at minus 0.5% print. which seems somewhat at odds with some of the better data that we're seeing elsewhere in the u.s. economy. back to you. >> we have despite the bad news for stocks yesterday there was a brighter picture when it came to car sales. talk about that and explain. >> yes, you would expect this to happen, wouldn't you? the data is getting better generally in the states. we've got low interest rates. we've got decent deals on financing on the four courts. we've got falling unemployment, all of this means that there should be more money in consumers' pockets along with the falling gas prices that means actually 2014 looks like it's going to be a great year for the auto companies. gm even in spite of its problems with ignition systems and recalls is going to do reasonably well. we think they will post in excess of a 5% increase in sales for 2014. and december has already been strong companies like nissan
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also talking about over 6% increase in sales for the month. so 2014 could be the best year since 2006. it sets us up quite nicely for this year. back to you. >> really does. closing out q4 strong for 2014. more florida news to talk about as the governor rick scott, starts his second term today. apparently his recruitment efforts are continuing. reuters is reporting that scott will use the inauguration speech to urge americans to move to florida. the governor will say, quote, over the last 20 years millions of people have escaped from states with climbing tax rates to move to states with lower taxes. fellow republican governor and potential 2016 candidates chris christie and rick perry are expected to attend today. or attend today's inaugural. this brings to us our twitter question for you. do you think this is a smart political strategy and would you take him up on the offer to move
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to florida? yes, tweet us your most creative answers. use the handle @waytoo, early. with the cold weather that's coming this way, yes, we'd move to florida. jen, pack up the winnie we're going. still ahead on "way too early," the call or lack of call that still has detroit fans reeling what the head of nfl officials now says about the play in question. later, the first major feature film about dr. king is coming under fire for the portrayal of an entirely different character. we'll explain that story. we'll have a check on this arctic blast that's coming our way with bill karins. that and much more, "way too early" right back. nancy kerrigan is holding on to her dreams tonight, just one day after an attacker smacked her knee with an iron bar.
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all right. welcome back. time for sports. we begin with the nfl and that controversial no-call in the cowboys first round playoff victory over the lions on sunday. on nbc's pro football talk live yesterday, the league's head of officiating, dean planblandino said he should have been called on that play. so the no-call led to a turnover that allowed the cowboys to score that eventual winning point that took them to the win. they'll face off the packers on sunday. does that put that controversy to rest? >> it is what it is. >> it is what it is. >> yes. >> okay. ♪ let it go ♪
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moving to the nba and a big trade last night involving the cavs, knicks and thunder. new york trading smith and shumpert for kirk ab amundson. lance thomas went to the knicks from the thunder. we have dirk nowitzki draining a three-pointer. look at that. boom. putting dallas up by eight with that and the pass moses malone moving into seventh place on the all-time scoring list the mavericks win it 96-88. even world-class athletes need a little more pick me up to begin the day. top-ranked tennis star ordered an espresso during her match monday morning off losing the first set 6-0. williams asked the judge if she could order an espresso
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apparently feeling the drag after missing her morning cup. she was a little jet lagged. she got her wish. it did the trick. after her dose of caffeine williams rallied and won her match against italy's panetta. apparently it was 111 or 110 degrees. >> it's sumner australia right now. >> ordering an espresso did the trick. maybe she was a little jet lagged. >> it could be cold espresso too. >> whatever it takes. what's going on with arctic blast. >> a fast-moving snowstorm moving across the country. it's not a heavy snow event but you have snow to shovel in des moines, indianapolis columbus pittsburgh and now it's snowing in washington, d.c. it's been snowing for the last half hour to 45 minutes or so. you can see in the distance and the lights. we will continue to watch the snow on and off right through your morning commute. we expect 1 to 2 fluffy inches in d.c. here's another shot. the highway is in the back
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ground. it looks like there's police activity in the background too. slick roads will be the rule of thumb in the mid-atlantic virginia, maryland delaware this morning. and eventually up into new jersey. it's cold. it's 25 in d.c. it's sticking even on the roads. as far as the rest of the region goes, you can see the light snow across pennsylvania and some of that will move into philadelphia here over the next hour. new york city give it another probably two hours and it will be heading to the new york city area. snow totals will not be huge. there may be minor school delays around the d.c. area 1 to 2 inches total. chicago you're just about done with your snow, 3 to 5 officially and indianapolis you're all done. we get done with the snow then we deal with the cold. round two is on its way. it's a cold morning in northern new england, negative 24 wind chill in caribou, maine.
2:50 am
tomorrow minnesota, tomorrow the great lakes and thursday it will be over the top the northeast. by friday everyone starts to warm it up. this next cold shot the snow is pretty fluffy. it's treacherous but this cold shot will get everyone's attention. >> okay, bill thank you, sir. coming up on "morning joe," the congress that enters the capitol today will be the most diverse ever. we'll break down the numbers. and when we come back here someone who comes out in the support of bill cosby. that's after this. okay buddy what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too.
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welcome back, everybody. one of the stars of cosby show is speaking out in support of bill cosby has multiple women have come forward to accuse him of assault. the woman who played rudy huxtable has come out. >> whoever is vofred those are the people who were there. i wasn't there. i can only speak to the great man that i know and that i love and who's been so generous so just such a philanthropist in giving back millions of dollars to education and to schools. and just the man i grew up knowing. it's really not my place to speak on that. unfortunately in the court of
2:54 am
public opinion, you know, everyone has formed their opinion but we're still in america and you're innocent until proven guilty of any crime. >> pulliam giving that interview to "access hollywood" after being fired from "celebrity apprentice." the episode was recorded months before the allegations came out. bill cosby has never been charged with a crime. oscar buzz is building for the new civil rights film "sell ss film "selma." nbc's andrea mitchell has more. >> reporter: bloody sunday the confrontation that shocked a nation in march of 1965 only 2% of african-americans in selma could register to vote thanks to local laws as shown in the new movie "selma." >> how many county judges?
2:55 am
alabama? >> 67. >> name them. >> hundreds of thousands of negro citizens of alabama, particularly here, denied the right to vote. >> john lewis took such a beating that day he almost died. >> i think it will educate people that was too young to know what was going on. >> reporter: critics say this first hollywood film about martin luther king jr., while getting raves, unfairly depicts lyndon johnson as a reluctant civil rights warrior. >> we need your help. >> it will have to wait. >> it cannot wait. >> reporter: lbj ordered his attorney general to draft a voting rights law. >> it shows is them to be at odds with one another. in fact the opposite was true. they were very much support irof each other. >> reporter: working together on voting rights. >> we take the position that every person born in this country when they reach a certain age that he have a right to vote.
2:56 am
>> reporter: also disputed the film's suggestion that lbj ordered fbi director j. edgar hoover to spy on king exposing his infidelity. >> do you think the film is unfair to lyndon johnson? >> i don't think the film -- it's art, it's drama. i love the film. the film is so real. it is powerful. it made me cry. >> reporter: the film does not purport to be a documentary. it's actually quite largely accurate. but not every single thing in it is accurate. >> reporter: in the end, the film acknowledges lbj's dramatic voting rights speech only eight days after bloody sunday. >> we shall overcome. >> reporter: as martin luther king praises johnson in shared triumph. >> that was andrea mitchell reporting. earlier we told you how florida governor rick scott will give his second term inaugural address today, urging americans to move to florida and the reasons why, because of the state tax issue, the fact this they don't ask for any.
2:57 am
we have your thoughts about the political strategy. we asked whether you would take them up on that offer. what responses did we get? >> jessica says come on down thomas roberts should be in the 70s in orlando today. that sounds great. our friend says i don't want to move to florida. i want to move to miami. they're doing it wrong. >> okay well one for one. that's it for "way too early." "morning joe" moments away. just like a statue. just one more. hold still, like a statue! really? look here! ok sweetie. alright. our new formula gives you 48 hour odor protection and goes on clear for no white marks. secret outlast clear gel. good job! still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male
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i would be remiss if i didn't -- all right here we go. oh happy new year. 2015 in the house. >> 2015 is just hours old but all eyes are looking ahead to 2016. 2015 means it's 2016 decision time. >> 2015 is really the start of 2016.


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