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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  January 6, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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hunt. mark what does this mean? >> we knew this was coming. he said he was actively thinking about run,ing for the presidency. today was the official announce announcement of the leadership pac and that is the significance. it is worth noting what a leadership pac does and doesn't regarding a presidential bid. it allows someone to raise a lot of money to distribute it to politicians across the country. sometimes curry favor with them. it helps pay for travel expenses. what the leadership pac doesn't allow bush to do is use the funds to run for the presidency to transfer them over to a presidential campaign. that would be the next step is looking for when bush sets up an expror story or official campaign committee. >> you spoke to him a couple of
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weeks ago. the name of this pac, right to rise, what do we know about where that name came from. how was it born? and also when you had that conversation a few weeks ago did you get the sense this was a man who is very serious about becoming president of the united states? >> well, first of all, craig, right to rise is something that jeb bush credits paul ryan with coining. he wrote an bit talking about how, quote we have to make it easier for people to do the things that allow them to rise. we have to let them compete. i think that's the frame he's putting on this. he said in the announcement for the leadership pac that republicans who he's going support he wants to back people who won't seed an inch. any voter or demographic group. a shift for the republican party. as for the time i spent a little bit of time with governor bush. he campaigned late in the cycle this time for some senate and
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gubernatorial candidates. i saw him in colorado. at the time he was pretty reluctant to talk about what at that point was his son kind of getting ahead of him a little bit and discussing the potential presidential run. what i will say he comes across as a fairly deliberate politician. i think you're seeing that in his roll out of this potential exploration of presidential bid. he's not letting himself get drag into the back and forth of the 24-hour news cycle. he try show he joins the latest technology. he joined instagram and put those two videos in. when you sign up you're asked to put if your own instagram handle. i think interesting initial moves from the former florida governor. >> speaking to the technological aspect. he announced he was exploring
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via twitter. mark before i let you get out of here. in terms of what this announcement means for other potential candidates does this do anything to shift a time table for a chris christie or a marco rubio or insert one of the other 14 15 names we toss back infrequently here. >> it does for a lot of folk. if you're a chris christie or or marco rubio you realize you have to do this fairly quickly. there are a finite number of big time fundraisers and top campaign staffers. a lot will be jockeying to win the establishment part. i think it is going to have folks start faster than they were expecting a few months ago. >> mark murray in hunt and kasie hunt. thank you.
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another breaking story centered around a man once considered a republican contend for the white house himself. the sentencing hearing for bob mcdonnell is underway now. back in september a jury convicted him for accepting about $180,000 in luxury gifts and lones in exchange for promoting a friend's nutritional business. mcdonnell and his estranged wife.wife were found guilty. defense attorneys asked for 6,000 hours of community service. i'm joined by jane. i understand you got new information. >> i just ran out of the courthouse. it's right across the street. what the judge has said he's not going to hold governor mcdonnell saying he didn't think he was, you know taking a bribe as an
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obstruction of justice. the government said, you know, he was obstructing justice when he said that. and the judge said, you know, i'm going to let him say what he think happened. that doesn't make sense to me. that takes about two years off the sentence. we're down to 10. the judge also lowered the amount if he's being punished for. the amount the government said was about $177,000 of gifts and loans the families accepted from the businessman. and the judge said it looks more like less than $120 and more than $97,000. it brings the sentence down another two years. we're in the range of six to eight years versus ten to 12. already good news for the defense. one other breaking thing we saw this morning. we saw maureen mcdonnell come in. she walked in flanked by her children looking very, you know very upset.
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and she was sort of an unexpected attendee. they had been estranged according to all reports. we hear they got together for the holidays for the children and the family and this i guess, is another occasion like that. >> let's talk about the estranged wife for a second. as you know mcdonnell's lawyers even two of his daughters tried to place a lot of blame on maureen. one daughter writing a letter on his behalf on her father's behalf. at this point, jane any indication how much that letter or how much even that strategy
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could pay off for bob mcdonnell when the sentencing comes down here in a few minutes? >> yeah the defense is clearly hoping for that. they keep bringing up this one shopping trip in new york where, you know, the businessman bought more than $20,000 of clothes for maureen and they keep saying he was never told. there's no testimony he knew anything like this was happening. they're hoping for that. i think we don't know yet. they're st still having witnesses talking in there now. and, you know, we're not sure. but you will notice that daughter she came in after her mother. she did not walk in with the rest of her family. definitely was standing still off to the side. >> okay. jane maureen mcdonnell going to be sentenced in february is that correct? >> yes, she'll be sentenced february 20th. i think this will be a good indicator how harsh her sentence looks like it will be. jane timm in richmond virginia.
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thank you very much. we're following breaking news right here in new york city where the manhunt is intensifying for two suspects who shot and wounded two police officers in the bronx overnight. the officers were responding to a robbery, police say the surveillance video shows one of the suspects opening fire on one of the officers. at last check the officers were in stable -- critical but stable condition. after a vehicle they carjacked crashed. the suspects imagined to ed-- managed to get away. mayor de blasio visited the hospital. >> these officers did something extraordinarily brave this evening. they did it as part of their commitment. the aursofficers had come off their shift and upon hearing this call went back out in search of the criminals. >> officials do not believe that the shooting was targeted it does come as police tensions are
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running high following the deaths of officers wenjian liu and rafael ramos. just hours before the shooting the mayor, the police commissioner publicly addressed hundred of officers who once again turned their backs on the mayor in protested at officer liu's funeral over the weekend. >> those individuals who took certain actions this last week -- or last two weeks, really, they were disrespectful to the families involved. that's the bottom line. they were disrespectful to the families that lost their loved one. i can't understand why anyone would do such a thing in the context like that. >> what was the need in the middle of that ceremony to engage in a political action? i don't get it. >> adding to the tension new numbers showing dramatic decline in the number of arrests for the second straight week. summons in new york city pledging more than 90% over last year. the number of arrests are down
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56%. the police union president insists the officers have not slowed down. one reason numbers are down because many officers have been monitoring protests. joining me from the box withronx with more on the shooting. do we know much more? >> not at this point, craig. we really don't. what i should tell you is this officials say the officers' wounds are not life threatening. one officer was shot in the arm and lower back. another was shot in the arm and chest. officials say they are expected to recover from these gunshot wounds. police say they found a gun at the site where that carjacked vehicle was found. last night police commissioner bill bratton described the suspects as two male hispanics between the ages of 25 and 30 years old. i should point out this incident we're told happened just behind me a couple of blocks up the
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street. there's a heavy police presence. my camera man is going to pan over so you can see. there's a mobile police unit there. and off to the side police have posted a reward sign. they're offering $10,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspects they are seeking in this case. >> in the bronx on this tuesday morning, thank you. on the brink. many are worried about more mudslides today in washington state as debris and floods force hundreds out of their homes. many are dealing with bone-chilling weather as a fast moving snowstorm race ace cross the country. we'll have a live report. the new republican controlled congress reconvenes a the top of the hour. up next a live report from capitol hill. i'll talk live with james clyburn about what is next for democrats. the new proposal for convicted drunk drivers in one state. it's a "newsnation" gut check
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developing right now. the 1114th congress convenes in about 45 minutes. republicans take control of both the house and senate for the first time in eight years. earlier this morning, the changing of the guard in the senate was noted but the changing of the sign outside mcdonnell's officer from minority leader to majority leader. they plan to act fast on their agenda, which include approving the construction of the keystone pipeline changing president obama's signature health care law, and trying to use funding to counter his executive action on immigration as well.
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but there is not complete harmony. one of the first orders of business when the house is gavelled to order at noon eastern the election of house speaker. john boehner faceing a revolt as he seeks a third term. two republicans jumped in the race to challenge him. kelly o'donnell joins me. speaker boehner faced a similar challenge two years ago when about a dozen voted against him. how serious is the challenge this time around? >> this is the sequel if you will craig. this is sort of unrest among the most conservative members. this is an opportunity for them to channel that in a big protest against the speaker. but it does not appear to be enough to affect the outcome or galvanize enough support to an alternative choice. it highlights the concerns they have believing that speaker boehner had not done enough to stop the president's action on
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immigration or to go after the health care law. some of the kinds of story lines we've talked about over the last couple of years. but he has a little bit of room the speaker does up to 28 or so no votes. he could retain the speakership. we don't expect it will go that high based on what we're hearing now. a dozen republican are saying they won't support him. if it were to go to a point where there's not one person who has enough votes. democrats will vote for nancy pelosi. then it would go to a second ballot. we adopt expect it to go that far. it has the impact of taking away a bit of the shine of the day for john boehner. as you noted on the republican side in the senate this is a big day for mitch mcconnell. it's not just the sign on the door that changes. a lot around here changes. as much as there is tension in the air it's a family day. members of congress have their children and their parents and their spouses here for the
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official swearings in and the ceremonial pictures. it's a day that combines a lot of different emotions of what for many was a long campaign season and now time to get down to business and there are big issues they're going to work on with a new agenda geared and steered by republicans. >> kelly, as you know another issue that republicans are dealing with to a certain extent the over steve scalise. defending the speech he made 12 years ago to a white supremacist group lead by david duke. this is what josh ernst said yesterday. >> there's no arguing that who republicans decide to elevate into a leadership position says a lot about who -- what the conference's priorities and values are. and, i mean, ultimately mr. scalise reportedly described
8:19 am
himself as david duke without the baggage. it's up to republicans. >> kelly, any chance that scalise doesn't retain his role as house republican whip? >> that's one of the things we will need to watch carefully. because from the point when the story broke when members were home over the holidays to now when they in town and facing cameras and questions and the new business getting underway. the early stages of this scalise maintained the support of the leadership in the party and new members as well. and while there have been some calls from democrats for him to give up his leadership post, that has not gained a lot of steam. in part because he's appologize apologized. said he regretted it. perhaps it's 12 years in the past. what he was talking about was taxes not issues of race. that needs to be measured day-to-day. people face cameras soon as a part of the leadership team. he'll be questioned about it as will other leaders. we'll have to see how it shabs out. at the moment he can retain it.
8:20 am
political winds can shift. we'll see how it plays out in the next few days. >> kelly, a few moments ago we learned that congressional leadership from the house and the senate will be meeting with president obama next week. is this a customary meeting? >> it is customary. it's one of the important points you gauge body language. you get a sense of are they willing to talk about what was discussed at the table. are there new topics that come into this? one of the things that might be tense is that with bringing up keystone pipeline as an early part of the republican agenda it puts pressure on president obama. will he veto it? will he decide to sign it if there's democratic support? there will be a challenge right out of the gate. at the same time there might also be areas like trade pacs and things like that republicans say they want to work on signalled he would be open to. it is a new snowy day here in d.c. we'll have to see how much if at all the mood changes in the
8:21 am
spirit of cooperation or friction. >> kelly o'donnell for us from the hill on this tuesday. the first day of the 114th congress. thank you. joined now by assistant democratic leader in the house congressman jim clyburn of south carolina. good to see you. thank you for being with me. >> happy orientation day. >> thank you. >> is this going to be with the new congress is it going to be the same old gridlock or is the new republican controlled chronic and president obama and democratic leadership you going to be able to work together and if so on which issues? >> well, i don't think it's going to be the same. i believe there's going to be more cooperation this time. i think that the speaker has a little more room to maneuver. he has a larger majority to work
8:22 am
with. he has more chances he can take on bring legislation to the floor. i think there is going to be more cooperation in some areas. but there's not going to be any coopting here. i think that the president and i know the democratic caucus will not budge when it comes to the affordable care act. i think on immigration we have we'll pursue. we would lot of to see the republicans come to a good place on immigration. and i know they probably will come early on. i think it will be first out of the box with the keystone xl pipeline.
8:23 am
it is something the president has some red since about. >> with regards to the pipeline considering the fact on average we've seen job growth roughly 200,000 per month. gas prices at their lowest level in some five years. that does change the equation at all with regard to a vote on the pipeline? >> well, it does change the equation. probably takes away that argument that when used for a long time but, you know, i don't believe that's ever really been the issue that is the price of oil and that sort of thing. for some time now, we've been in the position in this country of being an exporter of energy and i think that we were just getting to a higher level of that. i don't think that's been the issue. this is a symbolic issue more
8:24 am
than anything else. if i were being asked by the white house for my advice i would ask the president take a hard look at the issue and to see whether or not he can achieve by signing statements to get this issue off the table and probably use signing statements to address the concerns that he has about the -- and i have the same concerns about the environment. >> really quickly before i let you go you have -- if i'm not mistaken you've been there in d.c. now for, what how many years? >> 22 years. >> 22 years. here you go again. is this it for you? is this your last rodeo or do it again after this? >> i don't know. we'll take a look at things. it's not as much fun being in the minority as it is in the
8:25 am
majority. >> i would imagine not. >> i'll take a look and see how things go. see what happens with the presidential next year. my health is fine. i still get up early in the mornings and stay up pretty late at night. i still play two rounds a golf. >> i hear you can play more than two, congressman. thank you. always good to see you. >> thank you very much. coming up the flu outbreak now wide spread in 43 states. dr. natalie aczar will joins us. san francisco police are investigating an arson attack at the city landmark there. the home where mrs. doubt fire was filmed. it's one of the stories we're following around the "newsnation." here is a look at the other stuff happening today. family and friends are saying their final farewells to former new york governor andrew cuomo. president bill clinton and
8:26 am
hillary clinton are among those who are expected to attend that service. today in cleveland the mother of the tamir rice will be holding a news conference. the family says they remain concerned no charges have been filed more than 40 days after that shooting. i meant to say mario cuomo not andrew cuomo. we'll be right back. their laundry smells more amazing than ever. (sniff) uh honey isn't that the dog's towel? (dog noise) hey, mi towel, su towel. more gain scent, plus oxi boost and febreze for 3 big things in one gain fling. it's our best gain ever! >> bingo! >> darn it! i was one square away from winning that game. >> it's a shame sadie isn't here today she always wins.
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8:30 am
hillside breaks loose dragging a home down with it as you can see there. mud and debris blocked access to dozens of homes in washington state. some areas of the street are crumble. the red cross opened an emergency shelter. we're keeping our eyes on what is happening in washington state. a winter weather system is bringing snow on top of an arctic air blast impacting more than 200 million americans. winter weather advisories and warnings in effect and at least 22 states. here is the scene out our nation's capital where heavy snow has been falling steadily. slowing traffic in a big way. 2 to 3 inches fell in chicago. residents are bracing for even more bone chilling temperatures. kevin is in chicago joining me live now. kevin, what is the scene like? you can see the breath. i know it's cold. is it still snowing? >> no it's not snowing.
8:31 am
it's cleared off. you're talking about 200 million americans being affected by this. you're talking to one of them now. i can vouch for the over 199 million it's darn cold out here. there is a bitter cold advisory in effect. it will last well into thursday. as you can see behind me here on lake michigan it's starting to freeze over. i'm telling, you craig, if it stays clear like this i'll be able to get my ice skates out here. it's awfully cold. obviously chicago has a battalion of salt snows and snowplows at the ready. it took me a long time to get down here this morning because i was stuck behind one. the mayor of the city said that chicago is prepared for this cold. just in closing i have to tell you up until yesterday we considered ourselves pretty lucky because last year we had a heck of a cold spell around this time of year.
8:32 am
as a matter of fact, 2014 was a record year for cold temperatures and cold weather in the chicago area. we thought we were getting off the hook but as of yesterday into today, tomorrow it's going to be colder. the wind is supposed to pick up. all of a sudden we're not feeling so smug about mother nature. >> kevin, thank you. this year's flu outbreak getting worse but there is good news for those who did not get the flu this season. so far up next i'm going to talk live with our medical contributor dr. natalie aczar. also the future unveiled. from headsets to blue tooth pass fiers. wearables are dominating the consumer electronic show. plus this. >> peta chill at least trey didn't eat the dog.
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the volkswagen golf family. motor trend's 2015 "cars" of the year. we're back with an update on the flu outbreak in this country. the centers for disease control said the flu is wide spread in 43 states. it's up from 36 states last week. most cases have been the h3 n2 virus. this year's vaccine don't cover that strand. how can that be that this particular strain is not covered by the vax seen? >> well, what happened and this happens frequently. we say it's important to remind people. the flu vaccine in general is roughly 55 to 60% effective. keeping that in mind we have to
8:37 am
remember the flu strains that are chosen for the upcoming year's vaccine, it happens in february typically. this year's flu vaccine. the strains picked were picked last year in february. a month later this strain started drifting. it means that the vaccine now is only covering roughly 50%. so that means that the strain that circulating now half of them have drifted enough so they're not no longer susceptible for the vaccine. >> we have reached epidemic proportions in the country. they have become afraid. perhaps justifiably so. how worried are doctors about this particular strain and how long is someone contagious who has the particular strain? >> first of all, we want to revise the status of epidemic now. the latest information we have from the cdc which was reported yesterday the week ending the prooefts week, we have gone under epidemic.
8:38 am
that's encouraging. this is a moving target. it's fluctuating. it could change in a week or so. are we concerned? we are. as you mentioned the strain historically is a more bug which mean it is causes more severe illness. we know it's the one predominanting circulating now. over 90% are being caused be they strain. in terms of con teenage ontagiouscontagious. you want to make sure you don't have a fever for 24 hours without the aid of a fever reducer before you go out in the community again. >> how do you know if you're sick enough with the flu that you need to go to the er? >> again good question. the thing it depends on who you are. if you are a patient, for example, who's immune system is comprised. those are the patients that we
8:39 am
would encourage to be evaluated in the emergency room. at the immediate onset of flu-like symptoms. high fever, cough, runny nose. we would prefer them to be evaluated, diagnosed, and perhaps started on anti-viral therapy. for an average adult who has the fever, cold able to take down field, hold down liquids. you don't necessarily need seek medical attention. anything that would concern me is a persistent fever greater than 104. shortness of breath. if you become a bluish color to the lips. you should seek medical attention. >> very useful information. up next a ski team tragedy. who americans vying for a spot in the olympics die in an avalanche. also this.
8:40 am
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lasts 8 hours, but aleve can last 12 hours... and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? aleve, proven better on pain. friends and family are mourning the deaths of two young skiers vying for the u.s. ski team who were killed when they were caught in an avalanche. they were training along with four others when the avalanche struck. they are remembered as outstanding men and athletes. 19-year-old bryce and 20-year-old brady were training with four other ski whers according to the associated press the group went off course. apparently triggering the massive avalanche. first responders said they had no avalanche equipment and event eventually found under 12 feet of snow.
8:44 am
>> they were great ski racers but outstanding young men who were all focussed on a passion of becoming world cup athletes. >> his friend had a golden heart. >> doesn't matter if you're first or last. he's positive and talked about bringing the good vibes and, you know, we lost a party of our heart today. for sure. >> the headmaster e ski academy praised his determination. >> he was loved by his peers and teammates. because above all, he was a kind person. he worked hard. he had a big heart. he's very nice to other people. just a devastating loss. one that is es -- >> young men with big dreams taken too soon by a sport they loved. >> her son was hoping to compete in a next winter olympics and he was, quote, pretty much on his way. meanwhile some of the sports biggest stars are tweeting their
8:45 am
condolences. lindsay vaun tweeting. a member of the grand jury which investigated the michael brown case is suing because the juror wants to be able to talk about that case. that tops our look at stories around the "newsnation" today. a person identified as grand juror dough filed a federal suit yesterday against robert mccullough seeking to lift the gag order which bans jurors from talking about the case. the information has been made public about the jury's view is not entirely accurate and not all grand jurors believe there was no support for any charges against darren wilson. a spokesperson said he hasn't been served with the lawsuit and no comment. san francisco police say someone tried to set the home used in the movie mrs. doubt fire on fire. police say a door mat was set on fire around 8:00 last night. no major damage was reported. and no word on a suspect.
8:46 am
er is vina er is veewilliams did with a lot of folks do when they feel sluggish. got a strong set of coffee. she asked if she was allowed to order an espresso. someone brought her one. she then went on to beat opponent for the next two sets. up next a ban on boos a new proposal in oklahoma would ban convicted drunk drivers from drinking or buying alcohol. supporters say it would stop drunk driving. others wonder how it would be enforced. it's our "newsnation" gut check. also ahead technology continuing to get very personal. wearable devices one of the top trends in the consumer electronic show. we'll go live to las vegas with the gadgets you could be wearing soon. good job! still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male
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there's a heck of a lot
8:50 am
going on this morning. colorado is launching a major new campaign to educate residents and tourists alike on how to responsibly to kids it's going to start hitting radio, tv newspapers and the internet later this month. sarah palin doubling down on the wake of the backlash after posting pictures of her 6-year-old son trig standing on top of the dog they adopted this past summer. >> absolutely hypocritical double standards as usual applied to perhaps a constudental conservative. that was the best line i wrote. hey, peta chill.
8:51 am
at least trig didn't eat the dog. there would be mutual respect and support if we can agree that god's creation is precious and sacred and we should do all we can to conserve. >> time now for the gut check. a new proposal in the oklahoma legislature restricts people from buying or consuming alcohol if they have been convicted of a dui. it would allow courts anyone guilty of a dui to abstain from drinking for a period of time determined by a judge. a convicted drunk driver would have to exchange his or her license for a new license called alcohol restricted that restricts them from buying or consuming alcohol. it would make it a felony to provide alcohol to anyone with that restriction or face a
8:52 am
$1,000 fine or face a year in prison. patrick anderson said the reason i asked for a felony is because i want to drive home the point that it is important. this is a key factor in alcoholism and drunk driving in our state. an oklahoma dui said the proposal amounts to a little more than shaming the offenders. he said i understand the concept of the scarlet letter which is what this is. no different than pilgrim times. it would be hard to enforce such a law. the person would have to have knowledge and would be ordered to abstain at a party. do you agree with the proposal to ban people from consuming and buying alcohol? go online to cast your vote. >> the international consumer
8:53 am
electronics show opened their doors in las vegas. the much anticipated showcase of the latest and greatest in high tech products. julia boorstin is there at the las vegas convention center on the strip. she has a preview of the hot gadgets. i understand that high tech wearables continues to be the dominant trend, no? >> absolutely. high tech wearables. i am decked out. this jacket i will turn it on. this is called the ultimate cycling jacket from a company called visi jacks. you have turn signals and it's safer to commute to work. this is the perfect example of how it's about taking ordinary devices and making them high tech and connecting to the internet. this glove is called zep golf designed to improve your golf
8:54 am
swing. this measures exactly how you swing and gives you all this data that you can use to improve your golf swing. it's about taking devices like watches and making them high tech. this is a sony watch. the smart watch 3. you can connect it to your phone or use it to track your fitness and google things on it and say okay google -- people will be paying a lot of attention to devices like these ahead of apple launching the watch later this year. i want to show you the thing i'm holding. it looks like the ring. you can use this. you wave it around to control power point presentations and swipe things on screens. really high tech. a little tiny ring here. it's not just for grown ups. if you have kids they try to turn everything into a game. this is a tooth brush designed for kids that connects to an app
8:55 am
to turn tooth brushing into a game. it helps measure how long they are brushing their teeth to incentivize them to brush longer and more often. that's always useful. it's a fun show here. ideas to make every part of your day to save you time and make you better at what you do whether it's playing golf or cycling. >> one degree that i understand is getting a lot of attention, the internet of things. the products connected to the web. what are we seeing in that department? >> a lot of smart devices in the home. one company which is owned by google is opening the platform and trying to connect more devices to the home. they have a smart thermostat and a smart smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector. there smart locks and doorbells that tell you who is at the door and smart washers and driers that can tell if you are outside
8:56 am
of the house and control them via smart phone and tell them you want them to keep fluffing the laundry to keep it warm or make the devices silent if you have a baby sleeping. it's about giving you a lot more control over everyday objects with the idea that it should save you time. >> the jetsons would be proud. thank you so much and always great to see you. that will do it for "news nation." i'm craig melvin in for tamron hall. up next andrea mitchell in new york. she will be interviewing john lewis on the legacy of selma. defiance is in our bones. defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. easily absorbed calcium plus d. beauty is bone deep. u for calling colonial penn life insurance company. i'm glad i was able to help you today. hi, my name is diane tull, and i'm a customer service representative for colonial penn life insurance company. insurance can sometimes be difficult to understand,
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9:00 am
>> some on the right are concerned about the boehner strategy. we want to get to the same place of making our government work. >> we are not attacking john boehner and the conference that you say you are part of. >> new york city manhunt. police search for a fugitive after two officers are shot responding to a robbery, the commissioner praised his men. >> they performed courageously and the station house to respond to the robbery scene. >> inside selma. as some question the accuracy of the new movie's portrayal of lyndon johnson, we ask the men who almost died in the struggle almost 50 years ago. >> it's not a matter of making blunders are mistakes but the drama. to make it simple and


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