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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  January 6, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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apocalypse now, and shall lind her's list do the right thing, the graduate, and we need more epic films like those. in a time of war and protests in the streets, bringing a historical moment as deep as any of the vaunted '60s, but hollywood is like the mall selling us stuff we don't need instead of trying more often to challenge us to the core. now it's time for ari melber. \s. it's tuesday, january 6th this is "now." >> we're anxious to get started. >> members of the 114th congress. >> congressional republicans now reign. >> the house and senate for the first time in eight year. >> it's boehner and mcconnell for better or worse. >> the election didn't solve internal issues that the party
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has. >> there's not complete harmony in the grand old party. >> there's uncertainty in the house. >> which republican party is showing up? >> there's still to be compromised to get any of those purely republican ideas through the senate. >> one of the things the senate is best at is not doing much. >> we're at the start of a new year and new congress. >> we'll begin this endeavor on common ground. >> it's back to work. >> i wish them well. i think we can hopefully have a productive 2015. >> new congress new speaker this afternoon. meeting for the very first time. john bain irwas sworn in as speaker of the house after being elected with 216 votes. he vowed this congress would prove its critics wrong. >> this shared ritual is no passing formality. it's a frontier where words end and where deeds begin.
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now the pessimists don't see us crossing this channel. they say nothing will be accomplished here bus the vision is wider than ever, so gridlock will be even greater. frankly, fair enough. let's stand tall and prove the skeptics wrong. >> and on that sentiment, president obama seemed to agree. a few moments ago, he congratulated boehner and welcomed the new congress. >> i want to congratulate them once again on their positions as speaker and majority leader in the senate and i'm very much looking forward to working with them. i already had a chance to say happy new year to them. i'm confident that there are going to be areas where we disagree, and there would be some issue battles, but i'm also confidence that there are enormous areas of potential
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agreement. i wish them well and i think we're going to actually have hopefully a productive 2015. >> boehner's reelection comes after a pretty unusual level of dissent within his own party. 24 republicans voted against his official speakership, more opposition that is any other speaker has faced in decades. 246 residence sworn into the house now. 54 into the senate. this new congress does have the largest republican majority since all the way back to 1928. with more women and minorities it is actually the most diverse consequence in u.s. history 42% is until the aim of 50. 18% are women. even the most diverse congress in history remains 80% white, 80% male and 92% christian. the big vote in congress today was, of course for boehner's speakership. tomorrow the house will get mo of on policy. it will look at legislation on the affordable care act.
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friday the mouse is expected to vote on the keystone pipeline an sure the senate is already addressing. the white house said today the president will veto that keystone bill if it reach es his desk. >> joaquin castro and former white house press sect and founding partner of the insight agency, robert gibbs. happy new congress day to you both? does it matter when you look at these numbers and past speakers they have not had the kind of trouble with 24 votes of dissent. does that matter? >> i think what it says is that you have a big group in the republican house of representatives that represents the tea party that's not going to go quietly into the night. they end to be very aggressive. that means when we talk about potential government shutdowns, the budget, appropriations
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certain moments during the year i think you can look to this group to be aggressive and hold john boehner to account as far as they're concerned from their perspective. >> you wonder how that undertow will ultimately affect the agenda, robert. we have a new statement from john boehner, responding to the president's veto threat there. let me read that. he said -- it's simply another sign that president obama is hopefullily out of touch and has no plans to listen to the american people or champion their priorities. what do you think that reflects here with the white house deciding to go ahead and say what they know on a day that in theory is about cooperation. >> well and i think what congressman castro talk about is true. i think for john boehner, he is as glen thrush said in his very good politico piece today, he's in charge but not necessarily in control. i think you see that even as the house and senate move on keystone, the president wanted
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to get out ahead of that and wanted to say, not so fast it's not going to happen. i think in a way of trying to make republicans and what they're doing next make it look futile. i think that keystone clearly begins this skirmish of putting away the niceties of the new year and the working together and gets down to the fact that quite frankly they have a set of priorities that don't match, but each of them is probably going to have to give something up in order to get anything done. i think the onus quite frankly is on each side to want to get something done. >> let me read another part that quotes two of thinks former aiding with a little behind the scenes. two former house leadership staffers who spent a lot of time around the speaker say it's not uncommon for boehner to roll his eyes during one of obama's long spiels set down the receivers on his desk as the speaker lights another camel or gestures to an aide to hand him a file.
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robert.spiel, of course is a yiddish word for a long thing that go no where are. i've been on the other end of those phone calls. the president obviously doesn't think he's gills spiels but offering something. >> i think this is the collision you're going to see. is each side goodsing to enough to find some stblt to compromise. i think republicans taking control is in many ways the opening of the republican primaries for 2016. i think the real onus is on if republicans to prove to the american people that they can govern and be for something. we know what they're again. we want to know now what they're for. i think the onus will be on them to have to figure out on how to
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come to 134 compromise and agreement. that will also have to happen from the white house's perspective. >> it would be interesting and will have system iterations of it, my guess is until we get something done. >> congress mast castro what is your sense there, you've been around the ceremonies we're watching alternate a distance. we saw the speaker's address. this is a large freshman class. do you have any sense about it yet? have you talked to any of these folks in either party and what they might want to get done? >> the first day is alternate a celebratory day. people have their families here. a lot of them their families joined the house floors so people are generally in an upbeat and good mood. i think everybody is hoping for the best especially for democrats, also preparty for the worth. i think with the position
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talking about keystone the way he has in the last few weeks, talking about these veto authority, i think he's trying to remind the republicans that he understands they won the elections with clear majorities in november but they're not going to roll over the president. he's going to make sure this is a two-way negotiation between the executive branch and the leaders in congress. if things turn out the best they could, this would be a situation akin to what. clinton experienced in the 1990 with his with newt gingrich where there were some areas of agreement and some bipartisanship. >> what policies do you think you might get that kind of agreement on? >> hopefully some areas of immigration reform for example, it will be tough confide honestly to get comprehensive immigration reform but there are areas where there is some room for compromise. i think on education, particularly on higher education, there's some room there. i suspect that the president is trying very hard on trade, for
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example. so there are still areas where the two parties share some space, so to speak, but sometimes the mood can be poisoned when you have situation like government shutdowns, and very strong right wing of the republican party which would now not only be in the house, but also in the senate that is making it hard for john boehner and mitch mcconnell to negotiate, and then hold to their word on the negotiations they have come to with the president. >> robert. from the white house view what do they do in setting up the state of the union in a period where republicans obviously feel they want to move forward. what do you put in that address to have any counter vailing pressure on compromise? >> one, you want to use it a way of setting not just your priors for it is year but given the fact that the president will make some spots for resurgence in auto sales, a better housing market to start that speech by
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reminding people that he made tough decision and the economy is get stronger. i think what would be interesting about that speech is whether anything gets laid out. not just what the president wants to do but ultimately how he wants to get it done. i think congressman castro laid out the fact they're going to have to come to some compromise. the question on an issue like say, tax reform is can they find some amount of compromise that loosens up some money for infrastructure spending? can each side get something? i think it will be you know interesting to see not just how the president and the white house laid out the agenda in terms of what they want to do but ultimately how that might get accomplished. >> all right. robert gibbs and congressman castro thank you both. >> thank you. coming up will the republicans' first day as the majority in congress become the first showdown of the year between congress and the white house? we'll look at the new gop strategy to passkeystone and other agenda items.
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also investigators questioning the two men suspected of shooting two new york police officers overnight in the bronx. we'll have the latest ahead on "now." first, dangerously cold temperatures in much of the country. we're going to go to msnbc meteorologist domenica davis. >> we have witch warnings and viriles for parts of ten states right now that span from the morn plains down into the ohio valley. no tonight and tomorrow morning we'll look at windchill values as low as minus 50 in some cases. wednesday's forecast shows the core of this cold going into the ohio valley so it would be for the great lakes all the way down to the ohio valley. by -- by thursday, rather, it spreads off to the east and we'll see the coldest day of the winter even into the south.
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former virginia governor bob mcdonnell is going to jail. he was sentenced to two years in prison for public corruption charges handed down in september. >> >>. >> i want to thank the court and judge spencer for the mercy he dispensed to me. i'm a human being.
1:17 pm
i've made mistakes in my life. i always try to put the best interests of the people first as governor, but i have failed at times. >> mcdonnell and his wife maureen were convicted of trading the influence of the governor's office for exchange in loans, vacation and assorted gifts from a wealthy friend of the family. now, mcdonnell originally faced up to 12 years in prison but the judge said he was moved by the outpouring of support. a man suspected of shooting two police officers last night is now in custody today. while police continue to question a second suspect who was wounded in that shootout sources telling nbc's -- new york wnbc our local affiliate. a there are person of interest has also been taken into custody. five cops reported to cabal about a rob.
1:18 pm
one of the men opened fire wounding 30-year-old officer andrew dossiened and iliro, both officers we're told are in stable condition. this comes weeks after two other officers were murdered in the bed bedford neighborhood. flow coming up former governor mario cuomo laid to rest. we'll look at his progressive legacy next. later, president obama's favorite tv drama, two cast members from the iconic show "the wire" will join us to discuss that crime drama's lasting impact. so you're looking for a loan? how's your credit? i know i have an 810 fico score, thanks to the tools and help on and your big idea is hot dogs shaped like hamburgers? nope. hamburgers shaped like hot dogs. that's not really in our wheelhouse...
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for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. what's in a can of del monte green beans? ( ♪ ) grown in america. picked and packed at the peak of ripeness. with no artificial ingredients. del monte. bursting with life. today the governor of new york andrew cuomo said good-bye to a former governor of new york, his father mario cuomo.
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>> he wasn't really a politician at all. mario cuomo's politics were more a personal belief system. it was who he was, not what he did. fundamentally my father was a humanist. >> hundreds of mourners gathered to pay tribute, include former president clinton and mayor de blasio. joining muss -- and the daily beast's michael tamaski, who covered new york for many years. hello to both of you. let me start with you mike. you heard the current governor say it there at today's funeral. you wrote about it the idea that mario cuomo touched a lot of people because he was essentially a good guy. >> i think that's right. andrew's words there ring quite true to me from what i knew of
1:23 pm
the governor and i did know him somewhat. he -- he wasn't a politician with a capital "p." he was who he was, and he brought his own personal code of honor, his integrity, his sense of civic, small-r republican life and obligation to the office. he didn't have a huge long list of great liberal accomplishments as governor. he wasn't quite that kind of politician. he did have some but it wasn't that so much as the way he was able to articulate his values in his famous speeches and certain stances he took like hi opposition to the death penalty, which was an entirely principled stand, one that ultimately in a small part cost him the governorship. >> blake, you worked for a lot of politicians in this state. people think of it as a blue
1:24 pm
state, but it is not up-and-down liberal liberal, certainly not up-and-down state liberal in reagan area. what did it mean for him to be an unapologetic liberal. >> it wasn't that it might have cost him the governorship but it may have cost him the mayoral race in 1987. back in the '70s and '80s when he was coming into age reply kale, it was not a blue liberal state. and so even nationally to broad been it out, he talked about the tale of two cities in the '80s this was at a time when reagan was really ascendant, a view of a shining city on the hill. mario quoto, mike's right, did not have a ton of liberal accomplishments. actually to his dismay he had to add prisons, cut programs but that forceful evokation of
1:25 pm
liberalism was very important at a time when very few others were doing it. >> we're in a period here where we have a liberal mayor of new york city, and a lot of controversy about policing even as crime falls to 40-year lows t walk us through what it was like back then when as you say, you were covering the governor and why so many democrats felt the need to say essentially we're for killing people, we're for executions. crime was much higher. 2,000 homicides per year as the 326 that were just announced for last year. this was a time whenly realism was being blamed and quoto didn't back down to a lot of --
1:26 pm
it's try he built the prisons. >> which had been pass eded. >> there was no public will. the rockefeller drug laws have since been repeal repeal under governor david paterson a few years ago, but there was no public opinion at that time that would have supported any such thing. >> certainly, and blake, obviously it set a template that sped around the country in what many considered over-exuberance in the war on drugs. i want to read a bit of the obituary. he really mastered the art of the anti-politics or transcending politics. the times says mr. cuomo seemed to disdain politics even as he embraced it. quote, what an ugly business it
1:27 pm
is, he liked to say,y et he revelled in it sometimes a ruthless one, and blake, you were writing about. >> he was aware. if you look at him, he was never meant to be a politics. it was not his design. a lot of these politicians, you can see them growing up they're plotting their little chess match. he was a land use lawyer and almost got drafted into politics. when he was in the later years of his life and i was working on a campaign in 2001, the may mayoral candidates they wanted his endorsement. when he was asked on the campaign trail why you haven't endorsed anyone cuomo essentially disassembled said and said no one has asked me.
1:28 pm
it wasn't true we were asking him very much so ultimately what he was doing is holding out until he got the best deal for his son andrew. he was running for governor the next year too, but the lessons that i learned from that is cuomo was actually quite a good player of it. and a devoted family man. >> and he didn't want to give the answer of well i'm waiting to decide whether i like this candidate to see what he can do for my son. >> right. exactly. >> mike tomaski, in the fact that he didn't run for president, do you think that tarnishes his political impact or is that fine because most people who run by definition don't run anyway. >> yeah i think it's 15. >> or maybe in 1988 that would have been a better shot. when we of course can't know
1:29 pm
what kind of president he would have been, but he did plenty enough. and i don't want the segment to end without a mention of that notre dame speech. the convention speech has gotten more attention since his passing, but that notre dame speech, you talk about a great evokation, there's rarely been a speech like that and i would encourage people to look at it. >> people like him, daniel patrick moynihan they don't always quite make them like that anymore, i think is fair to say. thank you both for being here today. >> thanks for having us. just ahead, rep introduce the first piece of legislation in the new congress the white house issues its first veto threat. game on, that's next on "now.
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so that didn't take long. just hours after republicans took control of the u.s. senate today, the white house issued it's first veto threat of this new contingent. it's not over health care even national security it's all about the keystone pipeline. >> this piece of legislation is not altogether different than the legislation introduced in the last congress. this is not altogether different than legislation introduced in the last congress and we put out a statement that the president would have vetoed had it passed the previous congress. i can confirm for you if this bill passes this contingent the president wouldn't sign it either. >> josh earn it's doing it in sort of a boring way, but that was a true veto threat. the senate republicans on introduced their bill that would carry over tarsands oil from canada to the u.s. gulf coast
1:34 pm
daily. the house of representatives on friday plans to vote on its version, the tenth time since 2011. joining me is the director of programs from the natural resoerz defense council, dale burke. how are you? >> fine thanks for having me. first we have the oil crash, which is on people's mind probably more son than this project. is it less necessary if oil is cheaper? >> well, certainly lower oil prices are not good for the keystone investors, that's a very expensive oil to extract from tarsands but oil prices are volatile which is one of the many reasons we need to get ourselves off of oil, break the mo not any and bring other soreses likes electric vehicles. >> if people aren't energy experts like you, and they just say tarsands oil, that sounds sort of bad, is that a good way to think about it, or more complicated?
1:35 pm
>> that's a great way to think about t it's really dirty, much dirtier than regular oil. it's a very dirty process. i encourage people to go online and look at what it looks like and the destruction of the canadian soil for it and that beautiful pristine area in canada. >> you have the sort of opposite position of, mcdonald -- you're saying if people actually looked at how this tarsands keystone process worked we wouldn't like it our want it in our country? >> as people can see how destructive the process of the extraction shun isis surprised, but there's the risk of bringing that dirty oil across our country, across the breadbasket section of america to the gulf to export it. we're taking all the risk if we are to build this pipeline and for the canadians, for transcanada to sell soil overseas and build a pipeline here that they could build in
1:36 pm
canada, because the canadians have said they don't want it going across their country. >> what's wrong with exporting stuff in we sell all kinds of stuff. >> we're not exporting it. the canadians are exporting it. we're just the risk acceptor for the pipeline of the dirty oil. by the way we've had 5,000 blowouts of pipeline of this sort over the last 20 years -- >> i want to get to the politics. brief it would it be more worth it if we were getting the oil? >> no because it's not going to have an impact on oil prices or access to oil. it's a global commodity. this wouldn't have an impact for us. >> what do you make of the white house putting down the veto they today? >> the president has been saying that we have to look at the national interests. this is clearly not in the national interests. it's a huge risk to us. there's over 100,000 ranchers and farmers who live and worked in that area where the pipeline
1:37 pm
would go through, 1,000 rivers lakes and streams that pipeline would cross, and with very little benefit to us, that's an equation that doesn't add up to in our national interest. >> would you think there's any possibility at this point in the second term of the president trading this in any kind of delater? >> no there's nothing that will make this pipeline acceptable and nothing that will change that fundamental equation that it's not in our national interests. the risks are so great, the harm is so great a and the benefits are negligible. >> dale, thank you for teaching us a thing or two. >> thanks for having me. coming up this is the show that has eric holder begging for another season. two actors from "the wire" joining me to talk about when drama gets real. that's next. ♪searching with devotion♪ ♪for a snack that isn't lame♪ ♪but this...♪
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one day after he sued to speak about the case the naacp is calling on a missouri judge just to convene a new grand jury entirely to investigate the gait. in a statement the naacp statement says their review shows grave legal concerns including knowing presentation of false witness testimony, erroneous instructions on the law, and preferential treatment of mr. wilson by the st. louis county prosecuting attorney's office. that is a big charge. we'll be following it. coming up "the wire" on "now." >> so you've done soldiering but you ain't done could use you for what you've got in your head. we're going to put you on a corner. you could be inside. >> no man, i ain't making myself clear. the game ain't in me no more none of it. >> the actors who play cutty and bubbles will join me just after the break, but first josh lipton
1:42 pm
has a cnbc market wrap. hi ari. here's a look at how stocks stand going into tomorrow. u.s. stocks posted another day of losses. energy companies in particular remain in the red, as investors worried about the implications of falling crude prices the dow dropped 130 points the s&p 500 fell nearly 18 points the nasdaq lost about 16 points. that's it from krmt nbc, first in big worldwide. ♪ music ♪ ...the getaway vehicle! for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this.
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it is president obama's favorite tv drama. "entertainment weekly" named it the greatest show of all time and now it's back. the much-loved police drama "the wire" just returned to hoib. all five episodes digitally remastered for binge watchers every. they say they're standing the
1:46 pm
test. time. the creator said he didn't set out to make a show that was entertaining or hopeful. his goal was to reflect the bleak reality of baltimore, its humanity and its poverty, its struggle and its code and he wanted to criticize a drug war that failed everyone it touched, from users to bystanders and from police to politicians. "the wire" also introduced audiences to omar little who brought his own code to the game. >> hey, yo c'mon. omar is coming. >> i got the shotgun, got the briefcase. a man got to have a code. indeed. the game is out there. it's either play or get played. it's all in the game yo. >> hard-core fans of the show
1:47 pm
often quote hess memorable lines. even has a fan in the white house. >> i've got to say omar is a great character. that's not an endorsement. he's not my favorite person but he fascinating. the toughest baddest guy on the show but it's interesting. >> it's an honor to have two of the actors. an draw roy i don't, and. >> what's you will. >> good to see you, man. >> right back at you. that's the only way we get to meet. >> i know. nowadays yes. >> happy new year. how's the family? >> my daughter is 16 it's kind of hard. >> mine is 15. you know i know. >> you have a question for andre. we can start there. >> what question do i have of andre? >> i always like it -- >> i have a bone to pick with the president.
1:48 pm
c'mon, man, dennis "cutty" wise is right there in the great roots where the president likes to come from. he starts off bad, turns into a good buy, helping the community. >> you think the president should have had the role as you play as his favorite? >> emblematic. >> i would have to disagree but we don't want to battle over semantics. >> all right. >> he should have just said "the wire" is the best. >> see, that's true. spoken as a true father. love all the kids. >> that might be a too political answer. it's hard for a president to pick a gangster. i want to read something from a critic on npr talking about this re-release. he said "the wire" has a greater resonance, because so many of the messages have become a depressing reality. chad that probably depends on where you live or what you know
1:49 pm
because for many of these were realities for a long time. >> absolutely. >> what came through so often for people watching the show is that it felt real. how did it feel for you on set? >> oh, absolutely. that's like apropos for any actor worth his weight what he wants to do is tell that level of truth. to have a production team and the creative show to have that same aesthetic was just amazing. that's a perfect marriage. andre can speak to that. we walk around as truth tellers. we've often compromised by a production team or the studio or the network, and here we have this wonderful enclave of truth tellers, and we were able to speak that truth clearly and absolutely every episode in and out. so that was an amazing experience for us all. >> andre, talk to us about that because acting is fiction, but good actors make it real. you have talked before about how you felt your street oscar came
1:50 pm
when someone thought that you were an actual junkie near the set when you were playing one. >> yeah. i -- i have to give mea -- about looking cool or good. but just telling the story
1:51 pm
. what does it mean to -- how did you view this show's presentation of those relationships between people on the streets, some people committing crimes in relation -- >> i was scared to play. i wasn't sure if i would be able to bring as much to it because i grew up in a neighborhood and grew up in the bronx, you know the concept of being a snitch was always looked down upon as you know a rat or somebody that would never get respected. you know it was strange and great that david simon and myself were able to display a humanitarian aspect of just trying to help out, just trying to be a better person just trying to do what's right, and
1:52 pm
not be afraid to help out, you know, cops when you need to. i mean i would feel like you know that term "snitching" is looked down upon but, you know it's two different things. i wasn't snitching to you know betray a friend or you know backstab somebody. i was trying to eat. i think the element of survival comes first and foremost for any human being out there. >> chad another part of this that's different from most -- i would say most police movies and shows is that you see all sides, whereas typically in these shows, you seem this from a predominantly police perspective. let me read from a "new yorker piece" about david simon. it spent as much time with the law breakers as with the law enforcers. you only saw them through their own as well the drug trade emerged as its own intricate
1:53 pm
bureaucracy, a hierarchy that suddenly mirrored that of the police department. how did that work? you started to see them as competing organizations, so that the individual people didn't even matter as much. it was like the system's pressure. >> well that's absolutely true. first and foremost anytime you're empowered to tell your own story, the greater audience will get a much greater perspective. so that was empowering those characters in ways that in the past productions they weren't aloued to have that kind of strength. so once you get to what humanity, human behavior you find out yes, we are a lot more a like than we are different. we just wear different uniform, inhabit different neighborhoods, but we all have similar qualities as human beings. >> do you have anyone that the viewer is supposed to root for? >> i honestly believe -- and i'm saying it because i play the role but cutty represented
1:54 pm
that. i think a lot of people said please, you know you didn't know and i did my best and david simon and ed burns and everyone else did their best to keep them following, not knowing where i was going, but i've got a people were rooting for cutty, and i think he did print darn good. >> andre, who should people root for? do you think people should fire out and check out these old season if they haven't already? >> i think david simon and cutty said it best -- i didn't mean to call him cutty, but it's like family. i think david simon wanted the audience to not have a favorite or not have somebody that you know, they could point out and saying that's the one i want to root for, but root for everybody to just do the right thing. i think david simden didn't have the answer but wanted to pose the question. what are they going to do to make their world a better place? how do we do it without hurting
1:55 pm
or taking from our fellow human beings? my favorite line in the shot was all the pieces matter. i think the audience was finally excited to watch the show and get more than just entertainment. they have a little self-awareness. >> that's true. when the mirror is pointed at you and you get to reflect, you make a judgment call on which way you want to go along that journey. >> i didn't mean to be selfish, andre. the experience i have in the streets is people are rooting for good. but jeb bush is cutty? somebody tweeted that. jeb bush is cutty. just help me with that. >> you know who said that? dan pfeiffer. he had been out of the game and it's hard to get back in. i just want to know. just help me with that. >> analogies are tricky.
1:56 pm
we're out of time. thank you so much chad coleman and andre royal. such an honor. >> thank for having me. >> i'll see you. don't treat me like a zombie when i treat you. >> for real? for real? >> you can catch chad on the new season of "the walking dead" on amc, and andre in the upcoming movie "lylea and eve" premiering at sundance later this month. catch the remastered version of "the wire" on hbo. we'll be right back. well, did you know you that former pro football player ickey woods will celebrate almost anything? unh-uh. number 44... whoooo! forty-four, that's me! get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts! whooo! gimme some! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. whoo! forty-four ladies, that's me! whoo...gonna get some cold cuts today!
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the volkswagen golf was just named motor trend's 2015 car of the year. so was the 100% electric e-golf, and the 45 highway mpg tdi clean diesel. and last but not least the high performance gti. looks like we're gonna need a bigger podium. the volkswagen golf family. motor trend's 2015 "cars" of the year. gain tan emptiying has long been the goal of the administration, and in the next two years, according to "new york times," president obama's goal is to deplete the guantanamo prison where it houses 60 to 80 people and keeping it open longer makes no economic sense.
2:00 pm
over the next two weeks according to the times, the pentagon will release two more groups of prisoners. that's our show for today. alex returns to "now" tomorrow. "the ed show" is up next. \s. good even americans. live from new york we start tonight with very important breaking news. president obama will veto the keystone xl pipeline. if you voted for this president and you care about climate change you have to be proud tonight. we still have a lot of power, the progressives do. the president has just cemented his legacy as one of the pro-environment presidents in history. we hope so. starting last february we started talking about the pipeline and went to the middle of the country to get the real story. after six years of environment stud yes, sir, legislative wrangling and legal


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