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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  January 7, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PST

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to two years behind bars for a corruption conviction. and then 120 million americans are under cold weather advisories or warnings today. we've got the latest on this arctic blast that is sweeping much of the country. this is "way too early." ♪ >> such a contradiction. we can give you hot music, but cold video. good morning, everyone i'm thomas roberts. wednesday, january 7th. welcome to "way too early," the show three days back from vacation, but two bags packed to go away. can i get an amen in here? >> amen. >> that was a weak amen. can i get an amen? >> amen! >> there we go. it's hump day and we are feeling it. straight to the top of the show. we begin with this breaking story we've been following overnight at el paso, texas. one victim and a gunman are dead after a veteran opened fire on tuesday.
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just after 3:00 p.m. mountain time authorities received reports about an active shooting at the el paso veterans affairs clinic. this runs adjacent to the william beaumont army medical center. the entire complex on lockdown for hours as army and local police responded to this shooting. congressman who represents this district said one victim was a doctor at the clinic. nbc news has confirmed the gunman shot and killed himself. investigators have not yet released his identity or that of the victim. the clinic's director announced the facility will be closed today. and that all appointments will be rescheduled. house speaker john boehner cruised to his third term as house speaker, though not before some members from his right flank tried to embarrass him, and did so unsuccessfully. >> the name of the honorable ted yojo representative from the great state of florida. >> judge louis gomert.
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>> the name of daniel webster, a congressman from the great state of florida. >> and the honorable daniel webster has received 12 the honorable of the state of texas has received three. >> okay. so in all, 24 republicans voted against boehner. but only seemed to demonstrate a lack of planning. those who opposed him voted for each other and even two sitting senators. boehner received a standing ovation and spoke of harmony to make the lives of the american people better. >> no this won't be done in a tidy way. the battle of ideas never ends and frankly never should. as speaker, all i ask, and frankly, expect is that we disagree without being disagreeable. in return, i pledge to help each of you carry out your duties.
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>> so boehner has a tall task ahead of him to keep his party moving in the same direction. before the end of the day, two of the congressmen who defected saw themselves removed from the house rules committee. and politico reports that there could be more retribution to come. the new congress is expected to get to work right away to pass a bill supporting the keystone pipeline. that's no surprise. and it's probably going to happen by the end of the week. but yesterday, the white house wasted no time throwing cold water on the idea. and by early afternoon, the white house signaled the president would veto that plan. frustrated a bipartisan group of senators including joe manchin of west virginia who see this project as a rare opportunity to work together. the administration has been studying this issue for six years. and democratic senator told the "wall street journal," quote, you cannot defend that process. six years to cite a pipeline is ridiculous. former governor bob mcdonnell's fall from grace is complete. sentenced to two years in
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federal prison. his day in court was full of surprises. first that the sentence handed down wasn't longer and second that his wife maureen who was scapegoated at the trial came to the proceedings and sat in the gallery. the courtroom, it was packed with supporters including bruce smith and another former governor douglas wilder. got cheers while testifying passionately on mcdonnell's behalf before pointing out that the ceo of star scientific johnny williams quote, walks away clear here. it was a day sprinkled with the scope of the bible as the judge in this gave the sentence. he says i can't wash my hands of it all. he embraced his daughter after the sentence was read and invoke invoked his own faith. >> i've made mistakes in my life, i have failed at times and some of the judgments i have made during the course of my governorship have hurt myself my family and my beloved people of virginia. and for that, i am deeply,
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deeply sorry. i have tremendous faith and trust in the providence of the lord jesus christ and his ability to mete out justice, and so that is my hope for ultimate vindication. >> he plans to appeal his conviction maintains he is innocent. according to reports, he kissed his wife maureen on the checkek as he left court. jeb bush is taking a concrete step toward the white house. announcing the creation of the right to rise leadership and super pacs which allow him to raise money and lay the foundation for a possible run in 2016. in two videos posted on social media. one in english and the other in spanish, bush announced the launch. >> everybody today we're setting up the right to rise pac which is a pac to support candidates that believe in conservative principles to allow all americans to rise up.
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if you're interested, go to right to rise >> politico reports the operation is off to a fast start raising more than $100,000 online in just a few hours. now to breaking news overnight, indonesian officials confirming they've located the tail of airasia flight 8501 in the java sea. the head of the search and rescue agency says the wreckage has an upsidedown "a." it's critical in this discovery of the rest of the plan because the plane's flight and voice data recorder are believed to be located in the tail. officials say those black boxes will provide key clues into why the plane crashed with 162 people onboard. so far the bodies of 40 victims have been recovered. the two nypd officers shot responding to a robbery are waking up in stable condition today at a local hospital here in new york. and one could be released as soon as today. this comes as two career criminals are now behind bars
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and facing charges in this case. jason polanco accused of five counts of attempted murder of police officer, robbery and several charges. he was taken into custody several hours after surveillance video caught him open fire. officials say they received ten tips after the photo was released. he has three previous convictions for weapons charges and made anti-police statements on social media websites. his alleged partner in all of this joshua kemp was taken into custody at a hospital. authorities focused on him after he gave a suspicious story about his injuries. kemp has ten prior convictions and is facing robbery charges. one of the wounded officers is 30-year-old andrew rosse who served two tours in iraq and preparing to deploy to africa. the other is 38-year-old, a nine-year nypd vet with more than 500 arrests. the police commissioner said
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they were part of a group of five officers that bravely jumped into action. >> those officers last evening were ending their tour duty. they were beginning to change out of their clothes when a call came in about a robbery. and immediately all five ran out of the station and began to canvas the area in the vicinity of the robbery location. >> all right. so in other news for you today she played his wife on tv for more than a decade. and now felicia rashad is speaking out on the sexual assault allegations against bill cosby. she defended her co-star in an interview with the showbiz website. in part quote, forget these women. what uh you're seeing is a destruction of a legacy and i think it's orchestrated. i don't know why or who is doing it but it's a legacy and the it's the legacy so important to the culture. someone is determined to keep bill cosby off tv and it's worked. she also went on to defend the
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comedian's wife calling her tough and smart. rashad rejects any suggestion that camille cosby would look the other way if cosby was allegedly involved with assaulting women. he's never been charged with a crime. and in the past through an attorney has denied all allegations. meanwhile, cosby is scheduled to return to the stage tonight in canada. going to be his first stand-up performance since november. and in a statement, said to remain calm if there are any disruptions. i'm going to give fans the show of their life. all right. so we turn our attention to business news now. and a big move within the u.s. for a luxury auto maker. but first, another bleak day on wall street for tuesday. not off to a big start for the year. there's a lot of fear about oil leaving the dow s&p. cnbc's steve sedgwick live from london. things are looking bleak from yesterday. what about trading for this wednesday? >> it's very interesting, isn't it. here's a question for everyone.
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why should the whole market be going down on the back of the energy sector? i get why the stocks are going down, the energy stocks but surely everyone else in the economy based around 70%, 80% on the consumer, there should be so many other sectors that are benefitting from that. i think this is more to do with the fact that we had 53 record highs in 2014. and the market's taking a bit of a breather at the start of the year. we've got data private sector employment data, which is key ahead of friday's payroll figures. how much are exports being hurt by the slowdown and fed minutes, as well. month santo coming out with earnings. now back to corporate. mercedes benz have been in new jersey for 50 years and been very important years and got them well and a big operation. but the incentives to move south down to georgia, down to atlanta seem too great for mercedes benz. and despite the governor in new jersey trying to keep them there, big campaigns, offers as well. seems the lure of going down to
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atlanta, georgia, too great. offered in the region of $50 million of relocation starts. bad news for new jersey, good news for georgia. >> steve, tell us more about this big purchase that is a win for the retailer coach. they're the handbag makers. >> maybe a win. some of the analysts are concerned. stewart whitesman sells very expensive stuff. i'm sure you know. i'm sure you've looked up the boot, the on fire boot $695 for the on fire evening shoe. but this one might be even more expensive. has just basically been offered or the company that owns them $574 million, by coach. and coach looking to change their strategy closing some stores looking at the high end, as well. they paid a lot of money for a company that has extraordinarily expensive brands, as well. that price $574 million, twice what the revenues were last year.
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brave strategy buying some expensive footwear. >> we'll see if these two align well in the year to come. all right. great to see you, steve, thank you, sir. michael jordan on the basketball court, famous. when it comes to swearing in the senate, there's only one, joe biden. hammed for cameras and welcoming the new class as well as their grand kids. >> can i talk to a democrat? >> this is our son charlie. >> hi charlie. this is boring. >> how you doing, man? isn't this boring, boring boring? >> oh, man, this is boring, boring, boring. can i borrow your hat? charlie, now remember when you're president, okay? >> okay. >> what a beautiful dress. how old are you? >> he's a good man even though he's a democrat. >> he's a good man even though he's a democrat. want to keep the fun going here. we have another caption contest
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for you this morning. we haven't done this in a while. during john boehner's reelection as speaker yesterday, he shared this nice moment with leader nancy pelosi on the house floor. but in newspapers this morning, this is what you're going to see. this awkward still photo. send us your best caption ideas, we'll share some coming up later in the show. you like that? i see a smile on your face. caption contest, everybody. let's get to it. still ahead on "way too early," hall of fame bound, the four picks to join major league baseball's all-time greats. and later the dallas area rocked by the series of earthquakes. what's causing the mysterious texas quakes. it really is wild. a major series since january. i want to thank the president-elect for joining the ex-presidents for lunch.
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of two bottles of this bargain brand. here's to the over-extended family gathering. dawn, it's amazing what a drop can do. time for sports. we begin with nba. the pistons trailing the spurs by one. tim duncan on the inbound for san antonio. >> mills, and there it is. turnover. jennings! pistons win, spurs turn them over, and jennings hits the buzzer beater. >> yeah no one's more surprised than him. detroit, brandon jennings takes that bad pass across the court and sinks the game winner as time expires. >> gets a mulligan. >> 105-104. for the first time in 60 years, the baseball writers
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association has elected four players to be inducted to the hall of fame. pitching greats randy johnson, pedro martinez and john smoltz along with -- >> where's mike piazza. >> it's not his time. >> but four's a lot of people going in at once. >> and congratulations to them all. >> yeah. >> that is chilly -- what color blue is that? >> the dark blue. >> sea foam green? >> i don't know. the dark blue is windchill warnings. and the light blue is advisories. they go all the way from northern minnesota all the way down to northern florida. and so in other words, everyone pretty much east of the rockies is going to get the big chill. it's today and tomorrow with improvement as we go towards the weekend. so 118 million people under warning or advisory. and here's the current windchills. the lowest i could find. little small town off lake superior negative 49 is the
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windchill. i mean that's like five minutes outside and you've got frostbite if you have any exposed skin. minus 12 in fargo. negative 6 in kansas city. negative temperatures in ohio. that's the next shot. it's heading east. not going to head so far to the deep south. you're chilly and cold. but as we go toward tomorrow morning, areas like atlanta will be cold. charlotte, we could see negative windchills in the carolinas tomorrow morning. this hasn't happened yet this winter. for the south the lit'll be shocking for you. also, careful driving out there in kentucky. we've got a coating of snow. and there is lake effect snow that's heavy off of erie and ontario. here's the temperatures, and this is the actual temperature. not factoring in the wind. today, we get the goose egg in chicago, a high temperature of zero. that's a cold cold day. and then as we go towards tomorrow, that's the coldest in new england. notice the highs in the big cities aren't bad. we can deal with teens and low 20s, but the windchill tomorrow morning at this time thomas
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even in new york city will be about minus 10 to minus 15. so the wind -- the winds are going to be gusty and that's going to get you. >> all right. we'll be facetiming the show. >> okay. >> yeah. it's like a stay in bed day. does that confuse you? >> we can do that. >> huh, yeah. face time. it's 2015 jen. we can do that right, bill? >> i'd like to say we could. i'm sure college kids could do it, we may struggle. >> go back to college. all right, thanks. the white house issues a veto threat hours into congress's new session. what does that mean for john boehner and his fractured republican caucus. and what's old is new again. what paul revere left in a time capsule more than two centuries ago.
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welcome back everybody. residents in north texas are bracing for the possibility of more earthquakes after getting hit with nine in less than 24 hours. the latest a magnitude 3.1 struck around 1:20 this morning in the irving area. now, the strongest of the quakes, a magnitude 3.6 before 7:00 last night. no injuries were reported. but here's one woman's call as
2:54 am
she tries to figure out what happened. >> what's your emergency? >> no emergency, operator i just wanted to let you know that my house shook like the dickens. >> yes, ma'am, the whole police department did too. we had an earthquake. >> is that what it was? okay. >> are you okay? >> yes, i was on the computer my -- i mean, everything in my office just shook like the dickens. i thought i was going to -- >> according to the u.s. geological survey north texas has been hit with more than 20 earthquakes since last january. more than 100 since 2008. seismologists are working to figure out what's behind the uptick. and some wonder if this is the result of fraccing that took place in 2010. researchers are taking a look at disposed waste water in the area. >> there have been some indications in the past that the disposable fluids can trigger small earthquakes.
2:55 am
so that's still an open question in this particular case. >> okay. a head scratcher here right now, the cause remains a mystery. we'll continue to follow the situation in north texas. but, confusing, certainly, to a lot of the residents there not used to that type of earthquake activity. a new study shows millions of americans are drinking far more alcohol than their bodies can handle. according to the cdc, six americans die each day from alcohol poisoning from binge drinking. the group most at risk is not college kids. 76% of people who die after consuming five or more drinks in a single sitting are between the ages of 35 and 64. most of these deaths were among people who were not alcoholics. greek life at the university of virginia has resumed following a now discredited rolling stone article about an alleged frat house gang rape. theresa sullivan said yesterday activities will only resume in frats agree to new rules regarding parties, including having at least three members stay sober through the night and
2:56 am
hiring an outside security guard for large events. massachusetts officials have opened a 220-year-old time capsule left behind by prominent names in american history. fine arts in boston say the artifacts were buried back in 1795 by none other than paul revere and then sam adams. inside were five newspapers a seal of the commonwealth silver and copper coins dating back to the 17th century and a silver plaque eninscribed by revere. officials say they intend to put it back possibly with some 2015 additions. you know iphone 6 plus, things like that to go with that silver coin. we asked for your best captions for this photo. it was basically when the gavel was handed over to speaker boehner from nancy pelosi. our producer has some of the best responses. i think they were focused on one thing. >> they were focused on one thing. our friend cory says pelosi is
2:57 am
saying, not until you tell me where you got that tan. and then -- our friend emmy says, please, mr. speaker, be careful not to get your bronzer on my jacket. >> everybody's jealous of that tan in january. that's going to do it for "way too early." "morning joe" starts after this. these ally bank ira cds really do sound like a sure thing but i'm a bit skeptical of sure things. why's that? look what daddy's got...
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i am not doing this. >> yes, you are. it's a part of the job. >> now, he's a good man. what do you say, grandpa, can i talk to a democrat? he says, this is boring come on. here we go. i knew this would happen. i tell you what man, i will be in the limo in two


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