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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  January 12, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PST

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together we'll stand united against anyone who will repress free speech anywhere from north korea to paris. [ applause ] >> well hollywood take askew from world events standing in solidarity with people of france just hours after the largest rally the country has ever seen. this morning the very latest on the investigation into the paris attacks and new clues in the search for the most wanted woman in the world. breaking news overnight, search teams locate the black boxes from airasia flight the very latest on those recovery efforts. and back to the glitz and glamour of hollywood, as the awards season kicks off with the golden globes. plus they're a powerful fulful couple in hosting. they reunite to lead the way. this she "way too early."
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goshg. i'm thomas roberts. it's monday january 12th. welcome to "way too early." what a good show it was last night the golden globes. we got a round-up of the winners and losers coming up later on. we want to begin this morning with a lot of serious news to cover, we start in france the largest demonstration ever in that country's history, between 1.2 million and 1.6 million people rallied in paris to stand reunited after last week's attacks left 17 people dead. a total 3.7 million people took part in demonstrations across the country. many holding up editorial cartoons or signs reading "je
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suis charlie." french president francois hollande saying today france is the capital of the world. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, mahmoud abbas were among those standing arm and arm with fron tsai hollande. the obama administration is facing strong criticism for not sending a top-level official. attorney general eric holder was in paris for an anteterrorism summit but did not attend the rally. daily news cover, "you let the world down." in a show of solidarity he says he'll travel to paris later this week. and france is mobilizing 10,000 security forces amidst
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the all-out manhunt for who could be the most wanted woman in the world. hayat boumeddiene. she crossed into syria from turkey on january 8th. new video has also emerged of a gunman who killed four hostages before he was killed by police. video posted to an official isis website, shows ameddy kuhlcoulibaly. officials are also investigating if he and the brothers who carried out the charlie hebdo attack meanwhile attorney general eric holder al qaeda
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affiliates remain one of he's concerned about small-scale attacks. ron allen joins us live from paris. two things the mood there this morning, especially after this enormous unity rally that has grabbed the world's attention, and secondly, the news about the most wanted woman in the world. and the ease at which people believe, authorities say, she could have traveled into syria. >> reporter: tom, it was an extraordinary day here that began on the square where i'm standing. it's hard to convey just how many people were packed here along that two-mile route to where the march ended. times here you couldn't move because people were so packed in. calm excited. enthusiastic. not protesting -- there were no loud speeches. it was just people lending their presence to this moment and
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wanting to be a part of it. just a very unique gathering. now, of course the hard part begins monday morning, people trying to get back to work and kids trying to get back to school. lot of tension still hanging over this country. the muslim community feels disenfrom shiezed. the french officials here have said, they believe there were more accomplices involved in these attacks. the threat as well still continues. in the israeli community and in the jewish community, they have been identified. people from the community who were just mowed down in a massacre that happened there, completely unexpected. their bodies are being flown to
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israel later today where they will be buried in a cemetery in jerusalem some time tomorrow. in recent years, thousands of jews have been fleeing this country are afraid of living here because there have been hundreds of attacks in that part of town. lot to work through here. in addition to the search of boumeddiene, concerns of others who could be accomplices. >> ron, real quickly, is there a reaction from the french people of the confirmation of her traveling to syria and the ease in which she escape snd. >> i don't think people are surprised. the escape happened before the incident. people say, adds to the idea that there was at will of
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planning into this. the group that carried out these attacks were somewhat sophisticated, thought about this. all of those links and all of those intricacies are what authorities are trying to get to the bottom of these people were under surveillance known to french authorities, the question is how they can carry attacks and not be detected? and who else is out there? hundreds of people in this country who are under surveillance authorities are trying to figure out what more they can do to infiltrate this community? >> ron allen reporting from paris for us ron, great to see you. breaking news overnight regarding downed airasia flight this morning, search teams located one of the black boxes. the flight data recorder was
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found. beneath heavy wreckage where divers are still trying to free it. a film more than a decade in the making is dreaming of oscar gold this morning after the 2015 golden globe awards. >> and the golden globe goes to -- "boyhood." ♪ ♪ >> there we have it "boyhood" the big winner last night. best dramatic film and best dramatic actress. art linklater won best director. one of the biggest surprises, the grand budapest hotel winning the best film. michael keaton won best actor in a musical or a comedy. he gave a pretty emotional
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speech. >> my best friend is kind intelligent, funny, talented considerate, thoughtful did i say kind? he also -- he also happens to be my son. [ applause ] >> i love you with all my heart, buddy. this is for all of them. >> we like michael keaton. aamy adams won best actress for "big eyes." julianne moore won for "still alice."
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>> this was a huge privilege, stephen stephen, the hawking family allowed us into their lives and entrusted us with their story. stephen hawking, despite all the obstacles in his life has lived passionately, fully and with great humor. >> amazing evening. more on the tv winners and last night's golden globes coming up later in the show. we turn our attention to presidential politics and recent comments from mitt romney that spark speculation on 2016. he's indeed considering another run for the white house. romney reportedly told the audience, quote, i want to be president. according to politico romney said at that meeting, everybody in here can go tell your friends that i'm considering a run. his wife ann, once completely against a third bid, is now
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encouraging about the prospect. cites unrest overseas and poverty in the u.s. as motivating factors for a possible run. very interesting development indeed. very interesting. time for a look at business news for you this monday. a preview of the markets for the week. this as we come off a pretty bumpy friday ride. cnbc joins us live from london. do you think stocks are going to rebound. >> yes, do i. very good morning to you. i think we're going to have a rally. why did they fall on friday? payroll figures were good. it was other factors that weren't so good participation rate in the u.s. jobs market and the average annually earned
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wage went down. what we're looking at today, we're looking at earnings figures. questions for our viewers as well is the strong dollar going to start hurting companies? what about the energy sector? they're set to take a bath really on a performance on their earnings. >> steve, let's talk about the big weekend, the unveiling of several new cars at the auto show let's talk about the highlights. what do you got? >> what's really interesting, one of the stories that i just mentioned, gas has fallen aggressively that could benefit the big muscle cars the f-150 from ford. gmc's cadillac a new sporty version of that sedan as well. lots of interesting cars there. perhaps, general motors' chef
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chevrolet brand. an update on the volt. going up against the likes of tesla going forward. coming off a fantastic year. best year of auto sales in the united states last year. >> do you think tesla will ever come down on their price, though? those cars are so expensive. >> an interesting thing, volvo looking to bring out a new suv. they're going up on their price point. you have a degree of rareness or rart i should say, if you have these more expensive brands. i put to the ceos, they like to price up. it's the luxury market they're after. >> i'll never have a tesla. steve, great to see you, sir.
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still ahead on "way too early" -- all of the best moments from this week's nfl playoff action even the ravens. plus many of you from the midwest to the northeast are facing nasty weather for your morning commute, ice, freezing rain, bill karins will have a check on your weather when "way too early" comes back. stick around. a major earthquake has hit haiti, magnitude 7.0. making it the largest quake ever recorded in this region.
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no march 5th. i take my driver's seat on march the 5th. march 5th. wish me luck. unless i fail. time for sports and nfl playoffs, we start in denver with the broncos hosting the
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colts. the indianapolis' defense held peyton manning to just one touchdown in the game andrew luck throwing for 265 yards and 2 scores as the colts hand denver their first and most devastating loss at home. 24-13. green bay packers hosting the cowboys. packers, with a slow first half. packers surged back thanks to two touchdowns thrown by an injured aaron rodgers, they take a 26-21 by the fourth quarter. big fourth down conversion attempt for the cowboys, what will chris christie do? >> fourth down and two. here's one down the sideline. the pass is caught by dez bryant! >> that's tough. dez bryant goes up to haul in the pass that would lead cowboy at the 1. the call was challenged and reversed.
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ruled that he didn't have control when hitting the ground. what do you think? >> if you read the nfl rule book it's the right call. but the rule is stupid. >> this ball is turned over to green bay, green bay keep the clock running and win it. does this mean that christie's orange sweater is retired? yes. seahawks and panthers. russell wilson he threw for three touchdowns and a total of 268 yards. seahawks, 31-17 victory over carolina. then last saturday's matchup between the ravens and the patriots, quarterback tom brady dug out new england out of two-touchdown deficits. ravens lost. >> the ravens played really well. >> they're from baltimore, they lost.
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baltimore, they lost. that leaves four teams to battle it out in the conference championship. seattle hosts the packers.
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george clooney married amal this year. amal is a human rights lawyer who worked on the enron case was an adviser to koffi annan regarding syria. so, tonight, her husband is getting a lifetime achievement award. >> all right, now let's take a look at the big golden globes winners on the tv side of things. definitely a huge night for streaming services. showtime's freshman series "the affair" was named the best drama. ruth wilson was named best actress in a drama. and kevin spacey took home best tv actor. amazon's "transparent" won best
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tv series. and jeffrey tambor won best actor. he gave a moving dedication in his acceptance speech. >> i would like to dedicate my performance and this award to the transgendered community. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. for your courage, thank you for your inspiration, thank you for your patience and thank you for letting us be a part of the change. >> congrats to him and that whole cast newcomer gooen ya rodriguez was named best actress in a comedy and the hosts didn't hold back in their monologue, some of their targets, north korea and bill cosby. >> when north korea threaten an attack if sony pictures released
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the interview, forcing us all to pretend we wanted to see it. >> north korea referred to the interview as absolutely intolerable and wanton act act of terror. and into the woods cinderella runs from her prince. and sleeping beauty just thought that she that she was getting coffee with bill cosby. >> oh all right, that's going to do it for "way too early." thanks for your time this morning. "morning joe" is coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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there were millions of people who marched not just in paris but around the world. and they were christians and jews and muslims. they were leaders of countries all over the world. and they didn't march in protests. they marched in support of the idea that


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